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  • Precision Nutrition Certification

    Precision Nutrition Level 1:

    Nutrition Certification Frequently Asked Questions

    This week, we're announcing the launch of next Precision Nutrition Certification Program. Each time we run the…
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  • Precision Nutrition Level 2: The Master Class opens March 2015

    Precision Nutrition Level 2:

    Learn more about the Master Class.

    Registration begins on Wednesday, March 11th 2015. In the past, spots sold out in hours, so read…
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  • The Essentials of Sport and Exercise Nutrition

    Precision Nutrition Level 1:

    Learn more about the PN Level 1 Certification.

    Precision Nutrition Certification: the first true nutrition certification for fitness, strength, and rehab professionals. Registration begins on…
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  • FEMALE_PN_LE_2014_2

    How to win $100K.

    Meet our latest PN prize winners and hear their stories.

    Since our last Precision Nutrition Coaching group is wrapping up, anxious participants and observers have been blowing…
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  • Precision Nutrition women's finalists

    Presenting the women’s finalists:

    Help us give away $100,000!

    As part of PN Coaching, we incentivize participants with big prize money for the best body transformations.…
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  • Precision Nutrition-Blog-I know what Im doing so why am I still not in shape-Missing link to the chain

    I know exactly what to do!

    (So why am I still not in shape?)

    If you’re active and knowledgeable about health and fitness, but still aren’t quite in the shape you…
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