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Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery (SSR) Coaching Certification

Solve the biggest problems blocking your clients’ progress.

When your clients are stressed out and exhausted, it’s nearly impossible to change their fitness and nutrition habits.

But with the right tools, you can help your clients overcome obstacles like stress and sleep deprivation—leading them toward lasting health transformations.

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I’ve been able to help my clients in a much deeper way, and their transformations have been so impressive. It’s been so rewarding.

Tiffany Heath, PN1-SSR, Holistic Fitness and Nutrition Coach, Owner of TRH Coaching

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DeAndre Sinette, PN1-SSRC, PN1-NC, Wellness Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

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The incredible roster of educators, PhDs, MDs, and top minds in sleep, stress, coaching, and mental performance who created this first-of-its-kind Certification

The earning potential of SSR Coaches

A deep dive look inside the SSR Certification curriculum (100% digital)

The comprehensive science and the advanced coaching methods you need to guide your clients (and yourself!) to better sleep, recovery, and resilience

The current demand for SSR coaches—and how it's continuing to grow at a rapid pace

Success stories from SSR graduates

SSR was a total game changer. I am now serving my clients on a much deeper level, beyond just fitness and/or nutrition coaching alone.


Why sleep, stress management, and recovery coaching is more important now than ever

1 in 3 Americans experience insomnia and/or sleep deprivation.

87% of people plan to spend more money on their health, particularly on services (like coaching) that emphasize physical AND mental health.

Half of all Americans say that levels of stress are getting worse instead of better.

The top reason people exercise is to reduce stress and feel better mentally.

42% of people worldwide consider health, sleep, and mindfulness to be a “top priority.”

1 in 3 Americans report feeling extreme stress.

You can become the rare coach who can help.

Most coaches aren’t well-versed in the topics of sleep, stress management, and recovery… leaving clients stuck, frustrated, and not making progress.

But YOU can be the credible, respected coach who can help them feel and function better.

After becoming a Certified Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery Coach, you’ll:

Position yourself as a leader in a growing field. According to McKinsey and Co, wellness is a $1.5 trillion dollar market, with annual growth of 5-10%.

Become more resilient, energetic, and productive personally.

Upgrade your coaching skillset—and transform your clients lives’ in ways that other coaches can’t.

Receive more referrals, have existing clients stick around longer, and earn more money.

The PN SSR Coaching Certification qualifies for continuing education units (CEUs) with:

The PN SSR Coaching Certification qualifies for college credit with:

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