• Living well with fibromyalgia

    How nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle strategies can help alleviate the pain.

    Once dismissed as a made-up problem, the pain disorder fibromyalgia is now…
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  • The barefoot running craze:

    Bogus fad or brilliant way to achieve health?

    For more than 40 years, people in the West have been running…
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  • How to win $100K.

    Meet our latest PN prize winners and hear their stories.

    Since our last Precision Nutrition Coaching group is wrapping up, anxious participants…
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  • Fitness fanatic!

    How to tell people what you're up to without sounding crazy.

    People are going to ask; so how do you describe your eating…
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  • Women’s Coaching stories:

    Meet 14 women who gained strength and transformed their lives.

    Meet Laurie, Melissa, Heather, Lisanne, and the other women featured today. Each…
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  • Men’s Coaching stories:

    Meet 12 guys who fixed their health and body fat issues.

    Meet Patrick, Peter, Richard, and the other guys featured today. Each of…
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