How to win $100K.
Meet our latest PN prize winners and hear their stories.


Meet our latest men’s and women’s grand prize winners.

A great feature of Precision Nutrition Coaching is the body transformation contest we run each year.

Here’s how it works: Every 6 months, we give away big prize money for the best transformations among our male and female clients.

For the current coaching group – which started in July 2013 and is wrapping up now – we’ve committed over $100,000.

And this is all part of the $250,000 we give away to clients every year.

For today, I’d like to announce the winners from this round of coaching: Cindy and Adam.

$25,000 women's Grand Prize Winner: Cindy

Lost 70 lbs and 12.3% body fat!

  • Age: 50 years
  • Weight Lost: 70 lbs (from 214.5 lbs to 144.5 lbs)
  • % Body Fat Lost: 12.3% (from 34.7% to 22.4%)
  • Total Inches Lost: 51.5 inches (from 262 inches to 210.5 inches)

About Cindy

Cindy is a dedicated wife and mother who’s also incredibly active in her community. (These days she’s helping start a new church in an economically challenged part of her city).

“I was a chronic, chronic yo-yo dieter always looking for an answer. Precision Nutrition Coaching is the first – and only – plan to ever help me in 40 years of dieting life.

Before PN, I’d wake up at night with heart pounding. So many times I thought I was having a heart attack. I was on a GERD for reflux, statins for cholesterol, a CPAP machine for sleep apnea, and I’d lose my breath going up the stairs in my own home.

Now, I feel like such a winner! I am off all medicine and no longer have to use my CPAP machine. All my numbers are stellar now!

Precision Nutrition Coaching helped me win back my health; and that’s one of the most important blessings in my life.”

And Cindy didn’t only benefit herself. Her husband lost over 35 pounds simply watching from the sidelines and encouraging her. Plus, her two teenage children got in on the action, with mom as their new role model.



Also check out our other women’s winners:


$10,000 Women's Winner:

Age: 40 years

Weight Lost: 94 lbs (272 lbs to 178 lbs)

% Body fat lost: 17.3% (41.3% to 24%)

Total inches lost: 64" (279" to 215")


$5,000 Women's Winner:

Age: 31 years

Weight Lost: 70 lbs (226 lbs to 156 lbs)

% Body fat lost: 14% (32% to 18%)

Total inches lost: 48" (260" to 212")


$2,500 Women's Winner:

Age: 46 years

Weight Lost: 46.6 lbs (176.8 lbs to 130.2 lbs)

% Body fat lost: 20.6% (34.6% to 14%)

Total inches lost: 36.9" (229.4" to 192.5")


$2,500 Women's Winner:

Age: 37 years

Weight Lost: 41 lbs (167 lbs to 126 lbs)

% Body fat lost: 13.3% (24.8% to 11.5%)

Total inches lost: 41" (166.6" to 125.6")

$25,000 men's Grand Prize Winner: Adam

Lost 40 lbs and 10% body fat!

  • Age: 28 years
  • Weight Lost: 40 lbs (from 245 lbs to 205 lbs)
  • % Body Fat Lost: 10% (from 19.5% to 9.5%)
  • Total Inches Lost: 25.2 inches (from 254.5 inches to 229.3 inches)

About Adam

Adam has had some ups and downs over the last few years. After becoming the youngest collegiate head strength coach in the US – at Eastern Michigan University – he was offered a job in the NFL.

So he and his pregnant wife bought a house in Carolina, packed up, and moved south. Nine short months after taking the position, Adam realized it wasn’t where he needed to be. 

Stressed out and nervous about the future, Adam, his wife, and their new baby had to sell their home and search for new opportunities. This difficult time made it hard for Adam to eat well, exercise, and live a healthy lifestyle.

After landing in Tinton Falls, NJ and opening up his own training facility there, he turned to us for help.

“I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done and continue to do for me.

Your support over these past few months have allowed me to not only reach my personal best in terms of physical health, but also established a rock solid base of continuing pursuit of personal excellence.

Between two strongman competitions, buying and renovating a home, growing my family from 1 child to 2 and continuing to watch my business grow, this coaching program has given me the confidence and strength to keep going!”




Also check out our other men’s winners:


$10,000 Men's Winner:

Age: 45 years

Weight Lost: 24 lbs (201 lbs to 177 lbs)

% Body fat lost: 8.4% (20.8% to 12.4%)

Total inches lost: 7.1" (241.3" to 234.2")


$5,000 Men's Winner:

Age: 58 years

Weight Lost: 47 lbs (193 lbs to 146 lbs)

% Body fat lost: 13.4% (27.1% to 13.7%)

Total inches lost: 45.8" (242" to 196.2")


$2,500 Men's Winner:

Age: 35 years

Weight Lost: 61 lbs (225 lbs to 164 lbs)

% Body fat lost: 17.9% (24.4% to 6.5%)

Total inches lost: 39.8" (253.8" to 214")


$2,500 Men's Winner:

Age: 31 years

Weight Lost: 62 lbs (290 lbs to 228 lbs)

% Body fat lost: 14.9% (30% to 15.1%)

Total inches lost: 37.1" (278.3" to 241.2")

But wait… our other winners!

We’d also like to recognize the hard work of the other finalists, and all of our incredible Precision Nutrition clients.

In fact, because our other men’s and women’s finalists also did so well, we decided to reward each of them with a $500 prize! (This brings the total prize money for this round to over $130,000!)

Bodies were transformed, obstacles overcome, health was restored, and lives were made more complete. It’s been an honor to work with each and every one of you.

And to view all the men’s and women’s finalists from all of our Precision Nutrition Coaching programs, click one of the links below.

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