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The co-founder of Precision Nutrition, John Berardi, PhD, is a trained exercise physiologist and nutritional biochemist. He earned his doctorate at the University of Western Ontario, studying under renowned sport nutrition researcher Dr. Peter Lemon. He also holds an undergraduate degree from Lock Haven University and a master’s degree from Eastern Michigan University. He’s a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA).

In both 2012 and 2013, Dr. Berardi was ranked one of the top 100 most influential people in fitness by In 2015, selected Dr. Berardi as one of the 20 smartest coaches in the world.

Dr. Berardi has served as an assistant adjunct professor at the University of Texas at Austin and a course instructor for Eastern Michigan University and the University of Western Ontario. He teaches exercise science, nutrient metabolism, fitness and wellness, and exercise nutrition.

The co-developer of Precision Nutrition Coaching, Dr. Berardi has helped more than 100,000 people in 100+ countries change habits and reach their health and fitness goals. He’s coached hundreds of amateur and professional athletes who, between 2006 and 2012, collected more than 30 medals, including 15 golds.

Dr. Berardi has authored or coauthored more than half a dozen nutrition books, including Scrawny to Brawny (2005), Metabolism Advantage (2006), The Precision Nutrition System (2007), Gourmet Nutrition (2008), The Essentials of
Sport and Exercise Nutrition (2009), The Essentials of Nutrition and Coaching (2019), and Changemaker (2019).

Dr. Berardi’s research and expertise covers a wide range of disciplines from online coaching to probiotics and mood. For the last 25 years, he’s traveled the world to teach the latest in health, fitness, and nutrition science at hundreds of conferences. He serves as an advisor to Apple, Equinox, Nike, and Titleist.

A dual American-Canadian citizen, Dr. Berardi lives just outside Toronto with his wife and four children.


Articles by John Berardi, PhD, CSCS

Closeup of two men boxing on a field.

Forget “career hacks”… Here’s the real key to career success that almost no one is talking about.

We live in a world of ‘quick-starts’, ‘how-to-guides’, ‘career hacks’. This article is none of those. It’s a different kind of success story. And a powerful lesson on how to get ahead in health, fitness, and wellness, or any other field.

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10 things every successful fitness and nutrition coach does.

What makes for a successful fitness and nutrition coach? It’s not just what you know… it’s what you do (every day). Here are some of the practices elite coaches use to get results. Keep track of how many you’ve mastered.

Calories in vs. out? Or hormones? The debate is finally over. Here’s who won.

When it comes to weight loss, there’s no topic more polarizing than “calories in vs. calories out.” Some argue it’s the be-all and end-all of weight loss. Others say it’s oversimplified and misguided. In this article, we’ll explore every angle of the debate from “eat less, move more,” to thyroid issues and hormonal disruptions, to diets that offer a “metabolic advantage.” We’ll answer, once and for all, how important calories in vs. calories out really is. And what it means for you and your clients.

FREE 5-day nutrition coaching course.

Check out this 5-day nutrition coaching course to learn: What nutrition advice you can give, how to get clients to follow that advice, how to assess client’s needs, and more.

Why Health and Fitness
Change is Hard.
(Plus 4 Ways To Make It Easier.)

When it comes to health, fitness, and nutrition, why do so many people struggle? In this video, Dr. John Berardi explains the biggest challenges. He also shares what you can do to make things easier, for yourself or for clients and patients.

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The cost of getting lean: Is it really worth the trade-off? [Video]

Six-pack abs. Tight butts. Lean, glistening beach bodies and vibrant health. That’s what the fitness industry is selling, but have you ever considered the true costs of achieving this “look?” In this short video, Dr. John Berardi lays out all the benefits and tradeoffs, so you can make an informed decision about what’s truly right for you—when it comes to your body, health, and lifestyle. Because it’s about getting what you want… but also figuring out how much you’re really willing to give up.

Man wearing black suit shielding face from drawings of alarm clocks, deadlines, and task lists.

Stressed and out of shape:

Work stressing you out? Life in general? Having trouble staying consistent with your exercise and nutrition plan? If so, this article is for you.

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34 lessons from some of Precision Nutrition’s most incredible body transformations.

Struggling to make important changes to your health? Your lifestyle? The way you look and feel? All the folks you’ll read about today faced some of the same challenges. Then, with expert coaching, they turned things around, changing their bodies, and their lives. Here are 34 lessons we can learn from what they’ve accomplished.

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The 3 steps I teach trainers and health coaches to help fix any diet problem.

When your eating plan stops working, it’s normal to just feel… stuck. But you can fix any diet problem with these 3 steps (the first one might really surprise you).

Environment life dial from 1 to 10.

Never press “pause” on your health and fitness again. This free tool is your secret weapon. [Infographic]

Pressing “pause” on your health habits might seem reasonable when life gets busy. The truth? It could be ruining your health and fitness. Use this simple method to make progress, no matter what.

Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certification

Precision Nutrition co-founder Dr. John Berardi gives you a sneak peek at the Level 2 Certification Master Class. Plus, industry leaders share their thoughts on the program.

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification

Precision Nutrition co-founder Dr. John Berardi gives you a sneak peek at the Level 1 Certification. Plus, industry leaders share their thoughts on the program.

How to answer the most common nutrition questions like a boss.

If you love nutrition, health, and fitness — or you're already a professional in one of these fields — you probably get a LOT of diet- and nutrition-related questions from friends, family, clients, and/or patients. That's why we created this cheat sheet, with evidence-based, easy-to-understand answers to the most common questions, all of which are covered in our newly updated Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification program.

Precision Nutrition Coaching:
January 2020 Men’s Finalists.

Just one year ago, these 20 guys were stressed, out of shape, and tired of wanting the fitter body they just couldn't seem to pull off. Now, after 12 months of Precision Nutrition Coaching, they've transformed their health, their bodies, and their lives. They also have the chance to take home part of the $125,000 in prize money we've once again committed to this latest round of top clients. Scroll through these amazing photos and vote for the finalist whose transformation impresses you most.

The Secrets of Body Transformation

The Secrets of Body Transformation

Check out this FREE 5-day Secrets of Body Transformation course to learn the world's most effective strategies for losing fat, building strength, and living a healthier life.

Why the “pause-button mentality” is ruining your health and fitness.

“I’ll resume healthy eating after my vacation… once the baby is born… after Dad gets out of the hospital… January 1… Monday.” While this kind of “pause-button mentality” seems reasonable, it could be ruining your health and fitness. Here’s why, and what to do about it.

Here’s what’s possible with the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification.

Recent clients explain how they transformed their eating habits, their bodies, their health, and their lives with help from a Precision Nutrition Certified coach.

11 things I’ve learned coaching elite and professional athletes.

Precision Nutrition’s work coaching elite and professional athletes contributes to every innovation we bring to nutrition and fitness. Here are our 11 favorite learnings; ones you can use with any client, with any goal.

FREE 5-day course: Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Breakthroughs

Learn how to break through the toughest cases and help your clients get the weight loss, fitness, and health results they deserve—and expect.

Why Precision Nutrition has given away more than $1 million dollars in prize money.

Every year, through our Precision Nutrition Coaching program, we help thousands of men and women lose weight, gain strength, and completely transform their bodies, health, and fitness. We also give them a bonus to shoot for: fun and inspiring prizes. Read on to learn why we offer this extra incentive… and how you could become one of our winners.

Postcards from the future. [Inspiring photos]

Precision Nutrition clients usually start out hoping for a better body. They walk away with much more, including surprising mental shifts that lead to happier, richer lives. Today we feature their Postcards From The Future, highlighting what can happen with the right kind of support.

Precision Nutrition Coaching:
What are ACTUAL USERS saying about it?

Listen in as 8 Precision Nutrition Coaching clients talk about their experiences with the program. Learn how their bodies, mindsets, and outlooks changed for the better.

Why nutrition science is so confusing. [Infographic]

From a certain perspective, nutrition science can seem like a mess. From another, it illustrates the very nature (and beauty) of the scientific process. Here we’ll  explain why nutrition science is so confusing at times. We’ll also explain why, in the grand scheme of things, that’s okay.

Create the perfect meal with this simple 5-step guide. [Infographic]

You know you want to eat healthy. You want to balance your proteins, carbs, and fats. You want to nail your portions. But how do you all that while making meals that taste awesome? Just follow these 5 steps to create the perfect meal every time.

[4 FREE VIDEO LESSONS] Learn to build an EFFECTIVE and PROFITABLE nutrition system.

Sign up for these 4 FREE nutrition coaching lessons and we'll teach you: how to add nutrition coaching to your practice; the essential skills you need to coach nutrition; how to help clients decide what, how much, and when to eat; the key principles of behavior change; why categorizing clients into nutrition levels is important; how to build a business & make money with coaching; and more.