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💥 SAVE UP TO $429
on PN’s Sleep, Stress Management, & Recovery Coaching Certification

Cam DePutter

Meet the Experts

Camille DePutter

Coaching and Behavior Change Specialist


Camille DePutter provides creative and strategic guidance for Precision Nutrition. She holds an honor’s degree in English and Equity Studies from the University of Toronto.

An experienced lifestyle and science writer, Deputter specializes in health and nutrition content. She’s contributed to a wide array of Precision Nutrition publications including the Level 1 Certification textbook, The Essentials of Nutrition and Coaching, and the Precision Nutrition e-book The Universe Within: Genetic Testing and What It Can Tell Us About Nutrition, Health, and Athletic Performance.

Deputter is a sought-after speaker, writer/editor, and communications consultant known for her skillful storytelling.

Facebook: storytellingwithheart
Twitter: @camdeputter
Instagram: camilledeputter
LinkedIn: camille-deputter
Website: http://www.camilledeputter.com

Articles by Camille DePutter

The REAL reason clients quit, fail, or ghost you—and what to do about it

Underneath every polite “Sorry, I can’t…” is an iceberg of overwhelm and exhaustion.

The traffic light eating method

The traffic light eating method: Diet goldmine—or landmine?

How to eat nutritiously, enjoy your meals, and feel in control around food.

4 Nut Debates: Settled

4 nut debates, settled [Infographic]

Some nuts are good, and some nuts are TOO good.

Frustrated woman alone on a yoga mat

The 14-day health & fitness challenge that can help you get “unstuck.”

Discover one of the best-kept secrets for helping clients (or yourself) finally get unstuck and start making lasting progress.

Stressed out nutrition coach faces a mistake she made with a client

So you made a mistake with a client—now what?

With the right approach, it could even make you better.

Precision Nutrition Certified Coach Nicolas Gunn

Precision Nutrition Certified Coach Spotlight: Nicolas Gunn

He changed lots of lives in the process—including his own.

A health and nutrition coach works on her business plan and marketing niche.

4 ways to find your niche as a nutrition coach

Read her surprising takeaways, and try them yourself.

Feel like you’re failing at self care? It’s not your fault—but we have solutions that can actually help.

How to take care of yourself, even during the toughest times

Question mark drawn on a speech bubble against a yellow background.

Do you have to be a coach to get Precision Nutrition Certified?

Considering a PN Certification with no plans to coach? You’re not alone. Recent grad Guy Prihar explains.

Woman wearing a crown looking in a mirror to a reflection of a doubtful woman.

5 ways to beat imposter syndrome: These health and fitness pros tell you how they did it.

In this article, we’ll pull back the curtain on imposter syndrome, sharing the stories —and strategies—of coaches who’ve been through it.

Selfies of Precision Nutrition Coaching client, Jon McLernon.

This man gave up extreme dieting and exercise. That’s when he finally lost 60 pounds.

Jon McLernon always took a forceful approach to fitness and nutrition, believing if he worked hard enough, he’d get the body of his youth back. But he kept finding himself more miserable and heavier than before. Here’s how he reclaimed his health—and how you can reclaim yours.

Collage of six Precision Nutrition Coaching clients.

True stories: How these 6 people overcame huge health and fitness barriers (and you can too).

Wouldn’t it be nice if embarking on a health and fitness journey meant a straight line to success? For better or worse, that’s not real life—but there is hope. Here are six true stories from Precision Nutrition Coaching clients who faced major obstacles on the road to weight loss, overcame them, and used what they learned to become better and stronger people than ever before.

Eight vertical bar graphs. Each graph shows how many pounds lost, percent body weight lost, total inches lost, or inches from waist lost based on the percentage of consistency.

Nearly 1 million data points show what it REALLY takes to lose fat, get healthy, and change your body.

We analyzed a year’s worth of data from 1,000 nutrition coaching clients to find out how much effort it really takes to make meaningful change—to your body, your health, and even how you feel about yourself. This body transformation research might shift your thinking about weight loss and health improvement forever.

Young asian female sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of an open sliding glass door.

“How can I cope RIGHT NOW?” These self-care strategies might help you feel better.

If you’re struggling with all the change and uncertainty, guess what? You‘re normal.

Nutrition coaching: How much should you charge? This exclusive report shows what it really takes to earn top-tier rates.

What should you charge if you’re just starting out? If you’ve been coaching for a while? Have lots of certs? We surveyed 1000+ coaches to find out.

Redefining success in health and fitness coaching.

“Success” in coaching used to mean a nice roster of ~30 in-person clients, full ownership of your practice, and a net profit that afforded you a vacation or two a year. These days, health and fitness coaches are ditching the cookie cutter definitions and building businesses their own way. Here are 7 inspiring coaches who are redefining success in health and fitness coaching and how you can too.

Would I be healthier if I quit drinking?

The after-work gin and tonic. The bottle of wine over dinner. A few beers on the weekend. Before long, the alcohol adds up. Is that a problem? Can drinking stand in the way of your health and fitness? Do you need to quit drinking to change your body? Or could it actually be good for you? In this article we explore the question in a personal way.

Can exercise really help
manage depression?

Some say exercise can help manage depression. But, when you’re depressed, it can be hard to muster the motivation. depression. Here are some gentle incentives and strategies for giving it a go.

Mood food:

Can you eat your way to a better state of mind? Changing your diet might help with depression.