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Camille DePutter

Coaching and Behavior Change Specialist


Camille DePutter provides creative and strategic guidance for Precision Nutrition. She holds an honor’s degree in English and Equity Studies from the University of Toronto.

An experienced lifestyle and science writer, Deputter specializes in health and nutrition content. She’s contributed to a wide array of Precision Nutrition publications including the Level 1 Certification textbook, The Essentials of Nutrition and Coaching, and the Precision Nutrition e-book The Universe Within: Genetic Testing and What It Can Tell Us About Nutrition, Health, and Athletic Performance.

Deputter is a sought-after speaker, writer/editor, and communications consultant known for her skillful storytelling.

Facebook: storytellingwithheart
Twitter: @camdeputter
Instagram: camilledeputter
LinkedIn: camille-deputter

Articles by Camille DePutter, Coaching and Behavior Change Specialist

Collage of six Precision Nutrition Coaching clients.

True stories: How these 6 people overcame huge health and fitness barriers (and you can too).

Wouldn’t it be nice if embarking on a health and fitness journey meant a straight line to success? For better or worse, that’s not real life—but there is hope. Here are six true stories from Precision Nutrition Coaching clients who faced major obstacles on the road to weight loss, overcame them, and used what they learned to become better and stronger people than ever before.

Sheila Brooks: Freeing herself from her disability story.

Growing up with a bone disease, Sheila Brooks came to define herself by her disability. Exercise? She couldn't. Become an athlete? No way. By the time she was an adult, that self-story had solidified; she was downright petrified of the gym. Now she's finally busted that mental wall — and lost 52 pounds (and counting).

Redefining success in health and fitness coaching.

“Success” in coaching used to mean a nice roster of ~30 in-person clients, full ownership of your practice, and a net profit that afforded you a vacation or two a year. These days, health and fitness coaches are ditching the cookie cutter definitions and building businesses their own way. Here are 7 inspiring coaches who are redefining success in health and fitness coaching and how you can too.

Dan Hibbert: Getting through grief.

Early in their marriage, Dan Hibbert’s wife, Susan, inspired him to take better care of himself and prioritize health and fitness. Later, after tragedy struck, Dan had to get through his grief and find the strength to stay the course for the most important reason of all: his kids.

Bob Miller: Persisting despite serious health problems.

By his early 50s, Bob Miller was facing metabolic and cardiovascular health issues so serious that he'd already had a very close brush with death. With his weight at an all-time high and his mobility severely compromised, Bob found a way to lose nearly 100 pounds, one small step at a time.

Would I be healthier if I quit drinking?

The after-work gin and tonic. The bottle of wine over dinner. A few beers on the weekend. Before long, the alcohol adds up. Is that a problem? Can drinking stand in the way of your health and fitness? Do you need to quit drinking to change your body? Or could it actually be good for you? In this article we explore the question in a personal way.

Can exercise really help
manage depression?

Some say exercise can help manage depression. But, when you’re depressed, it can be hard to muster the motivation. depression. Here are some gentle incentives and strategies for giving it a go.

Mood food:

Can you eat your way to a better state of mind? Changing your diet might help with depression.