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💥 SAVE UP TO 30% on the Expert-Guided PN Nutrition Certification. Spots are limited.


💥 SAVE UP TO 30% on the Expert-Guided PN Nutrition Certification. Spots are limited.


Meet the Experts

Alex Picot-Annand

PN2, Holistic Nutritionist


Alex Picot-Annand is a Precision Nutrition writer and PN Level 2 Coach. She holds a BA in Psychology and Spanish from Dalhousie University. She is certified as a life coach and registered as a holistic nutritionist through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Instagram: alexpicotannand

Articles by Alex Picot-Annand, Holistic Nutritionist, PN2-MHC

Coach helping client change fitness habits

Motivational Interviewing: The proven coaching method that helps people change—even when they’re feeling stuck

As a coach, you have an instinct to “help.” But that can backfire. Here’s how to get clients to help themselves.

The Deep Health Assessment: How’s your health… REALLY?

Physical health isn’t the only kind of health.

The top 8 most common stress-related questions, answered.

The irony is that it’s kind of stressful to find answers about stress. There’s so much conflicting information out there. But if you’re a health and fitness professional, your clients—maybe even your friends and loved ones too—will likely turn to YOU for counsel. They’ll ask things like: “Is stress REALLY toxic?” “Do you think stress […]

Minimally-processed foods vs. highly-processed foods: What you should know

Some processed foods aren’t as bad as you think

How to improve your gut health: 5 research-backed strategies

Improve your microbiome, improve your health.

Woman thought journalling

The thought tool that can lower your stress instantly

Plus, get this free download.

Avatar Raul falls off of crumbling pyramid while ground shakes beneath him.

You’re not lazy: The real reason your health habits crumbled during the pandemic

Get FREE tools to jumpstart your momentum

4 Nut Debates: Settled

4 nut debates, settled [Infographic]

Some nuts are good, and some nuts are TOO good.

Menopausal woman sleeping

Menopause and sleep: The struggle is real (and, by the way, so are these solutions)

Sleep disruptions are caused by many different factors, not just hormones.

Strong resilient woman

What Norwegian death metal can teach you about stress management.

Here are three strategies to help you build resilience.

Young woman relaxing.

PCOS: 3 evidence-based strategies that really work

What you need to know about nutrition, exercise, and supplements.

Man getting a good sleep.

How to sleep better—when nothing helps you sleep better.

Believe it: These practices work.

Tired woman searches on her phone for health information

The truth about adrenal fatigue.

You deserve to feel better.

Person frustrated with goals

“I’ll be happier when I lose weight” is a recipe for regret. Here’s the counterintuitive solution.

3 simple steps to a better life NOW.

Man sits on couch, watching TV, and looks anxious while eating pizza out of a cardboard box.

Food addiction: Why it happens, and 3 ways to help (or get help).

Is it typical cravings, or something more serious?

How to eat until 80% full (and why it’s a key practice for weight loss)

This practice helps you build body awareness, improve digestion, and lose fat.

Closeup of a measuring tape wrapped around a person's stomach.

The real secret to losing belly fat, according to science.

(This isn’t the story you think it is.)

Closeup of a woman resting against a window with the sun shining on her face.

“Should I take vitamin D?” Here’s what the science says.

Seems like everyone's taking vitamin D… but should they?

Chemical structure of a saturated fat molecule and Badgey holding a plate of coconuts.

Saturated fat: Is it good or bad for you? (We have answers.)

Does saturated fat cause heart attacks? Is it okay in moderation? Should you eat more of it? This article gives you the facts.

Woman in athletic clothing seated on a yoga mat waving at her laptop.

How to become a holistic health coach.

As a holistic nutritionist for the past 10 years, I’ve had some pretty cool gigs. I launched and ran my own private nutrition practice. I’ve taught cooking classes to kids and adults. I’ve given lectures on nutrition. I’ve developed over 200 recipes for various companies. I’ve interviewed super-smart health experts and translated those conversations into […]

Father and son sitting together with three different packed lunches beside them. Text above reads 9 ways to take the anxiety out of kids' nutrition.

9 Ways to Take the Anxiety Out of Nutrition for Kids. [Infographic]

Nutrition for kids can feel like advanced algebra thanks to picky eaters and hectic schedules. This infographic can help.

3 crucial (and counterintuitive) strategies for getting loved ones to support your healthy lifestyle.

Changing your eating and exercise habits is hard enough. Getting loved ones to support your healthy lifestyle changes? Prepare to grit your teeth. The company you keep does affect your progress toward healthier living. So here’s how to reduce peer pressure and get the social support you need.

‘What’s happening to my body!?’ 6 lifestyle strategies to feel your best during menopause.

Hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, brain fog: Menopause can make you wonder if your body is totally cuckoo. But what many women don’t realize is that they do have some control over these symptoms. Here’s what's going on, plus six lifestyle strategies to feel your best during menopause.

How to eat healthy on a budget:
5 ways to prioritize nutrition while reducing cost. [Infographic]

Local organic produce, artisanal sourdough, strictly grass-fed meat: Yes, they’re ‘good’ for you… but they’re also too expensive for most people. The great news? There are foods available that are both nutrient-dense and budget-friendly. In this infographic, we’ll show you five ways to eat healthy on a budget — while making your taste buds happy too.