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Alex Picot-Annand

Pn2, Holistic Nutritionist


Alex Picot-Annand is a Precision Nutrition writer and PN Level 2 Coach. She holds a BA in Psychology and Spanish from Dalhousie University. She is certified as a life coach and registered as a holistic nutritionist through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Instagram: alexpicotannand

Articles by Alex Picot-Annand, Pn2, Holistic Nutritionist

Daniel Hayes: Making peace with the long game.

As a devoted runner, fitness was just a way of life for Daniel Hayes. So when his health threw him a curveball and he wound up on meds that slowed his metabolism, none of his usual approaches to weight maintenance worked. Now, 35 pounds later, he's fit again, and an inspiration to his young son.

3 crucial (and counterintuitive) strategies for getting loved ones to support your healthy lifestyle.

Changing your eating and exercise habits is hard enough. Getting loved ones to support your healthy lifestyle changes? Prepare to grit your teeth. The company you keep does affect your progress toward healthier living. So here’s how to reduce peer pressure and get the social support you need.

23 expert tips to help you overcome the most common coaching challenges.

If people turn to you for health, fitness, and nutrition advice, you probably face a daily list of coaching challenges. Waning motivation. Irrational resistance. Obstacles and setbacks. To help you (and your clients/patients) get past them, here are 23 excellent tips from our Precision Nutrition Certification Facebook group, where PN’s renowned coaching experts offer mentoring and time-tested guidance.

7 ways to make time for exercise and nutrition. [Infographic]

Almost everyone knows what to do to get fitter and healthier. (For most people it starts with: Move more and eat fewer processed foods). But when life’s already full, how can you expect to actually do those things? With these 7 practical tips, of course. They’ll help you make more time for exercise and nutrition, even in the context of your busy life.