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💥 SAVE UP TO 30% on the Expert-Guided PN Nutrition Certification. Spots are limited.

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Alisa Bowman, PN1-NC

PN1-NC, Health and Nutrition Specialist


Alisa Bowman a Precision Nutrition writer and editor. In addition to a BA in journalism from Penn State University, Bowman has earned certifications in Udana and prenatal yoga as well as massage therapy.

Her more than 20 years editorial experience includes serving as the head of product development and content marketing for Hearst Products Studio, a senior health editor for Rodale Books, health and fitness editor for Runner’s World, fitness columnist for Yoga Journal, and a health columnist and blogger for the Morning Call in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

She has written for Men’s Health, Prevention, Women’s Health, Parents, and a variety of other magazines and websites as well collaborated on more than 20 books, including The Skinny, Be Fearless, and The Joy of Half a Cookie. She has also appeared on a variety of programs, including Today, Good Morning America, and CBS This Morning.

LinkedIn: alisabowman

Articles by Alisa Bowman, PN1-NC

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“Help! My client’s not losing weight despite claiming to follow a low calorie diet!”

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How to eat junk food: A guide for conflicted humans

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Top sleep doctor: Trainers, health coaches, and dietitians can make seriously great sleep coaches.

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Jedi coaching tricks: Help clients go from “I’m overwhelmed” to “I’ve got this.”

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Social connections: Could they be even more important than cholesterol?

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The 5-step method that turns “I don’t know what I’m doing!” into a coaching superpower.

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Precision Nutrition Certification Grads: Spotlight on Christina Relke

When COVID hit and her gym closed in the spring of 2020, Christina Relke initially thought she’d just been given a vacation. She happily reacquainted herself with her couch, the remote, and everything Netflix had to offer. “I thought I’d just go home, figure things out, and then go back to work,” says Relke, BA, […]

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How to choose the right nutrition certification program—for YOU

To choose the right nutrition certification program for you, consider the topics covered, cost, program length, the company’s reputation, and more.

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How do you become a nutrition coach? What do nutrition coaches do? How much do nutrition coaches earn? And what certifications are needed to become one? In this article, you’ll find the answers to all of those questions—and many more.

Unrefined whole wheat bread vs. often refined sourdough bread.

The truth about whole grains vs. refined grains. [Infographic]

Learn the facts about processing, food labels, and nutrient content.