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Krista Scott-Dixon, PhD, is Precision Nutrition’s director of curriculum. She earned her doctorate in Women’s Studies from York University. She holds counseling certifications from George Brown College and Leading Edge Training, which is certified by the Canadian Psychological Association. Currently, she’s pursuing a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at Yorkville University in New Brunswick, Canada.

In her role at Precision Nutrition, Dr. Scott-Dixon develops the curriculum for the PN Women’s and Men’s Coaching programs, the PN Level 1 Certification, and the PN Level 2 Certification Master Class, along with other educational guides and courses such as The Science and Practice of Macros.

Dr. Scott-Dixon is the coauthor of PN’s Level 1 textbook, The Essentials of Nutrition and Coaching and The Universe Within: Genetic Testing and What It Can Tell Us About Nutrition, Health, and Athletic Performance. She’s also contributed to an extensive list of academic publications, book chapters, website articles, and reports.

Dr. Scott-Dixon is well known for her ability to help real people with real lives understand, embrace, and master the complex issues of nutrition, health, and lifestyle improvement. She’s a sought-after speaker, writer, and podcast guest who has presented to organizations, businesses, and conferences around the world.

Twitter: @stumptuous
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Precision Nutrition Coaching:
January 2020 Women’s Finalists.

Only a year ago, these 20 women were overweight, out of shape, stressed, and almost out of hope. Now, after 12 months of Precision Nutrition Coaching, they've transformed their health, their bodies, and their lives. They also have the chance to take home part of the $125,000 in prize money we've once again committed to our latest round of top clients. Scroll through these amazing photos and vote for the finalist whose transformation inspires you most.

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With this in-depth report, you’ll learn the coaching strategies you need to help your clients achieve the results they really want.

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Worried you’re eating too much sugar? Wondering how much is safe to eat? Or whether it's bad for you... no matter what? It’s time we took a clear-headed look at this controversial topic. It’s time you heard the truth about sugar.

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How to talk to people so they’re more likely to change.

To get great results with the people who turn to you for advice, it’s important to learn how to talk to them in a way that increases their likelihood of change. Master this skill and you’ll become a legit client whisperer. Here we'll teach you Precision Nutrition’s method for doing just that, adapted from our newly updated Level 1 Certification program.

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