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Jennifer Nickle

Precision Nutrition Chef of Culinary Development


Jennifer Nickle (also known as “Chef Jen”) handles meal program development and logistics, recipe development, and serves as Precision Nutrition’s professional culinary cohort.

As a contributor to the Precision Nutrition content team, Nickle provides recipes, menu guidance, and cooking expertise. Nickle is known for developing menus, meals and dishes that combine nutritional value with tons of flavor.

Nickle also serves as one of Precision Nutrition’s culinary cohorts to professional athletes. She has worked closely with tennis champion Sloane Stephens. Nickle’s nourishing menus and recipes have helped Sloane to recover from injury and achieve peak physical condition.

Prior to Precision Nutrition, Nickle has been a chef at some of New York, Toronto and Montreal’s most prestigious restaurants, including Compass (“Best New Restaurant in NYC, Zagat, 2003”), Ristorante Cavalli, Patria, and Byblos.

From 2008 to 2014, Nickle served as the personal chef for Georges St-Pierre, a two-time welterweight ultimate fighting world champ and three-time Canadian Athlete of the Year. Nickle accompanied St-Pierre, along with his nutrition coach Dr. John Berardi and his team of trainers, to multiple title defenses.

Nickle has been featured on, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Life, and other media outlets.

Instagram: chefjenontour

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