Weekly meal prep: Mastered. [Infographic] Here's how to have healthy food ready when you need it.

Weekly meal prep: Mastered. [Infographic]
Here's how to have healthy food ready when you need it.

By John Berardi, Ph.D.


Check out these weekly meal prep strategies, used by Precision Nutrition’s most successful clients. And learn how they can help you save time on preparing healthy food too.


Most people who come to Precision Nutrition already know what a healthy, balanced meal looks like.

The real question they have is: How do you consistently eat healthy, balanced meals in the context of real life? 

You know, like “I got home late, after a long meeting, then my toddler spilled an entire bottle of olive oil on the kitchen floor!”

(Yeah, true story).

With the following meal prep strategies, we teach our clients exactly how to have healthy food ready when they need it.

The result? A fridge full of fast, healthy options to choose from, even as life continues to unfold.

Want to print this out and post it in your kitchen? Click here to download.


Click here for a fully printable version of this infographic. Keep it in your kitchen, and before you know it, these meal-prep strategies will be part of your routine.

Want to learn more? For a complete explanation of this infographic, check out our accompanying article, “Success Strategies: The Food Ritual”. To learn how to use your hands to measure portions, check out “The best calorie control guide. [Infographic]”.


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