The best calorie control guide. [Infographic]
Estimating portion size and food intake just got a whole lot easier.


Head swimming with calorie numbers and daily allowances? There’s a simpler way. Try this portion control guide. It’s practical, powerful, and proven with over 100,000 clients.


Trying to gain muscle? Lose weight? Just eat healthy?

Then you’re probably looking for a good way to control food intake.

But calorie counting can be frustrating and impractical. It just doesn’t fit into most people’s busy, messy, complicated lives.

Plus, research shows calorie counting can be up to 25 percent inaccurate on both sides of the equation—calories in and calories out.

That’s why we came up with this portion control guide. It’s a simple, customizable “hand portion” method that makes it easier to get the right amount and balance of food at every meal.

This handy infographic shows you how to use your hand to measure portions meal by meal, and explains how to tailor the approach for your goals, activity level, and eating style.

Not sure where to start? The infographic highlights a plate of food that works as a “baseline” portion for moderately active folks.

Consider this your visual guide to eating portion sizes that serve your health and fitness goals—no complicated calorie math required.

Download the guide for your printer or tablet and keep it with you for quick and easy reference.

(And if you want a FREE personalized nutrition plan that gives you the appropriate hand portions for your specific body, goals, lifestyle, and eating preferences, check out the Precision Nutrition Calculator.)

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