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  • cup-of-black-coffee

    Coffee... upgraded?

    Is "Bulletproof Coffee" all it's cracked up to be?

    Bulletproof Coffee has become something of an internet sensation. People are talking about it. People are trying…
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  • spencer-diet-breakdown

    Carbohydrate confessions:

    Stories (and data) from a low carb convert.

    Have you ever been forced to change your mind? Even about something you thought was absolutely true?…
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  • Workout Nutrition

    Workout nutrition explained.

    What to eat before, during, and after exercise.

    For most people, nutrient timing isn’t all that important. But if you’re an athlete or serious exerciser,…
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  • Skipping breakfast: Will it really make you fat?

    Skipping breakfast:

    Will it really make you fat?

    If there’s one piece of nutritional lore that almost everybody believes, it’s the idea that skipping breakfast…
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  • nutrient-timing-food-clock

    Is nutrient timing dead?

    And does "when" you eat really matter?

    For the past two decades, nutrient timing has been a hot topic in sports and exercise nutrition…
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  • Low Carb Breakfast

    Carb controversy:

    Why low-carb diets have got it all wrong.

    Yes, we've all heard about how carbs: spike your blood sugar and insulin - causing fat gain…
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