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Precision Nutrition Coaching
Grand Prize Winners: July 2017
We just surprised our latest winners with $125,000 in prizes!


See how we surprised Precision Nutrition Grand Prize Winners, Jean-Charles and Michelle. Read how they transformed their bodies (and lives) this year. And meet the rest of the July 2017 men’s and women’s winners.


Every six months, in our Precision Nutrition Coaching program, we give away $125,000 to the men and women who have the best body transformations.

(Yep, that’s $250,000 every year.)

And, today, you’ll meet our latest winners.

These folks started working with us in July 2016 and, over the course of the last year, completely transformed how they look and feel.

They lost weight, gained strength, boosted their health, and inspired their friends and families.

Even better, they did it without diets, fads, or crazy workout routines.

Each person simply committed to making a change, stayed consistent, and used the accountability and support of one of our dedicated coaches.

$25,000 Grand Prize Winner: Michelle

Lost 35 lbs and 30 total inches!

  • Age: 44 years
  • Weight Lost: 35 lbs (from 158 lbs to 123 lbs)
  • Total Inches Lost: 30 inches (from 221 inches to 191 inches)

“It’s your time.”

If there’s a single word that best describes Michelle Richards, it’s “caring”.

She’s the type of teacher whose students never forget her. The type of friend who connects with people from their 20s right through their 80s. The type of neighbor who always finds a way to give back to her community.

If she could, she’d rescue all the homeless kittens.

A talented musician and music educator, Michelle transitioned to a new school in New Orleans just before Hurricane Katrina hit. Within her first month on the job, her classroom was filled with eight feet of water.

The task of rebuilding after that disaster and fostering the growth of vulnerable teens who had lost their clothes, their books, and their homes was a heavy responsibility.

Michelle gave everything she had to her students.

After all, there was nobody more deserving.

But in trying to rescue her students, Michelle forgot that she also had needs of her own.

There’s a name for what can happen to people in her situation: vicarious trauma. And women in helping roles, from teaching to nursing to parenting, are especially at risk.

Once, Michelle had glowed with vitality and health.

In high school, she’d been a top-ranked athlete. For years afterwards, she kept her love of movement.

She even met her husband, McKenna, when both were searching for a workout partner. Later, she learned to weight train by his side.

But in the decade since Katrina:

Her sleep, mood, appetite, and energy levels had become a mess.

She could barely drag herself to work, let alone to the gym. Her weight crept higher and higher, and her doctor even speculated that her infertility might have been caused by the chronic stress.

Worst of all, Michelle had lost track of the quality that most defines her—her capacity to care.

That’s when McKenna stepped in and demonstrated some impressive caring of his own.

“It’s your time,” he told her. “You haven’t done anything for yourself in so long.”

At first, Michelle tried to go it alone.

Cutting back to part-time hours at work, she diligently hit the gym and adjusted her nutrition. But results, to say the least, were disappointing.

She can laugh about it now but it wasn’t so funny at the time. “McKenna lost 26 pounds. I lost two.”

Meanwhile, that same year, Michelle witnessed her friend and music colleague, Lindsey Piatolly, undergo an amazing transformation, dropping more than 40 pounds. The following year, she saw another friend, Alicia Kelley, go through a similar renewal.

What these women had in common—besides their dedication to music and the accident of living near one another—was the fact that they’d both worked with Precision Nutrition coaches.

The message, for Michelle, was clear.

She signed up for Precision Nutrition Coaching.

Day after day, she put in the work.

Bit by bit, she gained strength and lost weight.

And in the process, she rediscovered her energy and her spirit.

How will Michelle spend the winner’s bounty?

Of course, she wants to help somebody else. After she’s paid off a few bills, she hopes to contribute to a dear friend’s health and fitness goals.

She also plans on working towards her own fitness certifications, so she can continue to pay it forward.

And she has a message for anyone who might be considering Precision Nutrition Coaching:

Take it slow.

Don’t try to rush.

Treat yourself with the patience and kindness that you’d give to a close friend.

First, because it will help you sustain your purpose in life. And second, because you deserve it.

Want to get results like Michelle? Learn more about the Precision Nutrition Coaching Program for Women.

$25,000 Grand Prize Winner: Jean-Charles

Lost 55 lbs and 29 total inches!

  • Age: 33 years
  • Weight Lost: 55 lbs (from 255 lbs to 200 lbs)
  • Total Inches Lost: 29 inches (from 266 inches to 237 inches)

One day, Jean-Charles had to face reality.

The wake-up call was harsh.

Before Jean-Charles Tessier’s mother died of cancer in the early summer of 2016, she asked him to promise her that he would get into better shape.

Jay-C’s mom had always emphasized the importance of healthy food and exercise. But in recent years, he’d somehow lost sight of this important value. At 32, he was bigger and softer around the middle than he’d ever been.

It wasn’t hard to understand what led him off track.

His reasons were like most working men’s reasons: Time. Shift work. Convenience food. Injury.

Plus, old scripts about how his body worked that didn’t match his current physical reality.

He had a demanding job in rural New Brunswick, so he spent a lot of time in a vehicle. Junk food was everywhere. Night shifts tempted him to stuff himself with whatever was easy instead of learning to cook. Meanwhile, a hip injury had made it harder for him to exercise.

A formerly skinny kid who’d had to work hard to gain muscle, he also had misconceptions about nutrition. He thought that as long as he worked out a little, he could eat whatever he wanted without gaining a lot of fat.

But at 255 pounds, he had to admit, it was getting hard for him to move around the way he liked.

And he didn’t feel good about himself.

In the face of his mother’s illness and death:

Jay-C recognized that he was making excuses.

And to honor her memory, he knew what he had to do.

He decided to sign up Precision Nutrition Coaching.

Jay-C is the kind of person who thrives on accountability. He is determined, focused, and he loves to learn.

He knew that coaching would help him.

What he didn’t know was how personal he’d find this online program. Weekly videos from his coach, regular Skype conversations, and a special Facebook group helped keep him connected to his goals, even from his relatively remote location.

And with the ongoing support of his girlfriend, Madeleine, he faced the challenge of learning how to plan healthier meals and cook.

“Good nutrition is at least 70% of the quest for a healthier and better-looking body,” he says. “But if you don’t enjoy your food, it’s going to be a long and painful journey.”

Precision Nutrition Coaching taught him that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Cooking and eating can be fun, even with a busy or inconsistent schedule.

Months of eating well can change a man’s taste for things.

At one point, Jay-C promised himself junk food meals as a reward for finishing the program.

But somehow, after so many months of practicing healthy habits, junk food just didn’t seem so much fun any more. PN Coaching had taught him not just to eat healthy food, but to enjoy it.

“And after all,” he says, “it’s so much easier to do things through love than duty.”

Today, Jay-C knows that his mother would be proud of him.

Not only did he keep his promise and get into the best shape of his life, but he’s going to use his winnings towards a down payment on a house.

Together with his girlfriend, he is planning on another year of coaching.

“If I can achieve so much in one year,” he says, “just imagine what I could do in two.”

Want to get results like Jean-Charles? Learn more about the Precision Nutrition Coaching Program for Men.

Meet our other Women’s winners:


$10,000 Women's Winner:

Age: 61 years

Weight Lost: 29 lbs (140 lbs to 111 lbs)

Total inches lost: 31" (215" to 184")

The greatest lesson I have learned is awareness. If you truly pay attention to your body it will tell you exactly what it needs and wants. I am now centered and consistent in maintaining a healthful body and spirit.

- Stacey


$10,000 Women's Winner:

Age: 46 years

Weight Lost: 30 lbs (150 lbs to 120 lbs)

Total inches lost: 35" (223" to 188")

When I joined PN, I was drawn in by the ‘eat a little better, move a little more’ message in one of the early articles I read. I am definitely at the bottom of the fitness pyramid. What I didn't expect was the experience of a significant body transformation as a result of daily small actions. This program has felt like love from beginning to end. No punishment, no restrictions, just life and choices and ‘how's that working for you?’. Thanks, PN, for lessons I can apply to my fitness, my business, and my life. Small steps add up!

- Katherine


$2,250 Women's Winner:

Age: 59 years

Weight Lost: 60 lbs (294 lbs to 234 lbs)

Total inches lost: 54" (316" to 262")

Before PN, I really wasn't happy with me. I thought my life was winding down and I would die early. After thinking it over I found myself crying at the realization that I do have a lot of life left! I needed to do this program for myself — for me. And I did! Everyday day I did my lessons, habits and worked out in my living room. I developed an inner strength and conviction that I never knew I had. I thought I was strong emotionally/mentally before PN, but that was nothing compared to now. I have confidence in me! I am now in control, and I feel empowered to move forward with my life. Best of all, I am an example to my Granddaughters. It is never too late to begin!

- Karen


$2,250 Women's Winner:

Age: 44 years

Weight Lost: 38 lbs (187 lbs to 149 lbs)

Total inches lost: 33" (236" to 203")

For me, PN has been the constant small voice telling me ‘You can do this! and you don't have to do it all at once!’ I struggled deeply with a perfectionistic all-or-nothing mentality. Asking, 'How's that workin' for you?', over and over has helped me see my strengths and weaknesses. Little by little I have been challenged to grow and change the way I approach my lifestyle and health habits in a way that's manageable and meaningful.

- Rebecca


$2,250 Women's Winner:

Age: 38 years

Weight Lost: 41 lbs (239 lbs to 198 lbs)

Total inches lost: 32" (268" to 236")

I am so glad I decided to do something for myself this year. I cannot say enough how transformative this experience has been for my body and spirit. Thank you, PN Coaching!

- Jennifer


$2,250 Women's Winner:

Age: 40 years

Weight Lost: 15 lbs (157 lbs to 142 lbs)

Total inches lost: 21" (222" to 201")

PN Coaching has been a great experience. The daily lessons, workouts, and little motivators have been a daily inspiration. I really loved that PN wasn't another fast fix diet program. I had tried numerous ones that were and never found any success and really did damage to my health and metabolism. While I lost weight and inches in the program it didn't happen quick. The weight and inches came off these past few months. The program really helped me to fix my poor food choices and in turn healed my thyroid. I still take medicine. But I am finally finding the body I had in my twenties. I loved every minute of this program and will miss the daily motivations. But like a young bird I need to spread my wings and fly. And my Coach really helped me to accomplish this. Thanks PN

- Sarah


$1,250 Women's Winner:

Age: 51 years

Weight Lost: 47 lbs (292 lbs to 245 lbs)

Total inches lost: 28" (298" to 270")

The people involved in PN Coaching, (coach, mentors, interns, other participants) inspired me to finally put knowledge into action — consistently. They also provided a safe place to whine about the struggle, and celebrate all of the small wins that add up to big changes over time.

- Lisa


$1,250 Women's Winner:

Age: 57 years

Weight Lost: 40 lbs (170 lbs to 130 lbs)

Total inches lost: 39" (218" to 179")

I am a transformed woman inside and out. I have learned how to eat, exercise, and take care of my body to remain vibrant and strong for the rest of my life.

- Lisa


$1,250 Women's Winner:

Age: 37 years

Weight Lost: 30 lbs (200 lbs to 170 lbs)

Total inches lost: 22" (248" to 226")

The biggest impact for me is that now I know how I can create change in my own life.

- Amelia


$1,250 Women's Winner:

Age: 52 years

Weight Lost: 22 lbs (164 lbs to 142 lbs)

Total inches lost: 18" (221" to 203")

I am feeling really good about the progress I have made. Change takes time and holding on to success is a long term project. Quick fixes don't work. PN has given me the tools to practice, and the time to implement these life altering strategies. I now own them; they are part of me.

- Dawn


$1,250 Women's Winner:

Age: 28 years

Weight Lost: 44 lbs (319 lbs to 275 lbs)

Total inches lost: 41" (300" to 259")

The biggest gift PN has given me cannot be measured with a tape measure or on a scale; PN has taught me how to be my best friend instead of my own worst enemy. I have learned how to set myself up for success surrounding weight loss and in other areas of my life. I feel like almost anything is possible!

- Kim


$1,250 Women's Winner:

Age: 42 years

Weight Lost: 15 lbs (140 lbs to 125 lbs)

Total inches lost: 17" (204" to 187")

The biggest change I have experienced with PN Coaching is the capacity to believe in myself; to feel in my heart that I am good enough and important. With that belief and faith in myself, I have learned how to live my life with compassion and kindness, being vulnerable, resilient, and engaging in my life actively. This has been a journey of my heart and soul, living with far greater intention and clarity, by developing a deep knowing from within, that has become the foundation from which I live. This has given me hope, and faith in my best self, to live the life I love.

- Ginny


$500 Women's Winner:

Age: 41 years

Weight Lost: 41 lbs (211 lbs to 170 lbs)

Total inches lost: 27" (248" to 221")

Going through the PN process gave me the unexpected outcome of honouring myself. I had thought I had signed up for “just another diet”. I would have never guessed the profound effect it would have on me, my relationships, my life and my world. My favourite PN phrase is simply “What to do Today”. It allowed me to take 5 minutes to listen to and contemplate something for my life for that day — just one small step. It gave me direction and purpose for the day. It comforted me in doing something for me, but didn’t overwhelm me at the daunting task of what I wanted to achieve over a year.

- Kathleen


$500 Women's Winner:

Age: 33 years

Weight Lost: 17 lbs (166 lbs to 149 lbs)

Total inches lost: 20" (228" to 208")

I'm accepting and loving myself as I am, and I keep taking baby steps towards a better self, because I am convinced that I am worth the effort.

- Elizabeth


$500 Women's Winner:

Age: 32 years

Weight Lost: 21 lbs (177 lbs to 156 lbs)

Total inches lost: 13" (217" to 204")

Before I started PN I was a 31 year old fitness professional who felt like a fraud. I was a strength and conditioning coach who couldn't stay in shape- correction, at that point, couldn't get in shape. Far more detrimental than this, I battled binge and emotional eating most days. Food made me feel crazy. The excess eating, guilt, combined with not liking what I saw in the mirror made me miserable. PN gave me back my sanity. This program opened my eyes to the underlying reasons why I was stuck in a rut. Coach Pam and PN navigated me through making consistently better choices through science, introspection, and most importantly compassion. I will be forever grateful to this program for showing me the way back to emotional health, confidence, and (as corny as it sounds) believing I'm worth it... this has been about so very much more than food.

- Caitlin


$500 Women's Winner:

Age: 31 years

Weight Lost: 7 lbs (115 lbs to 108 lbs)

Total inches lost: 12" (188" to 176")

PN has pretty much saved my life. A year ago, I was a cardio queen - doing way too much but feeling like it was never enough. It was a vicious cycle! It was really hard to slow down and stick to the PN program, but a year later, I am a true believer. I do my workouts along with some hiking (because I still love hiking) and I feel better about myself than ever before! I also have so much more free time to do the things that truly matter. I relax, spend time with my friends and husband, and love walking my dog along the seawall, coffee in hand.

- Ashley

Mary Lou

$500 Women's Winner:

Age: 62 years

Weight Lost: 40 lbs (190 lbs to 150 lbs)

Total inches lost: 24" (236" to 212")

What a PN year! The biggest impact PN has had on me is giving me the tools to make the changes in my life that I have been seeking for decades. The scientific evidence based health and fitness information and daily encouragement for self awareness has changed my approach to food, and physical and mental fitness. This program has made me understand how to live a truly healthy life. Thank you PN.

- Mary Lou


$500 Women's Winner:

Age: 42 years

Weight Lost: 33 lbs (226 lbs to 193 lbs)

Total inches lost: 70" (263" to 193")

As a mom of 5 kids, I got really good at putting myself last. PN has helped me realize that by building healthy habits and focusing on my own health, I can actually be a better mom, wife, and person in my community. It ended up being so much more for me than weight loss, I feel like a whole person again!

- Cheryl


$500 Women's Winner:

Age: 38 years

Weight Lost: 20 lbs (162 lbs to 142 lbs)

Total inches lost: 16" (224" to 208")

At the beginning of my PN journey, I had a full life and so many things to be grateful for- a loving husband, two beautiful children and a challenging career. At the same time, I felt constantly stressed, overwhelmed and unable to balance taking care of those I love and still making time to take care of myself. Over the years I've tried countless eating and fitness plans but all of them were either too rigid or too unpleasant to sustain, even for the results they produced. Now as I near the end of this year long coaching, I have learned what works for me, as an individual. I've learned strategies for eating and fitness but also for sleep, self care and connection. I've lost weight but gained so much more joy and peace than I previously thought possible. Today, I feel like a better wife, parent and person and I am so grateful to the PN team for guiding me through this process. I'm not fully to my goal yet but am confident the strategies I learned will stay with me forever and I'll get there soon!

- Tracey

Meet our other Men’s winners:


$10,000 Men's Winner:

Age: 47 years

Weight Lost: 87 lbs (274 lbs to 187 lbs)

Total inches lost: 51" (284" to 233")

Following the PN program just plain worked for me and has made a significant transformation in my life. The combination of accountability and motivation through personal coaching helped me to not only change my approach to fitness but also my whole attitude to nutrition and life in general. My confidence has improved and I feel for the first time in 20+ years that I can do anything that I want to. I went from just wanting to lose 30-40 pounds at the beginning of the program to having a genuine desire to live a fitness focused lifestyle, and that is not something that would have thought possible.

- David

$10,000 Men's Winner:|Clyde


$10,000 Men’s Winner:

Age: 38 years

Weight Gained: 19 lbs (192 lbs to 211 lbs)

Total inches gained: 13″ (226″ to 239″)

PN Coaching has completely transformed my entire life — I feel 20 years younger and am healthier, stronger, and fitter than ever before. Through the program I’ve accomplished things I’ve only ever dreamed of, and am now proud to add “athlete” to the list of words I use to describe myself. I am now living each day pursuing my passions and enjoying life to the fullest!

– Clyde


$2,250 Men's Winner:

Age: 35 years

Weight Lost: 43 lbs (248 lbs to 205 lbs)

Total inches lost: 34" (273" to 239")

For years I had suffered setbacks due to injury and disappointment. I was so plagued with self doubt that I almost didn't sign up for the PN program. I had tried every fad diet under the sun, with little to no progress. It was a leap of faith for me to think that PN would be any different. Yet from the beginning my coach taught me to leave what I thought I knew at the door, trust in the process, keep showing up, and the results would follow. And they did. I surpassed the weight loss goal I set for myself, and beyond that, I learned the importance of moving forward in the face adversity. After years of disappointment I was mentally and physically resigned to a body that didn't feel like mine. That's all changed now; I dare to dream bigger.

- William

$2,250 Men's Winner:|Dylan


$2,250 Men’s Winner:

Age: 26 years

Weight Gained: 27 lbs (151 lbs to 178 lbs)

Total inches gained: 22″ (203″ to 225″)

I’ve always been able to stay in fairly decent shape, but putting on solid muscle was always next to impossible for me. Thanks to PN Coaching, I put on more muscle than I ever thought I was capable of.

– Dylan


$2,250 Men's Winner:

Age: 40 years

Weight Lost: 41 lbs (207 lbs to 166 lbs)

Total inches lost: 24" (246" to 222")

PN showed me that improving my health and fitness didn't have to be overwhelming task. By incorporating simple habits into my daily routine I was able to maintain progress throughout the program. The coaches did a great job supporting me throughout and helping me make adjustments with the ups and downs of life.

- Phil


$2,250 Men's Winner:

Age: 39 years

Weight Lost: 43 lbs (212 lbs to 169 lbs)

Total inches lost: 31" (255" to 224")

I have always been a hard worker, but I have never been able to sustain something for this length of time. Through consistency and support from my wife and my PN Coach, I have made life-long behavioral changes that have positively affected my eating, fitness and overall happiness. I am so thankful to have participated in this program, I know it will have a lasting impact on my life!

- Jason


$1,000 Men's Winner:

Age: 29 years

Weight Lost: 45 lbs (219 lbs to 174 lbs)

Total inches lost: 23" (245" to 222")

PN has completely flipped my view on what a sustainable, healthy lifestyle actually is (in a good way!) Whereas before it was all about restriction, punishment and self-hate I have now learned to eat wholesome food to nourish, exercise to feel good, and come from a position of loving myself and my body. I have learned this is the real key to sustainable change for myself!

- Aaron


$1,000 Men's Winner:

Age: 35 years

Weight Lost: 25 lbs (210 lbs to 185 lbs)

Total inches lost: 18" (250" to 232")

PN gave me the habits I needed to make progress even with a stressful and hectic schedule. Now the habits are second nature and I'm confident I will always have time to care about my health.

- Shane


$1,000 Men's Winner:

Age: 56 years

Weight Lost: 35 lbs (164 lbs to 129 lbs)

Total inches lost: 26" (219" to 193")

As a cardiologist who might be expected to know a lot about nutrition, fitness, health, and well-being, what I learned and accomplished through PN Coaching — including substantial weight loss, consistent training and healthy habits — far exceeded my expectations. Based on my PN Coaching experience and success, I can be a role model and resource to my patients, colleagues, friends, and family.

- Mylan


$1,000 Men's Winner:

Age: 37 years

Weight Lost: 34 lbs (246 lbs to 212 lbs)

Total inches lost: 22" (260" to 238")

I learned so many new skills during the PN Coaching program which are applicable in all areas of life. This was an unexpected bonus, whilst losing fat and getting stronger. Thank you, Precision Nutrition.

- Daniel


$500 Men's Winner:

Age: 25 years

Weight Lost: 18 lbs (194 lbs to 176 lbs)

Total inches lost: 13" (232" to 219")

The biggest transformation that I went through this year was not the physical changes that my body went through, it was the shift that happened between my ears. Through consistent practice of my habits and lessons, and with help from my support system, I was able to make a mindset shift from an “all-or-nothing” attitude to an “always something” mentality.

- Joe


$500 Men's Winner:

Age: 39 years

Weight Lost: 18 lbs (180 lbs to 162 lbs)

Total inches lost: 13" (226" to 213")

As I approached my 40th Birthday, I knew I wanted to be in the best shape of my life, but I also wanted to be free of the crazy-making diets, meal plans, and counting calories. I wanted to learn a way of living that could last me for the next 40 years. PN has given me all of that and so much more. Not only do I look and feel better than ever in my life, I'm less stressed, I am an athlete, and I eat so many things I'd never tried before. Nine months after I started PN Coaching, I got certified as a PN Coach and have begun coaching my own clients. I believe so strongly that you can be fit AND love your life. And I want to share that journey with as many people as I can.

- David


$500 Men's Winner:

Age: 57 years

Weight Lost: 32 lbs (221 lbs to 189 lbs)

Total inches lost: 13" (249" to 236")

The last year on PN was a successful change in lifestyle for me. I don't feel like I was on a diet. I feel it was the start of a lifetime of good health and fitness.

- Donald


$500 Men's Winner:

Age: 40 years

Weight Lost: 8 lbs (239 lbs to 231 lbs)

Total inches lost: 8" (239" to 231")

As a dad in his 40s who owns a business, making time was indeed the biggest challenge for me. PN Coaching got me motivated to take action and follow through with healthier choices.

- Greg

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