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💥 Choose a PN program for FREE—when you join the PN Nutrition Certification for $59


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Men’s and Women’s Coaching Grand Prize Winners, July 2016.
We just surprised our latest winners with $125,000 in prizes!


See how we surprised Men’s and Women’s Coaching Grand Prize Winners, Javier and Alicia. Read how they transformed their bodies (and lives) this year. And meet the rest of the July 2016 Precision Nutrition winners.


Every six months, in our Precision Nutrition Coaching program, we give away $125,000 to the men and women who have the best body transformations.

(Yep, that’s $250,000 every year.)

And, today, you’ll meet our latest winners.

These folks started working with us in July 2015 and, over the course of the last year, completely transformed how they look and feel.

They lost weight, gained strength, boosted their health, and inspired their friends and families.

Even better, they did it without diets, fads, or crazy workout routines.

Each person simply committed to our nutrition and exercise curriculum, stayed consistent, and used the accountability and support of a dedicated coach.

$25,000 Grand Prize Winner: Alicia

Lost 49 lbs and 46 total inches!

  • Age: 48 years
  • Weight Lost: 49 lbs (from 181 lbs to 132 lbs)
  • Total Inches Lost: 46 inches (from 219 inches to 173 inches)

“I just wanted off the diet-mobile.”

Alicia Kelley works in clerical support for a Chartered Public Accountant. Just as you’d expect, she’s detail oriented and understands the importance of numbers. But something in her life wasn’t adding up.

Through Weight Watchers and other plans, over the years Alicia had managed to drop unwanted pounds, but the weight always crept back.

If counting points and weighing portions was the answer, how come couldn’t she squeeze into her jeans? Why did she have to re-join Weight Watchers eight times? Why couldn’t she maintain?

At 48, Alicia was working, singing at her church, parenting three kids, and juggling other complicated family responsibilities. Sometimes the stress got overwhelming. She’d mindlessly swallow a bag of chips while preparing supper. She’d drink a quick glass of wine and then pour herself another.

“I just wanted off the diet-mobile,” she says. Yet it was tough to prioritize herself and her needs. Money was tight. Joining a gym seemed crazy. Weight loss never lasted. What was the use?

Then two things happened. A small financial windfall came into her family’s hands. And Lindsey Piattoly, a friend and colleague in her church community, lost 44 pounds, winning Precision Nutrition’s Grand Prize for Women.

If Precision Nutrition Coaching worked for Lindsey—somebody I know and trust and respect—maybe it can work for me, Alicia thought. So she begged her husband, Kevin, to let her use their windfall to sign up for coaching.

The day she joined, she suffered an injury. She couldn’t afford a class or a trainer, so she did her exercises at home in her room. This wasn’t a perfect start.

Yet she trusted the process. Her coach helped her modify workouts. Her teammates and the Precision Nutrition mentors offered ongoing support in the regular online meetings. Alicia discovered that her small, consistent efforts were paying off.

One day, about halfway through the 12-month program, it dawned on Alicia that she’d made significant progress. She might even have a chance of becoming a finalist. Maybe even a winner!

Why not me?, she thought. She stuck that mantra to her mirror. Every day, in a mindful, conscious way, she visualized her success.

Forty-nine pounds later, Alicia has gone from a size 14/16 to a size 6.

And she has more than paid back what she borrowed from the family savings: She’s given her kids a priceless legacy—a mother who moves with joy and energy, and who loves where life is taking her.

Most important of all, she’s learned to maintain her healthy habits.

As for the prize money, that’s going toward their first-ever family vacation. Not to mention a little home renovation: The dining room is about to become a home gym.

Precision-Nutrition_Coaching-Winner_Female_Alicia Kelly_Surprise_2

Precision-Nutrition_Coaching-Winner_Female_Alicia Kelly_Surprise_3

Precision-Nutrition_Coaching-Winner_Female_Alicia Kelly_Surprise_5

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$25,000 Grand Prize Winner: Javier

Lost 60 lbs and 32 total inches!

  • Age: 42 years
  • Weight Lost: 60 lbs (from 245 lbs to 185 lbs)
  • Total Inches Lost: 32 inches (from 269 inches to 237 inches)

“Write down those moments of recognition. Don’t let them slip away. The road to success is paved with failures.”

At the age of 42, Dr. Javier Coria had surpassed most of his teenage dreams. A highly trained physician working with oil laborers in southeast Mexico, he had meaningful, important work and the respect and recognition of his peers.

So why did he feel like a “poster boy for mid-life crisis”?

With most of his friends and his family still back in central Mexico, Javier’s days passed by in a blur of work, work, and more work. A few times a week, he went to the gym, but despite consistent effort, he wasn’t making progress. Instead, his weight kept climbing higher.

(The irony: Javier had completed postgraduate training in Sports Methodology and Bariatrics, and medical residencies in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine.)

On the outside, Javier remained warm, steady, and professional. But he was becoming more and more of a loner, and inside, he was miserable. Despite his education and professional success, every day felt like an exact replica of the day before, with no hope of change or improvement. He had devoted his life to helping others, yet his own life was slipping out of control.

As a long-time follower of Dr. John Berardi’s writing, Javier had often received informational e-mails from Precision Nutrition. Yet he had never seriously considered coaching. Now, the stairs made him winded and his knees ached. In his heart, he knew he was not living the life he was meant to live.

The pain of not making a change had become greater than the pain of making change. That, together with the lure of a $25,000 prize, was what finally convinced him to sign up for Precision Nutrition Coaching.

Support came from his Precision Nutrition coach, his colleagues at work, and from his parents, who cheered him on over the phone and recognized the changes he was undergoing.

Another mentor: Rudy Gotes, a world famous hang-gliding champion and pilot who helped Javier develop his own skill in the sport. The hours Javier spent hang gliding, navigating his small craft over the beautiful landscape below, nurtured an inner stillness and strength that helped him define his priorities and find his best direction.

Yet until he saw his final photos, he did not fully recognize the change he had undergone. In fact, just a few weeks before the photoshoot he was threatening to quit, and it was only the encouragement of his coach that kept him going.

“Maybe I didn’t go from zero to hero,” he laughs now. “But I lost 60 pounds in less than a year.” More than that, he developed healthy habits that he is taking with him into the future.

The key to all? Self-knowledge. “Keep a notebook,” he advises. “Write down those moments of recognition. Don’t let them slip away. The road to success is paved with failures.”

After his year of coaching, Dr. Javier Coria has big plans. Plans for sharing some of the lessons he’s learned in Precision Nutrition Coaching. Plans for a new kind of medical practice.

The prize money is a happy bonus. The biggest win is that he’s regained control over his life.




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Meet our other women’s winners:


$10,000 Women's Winner:

Age: 40 years

Weight Lost: 53 lbs (200 lbs to 147 lbs)

Total inches lost: 62" (256" to 194")

The past year has been a remarkable journey for me, not just of body but of mindset. I went from focusing on numbers on a scale and being stressed at the hurdles I knew I would face, to seeing the broader picture of lifestyle, mindful eating, and actually having fun for the first time in a long while. PN has helped me break down a seemingly unsurmountable goal into manageable pieces, and was there for me at each step. I have had an amazing support team in my PN coach, mentors and teammates, in addition to my family and friends. They have all helped me stay focused on showing up, doing 1% more, working on new habits and making a commitment to being healthy inside and out.

- Karen


$10,000 Women's Winner:

Age: 62 years

Weight Lost: 44 lbs (180 lbs to 136 lbs)

Total inches lost: 40" (231" to 191")

The habit that has made the difference in my transformation this year is that of planning and preparation. By having my food ready, I have been able to overcome the 'Willpower Gap'. Many people think they can achieve their health goals by sheer willpower, but willpower fades. What gets us through is planning, preparation and habit. Thank you PN for helping me to practice this in my life. I feel happy, slim, and free!

- Alisha


$2,500 Women's Winner:

Age: 33 years

Weight Lost: 53 lbs (286 lbs to 233 lbs)

Total inches lost: 44" (287" to 243")

I still have a very long way to go and I'm still in the middle of one of the toughest years of my life... but... I worked on myself for the last year and made significant progress in a few areas, one of them healthy nutrition and moving more, to the best of my abilities. I got a huge amount of help by being part of the PN coaching program, which sometimes was more like my lifeline and anchor than 'just a program'. Even though life threw me a bucket of curve balls, focussing on basic habits like eating to 80 percent full, and the incorporated mindfulness that came with that, made all the difference for me. Thanks for the help and support allowing me to start a journey towards my best and most authentic me.

- Diana


$2,500 Women's Winner:

Age: 39 years

Weight Lost: 40 lbs (201 lbs to 161 lbs)

Total inches lost: 35" (256" to 221")

Because PN focuses on habits, I have successfully internalized life changes instead of merely following a prescribed program. I feel empowered at the grocery store, in the kitchen, and in the gym to make consistent, positive choices, as I focus on progress instead of perfection.

- Rachelle


$2,500 Women's Winner:

Age: 39 years

Weight Lost: 33 lbs (183 lbs to 150 lbs)

Total inches lost: 35" (235" to 200")

My PN journey has been master class in loving self-care and becoming the best version of myself. It's provided fuel and framework for me to deepen relationships with people I care about! It's restored my spirit, my vitality and my confidence in my ability and worthiness to envision and create a life I love living!

- Colleen


$2,500 Women's Winner:

Age: 65 years

Weight Lost: 66 lbs (296 lbs to 230 lbs)

Total inches lost: 41" (292" to 251")

PN has been a lifesaver for me, not only losing weight but reducing most of my medication and lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and pre diabetic conditions. Through daily lessons and support from knowledgeable ,supportive, and intuitive coaching I have learned to nurture my body with natural foods, healthy movements, positive self image, and increased my passion for life.

- Karen


$1,250 Women's Winner:

Age: 57 years

Weight Lost: 19 lbs (163 lbs to 144 lbs)

Total inches lost: 17" (217" to 200")

I can describe PN Coaching in on word: 'FREEDOM'. I'm free from yo yo dieting and free from the latest diet fads. I now listen to my body. I get nourishment through good food and support through exercise!

- Mary


$1,250 Women's Winner:

Age: 31 years

Weight Lost: 26 lbs (163 lbs to 137 lbs)

Total inches lost: 21" (210" to 189")

When I first started PN, I assumed that this would fail just like all the previous diets and plans I had tried. But PN breaks everything down into small manageable habits which have helped to transform me both physically and mentally! I am so grateful that I got to participate in this journey!

- Kristin


$1,250 Women's Winner:

Age: 46 years

Weight Lost: 53 lbs (237 lbs to 184 lbs)

Total inches lost: 47" (269" to 222")

I didn't know what to expect from PN. I truly believed that my metabolism was broken and wasn't convinced that anything short of bariatric surgery would work for me. PN was recommended and I decided to give it a try before I went for 'medical weight loss' or surgery. I was heading towards 240 pounds despite being very athletic. Yet I made a commitment to try it for a year and I'm so glad I did! They first helped me figure out why... then how... then what I needed to do. It wasn't easy and I had to tackle some real personal demons. But I had great support from my coach, Pam. As I worked through the habits, the weight started to fall off and I became more of myself. I started achieving milestones not only on the scale, but also in the gym, and then in my life. I still have a ways to go. But at 185 pounds I'm confidently on my way. And for the first time in a long time, excited about my fitness future.

- Maude


$1,250 Women's Winner:

Age: 39 years

Weight Lost: 9 lbs (124 lbs to 115 lbs)

Total inches lost: 5" (194" to 189")

PN gave me the structure, accountability, and support that I needed to overcome limiting beliefs about myself, find my place in a fit community, and improve my athleticism.

- Steph


$1,250 Women's Winner:

Age: 34 years

Weight Lost: 45 lbs (250 lbs to 205 lbs)

Total inches lost: 40" (265" to 225")

Learning self care, learning what actually works for me to reduce stress, learning to listen to my body, and learning the kind of fitness I enjoy have been invaluable. I have developed skills through trial and error over the last year. But I have a great toolbox now and I know I will get to that healthy weight. I'm little awed by how far I've come and how truly simple and sustainable the process has been.

- Kandice


$1,250 Women's Winner:

Age: 35 years

Weight Lost: 22 lbs (170 lbs to 148 lbs)

Total inches lost: 25" (231" to 206")

I expected PN to change the foods I ate. What I didn't expect was for it to change the way I relate to food and eating. My cravings and stress triggers didn't magically disappear over the last year. But the program completely changed the way I relate to them. They aren't in charge anymore. I get to appreciate myself a lot more because of that.

- Elis


$1,250 Women's Winner:

Age: 34 years

Weight Lost: 49 lbs (274 lbs to 225 lbs)

Total inches lost: 30" (290" to 260")

Precision Nutrition has guided me, through education, to inner and outer change and equipped me to be able to live the kind of life I want to live - an active, healthy, adventurous life with my family. I have learned to live deliberately with confidence reborn, getting active for the fun of it, and truly enjoying the flavor of healthy whole foods and the way they make me feel.

- Amanda


$1,250 Women's Winner:

Age: 52 years

Weight Lost: 13 lbs (149 lbs to 136 lbs)

Total inches lost: 22" (213" to 191")

While the physical changes I've enjoyed have been really rewarding, learning to break free from the destructive cycles of emotional eating and constant dieting has been life-changing. And most importantly, through the year's lessons and experiences I feel like I've finally found myself. Thanks PN!

- Juli

Meet our other men’s winners:


$10,000 Men's Winner:

Age: 47 years

Weight Lost: 56 lbs (233 lbs to 177 lbs)

Total inches lost: 29" (250" to 221")

I thought I would be on blood pressure medication for life. I now have normal blood pressure and stopped taking medication. I've added years to my life and life to my years!

- Andrew


$10,000 Men's Winner:

Age: 45 years

Weight Lost: 62 lbs (266 lbs to 204 lbs)

Total inches lost: 42" (269" to 227")

PN has made an amazing difference in the way I see food and fitness, and how I approach life in general. It's allowed me to take simple and manageable steps to really change. It's been, by far, the best investment of time and learning in my adult life.

- Adam


$2,500 Men's Winner:

Age: 46 years

Weight Lost: 56 lbs (286 lbs to 230 lbs)

Total inches lost: 40" (284" to 244")

I've struggled with eating and fitness since seventh grade. The Precision Nutrition program has put me in charge of my body, and my relationship with food and fitness, for the first time in my life.

- Kristopher


$2,500 Men's Winner:

Age: 38 years

Weight Lost: 40 lbs (199 lbs to 159 lbs)

Total inches lost: 24" (241" to 217")

PN Coaching taught me the value of patience and the power of small, incremental changes over time. I'm now more motivated than ever to see where this journey takes me.

- Dan


$2,500 Men's Winner:

Age: 48 years

Weight Lost: 29 lbs (200 lbs to 171 lbs)

Total inches lost: 18" (245" to 227")

The biggest impact PN Coaching has had on me: It's increased my ability to possess a more open mindset. As an art teacher/artistic person, I've always considered myself to be pretty open minded. But when it came to fitness and nutrition, I tended to be more fixed minded with an 'all or nothing/black and white' approach. PN Coaching has helped me to see the 'gray areas' and to use these as learning experiences.

- Rich


$2,500 Men's Winner:

Age: 34 years

Weight Lost: 23 lbs (183 lbs to 160 lbs)

Total inches lost: 20" (235" to 215")

Over the course of the last year I focused less on the end results, and more on embracing the process, and enjoying the many different forms of progress I experienced on a day to day, week to week, and month to month basis.

- Rob


$1,250 Men's Winner:

Age: 56 years

Weight Lost: 20 lbs (166 lbs to 146 lbs)

Total inches lost: 13" (224" to 211")

I learned easy to follow habits that allowed for painless progress. I also learned that you don't need to suffer or feel deprived to get in shape

- Greg

$1,250 Men's Winner:|Bevan


$1,250 Men’s Winner:

Age: 29 years

Weight Gained: 10 lbs (157 lbs to 167 lbs)

Total inches gained: 10″ (212″ to 222″)

First off, my mental acuity is firmly set to ‘brilliant’.
Second, confidence levels are at an all time high.
Third, I love the way I look.
I can’t tell you how much difference the whole process has made to me.

– Bevan


$1,250 Men's Winner:

Age: 67 years

Weight Lost: 25 lbs (187 lbs to 162 lbs)

Total inches lost: 8" (230" to 222")

Sure I'd like to be a ripped muscle man, but at 67 my real goal was to get healthier so I can enjoy my retirement. As I progressed through the PN program, I gained not only visible muscle mass, but also saw improvement in stubborn health parameters such as triglycerides (67 to 55) , cholesterol (211 to 188), HDL ratio (2.4 to 2.1), glucose (102 to 92) , and cardiac calcium score (31 to 13.8). I feel great and must admit that I'm also very happy that my waist size went from 36 inches to 32 inches

- Rick


$1,250 Men's Winner:

Age: 32 years

Weight Lost: 26 lbs (164 lbs to 138 lbs)

Total inches lost: 13" (221" to 208")

Any kind of success is built on good habits. PN coaching provided me the tools to establish positive, life-changing habits that I'll carry with me for a very long time.

- Arash

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