Video Tips – Dr Berardi On TV

By John Berardi, Ph.D.


A few weeks back I was invited to appear on the award-winning Canadian program – On the Line – with Christine Williams.

Because I always enjoy appearing on this program, because Christine Williams is such a great host and interviewer, and because this particular interview went so well, I wanted to share it with you.

Below you’ll find 6 segments, each about 5 – 8 minutes in duration, each segment covering a host of nutrition and health related topics.

Part 1 – On The Line with Christine Williams

About me, my work, about the differences between athletes and recreational exercisers, and more…

Part 2 – On The Line With Christine Williams

How much protein should we eat, the body mass index, how to gauge progress, and more…

Part 3 – On The Line With Christine Williams

Advanced nutrition, healthy food/supplements, metabolism boosting foods, cravings, and more…

Part 4 – On The Line With Christine Williams

Cutting cravings, metabolic slowdown with age,  healthy recipes, fruits and veggies, and more…

Part 5 – On The Line With Christine Williams

Metabolism preservation, ideal rate of progress, crash dieting, loose skin, and we take some calls…

Part 6 – On The Line With Christine Williams

How to exercise, exercise for seniors,  day 1 of your program, and more…

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