Our latest Lean Eating prize winners


Last month we wrapped up our January 2010 Lean Eating coaching group.

And, at the time, we posted our Lean Eating for Men finalists and Lean Eating for Women finalists, each one in contention for the $20,000 is prizes for men and $20,000 in prizes for women.

The transformations we staggering.  Thousands of PN voters weighed in on who they thought was the best male and best female transformation in each group. And now it’s time we announced the winners.

However, before doing so, I’ve gotta say this.  Man, it was tough.

The last round of Lean Eating produced some of the most outstanding transformations – physical and lifestyle transformations – I’ve seen in my entire life.  We spent weeks painstakingly going through all of our finalists’ data, listening to the PN community, and scheduling long meetings with the PN Team.

(Our criterion for choosing the winner was based on measurement data, participation data, client attitude, coach feedback, community voting, and in-house voting as well.)

At the end, although we had dozens of potential winners, we had to choose.  There could only be two.

Our Lean Eating $10,000 winners

Forum name – “bryancox”
Location – Saratoga, California
Age – 42
Starting weight – 206 lbs lbs; Waist size – 39 inches
Ending weight – 174 lbs; Waist size – 32 inches

His experience – You know, I thought the $10,000 would be the best reward.  However, the experience itself was worth far more than the money.  For me, Lean Eating was a physical, mental, and (maybe even) spiritual journey that has really fueled my enthusiasm for fitness, health and wellness.  Heck, I think my next career just might be in this industry.

I’ve  already referred several new PN members including a co-worker that is participating in the current female challenge.  This is an awesome program and I’m proud to have been recognized by the PN team and community.

Forum name – “KMisher”
Location – Arlington, VA
Age – 25
Starting weight – 160 lbs
Ending weight – 136 lbs

Her experience – This program has been life changing for me.  I finally feel like myself again. But even better than the physical transformation has been the mental transformation.  I now recognize when I am unhappy, identify the cause, and work towards change.

PN not only taught me how to make my own food, but my own happiness.  This is better than any amount of weight loss or money won.  You gave me myself back. I’m totally indebted!

As you can see from the grand prize winners above, the Lean Eating program is about helping real people make real transformations.  As we’ve said many times before, to participate in Lean Eating you don’t have to start out looking like a fitness model.  Heck, you don’t even have to end up looking like a fitness model.  Rather, the idea here is to become the best you possible.

Of course, as mentioned above, there were a lot of folks achieving their best selves in this last round.  Below, we’ve included just the runners up from the $40,000 contest.  If you’d like to see our entire list of finalists, check out our Lean Eating for Men Finalists and Lean Eating for Women Finalists.

Our Lean Eating $5,000 winners

Forum name – “Paco”
Location – Mexico City, Mexico
Age – 37
Starting weight – 200 lbs; Waist size – 41 inches
Ending weight – 165; Waist size – 34.4 inches

His experience – I’d been following Dr Berardi’s work for years.  I owned all of his products.  I read them very carefully.  But I never fully applied the information.  Why?  I don’t really know.  But it no longer matters.  Because Lean Eating taught me how to make the change I wanted to make.

In the Lean Eating program I learned that we don’t have to wait so long to fully apply our knowledge.  That we don’t have to wait so long to be who we want to be and to live the way we want to live.  That what matters is not always how we look but how we feel.  And that we don’t have to mortgage our health to look and feel better.  This has been a great journey!

Forum name – “Typykka”
Location – Nokia, Finland
Age – 34
Starting weight – 161 lbs
Ending weight – 128 lbs

Her experience – I feel like I’m a totally new and different person that I was just 7months ago. On the inside and on the outside. On the outside, I love my new body.  I’m 34 and have 3 children.  But my physique is better than it was at age 24, before children. Wow.

But the greatest change happened between my ears!  My thoughts about food are healthy, instead of disordered.  And I’ve been 100% compliant with the program.  I was ready to follow the Lean Eating instructions at the beginning of the program.  But I wasn’t sure if I could.  Well, I did!

My whole life I’ve been unsatisfied somehow. I thought that I was a fat and ugly person.  But not anymore.  I actually like myself.  Thank you, Precision Nutrition!


Our Lean Eating $1,000 winners

Forum name – “amoyers”
Location – Wickliffe, Kentucky
Age – 27
Starting weight – 229 lbs; Waist size – 39.5 inches
Ending weight – 177; Waist size – 33 inches

Forum name – “TransformationHereNow”
Location – Tucson, Arizona
Age – 43
Starting weight – 188 lbs
Ending weight – 150 lbs

Forum name – “bradypreston”
Location – Port Elgin, Ontario
Age – 24
Starting weight – 222 lbs; Waist size – 37.5 inches
Ending weight – 162 lbs; Waist size – 27.5 inches

Forum name – “theresavo”
Location – San Jose, California
Age – 49
Starting weight – 191 lbs
Ending weight – 159 lbs

Forum name – “GroundChuck
Location – Apex, North Carolina
Age – 32
Starting weight – 263 lbs; Waist size – 46.7 inches
Ending weight – 212 lbs; Waist size – 37.2 inches

Forum name – “Elky”
Location – Pickering, ON
Age – 22
Starting weight – 196 lbs
Ending weight – 160 lbs

Forum name – “Asim”
Location – Mississauga, Ontario
Age – 24
Starting weight – 195 lbs; Waist size – 38.8 inches
Ending weight – 150 lbs; Waist size – 30.4 inches

Forum name – “mpoushes”
Location – Grinnell, Iowa
Age – 30
Starting weight – 229 lbs
Ending weight – 188 lbs

Forum name – “Gaetan Brunet”
Location – Val Caron, Ontario
Age – 41
Starting weight – 292 lbs; Waist size – 49.2 inches
Ending weight – 242; Waist size – 39 inches

Forum name – “nazmoo”
Location – Melbourne, Australia
Age – 29
Starting weight – 171 lbs
Ending weight – 142 lbs

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