Help choose our female $20K winners

By John Berardi, Ph.D.


A great feature of our Lean Eating Coaching Programs is the body transformation contest we run for men and women: every 6 months, we give $50,000 in prize money away for the best body transformations in the program.

Well, we just finished one of those contests – click here to get involved in the next round, starting in a few weeks – and now we need your help choosing the winners.

There’s $10,000 on the line for the top male body transformation and $10,000 for the top female body transformation. Plus, 10 male and 10 female runners up win $1,000 each. And we put up another $10,000 in special surprise rewards along the way.

Over the last week or so, the coaches and I have spent countless hours poring over physique photos, weight loss numbers, body composition data and participation records in order to choose a handful of finalists.

We’ve had a helluva time narrowing it down. Dozens upon dozens of folks have changed their bodies, and their lives, in spectacular ways. I can’t be more sincere when I say that the changes I saw in the men and women of this last cohort (both the physical and the mental/emotional) are among the most amazing I’ve seen in my entire career.

So at this point, I’m reaching out to all our PN readers. I need your help in determining the one man and one woman most worthy of the two $10,000 grand prizes.

Our female $10,000 finalists

These women came in all shapes and sizes, from all parts of the globe, and from all walks of life. Check out what they were able to accomplish in just 6 months of eating and exercising properly.

And remember, with Lean Eating coaching, there are no crash diets, no Biggest Loser-type bootcamps, no full-time chefs, no full-time personal trainers. These are real women adding fitness into their lives one step at a time, building on each day’s successes, and learning how to maintain what they’ve accomplished for life.

Finalist #1

Forum name – “Typykka”
Location – Nokia, Finland
Age – 34
Starting weight – 161 lbs
Ending weight – 128 lbs

Finalist #2

Forum name – “TransformationHereNow”
Location – Tucson, Arizona
Age – 43
Starting weight – 188 lbs
Ending weight – 150 lbs

Finalist #3

Forum name – “seadie”
Location – Toronto, Ontario
Age – 26
Starting weight – 179 lbs
Ending weight – 151 lbs

Finalist #4

Forum name – “AES01”
Location – American Fork, Utah
Age – 39
Starting weight – 170 lbs
Ending weight – 139 lbs

Finalist #5

Forum name – “PPJAM”
Location – Topsfield, Massachusetts
Age – 55
Starting weight – 212 lbs
Ending weight – 181 lbs

Finalst #6

Forum name – “Nicki”
Location – Atlanta, Georgia
Age – 28
Starting weight – 172 lbs
Ending weight – 146 lbs

Finalst #7

Forum name – “Cheribob”
Location – Naperville, Illinois
Age – 52
Starting weight – 207 lbs
Ending weight – 182 lbs

Finalist #8

Forum name – “theresavo”
Location – San Jose, California
Age – 49
Starting weight – 191 lbs
Ending weight – 159 lbs

Finalist #9

Forum name – “Elky”
Location – Pickering, ON
Age – 22
Starting weight – 196 lbs
Ending weight – 160 lbs

Finalist #10

Forum name – “KMisher”
Location – Arlington, VA
Age – 25
Starting weight – 160 lbs
Ending weight – 136 lbs

Finalist #11

Forum name – “mpoushes”
Location – Grinnell, Iowa
Age – 30
Starting weight – 229 lbs
Ending weight – 188 lbs

Finalist #12

Forum name – “nazmoo”
Location – Melbourne, Australia
Age – 29
Starting weight – 171 lbs
Ending weight – 142 lbs

Finalist #13

Forum name – “sugarmom1996”
Location – Monroe, Michigan
Age – 46
Starting weight – 181 lbs
Ending weight – 165 lbs

Finalist #14

Forum name – “Krissea13”
Location – Manalapan, New Jersey
Age – 40
Starting weight – 136 lbs
Ending weight – 124 lbs

Finalist #15

Forum name – “maloneka”
Location – Portland, OR
Age – 32
Starting weight – 162 lbs
Ending weight – 136 lbs

Finalist #16

Forum name – “yokity”
Location – Berkeley, California
Age – 27
Starting weight – 129 lbs
Ending weight – 110 lbs

Finalist #17

Forum name – “sm0001”
Location – Philadelphia, PA
Age – 29
Starting weight – 145 lbs
Ending weight – 127 lbs

Finalist #18

Forum name – “thundakitty13”
Location – Houston, Texas
Age – 42
Starting weight – 121 lbs
Ending weight – 105 lbs

Finalist #19

Forum name – “jenemke”
Location – London, Ontario
Age – 30
Starting weight – 141 lbs
Ending weight – 126 lbs

Finalist #20

Forum name – “annemarie”
Location – Vancouver, British Columbia
Age – 51
Starting weight – 165 lbs
Ending weight – 144 lbs

How to vote

When casting your vote, it’s important to remember that we’re not rewarding the best bodies per se. We’re rewarding the best transformations. Indeed, in the Lean Eating program we don’t expect folks to start off looking like fitness models. Heck, we don’t even expect folks to end up looking like fitness models.

Rather, we’re simply looking for winners who’ve made the most dramatic changes in their own bodies, starting wherever they were at the beginning of the program. (And, as you’ll see, folks started all over the place.) Truly, the Lean Eating Coaching Program is for men and women of all shapes and sizes. And your vote should reflect who you think created the most dramatic changes over the course of the last 6 months.

To cast your vote for the top female transformation, click here. You’ll be taken to a specific discussion thread in the Precision Nutrition Member Zone where you can vote for who you think deserves the $10,000 prize.

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