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💥 LOWEST MONTHLY PRICE EVER on PN’s Sleep, Stress Management, & Recovery Coaching Cert.


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We’re on the move!

Learn more about what's next for Precision Nutrition members

Moving Truck

Since 2006, the PN Member Zone has grown from a small, forum-based community to over 150,000 customers, coaching clients, and fitness professionals.

10 years later, the professional programs and client services offered by PN have now far outgrown what the Member Zone forums can support.

While we continue to grow programs and the people we work with, we're also out to build new ways to create community and connection at PN. In the meantime, we've closed the doors on the PN Member Zone.

Where to find resources and support

Whether it's training programs, videos content, tools, or support, we have you covered.

You'll no longer need to sign-in to access all these resources. Here's where you can find:

  1. Exercise library, designed especially for PN.
  2. PN's most recent articles (or you can search by keyword for any topic)
  3. Precision Nutrition's Weight Loss Calculator
  4. Downloadable infographics
  5. Free Courses for women, men, and fitness professionals

As a part of the PN community, you'll find lively discussions on PN's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Of course, if you have questions, feedback, or need anything at all, we'd be happy to help. Just send us an email at [email protected].

We're excited for the next generation of PN offerings and services, including some new options for connecting. Stay tuned!


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John Berardi, PhD CSCS
Precision Nutrition