Good stress, bad stress. [Infographic]
Here’s how to find your stress sweet spot.


The same exact stressors — job pressure, kids, money, and, yes, an intense exercise and eating regimen — can energize and inspire you or sap your will and your mojo. Reaching your potential is about finding your stress sweet spot and using it to propel you to your goals. Here’s how.


It’s a well-known fact: Being stressed out can make it really hard to reach your health and fitness goals.

But did you know: Not having enough stress can slow your progress too?

See, stress isn’t a “thing” that happens to you. Stress is your response to the challenges you face every day.

These stressors — like pressure at your job, raising kids, managing money, piles of dirty laundry, and, yes, nutrition and exercise — can make you either puff out your chest and get ‘er done like Super(wo)man, or crumble and sink into your couch like a dry, bland sugar cookie.

The key is to find your “stress sweet spot” — just enough stress, but not too much — so you can reach your potential without crashing and burning.

In this infographic, we explain the importance of balancing your allostatic (stress) load, and exactly how to do it so you can feel and perform your best.

Download the infographic for your printer or tablet so you can access these tips whenever you feel either under- or overwhelmed.

To put these stress-balancing strategies into regular practice, download a printable or tablet-friendly version of this infographic so it’s always handy.

And, if you’re a health and fitness coach, share this with your clients and watch for improvements in their motivation, dedication, and results.

For an even more comprehensive take on this topic, check out our accompanying article, Good stress, bad stress: Finding your sweet spot.

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