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Nate Green


Nate Green is a marketing strategist and writer at Precision Nutrition. A former personal trainer and gym-owner, Green is the author of four books, including Built for Show. He’s written extensively for online and print magazines, including Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and Tim Ferriss’s blog.

Articles by Nate Green

Your career in fitness: A success guide for personal trainers & coaches.

How to build a successful and rewarding career in fitness.

Every year, thousands of people consider starting a career in fitness. But most have no idea how to make their dream a reality. This article—written for both new and experienced fitness professionals—outlines a new curriculum for building a successful career.

I know exactly what to do!

If you’re active and knowledgeable about health and fitness, but still aren’t quite in the shape you think you could be, you’re probably just missing one or two crucial pieces. In this post I’ll tell you what those are — and share two key strategies for getting on track.

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Fitness business success:

You can help people improve their fitness and health and make a great living at the same time. Nate Green, together with Precision Nutrition’s Dr. John Berardi and Net Profit Explosion’s Sean Greeley, outlines the key stages in a successful fitness business, and helps you figure out what to do to make your business thrive and grow.

Katey loses 100lbs, rediscovers herself

Katey had tried everything to lose weight, but all the books, diets, and injections only led to a lighter wallet. It seemed like a hopeless situation. But when she signed up for Precision Nutrition Coaching, something felt different. A year later, after losing over 100 pounds and winning the $10,000 Grand Prize, Katey unveiled the body she always dreamed of having.

Kia drops 60lbs, learns to love the camera

After gaining 60+ pounds during pregnancy, Kia, 34, was having trouble taking the weight back off. Not sure where to turn, she signed up for Precision Nutrition Coaching. After losing 61 pounds, she now runs marathons and competes in awe-inspiring races and competitions, all while balancing a family and a full-time career.

Kim gets her inner athlete back

A former Division 1 athlete, Kim’s fitness (and her perception of her body) deteriorated rapidly after college. A year after signing up for Precision Nutrition Coaching, Kim lost over 24 pounds and 16% body fat, winning the Precision Nutrition Coaching $10,000 prize and forever cementing the healthy habits she needs to stay lean, athletic, and fulfilled.

Patricia’s finally fit at 55

Precision Nutrition Coaching client Patricia was 54 years old, post-menopausal, and afraid of exercise. One year later, having lost nearly 70lbs and 25% body fat, she lifts, hikes, and climbs with fit women half her age. And she can rock a little black dress like nobody's business. Here's her story. Prepare to be motivated...

Carey’s mind and body transformation

Carey joined Precision Nutrition Coaching for one reason only - to win the $10,000.00 prize. Now, having lost 82 lbs and 19% body fat, she's got a whole new perspective.

Doctor’s orders for Steve

An emergency room surgeon, Dr. Steve Leech is in the business of fixing and stitching when things go wrong. But Steve’s own health started sliding. When he reached 255 pounds he knew he needed to fix something. That’s when he joined Precision Nutrition Coaching. After one year in the program, Steve had lost 55 pounds and transformed his body from soft and flabby to muscular and lean.

John loses 100 pounds and gains a new beginning

Obese throughout his 20’s, 30’s and early 40’s, John Romkey tipped the scales at 355 pounds at his heaviest. After 16 months he lost over 100 pounds, completely transforming his body and life. His story shows that no matter how heavy you are, there’s always a way to reverse trends, get lean and fit, and live your best life possible.

Yano’s turnaround and big-time body transformation

To say that Precision Nutrition Coaching client Yano had a great year would be an understatement. During the last 12 months he lost 20% body fat and, in the process, won $10,00.00. Once over 255lbs and pre-diabetic, he's now 70 pounds lighter and ready to tackle new adventures with his new body. And he wants to share his story with you...

Back in shape with Bryan

A fine-tuned athlete in college, Bryan, 42, recently found himself overweight and out of shape, a result of a high-stress entrepreneurial lifestyle. He knew what to do to get back into shape—he just wasn't doing it. 32 pounds and 15% body fat later, Bryan achieved—then surpassed—his old athletic body with the help of Precision Nutrition Coaching.

Alvar’s path to a lean body

Alvar, 44 years old, was 27 pounds overweight before starting Precision Nutrition Coaching. His body, tired of lugging around the extra weight during his intense martial arts practices, showed signs of shutting down. Nine months later he’s in the best shape of his life. This is his story on how he lost the weight, endured against the tsunami that rocked Japan in March, and regained control of his body and life.

Tom and Annemarie

Married for 10 years, Tom and Annmarie joined Precision Nutrition Coaching together in January 2010 hoping to lose fat and learn how to live healthier lives. Tom lost over 100 pounds. Annmarie lost over 25. But it wasn’t just their bodies that changed. Through working out, eating delicious meals, and helping each other through the coaching process, they strengthened their relationship, too.

Scott and Tiffany

Scott was overworked and out of shape. Tiffany was feeling stagnant and stressed out. Looking for a change, they joined PN Coaching in 2009. After dropping fat, gaining muscle, and re-inventing their lives, both Scott and Tiffany are now paying it forward by helping future rounds of PN Coaching clients with a simple message: “We did it. You can do it, too.”

John and Shannon

When they started Precision Nutrition Coaching in January 2010, John was juggling a full-time career as a patent attorney with night school, and Shannon was half-way through her PhD. They were the epitome of a couple who “didn’t have time” to work out or eat healthy. Yet after only six months of dedication — and with no major changes to their daily lives — John had lost 40 pounds while Shannon had lost 17. Both John and Shannon had more energy throughout the day, slept better at night, and were able to maintain their busy, fulfilling lives while strengthening their relationship in the process.

New mom fitness:

New mom - Amanda Graydon - is on a mission to help moms around the world stay fit, healthy and sexy during (and after) their pregnancy. In this article she shares her top strategies for avoiding fat gain and stretch marks while staying healthy and ensuring a safe environment for baby.

Nike and Precision Nutrition tackle the National Football League:

Back in March, Nike asked Precision Nutrition to help organize the food for their upcoming NFL Pro Training Camp. Working with their culinary team, we prepared an awesome menu for the event. Then they flew us to Nike World HQ to work with the athletes one-on-one. Here's the story of our trip.