John loses 100 pounds and gains a new beginning
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John Romkey spent years developing his mind but never gave his body a second thought. After struggling with weight issues and emotional eating since his teenage years, he joined Precision Nutrition Coaching at age 46. He weighed 331 pounds.

With the help of Precision Nutrition Coaching, close friends, and family, he lost over 100 pounds in 16 months. This is his story.

John's Transformation

Lost 106 lbs and 13% body fat!

  • Age: 46 years
  • Weight Lost: 106 lbs (from 332 lbs to 226 lbs)
  • % Body Fat Lost: 13% (from 39% to 26%)
  • Waist Inches Lost: 12 inches (from 50 inches to 38 inches)

The end: A new beginning

Right now John Romkey is relaxing in an office chair in his beautiful New Hampshire home, 100 pounds lighter than when he started Precision Nutrition Coaching 16 months ago. He’s got a nice home, a loving partner, and great friends.

He is 47 years old and life is fantastic.

In just a few short weeks, he will be graduating from the coaching program that helped change his life, the program that gave him the ability to sit in a movie theatre comfortably, fly without using a seatbelt extender, and ride a bike for the first time in 30 years.

So how does he feel about setting off on his own, about leaving Precision Nutrition Coaching behind? He thinks it’s a weird question.

While Precision Nutrition Coaching gave him the tools to get fit — the eating habits, the workouts, the coaching — it’s been on him to actually follow through with any of it. Graduating from the program, he says, won’t change his habits or his drive.

If anything, it’ll ingrain it all into his daily life even more.

John enjoying time with his partner and friends in lovely New Hampshire

Month 14: Learning to love training and exercise

He may be the only man alive who likes Bulgarian Split Squats, the torturous exercise that tests your patience as much as it does your balance and muscle endurance. And that’s what he’s doing in the gym right now, one leg on the floor, one leg on the bench, squatting down and standing up effortlessly.

When he first started, he had to hold on to a pole to keep his balance. His range of motion was so pitiful, it didn’t even look like he was moving.

But now John has not only ditched the pole, he’s doing the split squats while holding dumbbells. He’s slowing down the tempo. He’s feeling the burn. He’s actually enjoying himself right now.

Just when did he turn into this guy?

Month 11: Coming to terms with the ever-changing wardrobe

John owns one pair of pants. He’s simply lost weight too quickly too keep up with his wardrobe. He went from 3XL down to 2XL in the first few months. Then from 2XL to XL after that. Now he’s wearing a Large, or maybe even a Medium, depending on the garment and who made it.

It’s a good thing he works from home. This would be murder on his wallet if he had to show up somewhere in a suit and tie every day. But still, he’s ready for new clothes. Just a few more months, and he’ll be down a few more pounds. Then he’ll go shopping for something real nice.

But right now he’s standing in front of his closet thinking, “What should I wear today?”

Easy, John. Just put on your one pair of pants and get the day rolling.

Month 8: Creative in the grocery store

Here’s a simple way to navigate the grocery store: Stay on the perimeter. All the processed stuff like chips, cookies, pasta, sauces, and dressings is in the middle. The good stuff like vegetables, meats, eggs, and fruits are stocked on the outside, away from the aisles. John learned this when he started Precision Nutrition Coaching eight months ago and he practices it every time he shops.

The cart he pushes sticks to the perimeter like it’s on a one-way track, weaving in and out of the produce, stopping occasionally so John can pick up an avocado or an apple, test its integrity with his fingers, and then discard or keep it.

And when he gets to the meat section, his eyes light up and he scans for free-range chicken like a modern hunter. “Where do my taste-buds want to go today?” he thinks.

India, maybe. India would be fantastic.

So he takes his chicken — professionally wrapped in paper from the guy behind the counter — and then he’s off to grab turmeric, coriander, and cumin.

John working hard in the gym and getting leaner

Month 6: The definition of moderation

One fry is all he needs. Really, just one.

John’s out to dinner with friends and he’s getting ready to steal a fry off someone’s plate. They’re trying to get him to take more, offering to make him a small plate of fries.

No, John insists. Just the one. Really.

He takes it, crispy golden brown and flaky, and eats it. Then he’s back to his salad, fish, and steamed vegetables. Here’s the thing: John really doesn’t want another fry. He’s over the fries. He’s all fried out. And he certainly doesn’t have to restrain himself from taking a few more off his friend’s plate.

This is a relatively new thing.

When he first started Precision Nutrition Coaching he wasn’t sure if he could get used to this “style” of eating, worried that he’d get sidelined the first time someone next to him ordered the burger and fries, or the lasagna, or the peanut butter brownie ice cream thing. But now he craves wholesome food, loves getting gourmet salads and lean cuts of juicy steak.

Don’t get him wrong. He can still enjoy a nice slice of apple pie, but only rarely, and only if that sucker is homemade with love.

And even then, he may prefer fresh watermelon instead.

Month 3: I can actually do this

Here’s a guy who graduated from MIT, worked as a coding pioneer when the Internet was the ARPANET, and now works from his computer at home.

The geek comes out every time he logs in to the online Precision Nutrition Coaching program, which is still pretty new to him.

He’s enamored with the software and the way it tracks progress. There are graphs and things to click and data entry points. But the best part? It shows his near-perfect compliance to the program.

100% habit compliance. 98% workout compliance. 99% assignment compliance.

When he signed up for the program, he knew he was going to take it seriously. But he didn’t know he had this in him.

He’s 297 pounds. It’s the first time he’s broken the 300-pound barrier in decades.

Month 1: The decision to change

That’s it. Enough.

He weighs 331 pounds for chrissakes. It’s time to get this under control and do something about it. He’s tired of being fat. He’s tired of feeling this bad all the time. He talked with his trainer about the program yesterday. Told her what it was about, and how it worked. She put her hand on his shoulder and said she supported him.

John walks to his computer, takes out his credit card, and signs up for Precision Nutrition Coaching. It seems like a rash decision, what with the 24-hour deadline to sign up. But this has been a long time coming. Now he only has to tell his partner what he’s done. Life is about to be a little different for the both of them.

And John needs all the support he can get.

John goofing around with his trainer Bonnie

T-Minus 24 months to Precision Nutrition Coaching

John’s in the gym with Bonnie doing some balance work.

Bonnie is his trainer. She was his first line of defense against the rest of the gym when he first started working out, when nerves got the better of him and he imagined that everyone was judging him. But Bonnie made him feel comfortable from the start.

He came to her a year ago with knee trouble, and has been working with her ever since. He’s dropped 30 pounds, going from 355 to 325.

She’s a good trainer and a good friend.

T-Minus 48 months to Precision Nutrition Coaching

His doctor is surprised. John’s cholesterol and blood pressure are well within the normal range, which is strange for someone who weighs what John weighs. Still, he warns John, being this big and out of shape isn’t healthy. Pretty soon, it’ll all catch up with you.

But this isn’t enough to scare John. As far as he’s concerned, he’s healthy. Kind of. He knows he’s obese. You’d have to be blind not to see that. But sometimes it’s easy to close your eyes and forget about what you look like.

John walks out of his doctors office with no real plan to lose weight. Why should he? He’s pretty much healthy.

Pick a random day in a random year between 1985 and 2009 and ask yourself what John Romkey is doing.

Chances are good that he’s sitting on his couch, his laptop resting on his belly, so fat that he can’t comfortably sit at a desk. Take Homer Simpson give him 100 more IQ points, a degree from MIT, and replace his beer with loose-leaf tea, and you’ve got John Romkey in his 20’s, 30’s, and early 40’s.

He’s brilliant, considerate, and kind. A real sweetheart.

But John has a weight problem — he’s had one for nearly his whole life — and he doesn’t know how to deal with it.

John — before Precision Nutrition Coaching — hanging out with some friends

The beginning

Little John Romkey is helping his dad load 50-pound bales of hay into a truck on their family farm in Maine. He is 10 years old, soft-cheeked with brown hair and a shy smile.

His mom will pass away in two years.

He will be the nerdy kid in gym class who gets picked last for dodgeball.

He will binge on food to insulate himself from a sketchy home life.

He will develop his brilliant mind and be a pioneer coder in the early stages of the Internet.

He will graduate from MIT and build a successful business.

He will meet an amazing partner and find awesome friends.

He will balloon to 355 pounds and wonder if he can ever come back from it.

And then John Romkey will lose over 100 pounds and completely change his life.


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