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Scott and Tiffany
Precision Nutrition Coaching


Scott was overworked and out of shape. Tiffany was feeling stagnant and stressed out.

Looking for a change, they joined Precision Nutrition Coaching in 2009.

After dropping fat, gaining muscle, and re-inventing their lives, both Scott and Tiffany are now paying it forward by helping future rounds of Precision Nutrition Coaching clients with a simple message: “We did it. You can do it, too.”

Scott & Tiffany’s Transformation

Fitness models go to extreme lengths to look their best for photos.

They spend hours every day working out; they manipulate their carbohydrates and sodium to lose water weight quickly (this sharpens their definition); they go to tanning beds and rub Preparation H on their stomachs to draw out even more water. Only after everything has been plucked, sucked-in, tanned, pumped, and glossed do they pose for the camera.

Scott and Tiffany have done none of those things.

Yet here they are at Bang! Fitness in Toronto, filming exercises and posing for photos. They look fantastic. Right now they’re filming the Precision Nutrition Coaching exercises, the same videos they watched three years ago when they were in the middle of their own body transformations.

Want to know how to do a push-press? Don’t even know what a push-press is? Now you can watch Tiffany do a set with perfect form. Need some extra motivation to get to the gym? Just watch Scott do push-ups like a machine.

But if Scott and Tiffany aren’t fitness models, what are they?

The fit and healthy next-door neighbors, of course.

“We’re just regular people,” says Scott. “We want to show what’s possible for other people who are just like us.”

Scott and Tiffany vacationing in New York

Meet Tiffany

When she’s in the gym, she usually wears her hair in a high, tight ponytail so it doesn’t get in her eyes when she squats and deadlifts. That’s because the gym is where you focus.

But when she’s going through her yoga poses — two or three times per week, minimum — she lets her hair down, because the yoga studio is where you’re allowed to be free.

She never had a lot of weight to lose, was never really concerned with the numbers on the scale. Instead, her photos show the beauty of changing body composition.

In June 2009 she weighed 122 pounds. In September 2011, she weighed 121 pounds for a total weight difference of… one pound.

But those numbers don’t tell the full story. Look closer and you’ll see the ten inches she lost in the process. You’ll see how she replaced fat with muscle, and unveiled sexy shoulders and a defined stomach.

And there’s something else the photos don’t show: her new passion for helping people. She recently got certified through Precision Nutrition and is in the process of leaving her stressful desk job to teach yoga full time.

All that’s coming soon. Right now she spends a couple hours per day on the Precision Nutrition Coaching forums as a mentor, helping women who are going through life changes as part of the program.

Mind, body, and spirit? That’s Tiffany.

Tiffany working hard during a set of deadlifts

Meet Scott

He has spiky hair, a strong English accent, and a love for good beer and food, though he doesn’t indulge that often.

In January 2009 he weighed 203 pounds. After six months of Precision Nutrition Coaching he’d dropped 38 pounds and 12% body fat and was a finalist for the Precision Nutrition Coaching grand prize.

Thanks to the Precision Nutrition Coaching program, he’s back up to muscular 203 pounds.

Most mornings he wakes up, showers, and flexes his muscles for his wife. “Look at my biceps,” he says. She rolls her eyes and laughs.

Yeah buddy (as Chuck would say), that’s Scott.

Scott with Precision Nutrition Coach, Chuck Dertinger

Let’s go back to 2005, back when Scott and Tiffany were just escaping their hectic lifestyle in England, back when they boarded a plane to Toronto.

They left friends and family to move continents, but in the age of technology and airplanes, home is just a push of the button or a weekend away. And the truth is, England had nothing left for them, only long work hours and a broken heart from the passing of Scott’s father.

On the plane, they looked out the window and saw the coast of Lake Ontario and the sky scrapers. This was a chance to put themselves first for once, a chance to slow down and not worry so much.

Down there was a blank canvas, an expanse of pure, white paper full of possibility.

So Scott and Tiffany took out their markers and began designing their new life — big flourishes and swooping lines — before the plane even touched down.

Things were going to be different here.

Scott and Tiffany visiting wine country in Ontario

Dr. John Berardi is on the TV but Scott doesn’t yet know who Dr. John Berardi is. All he knows is there’s a guy on TV making healthy pizza.

Scott’s spent the past few years in Toronto, see-sawing between healthy and unhealthy. He and Tiffany joined a high-end gym, a kind of luxury one-stop shop that takes care of your workouts, nutrition, and “lifestyle”. He lost 30 pounds by eating rice cakes and exercising, but once he got tired of the crap food he gained the weight right back.

“Hey Tiff!” he calls from the living room. “Come look at this guy on TV.”

Tiffany walks into the room.

She goes to the same gym as Scott, but lately it feels like it’s all grown stale. She eats the same foods and does the same workouts and isn’t making any progress. She’s certainly not out of shape. But she’s not exactly in shape either.

“That looks good,” she says, her eyes on the TV.

What they’re watching is a recipe segment of a healthy-living show. Dr. Berardi is making a recipe out of Gourmet Nutrition, a cookbook with dozens of healthy recipes.

They order it.

When Gourmet Nutrition and the Precision Nutrition System arrives, Scott doesn’t even glance at them. Tiffany dives in.

Excited, she takes the book to her trainer at the health club.

“This is ridiculous,” the trainer says. “This is for people who are gonna compete in a bodybuilding show.”

Her bubble is burst. She puts the book on her shelf and goes back to the same program, the same foods, the same trainer.

But a few months later, she gets an email announcing the 2009 group of Precision Nutrition Coaching. She goes to the Precision Nutrition website, and there is John Berardi the pizza guy telling her how he can help.

Before-and-after photos of men and women line the page on her computer. Funny, but they don’t look like bodybuilders.

Tiffany’s a woman of action, so she signs up for the program.

Then she signs Scott up, too. For good measure.

Tiffany during a circuit of push-ups and kettlebell swings

Scott is taking his sweet time getting under the bar for squats.

He’s on his iPhone watching a video of how to do it properly. It’s only a 14-second clip, but he’s watched it 3 times already.

“Just go!” says Tiffany.

“Leave me alone for godssake!” he says.

This is “couple fighting”, a kind of candid banter of people who’ve been together for a long time. But Scott and Tiffany aren’t really frustrated with each other — they’re just doing something new and scary.

Here they are in the gym doing exercises they’ve never done, and they’re not sure how it’s all supposed to look or feel. They feel stupid.

And let’s face it: No one wants to look stupid in front of their partner.

But this timidity only lasts a little while. Because after you go through it once, it’s easier the second time. And easier still the third time.

Sure enough, after a couple of weeks it’s not Tiffany vs. Scott any longer. It’s Tiffany and Scott vs the Rest of the Gym.

“Everyone would stop and watch us and wonder what we were doing,” says Tiffany “And we were like, ‘We know what we’re doing over here, people. What are you doing?’”

With new confidence, they threw themselves into Precision Nutrition Coaching completely.

They did the workouts together and made meals at home. Over dinner, they talked about the lessons they were learning and how they could help each other do better.

Scott started dropping fat fast, and Tiffany got stronger and gained lean muscle.

“We just did whatever Precision Nutrition told us to do,” says Scott.

And so it went.

After six months, Scott had lost 38 pounds and Tiffany was a leaner, more confident version of her former self.

Most couples take up tennis. Well, no, that’s not right. Most couples don’t take up anything at all.

Aside from sleeping in the same bed and driving to Wal-Mart, most couples rarely do anything together.

“Precision Nutrition Coaching was the first time we as a couple were able to learn something together, take away what we needed, and apply it,” says Tiffany. “It’s completely changed our life and our relationship.”

“Although a lot of people have done Precision Nutrition Coaching on their own, I think it would have been tough for me to go it alone,” says Scott. “We’re lucky we were both able to do it together.”

It’s been three years since they started Precision Nutrition Coaching, and Scott and Tiffany are still involved.

Tiffany, along with making a jump from desk job to yoga instructor, is a mentor in Precision Nutrition Coaching, and helps women with their journey every day.

In them, she sees a lot of her same triumphs and struggles.

“I like to celebrate victories with them and let them know that women just like them have gone through this and gotten amazing results. They sometimes may not see the differences in their bodies and lives every day, but I like to remind them that it’s happening all the time. They’re getting better.”

Scott is still with the Scrawny to Brawny boys, lifting big weights and eating big food, helping the younger guys out with their own struggles and offering advice.

And of course they’re filming the Precision Nutrition Coaching exercise videos, helping the rest of the clients — men and women alike — see what real-life, next-door-neighbor models look like.

“Precision Nutrition Coaching isn’t just about losing 50 pounds,” says Scott.

Tiffany agrees. “It’s about making healthy choices and making a decision to lead a full, meaningful life,” she says.

“And we’re proof that both can happen.”

Scott and Tiffany enjoying their new bodies and their new life

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