PN Coaching Clients: Welcome back!


As you probably know, we’re about to open up a few spots in the upcoming Precision Nutrition Coaching group. (Registration kicks off on Tuesday, July 16th, 2024.)

What you might not know is that many of the spots will go to folks returning for a second or even a third round of coaching.


You shouldn’t be. There are as many valid reasons to continue with PN Coaching as there are clients.

Check out this article to learn why some PN clients come back to PN Coaching. And why you might consider doing so yourself.


Precision Nutrition Coaching is not a short-term “diet”.

It’s more than a “workout” program.

It’s a system of research-based practices that empowers our clients to take charge of their eating and movement — and make healthier choices for life.

So it might surprise you to know that many clients sign up for a second or even a third round of coaching.

Coach Krista Schaus — a former cop — calls it “recidivism.”

Of course, in the justice system, recidivism is a bad thing. Nobody likes a repeat offender.

But here at PN, we respect and value our repeat clients, because we know it takes wisdom, humility, and guts to admit you could use some continued support.

Besides, repeat clients often turn into our best performers.

Just look at Grand Prize winner Katey Caswell.  She went through PN Coaching once with low compliance and little change.

She came back again and crushed it, losing 100 pounds and walking away with the $10,000 prize.

Katey's Transformation

Katey lost 70 lbs and 24.1% body fat!

  • Age: 45 years
  • Weight Lost: 70 lbs (from 209 lbs to 139 lbs)
  • % Body Fat Lost: 24.1% (from 38.9% to 14.8%)
  • Total Inches Lost: 55 inches (from 250 inches to 195 inches)

While another shot at the prize money is nothing to sniff at, there are as many valid reasons to continue with coaching as there are clients.

Feeling doubtful?  Just listen to what our  clients themselves have to say.

We’ve used their community screen names here to protect their privacy. But you might just recognize yourself in some of their stories.

Starting big, with a lot of weight to lose

“This time last year I weighed 351 pounds. Now I weigh 281 pounds,” says second-timer Sambaloelek.

“Some of us have more fat than it’s possible to take off safely and sustainably in the space of one year.”

Enough said!

(Except to add that we are super-proud of our “biggest losers” and awed by their determination and personal strength.)

Stressed out and thrown off track

Of course, not every second-timer starts out with so much to lose.

Some people get close to their goals — or even exceed them — in their first round, only to be derailed afterwards by stressful life events.

“I did 6-months of PN Coaching that started in August of 2010,” says Honeybun 77.

“I got really good results (proud to say I was one of the finalists!) and really loved how the program works. I did everything right, my compliance was good and I was motivated. On top of the world!”

Then she faced a series of personal catastrophes that would make a super-hero blanch.

And when she finally picked herself up — shaken, heavier, and downhearted — she knew that PN Coaching was exactly the place for her to rebuild her strength and optimism.

“I am getting back on my feet… It’s still going to be tough to get things sorted, but I know I am stronger now… This is going to be my year,” she says.

We like her attitude.

Consolidating the new lifestyle

Stress can throw anybody off course. And that’s especially true when you haven’t had time to consolidate your new, healthier habits.

People learn at different rates, and if it’s taken you a lifetime to develop unhealthy patterns, it stands to reason it might take more than a few months to definitively break them.

Actually, that’s one reason our new version of PN Coaching is one year long rather than six months long — to give people longer to assimilate and practice.

“I’m very happy with the results I achieved in 2011 (lost 18 pounds, dropped 4 pants sizes, established a regular exercise schedule, feel great, etc.) but I do have more weight/fat to lose and muscle to build,” says Tahoien.

“I’ve spent most of my adult life weighing over 200 pounds and I really want to have these habits ingrained before I go off on my own.”

Makes sense to us.

Creating a new identity

For many PN Coaching clients, maintenance is a whole new experience. And many clients tell us that if you’ve been overweight for a significant period of time, it’s not always easy to believe in yourself as a slim and fit person.

Amazingly enough, this is true even for people who work in the business!

“I’ve been overweight my entire adult life. At the end of PN Coaching last year, I had lost 30lbs in the program and was feeling better about myself than I ever have – ever,” says GymRat 77 — a PN Certified Coach.

“I decided to do PN Coaching again because, although I know I have the tools to keep going on my own, I’m in uncharted territory now; I’ve never been to the weight I’d like to be and frankly it’s a little scary!!”

New directions

If some clients need more time to begin to believe in themselves as fit people, others develop new goals.

They recognize that a second round in PN Coaching will allow them to pursue those goals in a more systematic way.

“When coaching was wrapping up, I started thinking about what I wanted to do next,” says TML Girl.

“I realized that I have new goals for this year — lifting more to build more muscle…and focusing much more on the nutrition side of things.”

“By breaking my PN Coaching journey down into separate goals for myself over 2 years, it will allow me to accomplish those goals much more easily than trying to do too much, too quickly.”

Again, as a reflection of our one-step-at-a-time philosophy, this makes a lot of sense.

More coaching and support

Repeaters are quick to name the main advantages of coming back for a second round: individualized coaching and community support.

“I did lots of flip-flopping back and forth,” says Gymrat77 about her decision to rejoin.

“But what cinched it for me… was the sense of community and solidarity; knowing that there are a whole bunch of fabulous women fighting the same fights and working toward a common goal.”

“There’s so much experience, support, humor, and friendship in [the PN Coaching forums] that you can’t help but succeed. And success is way sweeter when you’re part of a team!!”

And within that supportive community, it’s easier to push yourself out of your “comfort zone” and into what JodiNZ calls the “learning zone.”

“We are all in different phases in learning,” adds slrock. “Going through PN Coaching a second or third time we catch things that we may have missed or were not ready to apply.”

It’s like watching a movie or reading a book for the second time.  Now that you know the plot you can tune into the nuances.

The journey doesn’t end

Support, mentorship, ongoing learning and growth, renewed optimism and a strengthened identity as a fit person — a second or third time in coaching promises all of that — plus a different orientation to the process.

“I am working real hard to come to grips with the idea that this “journey” has no end,” says former finalist AnnieO. “There is no magic number, there is no ideal number of reps.”

“Once you reach the ‘end’ of one journey… you find yourself with new goals and new dreams, so you start on those,” agrees TML Girl.

“For me, PN Coaching is such a fantastic tool in helping me learn how to achieve those various goals… or how to get up again when I fall down.”

It just works

Actually, when you stop to think about it, no wonder people want to sign up for PN Coaching more than once.

And the fact that they do says a lot about the value of working with a PN coach.

“I have to say that when I saw people coming back for a second time, my first thought was that this must really work if you adhere to it,” says CheckYes.

“Frankly, if it sucked, the last thing I’d ever want to see ever again is that PN logo,” says Fearful Wonder.

Instead, like many others, she signed on for a second year.

People come back because it works, and they know it works. It’s as simple as that.

The readiness factor

Besides, sometimes people sign up for a first round before they’re fully prepared.

They know they should get into shape, they think they want to get into shape — but they’re not really ready to commit.

“PN Coaching is fantastic and I saw some awesome results when I stuck with it for 5 months straight,” says SherryEllen.

“But I’ll be honest and admit that I didn’t just fall of the wagon, I flew off the wagon.”

“For some reason I decided that my personal health … wasn’t important for me anymore. I can list the excuses I have used: I didn’t have enough time from working 60 hours a week, I was seeing someone new and wanted to spend all my time with them, etc…”

“But when it comes right down to it, I let myself down… It is a big commitment to actually make the agreement with yourself to follow something for 1 whole year.”


“One of the PN coaches said to me, when I was considering signing up again, that last year may not have been my year. I may not have been ready to do PN Coaching.  But that I can be ready this year.”

Right again.

You might be ready now, too.

You can always come home

So, if you’re a new PN Coaching client and you notice some clients going through the program again, now you know why they’re there.

And if you’re a former client who recognizes yourself in some of these stories, there’s no reason to feel embarrassed or ashamed.

If you feel like you could use a refresher, come on back!

We’re proud of our “recidivists” — and we’d love to see you again. After all, as someone who’s been through the program once, you have valuable insights to contribute to the community.

Just think how it might have helped you, your first time round, to hear from people who had already practiced hara hachi bu, or who’d already mastered the fine art of the Super Shake.

Joining for another year doesn’t just help you. It gives you an opportunity to pay it forward. And at PN, that’s something we value.

So bid goodbye to powerlessness, isolation, and regret.

Say hello to renewed accountability, friendship, and hope.

Send an email to our Client Care team. They’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.

And remember: You’re part of the family.

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