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To change your body and boost confidence: Rewrite your self story.
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There’s a story we all tell ourselves about who we are and what we’re capable of. This workshop will help you reconsider / rewrite your self story. It’ll help open the door to changing your body and boosting confidence.


“Change your eating, your body, and your health from the inside out.

I talk about that “inside out” thing a lot when explaining what sets Precision Nutrition Coaching apart from other programs that claim to help you get fit.

You see, inner change — exploring and shifting how you think about your life, your body, and who you are — is necessary to make lasting outer change.

Even learning / grooving the basics: what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat requires you to change how you think, plan, and strategize, at least a little.

Change your insides, change your outsides.

But what does “inner change” mean?

Your “inner game” is what drives you. It’s what you think of as “yourself”.

It’s the deeper, more intuitive, gut-level sense of who you are and what you believe. It’s the stuff that bubbles beneath your awareness most of the time.

It’s also the stories you tell about yourself — about who you are, why you make the choices you do, and how much power you have over those choices.

In the end, “inner change” means that you can explore, shift, and potentially change those stories. Which means change starts inside and moves out.

Our stories, our selves.

Our stories make and enforce rules about our place in the world and what we can accomplish.

We sometimes let these stories limit us.

  • “I could never do chin-ups. I’m too heavy. There’s no point trying.”
  • “Football is a young person’s game. I don’t belong. I’ll just watch.”
  • “Ever since I injured my back, I can’t exercise. Those days are over. I’m not a fit person anymore.”
  • “I can’t go to the gym because I have to go straight home after work to cook dinner for the family. They would complain if I came home late.”

Thankfully, these are just stories. Stories can be rewritten at any time.

  • “My body is adaptable. I may not be able to do a chin-up now. But with practice I’m sure I can build up enough strength to do at least one.”
  • “That men’s league looks fun. I might not be as fast as the young guys but I’m crafty. Plus I can teach them plays they haven’t seen before.”
  • “My back injury has taught me resourcefulness. I’m learning to work around injuries and do a bunch of different exercises without pain.”
  • “I’m pretty good with scheduling. I could re-organize my calendar to squeeze in half an hour at the gym. Maybe I can ask my oldest to get started on dinner when he gets home from school.”

Psychology drives physiology.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve helped more than 45,000 men and women lose hundreds of thousands of pounds of fat and establish sustainable, health-focused habits that truly transform their lives.

So we know better than anyone that body transformation isn’t just physiological. Indeed, the foundation for any lasting physiological change is actually psychological.

To keep our clients going strong through a year-long process of change, we help them develop mental skills like:

  • identifying what truly, deeply matters to them;
  • working towards the person they really want to be;
  • calming and regulating their emotions;
  • developing awareness;
  • understanding what is holding them back;
  • tolerating unwanted urges and discomfort;
  • being resilient and resourceful; and, ultimately
  • changing the stories they tell themselves.

The better your mental game, the better your physical game.

Top athletes — the people with the best bodies in the world — know this. They spend hours every week on their thinking, planning, and strategizing. They visualize their game plan and rehearse their success.

They know how to calm and focus themselves when things get stressful… and when you’re a million-dollar body performing in front of a million fans, that can definitely get stressful.

When you can rewrite your inner story and play a different inner game, you open up a world of possibilities.

A world where you feel free. Confident. Capable. In charge. You feel good about yourself and your health.

These inner changes show up as outer changes.

Muscle appears. So does energy and vitality.

Fat disappears, as do nagging injuries, insomnia, and lethargy.

Healthy eating or performance nutrition becomes seamless, like you’ve always done it for your entire life.

What stories are you telling yourself?

For the first time ever, I’m sharing a few videos from the Precision Nutrition Coaching workshops we offer new clients.

In these videos Precision Nutrition Coaching curriculum developer, Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon, and I talk about the stories we used to tell ourselves about who we are, and about what our past failures meant relative to our capabilities.

Then we walk you through some questions that consider:

  • your own stories and scripts;
  • how they might be keeping you from your goals; and
  • how you can rewrite these stories and create lasting change in your life.

Our clients find these exercises incredibly powerful — many are blown away by what the exercises reveal about how they’ve been holding themselves back.

Watch the videos, and then continue reading below.

Exercise #1: Your self stories.

The stories you tell yourself, about yourself, are important.

For instance, it’s hard to believe the story I used to tell about myself. Once I changed that, I changed everything.

Learn the strategy I used by pressing play below.

Questions for Exercise #1

What kind of person would you say you are, right now?
(What story are you telling yourself about who you are?)

What kind of person do you want to become?
(How would you like to rewrite that story about yourself?)

How could you start living as if you were that person you wanted to become?
(What’s one small thing that that kind of person might do … and how could you do that thing, today?)

Exercise #2: Your failure stories.

A growth mindset means we see everything, even failure, as learning. In this video, Krista shares how she turned 3,285 failures into a big win.

Learn to transform your own stumbles into success by pressing play below.

Questions for Exercise #2

What do you feel like you’ve “done wrong”, or “screwed up”, or “failed” recently?
(Get it all out there on the table. Every mistake means learning, so make a lot of mistakes.)

Why haven’t you achieved your goals already? What’s blocking you?
(What’s standing in the way of what you want to do? Why haven’t you been able to do it yet?)

OK, now, turn those mistakes around and try on a growth mindset.

What do these tell you, about yourself, or what you need in order to be successful?
(What could you possibly learn from these mistakes?)

If you were going to be your own coach, what would you suggest to yourself?
(Put on your coaching hat and use what you learned to move forward.)

What to do next.

Without realizing it, we’re telling ourselves stories all the time about what we can or can’t do. About who we are, and who we’re destined to be. About what we are or aren’t capable of. These are your life scripts.

If you don’t stop to evaluate (and possibly revise) your self stories, they can be life-limiting. Luckily, they’re just scripts. You can rewrite those stories and scripts any time. (Yes, even right now.)

1. Download this worksheet and answer the questions honestly.

Take your time. Re-evaluate things you’ve taken for granted and assumptions you’ve been making for years.

Fitness professionals: You’ll benefit from going through this exercise yourself and then helping your clients go through it, too.

2. Make one small change today.

Based on what you learned by going through the exercise, what is one small change you can make?

Break your goals down into small actions, then choose an action you can reasonably perform today.

Maybe you’ll eat a piece of fruit for dessert instead of ice cream because you were able to rethink your “impossible sweet tooth”.

Or maybe you’ll get outside for a walk because you rewrote the script about “always watching TV after dinner”.

Maybe you’ll find some time to prep one or two meals in advance for the coming week instead of “always making dinner at 6” so you have more time to run around with the kids after work.

3. Share this with your family and friends.

When you’re trying to rewrite your scripts and create real, lasting change, you need support.

The best way to get the support and encouragement you need? Get your friends and family on board.

Suggest that they go through this exercise, too — if not because they want to rewrite their own scripts, maybe because they’ll now better understand what you’re working on in your life.

Ask them if they have any ideas for small changes you can make toward living like the person you want to be — the person you now know you are.

4. Keep your eye on the prize.

Creating lasting change is challenging — even after you have internalized a new story about yourself.

We coach our clients to always remember why they’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, and get fit.

Maybe you want knees that don’t creak when get out of bed in the morning.

Perhaps you want to feel confident like the put-together women you’ll see at the pool this summer, or like that in-shape dad who’s always running around with his kids.

If you’re about to register for Precision Nutrition Coaching, maybe you’re just psyched about all the prize money (that’s cool).

Whatever your ultimate reason for wanting to get fit, keep your eyes trained on it at all times. It’ll make your new story and your new lifestyle choices that much more exciting.

Rewrite your story with us.

In Precision Nutrition Coaching, we give men and women the daily coaching and support they need to rethink their assumptions about who they are and what they’re capable of. The result: higher confidence, better food and exercise choices, less body fat, and improved health.

The world of nutrition and fitness can make you feel lost at times. But it doesn’t have to. Once you get personalized attention from a knowledgeable coach, your path to healthy, energetic, and capable comes into sharp focus.

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