AN INSIDE LOOK: How the Precision Nutrition Level 1
Certification Changed My Career.

What PN graduates say about their confidence, skill, and earning power after getting certified.

Precision Nutrition Certified coaches share how the program helped them build their practice,
get better results, make more money, and live on their own terms.

An immediate impact on your nutrition knowledge, your coaching skills, and your earning power.

For some, the Precision Nutrition Certification is the first step in establishing a solid coaching practice. For others, it’s a way to get ahead in a competitive field.

Regardless of where folks start, the outcome is the same: Unbeatable results, a growing and loyal clientele, and a reliable income that allows you to live well, on your own terms, while building a rewarding career.

Here’s a deeper look into the program, with comments from industry leaders like Eric Cressey, Molly Galbraith, Adam Lloyd, and Jon Goodman.

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“It changed my life, and I’m changing other people’s lives too.”

The Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification has helped nearly 50,000 professionals establish and strengthen their coaching careers. Check out these videos to hear our grads talk about how the program helped them get results, keep clients, and earn a living doing what they love.

After the Precision Nutrition Certification, I called my naturopathic doctor for advice, and she hired me to work for her as her nutritionist. When you empower people, there’s magic in that. It has changed my life, and I know I have changed other people’s lives. Yes, it’s an investment. But you’ll get back what you put in tenfold.
- Janet Salazar, Nutrition and Fitness Coach, Ottawa Canada
Strength and conditioning is a hot field right now. To be able to get to the highest level, you have to have something that differentiates you from the group. For me, nutrition was the niche that helped me get my position at UCLA. You can have all the knowledge in the world and not know how to apply it to people. The Precision Nutrition Certification allowed me to dig deeper, build relationships, and bring out the most in my athletes.
- Sam Kaversky, UCLA Football, Los Angeles CA
After I finished the Certification, I sent out an email campaign explaining the nutrition coaching I was offering. I got swarmed with clients, and gradually I’ve been able to take on more and more of them. We are making more money so I’ve been able to leave my job. Now I’m able to work from home and be with my kids.
- Shawna Frank, Crossfit Slake, Aubrey Texas
I was the guy who knew a lot, but didn’t understand the game. Elite athletes demand results, and it’s a difference, in many cases, of millions of dollars on the line. Because of the Precision Nutrition Certification, I’m no longer a personal trainer — I’m a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Now I’m working with a year-round stable of athletes in the NFL, the NHL, the UFC, the MLB.
- Dan Garner, Team Garner, Alberta Canada
When I become a personal trainer, it was really all about movement -- strength, flexibility, endurance. I was feeling lost, because people wanted to feel and look better, and they weren’t getting that. I didn’t have enough awareness about nutrition. After the Precision Nutrition Certification, people were getting results, they were changing their lives. And I had the confidence, knowledge, and experience I needed to coach them.
- Andrea Mosher, PlateStrength, Rochester NY
As a doctor, I was under a lot of pressure to see a lot of patients and deliver a lot of advice quickly. The environment doesn’t foster a conversation. On my new path as a health coach, I can have that difficult discussion that requires open-ended questions and patience. I get the most satisfaction out of that.
- Dr. Victor Peña, ELITE Personalized Health, Austin TX
The Precision Nutrition Certification has made our business more sustainable. A lot of our clients have been with us for years. People aren’t going to do that just for working out. Knowing that they have someone who has the right nutrition knowledge and the skills to actually listen and help makes it much more impactful for them.
- Anthony Giordano, Compound Health and Fitness, Overland Park KS
Having the Precision Nutrition qualification helped me develop my personal training and health coaching product with a key focus on quality. Now I have a very, very good service that I can deliver with confidence and know that it’s the best in the market. It has paid off.
- Kemo Marriott, Holistic Motions, London England