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Opening September 2024: The Expert-Guided PN Level 1 Nutrition Coaching Certification


Big news: We’re about to open our next cohort of the Expert-Guided PN Level 1 Nutrition Coaching Certification!

This is your chance to learn how to coach nutrition directly from the industry’s top pros—through live, weekly expert-guided discussions, real-world case study sessions, plenty of peer interaction, live Q&As, textbook study, and more.

Trusted by over 150,000 health and fitness professionals, and rated the #1 online nutrition certification by Business Insider—this program gives you the confidence, connections, knowledge, skills, and tools you need to help anyone achieve lasting results in their health, while making a great living doing what you love.

Want more info, early access, and a 30% discount?

We offer a high level of attention to our students… so space is limited and we only open a new cohort twice per year.

By joining our Early Access List today (at no obligation), you’ll get:

  • Your FREE Enrollment Packet with program details (curriculum, live sessions, earning potential, student success stories, and more)
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  • Free tips for coaching nutrition and attracting new clients

“This community of PN professionals are so supportive and helpful it bewilders the mind! With Precision Nutrition behind me, nothing can stop me!”

– Darnell Garland, PN Certified Nutrition Coach, and Health & Wellness Director at YMCA

Get ready to master nutrition science and behavior-change coaching—as you rub elbows with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Since we first launched the PN Nutrition Certification in 2010, it’s become the gold standard for learning how to coach nutrition.

Our industry-leading program combines…

  • The expertise of 7 PhDs, 2 MDs, and 3 RDs,
  • 20,000+ hours of research & development,
  • 1100+ scientific citations,
  • Our work with 8 NFL, NBA, and NHL teams and 6 world champions, and
  • Proprietary insights from personally coaching over 100,000 clients.

Over the years, we’ve trained and certified over 150,000 nutrition coaches—who are now changing countless lives around the world.

Along the way, we noticed something…

Our students absolutely love the community aspects of our program: The peer interaction, the chance to connect with PN’s Master Coaches, and the ability to ask questions and deepen their learning.

So we asked ourselves a question…

How can we take what’s amazing about our current program (the textbooks, case studies, online videos, coaching tools, community)…

And add tons of additional value to create the best student experience in the industry (with live expert-guided discussions, built-in accountability, Q&As, live practice with real-world case studies, etc.)?

Thus, the Expert-Guided PN Nutrition Certification was born.

We’re just going to say it…

You will not find a more complete, immersive learning experience on this planet that will help you…

  • Gain the confidence and credentials you need to help anyone transform their health.
  • Learn the most relevant, cutting-edge nutrition science—from macros, calories, and micronutrients, to digestion, metabolism, energy balance, and more.
  • Understand how nutrition affects people’s physical, mental, and emotional health, their fitness goals, stress levels, sleep, etc. (and vice versa).
  • Master the art of behavior-change coaching—so you can help anyone achieve sustainable results. (This separates you from the vast number of coaches out there.)
  • Learn how to help your clients bridge the gap between knowing and doing, so they can make progress like never before.
  • Position yourself to succeed, attract plenty of clients, and earn a great part-time or full-time income.
  • Connect directly with the best and brightest coaches in the world.

“In my mind, no one beats PN’s material and their holistic learning experience. Because of this group, I’m moving through the program much faster than I ever would have on my own, and my learning is more in-depth. Everyone is there to help you succeed. This program gives me the confidence to be able to coach… and do it well!”

– Chris Carter, marketing consultant, Expert-Guided PN Nutrition Certification student

Our Expert-Guided program is perfect for those who want to learn beyond the textbook.

It’s one thing to learn knowledge from a book (which is great on its own).

But it’s a whole other thing to have a seasoned practitioner in the field bring that knowledge to life for you in live sessions… as they draw from their years of experience, offer additional context you couldn’t get any other way, answer any questions you and your peers have, and discuss how these coaching principles play out in real-life scenarios.

Something almost magical happens when you interact with PN Master Coaches and peers as you learn something new.

Material that may have felt intimidating at first suddenly becomes much easier to understand, retain, and apply—as you discuss what you’re learning, get your questions answered, practice your new knowledge, and uncover additional insights.

As you tap into the collective intelligence around you, you make new connections and level-up your knowledge faster than ever.

And as you get the chance to practice what you’re learning alongside your peers, you’ll develop the confidence to start coaching right away.

Inside the Expert-Guided PN Nutrition Certification, you’ll…

  • Learn directly from PN’s Master Coaches in optional, weekly live discussions (plus ongoing access to all recordings)
  • Get full access to all the PN Nutrition Certification program materials—textbooks, workbook, animated videos, 40+ coaching tools, pro nutrition calculator, and more
  • Practice applying your new knowledge in live, real-world case study sessions (plus recordings)
  • Get direct VIP access to our industry-leading coaches—ask questions, get advice, and receive priority support throughout your entire program
  • Connect with your like-minded peers in a private cohort as you move through the program together
  • Interact with 50,000+ health and fitness professionals around the world—all there to help you continually level-up your skills and career
  • Graduate with the world’s #1 nutrition coaching certification in 20 weeks
  • Get lifetime access to weekly Q&A calls with PN’s Master Coaches: Bring any question and get it answered by our experts.

“The live sessions with deeply educated, experienced, open-minded and compassionate coaches have helped me understand the foundation of awesome coaching.

I now have a deeper awareness of how to help my clients bridge the gap from where they are to where they are going through sustainable actions.”

– Amanda Borris, Expert-Guided PN Nutrition Certification student

As a PN Certified Nutrition Coach, you’ll help people get sustainable results.

When you do that, everything else becomes easier for you.

There’s no more churning through clients, constantly hustling to get new ones, or wondering whether you can sustain your business in the long run.

Your clients stick around for longer—because you truly understand their situation, and you know how to help them.

People refer their friends to you—because a caring, competent coach is worth their weight in gold.

And you build a rock-solid business that impacts lives for years to come, no matter what happens.

Precision Nutrition Certification

BIG NEWS: Count your PN Nutrition Certification towards credit at colleges and universities in the US!

You’re putting in the time and effort to become a Certified Nutrition Coach. And you want a credential that says to the world, “I take this seriously. I know my stuff. And I can help you.”

Now we’re giving you yet another opportunity to do that. By the time you become PN Certified, you’ll have…

✓ the world’s #1 recommended nutrition coaching credential behind you

✓ a coaching approach that’s been proven with over 100,000 people in the real world, and validated in 3 peer-reviewed scientific studies

(NEW) a nutrition education that’s now recognized as a university-level course—and eligible for college credit!

Yes, the PN Level 1 Nutrition Coaching Certification has recently been approved by the American Council on Education’s (ACE) Learning Evaluations.

Here’s what this means for you: If you complete the PN Nutrition Certification program and pass an additional, final proctored exam, you can earn 3 session hours (a.k.a. credit hours) at the Bachelors 1st or 2nd year level. You can then request to apply these credits toward a post-secondary degree at select colleges and universities in the US. Click here for more info about ACE credit-accepting institutions.

This means you get a university-level nutrition education, the industry’s leading certification, and the ability to get college credit—without the high cost of a university course!

And you won’t be just getting classroom theory. The PN Nutrition Certification is based on the proven coaching approach we’ve used in the real world to help over 100,000 people lose weight, build strength, gain energy, and get in their best shape ever. Now you can get results like we do. Plus you’ll have the credentials that make it clear to people that you have the academic training, knowledge, and tools to help them.

Not planning on using your PN Nutrition Certification for college credit? Or live outside the US? All you have to do is complete the program and pass the regular Certification quizzes with a 75% or higher (no proctored exam needed). You’ll still be getting a world-class, university-level nutrition education—one that’s recognized by leading health and fitness organizations, professional sports teams, Fortune 100 companies, and academic institutions.

Why learn with Precision Nutrition?

The PN Nutrition Certification gives you everything you need to have total confidence in your nutrition knowledge… to finally feel qualified to give nutrition advice… and to feel ready to help anyone achieve sustainable results.

Here are just a few reasons why we’re the obvious choice…

We coach people every day

Since 2005, through our personal coaching programs, we’ve helped over 100,000 people improve their health, drop body fat, build muscle, increase their energy, handle stress more effectively, sleep better, get off meds, and more.

In fact, we’re the only nutrition certification company in the world that coaches real people, every single day. Through the years, we’ve built, refined, and perfected our coaching method for helping people change how they eat, look, and feel. Now we’re ready to help you coach like we coach, and get results like we do.

#1 recommended nutrition program

In a recent independent study, close to 1,000 health and fitness professionals rated nearly a dozen well-known nutrition certification programs on a variety of factors.

The PN Nutrition Certification is top-ranked across the board:

  • #1 most recommended nutrition education program (28% higher than the closest alternative)
  • 95% of customers rate our program better than anything else out there for learning how to become a better coach and helping clients change their behaviors.
  • Highest rated in customer satisfaction, reputation, and nutrition content quality

What’s more, Business Insider recently listed the PN Nutrition Coaching Certification as the #1 online nutrition certification available!

Business Insider recently named the PN Nutrition Coaching Certification as the #1 online nutrition certification available.

Bottom line: If you want to learn nutrition science and coaching from the best in the field, you’ve come to the right place.

PN Certified Coaches earn more

According to a recent study, nutrition coaches earn 3x more than the median hourly rate in the US. What’s more, PN Certified nutrition coaches earn 11% more income than those with other nutrition certifications! In fact, our PN grads are charging anywhere from $65 – $130 USD per hour or more, because they have a rare and valuable skill set that’s always in demand.

Science-backed and peer-reviewed

The Precision Nutrition Method, which drives our Certification and Coaching programs, was recently validated in 3 peer-reviewed studies. This means that the system you’ll learn in the program is truly evidence-based.

For years, improving one’s health and fitness. Now the medical and scientific communities know it, too.

Our method was recently validated in peer-reviewed studies published in Internet Interventions, the Journal of Cancer Survivorship, and Obesity Science and Practice.

After being authored by some of the world’s top health and fitness experts, each new version of our program text is peer-reviewed by dozens of top professionals in a range of disciplines. This means everything you’ll learn has been vetted by top experts and validated by science.

We’re the experts other experts come to for advice

When elite athletes, professional sports teams, and Fortune 100 companies need game-changing nutrition programs, they come to us.

We’ve worked with top sports organizations like:


And companies like:

And major media outlets like:

In the PN Nutrition Certification, we’ll peel back the curtain and give you the same world-renowned knowledge and tools we share with our elite clients.

Precision Nutrition Certification

What’s included in the Expert-Guided PN Nutrition Certification

Now in its 4th edition, the PN Nutrition Certification is more valuable and practical than ever. Inside you’ll find:

  • 20 weeks of live, expert-guided chapter discussions, real-world case study sessions, and community drop-in calls—where you can interact directly with PN’s Master Coaches and your cohort peers as you get your questions answered and deepen your understanding of nutrition science and coaching. (Plus ongoing access to recordings.)
  • Access to your private online cohort group—plus our L1N students community and PN Coaches community (50,000+ strong). Ask questions, get support, troubleshoot coaching scenarios, and study alongside your peers as you move through the program and beyond.
  • Lifetime access to weekly Q&A calls with PN’s Master Coaches: Bring any question and get it answered by our experts.
  • 3 unit textbooks, beautifully packaged in a box set—to give you everything you need to know about nutrition, exercise, behavior-change psychology, and coaching practice. Plus, it’s easy to carry from your house, to the car, to the gym, so you can study anywhere!
  • 20 animated instructional video seminars, to help you better understand each chapter (check out a sample video below).
  • Workbook and study guide, with exercises and thought experiments to help prepare you for the end-of-chapter exams.
  • Real-world case studies, drawn from our work with over 100,000 clients, to help you practice and retain the concepts you’re learning.
  • Active learning tools, to help you use what you’re learning in the real world, right away.
  • Over 40 premium coaching tools, including assessment forms and questionnaires, to help you learn more about your clients and unlock their full potential.
The 4th Edition of the PN Nutrition Certification is beautifully packaged in a box set and packed with the latest research and proven coaching practices.

Community of like-minded people + top experts

As a PN student, you’ll never feel alone—because you’ll be connected to your fellow students and PN’s Master Coaches. Discuss what you’re learning, ask questions, get support, troubleshoot coaching scenarios, and study alongside your peers as you move through the program. Participate in expert-guided chapter discussions, real-world case study sessions, ongoing weekly Q&A calls with PN’s Master Coaches, and much more… all to help you take your coaching skills and career to the next level.

With study tips, live Q&As, and other resources, being part of this community will deepen your learning, introduce you to new people, and help you level up your career.

The PN Nutrition Certification is everything we’ve learned over 18 years—brought together, and shared with you.

Because the PN Nutrition Certification is based on our coaches’ work of personally helping over 100,000 achieve lasting results, you won’t find any abstract theory here.

Instead, you’ll find deep knowledge that’s client-tested, scientifically proven, and constantly updated based on the data we’ve collected from the field along with the latest research.

Even better, you’ll get the education you need, on your terms and on your schedule—without having to go back to school.

Precision Nutrition Certification

What you’ll learn in the PN Nutrition Certification

Collage of nine students holding the precision nutrition level 1 certification textbook.
The PN Nutrition Certification, 4th Edition. There’s nothing else like it anywhere.

We couldn’t find a textbook or a course that did all the things we wanted to do, nor all the things we wanted to teach others.

So we created the PN Nutrition Certification, based on our extensive research and work with over 100,000 clients.

It’s packed with the latest findings in nutrition and behavior-change psychology, and includes practical coaching strategies, plus a step-by-step system for getting results with anyone.

Let’s get specific…

In Unit 1, you’ll learn all about the Precision Nutrition approach to coaching. After working with over 100,000 clients (and counting), we’ve learned what really works for helping people change. Now we’re passing it onto you.

We’ll show you how to:

  • Set yourself up for the best learning experience
  • Explore your own coaching style
  • Use scientific evidence in coaching
  • Build a healthy coaching relationship with clients
  • Coach people to “deep health”—where your clients thrive in all areas of their lives (physical, mental, emotional, and so on)

Next up is Unit 2, where you’ll dive into the science of nutrition. We’ll cover topics like:

  • The body’s systems, organs, and cells
  • Calories and metabolism
  • Digestion, absorption, and water balance
  • Energy production, fat storage, and muscle gain
  • Macronutrients: protein (amino acids), carbohydrate (fiber, sugar, and starch) and fat (triglycerides and fatty acids)
  • Vitamins, minerals, and zoonutrients (yes, zoonutrients!)
  • And much more

It’s like getting a graduate-level education in nutrition science. Yes, you’re going to “nerd out” a bit! But don’t be intimidated. Each chapter is written in a way that’s easy to consume and comprehend.

In Unit 3 you’ll learn how to best apply this new information, including how to:

  • Walk clients through the PN Coaching process step-by-step
  • Assess clients, gather data, and identify their goals
  • Create an action plan they’ll actually follow
  • Measure their progress and adjust where necessary
  • Help them achieve lasting changes in their health and lives
  • Work with all types of clients and situations
  • Build a coaching business, in-person or online

In all, you’ll get nearly 700 pages of the latest, most effective research in nutrition science and behavior-change psychology—co-authored by some of the industry’s leading authorities in health and fitness.

And that’s not even including the workbook & study guide, case-studies, and video seminars you’ll have access to.

Like this video from Chapter 3, called “What is a great coach?”:

With this incredible learning resource we’re doing everything in our power to change the game. We’re out to educate and train a new, more effective kind of health and fitness coach.

And we’re being recognized for it by the top organizations in the world.

With the PN Nutrition Certification you’ll:

  • Help people make lasting changes to their health and fitness—based on what’s important to them right now. Some people come to you because they want six-pack abs. Others are looking to get a better handle on their stress, increase their energy, and make it through the day without binge eating. Whatever your clients’ goals, you’ll be able to help them achieve lasting results.
  • Gain a pro-level understanding of the most relevant, cutting-edge nutrition science. Our program authors include some of the best nutritionists, PhDs, dietitians, and specialists in the industry. We’ll help you understand the what, why, and how of nutrition coaching so you can feel qualified to give advice, and ready to help a wide variety of clients achieve better health and fitness.
  • Feel 100% confident, capable, and qualified to help anyone make lasting changes to their health (including yourself). You’ll understand how and why people change their behavior. And you’ll know how to break down anyone’s health goals into uncomplicated nutrition and lifestyle practices they’ll actually want to follow—even on their toughest days.
  • Coach your clients holistically—and see the difference firsthand. You’ll see how nutrition and lifestyle practices can impact things like your client’s stress levels, sleep, fitness, relationships, career, and more. You’ll be able to connect the dots in ways that other coaches can’t, and you’ll help your clients make changes in certain areas that will benefit all areas of their life.
  • Grow a rock-solid coaching business that people are eager to tell their friends about. No more churning-and-burning through clients. You’re here to make a real difference in people’s lives—and they’re willing to pay well for a coach who can do that. When you coach people holistically and help them make changes that last, they’ll send others your way.
  • Study alongside your peers—and learn directly from the industry’s top pros. This program is designed to fit within even the busiest of schedules. There are no deadlines, no pressure, and no rush. Your peers and Master Coaches will be here to help you move through the program. If you follow the schedule, you’ll graduate in 20 weeks. But you can always speed up or slow down if you’d like—and you’ll continue to have access to all the cohort and community features (including recordings of live sessions and the ability to interact online).
  • Establish credibility, grow your reputation, and connect with top professionals. Join the PN Nutrition Certification, and you’re in good company. We now have over 150,000 students from around the world who can confidently say, “I know my stuff — and I change lives.” You can find many of them on the private Facebook group, where you can swap tips and insights with your colleagues while making new friends.
  • Coach from anywhere in the world, part-time or full-time. People are now more comfortable than ever working with coaches remotely—which means your business isn’t bound by geography. Everything you’ll learn in the PN Nutrition Certification can be effectively practiced with both in-person and online clients.

Precision Nutrition Certification

Be first in line—and start leveling up your nutrition coaching skills and confidence today!

Enrollment for our next cohort of the #1 rated PN Nutrition Certification officially opens on September 17th.

Join our Early Access List today and get...

  • Our Absolute Best Price when you choose our classic Self-Guided program, so you can learn at your own pace—starting tomorrow! (We’ll email you with a special invite.)
  • Early Bird Access to our highly sought-after Expert-Guided program in March if you go with that option (save up to 30%)
  • Your FREE Enrollment Packet with program details (curriculum, earning potential, student success stories, and more)
  • Free tips for coaching nutrition and attracting new clients