Precision Nutrition Connects One Million Data Points to Reveal Six Keys to Sustainable Body Transformation

Groundbreaking Study Shifts Perception of Weight Loss and Health Improvement

TORONTO, May 29, 2019 – Precision Nutrition, an industry leader in healthy eating and lifestyle coaching, analyzed more than one million client data points to uncover the keys to sustainable body transformation. The insight-rich behavior study asked: How much effort does it take to make meaningful change? The answer: Not as much as you think.

In the study, researchers compared clients’ changes in body weight and waist circumference to how consistent these individuals were at practicing healthy eating and exercise habits. The findings showed that even tiny amounts of effort can result in a profound impact over time.

Precision Nutrition Quotes

“The data doesn’t lie. It’s clear that if you simply get the ball rolling and continue for a year, you can increase fat loss, enhance body composition, and drive self-confidence,” said Brian St. Pierre, Precision Nutrition director of performance nutrition. “With even minimal change to your health and fitness habits, you move better, feel better, sleep better…you improve your heart health and lower your risk for cancer and diabetes. And, you experience a zestier sex drive to boot.”

“The research also showed that the more consistent you are, the better you will feel about life in general,” noted Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon, Precision Nutrition curriculum director. “This is because you see change in your body, such as less pain, more fitness and the ability to do more movements, more easily. You gain positive energy, confidence and resilience after and because you act, not the other way around.”

Research Background

Precision Nutrition analyzed more than one million data points gathered from 1,000 clients over 12 months. The company studied its client behaviors, as well as performance outcomes in areas such as program compliance, body measurements, and fat loss.

In the Precision Nutrition Coaching program, clients gradually modify their behavior by adopting strategic eating and lifestyle habits and purposeful exercise over the course of a year.

  • Strategic eating and lifestyle habits include practices such as consuming lean protein at each meal, eating until 80% full, and creating a pre-bed ritual for better sleep. Precision Nutrition clients implement one strategic habit every two weeks.
  • Purposeful exercise can include a full gym workout, an at home workout or an abbreviated workout.

Precision Nutrition Coaching Program: Study Findings

  1. Every action adds up. Precision Nutrition clients implementing strategic eating habits, lifestyle improvements, and purposeful  exercise between 10 and 50 percent of the time lost between five and six percent of their total body weight, an average of 11 pounds.
  2. Lifestyle changes and nutrition habits along with exercise drives success. Men who made positive changes half of the time lost an average of six pounds more (17 pounds) compared to men who completed their habits and workouts between 10 and 50 percent of the time (11 pounds). Women achieving this same level of consistency dropped one additional pound but lost four more total inches.
  3. Health and lifestyle improvements are easier than you think. The majority of Precision Nutrition clients stuck with the program at least half the time. Since the adjustments were made gradually over 12 months, it made it easier for clients to implement healthy eating and lifestyle habits, and purposeful exercise.
  4. Dramatic changes occur when clients achieve the greatest consistency. (Even if they’re not perfect.) Men who followed the Precision Nutrition program at least 80 percent of the time lost 24 pounds (11 percent body weight) and 16 total inches. Women lost 15 pounds (9 percent body weight) and 17 total inches.
  5. Circumstances don’t determine what individuals can achieve. Precision Nutrition clients who “adjusted the dial,” using creative solutions to meal prep and scaling back rather than shutting down when things didn’t go as planned, saw consistent success.
  6. Making some effort can make you feel better about how your body looks, feels, and moves. The more consistent Precision Nutrition clients were, the better they felt about life in general. Clients gained positive energy, confidence, and resilience.

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