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PN Academy is an exclusive advanced education membership, reserved only for nutrition professionals.

  • Stay on top of cutting-edge science with the Research Insider
  • Stand out from the crowd with new skills and advanced credentials
  • Get exclusive Specialized Courses and Advanced Certificates
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Question: “What should I do after...?”
Answer: Join PN Academy.

As someone who has already invested in your education by earning a nutrition credential, you know how important nutrition is for helping your clients get the results they really want (and deserve).

Now, we’re ready to help you take the next step to continue your education and grow your coaching practice.

Not only is Precision Nutrition the originator of behavior-change nutrition coaching, we’ve also helped over 100,000 people transform their health and fitness through our personal coaching program. Said another way: No other company in the world can match our “in-the-trenches” experience and our commitment to cutting-edge science. And now we’re ready to share all our secrets with you…

With PN Academy, you can have your finger on the pulse of what’s really helping people transform their bodies and lives. That’s why we’re sharing everything we know—and everything we’re continually learning from the latest science.

We teamed up with other leading experts from a variety of fields—from health and fitness, to sleep, stress-management, behavior-change psychology, and more—to give you the very best (unbiased) education.

In other words: We do this work so we can give you only the gold. Because we believe that gold isn’t just what’s shiny—it’s what sticks around for years, increases in value, and expands your wealth.

Just like investing in your education.



How PN Academy works


Make one decision today that will pay off forever.

Get instant access to the Research Insider, PN Coaches community, and brand-new coaching tools and resources—every single month.


Plug in to everything that will make your career easier:

  • The latest science and advice in your inbox every 2 weeks with the Research Insider
  • Expert Insider webinars where you’ll learn all-new skills
  • Cutting-edge continuing education only a click away


Get exclusive access to Specialized Courses and Advanced Certificates—all included in your membership.

We work with leading experts to bring you the most practical strategies and the best possible results. You’ll be able to use your courses for CECs at top organizations like, ACE, AFAA, CPTN, ISSA, NASM, NBHWC, REPs NZ and UKIHCA. New courses available every month!


Help move the industry forward.

This is your chance to blend your passion, ambition, and expertise… and leave your mark on an industry that affects millions of people every year.

You can become the kind of coach that people credit for “changing their life”. Yes, you.

What’s Included in PN Academy?

Everything you need to have a successful career year after year (after year).

Research Insider: Get big-picture coaching takeaways from the latest cutting-edge research.

Every two weeks, we sift through the latest scientific studies in nutrition, health, fitness, psychology, and more, to bring you easy-to-read summaries of the most relevant research for coaches. The best part? The Research Insider also includes big-picture takeaways—including client-tested insights and advice—that you can use to be a better coach right away. Not only will you be able to clarify the science (or lack of it) behind the headlines, you’ll be able to easily explain it to clients.


Exclusive Tools and Resources: Useful best practices and short-cuts from top scholars and experts.

When you join PN Academy, you get insider access to never-seen-before assessment tools like custom calculators and business and marketing tools, as well as our Expert Insider Webinars. The people behind our content have both rigorous scientific training and real world experience, and are some of the best “thinkers” in their respective fields.

Long story short: you’ll get insider access to everything we’re cooking up, as we cook it. And you’ll have the confidence that everything you’re learning is curated based on what really works in the real world.

Academy members will always get exclusive, first access to courses and certificates.

Specialized Courses and Advanced Certificates:
Learn new skills, establish your expertise, and earn CECs to build your credentials.

As a PN Academy member, exclusive access to all of our courses and certificates is included with your membership at no extra charge (non-member pricing starts at $199 USD per course).

Our Specialized Courses are cutting-edge continuing education programs that dive deep into specific areas like athlete nutrition, applied physiology, stress-management, sleep performance, behavior-change coaching, and many, many more. Courses are written by both in-house experts and collaborations with other leading professionals, and based on the latest research and practices. This means you’ll always get the least biased, most proven education… anywhere, with new courses coming out every month.

If you decide to complete three curated Specialized Courses (you can also take them individually), you can earn an Advanced Certificate that will showcase your expertise and help you further distinguish yourself! These verified certificates will expand your credibility across in-demand topics so you can help a broader set of clients—and get better results with everyone you work with.

Here are the current Advanced Certificates you can earn in PN Academy:

The PN Academy Difference

A single decision places you at the top of your field.

You’ll know that whatever you recommend to your client is based on the latest research from the Research Insider (or from the real experience of another Academy member).

No more getting caught off-guard when a client asks you a tough question, or trolling the unreliable depths of the internet for answers that make you feel unworthy and unsure.

PN Academy will become your go-to health and fitness community, where you’ll be surrounded by lifelong learners who’ve committed themselves to the pursuit of excellence.

You’ll never feel alone, grappling with a client problem at 2AM ever again.

We’ll have new courses coming out every month that’ll help you expand your coaching expertise, and hone in on your magic—at exclusive membership rates, so you never pay full price.

Never wonder “what certification should I take next?

You’ll be part of something big that will solidify your place at the top of the health and fitness industry. And you’ll know exactly what to do to level up your skills.

No more confusion about where to go to start building your clientele, growing your nutrition and coaching skills, and improving your business.

You’ll feel strong, capable, confident, and hopeful about your business, your coaching, and your career because you’ve surrounded yourself with the best of the best.

You won’t be plagued by the constant comparison complex, which prevents you from making decisions, picking a path, and seeing success.


When you become a PN Academy member, you make one decision today that will pay off forever.

A PN Academy membership helps you stay on top of the world’s cutting-edge nutrition and coaching science with the Research Insider, connect with experts and peers in the PN Coaches community, and get first access to our all-new Specialized Courses, so you can earn Advanced Certificates and boost your credentials.

PN Academy

PN Academy

What's Included

  • Research Insider (Every 2 Weeks)
  • PN Expert Webinars
  • Exclusive Coaching Tools + Resources
  • Specialized Courses: INCLUDED
  • Advanced Certificates: INCLUDED
Includes access to all specialized courses, immediately--at no extra cost
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