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Start with a clean slate


Starting with a clean slate. It’s a simple thought. But it might have profound implications for your physique – and your life. The key is to learn how to stop fixating on your mistakes – we all make them. And to focus on the awesome stuff that lies ahead of you.

I might sound like a broken record. But one of the things I say most often to clients is this:

“Start with a clean slate…”

I’ve seen it a million times.  In nutrition.  And in life.

We all get fixated on our mistakes, on our errors, on the things we meant to do but didn’t . . . the things we didn’t want to do, but couldn’t help but doing.

And although it’s a great idea to briefly revisit mistakes so we can do a better job next time, dwelling on a mistake is the biggest mistake of all.

Having a short memory

My good friend, and former Canadian Football athlete had a good way of putting this.  One day, while we were working out, he told me the secret to being a great defensive back.   And what was it?

“The great ones,” he said, “are the ones with the shortest memories.”

In other words, every defensive back is going to mess up.  They’re going to make a  bad play.  They’re going to make a critical mistake.  Time and time again.  It’s inevitable.

But the great ones also happen to be the ones that immediately put any negative feelings or residual guilt on the back burner. They forget the mistake.  And they move on to a better future.

From football to food

I’ll happily admit it. Changing your diet, changing your training, changing your body — changing your life — it’s all challenging.  Some might even say it’s HARD.

So, just like the defensive backs above, it’s inevitable that you will have bad days. You will make mistakes.  I guarantee it.  So expect it.  However, here’s the great part.  What happened yesterday is yesterday’s news. It’s what happens TODAY, right now, that really matters.

So, starting today, I want you to give yourself permission to leave yesterday behind. In other words, it’s clean slate time.  Effective immediately.


I can hear it already.  But, JB, that’s hard for me.  I always beat myself up for my mistakes. Guess what – so does everyone else!  Unless someone helps them through the process of getting better.

And next week I’m going to make something available to help you through it.  To give you the confidence that you can succeed.  In fact, to give you a VERY powerful incentive to get over the hump.

Stay tuned for an announcement you won’t want to miss.  And, until then, remember the PN Clean Slate Policy.

Changing lifestyle and nutrition habits can be hard.  But here’s the great part.  The PN Clean Slate Policy.  Let’s wipe the slate clean and move on.  What’s past is behind you.  And the future looks awesome.

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