Our latest Lean Eating prize winners


Back in December of 2009 we wrapped up our June ’09 Lean Eating coaching group.

And at that time we posted our Lean Eating for Men Finalists and Lean Eating for Women Finalists , each one in contention for the $10,000 grand prize for men and $10,000 grand prize for women.

The transformations we staggering.   Thousands of PN voters weighed in on who they thought was the best male and best female transformation in each group. And now it’s time we announced the winners.  However, before doing so, I’ve gotta say this.  Man, it was though.

The last round of Lean Eating produced some of the most outstanding transformations – physical and lifestyle transformations – I’ve seen in my entire life.  We spent weeks painstakingly going through all of our finalists’ data, listening to the PN community, and scheduling long meetings with the PN Team.  (Our criterion for choosing the winner was based on measurement data, participation data, client attitude, coach feedback, community voting, and in-house voting as well.)

At the end, although we had dozens of potential winners, we had to choose.  There could only be two.

Winner – Men – YLR

Forum name – “YLR”
Location – San Francisco, California
Age – 38
Starting weight – 255; Waist size – 45 inches
Ending weight – 205; Waist size – 38 inches

His experience
“My life has changed in so many ways after the Lean Eating program, I wish my tranformative experience on anyone that truly wants to change their life.”





Winner – Women – CYNERGY

Forum name – “Cynergy”
Location – Wimberly, TX
Age – 41
Starting weight – 195
Ending weight – 155
Inches lost – 34 inches

Her experience
“I’m so grateful to PN, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you are doing.  So much is possible for me now that I have the knowledge and practice to sustain a healthy body.   I’m so happy, I can hardly find the words.”




As you can see from the finalists above, the Lean Eating program is about helping real people make real transformations.  As we’ve said many times before, to participate in Lean Eating you don’t have to start out looking like a fitness model.  Heck, you don’t even have to end up looking like a fitness model.  Rather, the idea here is to become the best you possible.

Of course, as mentioned above, there were a lot of folks achieving their best selves in this last round.  Here are a few of them, highlighted below.  If you’d like to see our entire list of finalists, check out our Lean Eating for Men Finalists and Lean Eating for Women Finalists.

Top 3 finalist – Men

Forum name – “ddociam”
Location – Worthington, MN
Age – 54
Starting weight – 220; Waist size – 44 inches
Ending weight – 198; Waist size – 36 inches

His experience
“I enthusiastically support PN.  And the LE experience has been fantastic. I accomplished much more than I thought possible.  If you get a thrill out of helping people with important life changes, you should be fulfilled, and (thrilled x 100).  Reading how guys have overcome difficult life circumstances and thrived in the LEP while reversing years of poor eating choices has made the program so much more than a nutrition experience.  Thank you for putting the LE program together.



Top 3 finalist – Women

Forum name – “Lisa79”
Location – Port Elgin, ON
Age – 29
Starting weight – 146
Ending weight – 126
Inches lost – 35 inches

Her experience
“I’m thrilled to be one of the top three finalists.  But not as thrilled as I am with the results of this program! This has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  Thanks for putting together such a great program and giving me the tools I need to start living a healthy lifestyle.”




Top 3 finalist – Men

Forum name – “Impaler”
Location – Helsinki, Finland
Age – 27
Starting weight – 240; Waist size – 46 inches
Ending weight – 190; Waist size – 36 inches

His experience
“I aimed to win the grand prize.  But even though I didn’t win, just 6 months in this program initiated a change in me that I’m still amazed at.  Wow.  When I started, I was going through many devastating hardships in my life.  And I was having a tough time dealing with it all.  But just sticking with the program got me through it.  And by the end of the program, I weathered the storm.  Now I feel like I’m worth more than I have ever been in my life.”




Top 3 finalist – Women

Forum name – “TransformationHereNow”
Location – Tuscon, AZ
Age – 42
Starting weight – 241
Ending weight – 195
Inches lost – 25 inches

Her experience
“Drop by drop the cup fills.   When my son first told me about LE and I first looked at the site, the stories of people’s transformations did impact me.  Hearing the change in what people thought was possible for them and what they discovered they were capable of was inspiring.  As I went through the process myself, though, it was nitty gritty.  Every day I did what I could.  I didn’t feel inspired every day.  But I learned that’s OK.  And by the end, just following the instructions, doing what I could, drop by drop I saw some profound changes.  I feel so much gratitude for this important lesson!”




An update: Results so far

At this point we’re about 1 month into the current Lean Eating group and, although I hate to continue to use words like awesome and mind-blowing, I just have to.  I’m so impressed with our current Lean Eaters that I’ve got to give them some praise.  And to share their numbers.

After just one month of Lean Eating, our clients are absolutely crushing it in terms of weight and inches lost (two of our important outcome measures).

Total Weight Loss Men: 822.1 lbs
Total Weight Loss Women:
585.1 lbs

Total Inches Lost Men: 422.5 inches
Total inches Lost Women: 833.9 inches

*So, in the end, over 1400lbs and 1250 inches were lost in the first month alone. If things keep up at this rate, our clients will have lost over 8400 lbs and 7500 inches at the end of this program. Holy cow!

Further, in terms of the more important behavior measures (you know, the things that clients can actually control, like showing up and completing their workouts, doing their assignments, and complying with the nutrition habits), our clients are doing even better than I expected at this stage of the game.  Here are their averages:

Women’s % Assigment Completion: 80.3%
Men’s % Assigment Completion: 70.4%

Women’s % Workout Completion: 70.8%
Men’s % Workout Completion: 64.5%

Women’s % Nutrition Habit Compliance: 80.6%
Men’s % Nutrition Habit Compliance: 77.6%

*Remember, consistency is ALWAYS the key to health, body composition, and performance changes.  So we make sure to emphasize, encourage, and track consistency – about all else.  Based on previous experience, group averages over 70% on these measures mean big-time results. Of course, the higher the better.

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