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[Video] Fitness 2.0:
The next generation of fitness


Look around. Things are changing in fitness and nutrition.

Technology, particularly web and mobile technology, have permanently changed how people can get healthy and fit.

We’re witnessing a legitimate revolution – it’s a big one – I’m calling it Fitness 2.0.

Whether you’re a fitness pro who trains others, or you simply want to get in better shape yourself, here’s why you should pay attention.

The future of fitness: Part 1

Fitness beta was aerobics and jogging. Fitness 1.0 was gyms and health clubs. Exclusionary and/or expensive, both had major limitations. Fitness 2.0 is flipping all that on its head. Click here to learn what Fitness 2.0 really is and how it’s helping change the way people get in shape.

The future of fitness: Part 2

Fitness 2.0 promises to make fitness possible for anyone & accessible to everyone in a very affordable way. It also promises to make things more fun and more engaging. Click here to learn the nine ways Fitness 2.0 is different. And how it’ll change the game for exercisers and fitness professionals alike.

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