How to build a fitness career that’s meaningful and fulfilling. [Video]
Becoming elite, loving your work, and making a difference.


Where’s the health and fitness industry headed? How can you leverage that to have the most successful and fulfilling fitness career possible? Here’s an inside look at the advice Dr. Berardi gives PN students and coaches.

If you’re watching this, you’re probably passionate about health and fitness. You want to get paid to do what you love to do, make a name for yourself, work on your terms, and help people while you’re at it.

But, when reality hits, your passion can dwindle. Clients are complicated. You don’t book as many hours as you’d like. Results are elusive… or nonexistent. When is this fitness career going to get FUN?

You know you’re better than some of the folks around you. But you don’t know how to prove it. Or translate it into a lucrative business. It can be frustrating.

The good news: It’s never been more possible to have a successful, fulfilling career in the fitness industry… on your own terms. But the industry is in so flux, and the different paths seem so diverse, that it can be hard to navigate.

That’s why I gave this seminar to a group of health and fitness pros in sunny Florida. Because, as a coach who’s been in the game for 25 years, the path to a fulfilling fitness career — and to guiding your clients toward change — is clear.

I gave the seminar via Skype from my home office (remember: “on your own terms”) and offered my take on where the industry is going — and the best way for fitness pros to position themselves for the most interesting career.

The strategies I lay out here aren’t complicated, although they do take a lot of practice. But once you master them, your clients will start thinking of you as a genius and your peers a leader.

If you’re a coach, or you want to be…

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