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Interests and Acknowledgements

Who Had A Financial Stake and Who Helped?

Competing interests

Genuine Health Inc, Toronto, Canada provided the nutritional supplements used in this study. Within the past five years, the author has been an independent consultant for Genuine Health. However, he was not compensated by Genuine Health in any way for the conduct of this study. Nor does he hold stock or shares in the company or receive compensation that is tied directly to product sales. In summary, the author was not paid as a consultant, or in any way in connection with this research. There are no other competing interests to report.


Funding for this work was provided by Precision Nutrition, Inc. an independent nutrition education and coaching company based in Toronto, Ontario. The author would also like to acknowledge Genuine Health for providing the nutritional supplements used in this study. Finally, special thanks go out to Helen Kollias and Alexandra Williams for their help with the study