Eggshell Membrane: Abstract | Precision Nutrition

Can Eggshell Membrane Reduce Joint Pain?


While many conventional treatments have been used to remedy chronic joint pain, interest continues to grow in the area of alternative, natural treatments. Eggshell membrane (EM) supplementation is a novel treatment for joint health, and has recently been shown to rapidly and continually improve joint pain in patients with osteoarthritis and joint and connective tissue disorders. The current study aimed to observe the effects of one particular eggshell membrane product (fast joint care+; FJC+) supplementation on chronic joint pain in physically active adults.


Sixty adults (40.2 ± 10.2 y; 78.6 ± 10.2 kg) experiencing chronic joint pain supplemented daily with either 500mg FJC+ or placebo, over the course of 4 weeks. Participants also completed a weekly exercise protocol designed to challenge their irritated joint. Participants then rated their joint pain immediately, and one day after, this exercise challenge.


Participants in the FJC+ group reported significantly less joint pain post-exercise following FJC+ supplementation (-16.13 ± 3.60) when compared to those in the placebo group (–4.30 ± 2.84; p=0.00171). In addition, during the 4 week study, both groups experienced decreases in next day joint pain (p=0.0015), although there were no significant differences between the two groups (p>0.05).


In the current study, daily FJC+ supplementation appeared to decrease post-exercise joint pain vs. placebo, although this effect did not persist 24 hours post-exercise. Because eggshell membrane research is in its infancy, further research may be needed to clarify its utility in managing joint pain.