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Can Eggshell Membrane Reduce Joint Pain?

In this study we looked at whether eggshell membrane supplementation can reduce chronic joint pain in active men and women. For a summary of what happened, check out this section.


Why Study Eggshell Membrane?

There are many prescription medications for chronic joint pain. However, interest has grown in alternative, natural treatments. Visit this section for a review of the most popular ones and where eggshell membrane might fit in.


What We Did. And How We Did It.

We studied 60 adult men and women with chronic joint pain. Weekly, for 4 weeks, we challenged their injured joints. Then provided them either eggshell membrane supplements or a placebo. Visit this section for more.


So What Happened?

Participants taking eggshell membrane reported significantly less post-exercise joint pain compared to those in the placebo group. To see all our fancy graphs, visit this section.


Some Clarifications About Our Work.

This is the third study showing positive outcomes with eggshell membrane supplements. Previous work has shown benefit in those immobilized by joint pain. And this study shows benefit in active people. Learn more in this section.


What Did We Learn?

In this study, eggshell membrane supplements appeared to decrease post-exercise joint pain vs. placebo. Although this effect didn't persist 24 hours post-exercise. To find out why, visit this section.


Where Can I Find More Information?

For a list of 25 studies we referenced in doing this work, check out this section.

Interests and Acknowledgements

Who Had A Financial Stake and Who Helped?

To find out more about our funding sources and who helped with the project, check out this section.

About the Author

Who is John Berardi?

If you'd like to get to know me a little better, check out this section for more.