Precision Nutrition Coaching For Women

by John Berardi, Ph.D.
Coaching spots opening in January 2015.
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For more info about PN Coaching, read on, and if you're interested in getting started, we strongly recommend you put your name on the presale list now while there's still time, because spots are limited and typically sell out within hours.

With Precision Nutrition Coaching, we take care of all food and fitness-related thinking for you. You get to refocus and relax, and get healthier and fitter than you ever thought possible – maybe even win some of the $250,000 in prize money. Here's how.

We’ve helped thousands of women get in the best shape of their lives; scroll down to view some of the photos and read their stories. Most were so focused on caring for others that they stopped taking time to care for themselves. And that's where we come in.

Our coaches are part nutritionist, part scientist, part caring friend. With a little personal trainer and personal concierge built in. Together, we find what works for you, and then hold you accountable and help you be consistent. You work with a coach for 12 months, entirely online, and we ensure you get healthier, fitter and happier with your body than you ever thought possible.

And if you're not healthier, fitter and happier than ever with your body, it's free.

Precision Nutrition Coaching is built around a single concept: one you can use right now, in your own life, whether you sign up for coaching or not. If you want to lose fat, read this page from beginning to end, because in it, I'll share that one essential concept with you and tell you in no uncertain terms the key to your success.

Coaching Summary:

  • 12-months of nutrition and exercise coaching for women who want to become lean, fit and healthy
  • World-class nutrition instructors (including yours truly)
  • Coaching, support and accountability to keep you on track and consistent
  • Private website exclusively for Precision Nutrition Coaching clients
  • Detailed nutrition instruction to get you eating the right way for you
  • Complete exercise program for time-efficient fat loss
  • Private email, forum and web chat support to connect with your coach
  • Exclusive presale price! Choose from one-time payment of $1799, or $179 per month (for 12 months), only for those on the presale list (general public pays $2199, or $229 per month)
  • $250,000 in cash prizes each year for the best transformations. Just a little extra motivation.
  • Results 100% guaranteed. If after 12 months of Precision Nutrition Coaching you're not healthier, leaner and stronger than you ever thought you could be, the program is completely free.
  • Spots are first-come, first-served, and typically sell out within minutes once opened to the public. Adding your name to the presale list gives you a chance to register 24 hrs early.

Who it’s for:

  • You’re a woman between 18 and 75 years old.
  • You've got some fat to lose.
  • You want to get fitter, stronger, and healthier while you lose that fat.
  • You're ready to be cared for, in your health, fitness, and well-being.

Who it’s NOT for:

  • Men. We have a separate coaching group for men here.
  • Figure/fitness competitors, models, and advanced level athletes/trainees who are very lean year-round.

Ten years of experience in high-performance nutrition. One question.

People always ask me the same question.

Some times, they ask directly and explicitly. Other times it’s what’s between the lines. Regardless, people always want to know the same thing:

"What really works?"

People seek the answer for different reasons:

  • They want to learn more.
  • They've tried – and failed – to accomplish their goals, and they're exasperated.
  • They're confused and overwhelmed by conflicting opinions, theories and systems.
  • They're afraid to make a mistake and do the wrong things.
  • They're impatient with the trial and error process.
  • They don't have enough knowledge or experience to distinguish true from false in the field.

Perhaps that sounds like you... just a little. It certainly sounds like me. I’ve asked myself the “what actually works” question my entire life.

And at different times – perhaps just like you – I’ve felt each of those emotions and motivations. They’re what drove me to do everything I’ve done in the nutrition world, to become an athlete, to compete and eventually win a national level bodybuilding competition, to pursue a Ph.D. in the field, to coach, to teach and to write about nutrition – and ultimately to co-found Precision Nutrition Inc.

And my answer is not what you expect.

The answer you may think you want.

Before I answer, ask yourself what kind of answer you expect from me. If the market research is to be trusted, the average woman desperately wants the answer to be one of the following:

  1. A new nutritional supplement that will transform her body without any other exercise, nutritional, or lifestyle changes.
  2. A pill, patch, or cream that does the same.
  3. A forgotten exercise, which when performed randomly, with poor form and at low intensity, will simultaneously burn fat and build muscle while one sleeps.
  4. A miracle food not naturally occurring in the civilized world, the absence of which in one’s diet is responsible for all manner of misfortune, from excess body fat to insufferable body odor and everything in between.

There are now some 80,000 separate nutritional supplements marketed in North America for their supposed medicinal properties. A raft of drugs used to lose weight and build muscle, some prescribed legally, some abused illegally, nearly all improperly supervised to say the least. And shelf after shelf of magazines and books singing the praises of this new exercise or that new food.

And most people using these things have not changed their bodies. At least, not for the better.

With Precision Nutrition Coaching, we do things a little differently.

If you’ve been following Precision Nutrition for a while, you know that we don't talk that way.

I believe that if you’ve made it to Precision Nutrition, you know that all that stuff is nonsense. I also believe that you've come here looking for the truth.

So here’s the truth:

There's no miracle cure. How you train, what you eat, and what supplements you take have an enormous impact on whether or not you realize your goals – and how quickly you realize them. So you do have to know all that stuff. And we teach you that in our Precision Nutrition System.

However, understand that all that information is truly of secondary importance.

You see, there is one lesson above all others that, if you learn it and accept it, will completely change your life. Here's that lesson:

"The most successful people in every endeavor tend to actively seek mentorship and accountability."

Read that again, please. Those who succeed actively seek mentorship and accountability.

People who have expert mentors and are surrounded by driven peers – and who actively take advantage of those resources – are much more likely to reach their goals than those without either.

There are a host of reasons why, including:

  1. Wisdom is shared quickly and freely.
  2. We get role models – at first, it’s easier to mimic than to learn.
  3. We get positive peer pressure.
  4. It lets us participate in something greater than ourselves.
  5. It creates a "team".
  6. We're validated and accepted.
  7. We get constructive competition.

In short, people with mentors and social support figure things out faster, make fewer mistakes, and are pushed to succeed by those around them. It’s a formula for success, especially in fitness and nutrition.

In fact, we once ran a survey of a sample of Precision Nutrition newsletter subscribers. We asked them a number of different questions, some of which were to ascertain their level of fitness, some of which were to test their nutritional knowledge, and some of which were to determine their access to mentorship and social support.

The results were fascinating.

The Mentorship & Social Factors Study

We wanted to know how much of an impact mentorship and social factors (external accountability, social support, etc.) actually have on a person’s ability to reach their fat loss goals.

We asked people to rate their happiness with their own body on a scale from 1 to 5, like so:

  1. Extremely unhappy – I’m nowhere near where I want to be, and I doubt I can make it.
  2. Unhappy – I’m far from where I want to be, but I’m willing to do something about it.
  3. Ambivalent – I’m working toward where I want to be, but I’ve got a way to go.
  4. Happy – I’m close to where I want to be and making progress.
  5. Extremely happy – I’ve achieved my goal and it's smooth sailing now.

We then compared those who answered "5" (Extremely Happy) to the other participants to see which factors made the biggest difference.

What stood out immediately was the fact that there wasn’t a significant difference in nutritional knowledge between the people who had achieved their goals (the 5’s) and the people who were still working on it (the 3’s and 4’s).

The people who achieved their goals knew their stuff (you have to, of course – success is not an accident), but so did many of the “in progress” people. In other words, you need to understand nutrition science – but it isn’t enough to get in great shape.

But then we looked at the response to this question:

“Have you ever had regular mentorship from someone who was in the exact shape you wanted to be in?"

[Here, we defined regular mentorship as constructive and impartial feedback and direction, on a near-daily basis, for a continuous period of at least 3 months.]

77% of those who reported being "Extremely Happy" with their own physique said “Yes,” that they had received regular mentorship.

Only 17% of those who reported being "Ambivalent" could say the same. And no one in the "Unhappy" category had received any mentorship.

That’s a remarkable difference. And it runs counter to everything you're likely to read about what's important when trying to get healthy and fit. Think about what all of this means for a second: to get in and stay in shape, you need to know enough about exercise and nutrition, that’s true; but that's also not enough. Most of all, you need to find someone who’s where you want to be, and lean on them for direction, support, and accountability.

So here’s the lesson. If you have a good mentor in your social circle right now, someone who has already done what you want to do, someone who can give you direction, help you stay consistent and hold you accountable, make the absolute most of it!

If however you don’t already have a mentor like that, find one immediately.

What mentorship has meant to me personally.

I met a mentor – Craig – when I was starting out and stumbling around in the gym.

Craig taught me how to train, how to eat, and most of all, how to prepare myself mentally for all the obstacles that would inevitably come my way in bodybuilding: managing my time, managing people’s changing perceptions of me, managing their subtle and not-so-subtle attempts to sabotage my progress in order to validate their own lifestyle choices (if you’ve ever had a family member or friend comment negatively on your diet and training, you know what I’m talking about here)...

Within about a year and a half, I was on-stage, winning the Mr. Jr. USA competition, and he was the first guy I thanked.

My mentor showed me “the way” much faster than I would have ever learned it on my own – if I would have ever learned on my own at all. Without his help I would probably still be back stumbling around in the gym, and certainly wouldn’t have had a career in the nutrition field.

In fact, I’ve been fortunate to have great mentors and great social support my whole life: I earned my Ph.D. working under the great sport nutrition pioneer, Dr. Peter Lemon, working with some of the brightest nutrition researchers in the world along the way. I’ve worked with some of the top strength coaches, skill coaches, therapists, physicians, surgeons, chiros, you name it.

I’ve been very lucky to have access to the top people in the field, and without them, Precision Nutrition would never have come into existence. So I’m immensely grateful for that, and I’m acutely aware of the impact all those people have had on my life.

Unfortunately, most people find neither mentorship nor support in the world around them.

Nearly every day, we get hundreds of emails from people covering topics that, only 10 or 20 years ago, would have been answered by guys like Craig at your local gym.

But these days, it seems to me that there are more and more people in the fitness and nutrition industry who know and care less and less.

And so people turn to the web, where you can find everything you need to know. Right?

Well, maybe not. In fact, I get the sense that amid all the billions of pages of information on the web, something is actually lost. I'll bet you feel the same way. I bet you feel that perhaps it would be nice if someone – a real person, a real, flesh and blood expert – could just sift through all of it for you and just get to the point?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ask a real person, a person who has been there before and seen it all, what really works?

Precision Nutrition Coaching for Women: Mentorship & Accountability, 24/7

Well, If you’re fortunate enough to know such a person, I'm encouraging you to take advantage of it.

Seriously, if you know someone who has done exactly what you want to do, who is willing to coach you through the process of transforming your body, then make the most of it – get out there and get to work. Ask questions, get advice, and put it into action. I promise you, it makes all the difference in the world.

But even if you didn’t have access to that kind of help before, you do now.

It's called Precision Nutrition Coaching for Women. And we created it so that we could make world-class mentorship available and affordable to everyone, anywhere, anytime.

If you want to build a body you never thought you could have, in a time frame you never thought possible, you need someone in your corner who has helped women just like you get it done.

That’s what we do at Precision Nutrition, and quite frankly we do it best. If you’re willing to bring the effort, we’ll guide you to your goal in record time.

Coaching specifically for women.

As a woman, you have particular needs that most men don’t have to consider.

  • Maybe you want to know how your menstrual cycle affects your training and nutrition.
  • Maybe you have to juggle child-rearing, housework, jobs, and social events.
  • Maybe you struggle with emotional eating at times.
  • Maybe your hormones and body are changing, and you're not sure what to do.

We created Precision Nutrition Coaching for Women to address all your concerns, and offer a friendly, private environment where you can feel comfortable asking questions. Plus, we have a tremendous group of women who are PN coaches, and former Precision Nutrition for Women clients, to help you out. So you're not stuck in the boys' club when it's time for girl talk.

We’ll help you find practical answers. We’ll help you construct an individualized program that’s disciplined and realistic, but not obsessive. And we’ll encourage you all along the way.

There is a way to maintain the focus, passion, and commitment, even with a busy family, work and social life – the Precision Nutrition way.

About Precision Nutrition Coaching

Precision Nutrition Coaching for Women isn't like anything else out there.

Here's how we're different:

Personal group coaching

We start with tightly-knit groups of clients, each pursuing the same goal (fat loss), each starting in the same place (with some fat to lose), and each with a dedicated coach to offer personal accountability and coaching.

Private website

Every client gets a username and password for our private Precision Nutrition Coaching platform. This is the hub of activity for the program. You log in each day, get your training program, nutrition habit, daily lesson and off you go.

Exercise program

We make exercise fun, simple, and easy to follow with video exercise demonstrations, detailed instructions, calendars, journals, and – as always – support from your coach and your private forum.

Daily nutrition habit

"Diet plans" are useless. People follow them only for a short period, if at all, and it always ends in failure. It’s too much at once. We do things very differently here. We teach you how to eat the Precision Nutrition way one very small piece at a time, introducing a new step only once every two weeks. Eventually, lean, healthy eating will come so naturally to you that you could do it without thinking – automatically – for the rest of your life.

Lessons and action tasks

We teach you the “what, why and how” of everything you need to know to get and stay lean and healthy, keeping it simple and clear. Then you’ll go and use your new book learnin' right away in real-world action tasks, always under the watchful eye of your coach.

Workout and habit tracking

Every day, you have two basic questions to answer for your coach: 1) “Did you do your workout?” and 2) “Did you practice your habit?” Simple: yes or no. You record it on your private Precision Nutrition Coaching client home page, and we track it – every single day.

Progress tracking

Every Saturday, you measure your progress. Some weeks you just step on a scale and measure muscle circumferences with a tape measure; other weeks you’ll track progress through subjective markers. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you exactly how to do everything, and we track and graph everything for you online. The important thing is that you and we as coaches will always have objective data to go on – not just opinions. With data, we’ll know for sure whether or not it’s working, and we’ll keep tweaking until you’re making the progress you deserve.

Photo tracking

The body transformation process is at least in part about how you look, so you'll measure that too. Every few weeks you’ll take new photos and upload them, and we’ll periodically compare them to where you started. In our years of experience, we've learned that the mere act of taking a photo is perhaps the most motivating thing you can do for yourself.

Support and accountability from expert coaches

A coach’s job is to lead the way – to push you, pick you up, and keep you going as the situation requires. And you'll need all of those things in your journey. When it does, the best coaches in the business will be on your case.

Comparisons with other options ...

We’re doing something unique here with Precision Nutrition Coaching for Women. So there isn’t a whole lot to compare it to.

But I suppose you could compare it to...

The "Do-It-Yourself" method.

Naturally, every woman's first inclination is to just pick up the latest book or magazine, read some blog posts on a fitness site, get a gym membership – and get down to work. In short, to try to read and research their way to fitness.

And of course, every now and again, you hear of some woman who did just that – the self-taught superwoman who simply followed the latest diet fad and worked out for endless hours at the gym until she was in incredible shape.

Having trained for over 20 years, and having coached literally thousands of clients, I can tell you with certainty: it's a myth. No one gets in shape alone – at least not for long – and you can't research your way to a better body. In fact, trying to do so is the cause of so much frustration for women. Here's why.

"The small, everyday decisions that almost imperceptibly make you fat over time? That's your limbic brain. And no amount of DIY work will retrain it."

Researching and reading about fitness trains the wrong part of your brain. Whenever you read something in the fitness media, or even a peer-reviewed study on PubMed, you train and utilize the prefrontal cortex in your brain. In simple terms, you develop your ability to think about and understand concepts in exercise science. But the small everyday decisions that almost imperceptibly make you fat over time? Those are governed by an entirely different part of the brain – one that must be trained in an entirely different way.

The small, everyday decisions that lead to weight gain and falling out of shape are controlled by the limbic system and the so-called "lizard brain" that controls instinctive behavior and involuntary emotional response. When you overeat after a stressful day and barely notice it, it's the brain's limbic system doing the damage (choosing high-calorie foods or larger portions, and so on). No amount of reading or DIY work will rewire that part of your brain. The limbic system is slow to change, and the only way to do it permanently? Slow retraining under expert guidance, including rapid, accurate feedback every day.

When people say, "If you could have done it alone, you would have already," it's precisely this they're referring to. Changes involving patterned behavior (and that's all that fitness is, really) can only be made under daily guidance from someone who can hold you accountable.

The Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig style programs.

These program don't have our science- and research-based nutritional background. But they're popular. Reason? Mentorship, accountability, and social support!

Now just imagine what you could get if you:

  • took the mentorship, accountability, and social support aspects;
  • coupled them with the best in sport nutrition and exercise science;
  • stripped out the awful frozen food they sell you, and
  • designed the program to address women's specific needs.


Working with a personal trainer.

The sad truth is that most personal trainers (though certainly not all) know virtually nothing about nutrition. And without proper nutrition, their training plans go to waste.

In fact, two recent studies have demonstrated that even when training with high level coaches for 5 hours a week, folks lost only 1% of body fat over 12 weeks. The coach was only able to use exercise techniques (i.e., no diet changes), and he was only able to train the subjects for 5 hours each week.

Well, guess what – that’s exactly how most personal trainers work – and they’re lucky if they get 3 hours a week with a client! So personal trainers, take heed: without proper nutrition, the pursuit of fat loss is hopeless. (Luckily, we're trying to change all this with our Precision Nutrition Professional Certification).

What makes Precision Nutrition Coaching different

Incredible program design and coaching team.

Through our Precision Nutrition Certification, we have become the gold standard for professional nutrition education; we train and certify the world's elite fitness professionals. As such, we typically receive hundreds upon hundreds of applications for each coveted position on our own coaching and program design team – often from highly established doctors, academics, published authors and other outstanding applicants. In short, we have the luxury of selecting the very best, and our clients are extraordinarily well-served because of it.

Each coach we hire goes through a rigorous selection and training process. Precision Nutrition clients can expect to work with, literally, the best coaches in the world. Here's the coaching team you'll have on your side:

Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon (BA, MA, PhD, PN Cert.)

Krista Scott-Dixon believes that good nutrition and movement can transform our health, our communities, and our lives. With a doctorate in Women’s Studies, she understands the demands our clients face in trying to balance work, family, and self-care. And as a formerly unathletic person who took up grappling and judo and whose website,, has inspired thousands of women to embrace strength training, she’s living proof that it’s possible to be fit, funny, and smart.

Widely published in academic and popular journals as well as on the web, Krista is a superb writer and educator. And in her roles as Precision Nutrition’s Program Developer and Coaching Coordinator, she draws on all her considerable skills, creating and constantly refining the Precision Nutrition lessons to guide our clients through the most powerful transformations possible.

Dr. John Berardi (PhD, CSCS, PN Cert.)

Dr. John Berardi is the co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Precision Nutrition Inc. One of the world’s foremost experts on sport and exercise nutrition, Dr. Berardi has authored numerous peer-reviewed studies, books, textbooks and hundreds of magazine articles on the topics of exercise and sport nutrition.

As a nutrition coach and exercise physiologist, he has coached hundreds of elite athletes, among them professionals and Olympic gold medalists, and thousands of everyday folk through Precision Nutrition Coaching.

Studying under renowned researcher Dr. Peter Lemon, Dr. Berardi received his PhD in Exercise Physiology and Nutrient Biochemistry at the University of Western Ontario and is an Adjunct Professor at Eastern Michigan University and the University of Texas.

Erin Weiss-Trainor (BSc, MSc, CPT, PN Cert.)

Erin has an extensive knowledge of the human body, having studied Kinesiology both as an undergraduate at the University of Waterloo and as a Masters student at the same University.

Following her university studies, Erin spent two years in the field of intra-operative neuro-physiological monitoring, working with world renowned surgeons at Sunnybrook and Women’s College Hospital (Toronto, ON) and Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore, MD).

Constantly positive and motivating, Erin practices what she preaches, staying active and fit while managing a family of five and imparting in them the love of fitness that she herself possesses.

Krista Schaus (PICP, CPT, PN Cert.)

Krista Schaus’s athletic achievements alone would make her an exceptional mentor. But her most powerful gift is an uncanny ability to sense what people need and help them overcome their personal barriers. And as Lead Coach, she specializes in finding, supporting, and mentoring the team of coaches that makes PN great.

A former Ontario Provincial Police officer, before joining Precision Nutrition, Krista also ran her own business and served as a strength coach and operations manager at the renowned Poliquin Performance Centre.

As a powerlifter, Krista was a National Champion, two-time record-holder, and a two-time Commonwealth Champion. In bodybuilding she also won numerous prizes. Now retired from competition, she remains much in demand as a speaker and consultant. The mother of two, she is a talented visual artist and a passionate lifelong learner.

Toni Bauer (BA, NASM, PN Cert.)

Precision Nutrition Coaching renovated Toni Bauer’s life, leaving her 46 pounds lighter and – as the 2011 grand-prize winner – $10,000 richer. But the changes didn’t stop there. She went on to serve as a valued mentor in the program, to earn her Precision Nutrition Certification – and to join the PN team as one of our women’s coaches.

Certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, this busy mother of two ran her own successful personal training company for several years before joining PN, and has worked with a wide variety of clients to improve their fitness and health. A creative problem-solver, dynamic speaker, and skilled planner, Toni’s been there, she knows what it’s like – and she is fiercely dedicated to her clients’ success.

Cynthia Berg (BA, CHHC, PN Cert.)

Thoughtful, creative, and precise, Cynthia Berg maintains a supportive expectation of greatness for her clients. And as the 2009 women’s grand-prize winner, she understands Precision Nutrition coaching from the inside out.

PN certified and trained in the art of coaching according to the standards of the International Coach Federation, Cynthia also holds a BA in Psychology, with a focus on learning theory and cognitive-behavioral therapy. She has also studied nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. But deeper than any credentials, Cynthia’s proudest of her ability to intuit the emotional basis of people’s behaviors.

Eileen MacRae (RN, MScN, CPT, PN Cert.)

Facilitating other people’s growth is like an instinct for Eileen MacRae. A registered nurse and teacher of nursing students who is also a certified personal trainer and a PN Certified nutrition coach, Eileen has been guiding people towards better health and wellness for two decades.

Thoughtful and intuitive, this busy mother of two has a special gift for working with medically fragile clients – those who might be recovering from serious injury or disease. And as a Precision Nutrition coach, she brings sound judgment, warm humor, and rock-solid maturity to her role.

Veronica Porterfield (BS, MS, PN Cert.)

Veronica Porterfield’s compassionate regard for her clients teaches them to believe in themselves. A multi-lingual graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, she also holds an MS in human nutrition and is a licensed nutritionist who has taught at George Mason University and worked as a health counselor in a wide variety of settings.

Curious, resourceful, and emotionally grounded, Veronica keeps a special place in her heart for those clients who’ve failed in the past. She lives in Virginia, where she enjoys horseback riding and hiking with her husband and two children.

Jen Cooper (BSc, MPT, CPT, CHHC, PN Cert.)

Making fitness fun is Jen Cooper’s mission. A former triathlete, who also holds a Ms. Natural Philadelphia bodybuilding title, there is nothing that makes her happier than lighting a spark of change in her clients’ eyes.

With a Master’s in physical therapy, personal training qualifications, and certifications from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Precision Nutrition, Jen brings a wealth of knowledge to her role.

A one-time pharmaceutical rep who traded corporate success for a life in greater alignment with her values, Jen has volunteered with her city’s homeless community and founded an organization that promotes healthy living to women. And as a proud, former Precision Nutrition Coaching client, she adds to her coach’s toolkit the deep and abiding benefit of personal experience.

Denise Allen (BBA, CPT, PN Cert.)

Healthy energy is the essence of Denise Allen. With years of experience in corporate training and business management, Denise brings exceptional organizational skills to her coaching role.

Certified as a personal trainer, this mother of two and step-mom of one is also a proud graduate and former client of Precision Nutrition Coaching.

But her greatest strength is the example she sets of living in alignment with her values – exercising outdoors, eating healthy foods, and keeping fitness and wellness at the very pinnacle of her priorities.

Katey Caswell (BA, CHHC, PN Cert.)

With multiple certifications in nutrition coaching, Katey is extremely knowledgeable about the role of diet in healthy living, and has worked with clients whose food issues span the entire spectrum.

As a proud graduate and grand prize winner of Precision Nutrition Coaching. Katey holds a special place in her heart for clients who have a lot of weight to lose, or who don’t progress in a linear way. Meeting people where they are and taking them where they want to go is Katey’s mission.

Pam Davenport (BA, UAST Coach, NASM-CPT, PN Cert.)

A graduate of Stanford and the University of Kansas, with certifications in yoga, Pilates, weight training, life coaching, and many related disciplines, the enterprising and compassionate Pam Davenport home-schooled her six children, later compiling her accumulated wisdom in a book, Exercising Values, a parent-led fitness and character development program.

As a Member of Team USA in Age Group Triathlon, Aquathon and Duathlon, Pam is also an avid cyclist and triathlete, who’s been thrilled to compete and represent her country throughout Europe, Australia, and South Africa. Now, in her work as a coach, she’s delighted to help others reach their own best potential.

Janet Filipenko (BSc, Certified Yoga Instructor, PN Cert.)

Thoughtful, patient, and a superb listener, Janet Filipenko honors the individuality of all her clients, adapting her coaching methods to suit each person’s needs.

With a BSc in kinesiology from the University of Victoria, Janet has pursued her passion for health in a wide variety of settings, from one-on-one clinical rehabilitation work with seniors to several high-level health promotion positions with non-profit organizations and the B.C. government.

A former varsity field hockey champion, Janet also trained in Toronto as a yoga teacher. Her mindfulness practice continues to inform her work with clients, helping her to stay open to each person’s unique experience.

Lisanne Thomas (CPT, Certified Yoga Instructor, PN Cert.)

Yoga instructor, childbirth educator, entrepreneur, motorcycle racer, mother – to everything she does, Lisanne Thomas brings her joy in discovery, play, and learning. A former marketing manager for TD Financial, she threw over a lucrative head office career in favor of her deeper passion – facilitating transformative growth and change.

Having coached numerous couples through the transition to parenthood in her work as a doula, Lisanne is especially adept at helping clients negotiate the tricky pathways of change. And as a finalist and winner in the 2011 coaching program and a mentor to two cohorts of clients, she brings the enormous benefit of successful experience to her role.

Pam Ruhland (CPT, CHHC, PN Cert.)

Optimistic, forward-thinking Pam Ruhland has been a member of the PN community since 2009 and has successfully completed several iterations of our coaching program. She has also studied nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. As the former director of strength and conditioning for a branch of the Calgary YMCA, her warmth and interpersonal skills won her widespread affection and respect from her staff and many clients – not to mention several community awards for leadership.

A former long-distance runner who has completed six marathons and twenty half-marathons, this mother of six and grandmother of one now pursues powerlifting as her new fitness challenge – modeling for her clients the openness to change and growth that she aims to nurture in them.

Kate Solovieva (MA, CPT, PN Cert.)

Obstacle racer, yoga instructor, world traveller, former college teacher, and talented writer – the multi-faceted Kate Solovieva brings determination, drive, and intuition to every task she undertakes.

With degrees in psychology from the University of Waterloo and York University, Kate is never happier than when she’s learning, either inside or outside the classroom. And as a former client and mentor in Precision Nutrition’s Coaching program, she has experienced its transformational powers first-hand.

Holly Monster (PN Cert., IPE Cert)

Compassionate, caring, and creative – that’s a good description of Holly Monster. As a finalist and then mentor in our women’s coaching program, she was well known for her warm, focused, and helpful contributions to the PN community. Now, as a coach, she’s extending that positive energy to a wider range of clients.

A graduate of Seneca College’s Design Arts program, Holly is former web designer turned Reiki Master, who has earned certifications from PN and from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. And as someone who once loathed exercise and found daily activities difficult, she deeply understands her clients’ concerns– and knows how to help them find a path around any obstacles they face.

Sarah Maughan (PN Cert., RHN)

Sarah Maughan radiates the kind of positive, practical energy that translates easily to excellent client results. With special expertise in sports nutrition, disordered eating, and eating for mental health, Sarah’s approach is realistic, sustainable, supportive, and fun.

Sarah’s personal experience with food sensitivities combined with her Registered Holistic Nutritionist designation, makes her an exceptional guide for those facing similar challenges. Meanwhile, her degree in psychology from the University of Waterloo and her post-degree training in Emotional Focused Family Therapy give her unusual insight into the complex relationship between food and feelings.

Some of the best female coaches in the business.

Women coaching women: It's a great formula for success. And we've got a diverse team of top female coaches standing by to guide you. Whether you need advice on healthy cooking, help with getting your family on board, strategies for managing your daily routine, or tips on exercise, rest assured your coach will guide and support you all the way. Plus, our coaches have done everything you're trying to do – in fact, three of our coaches are former Precision Nutrition Coaching transformation finalists, who lost dozens of pounds and dramatically changed their lives. We get it. And we get you.

Social support from peers.

We provide mentorship and plenty of support as coaches. But you also need to be with other people in the same situation as you. As the saying goes, you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with – and if you don’t spend time with people who want to lose fat and get healthier in your everyday life, you need to do so online. Having others around who have the same questions and frustrations, who have the same goals and desires, and who are doing the same things as you are – it’s all enormously helpful.

The fact is, you’re not alone – you’re surrounded by people in the same boat as you. We're on your team. We believe in your ability to make real change. This can give you the confidence to stay motivated long term. With support, you can maintain the discipline to use your brain and your body to take back your health and your life. You’ll need to know some people who’ve been through it before, and you’ll need to know some people going through it with you – and your Precision Nutrition Coaching for Women support group provides both.

Combines state-of-the-art exercise and nutrition instruction (and a whole bunch more).

Good nutrition plus regular exercise equals great results. And we also throw in everything else you'll need to know. Like cooking. Sleep and recovery. Stress relief. Time management. Change psychology. Building healthier and happier relationships with yourself and others. The beauty, though, is that in Precision Nutrition Coaching for Women…

We make it easy.

Too much at once is a recipe for disaster. Too much information is overwhelming and leads to confusion, “analysis paralysis” and running in circles – and not to action. With Precision Nutrition Coaching for Women, we make it simple. You only need to know one thing at any given time: what to do next. We follow a simple principle that you will hear over and over again:

One habit at a time.

It’s truly the only way to change. Research and our experience show that you can easily change one behavior at a time. Change two behaviors at a time, though, and you'll almost always fail at both. Fat loss simply involves changing a few dozen behaviors and habits. Problem is, people try to change too many at once, often without even realizing. Even a seemingly simple change, like “Eat a healthy breakfast,” might mean changing how you shop, how you cook, what time you get up in the morning, what time you leave for work, etc. – perhaps 4 or 5 behaviors, and that’s assuming the person is even eating breakfast at all right now. Now try “Eat four healthy meals per day” – that could mean a dozen new behaviors. That's a lot. Too much, in fact. With Precision Nutrition Coaching, we break it down into one, easy-to-follow habit at a time. Because that’s the only way lasting change can happen.

Teaches habits and principles.

We focus on habits rather than diets, because that's what really works. One "little known" secret: the people in the best shape rarely use plans at all. I almost never follow a written diet plan. But I stay lean year round. Our coaches are the same. How? Simple: repetition of habits and principles. We’ve found sustainable healthy lifestyle choices and made them automatic. We change both your habits and your environment slowly and surely, so that success is inevitable. Eventually, eating well, looking good, and feeling great become almost effortless. And that lets you get on with the rest of your busy life.

Guides you toward self-sufficiency.

You don't have to depend on a coach forever. Precision Nutrition Coaching for Women will make you self-sufficient. We teach you all the fundamentals. We’ll help you every step of the way to make sure you do things right. By the time you’re done, you’ll have the skills, confidence and experience to be healthy and in great shape for the rest of your life.

Daily engagement with fitness.

A colleague of mine once said it best: if something is important, do it every day; if it’s not important, don’t do it at all. Great advice. If you want to get in the best shape of your life and be healthier than you’ve ever been, you have to find a way to include exercise and nutrition into your daily life. (Brief aside: that's why personal training and the "just exercise 3 times a week" school of thought don't work: it has to be daily.) The problem is that people assume that something that has to be done daily will be so hard and time-consuming that they’ll never be able to do it. Precision Nutrition Coaching shows that it can be done. In fact, the whole program is built around the concept of daily engagement with fitness. The secret? We not only allow you, we encourage you to start small – as small as you need to, even just 5 minutes a day – in order to work fitness into your daily life. Fitness must become a daily habit, and to form a daily habit you have to make it so easy that you’re 100% confident that you could do it daily. Once you do that, the rest is up to us. Once you build the momentum by doing even a little bit each day, we’ll slowly add new habits and practices that will help you lose more fat and live healthier than you ever thought possible. Take a quick glance at the pictures up and down the sidebar; that’s exactly what they did, too.

What other women are saying about Precision Nutrition Coaching:

Meet Patricia, age 55.

Patrica, a 55-yr old mother of 5, lost 70 lbs in 12 months.

Married and a mother of five, Patricia, 55, has been taking care of people for decades. Like a lot of committed mothers, she "didn't have the time" to lose weight or be healthy and instead bounced from diet to diet, losing weight then immediately gaining it back.

But when her obesity became a source of embarrassment and she could no longer perform simple daily tasks, she decided it was finally time to lose the fat – for good.

After one year of Precision Nutrition Coaching, Patricia lost over 70 pounds and looks fantastic in her svelte, sexy, and powerful new body.

"Women need to stop looking for a quick fix," she says. "I know they're frustrated with whatever diet book they're doing and I feel so badly because I know there's a better option," she says.

"I've done it. I've lived it. And I’m going to keep living it for myself and to be an example for others."

Meet Carey, age 41.

Carey, 41, lost over 80 lbs in 12 months.

Carey, 41, is a self-proclaimed rebel and was about as far removed from "athletic" as a person could be. Incredibly tentative before becoming a Precision Nutrition Coaching client, she wasn't quite sure what to expect and wasn't convinced she could change her body and life.

"I’d get that voice that said, 'This is not who I am, I don't belong in a gym, I can't do this!'" she says.

A year later, after losing over 80 pounds of fat and transforming her body from obese to lean and sexy, Carey found solace in working out and eating healthy, delicious food. The change surprised everybody, especially Carey.

"I realized that, yes, I am strong, this is what I do," she says. "Before Precision Nutrition Coaching, I felt like I was abandoning myself. I felt like I wasn't fully engaged. But now I say 'yes' to life."

Meet Kim, age 25.

Kim, a former Division 1 athlete, lost 24 lbs and 16% body fat in 12 months..

A former Division 1 athlete, Kim's fitness and perception of her body deteriorated rapidly after college. The days of regular workouts and healthy eating were replaced by high-stress jobs and overindulging on sub-par food.

But after too many long, disgusted looks in the mirror, Kim decided she wanted to re-kindle her athletic body.

"I loved competing and outdoor activities," she says, "I wanted a body that I could be proud of and would enable me to succeed. ”

A year after signing up for Precision Nutrition Coaching, Kim lost over 24 pounds and 16% body fat, winning $10,000 in prize money and forever cementing the healthy habits she needs to stay lean, athletic, and fulfilled.

"Precision Nutrition Coaching not only taught me how to make my own food, it taught me how to make my own happiness," she says. "That's better than any amount of weight loss or money won."

Meet Laurie, age 56.

Laurie, 56 and with her thyroid removed, lost 51 lbs in 12 months.

When Laurie put herself on the Precision Nutrition Coaching presale list, she was hopeful – but skeptical. After all, she was 56 years old, in menopause, and she’d already had her thyroid removed on account of cancer. Not to mention the fact that she’d been yo-yo dieting for years.

It wasn’t always easy. During her year as a Precision Nutrition client, not only did Laurie leave her dream house for much less spacious accommodation, but she also lost her beloved sister to cancer.

But through it all, the Precision Nutrition coaching habits kept her grounded. And as the extra fat began to melt away – all 51 pounds of it – she also started feeling a whole lot stronger. .

“Signing up for Precision Nutrition Coaching was the best decision I ever made,” she says. “I learned to eat right and exercise right. And I still can’t believe how easy it was.”

Now she’s fit, happy, and glowing with health. And she looks better than a lot of women half her age. “Honestly,” she says. “If I can do this, so can you!”

Meet Cheryl, age 49.

Cheryl, 49, lost 70 lbs in 12 months.

At age 49, Cheryl had a goal. By the time she was 50, she wanted to be in the best shape of her life.

The trouble was, she didn’t know how to get there. She just knew diets weren’t the answer. After all, she says, “Life is not a diet.”

Then Cheryl found Precision Nutrition Coaching. One year later, she walked away a whopping 70 pounds lighter – and $25,000 richer. Not only in the best shape of her life – but in better shape than she’d ever dreamed possible.

But her greatest reward? She learned to trust.

"Precision Nutrition Coaching is so much more than a weight loss program,” Cheryl says. “It’s a body-mind transformation program. And if you’re ready, and you trust, you’ll find out who you are, or who you want to be.”

Meet Heather, age 37.

Heather, 37, lost 47 lbs in 12 months.

Heather had tried everything – including weight loss surgery – to regain her health and get into better shape. But nothing worked – or nothing worked for long. Until she found Precision Nutrition Coaching, and walked away 47 pounds lighter – and healthier and more confident than she’d ever thought possible.

“There’s no mystery, really, when people gain weight or can’t lose it,” Heather says. “It all comes down to choices, environment, habits.”

What people need to jumpstart their progress is support, and help to “unravel the string that’s been wound up in the brain for so long.”

Precision Nutrition Coaching, with its superb lessons, its excellent coaching, and its vibrant community, provides that support.

“You can do it,” Heather adds. “You can unravel that string. There’s so much room for growth.”

Meet Melissa, age 32.

Melissa, 32, lost 55 lbs in 12 months.

Melissa expected she’d lose weight when she signed up for Precision Nutrition Coaching. And she did lose weight – an impressive 55 pounds, just in time for her wedding. What she didn’t expect were the gains – renewed confidence, deeper self-awareness, and a whole new identity as a fit and healthy person.

“I used to be a loser,” she says. But thanks to Precision Nutrition Coaching, she’s miles away from the angry and frustrated person she was in the past.

“Now I’m confident. I enjoy movement. I love good, clean, whole food. I enjoy cooking and clothes shopping,” she says. “My perspective on life, fitness, nutrition and how to approach my current career has completely changed because of Precision Nutrition Coaching. I am full of new creative energy.”

“Life is good, life is awesome. And now so am I!”

Meet Katey, age 43.

Katey, 43, lost over 100 lbs in 12 months.

Katey had tried everything to lose weight, but all the books, diets, and injections only led to a lighter wallet. In fact, she estimates she spent at least $20,000 on weight-loss information and programs – that didn’t get her anywhere.

It seemed like a hopeless situation. Until she found Precision Nutrition Coaching.

A year later, after losing over 100 pounds and winning the $10,000 in prize money Katey unveiled the body she always dreamed of having.

Her friends, the moms at her daughter’s school, even her doctor couldn’t believe the extent of her transformation. You must have had surgery, they said. You must have done a crazy diet.

Nope, she replied. I practiced healthy habits. And I believed in myself.

“The most important thing is I didn’t wait for things to change,” she says. “I decided to make it happen. And Precision Nutrition Coaching was my answer.”

One more thing: The $250,000!

There's one other thing that makes Precision Nutrition Coaching different: The $250,000 in prize money.

You see, we realize that big, inspiring goals are often achieved when the stakes are high. So for our coaching clients, we came up with something pretty inspiring: $250,000 of my own money, distributed to Precision Nutrition coaching clients who have the best transformations.

How's that for an incentive?

Watch us surprise our Precision Nutrition Coaching for Women winners.

About the $250,000.

Couple points about the cash prizes. The coaches and I will choose the winners at our sole discretion, but we will seek input from the group at large as well. We’ll decide the winners after the results come in, in December 2015.

Our criteria? The winner has to embody everything below:

  • Great visual transformation: We’ll look for a wow visual change that really demonstrates what Precision Nutrition Coaching can do.
  • Great story: We’ll look for a truly deserving candidate with great awareness of their own motivations and insight into the process itself.
  • Great client: We’ll look for someone who is truly coachable, who listens, who trusts the coaches and follows instructions.
  • Great contributor: We’ll look for a candidate who was a great help to the whole group, who was a genuinely positive influence on all the other women in Precision Nutrition Coaching.

Bring a good attitude and a willingness to follow instructions, and you’ll have a shot at winning some serious coin.

But do that, and you’ll earn something in the process that – although you may not believe it now – will ultimately be worth more to you than the money:

A new body, a new sense of yourself, and a new direction for the rest of your life.

How to be a part of Precision Nutrition Coaching

To be part of the program, you need to sign up for a spot after registration opens on Wednesday, January 14th, 2015. Registration closes on Friday, January 16th or when the spots are all gone – whichever comes first. Coaching spots typically sell out in hours though, because we keep group sizes small, and we rarely open more up once they're gone.

The registration process itself is simple:

  1. Click the “Register Now” button. You’ll find one at the bottom of this page when registration opens on Wednesday, January 14th, 2015.
  2. Fill out all info on the checkout page. Address, billing info, etc.
  3. Create or upgrade your Precision Nutrition account. If you have never created a PN account (for example after buying another product from us, or joining our forum) you can create one after checkout. If you do have one, you’ll simply upgrade it. You’ll use your username and password to log in to the private Precision Nutrition Coaching home page each day.
  4. Complete a few basic tasks before Monday, January 19th, 2015. Once you’ve created or upgraded your account, we’ll direct you to your private Precision Nutrition Coaching homepage, which starting on Monday, January 19th is where you’ll find your daily instructions. Until then, you’ll see a countdown clock and a list of tasks for you to complete before the program begins on Monday.
  5. Starting Monday, January 19th, log in each day. Every day, you'll receive an email with a link to access the Precision Nutrition Coaching program. Just click it, log in and you’ll find everything you’ll need: workout, nutrition habit, lesson, progress tracking, private forum, access to you coach . . . everything.
Once you log in, you'll find your workout, lesson and habit to practice.

"How much does it cost?"

To develop a training and nutrition plan with me in person over a weekend is $3000 USD. To work with a decent personal trainer is at least $650/month.

To become a Precision Nutrition Coaching client? $2199 one-time, or $229 per month for a year of coaching. That’s it.

And by taking early action and signing up for the presale list, you can join at a discounted price — $400 off. You can choose from one-time payment of $1799, or $179 per month (for 12 months) (As always, spots are limited. First come, first-served.)

I’ve been coaching for 15 years now, and I can genuinely say that this is the most affordable this caliber of coaching has ever been.

The technology is now available to provide truly elite level coaching at a lower price than ever before. The web has truly changed everything, and because all of our data tracking is automated, our coaches have more free time to actually coach. Precision Nutrition Coaching isn't only cheaper than in-person coaching -- it's more effective, too.

And best of all, you’ll get the results you want – guaranteed.

The Precision Nutrition Coaching Guarantee: Do as we say, and by December 2015 you'll be in the best shape of your life – or it's 100% free.

My belief is this: if you invest in professional coaching – and you do what your coach tells you to do – you should get the result you want. Apparently this is a revolutionary idea.

I’m supremely confident in Precision Nutrition Coaching, and you should be too. That's why we always put our money where our mouth is. So in short: Precision Nutrition will change your body, and probably your life, and if it doesn’t, it’s free.

Specifically, here’s how it works. If you …

  • Give us until December 2015
  • Follow your coach's recommendations (workout, nutrition habits, etc) at least 80% of the time

… you will be leaner, stronger, healthier and happier with your physique than you ever thought you could be.

And if you’re not, we’ll write you a check for every penny you spent, and you’ll be on your way, no questions asked. In short, do what we say and when it's done, you get to decide whether we did a good enough job. Simple as that.

See if you can find a guarantee like that anywhere.

Bottom line: do as we say and you’ll get the body you want. We guarantee it.

Why we guarantee everything:

We guarantee everything because it's our job as coaches to remove distractions and help you focus only on the task at hand. Once the results are guaranteed, all the wondering and worrying goes away. To succeed, you need a sense of calm and a single-minded focus on one thing, and one thing alone:

Logging in each day and following the instructions.

That’s it. That’s all you have to think about. Do that, and by December 2015 you'll be leaner, stronger and healthier than you ever thought you could be.

A final piece of advice.

If I can leave you with one simple piece of advice that just might change your life – that single, all-important key – it’s this: go out today and find a mentor.

Get out of your own way and give yourself the tools to succeed. Find someone who has done what you want, who understands how it was done, and who can teach you to how to do it too.

Then, listen to them.

I was lucky to learn that lesson early, and that one lesson has made all the difference. It will make the difference for you too. Be decisive and do it today, right now.

It truly doesn’t matter where or how you find that mentor – could be a friend, a local trainer, or a woman you see in the gym. And when the doors open to Precision Nutrition Coaching, we’re here too, if you want.

All that really matters is that you find one.

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Get on the presale list to register at a discount 24 hours before spots open to the general public.