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You’ve gotta have faith


When I help people with eating, exercise, and health, I see some succeed and I see some fail.

But wait — why doesn’t everyone succeed?

I mean, I provide candid information and use similar principles with everyone. I don’t withhold secrets from anybody. I use the same foundations over and over again. I help people individualize, set goals and make lifestyle modifications. I encourage them to take it at their own pace.

After all of this consistent information is provided, I still see two scenarios unfold:

  1. Someone sets a goal, works on the goal, and reaches the goal.
  2. Someone sets a goal, works on the goal (or acts like they work on it), and does not reach the goal.


While many variables could come into play – I think I’ve found a key factor. I think I’ve found the frequent theme that seems to hold true.

This is big stuff – I hope you’re ready.

The common underlying factor that determines success in the world of fitness, health and leanness is…


  • We have to believe in what we’re doing.
  • We have to believe in what we’re eating.
  • We have to believe in how we’re exercising.
  • We have to believe in how we’re living.
  • We have to invest our mind and body into it 100%.
  • We have to believe in our new habits, only then will we get results.

If we don’t believe, we don’t succeed.

Have you ever participated in something you don’t believe in? It’s pretty uninspiring, isn’t it? It’s pretty hard to sustain, isn’t it?

The power of believing trumps every “magic” exercise program, specialized meal template, and cutting edge dietary supplement.

Heck, you could exercise with a bag of sand, eat only kale, lentils, and oranges, and sleep in a camper every night. But if you believe in your strategy 100%, you’re probably gonna succeed.

First believe, then get results
First believe, then get results

Believing is something that comes from deep down. It’s not something we can get from a trainer or a magazine article.

If we don’t believe in what we are doing, does it really matter how many trainers/chefs we hire, or how many books we read? The result won’t happen. Remember your 6th grade basketball coach who said you need to believe to achieve. Homeboy was right on.

When I was competing in bodybuilding, I believed I would succeed. And success followed. My training wasn’t top secret – it was basic, consistent and intense. My nutrition wasn’t confidential – it was based on PN habits and I ate less than I needed. My trainer gave me the plan – I believed in it and I executed.

I didn’t search out a better workout scheme. I didn’t search out a meal plan that would get me in shape quicker. I believed in what I was given.

Meanwhile, people around me who weren’t succeeding had $100 bottles of supplements and shiny new workout journals – month after month. But they didn’t make progress.

Why? I think it’s because they didn’t really believe in what they were doing. They doubted themselves and the strategy.

This non-belief can be persistent when we acquire too much information. If we are always reading a new book, a new magazine, or talking with the trainers at the gym, we’ll always be second-guessing our current strategy. Plus we probably won’t be able to stick with a strategy long enough to really determine if it’s working or not.

And with so much conflicting information out there, people start doubting the basics. But the basics don’t change; only the details do.

So, are you worried about finding the perfect workout, meal plan or supplement?

Or, do you believe in the foundations of solid nutrition and exercise and implement them each day?

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