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Who’s your social support with cameos by Benson and Ballentyne

By John Berardi, Ph.D.


A few weeks back, I was hanging out at home on a Friday evening when the phone rang. Debating whether or not to pick up (my friends and family are probably laughing right now because this is sooo me), I decided to answer. And lo and behold, it was my friend and colleague Jon Benson, author of the book Fit Over 40, up from Dallas for the evening.

Although Jon had some business to attend to up here in Toronto, he wanted to take a break and get some dinner. So we planned to meet up at the Bahn Thai restaurant in Oakville, right around the corner from Jon’s hotel.

When I got there, two other surprise guests were in attendance, Jon’s friend and business partner, Jan Hauser, author of Free to Be Fit, and a gentleman who needs no introduction around here – Craig Ballantyne, Mr Turbulence Training himself.

Jon Benson, John Berardi, and Craig Ballantyne (looking kinda scary)

We spent the next few hours eating great tasting thai food, complaining about the service (which, is NOTORIOUSLY bad at this place), and talking about the fitness business, our own personal fitness, and more. And as we were wrapping up the evening, I was reminded of something really important.

You see, I’m always energized when getting together with like-minded friends and colleagues. In fact, after get-togethers like this, my focus, clarity, and motivation reaches an all-time high. And I nearly always walk away from such gatherings with new ideas, new views, and stronger bonds.

Me, Jon, and Craig Again (my turn to look scary)

Researchers have studied the factors that contribute most to a person’s success or failure. And while most people assume that where a person ends up in life is determined largely by socioeconomic level or perhaps intelligence, it turns out that the real determining factor is their social network.

If you hang out with people who drink a lot, you’ll most likely drink more. If you surround yourself with people who don’t exercise and who do eat junk food, you’ll most likely do the same. So what do you think will happen when you hang out with those who inspire you, who lift you up, and who demonstrate excellence?

If you’re struggling to meet your fitness goals (or any other goals in your life), it’s about time you did a social support inventory. Figure out if the people in your life are lifting you up or holding you back. And if you’ve got no one to motivate, support, and inspire you, isn’t it about time you did something about that?

PS…Special thanks to Jan for snapping the pics. She’s prettier than all 3 of us combined yet stood behind the camera the entire time.

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