Watch Precision Nutrition athlete and recent US Open Champion, Sloane Stephens, talk about
how Precision Nutrition helped transform her eating habits, her tennis career, and her life.

What can Precision Nutrition Coaching help YOU achieve?

Over the past 18 years, the Precision Nutrition method has helped over 100,000 clients — nutrition newbies, elite athletes, and everyone in between — improve their food and fitness habits and get in the best shape of their lives. To see the amazing results they achieved, check out this short video:

Meet some of the people whose bodies, and lives, have been changed by Precision Nutrition Coaching. Hear their stories and learn more about the $250,000 in prizes we give out each year.

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Precision Nutrition Coaching is now available to anyone who wants to eat better, improve their health, get the body they want. Plus, our next group kicks off soon. Here’s what 365 days of Precision Nutrition could look like for you.

A year of Precision Nutrition Coaching can be absolutely transformational.

A unique program, tailored to your needs.

Precision Nutrition Coaching helps you develop nutrition and fitness strategies that work for your life and your body. Here’s what a few more of our clients have to say about how the program met their own unique needs — and changed their bodies and health forever.

“PN was my last-ditch attempt to see if I could get back to a physical condition that I was really happy with. But I had rationalized myself into believing that because I was 50, I couldn’t do certain things. What I learned was that all of those limitations were limitations I set for myself. And none of them were true.”
- Mark, Precision Nutrition Coaching grand prize winner
“I feel a lot stronger. I feel more capable. Before PN, I was just a walker because I always thought I couldn't coordinate and do actual exercises. Now I feel like I can approach pretty much anything and add variety to my life. I'm thinking of all the things that I want to do and I'm able to do now.”
- Alicia, Precision Nutrition Coaching grand prize winner
“I needed to be accountable to somebody, to help me keep my eye on the ball. My PN coach checked in with me every week so I stayed focused. But what kept me most inspired and motivated to eat healthy meals and do the workouts… it was the results.”
- Spencer, Precision Nutrition Coaching grand prize winner
"In the past, if I hit a stumbling block, I would just regress. But at PN, they give you all the resources you need; they teach you about nutrition and how to take care of yourself; they’re there when you hit a roadblock. It’s not a diet, it is a re-education. It’s life changing."
- Lisa, Precision Nutrition Coaching grand prize winner