Precision Nutrition ProCoach

Fact Sheet

Launched in 2016, ​ProCoach ​​is ​an all-in-one digital platform and mobile app that allows professionals to ​coach nutrition, and lifestyle in a way that’s automatic, reliable, and scalable​,using the same technology and habits-based behavior-change program that’s allowed Precision Nutrition to help over 100,000 people get in their best shape ever.

Clients can access their nutrition program and connect with their coach directly on a desktop computer, or through the integrated mobile app for optimal convenience.

ProCoach is available only to Level 1 and Level 2 Certification students and graduates, and enables them to help more people, achieve better results, in less time than ever before.

At the touch of a button, ProCoach allows professionals to deliver Precision Nutrition’s proven method—with 365 days of lessons and content—to each of their clients. The program tracks progress digitally, providing coaches with data on habit adherence, exercise consistency, weight loss, circumference measurements, mental outlook, and more.

This frees up coaches to do what they do best: Connect with people on a deeply personal level, guiding clients through the obstacles and challenges that come with making transformative change to their bodies and health.

With ProCoach, professionals don’t need to write meal plans, email articles to clients, or create assessment forms. The program automates all of these repetitive coaching tasks. What’s more, ProCoach provides coaches with:

  • A mini website featuring a custom sales page for their business
  • Proven email marketing copy, social media campaigns, and phone scripts
  • Client quick-start guides and how-to instruction videos for hundreds of exercises

We didn’t originally develop ProCoach for health and fitness professionals. We created it to solve our own business problem, encapsulated in this simple question: How could we help more people achieve lasting changes to their health, appearance, and performance?

The result was ProCoach, and it changed our business forever. Now health and fitness professionals worldwide are using it to transform their own businesses.

In fact, since we first opened ProCoach in 2016, our ProCoaches have gone on to:

  • Enroll over 100,000 brand-new clients
  • Help those people lose over 965,000 pounds pounds
  • Collect nearly nearly $57 million in revenue

Getting Started and Cost

ProCoach is currently available with a risk-free 30-day trial.

  • Professionals can start their free trial by clicking ​here​.
  • Professionals pay $99 per month for ProCoach for 0-20 active clients; $149 per month for 21-50 active clients; and $199 per month for 51-100 active clients.


“I had tried to include nutrition coaching in my business, but it didn’t really work because I had no clue how to put it all together. ProCoach gives me a program that’s organized for me. It has drastically improved my coaching by keeping my clients – and ME – on track.” – Chris Poese, San Jose, CA

“ProCoach was what was missing from my business. Clients want an integrative system where they can upload their photos, see their progress and talk to their coaches, but I didn’t have the capacity to offer that. I’m 100% confident it is going to make a difference in people’s lives.”– Katie Wygant, Bakersfield, CA