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I Have All the Tools and Resources I Need to Make Sure I Am Giving My Clients What Is Best

Filtering out the good information from the bad is a tough but necessary part of being in this field. It takes attention to detail and can be extremely time consuming, especially when taking deeper dives into research. I found that aspect of coaching to be one of the more daunting responsibilities on my plate.

Now that I am PNL1 certified, I have all the tools and resources I need to make sure I am giving my clients what is best. With the knowledge and skills I have gained, I am confident in taking the most recent findings and communicating them to my clients in an effective and relatable manner.

Adam Poehlmann

Completed Certification

Dieticians & Nutritionists


I Was Overwhelmed by the Sheer Volume of Information Available About Nutrition

Before joining the PN1 certification, I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available about nutrition. Diets abound and super ingredients everywhere. Nevermind conflicting research. As a fitness professional, there was a base level of nutrition knowledge but it was difficult to differentiate the facts from the noise, much less figure out how to apply it in a consistent and approachable way.

Enrique Sanabria

Completed Certification

Dieticians & Nutritionists

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