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I Wasn’t Sure What It Would Look Like to Keep Teaching and Also Start Nutrition Coaching

My biggest struggles before joining the PN1 level certification were around having this interest and passion and desire to learn more about nutrition and wanting to apply it in a way to help others, but not knowing how to make that next step! I have a full time job that I also love, which is teaching kindergarten, and I wasn’t sure how it what it would look like to keep teaching and also start nutrition coaching.

Once I started the PN coursework, I knew I had made the right choice to pursue my passion! I really enjoyed being a student, again. I found it was a great refresher for concepts I learned with my first degree in exercise science, but also lots of new information related to this great holistic view of nutrition. I was really impressed with the PN certification. Upon completion I felt much more prepared, and had a clearer focus of what my next steps in nutrition coaching would look like! I was so excited to finish!

Kelly Slagh

Completed Certification

Crossfit & Athletic Performance


Now With a Precision Nutrition Certification I Feel Confident to Be Able to Help My Athletes and Clients

Every week there’s a new headline or documentary claiming to uncover the “facts” on health and it leaves all of us consumers confused on what to focus on. All I want to know is how can I coach myself and my athletes on the fundamental aspects of nutrition to be able to reach the level of health they want to achieve.

Now with a Precision Nutrition Certification I feel confident to be able to help my athletes and clients see how the choices they are making are working for or against THEIR individual goals. By being able to explain how particular foods are processed and affects the body in different ways I am able to coach all levels of athletes and has also given me the tools to live my healthiest life.

Josh Banning

Completed Certification

Crossfit & Athletic Performance


I Think the New Cert Will Help Fitness Professionals Get the Best Results for Their Clients

I think the new Cert will help fitness professionals get the best results for their clients because it will equip them with a proven and systematic approach that is based on up-to-date scientific data to tackle a complex challenge.

Having spent over 2 years searching for the best nutrition training that would complement my medical background in order to make me the best possible coach. I identified PN as the best choice based on its solid scientific foundations and PN’s frequent updates to reflect our growing understanding of nutrition and behavioral science. Just as importantly, I think PN stands out for its wise ethic to avoid the all-too-common industry pattern to push expensive, ineffective and unsustainable supplements and instead go where the evidence leads: behavior modification leads to real and lasting results.

Dr. Victor Pena

Completed Certification

Health Professionals


I Can Help Others Transform From Within the Way I Have

Now that I’ve received my certification, a quite a few things have changed. I am extremely confident in myself, my knowledge around exercise nutrition and my own eating habits/body. I’ve learned to enjoy cooking and eating more without freaking out about my macros 😆 It’s also changed the trajectory of my career path. I’m a 9-5er, and I love my job, but I’ve always wanted to truly help people and this is it. I can now help my friends and family to feel their absolute best. I can help clients get off the disordered eating hamster wheel that I used to get stuck on.

I can help others transform from within the way I have. Just a little backstory: I was diagnosed with a chronic disease at 19. Had surgeries, went through pretty intense treatment still to be told I’d never be cured and suffer constant pain. Feeling helpless and unwilling to accept that fate, I cleaned up my diet and started exercising. I know we can’t use PN as a form of medical treatment, but I can definitely say that the lifestyle change has kept me pain-free for 7 years. Hope this isn’t too much!

Brittany Williams

Completed Certification

Health Professionals


Now I Can Relate to Anyone and Coach Them

My biggest struggle before joining PN Level 1 was struggling to relate to clients. I come from a place where tracking my food was all that I knew. I knew that I could advise clients on tracking their macros and logging all of their food on MyfitnessPal. However I felt that something wasn’t right. After studying the Level 1 material I learned how that level of planning was not necessary for the average working person looking to be fit and lead a healthier lifestyle.

I now feel that I can relate to anyone and coach them to leading a healthier lifestyle without following any specific diet or tracking their food. A small percentage of the population has mastered the basics, so I learned that keeping it simple is enough to get people the results they’re looking for!

Jermain Wallace

Completed Certification

Weight Loss


I Feel Empowered With the Right Information

My biggest struggles were there’s too much information online, I needed the assurance that I was absorbing the correct information and PN caught my attention as I also wanted to take up a nutrition course that is flexible in terms of time and place.

I feel empowered with the right information and am able to work on my own nutrition and would also wouldn’t be overly worried on consulting other people

Michelle Koh

Completed Certification

Coaching Confidence

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