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I’m Ready to Help Others Achieve Their Optimal State of Well Being

I have always had a passion for fitness and an active lifestyle. Over the years this journey of competing in fitness shows and different diets I learned how to achieve my goals through knowledge and consistency. Now I’m ready to help others achieve their optimal state of well being … In both mind , body and spirit… I can honestly say you can’t balance a bad diet by overtraining, so I’m here to help guide my clients to find a healthy balance to life and make positive improvements every day for permanent results. 🤓💪🏻🥑

Linda Liduma

Completed Certification

Dieticians & Nutritionists


I Was Overwhelmed by the Sheer Volume of Information Available About Nutrition

Before joining the PN1 certification, I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available about nutrition. Diets abound and super ingredients everywhere. Nevermind conflicting research. As a fitness professional, there was a base level of nutrition knowledge but it was difficult to differentiate the facts from the noise, much less figure out how to apply it in a consistent and approachable way.

Enrique Sanabria

Completed Certification

Dieticians & Nutritionists


I Have All the Tools and Resources I Need to Make Sure I Am Giving My Clients What Is Best

Filtering out the good information from the bad is a tough but necessary part of being in this field. It takes attention to detail and can be extremely time consuming, especially when taking deeper dives into research. I found that aspect of coaching to be one of the more daunting responsibilities on my plate.

Now that I am PNL1 certified, I have all the tools and resources I need to make sure I am giving my clients what is best. With the knowledge and skills I have gained, I am confident in taking the most recent findings and communicating them to my clients in an effective and relatable manner.

Adam Poehlmann

Completed Certification

Dieticians & Nutritionists


PN’s Overall Approach to Nutrition Coaching Is One That’s Grounded in Sustainability

In my over 15 years as a registered dietitian, I’ve taken a lot of nutrition courses. What sets this one apart has a lot to do with the way pn presents the material. Don’t kid yourself, complex nutritional science topics are covered but pn delivers them in a clear, concise, no bs way – that is actually kind of fun (not your typical nutritional science textbook!). They zero in on what is key for fitness professionals to know and trim off the excess fluff.

Pn’s overall approach to nutrition coaching is one that’s grounded in sustainability. It’s a refreshing move away from the extreme, fast fix approaches that we know work for a short time and then stop working, leaving you and your clients frustrated and feeling like a failure. You can trust that what you learn here are the tools you need to get your clients to a sustainable place.

In the final section of the course, you’re given a system to follow that allows you to put all of that nutritional science stuff into action in real life in a meaningful consistent kind of way in your business. So it’s not just about having the background knowledge, but it’s also about giving you the real life tools and system you can use to put all of that knowledge into action in your business.

Irene Pace

Completed Certification

Dieticians & Nutritionists


PN’s Combination of Video Software and Professional Textbook Caters to Your Every Need

The difference-maker that separates PN from the rest is their dedication towards two critical components of creating a world-class coaching curriculum; learning style and applicability. No matter what type of learning style you are, PN’s combination of video software and professional textbook caters to your every need so you can maximize your educational experience.

Beyond this, I have found the applicability of the knowledge provided in the course to easily be used in my practice for everybody from stay-at-home parents all the way to world record-breaking athletes.

As a coach who has seen it all, I can confidently tell you that PN is at the top of the nutrition mountain for showing coaches exactly what they need to do to positively impact more lives and create a successful and rewarding career.

Dan Garner

Completed Certification

Personal Trainers & Fitness Instructors


Before My Education With Precision Nutrition I Wasn’t Consistent With the Nutrition Advice I Offered My Clients

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 6 years as a Strength Trainer. As a fitness professional, I’m often asked nutrition questions; people just assume if you’re a trainer, you know how to help people lose fat. This is a fallacy. Before my education with Precision Nutrition I wasn’t consistent with the nutrition advice I offered my clients. I shared critical thinking skills with others in regards to nutrition but I wasn’t well-versed in nutrition basics (the science).

Completing the certification has been a game changer for me in my coaching practice and with my training clients. In addition to all things digestion, energy balance, metabolism, etc. Pn1 also covers the science behind behavior change and the management of coaching clients journey. I have helped more than 30 people on their journey toward better health in the last year. I continually use Precision Nutrition as resource for myself and clients because their information is science-based, succinct, and current.

Janaya Eveland

Completed Certification

Personal Trainers & Fitness Instructors

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