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time, with better results.

ProCoach, Precision Nutrition’s world-class nutrition coaching software and curriculum, reopens on December 4, 2019.

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Precision Nutrition has worked with:

What ProCoach is, in under 60 seconds:

ProCoach helps you get better results while working less, growing your business, and living life on your own terms.

It does this by delivering PN’s research-proven nutrition and lifestyle coaching – complete with daily lessons, habits, progress updates, and more – to your clients or patients, with you as the coach.

Saves you loads of time.

ProCoach frees up your time by delivering (to your clients, on your behalf) daily habits / practices, lessons, assignments, check-ins, and more. Now you can focus solely on what you do best — coach.

Massive productivity.

By automating all repetitive coaching tasks (like habit tracking and teaching key concepts) you can increase both the quality of coaching you do and the number of clients you can coach.

Single-platform experience.

With the software (and built-in curriculum) you’ll be able to effortlessly coach nutrition, sleep, lifestyle, recovery, behavior change, social support, and mindset in a single platform. Exercise too, if you choose.

Coach exercise too.

PN’s coaching programs have long offered integrated exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle advice. So we recently unlocked our exercise vault for you to use with your own (selected) clients.

Add new revenue to your business.

Offer elite-level coaching services to new and existing clients, and add a highly scalable profit stream to your business.

Use it for only $99 USD per month.

For as little as what some coaches charge for a single session, you can use ProCoach with your clients.

You look superhuman.

No one can specialize in all areas of health and fitness. But ProCoach puts our team of world-class specialists to work for you, in your business.

Coaches while you sleep.

Go from coaching your clients for a maximum of 3 hours per week to coaching them 24/7 without more than a minute of extra work.

Why we built ProCoach.

When he was a young coach, Dr. Berardi wanted to change the world but was stuck coaching too few people,
working long hours, making too little money, and losing his passion for fitness. In this video he
explains how he solved the problem and how you can benefit from what he learned.

JB tells the story of how he went from 20 to over 100,000 clients with ProCoach

Level up your career.

Work less, help more people, start living on your own terms.

ProCoach is the exact nutrition coaching software and curriculum that Precision Nutrition has used to help over 100,000 coaching clients achieve incredible body transformations.

It’s also helped Precision Nutrition’s coaches work online, from wherever in the world they like. For example, one coach just spent another winter in Costa Rica, surfing in the morning, coaching in the afternoon. Another is a dad of 4 children who coaches around school drop-offs and pick-ups.

Instead of spending countless hours trying to piece together the technology, sophisticated tracking tools, and coaching curriculum on your own, you have Precision Nutrition’s proven coaching system and software behind you.

You get 100 lifetimes worth of learning and millions of dollars in investment in 60 seconds or less. You get a system that finally leverages your time effectively.

You get to live, and work, on your own terms, all while delivering world-class results for your clients.

Jeremy, ProCoach User

Here's what health and fitness pros
are saying about ProCoach.

ProCoach is used by trainers, strength coaches, rehab specialists, nutritionists, dietitians,
and other health and fitness pros around the world. Here's what they're saying.

Listen in as 8 ProCoach users talk about their experiences with the program.

ProCoach success stories.

Check out these in-depth interviews with some of the coaches featured above:

ProCoach opened the door to a deeper connection with my clients, helping them overcome boundaries they were stuck on before. Plus, the supplemental income and creative outlet totally transformed how I see my future.

Daniel Hennessey

No matter what chaos is happening in my life, ProCoach is running and my clients are checking in. After I have my third child (coming soon), I know I’ll be able to carve out little pockets of time to give my clients what they need. It’s the perfect answer for the lifestyle I want.

Carolina Belmares

ProCoach has called me forward as a coach, holding me accountable to make sure I help clients overcome barriers and get where they want to go. Plus, the ProCoach group offers new perspectives and an awesome community that wants everyone else to succeed.

Andrew Leonard

ProCoach is what was missing from my business. Clients want an integrative system where they can upload their photos, see their progress and talk to their coaches. But I didn’t have the capacity to offer that. Using ProCoach, I’m 100% confident I can make a difference in people’s lives.

Katie Wygant

I recently retired from a World Champion wheelchair rugby career, and I'm now using my life experiences to give back. People living with disabilities need help with their health and fitness too, and ProCoach is the best tool for that.

Curtis Palmer

I couldn’t figure out how to scale my mission to help women with PCOS get relief from symptoms through fitness and nutrition. Now I have 40 clients on ProCoach, and it’s been amazing to see their progress. Their lives will truly be changed.

Erika Volk-Gilliland

I tried to include nutrition coaching in my business, but it didn't really work because I had no clue how to put it all together. Now, ProCoach gives me a program that's organized for me. It has drastically improved my coaching by keeping my clients – and ME – on track.

Chris Poese

ProCoach allows me to provide more content than I could ever reasonably give a client at a one-on-one session, yet I am still able to keep it personalized. Plus, I’m able to coach more people – all while working from home, which allows me to spend more time with my children.

Nikki Strong

Focus only on what you do best.
ProCoach will handle the rest.

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Once you sign up for ProCoach and start adding clients, the software takes care of everything. From delivering daily habits / practices, lessons, and check-ins… to guiding your clients step-by-step — for up to one full year — through PN’s proven nutrition curriculum.

This frees you up to focus on what you do best for your clients: Be their coach, help them address and overcome challenges, and boost them over the occasional hurdle. You handle the human side of the coaching relationship. And ProCoach will handle the rest.

See exactly how ProCoach works.

See what you (and your clients) will experience inside the program; learn how you'll easily manage,
track, and interact with your clients; and much more.

See the ProCoach software and watch the coaching program in action.

What's new with ProCoach?

ProCoach is getting better every single day.

Through our exclusive ProCoach Facebook group, and the regular interviews and surveys we do with ProCoaches, we’re listening closely, responding dynamically, and creating new features every day.

As one ProCoach said: “I’m amazed at how closely you’re listening to feedback and shaping ProCoach in response. You’re saving us time, helping make both our experience and our clients’ experiences better, and much more.”

Indeed, since we opened ProCoach in June of 2016 we’ve released dozens of new features, including the following game changers.

ProCoach will automatically generate a customized mini-site just for you and your business.

Customized mini-site for every ProCoach

By answering a few simple questions within your ProCoach dashboard we’ll generate a customized mini website for your business, complete with custom web address.

It’ll lay out your services including the features, benefits, and hopeful future you’re promising.

Not only will this “do the selling for you”, it’ll also position you as the skilled, experienced, and educated coach that clients need to finally reach their goals.

With done-for-you marketing you can attract the right kind of clients without being
a marketing guru or advertising wizard.

Done-For-You Marketing

Attracting new clients is always a challenge. That’s why, with the help of Pat Rigsby, we created a host of online and offline marketing campaigns for you.

We built these to help you save time and make more money. They come complete with design assets, copy, and deployment instructions.

Now you can easily spread the word about your business and attract the right kind of clients without needing to be a marketing guru to do it.

Help set clients up for early success with personalized nutrition guidance from day one.

Custom Quick-Start Guides

Whenever onboarding new clients (either in-person or into an online program) it’s useful to share something tangible. Both so they feel like they’re getting something amazing for their money and so they can feel like they’re making progress on day one.

That’s why we’ve created these custom Quick-Start Guides. They’ll help set clients up for early success by giving them advice around portion control, workout nutrition, grocery shopping, and meal prep starting on Day 1.

The enhanced Learning Center will teach you everything you need to know to be successful.

Learning Center

Since we first launched ProCoach in June 2016 we’ve made major improvements to our Learning Center.

With articles on every imaginable topic, and an awesome search feature, the Learning Center will teach you everything you need to be successful with ProCoach.

ProCoach prize money winners.

$20,000 in prizes for you and your clients

Every year, we invite our ProCoaches to submit photos of, and stories about, their most successful clients. Prize categories include Best Transformation and Best Story, and are organized by age and gender.

Winners in each of the 8 categories take home $2,000 USD — $1,000 to the ProCoach and $1,000 to the client. (Plus, we give away some fun bonus prizes to selected runners-up.)

Selected clients will receive full exercise instruction including
written descriptions, HD video, and more.

ProCoach Workouts (Optional)

After working with thousands of ProCoaches to deliver comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle coaching, many began asking us to unlock our vault of expert-designed exercise programs so they can deliver a more holistic, single-platform experience.

As Precision Nutrition’s own coaching programs have offered integrated exercise, nutrition, lifestyle advice for years, we decided to make available — for a small additional, and totally optional, fee — our 28 client-proven exercise tracks for you to use with selected clients.

You now have 3 options for each client: Nutrition coaching only, Nutrition + exercise coaching, Exercise coaching only. The choice is yours.

With case studies, lessons, daily tips, and more, being part of this community will help you expand your network, grow your business, and strengthen your coaching skills.

Community of like-minded people + top experts

With our ProCoach Facebook group, you can now work alongside an extremely supportive group of over 2,500 ProCoaches — including trainers, nutritionists, sport coaches, therapists, researchers, and other healthcare professionals from all over the world.

You’ll also get daily access to Dr. Berardi, as well as some of our revered experts and coaches like Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon, Kate Solovieva, Craig Weller, Adam Feit, and more. Ask questions, get feedback and advice, and nerd out on all things fitness and nutrition.

ProCoach changes lives.

Over the last 15 years, we've used the ProCoach curriculum and software to help our clients get in their best shape ever.
And, since we first launched ProCoach in June of 2016, our ProCoaches have enrolled over 100,000 of their own clients,
who’ve together lost over 830,000 pounds (and counting).

Bottom line: The program works.

Want proof? Hear about the program, straight from our clients.

See firsthand how ProCoach has impacted the lives of our clients.
See what happens with 365 days of ProCoach.

Here are even more before and after photos of our coaching clients.

Click on any client above to zoom in and see their body composition date and before/after photos.
These are just a few of the thousands of clients whose lives have been changed using ProCoach.

Who is ProCoach for?

    ProCoach is for you if…

  • You want to be an elite coach, stand out from the pack, and get consistent, world-class results for your clients.
  • You value Precision Nutrition's coaching methodology, and want to use it in your own practice, with a majority of your clients.
  • You want an automated, sophisticated tool that guides your clients toward lifelong change — not some meal plan generator or cookie-cutter app.
  • You want to coach more clients, more effectively, in less time; either in-person or online.

    ProCoach is for clients who…

  • Care about their health and fitness, but need some help with their nutrition and lifestyle habits.
  • Want to get better results, vs. what they can achieve with fitness alone.
  • Are considered "Level 1" eaters — they typically make up about 70-80% of the typical health and fitness pro's client base.
  • Have a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone and are comfortable interacting online.

Lifetimes of research. Millions of dollars invested.
All yours for only $99 USD / month.

  • Dozens of daily habits.
    How does someone get in the best shape of their life? By practicing small, strategic daily habits, built over time. We've already created the habit curriculum and are excited for you to deliver it to clients. They'll get life-changing results, and you'll look like a rockstar coach.
  • Hundreds of daily lessons, assignments, check-ins.
    Your days of writing meal plans, emailing articles, cobbling together spreadsheets, and checking in manually are behind you. The ProCoach curriculum will automatically guide your clients step-by-step toward total body transformation, with you as their coach.
  • Over 100,000 clients coached through the program.
    Precision Nutrition has used ProCoach to help over 100,000 clients achieve incredible body transformations. Now, our ProCoaches are using it every day to help their own clients achieve awesome results.
  • 15 years and $15 million invested in research and development.
    Over the years, we've tested, refined, and perfected our coaching program. With the help of dozens of nutrition experts, researchers, and programmers, we've figured out the tech, the software, and the research-based curriculum — so you don't have to. It's all been done for you. Now, it's ready for your clients.


Our coaching team charges thousands for consulting. And our personal coaching clients have paid up
to $179 USD per month – each – for access to this platform.

And now we’re opening it up for you and your clients
starting at only $99 USD per month.

(The regular price is $149 USD per month. But when you join the free presale list today, you’ll get the
opportunity to save 30% during the upcoming registration).

Our Guarantee

We stand behind everything we do, and we want to make this super easy for coaches to try. 

This is why you can try ProCoach risk-free for up to 90 days.

Add all your clients to the system. And if you don’t think it will transform your career, your business, and the lives of your clients, you can cancel at any point and we’ll give you every penny back.

After 90 days, you can cancel any time. No questions asked. Just let us know and we’ll stop billing you right away.

Don't Miss Out!

The next ProCoach group
opens December 4, 2019.

On December 4, 2019, registration for ProCoach will open to a small group of highly motivated Level 1 Certification students and grads.

Spots are first-come, first-served, and typically sell out within hours of opening.

When you join the free presale list today, at no obligation, we’ll send you more info about the program and give you the chance to enroll a full 24 hours before we open to the general public.

Plus you’ll save 30% off the general public price.

Take the first step toward growing your business on your terms. Join the presale list today.

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Opens only twice a year, sells out quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to level up your coaching? Let us help.

You want to be a better coach. And you want to make a significant difference in people’s lives.

But you’re struggling because you don’t have time to learn all there is to know about nutrition and lifestyle coaching. And you don’t have the tools to manage a comprehensive coaching program for each of your clients.

The good news? We can help.

We’ve been in the trenches, developing and refining our coaching curriculum and software with tens of thousands of clients over the past 15 years. Now it’s all yours.

With ProCoach you’ll be delivering our proven nutrition coaching curriculum. Your clients will start making changes they never thought possible… and they’ll see you as the reason why.

You’ll separate yourself from the pack. Sales will be easier to make. And referrals will skyrocket. Meanwhile you’ll continue to practice and perfect what can never be automated: The personal relationship and trust that you have with your clients.

It’s all possible with ProCoach.

Coach more people in less time. Get better results than ever. Work, and live, on your own terms.

Join The Presale List

Opens only twice a year, sells out quickly.

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