Nutrition coaching: How much money can you really make?

When it comes to nutrition coaching, you might wonder: Can I afford to follow my passion? Can I quit my job? Can I have a career in health and fitness… on the side?

That’s why we created this handy income calculator, using data collected from hundreds of nutrition coaches.

Estimate your income


Estimate potential income

$450-$1550 per month

This is an example of potential monthly income based on our survey of recent Precision Nutrition graduates working 1-5 hours a week as a nutrition coach.

$2300-$6000+ per month

This is an example of potential monthly income based on our survey of recent Precision Nutrition graduates working 30-40 hours a week as a nutrition coach.

Keep in mind, these numbers are averages: Some coaches make less; some make more. A lot more.

In fact, for very successful Precision Nutrition coaches, $100 to $200 per monthly client seems to be a typical range. And some of these coaches work with as many as 50 to 100 monthly clients or more at any one time. (We’ll let you do the math.)

Of course, rates vary based on experience, location, and offerings (such as one-on-one vs. group coaching).

And as with any business, the amount of money you make depends on many factors, including your levels of interest and motivation, the time you can commit, and the results you can deliver.

But this calculator can help you better see the possibilities—whether you’re a veteran health and fitness professional looking to add a revenue stream, or you’re completely new to the industry and weighing your next step.

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