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There are currently 9,853 Precision Nutrition Certified coaches in 102 countries. If you’re looking for one in your area, either choose your country and state/province using the drop-down box below or click on the map directly.

A note about qualifications: Level 1 Certified coaches have completed our rigorous 16-week online nutrition coaching course. Level 2 Certified coaches have completed our 12-month graduate-level nutrition coaching mentorship. ProCoaches are Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Coaches who’ve partnered with us to use our online coaching tools and curriculum.

United States


Alexandra Brigham

Vestavia, AL

Amanda Skutch

Birmingham, AL

Amelia Smith

Specialization: Womens weight loss ; pre and post pregnancy
Athens, AL

Ashley Weiler

Heflin, AL

Beth Maloch

Pike Road, AL

Brooke Uptagrafft

Huntsville, AL

Callye Williams

Specialization: Sports Performance
Daphne, AL

Carie Gancy, RD, LD

Specialization: Wellness
Birmingham, AL

Carol Bevil

Specialization: CPT, CES NASM; LeMond Master Cycle Coach
Birmingham, AL

China Leary

Specialization: Athletes ages 15-22, women and men ages 30-45
Huntsville, AL

Christian Oliver

Specialization: Weight Loss, Gaining Lean Muscle Mass, Toning/Slimming Down
Dothan, AL

Christopher Frisbie

Pike Road, AL

Connor Mielke

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle Mass Gain, Strength and Conditioning
Auburn, AL

Dawn Woodard

Huntsville, AL

Deborah Kulmer

Specialization: Mass Gain, Weight-Fat Loss, Pregnancy, Elderly and Sports Specific Training
Athens, AL

Edward Henry

Specialization: Stubborn fat loss and longevity
Gulf Shores, AL

Emily Black

Madison, AL


Specialization: Fat loss, bulking up, sports nutrition
Foley, AL

Jenna Kuzma

Specialization: Women, 30+, Professionals, In-person, Online
Birmingham, AL

Jim McCallie

Specialization: Olympic lifting, bodybuilding, fitness
Irondale, AL

Jodie Day

Decatur, AL

Kathryn L. Rushing

Specialization: Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Herbalist, Certified Chef, Organic Farmer, Specialize in Southern Folk Medicine
Birmingham, AL

Keeli Shae' Michael, PharmD

Specialization: Pharmacy
Montgomery, AL

Lance Hagan

Anniston , AL

Lauren Clendenon, RD, LD

Specialization: Body Transformation, Weight Loss, Family Nutrition
Vestavia Hills, AL

Lori Bean

Madison, AL

Lynne Piwko

Enterprise , AL

Mandee Stearns

Huntsville, AL

Michelle Mobley Simpson

Specialization: Personal Trainer, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Oly Cert
Madison, AL

Michelle Simpson

Specialization: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Oly Lifting, Personal Trainer
Madison,, AL

Mike Mills

Specialization: Fat loss nutrition
New Market, AL

Molly Blomeley

Specialization: Group Fitness, Corporate Wellness
McCalla, AL

Nathan Eaton Sr.

Gulf Shores, AL

Ryan Romano

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
Birmingham, AL

Scott Miller II

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle Mass, Performance
Madison, AL

Shannon Crumpton, M.Ed., CSCS, Pn1

Montgomery, AL

Shannon Vanden Heuvel

Specialization: Weight Loss, Lifestyle Coach
Huntsvile, AL

Sharon Hudd, B.A.A

Birmingham, AL

Suanna Geater

Florence, AL

Tim McElyea

Specialization: Adults
Huntsville , AL

Tracy Sparks

Hartselle, AL

Treva Garcia RD, CPT, ACE Certified Health Coach

Specialization: Weight Loss Coaching
Madison, AL


Amanda M. Davidshofer

Ketchikan, AK

Brian Gwaltney

Specialization: Fat Loss and S&C
Juneau, AK

Caitlin McCurdy

Specialization: Weight loss
Juneau, AK

Claire Coppel, MS, PT, Dip MDT

Anchorage , AK

Jason Kittle

Specialization: Fat Loss, Strength training, personal training, nutrition coaching
Anchorage, AK

Kristen Mitchell, DrPH

Anchorage, AK

Lela Figarelle

Specialization: Fat loss, muscle building
Anchorage , AK

Michael P. Akins

Specialization: Fat loss, post-natal fitness
Ft. Wainwright, AK

Rebecca K Leivdal, Pn1

Specialization: Body fat Loss, mass gain, improving performance, competition prep, healthy living, lifestyle changes
Fairbanks, AK

Sarah M. Histand

Specialization: holistic health coaching, sustainable change, body-positive fitness, outdoor recreation
Valdez, AK

Sawyer Green, Pn 1

Huntsville, AK

Shawn A. Fears

Specialization: Strength Training and Conditioning
North Pole, AK

Steph Figarelle

Anchorage, AK

Tammy Dunn

Specialization: Weight loss, fitness
Anchorage, AK


Abner Calderon

Specialization: muscle gain, fat loss, and improve performance.
Phoenix, AZ

Adam Kuhlman

Mesa, AZ

Alan Pruitt

Specialization: Certified Personal Trainer, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, Youth & College Sports Strength & Conditioning
Yuma, AZ

Amanda Walker

Phoenix, AZ

Amber Kool

Specialization: Exercise Nutrition
Mesa, AZ

Amy Nelson

Specialization: On-line Wellness Coaching for busy executives using our pillars of Nutrition, Fitness, Leadership & Aging Well.
Phoenix, AZ

Ashe Higgs

Tempe, AZ

Be Mitchell

Specialization: family nutrition, weight loss, physical fitness, healthy lifestyle
Vail, AZ

Ben Novak

Phoenix, AZ

Ben Palmer, PT, DPT, Pn1

Phoenix, AZ

Benjamin Brown, MS, Nutrition, CSCS

Specialization: Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Habit Based Nutrition, Nutritional Deficiencies
Scottsdale, AZ

Beverly Brewer Karpinski

Specialization: Women's Health & Fitness
Phoenix, AZ

Bobby Kelly

Phoenix, AZ

Brad Thompson

Specialization: Golf fitness, athletic performance
Youngtown, AZ

Brandi Boers

Specialization: Sports Nutrition/ Holistic Health Coach
Phoenix, AZ

Brandon Day

Specialization: Corrective exercise, sport performance, hypertrophy
Phoenix, AZ

Bree C. West

Specialization: "Fat Loss" "Injury Prevention & Rehab" "Athletic Performance Enhancement" "Mindset & Lifestyle"
Scottsdale, AZ

Brendan McNamar

Specialization: Sustainable weight-loss, weight-loss after 40, nutrition for sports performance
Tempe , AZ

Bridget Lehmann

Green Valley, AZ

Brigitt Castille

Gilbert, AZ

Brittany Rodrigue

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Healthy Lifestyle, Pregnancy Nutrition
Scottsdale, AZ

Caitlin Barth

Scottsdale, AZ

Catherine Schockett

Tucson, AZ

Charles Horn, MAEd

Specialization: Long-term Athletic Development, Physical Preparation, Personal Training: weight loss & muscle gain, Pre- & Post- Natal, Nutrition and Lifestyle modifications.
Laveen, AZ

Chris Andrews, B.Sc., PN1

Specialization: Autoimmune, Aroma Therapy
Tempe, AZ

Chris Desrosiers

Tempe, AZ

Chris Green

Specialization: Weight loss, Muscle gain, Youth nutrition
Prescott Valley, AZ

Chris Hague

Specialization: Triathlon, running, triathletes, swimming, cycling, general fitness
Phoenix, AZ

Christalyne Causey

Specialization: Food allergies, weight loss, hormone regulation
Scottsdale, AZ

Christine Dwyer

Phoenix, AZ

Christine Lopez

Tucson, AZ

Christopher Litten

Specialization: "sports performance", "weight loss nutrition", "balance and gait", "cardio-respiratory health", "integrated fitness"
Tucson, AZ

Claire Treanor

Specialization: Crossfit, Weightlifting and Nutrition Coach
Phoenix, AZ

Conor Johnson

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning; Athletic Training
Tucson, AZ

Crystal Reeves

Scottsdale, AZ

Dave Dreas

Phoenix, AZ

David Authement

Phoenix, AZ

David B. Hill

Specialization: Competitive Show Prep & General Nutrition
San Tan Valley, AZ

David Larson, MS, CSCS, *D, Pn2

Specialization: muscle gain; fat Loss; sports nutrition
Scottsdale, AZ

David Romero

Specialization: fitness,sports, weightlifting
Yuma, AZ

Denise Gusich RN, Pn1, CF-L1

Glendale, AZ

Denise Teague, INHC, PnL1

Mesa, AZ

Denise Trudeau FMP, CEPC

Specialization: Midlife Professionals, Weight Loss Resistance, Hormones, Energy
Chandler, AZ

Don Hamden

Specialization: Corrective exercise, holistic lifestyle coaching
Show Low, AZ

Donald Jupp

Specialization: Sports Performance
scottsdale, AZ

Drew MacKay Timmermans

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Scottsdale, AZ

Dwight Pete, B.S. Kinesiology, PES, CAFS

Specialization: Sports Performance, NFL Combine Performance,
Phoenix , AZ

Felicia Roth
Gabe Bourland CSCS, RSCC, CES

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Sports Performance, Strength and Conditioning, Corrective Exercise, Biomechanical Movement Analysis
Phoenix, AZ

Genevieve Ure

Specialization: Plant-based
Tucson, AZ

Harris Murrieta

Specialization: Athletic Nourishment
Queen Creek, AZ

Heather Morrison

Peoria, AZ

Heidi Gabalski

Specialization: Endurance Sport Performance, Diabetes Prevention & Management
Flagstaff, AZ

Heidi S Gabalski

Flagstaff, AZ

Holea Charles AS, BS, NSCA-CPT, SFGII, Pn1

Specialization: Specialize in women in their mid 20s through their 30s.
Flagstaff, AZ

Holly Liske, PT, DPT

Tempe, AZ

Jacob Shores

Phoenix, AZ

Jacob Tullos

Specialization: Functional Health, healthy living, sports
Surprise, AZ

Jake Coyle

Specialization: Fat Loss Specialist/ Lower Back Pain and Shoulder Pain Specialist
Scottsdale, AZ

Jakub Izold, CPT, TRX, Pn1

Specialization: Weight loss, Strength training
Tempe, AZ

James Bosley, CSCS

Specialization: Strength Coach, Olympic Lifting, Body Recompositon
Phoenix, AZ

James Bryan Davy

Tempe, AZ

James Ellis

Specialization: Sport Performance, CrossFit, Weightlifting, Longevity, Aerobic Capacity
Mesa, AZ

james stratman

Specialization: Nutrition
tempe, AZ

Janell Koerper

Chandler, AZ

Jared Gaynor

Specialization: Athlete Nutrition
Cave Creek, AZ

Jason Thomas Meredith

Specialization: Sports Performance
Chandler, AZ

Javier Aguirre Martinez

Specialization: Certified Fitness Trainer, Specialist in Strength and Conditioning, Specialist in Exercise Therapy, Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, PN Level 1 Certified
Gilbert, AZ

Jerry Kontos

Specialization: Fitness Training, Weight loss, Massage Therapy
Mesa, AZ

Jesus Acuna

Specialization: "Weight management", "Sport performance"
Tucson, AZ

Joaquin Guzman

Specialization: Obese fat-loss and modified activities, seniors safe exercising and nutrition
Tucson, AZ

Joel Griffin

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, CrossFit, Nutritional Coaching, Flexible Dieting For Performance
Cave Creek, AZ

Joel Sanders

Phoenix, AZ

John F Gusich

Glendale, AZ

Jonni Khat Santschi, MCC, NCC, NASM-CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Mental Health and Physical Fitness
Glendale, AZ

Joseph Jex

Tucson, AZ

Joshua Bornstein

Marana, AZ

Juan Martinez

Glendale, AZ

Juan Sanchez

Specialization: Sports performance training and nutrition coaching
Gilbert, AZ

Julie Brown, MS, RD, CSSD

Specialization: Lifestyle & Wellness nutrition, Weight Loss, Sports Performance
Tempe, AZ

Julie Krommenhoek

Specialization: Busy moms
Chandler, AZ , AZ

Justin Boyce

Specialization: Specializing in Weight Loss and Sports Performance
Phoenix, AZ

Kaileigh Costello

Specialization: Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach
Scottsdale, AZ

Kaitlin Mackay

Specialization: NSCA CSCS, Nutritionist, Strength Training
Scottsdale, AZ

Kate Kline

Specialization: Body transformation, sports performance, education

Kate Kline

Specialization: body and health transformation, sports performance, education
Scottsdale, AZ

Kate Warren

Specialization: Sports & competition nutrition
Tucson , AZ

Katherine Courtright

Specialization: Bariatric Nutrition
Phoenix, AZ

Katrina Uzzanti

Specialization: Simplifying Nutrition for busy people
Phoenix, AZ

Keegan Harris, CPT, CF-L1,

Tucson , AZ

Kelly Gibson

Specialization: Vegan / Vegetarian / Gluten-Free / Plant-Based Nutrition
Chandler, AZ

Kelly Michael

Phoenix, AZ

Kelly Michael

Phoenix, AZ

Kendall Kimball

Specialization: nutrition for athletic performance--specializing in masters women athletes
Anthem, AZ

Kevin Jackson

Specialization: Fat Loss, Athletic Performance, Mobility, Hyper Recovery
Mesa, AZ

Kevin K Denz

Specialization: Body transformation, Life coaching, Addiction
Phoenix, AZ

Kevin Prebil, CSCS, Pn1

Phoenix, AZ

Kim LaJoye-Redus, M.S. Pn2

Specialization: Optimal Nutrition for Athletes
Scottsdale, AZ

Kimberly Hansford

Specialization: Senior nutrition
Chandler , AZ

Kris Machain

Tempe, AZ

Krista Moreland

Specialization: Weight Loss/Pregnancy/Mass Gains/Sports Nutrition/Life Style Coach/Sustainable Nutrition/Accountability
Peoria, AZ

Kristen Larson

Specialization: "cardiac heart healthy"
Oro Valley, AZ

Kristine Santiago

Specialization: weight loss & muscle building
Phoenix, AZ

Lance Jeffers

Specialization: Fat loss, muscle tone, strength development.
Mesa, AZ

Lauren Crum

Specialization: Health Behavior Change
Chandler, AZ

Lauren Hovey

Specialization: helping busy adults prioritize health, reduce stress, look and feel great, and gain sustainable long-term health and wellness
Scottsdale, AZ

Lawrence Robinson II

Specialization: Martial Arts competitor training/nutrition, basic fitness training/nutrition
Glendale, AZ

Lisa Dobriskey

Scottsdale , AZ

Lloyd Lewis

Tucson, AZ

Lon Allen

Phoenix, AZ


Specialization: Crossfit Nutrition / Fat Loss / Strength Maintenance
Yuma, AZ

Madison Murray, CPT Pn1

Scottsdale, AZ

Maggie Colecchia

Specialization: Recovery from illness or injury; training in a challenging way but within safe limits; in-home training
Gilbert, AZ

Matthew Hitzhusen

Phoenix , AZ

Melinda Pacheco, B.Sc.

Specialization: Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition, Weight Gain.
Ventura, AZ

Michael A Raspantini CPT PN1

Specialization: Pain Management, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain
Gilbert, AZ

Michael Austin

Specialization: Corporate Health and Wellness, Personal Training, Nutritional Educator
Phoenix, AZ

Michael Cunanan

Specialization: Functional fitness, Injury prevention
Chandler, AZ

Michael Frazier

Specialization: Fat Loss, Performance
Yuma, AZ

Michael G. Locasto

Scottsdale, AZ

Michelle Canady

Specialization: General Nutrition
Mesa, AZ

Michelle Rycroft

Specialization: Fat loss, Muscle Gain
Mesa, AZ

Michelle Stiles, PT, MS, MA, Pn1

Specialization: Reducing Joint Pain, Wt Loss, Avoiding a knee replacement, Reducing Inflammation
Tucson, AZ

Mike Fantigrassi

Specialization: Fat Loss, Performance Nutrition
Chandler, AZ

Mike Gombrich, CSCS

Specialization: Fat loss, lean mass gains, exercise programming, hormone manipulation
Phoenix, AZ

Nate Moses, B.A.,NASM-CPT, Pn1

Tempe, AZ

Nicole Balmes

Specialization: Powerlifting
Chandler, AZ

Nicole Mazziotti

Specialization: Autoimmune Conditions Nutrition
Tucson, AZ

Page Eikermann

Phoenix, AZ

Raquel Lannes-Sherrill

Specialization: overcome any illness with nutrition and I am a strength and conditioning specialist
Scottsdale, AZ

Rebecca Clements

Scottsdale, AZ

Rebecca Rosemann, MS, PA-C, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: professional general nutrition, sports nutrition, working adults, triathletes, high school athletes , bodybuilding athletes, post partum females, distance runners, and cyclists
Phoenix, AZ

Rebecca Teel

Specialization: Nutrition Coach, Fitness Coach, TRX
Oro Valley, AZ

Rhonda Trollmann

Specialization: Injury Prevention
Avondale, AZ




Specialization: Athletic Performance

Ron L Lehnerz

Phoenix, AZ

Sarah Stover

Scottsdale , AZ

Scott Marsh, BA, C.S.C.S.

Tempe, AZ

Seth Thomas CSCS, PN1, USAW, XPS

Specialization: Sports Performance and Nutrition
Chandler, AZ

Shawna Berhow

Phoenix, AZ

Stephanie Hsieh

Specialization: As a pediatric nephrologist, I help families with children with hypertension and obesity. Please note that I am not certified to see adults.
Phoenix, AZ

Stephanie Parsons

Specialization: Corrective Exercise and middle age weight loss
Scottsdale, AZ

Steven Adelman

Tucson, AZ

Steven Moser

Phoenix, AZ

Tammy Kaatz

Specialization: Healthy Habit fat loss
Phoenix , AZ

Teresa M. Rassega BS, CF-L1, Pn1

Scottsdale , AZ

Timothy Lyons

Specialization: Functional Training for Fat Loss
Scottsdale, AZ

Tracy Davis

Specialization: Weight loss
Anthem, AZ

Tracy Seman

Specialization: CrossFit Performance Nutrition
Anthem, AZ

Travis Azure

Specialization: Endurance
Gilbert , AZ

Vanessa Bruder

Specialization: Weight loss
Queen Creek, AZ

Willie Olivas


Zac Wheeler

Specialization: Nutrition for Weight Loss
Gilbert, AZ


Brandon K. Morrison

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Health and Wellness, FitRanX, Golf Fitness, Corrective Exercise, Functional Movements
Fort Smith, AR

Bruce Williams MS, Pn1

Specialization: Weight loss for adults
Bentonville, AR

Cari Oschman

Rogers, AR

Cherie Kilambi

Springdale, AR

Cynthia Pierre

Bentonville, AR

Cynthia Velotta

Specialization: Fitness training and nutrition
Bentonville, AR

Jennifer Foust

Specialization: Nutrition for Athletes, Weight Loss/Mass Gain
Benton, AR

Mason Woodruff, CSCS

Little Rock, AR

Matthew Mckinley Griffin

Specialization: Physique Competitors & Weight Loss
Ward, AR

Mimi Stewart

Rogers, AR

Richard Scott Morrow

Specialization: Personal Training
Benton, AR

Tom Pfeiffer

Sherwood, AR

Tonya Witt

Specialization: Lifestyle coaching
Conway, AR

Tracy Evans

Specialization: Weight Loss. I have loss 200 lbs of my own leading by example!!
West Memphis, AR

Armed Forces

Michelle A Martinez

Specialization: Lifestyle Coach
FPO, Armed Forces


Aaron Bazz

Specialization: Lifestyle Coaching, Athletic Performance, Contest/Photoshoot Preparation
San Diego, CA

Aaron Gillies

Specialization: Rehabilitation, Tactical athlete nutrition
Bakersfield, CA

Adam Blake

Specialization: Weight Management, Anti Aging, Strength Training
Huntington Beach, CA

Adam Bresciani

Specialization: Athletic development

Adam Croom

Redondo Beach, CA

Adam Hernandez, M.S.

Visalia, CA

Adam Kalt

Lawndale, CA

Adam Quinter

Los Angeles, CA


Specialization: Fat loss, muscle gain and sports nutrition
Huntington Beach, CA

Adam Sprein

los angeles, CA

Adam Thurtell, Pn1

Specialization: Athletic performance, weight loss, lean muscle gain
Pasadena, CA

Adam Villalobos

Specialization: Master Trainer, Weight Loss Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist
Chula vista, CA

Adele Aziz

Specialization: General nutrition
Encinitas, CA

Adrian Van Vleck

Specialization: Overweight women
Chula Vista, CA

Adrianne Nina Hoskins

Los Angeles, CA

Adrianne Pelt

Specialization: Weight loss, Behavior Change, Healthy Eating
El Segundo, CA

Adrien Jordan

Specialization: Body weight fitness trainer
Los Angeles, CA

Aga ChenFu

Redondo Beach, CA

AJ Zamora CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Holistic Functional Fitness and Conscious Lifestyle Coaching
Napa, CA

Alberto Baez

Santa Monica, CA

Alex Macias

Dublin, CA

Alex Nichols

Specialization: Jiu Jitsu/Judo Athletes
Oakland, CA


Westlake Village, CA

Alexander Houser

Specialization: Performance enhancement
San Francisco, CA

Alexander Myers

Specialization: Functional Strength Coach
Walnut Creek, CA

Alexandra Brown

Specialization: Weight loss, special populations
San Francisco , CA

Alexandrea Casini

Specialization: Holistic nutrition and fitness, weight training, weight loss and discovering a balanced lifestyle
Santa Monica, CA

Alice Trowbridge

San Diego, CA

Alicia Alvarenga

Specialization: holistic nutrition, fat loss, performance

Alisa Grant

Specialization: Corrective strategies, Performance, Pre/Post-natal, Kettlebells
San Francisco, CA

Alison Chang, CPT, FRCms, Pn1

Specialization: FRC Mobility Specialist, Weight Loss, Rehabilitation, Athletic Performance, Corrective Exercise
Saratoga, CA

Allan Francis Samaniego

Specialization: Weight Loss and Athletic Performance Enhancement
Palo Alto, CA

Allison Cass, B.Sc.

Groveland, CA

Allison Tibbs

Specialization: Personal Training, Weight/Fat Loss, Pre & Post Natal, Athletic Based Training
San Francisco, CA

Allyson Dahl


Alma Patricia Carrascosa

Calexico, CA

Alvin Hernandez

Specialization: Fat loss, Muscle gain, TRX, Cycling

Alyssa Caliendo

Specialization: Fat loss, pre/post natal, nutrition for performance
Los Angeles , CA

Alyssa Caliendo

Specialization: Strength and conditioning, post rehab strength training, family nutrition and meal planning
Los Angeles, CA

Alyssa Nakos

Specialization: Women's fitness and nutrition
Camarillo, CA

Amanda Hill

Oakland, CA

Amanda Hogberg

Specialization: Female Fat Loss
Redwood City, CA

Amanda Law

Pacifica, CA

Amanda M. Witteman, Pn1, Kaia certified coach

Specialization: Creating a healthy life style, goal setting, happy mind and healthy hearts
Irvine , CA

Amanda Schmidt

Specialization: Women's fitness, Weight loss specialist, Anxiety and depression
Dana Point, CA

Amy Hargett

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Pre & Post Natal
Palm Desert, CA

Analisa F Naldi

Mountain View, CA

Anders Norstrom

Specialization: Workout exercise execution
Danville, CA

Andrea Clark

Specialization: Women's Fitness, Pre-natal/Post-natal exercise, Cancer Exercise
El Dorado Hills, CA

Andrea Donnelly, RN-BC, MSN, CPT

Specialization: Weight loss for women
San Jose, CA

Andrea Sherrod

Specialization: Sports performance
California, CA

Andrew Babkes, NC, CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Weight Loss, Stress Reduction, Sleep
San Francisco, CA

Andrew C Mitchell

San Francisco, CA

Andrew C Nam

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching for Couples
Newark, CA

Andrew Canole

San Diego, CA

Andrew Cheng, MS, CSCS

Specialization: Chiropractic, muscle therapy, nutritional therapy, sports training.
Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

Andrew J. Willis

Santa Ana, CA

Andrew Le

San Jose, CA

Andrew Losik

Specialization: General Health and Wellness/ Core strength and stability/ Golf specific strength and flexibility training/ Fat loss and metabolic conditioning/ Speed and agility training
Menlo Park, CA

Andrew Thompson

Encinitas, CA

Andrew Walsh

Specialization: Muscle gain, Muscle toning, Nutrition, Supplementation, Injury prevention, Movement Specialist, Public Speaking
Newport Beach, CA

Andy Stucke MS, CSCS, D*

Specialization: Sports Performance
San Diego, CA

Angel Cipolla

Specialization: Weight Loss, Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle, Fitness at Any Age
Mission Viejo, CA

Angela Anne Ellefson

Specialization: Health and Wellness Coach/ Trainer
Long Beach, CA

Angela L. Knox, MBA, CPT, WLS, PN1

Specialization: Weight/fat loss , weight gain, cardiorespiratory and balance training
Long Beach, CA

Angie Bowman

Specialization: Bariatric Nutrition, Fitness and Behavior Change - My focus is helping those that are obese or morbidly obese.
Ventura, CA

Ann Affinito

Specialization: REV32 Lead Coach; Over all Fitness and Weight Loss; Lifestyle Coach
Walnut Creek, CA


Eastvale, CA

Ann Hoang

Sherman Oaks, CA

Anne Vidovich-O'Shea, M.A., Pn1

Specialization: Women 35 to 55
San Carlos, CA

Annie Berryhill

Specialization: Women 35+ and Diabetics
Laguna Niguel, CA

Anthony Cruz MS, CSCS, TSAC-F

Murrieta, CA

Anthony Pitsch

Specialization: Body composition, fat loss, muscle gain
San Francisco, CA

Anthony Scarlett

Specialization: Athletic Performance & Aesthetics
Santa Monica, CA

Anthony Sovinsky

Specialization: Strength and conditioning, SAQ, fat loss , mass gain, circuit training
Los Angeles , CA

Antonio J. Buck Jr.

Specialization: Body Transformation Expert
Monterey, CA

Ara Keshishian

Tujunga, CA

Armen T. Ghazarians

Specialization: Weight loss, "Muscle Mass" Gain, Post-Rehab, Boxing, Strength Training, Kettlebell Conditioning
Glendale, CA

Arthur Butron, BS, CSCS

Specialization: Group training and online coaching
Salinas, CA

Arttu Takala

Specialization: Athletic Performance

Ashley Beaver

Walnut Grove, CA

Ashley D. Furrow

Specialization: fat loss, lean muscle mass
Los Angeles, CA

Ashley F. Miller

Specialization: pregnancy nutrition, breastfeeding nutrition, general nutrition, weight loss
Carlsbad, CA

Ashley Taylor

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Special Population Nutrition (Auto Immune Disease, Metabolic Disorders, etc.), Pregnancy Nutrition
Alamo, CA

Aubrey Reavis

Specialization: Transformation, aesthetics, fitness competitions, TRX, Kettlebell, Correctives
Irvine, CA

Aun Dom

Signal Hill, CA

Aurelie Malish

Specialization: Weight Loss; Lean Muscle Building; Corrective Exercise Specialist; Performance Exercise Specialist
San Diego, CA

Austin Stubbs BS, CSCS, CES, USAW-L1

Specialization: Rehabilitation, corrective exercise, and strength training
San Francisco, CA

Autumn Rieb

Huntington Beach, CA

Benjamin Aporto Gonzales

Specialization: General Health and Fitness
San Francisco, CA

Benjamin Vozmediano

Los Angeles, CA

Betty Herberger, CPT,CLC,PN1

Santa Monica, CA

Bevin Fath

San Francisco, CA

Bianca Alexis Villegas

Specialization: Functional Movement, Corrective Exercise, Strength-Endurance Training, and Cross Training
Silicon Valley, CA

Bill Barrett

Specialization: Diabetes management
Los Angeles, CA

Bill Daniels

Specialization: Weightloss
Walnut Creek, CA

Bob Burdekin, AES, CHHP

Specialization: Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Roseville, CA

Bobby Dean

Specialization: HIIT training / Fat Loss / small group personal training
Tustin, CA

Bonnie Sessions

Specialization: Functional fitness & lifestyle / Weight loss
Ojai, CA

Brandon Marino, CSCS, Pn1

Norco , CA

Brandon Marsan, NASM CPT, CES, FNS, PN1

Specialization: Fatloss
Los Angeles, CA

Brandon Partovy

Specialization: Corrective exercise, Functional Movement, Mixed Martial Arts and Self Defense, Calishenics
Beverly Hills, CA

Brandy Buijten

Specialization: balanced nutrition coaching, macros, pregnancy nutrition, postpartum nutrition
Oceanside, CA

Bre Fowler

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching for Travelers, Digital Nomads, and Remote Workers
Los Gatos, CA

Brenda J Guillermo

Specialization: Weight Loss, Mass Gain, Performance Enhancement, Injury Rehab
Los Angeles, CA

Bret Smith

Specialization: Body Transformation, Fat Loss and Muscle Gain
San Diego, CA

Brett Billbe, BS, CSCS

Specialization: Sport performance, hockey, snowboard, speed skating
Ontario, CA


Long Beach, CA

Brian A Bidlingmeyer

Los Angeles, CA

Brian Baker

Newport Beach, CA

Brian Fischer, B.Sc, CMT, CSCS, PN

Specialization: Injury and Rehabilitation, Massage Therapy, Strength and Conditioning,
Redwood City, CA

Brian Gordon

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
Los Angeles, CA

Brian Johnson

Specialization: Healthy Aging, Mobility, Strength and Conditioning, Certified Massage Therapist
San Francisco, CA

Brian Lehner CSCS, Pn2

Chula Vista, CA

Brian McFadden

Specialization: Strength Training/Body Transformation/Nutrition Coaching
Huntington Beach, CA

Brian Schweitzerhof, M.S.

Specialization: Weight/Fat Loss, Healthy Eating Plans, Muscle Gain
Los Gatos, CA

Briana Barnes

Santa Cruz, CA

Brianna Wells

Los Angeles, CA

Britt Wanek

Specialization: weight/ fat loss
Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Brittany Barrett

Specialization: sports nutrition, women's nutrition
Capitola, CA

Brook New

Specialization: NASM Personal Trainer
Redding, CA

Bryn Anderson

Specialization: Adrenal fatigue, general nutrition
Carmel, CA

Caitie Wippermann

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Athletic Performance, General Population, Injury Rehabilitation
Santa Barbara, CA

Caitlin Losi

Specialization: Holistic nutrition
Danville, CA

Caitlin Weiler

Specialization: Implementing Customized, Healthy Lifestyle Changes, Nationwide Services via Skype, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain
Los Angeles, CA

Caleb Chiu, CSCS, PRT

Palo Alto, CA

Carissa Ruiz

Specialization: rehabilitation, senior, weight loss
Placerville, CA

Carleen Cuevas

Specialization: Body & Self Image, Autoimmunity, Mindset, Women & Teen Girls
Ventura, CA

Carlos Alvarez

Specialization: HIIT clases, healthy eating, healthy body
Los Angeles, CA

Carolyn Estep

Specialization: Mature adult functional movement, nutrition, lean muscle gain and fat loss
Roseville, CA

Cary Dominguez, CPT, FNS, Pn1

San Diego, CA

Cassandra Padgett

Specialization: Postpartum Nutrition
Oceanside, CA

Cat Bodnar

San Francisco, CA

Catherine Muller, NASM-CPT, PN1

Orange County Area, CA


Specialization: Fat loss program designing
Downey, CA

Chad Anthony Chrisman

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
Visalia, CA

Chad Poon

Specialization: Functional Movement & Weight Loss
Los Angeles, CA

Chad Smith

Riverside, CA

Chanee Malfavon

Redwood City, CA

Charles Walker

Specialization: Muscle building /Fat loss & MMA Fighter conditioning
Orland, CA

Charlie Pederson

San Carlos, CA

Charlie Watson

Specialization: Private Personal Training
San Diego, CA

Chelsea Simone McLaughlin-Arroyo

Specialization: Weight loss, strength training, mobility, balance, functional movement
Los Angeles, CA

Cheng Wang

Specialization: Postural Analysis / Training, Functional Training, Spots Performance Training, Body Composition Training, Pain Management Training, Online Coaching/Training
El Cerrito, CA

Cherie Thompson

napa, CA

Chris Burnham

Specialization: Endurance Sports, Weight Loss, Health Coaching
Marina, CA

Chris Huff

Specialization: Mass gain, Fitness nutrition, Athlete based nutrition, Vegan/Vegetarian, Bodybuilding
San Diego, CA

Chris Poese, Pn2, CF-L2

Specialization: Strength and conditioning, mobility, flexibility, general fitness
San Jose, CA

Chris Wells

Specialization: Fat loss, Mass Gain, Strength gain, Mobility
Oakland, CA


Specialization: Strength Training/Nutrition Coaching/In-home training/Endurance

Chrissie Courtney

Redondo Beach, CA


Specialization: Fat loss, muscle & strength gain
Rancho Cordova, CA

Christian Cinalli, CSCS, Pn2

Specialization: Weight Loss
West Hollywood, CA

Christian lissassi

Specialization: Wheight loss ,strength training,athletics training
Los angeles, CA

Christian Pitkin

Specialization: Functional, Strength/Conditioning, Stress Management
San Francisco , CA

Christie Miller, JD

Specialization: Nutrition and Health Coaching, Weight Loss, Healthy Living, Kitchen Makeovers, Dining Out Strategies, Meal Planning and Grocery Tours, Stress Reduction. We help successful professionals and entrepreneurs make practical, achievable and sustainable changes to intelligently LOSE WEIGHT and LIVE HEALTHY.
Long Beach, CA

Christina Bluhm

Madera, CA

Christina Reilly

Specialization: Women's Fitness and Nutrition
Huntington Beach, CA

Christine DiLullo

Specialization: Fitness Coach
Century City, CA

Christopher B. Cormier

Specialization: strength and conditioning & muscle mass
san francisco , CA

Christopher Connell

Santa Monica , CA

Christopher D Nordeen

Specialization: Functional & Corrective Exercise
Agoura Hills , CA

Christopher Guerrero

Specialization: Sports Performance
La Jolla, CA

Christopher Newton, MS CSCS

Costa Mesa , CA

Christopher "Fit" Wells

Specialization: Injury prevention, fat Loss, strength and conditioning
Oakland, CA

Christopher "Kit" Kaffer

Specialization: fitness, wellness, nutrition
Camarillo, CA

Christy Gasparino, CSCS

Dublin, CA


Specialization: Rehabilitation, functional nutrition, geriatric fitness, balance enhancement
Murrieta, CA

Claudia Martinez

Specialization: exercise nutrition
Oakdale, CA

Cleveland Hughes Jr.

Specialization: Weight Loss
San Mateo, CA

Clyde Mealy, M.S.

Specialization: Muscle Activation, Corrective Exercise, Weight-loss, and ongoing Coaching
Mission Viejo, CA

Colin Broadwater

Specialization: Corporate Programs
Templeton, CA

Colin Donohoo

Specialization: Movement Education, Injury Rehab/Prevention, Play Advocate
Canoga Park, CA

Colleen Ingraham, CPT

Specialization: Core Training and Nutrition
Chula Vista, CA

Connie Youn

Specialization: Women's Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle
porter ranch, CA

Coree Rountree, NASM-CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Lean & Strong
Auburn, CA

Corinna Satti

Specialization: Weight loss, just starting out
San Bernardino, CA

Cortney Eyer

Imperial, CA

Cory Johnston M.S., CSCS

San Luis Obispo, CA

Courtney Honda

Los Angeles, CA

Craig Bruce

Specialization: Fitness Over 50
Los Angeles, CA

Cyndi Velasco

Ripon, CA

Cynthia Carlson

Dana Point, CA

Daisy Huezo

Huntington Park, CA

Dale Alan Raymond

Specialization: Weight Loss Nutrition
Corona, CA

Dale Hill, NASM-CPT, Pn2

Ramona, CA

Dana Hauge CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Exercise Therapy, Athletic, Special Populations, Weight Loss, Corrective exercise, MMA conditioning, Youth Exercise, Health coach
burney, CA

Daniel Hechler, B.S., CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Sports Performance, Endurance Athletes, Powerlifting, Weight Loss
Mountain View, CA

Daniel Jose Espinoza

Specialization: Fundamental Fitness & Nutrition
San Diego, CA

Daniel Pollaccia

Specialization: Reaching goals, martial arts, strength training
Victorville , CA

Daniel Tatro - CSCS

Specialization: Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, Strength and Conditioning, Mixed Martial Arts
Mission Viejo, CA

Daniel Tran

Los Angeles, CA

Danielle Fitchett

Ridgecrest, CA

Danielle J. Williams

Specialization: Fat loss, manual therapy
Ojai, CA

Danika N. Valadao

Oceanside, CA

Darian Healy

Los Angeles, CA

Darien Pyka, CSCS

Specialization: Sports Performance
Laguna Hills , CA

Darrell Lutz

Livermore, CA

David B. Glover, MS, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Triathlon, IRONMAN
Valencia, CA

David C. Young

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning
San Jose, CA

David Competello

Specialization: Weight loss, Strength gain, Performance
Studio City, CA

David H. Stashik

Berkeley, CA

David J. Davis

Specialization: Sports Performance
Laguna Niguel, CA

David J. Scholz

Specialization: Sports Nutrition and Training
Santa Clara , CA

David Pendergrass

Specialization: Weight loss and sports performance tailored to you!
San Marcos, CA

David Richey

Specialization: B.S. Exercise Biology, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
Roseville, CA

David Valles

San Jose, CA

Davidson Wong

Campbell , CA

Deanna Smith

Specialization: Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Trainer
Valencia , CA

Deb Johansen

Specialization: Weight loss, menopause nutrition, pregnancy nutrition
Petaluma, CA

Debbie Barry

Specialization: Weight loss
Penryn, CA

Debbie North

Specialization: Injury prevention, functional movement and nutrition coaching for active clients over 40 who want to eat well, move well, and feel better than ever.
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Debra Carr

Lake Forest, CA

Dennis Rodgers

San Francisco, CA

Devin Maxwell

Specialization: Human performance; performance training; functional training
Los Angeles, CA

Devin McCord

Specialization: Running, exercise stress testing, cardiac a rehab and pulmonary
San Andreas, CA

Devin Noe

Truckee, CA

Diane Nguyen

San Francisco, CA

Diann Marchlewski

Los Angeles, CA

Dominique Marquez, PN1

Sacramento, CA

Don Renfro

Specialization: Weight loss and functional/movement training.
San Diego, CA

Don Straub

Specialization: Health and Fitness Specialist
Carlsbad, CA

Donnalynn Polito, EP-C/ACSM, PN2

Specialization: Back Rehab & Health, Active Older Adult, Weight Loss
El Granada, CA

Dorte Ellegaard Richardson

Specialization: Nutritional and life coaching, personal training, sports massage
Lemoore, Ca, CA

Dr. Aaron Benes

Specialization: Total Transformation
Costa Mesa, CA

Dr. Neil Maki

Specialization: Sports performance
Marina Del Rey, CA

Dr. Robert V. Duvall, DPTC, ATC Pn1

Specialization: Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Nutritional Guidance, Sports Performance,
La Quinta, CA

Dr. Serena Roda, PT, CFSC, Pn1

Specialization: Weight management, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Women's Health
Paso Robles, CA, CA

Dung Trung Tran

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Boot Camp, Fitness Training, Nutrition Counseling
Westminster, CA

Dustin Bogle

Specialization: Fat Loss
Victorville, CA

Dustin Emmons PN L2, HLC 1 and CHEK Exercise Coach

Specialization: Youth Athletic Performance, Baseball Training, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Fat loss, Muscle Gain, Sport Performance Nutrition
La Crescenta, CA

Dwayne Shumate

Specialization: *NASM Certified CPT, PES
Los Angeles, CA

E. Christine Maloney NASM CPT, ACE CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Fitness Boot Camps, Fitness and Health Consultant, Personal Training, TRX Training
Pleasanton, CA

Ebony Kirton

Specialization: Weight loss
San Bernardino, CA

Ed Fuchs

Specialization: Fat Loss, hypertrophy, building muscle, habit-based coaching, nutrition
Los Angeles, CA

Ed Gemdjian

Specialization: Body Composition, Fat Loss, Performance and Martial Arts Conditioning
Los Angeles, CA

Eder Saul Lopez

Specialization: Strength and Muscle Mass, Fat Loss.
Los Angeles, CA

Edward Pryor

Specialization: Total Body Conditioning (athletes - beginners)
Santee, CA

Elbe Verdi, Pn1

Specialization: Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease
Newport Beach, CA

Elena Ingoglia

Specialization: Performance, weight loss, sport
San Diego, CA

Elizabeth Arroyo, ACSM EP-C, Pn1

El Segundo, CA

Elizabeth Darcy

Specialization: Whole Foods Nutrition, Weight Loss, Increasing Energy, Adolescent Sports Nutrtion
Mariposa, CA

Elizabeth Edwards

Specialization: Weight Management
Eureka , CA

Elizabeth Foster Davis

Specialization: Women's specialist, weight loss, pre/post natal, lean muscle gain
Los Angeles, CA

Elizabeth R. Bain

Specialization: Running, Yoga
Alameda, CA

Elliott Schackne

Specialization: Fat Loss, Strength, Integrative Health
Costa Mesa, CA

Ellis Flint

Specialization: Women Weight Loss
Mountain View, CA

Elyse Petterson

Specialization: functional fitness, Foundation Training, bodyweight, HIIT, nutrition coaching
Walnut Creek, CA

Emily Freeman

Specialization: Weight loss, muscle gain, home visits, online training and nutrition coaching
Monterey, CA

Emily Miller

Specialization: Fat loss, muscle gain, pre/post natal
Newport Beach, CA

Emily Vezina

Specialization: Personal training, nutrition counseling, pre and postnatal training and nutrition, mobility
Palo Alto, CA

Emily Vezina

Specialization: Nutrition consulting, personal training, fat loss, muscle gain, mobility
Palo Alto, CA

Emily Zaler

San Diego , CA

Eric Baldwin CPT, PES. PN1

Specialization: Expert in Human Performance
Rohnert Park, CA

Eric Bartholomae

San Diego, CA

Eric Bonilla

Specialization: Women's Fitness
Walnut, CA

Eric Bono

Atascadero, CA

Eric McGue

Specialization: Mobility, Fat Loss
La Mesa, CA

Eric Michael Orner

Los Angeles , CA

Eric Morales

Specialization: Obstacle course racing nutrition, lean mass, gain mass nutrition
Hanford, CA

Eric VerSteegh

Roseville, CA

Erik Montes

Specialization: Nutrition, Boot Camp, Personal Trainer, Weight Loss
Orange, CA

Erika Joelle Lilley

Specialization: Fat Loss, Strength Training, Endurance Programs, Nutrition
Santa Barbara, CA

Erin Holland

Specialization: Athletes, parents, pregnancy
Walnut Creek, CA

Erin Kortum

Valley Center , CA

Erin Nix

Specialization: Nutrition for athletes
los angeles, CA

Eternity Ferrell

Specialization: weight loss, funtional movement, strength and conditioning training, ViPR, Pre & Post Natal, Kettlebell
West Hollywood, CA

Ethan J. Blair

Marina del Rey, CA

Evan Flock

Specialization: Postural Rehabilitation, Mobility Specialist, Manual Therapy & Bodywork
Los Angeles, CA

Farid Hashemi

Specialization: Natural nutrition. Plant based diets. Weight loss.
Los Angeles, CA

Faye Schulte

San Francisco, CA

Fernando B. Alcantara, CF-L1, PN1

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning; Nutrition Counseling; Health and Fitness; Functional Fitness; CrossFit Coaching
Signal Hill, CA

Foued Douma

Specialization: Lifestyle, Body and Mind transformation
Los Angeles, CA

Franchesca Hamill

Specialization: Fitness Nutrition
Ridgecrest, CA

Frank A Sabala Jr

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle Building, Weight cut for sport, Nutrition for athletes
manteca, CA

Frank Agzarian

Specialization: Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Strength Training, Macro Nutrient Coaching
Los Angeles, CA

Frank Fletcher

Specialization: Natural Health, Primal Movement, Dance
San Jose, CA

Frank Wu

Los Angeles, CA

Frankie Gonyea

Specialization: Mens Strength Training and Fat Loss clients
Fullerton , CA

Gabriel Jackson M.Ed, CSCS, SFG II, Pn1, USAW, FMS Level 2

Specialization: Sports Performance, Adult Fitness & body composition programs
El Dorado Hills, CA

Garret Rumbea

Specialization: Fat Loss
Lawndale, CA

Gary Deagle, BSc

Santa Monica, CA

Gary Heshiki

Specialization: Weight Loss
Pasadena, CA

Gen Levy, CPT

Specialization: Postpartum Fitness and Nutrition, Sustainable Fitness and Nutrition Coaching for Women 30+, Lifestyle Coaching for Women 200lbs+
Sherman Oaks, CA

Geraint James George West

Specialization: Special Populations
San Francisco, CA

Gerard Karsenty

Specialization: Pre/Post Pregnancy nutrition, Weight Loss Nutrition
Los Angeles, CA

German Garcia-Fresco, PhD.

Specialization: Nutrition research - Neuroscience research
West Hollywood, CA

Gianna Bandoni

Specialization: kettlebell training, strength training, weight loss
San Luis Obispo, CA

Ginger Snell

Specialization: Endurance Athlete Nutrition; Healthly Eating for All
Seaside, CA

Giovan Medrano

Oakland, CA

Gowrie Hayden

Specialization: disordered eating
Los Angeles, CA

Grady Caldwell Pn1

Specialization: General Health, Performance
Santa Clara, CA

Graham Mitchell

Specialization: Sports Performance and Fat Loss
Los Angeles, CA

Gregory P. Segrove II, MA, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Weight Loss & Athletic Performance
San Jose, CA


Specialization: Adapted Aquatics, Strength & Nutrition
San Francisco, CA

Hana Zarour

Specialization: Weight Loss, Metabolic Resistance Training, Core Strength, Strength & Conditioning
Los Angeles, CA

Hann-Shin Mao

Specialization: Performance Nutrtion for all levels
Richmond, CA

Hanna Look

Specialization: nutrition for CrossFitters
Costa Mesa, CA

Hanniel Puell, B.Sc., CSAC

Specialization: Fat loss, muscle gain, hormone imbalances
Santa Clarita, CA

Harley Jennings

Specialization: College student nutrition and sports nutrition
Thousand Oaks, CA

Harrison West

Specialization: Kettlebell Training, Maximizing Energy, Ayurvedic Nutrition and Cleansing
Scotts Valley, CA

Heidi Bollard

Specialization: Flexible Dieting
Irvine, CA

Heidi Keller Mohs

Campbell, CA

Hillary Holmes

Specialization: weight loss, weight management, athletes
San Luis Obispo , CA

Hossein Ordoubadian

El Granada, CA

Howard Tons, CPT, CES, AFAA, IYCA, PN1

Specialization: Fitness Rehabilitation, Nutritional Coaching
Castaic, CA

Huck Nielsen

San Francisco, CA

Hugo Brambila, B.S. CPT,

Sacramento , CA

Hugo Gonzalez

Specialization: athletic nutrition, fat loss, mass gain
Salinas, CA

Ian Gerber

Specialization: Lifestyle Improvement, Muscle Gain, Sports Performance
San Jose, CA

Ilsook Dahlin

Coarsegold, CA

Iming Shieh

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning Coach, Certified Personal Trainer
San Jose, CA

J.R. Gutierrez

Specialization: Weight loss, Strength, Core Strength, Biomechanics Specialist, Vipr, Kettlebelles, Precision Nutrition, Body Transformation
Los Angeles, CA

Jacilyn Dunphy

Vista, CA

Jacob Boonsook

Los Angeles, CA

Jacob Saldaña

Specialization: Fat loss, mass gain, athlete nutrition
Fountain Valley, CA

Jacquelin Gutridge

alamo, CA

Jacqueline Acosta, NASM CPT

Specialization: Weight Loss, Strength Training, Weight Training, Group Training, Body Conditioning
Oakland , CA

Jacqueline LeBlanc, B.Sc., NPTI-CPT, Nutrition Consultant

Specialization: Certified Post-Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist & Yoga Instructor, Nutrition & Fitness Coach, Consultant for Mobile Health Applications, Strength & Conditioning
San Francisco, CA

Jacquelyn Casado MSc, CSCS

Specialization: Injury rehabilitation, weight training, nutrition and sleep coaching
Beverly Hills, CA

Jacquelyn Moran, ACE-CPT, Pn1

Redwood City, CA

Jae Shin

Santa Clara, CA

Jamal Rason Hill Richardson Albini

Specialization: Results in the Safest and most optimal way
Costa Mesa, CA

James Airey

Specialization: Wrestling/Jiu jitsu/Crossfit athletes
North county San Diego , CA

James Carr CSCS

Specialization: Performance and Nutritional Evaluations/ Consultations
La Habra, CA

James Dunbar

Specialization: Fat Loss & Lean Muscle Development
Walnut Creek, CA

James E. Creek, M. D.

Specialization: Diabetes and Weight Management
Calexico , CA

Jami Edgell

Specialization: Fat loss, weight loss, muscle gain, disordered eating
Albany, CA

Jamie Granger

Specialization: Weight Loss, Sports Performance, and Holistic Life Coaching
Los Angeles, CA

Jamie Jankolovits

Santa Monica, CA

Jamie Whitney

Los Angeles, CA

Jana Burkholder

Specialization: Weight loss, corrective exercise
Woodland Hills, CA

Janna Chapman, Pn1, MCHC

Specialization: Whole-food plant-based/Vegan/Vegetarian weight loss and fitness for women.
Arcata, CA

Jared Covarrbias, CSCS, PN1

Specialization: Sports Performance & Personal Training
Costa Mesa, CA

Jared Miller, CSCS,*D, NSCA-CPT,*D, Pn1

Specialization: Strength Training, Body Transformation, Improving Movement Quality
Fresno, CA

Jasmine Johnson-Chestnut

Specialization: Women's Health and Fitness
Chula Vista, CA

Jason Haller

Specialization: Mobility, Core Strength, Fat Loss, Functional Movement and Strength
San Francisco, CA

Jason M Polman

Specialization: Endurance Sports
San Diego, CA

Jason Ottley

Specialization: Fat loss
Playa Vista, CA

Jason Rodriguez

Specialization: FRC mobility specialist
Hayward, CA

Jason Valadao, MD

Specialization: Medical Nutrition, Healthy and Exercise, Women's Health, Family Medicine, Military Medicine
Oceanside, CA

Jason Wagner

Saugus, CA

Jayme-Lee Hardwick

Specialization: Women's Nutrition
San diego, CA

Jean Blomo

Specialization: Building both inner and outer strength
Burlingame, CA

Jeanelle K Singh, MA, CPI, Pn1

Specialization: Sports Specific, Prenatal, Post-natal
Union City, CA

Jeanne Reilly, MS, RD, Pn2

Specialization: Weight management, sports performance, and pre & postnatal nutrition

Jeff Prescott Jr

Specialization: Elite Health and Fitness
El Dorado Hills , CA

Jeff Rother

Specialization: Sports performance, body composition, Olympic Weightlifting
Fountain Valley, CA

Jeffrey Miller

Specialization: Powerlifting, Strength Gain, Size Gain, Fat Loss, Overall Health
Sacramento, CA

Jeffrey Newman

Saratoga, CA

Jeffrey Yu // BS, CPT, CES, Pn1

Specialization: Eating Smart to be Fit
Long Beach, CA

Jennelle Thomson

Specialization: TPI certified, TriggerPoint Certified, Pre/Post Natal Certified, Post Partum Doula, Precision Nutrition Certified
Torrance, CA

Jennette Holzworth

Specialization: women's health
Campbell, CA

Jennifer Arensberg

Specialization: CrossFit Level 2 Coach
Martinsburg, CA

Jennifer Boudreau

Murrieta, CA

Jennifer Christy Myers BSc, NSCA-CPT, Pn2

Paso Robles, CA

Jennifer Ismar


Jennifer Levi

Specialization: Pregnancy nutrition; weight loss; incorporating essential oils, nutrition and fitness into your wellness routine
Lake Elsinore, CA

Jennifer Marsh

San Francisco, CA

Jennifer Moore

Specialization: Personal Training, Weight Loss, Triathlon/Endurance Sports Coaching
San Carlos, CA

Jennifer Moore

Specialization: personal/group training, triathlon coach
San Carlos, CA

Jennifer Trew

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Jennifer Weland

Specialization: private personal training and health/nutrition coaching for individuals and pairs, online fitness programs, health topic education and speaking
Lafayette, CA

Jenny Melford

San Diego, CA

Jeremiah Dees

Specialization: Movement Specialist, Bodywork, Nutrition Coaching, Rowing, Basketball, Volleyball, Running, Cycling, Mountaineering, Backpacking
Walnut Creek, CA

Jeremiah Farias

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Building, Strength & Conditioning
West Covina, CA

Jeremy Schmall

La Mesa, CA

Jeremy Shelton

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Martial Arts, Corrective Exercise
Studio City, CA

Jeremy Sheppelman

Specialization: Sports Performance, Body Composition Alteration, Bodybuilding/Physique, Performance Specialist
San Francisco, CA

Jerry D. Estrellado Jr.

Specialization: Tactical Strength and Conditioning; Weight Loss; Clinical Exercise
San Jose, CA

Jesse A Garcia

Specialization: NASM CPT, Posture Realignment, Weight loss, Lean Muscle Gain, Pro contest prep, Visualization Practices, Spiritual Bodybuilding
San Francisco, CA

Jesse P. de Jesus

Specialization: Fat Loss, Strength, Hypertophy, Corrective Exercise, Functional Movement, Nutrition
Long Beach, CA

Jessi Albin

Oakland, CA

Jessica D. Pippen

Specialization: Simple nutrition, simple fitness, corrective exercise, weightlifting, muscle building, fat loss, body recomposition, healthy lifestyle management, stress management and long term maintenance.
Compton, CA

Jessica McCartney

Specialization: Nutrition, Weight Loss and Maintenance, Corrective Exercise, Pre and Post Natal Fitness
San Francisco, CA

Jessica Palomino, PhD

Specialization: Weight Loss, Healthy Recipes, Women's Weight Loss, Nutrition Coaching
Aptos, CA

Jessica Rose

Specialization: weight loss, functional training, general health
Tujunga, CA

Jessica Wasinger

Specialization: Online Training & Nutrition Programs; WBFF Pro Fitness Model; NASM certified Personal Trainer; TRX certified

Jhay Bastien

Specialization: Weight Loss
San Diego, CA

Jino De Castro

Specialization: Yoga, Weight Training, Fat Loss, Lean Mass Gain
Los Angeles, CA

JJ Brawley

Specialization: Lose Weight, Tone up and Improve Health
La Mesa, CA

Joanna Trekas, B.S., NASM CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Women's Fitness, Pre/Post natal, HeartZones training, weight loss
California City, CA

Joanne Carroll

Long Beach, CA

Joanne Lee Cornish

Specialization: Weight loss, bodybuilding, pre menopause, education, small business wellness
Santa Monica, CA

Joe Selby

Specialization: mid-life fitness
Danville, CA

Joe Talarico

Specialization: Physique, Crossfit, Biohacking, Ketogenic, Paleo, carb cycle
Los Angeles , CA

Joey Bratton, B.S., ACE

Specialization: Weight Loss, Body Composition, Wellness and Performance Nutrition Coaching
Nevada City, CA


Torrance , CA

John Allstadt

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
Santa barbara, CA

John Azevedo

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Corporate Wellness
San Jose, CA

John Cheetham

Specialization: Sports nutrition and endurance athletes.
Berkeley, CA

John Colaneri, PT, DPT, CSCS,Pn1

San Diego, CA

John Ginos

Specialization: 90 Day Transformation Plan featuring: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep and Stress Management with Personal Coaching
Dana Point, CA

John Hofman, MS, CSCS*D

Specialization: Tactical, First Responders, Law Enforcement
Fair Oaks, CA

John Marczynski

Specialization: Lifestyle Nutrition & Exercise, Pre-Post Natal
Marina del Rey, CA

John Maynarich, OTR/L, CSCS

Specialization: Injury rehab, stroke rehab, postural restoration, weight loss, athletic performance
San Francisco, CA

John Nguyen

Specialization: Fat Loss, Customized Personal Training, 30-minute high intensity training that will get you results in just half the time.
San Francisco, CA

John Rhodes

Saratoga, CA

Johnny Gillespie

Specialization: Fat loss, Mass Gain, Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Cross Training
San Diego, CA

Johnny Tea

Specialization: Fat loss, muscle gain, strength training, manual therapy, weight loss, weightlifting, movement quality, flexibility
Pasadena, CA

Jolie Kobrinsky

Specialization: urban amazons (active women, moms & soon to be moms) who like unconventional training
Monterey, CA

Jon Brandi

Specialization: "Fat Loss","Muscle Gain","Mobility","Yoga","Actor Role Prep"
Los Angeles, CA

Jon Brandi

Specialization: Fat Loss Specialist
Los Angeles, CA

Jonathan Bernath PN1

Specialization: Weight loss and overall Nutritional health
Van Nuys, CA

Jonathan D. Jordan

San Francisco, CA

Jonathan Gullone

Carmichael , CA

Jonathan Higashi

Brea, CA

Jorge Chin, B.S Kinesiology

Specialization: Fat Loss, Body Transformation, Athletic Performance
Glendale, CA

Jorge H Montano JR, B.S, ISSA

Specialization: Sports fitness and nutrition
Reseda, CA

Jorge Salazar

Reseda, CA

Jose F Navarro

Specialization: Fat Loss, Ketogenic Diet
Newbury Park, CA

Joseph Andrews

Specialization: Lean Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, HIIT, Bootcamps, Tabata
San Francisco, CA

Joseph Gagner

Specialization: Transformation/Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Anti-inflammatory/anti-aging nutrition
Torrance, CA

Joseph Morstad

Specialization: how to improve movement and good nutrition while living with IBD
San Diego, CA

Joseph Morstad

Specialization: building muscle, improving movement, nutrition coaching, fitness and nutrition coaching for those with IBD
San Diego, CA

Joseph Seifeddine, BHK, NSCA-CPT

Specialization: Specializing in Strength and Conditioning & Nutritional Consultation; USA Weightlifting-Sports Performance Coach level 1
San Jose, CA

Josh Elsesser

Specialization: metabolic assessments, hormone profiles
Irvine, CA

Josh Hedgecock

Specialization: Exercise Therapy, TRX Suspension Training, Fitness over 50
Rancho Mirage, CA

Josh Mazie

Specialization: Strength Training, Endurance Sports, Kettlebells, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Functional Training
Costa Mesa, CA

Josh Meltzer

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain
Carlsbad, CA

Juan Reyes

Long Beach, CA

Judy Wright-Morris, MSc.

Specialization: body transformation, contest prep, strength & conditioning
Los Angeles, CA

Julie DelaBarre

Specialization: Pre-Post Natal, Changing Lives for a Lifetime
Santa Monica, CA

Julie Hutcheson

Folsom, CA

Julie Shimko, MA

Specialization: Weight Loss, Habit Change, Type 2 Diabetes Prevention
Richmond, CA

Juliet Starrett

San Rafael, CA

Justin Cochrum

Specialization: Nutrition, injury rehabilitation, strength training, mobility training.
Visalia , CA

Justin Danover, SCCC, CSCS, USAW L1

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Justin Farrar

Specialization: Nutrition, Health consulting, Hair testing
Pasadena, CA

Justin La Plante

Specialization: Body Composition, Strength Training
San Francisco, CA

Justin Miller

Specialization: Fat loss, Body re-composition, Sport specific, Habit change
Artesia, CA

Justin Werner

Specialization: Health Coaching, Sports Conditioning, Corrective Exercises
los angeles, CA

Justine LaRose NASM-CPT, PN1

Specialization: Weight Loss, Nutrient Timing, Food Prep for a busy lifestyle, Incease Energy & Mood for Stress Relief
La Jolla, CA

Kali Stewart

Specialization: Post-rehabilitative exercise and nutrition, Pre- and Post-natal, Compulsive Overeating
San Diego, CA

Kalina Cardoso

Specialization: healthy lifestyle, weight loss, toning up, personal training
San Diego, CA

Kamal Abdul-Khaaliq

Specialization: Muscle gain and Transformation
San Juan Capistrano, CA

Kanda Farrar

Specialization: Weight loss, body composition and personal trainer
Pasadena , CA

Kandi DeCarlo

Specialization: Endurance Sports, Triathlon, Cycling
Riverside, CA

Kandis Wannamaker

Specialization: Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Gain, Functional Movement, Overall Fitness
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Karen Pinnell

Specialization: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Weight Loss, Circuit Training, HIIT Training
Laguna Hills, CA

Kari Syme

Specialization: Kettlebell & Bodyweight Training; Corrective Exercise; Nutrition
Sand City, CA

Karin Yehling, BS, Pn1

Specialization: weight loss, strength training, nutrition coaching
Sylmar, CA

Karl A. Gresko

Specialization: Mass gain, functional strength, pre/post natal
Studio City, CA

Karrie Lemansky

Specialization: weight loss
Long Beach, CA

Kasey Esser

Specialization: Mass Gain
Culver City, CA

Kate Kirkwood

Santa Cruz, CA

Kate McGray

Los Angeles, CA

Kate McKenzie

Costa Mesa, CA

Katherine B Root

Huntington Beach, CA

Katherine Georgalos

Santa Barbara, CA

Kathleen Beachler

Specialization: Lifestyle change, Meal prep skills, body composition change
San Francisco , CA

Kathleen Charmaine Kane

Specialization: Nutrition, Physique Transformation/Competition
Seaside, CA

Kathryn Durham-Hammer

Concord, CA

Kathy Friend


Kathy Gotz

Los Alamitos, CA

Kathy Mascaro

Newhall, CA

Kathy Mascaro

Newell, CA

Kati Terray

Woodland Hills, CA

Katie Dufault

Specialization: Female Nutition
chico, CA

Katie Haney

Specialization: NASM CPT, NASM Women's Fitness Specialist, Youth Exercise Specialist, Group Personal Training Specialist, Youth Fitness Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, Pregnancy & Post-Partum Fitness
Simi Valley, CA

Katie Hinman

Mission Viejo, CA

Katie Wilder-Thomas

Specialization: "Weight Loss", "Performance", "Lifestyle Coaching"
Clovis, CA

Katy Jercich

Specialization: Strength development, neuromuscular re-integration, injury pre and post rehab, skill enhancement
San Francisco, CA

Katy Nishida, MBA, NCSF, Pn1

Specialization: Weight Loss, Strength Training, Animal Flow, Yoga, Pilates
Marina Del Rey, CA

Katy Welsh

Elk Grove, CA

Keith Smith

Specialization: In-Home Personal Training
Los Angeles, CA

Keli Roberts

Specialization: Strength and conditioning, weightloss, cycling
Pasadena, CA

Kelle Santin

Specialization: Weight loss, strength training, functional training , TRX, corrective exercise
Orangevale , CA

Kelley A McClean

Ridgecrest, CA

Kelly Valdez

Specialization: Weight Loss for Women
San Bernardino, CA

Kelsey Brown, M.Ed., CHES

Specialization: Holistic health and nutrition
San Diego, CA

Kelsey Schulte

Visalia, CA

Kelsey Velazquez

Irvine , CA

Kendra Sato

Campbell, CA

Kenneth Johnson, CSCS

Specialization: Personal Development
Inglewood, CA

Kenneth Oh

Specialization: Mass Gain, Weight Loss
Los Angeles, CA

Kenny Yu

Brea, CA

Kevin Colón

Specialization: strength & performance

Kevin Defro

Specialization: TRX Suspension Training, USB/DVRT, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain
Foster City, CA

Kevin O'Shea

SAN francisco, CA


Specialization: Holistic Health and Fitness
Glendale, CA

Kian Ameli

Specialization: Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Feel Good
Concord, CA

Kim Clark

Atascadero, CA

Kim Pope

Specialization: Female Hormonal Nutrition
San Diego, CA

Kimberly Hall

Sacramento, CA

Kimberly Jones

Specialization: Weight Loss
Inglewood, CA

Kimberly Smith

Hermosa Beach, CA

Kimmi Hellman

Specialization: Training recovery, competition recovery, traumatic injury rehab, muscle release, fascia release, lymph drainage
Temecula, CA

Kirk Attebury

Specialization: Posture, balance, strength and weight loss.
Sherman Oaks, CA

Kirsten D'Agostaro Shook

Agoura Hills, CA

Kori Lyn Angers

Specialization: Sports Performance, Injury Rehab, Everyday Athletes.
Encinitas, CA

Kris Wilkins

Specialization: Corrective exercise, Strength and conditioning
Lawndale, CA

Kristen Forkeutis

Specialization: Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Yoga, Nutrition Coaching

Kristin Wight, MA

Specialization: Fat Loss, Contest Prep, Body and Mind Tranformation
Rescue, CA

Kristina Anne Rezowalli

Los Gatos, CA

Kristina Rattet, BA, NCCPT, Pn1

Specialization: Pre/Post Pregnancyl, Female Weight Loss, Female Metabolism, IIFYM, IF, Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Hypothyroidism
Newport Beach, CA

Kristina Sasser, B.Sc., LMT

Encinitas, CA

Kristina Thuaux

San Diego, CA

Kristine Elizabeth

Specialization: Weight loss, Lean muscle gain, Strength Training, Core Conditioning, Fitness Nutrition, Senior fitness, Pre- Post- Pregnancy Fitness and Nutrition, TRX training
San Mateo, CA

Kristoffer B. Lassen

Specialization: Strength Training, Bodybuilding, Weight Loss
Santa Monica, CA

Kyle Barbour

Specialization: Athletic Performance
Santa cruz, CA

Kyle Voigt

Specialization: Athletic nutrition, Body Composition improvement
Lomita, CA

L. Penny Harnish

Simi Valley, CA

Lalo Zuniga NASM PES, CES

Specialization: Performance Enhancement Specialist & Corrective Exercise Specialist
Glendale, CA

Lamberto M. Alvaro

San Francisco, CA

Lana Rizika

Specialization: nutrition and exercise for women aged 35+
Manhattan Beach, CA

Lance Kumm

Specialization: corrective exercise specialist
Fallbrook, CA

Lark Miller

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
San Francisco, CA

Larry Brun
Latreal M. Mitchell

Los Angeles, CA

Laura Futrell Reigel, MS, Pn1

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching, Meal Planning and Prep, Kitchen Fitness, Cooking Lessons
San Jose, CA

Laura Plomgren, B.Sc.

Specialization: Fat loss, performance nutrition, pregnancy nutrition
Solana Beach, CA

Laura Sonnek

Laguna Niguel , CA

Laura Turold, BA, Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, USAW Coach

Roseville, CA

Lauren Evangelho

Specialization: Meal Prep Services, Meal Prep Workshops, Nutrition Coaching
Visalia, CA

Lauren Minor

Specialization: Women
Rancho Mission Viejo, CA

Lawrence Melendez, Pn1

Whittier, CA

Lea Cavestany

San Ramon, CA

Lea Roberts

Specialization: Athletes
Winchester, CA

Leah Harding

Specialization: Macros
Carpinteria, CA

Leslie Wu, Ph.D.

Mountain View, CA

Lin Giovannis

Specialization: Weight loss, metabolic syndrome, over 50
Los Angeles , CA

Lindsey Crosby

Venice, CA

Lisa Ackley, JD, CHWC, PN1

Specialization: Nutrition & Health Coaching, Creating Healthy Living Blueprints, and Chronic Disease Coaching
Newport Beach, CA

Lisa Boyce, RN

Specialization: Weight loss, improving body composition
Davis, CA

Lisa Brigman

Poway, CA

Lisa Corbett

Ventura, CA

Lisa Garman

Sonora , CA

Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BS Holistic Nutrition, ACE, AFAA, FiTour

San Diego, CA

Lisa Marie Kinder

Specialization: Mass Gain, Fat Loss, Sport Performance
Costa Mesa, CA

Lisa Short

Specialization: Fitness and Wellness Coaching
Turlock, CA

Lisa Sisco

Murrieta, CA

Lori Hayden Marino

Garden Grove, CA

Lori McKee Lever

Aliso Viejo, CA

Lorie Eber

Specialization: weight loss, wellness coaching, healthy living, behavior change
Irvine , CA

Luca Zanet

Specialization: Sport Performance and weight loss nutrition
concord, CA

Lucas Varella

Specialization: Human movement, Rehabiliation and Nutrition
Beverly Hills, CA

Luciana Naldi - B.A. liberal arts, B.A. physical education, U.S.A.W. Level 1, Pn1

Specialization: Self-Care Coach specializing in strategies and habits for mothers and women, growth mindset habits and teaching, positive body image habits, empowerment, overall well being.
Cressey, CA

Luis Del Toro

Specialization: "Sports Nutrition", "Kettlebell Specialist"
Oakland , CA

Luke Bivens

Specialization: Athlete Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Sport Specific Performance
Santa Monica, CA


Specialization: Whole Body Fitness
Upland, CA

Lynn Norton, MS RD/RDN

Specialization: Weight Management, Sports, Diabetes, Pediatrics, Cardiovascular Disease, Food Allergies/Intolerances
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Mackenzie Wickliffe

Specialization: Gymnastics, mobility, flexibility, bodyweight training, TRX & Rip Trainer
Marina del Rey, CA

Mae Desmond

Specialization: Online coaching programs development & operations
San Diego, CA

Maggie Rintala

solana beach, CA

Mandy Keller

Kelseyville, CA

Mandy Li

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
Beverly Hills, CA

Manny Aragon

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Natural Movement, Structural Bodywork
Costa Mesa, CA

Marc Hildebrand

Specialization: Fitness For First Responders
Saugus, CA

Marci Scott, NASM-CES, Pn1

Specialization: Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Pre/Post Natal,
Signal Hill, CA

Marcus Crichlow

Specialization: Life Changing Results
Los Angeles, CA

Margaret Sohm

Specialization: Corrective exercise, injury rehab, functional strength training
Castro Valley, CA

Marian ONeal

Specialization: General population
Culver City, CA

Marie Strable

Visalia, CA

Mark Heisig, BSc

Specialization: Revolution in Motion Certified Trainer (I-III), NASM-CPT, CES. I specialize in optimizing movement for rehab, prehab, and performance.
San Diego, CA

Mark Kern, CSCS

Specialization: Movement Assessment and Correction, Weight Loss
San Diego, CA

Mark Wieneke

Oak View, CA

Martin Milan Galbavy

Glendale , CA

Marvin Telp

Specialization: Sports specific, weight loss, muscle gain
Los Angeles, CA

Mary Ann DeCosta

Concord,, CA

Mary Brasher

Belmont, CA

Mary Kay Campbell, MHA, CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Weight Loss, Runner's Training Nutrition
Los Angeles, CA

Mathew Freeman

Specialization: Habits and Accountability Coaching
Rohnert Park, CA

Mathew McHugh

Riverside, CA

Matt Landau

Specialization: Weight Loss
Los Angeles, CA

Matt Noble

San Francisco, CA

Matthew Avoyer

Hermosa Beach, CA

Matthew Berenc

Beverly Hills, CA

Matthew Greene

Alameda, CA

Matthew Walrath

Specialization: Performance Nutrition for Business Owners & Executives, Performance Nutrition for Athletes, Meal Planning, CrossFit
Venice, CA

Max Glaser, B.Sc, CPT, XPS, XFS

Specialization: Sports Performance, Tactical Training, Professional Hockey Training, Nutrition
Sunnyvale , CA

Max Hawkins

Specialization: Fat loss for techies and young professionals
, CA

Max Shippee

Specialization: Post Pregnancy, Muscle Gain, Fat Loss
Lomita, CA

Maxim Elramsisy

Specialization: Amino Acid Supplementation
Encino, CA

McKerrin Kelly

Specialization: corrective and functional fitness, strength training, holistic lifestyle coaching
Los Angeles, CA

Meagan McCauley

Specialization: Psychology, Autism, Behavioral health
oceanside, CA

Meg Evans

Irvine, CA

Meg Kruse

Specialization: weight loss
San Diego, CA

Megan Wahl

Oakland, CA

Meghan A. Doyle

Irvine , CA

Melissa Abels

Specialization: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, FMS, USAW, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Mobility
Chula Vista, CA

Melissa Blossom

Ventura, CA

Melissa Gordon-Wollin, CPT

Specialization: Mobility, weight loss, reduce chronic pain
San Francisco, CA

Melissa Guitron

Specialization: Individual Program Design
San Mateo, CA

Melissa Marie Medina

Specialization: Flexible dieting
Upland, CA

Melissa Merritt

North Hollywood, CA

Melody A. Bragg

Specialization: Digestive wellness, Food allergies and intolerance, Healthy knowledge and food planning,
Morro Bay, CA

Micah Kradin

Sonoma County, CA

Michael Bonella

Carlsbad, CA

Michael Brown

Specialization: Exercise Physiologist, CMT, ACE CPT, USA Cycling Coach, USA Triathlon Certified Coach, USATF Coach; endurance coaching, injury rehabilitation,
Gold River, CA

Michael D. Lee

Specialization: Weight loss for seniors
Dublin, CA

Michael Kersten CPT, CES, NKT, Pn2

Clovis, CA

Michael Nyerges

Tujunga, CA

Michelle Gutierrez

Specialization: Busy professionals, beginning strength training for women
San Diego, CA

Michelle Hohmeier

Specialization: long-term weight loss, 50+lb loss, food relationship coaching
San Jose, CA

Michelle Mullens

Dana Point, CA

Michelle Nilan, ACSM CPT

Specialization: Fat loss
San Jose, CA

Michelle Toy

Specialization: sport training, weight loss, weight gain, speed, agility, strength, power,
San Jose, CA

Mick Torres

Los Angeles, CA

Mike Healy

Specialization: Corporate Executives, Traveling Professionals, and anyone looking to regain their health.
Seaside, CA

Mike Piraro

Specialization: Z-Health Practitioner
Los Angeles, CA

Mike Sousa SFGTL,SFL, PN1

Modesto, CA

Mike Zoetewey, MS, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Sports Performance, Kettlebell Instruction, Movement, Fitness, Strength & Power Development
Lakewood, CA

Mindy Suffredini

Carlsbad, CA

Missy FitzSimons

Specialization: Weight loss and lifestyle management
Newport Beach , CA

Missy Gardner Meister

Specialization: Functional Training, Pilates and CrossFit
Elk Grove, CA

Misty Louie

Oakland, CA



Mitchell Rothbardt

Specialization: Fat Loss, Strength and Muscle Gain, General Health and Wellness
Castro Valley, CA

Mitchell Shanahan

Specialization: Triathlon nutrition, weight loss, lean mass gain
Palo Alto, CA

Molly Buster

Santa Monica, CA

Molly McNamee

Los Angeles, CA

Montique Williams

Roseville, CA

Morgan Gillis

Specialization: *Fat Loss, *Muscle Gain
Escondido, CA

Morgan McEvilly

San Francisco , CA

Ms. Devon Hersh

Oakland, CA

Myra Victa

Specialization: Weight loss, increase lean body mass
Walnut Creek, CA

Nadia Santiago

Specialization: Life transitions, Yoga & Flexibility, Volleyball Strength, Home-Based Workouts, Spiritual Growth
san jose, CA

Nancy Georges

Specialization: Peak Performance for Sport, Figure and Bikini Contest Prep, Sport Psychology, Mental Skills, Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
Sacramento, CA

Nancy Latthitham

Specialization: Nutrition and functional fitness for all ages for health, wellness, performance and aesthetics.
Ventura, CA

Nancy Nowakowski, NSCA-CPT

Specialization: Weight loss, body sculpting, cardiovascular conditioning
San Diego, CA

Nancy Schopp

Specialization: Weight Loss
Pomona, CA

Natasha Maxwell

Specialization: Body composition, Lean mass gains, Pre/Postnatal nutrition, Endurance training foods
Beverly Hills, CA

Natasha Sealy

Specialization: weight loss, fatigue, health optimization, holistic practices, Hashimoto, food intolerance, gluten-free
San Jose, CA

Nathan Brennan

Specialization: Joint Health Nutrition
Coto de Caza, CA

Nathan Doud USAWL2, CACW, CKT

Specialization: Fitness, Strength, Olympic Weightlifting, Nutrition
Ventura, CA

Nathan White

Specialization: Habit / Behavior Change; Sports Performance; Pregnancy nutrition
Rolling Hills Estates , CA

Nicholas Bustos

Specialization: Mass gain, weight loss, contest prep
Los Angeles, CA

Nicholas Holmes

Folsom , CA

Nick Palladino

Specialization: Stress management, wellness and weight loss.
San Francisco, CA

Nick Wagner

Specialization: Weight Loss
Woodland Hills, CA

Nickolas Harmon

Folsom, CA

Nicole Klingler

Specialization: Female Fat Loss, Pre/Post-Natal Training
Glendora, CA

Nik Herold

Irvine, CA

Nikki Beckman

Specialization: Wellness Coach, Behavioral Change, Movement Specialist, Sports Performance, Weight Loss
Dublin, CA

Nikki Billiard

Bakersfield, CA

Nikki Gagnon

Specialization: Help build and maintain healthy habits.
Los Angeles, CA

Noah Augustine Rangel

Specialization: Athletic Development, Injury Rehabilitation, Body Reading and posture assessment
los angeles, CA

Olive Timms, B.Sc., CPT, PN1

McKinleyville, CA

Olrich Derisier

Specialization: weight loss
Van Nuys, CA

Owen Evans

Specialization: Healthy Weight Loss, Gain Lean Muscle
Lake Forest, CA

Owen Nattrass

West Sacramento, CA

Pablo M. Elorriaga

Specialization: Healthy eating,pain and weight management
Irvine, CA

Pam Clingerman

San Ramon, CA

Paola Valadez Patiño

Specialization: pregnancy nutrition, lose fat, mass gain.

Patrick Cohen

Specialization: Kettlebells, TRX, FMS
Sherman Oaks, CA

Patrick Love, MS, EP-C, CSCS

Bakersfield, CA

Patty Graves

San Diego, CA

Paul Berry, NASM CPT, CES, TRX

Specialization: Weight loss, Muscle Gain,
Los Angeles, CA

Paul Southern

Specialization: Transformation Coaching
Pleasanton, CA

Paula Schneider, PN1

Lincoln, CA

Paula Williams

Specialization: Sports Conditioning and Training, Running Coach, Group Training, Nutrition, Weight Loss,
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Peter Blumert MS, CSCS, Pn2, USAW

Specialization: Performance Enhancement
Santa Barbara, CA

Peter Chiang

Pasadena, CA

Peter D'Epiro

Mountain View, CA

Phil Artsis

Specialization: Corrective exercise
Westlake Village, CA

Phil Dozois

Specialization: Coaching for high performing Entrepreneurs and Executives
Pasadena, CA

Phil Gallo L.Ac. M.S. NASM-CPT, PN1

Specialization: Body Composition, Weight Loss/Gain, Healing with Whole Foods
Encinitas, North County, San Diego, CA

Philip Deer

Playa Del Rey, CA

Preston R. Smith, Jr.

Specialization: Functional training and weight loss
Oakland, CA

Quaison Alexis Dodd

West Hollywood, CA

Quinn Parli Tew, BS, BA

Specialization: Equinox Tier X lifestyle coaching, Sports specific training, Pre/post natal, Movement specialist, Kettlebells, Animals Flow
Palo Alto, CA

R. Colin Triplett

Specialization: Fat Loss, Longevity
Los Gatos, CA

Rachael Oettinger, NC

Santa Cruz, CA

Rachel Cosgrove

Newhall, CA



Rachel Elizabeth Murray

Specialization: Physique sculpting and fat-loss
Los Angeles, CA

Rachel Pham

Morgan Hill, CA

Rafael Palomino

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching and Healthy Cooking
Aptos, CA

Ramon Blankenship

Specialization: Establishing a foundation.
Roseville, CA

Ramon Jobson-Brown

Specialization: CrossFit Performance Enhancement
Los Angeles, CA

Rasul A. Davis

Specialization: Mastering habit change and creating a sustainable program for true vitality and health.
Santa Monica, CA

Ravi T-C, Pn1, NASM, Holystic Lifestyle Coach Level 1

Specialization: Weight Loss, Functional Movement, Nutritional Guidance, Strength Gain, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitaion
Walnut Creek, East Bay Area, CA

Reba Wek-Lake CPT, CES, MES, CSCS

Specialization: Medical exercise specialist
Valencia, CA

Rebecca Kerr


Rebecca Rouse

Specialization: muscle gain; physique competition
Oceanside, CA

Reny Colton

Specialization: Sports Performance, Weight Loss, Bodybuilding, Pre/Post Natal
Los Angeles, CA

Ricardo Rodriguez, B.Sc.

Specialization: Weightloss, body composition, Sport Performance
Lake Forest, CA

Rich Pappageorgas

Tracy, CA

Richard R Inglis

Brentwood, CA

Richard Santa Maria

Specialization: CrossFit Certifications: Level 1 Endurance Olympic Lifting Mobility Nutrition Power Lifting Basic Barbell Gymnastics On-Line Judge’s Course Other Certifications: USAW Sports Performance Coach USA Track & Field Level 1 Coach Strongman Sixth Degree Black Belt in Kung Fu San Soo Teaching Kung Fu San Soo since 1981 Judge at 2010 CrossFit SoCal Sectionals 4th Place 2012 CrossFit Games Masters 60+ 9th Place 2013 GrossFit Games Masters 60 +
Chula Vista, CA

Richie Petruziello

Specialization: all fitness

Rikki Cortese, Pn1

Napa, CA

Robbie Moreno

Specialization: Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Spartan SGX Coach
San Francisco, CA

Robert K. Nusbaum

Specialization: High accountability for people with "will power" challenges
Daly City, CA

Robert Latin

Burlingame, CA

Robert Patrick Spring

Woodland Hills, CA

Robert Ratliff III

Specialization: Kettlebell training
San Pedro, CA

Robert Renier

Specialization: Weight loss, sports performance, weight gain
Brea, CA

Robert Santana CSCS

Specialization: Weight loss; Muscle gain
Fullerton, CA

Robert van der Heyden

Specialization: Weight Loss
Irvine, CA

Robin Legat, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Outdoor Group Fitness, Fitness/Nutrition Coaching, Sustainable Habit Forming
Culver City, CA

Robin Sinclear

Specialization: Weight loss, body recomposition, metabolism repair, lifestyle changes, strength training
Chico, CA

Robin Tinay-Potter

Specialization: Body Image, Emotional Eating, Weight Loss, Maintenance, Enhancing Quality of Life

Rocco Carlo DiStefano

Specialization: Performance Nutrition
West Hollywood, CA

Rock Hudson

Specialization: strength, mobility, injury rehab, kettlebells
Santa Cruz, CA

Rodney Brenneman

Irvine, CA

Roman O. Chavez

Specialization: special populations, running coach
Woodland Hills, CA

Ronald Edward Wesley

Specialization: Personal Training, Holistic Health Coaching, Nutritional Counseling, Detoxification, Neuroscience, Neurotransmitter Testing/Balancing, Hormonal Testing/Balancing, Yoga, Reiki
Los Angeles, CA

Ronald Jean

Sherman Oaks, CA

Ronnie E. Brown Jr.

Specialization: Fat loss and peak performance nutrition
Bakersfield, CA

Rose Bachtel

Los Angeles, CA

Rose Zahnn

Specialization: Weight loss nutrition and fitness
Sacramento, CA

Ross Byer

Specialization: Strength/Conditioning, Mass Gain, Fat Loss, Pre/Post Natal, Pn1 Certified
West Hollywood, CA

Roxy Richardson

Specialization: Combat and Power Sports Nutrition, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
Los Angeles, CA

Roy Fowler

Specialization: Fat Loss
Aptos, CA

Roy Khoury

Specialization: Golf Fitness and Movement Restoration
Newport Beach, CA

Ruby Ghaffar, PhD, Pn1

Manhattan Beach, CA

Ryan Blehm

Specialization: Weight loss, Pregnancy nutrition, Post-Pregnancy Nutrition
Roseville, CA

Ryan Burke

Specialization: Pre-Post Natal, Corrective Exercise
Thousand Oaks, CA

Ryan Doyle

Specialization: CrossFit, Golf Training, Athletes
Redondo Beach, CA

Ryan Munoz

Specialization: Body Composition, Fat Loss, Athletic Performance, Lean Muscle Gain
Santa Ana, CA

Ryan Rogers

Specialization: Obstacle course training
San Diego, CA

Ryan Sullivan

San Ramon, CA

Ryan Tullis

Specialization: Body Building Prep/Athletic Nutrition/Body Composition Manipulation
sacramento, CA

Sabrina Lee

Redondo Beach, CA

Sal Alosi

Los Angles, CA

Sam Tomlitz

Specialization: Athletic Performance
Santa Clara, CA

Samantha Lavin

Specialization: athletic conditioning, weight-loss, muscle gain
Carlsbad, CA

Samuel Calavitta, Jr.

Specialization: Combat Athlete/Ironman Triathlete: Nutrition & Metabolics
Laguna Hills, CA

Samuel Gardner

San Diego, CA

Sandra Jersby

Los Angeles, CA

Sanna Ronkko

Specialization: Les Mills & other Group Fitness, STOTT PILATES Reformer, Figure Competing,
Los Angeles, CA

Sarah Hopping Estrella

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Hypothyroidism
San Francisco, CA

Sarah Ingraham

Vacaville, CA

Sarah Lynn Baird

South Pasadena, CA

Sarah Paolini

Roseville, CA

Sarah Strange

Chico, CA

Saul Carter

Specialization: Melting Fat and Toning Muscle, Women 30+
Manteca, CA

Saul Juan Antonio Cuautle

Specialization: busy executives, young professionals, competitive recreational athletes, significant fat loss
Menlo Park, CA

Scott Avila

Specialization: Weight Loss, Healthy Habit Creation, Personal Training
Valley Village, CA

Scott Fricke, MA, CSCS*D

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning
Aliso Viejo, CA

Scott Green

Los Angeles, CA

Scott Janda

San Francisco area, CA

Sean Flanagan

Specialization: Women's fitness, online coaching, sane and sustainable body recomposition
Oakland, CA

Sebastian Muenda

Specialization: Weight Loss, Mass Gain
San Diego, CA

Selena Grinham

Studio City, CA

Senija Miocevic

Specialization: Nutrition (healthy body composition), injury prevention, training pre/post partum
San Jose, CA

Sergio Maldonado

Specialization: Fat-loss, Youth Training and Performance
Menlo Park , CA

Shane Kayser

Specialization: Athletic conditioning
San Francisco, CA

Shane Matthew Hubbard

Bakersfield , CA

Shane Stokes


Shannon Rankin

Redlands, CA

Shannon Stewart

Solvang, CA

Shannon Yontz

Specialization: Menopause, Obstacle Course Racing, Sports Specific
Ventura, CA

Sharon Rich

Specialization: Private nutrition coaching in person or online.
Oak Park, CA

Shea Thomas

Specialization: Weight Loss/Nutrition Program Design
San Francisco, CA

Sheila Eadie

San Diego, CA

Shelley Snowdon

Specialization: Weight loss
Campbell, CA

Shelly Larson

Specialization: Nutrition and fitness for women in their child baring years, and over 40
Fullerton, CA

Sherie Stevens

Specialization: Program design combining weight training, cardiovascular/endurance conditioning and core strengthening specifically designed to transform the female body. I also work with athletes, amateur and national-level figure competitors, youth, and seniors.
Sherman Oaks, CA

simon gowen

los angeles, CA

Simone Wend

San Francisco, CA

Skye Edwards, B.Sc., KT, Pn1

Specialization: WEIGHT LOSS, bikini prep, sports nutrition, physical limitations
Murrieta , CA

Stacey Garcia

Encino, CA

Stacey Stevens

Laguna Niguel, CA

Staci Torbati

Specialization: Personal Chef paired with Physical Therapist and Sports Training
Seal Beach, CA

Steffani Sanchez

Los Gatos, CA

Stephane Rochet

Specialization: Sports nutrition, healthy lifestyle
San Diego, CA

Stephanie Czajkowski


Stephanie Mason

Specialization: Body composition specialist & Strength and muscular endurance
Los Angeles, CA

Stephanie Pita

San Francisco, CA

Stephen M. Steigler

Specialization: Practical Body Composition Improvements - Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Overall Health
San Diego, CA

Steve Floyd

Specialization: Cyclists and elite athletes
San Marcos, CA

Stevee Moya

Springville, CA

Steven Pachan

Specialization: Fat Loss, Increased Fitness
Antioch, CA

Steven Ross

Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Steven Steichen

Specialization: Mass gain, Athlete Power
Folsom, CA

Sue Davis

Specialization: Weight loss, weight gain, performance enhancement
San Jose, CA

Sujeiry Corniel

Specialization: Personal Training: weight loss, muscle gain
Huntington beach, CA

Susan Stanley

Oceanside/ Newport Beach, CA

Suzanne Elizondo, MS, RD

Specialization: Weight loss, Finding a healthy approach to food
Santa Monica, CA

Suzanne Jezek-Arriaga

Claremont, CA

Suzanne Lessel

Specialization: HIIT ...Weight training ... Creative Full Body workouts
Arroyo Grande, CA

Suzie Garacochea, MS, USA Cycing 2, Pn1

Specialization: Nutrition coaching, behavior change, postural and functional movement, Pilates, USA Cycling certified (list not exhaustive).
Santa Barbara, CA

Sway Soturi

Specialization: health, weight loss

Sydney Hernandez

Santa cruz, CA

Tamara Ferguson

Rocklin, CA

Tami Santy

Specialization: Personalized Nutrition Coaching, at-home Personal Training for women, ACE-Certified, Tabata Bootcamp Certified, TRX & RIP-Trainer Certified, Cardio Kickboxing, Total Body Interval Training & Bootcamps
Long Beach, CA

Tanja Djelevic

Specialization: Coaching you to Create Lifeforce: helping you create a comprehensive wellness program individually designed just for you.
Los Angeles, CA

Tanner Batten

Specialization: Athletic Performance
Santa Cruz, CA

Taylor E. Johnson

Specialization: Athletic Performance
San Jose, CA

Taylor Johnson

Specialization: Athletic performance program design, all aspects of nutritional counseling
Santa Clara, CA

Taylor Penzien

Dublin, CA

Terrell Elliott

Specialization: Mass gain, Fat loss, Corrective Exercise, Performance Enhancement ,USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
oakland, CA

Terrine Pearsall

Specialization: Senior Fitness, Nutrition
Long Beach, CA

Terry Dickman

Specialization: CrossFit, Weightlifting, Master age athletes
Manteca, CA

Tery Ayers

Specialization: Weight Loss, Disordered Eating, Group Training, Spin/Cycle Training
Roseville, CA

Theresa Palacios

Specialization: Lose Weight
Irvine, CA

Thomas A Cepeda Jr

Specialization: Weight Loss and Body Transformations
Sacramento, CA

thomas cole

Specialization: mass gain, fat loss, corrective exercise and nutritional counseling
los angeles , CA

Thomas Conway, MS

Oakland, CA

Tiger Ford

Specialization: Fat Loss
Los Angeles, CA

Tilita Lutterloh, CSCS, Pn1, USATF L1

Culver City, CA

Tim Gojich, CPT, PN1

Specialization: General, Functional Fitness and Nutrition Coaching
Bakersfield, CA

Timothy D. Kaplan

Specialization: Personal training, tactical fitness
Walnut Creek, CA

Timothy Lee

Specialization: healthy fat loss, customized training program, fat loss for events, healthy mindset, post-rehab specialist, special populations specialist, injury prevention specialist
San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, CA

Timothy Lee

Specialization: Online Nutrition+Training Coaching
San Francisco, CA

Timothy Liu

Specialization: Fat Loss, Post Rehab
Los Angeles, CA

Timothy Liu CSCS

Specialization: Personal Training/Nutrition Coaching
Los Angeles, CA

Timothy M Rudd

Specialization: Fat Loss, Performance Enhancement, Injury Prevention and Health

Tina Burke

Aptos, CA

TJ Mims

Specialization: Sports Nutrition and Supplementation for Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, and Fat Loss.
Sunnyvale, CA

Todd Norman

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Supplementation, Healthy Eating
Ladera Ranch, CA

Tomas Rivera

Specialization: fat loss, Body transformation, muscle mass gain
El Monte, CA

Tomas Rivera BSc. kinesiology

Specialization: Body transformation, fat loss, muscle gain
El Monte, CA

Tony Kurkowski

Los Angeles, CA

Tracy A Sutton

Los Angeles, CA

Tracy Griffin Kalata

Santa Maria, CA

Trevor Okeeffe

Specialization: Fat loss/ muscle gain
Los Angeles, CA

Trisha Marmo

Specialization: Women's weight loss, Ante-partum and post partum Nutrition
Santa Barbara, CA

Tyler Gosley

Specialization: Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Leaning Out
Oak Park, CA

Tyler Michael, CSCS

Hollywood, CA

Tyler R McMurray

Culver City, CA

Vanesa Suazo

Specialization: Weight/fat loss, muscle building, athletic performance, corrective,
Anaheim, CA

Veronika Maynard

Specialization: Weight loss, Mass gain, Strenght training, HIIT, TRX
San Juan Capistrano, CA

Vicki Mitchell

Specialization: Weight Management
Torrance, CA

Vicky Pinedo

Long Beach, CA

Victor Brankovich

Specialization: Sports Nutrition - Weight Loss- Mass Gain
Atherton, CA, CA

Victor R. Herbilla III

Specialization: CrossFit Nutrition, Body Fat Specialist, Individual Nutrition Coaching, Muscle Mass Gain, Healthy Habits & Lifestyle Mastery
Corona, CA

Victoria Cimino

Specialization: Weightloss
Oceanside, CA

Victoria Taylor, ATC, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Weight loss, fitness and performance training
Newport Beach, CA

Victoria Whittington Dorsett, CPT, Pn1

Martinez, CA

Victoriya Bobbitt

Specialization: proper nutrition for weight training and different phases of bodybuilding
San Clemente, CA

Vincent Garcia

Victorville , CA

Virginia Crowe

Specialization: Women's fitness and nutrition
Aliso Viejo, CA

Wendy Larkin

Specialization: injury rehab, general fitness, sports specific training, nutrition and wellness, pre/post natal, medical exercise
San Fancisco, CA

Wesley Bixler

Specialization: Muscle Gain, Fat loss, sports performance, body recomposition
Playa Del Rey, CA

Wesley Pedersen

Specialization: Endurance Athletics Nutrition
Irvine, CA

Will Belew

Specialization: Performance Nutrition, Weight-loss, Diet/Lifestyle Stabilization
Oakland, CA

Yukari Mateos

Specialization: Health Coach & Personal Trainer
Burbank, CA

Zach Hylton

Specialization: Weight loss and muscle gain
Folsom, CA

Zacharia Breeding

Specialization: Weight loss, muscle growth, clean eating
Los Angeles , CA

zachary michalski

Specialization: Restorative nutrition/Cryotherapy
fremont, CA

Zachary Murray

West Hollywood, CA

Zack Mathews, NASM (CPT, CES, PES), Pn1

San Diego, CA

Zadasha White

Specialization: Weight loss
San Francisco, CA

Zamia S. Cohen, M.S. Physiology

Specialization: body composition, strength training, pre/rehab, perinatal, pain/sleep/stress management and overall lifestyle management to support your goals and overall wellness
Santa Monica, CA

Zen Hunter

Los Angeles, CA


A Summer Mrotek

Specialization: Optimize Your Body & Life! Volleyball & Golf Performance & Injury Prevention
Denver, CO

Aaron Fountain

Specialization: Body Transformation and Sports Performance
Denver, CO

Aaron Rodgers

Boulder, CO

Abel Velasquez, CPT, Pn1

Ignacio, CO

Alejandro De Luna

Denver, CO

Alexa Fryer

Fort Collins, CO

Alexandra Karpowich

boulder, CO

Alicia Guerra

Specialization: Personal Training, Yoga,
Littleton, CO

Alison Minton

Specialization: CrossFit, Women's Fitness & Nutrition
Boulder, CO

Alison Zemanek

Specialization: Habit-based nutrition for weight loss and performance, Family lifestyle and nutrition coaching
Longmont, CO

Alissa Ackerman

Fort Collins, CO

Allan Golod

Littleton, CO

Allison Rissel

Specialization: Weight Loss
Longmont, CO

Amanda H Kim

Specialization: Powerlifting, sports nutrition, degree in dietetics, weight loss
Aurora , CO

Amanda Hendren

Lakewood, CO

Amanda Sue Hendrick

Specialization: Military
Colorado Springs, CO

Amanda VanArsdol

Molina, CO

Amber Caffey

Specialization: Pre/Post Natal Nutrition and Exercise
Denver, CO

Amber Staley

Specialization: Weight loss competition prep
Fort Collins, CO

Amy Bollock

Carbondale, CO

Amy Ward

Specialization: Weight loss, weight maintenance, strength gains, endurance gains
Colorado Springs, CO

Andrea "Dre" Williams

Specialization: Women's fitness, boot camp, kickboxing, personal training
Littleton, CO

Andrew treble B.S

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Healthy Cooking
Denver, CO

Aniceta Gd'Romero

Durango, CO

Ann Bunge

Woodland Park,CO, CO

Anna Aiken

Specialization: injury prevention/strength rehabilitation, pre/postnatal nutrition and fitness, metabolic disease, adrenal fatigue nutrition and coaching
Denver, CO

Anna Boggs

Specialization: Womens Nutrition/Weight Loss
Denver, Colorado, CO

Anna Mathes

Specialization: Weight Loss & Physique Changes
Longmont, CO

Anna Smith

Aurora , CO

Arik McGathey

Arvada, CO

Ashley Chinander

Avon, CO

Ashley Pickens

Evergreen, CO

Bari Brenner, Pn1

Specialization: therapeutic yoga and sport nutrition
Denver, CO

Benjamin Schnake

Denver, CO

Brandi Nauta

Severance, CO

Brentnie Kincaid

Specialization: Sports Nutrition and Lifestyle
Thornton, CO

Brian Chuckran

Specialization: Athletes
Aurora, CO

Caleb Bostic, CPT, CES, PN1

Specialization: Body Transformation, Movement Based Strength
Denver, CO

Cameron Corley

Specialization: Mass Gain, Fat Loss, Wellness Nutrition
Northglenn, CO

Casey Shivers

Specialization: Functional Lab Testing, Fatigue, Depression, Weight gain, Weight loss, Low libido, ADHD, Addiction, Arthritis, Behavior Modification, Cholesterol, Crohn's, Diabetes Diet and Nutrition, Emotional Wellbeing, Fibromyalgia, Food Sensitivity, Gluten Free, Headaches / Migraines Heart, High Blood Pressure, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Lifestyle, Orthopedic Issues, Osteoporosis, Pain Management, Skin Problems Sleep, Sports Nutrition, Stress Management, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wellness Counseling
Boulder, CO

Catherine Kunst, PhD

Denver, CO

Cherie A. Chan

Specialization: Sustainable Nutrition
Boulder , CO

Christin Garcia

Specialization: Senior Health & Fitness, Weight Loss, Lifestyle & Habit Change, Injury Rehab
Denver, CO

Christine Cecilione

Westminster, CO

Christine Crosby Taylor

Parker, CO

Christine Hendren

Specialization: Personal Training for Weight Loss, Diet and Nutrition, Small Group Training for general fitness and weight loss
Colorado Springs, CO

Christine Kaberna

Specialization: Fast, effective home workouts
Woodland Park, CO

Cindy Donaldson, NSCA-PT

Highlands Ranch, CO

Cody Plant

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning and Sport Performance.
Arvada, CO

Cole M. Fritz

Specialization: Strength, Hypertrophy, Fat Loss, and Physique Coaching
Englewood, CO

Cory Skillin

Denver , CO

Craig Weller

Wheat Ridge, CO

Crosby Lee

Littleton, CO

Cynthia Geraud

Lakewood, CO

Daphney Springer, CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Weight loss and strength training with nutrition planning
Aurora, CO

Darla McCarty

Specialization: Women's Weight Loss, Women's Fitness, Women's Bodybuilding, Women's Body Transformation
Colorado Springs, CO

Darren R. Dondero, B.A., D.C., Pn1

Specialization: Healthy Weight Loss, Fad Diet Rescue, Athletic Performance
Highlands Ranch, CO

David Glaser

Specialization: Sports Performance
Denver, CO

David Kern, M.D.

Specialization: Child, Adolescent and General Psychiatry
Denver, CO

Dawn M. Keating

Thornton, CO

Deidre Helton

Specialization: sports nutrition, Crossfit, athletes, women
Denver, CO

Dominique Stasulli

Specialization: Endurance Athletes
Lafayette, CO

Dr. Steven Michael Short

Specialization: Physical Therapy/ Strength & Conditioning
Denver, CO

Elijah Landell

Specialization: Weight loss, Sport Nutrition
Parker, CO

Elise Maxey

Specialization: Behavior Change, Human Movement, Vegetarianism, Rehab/Recovery
Littleton , CO

Eric Bollock, B.Sc., CSCS, CPT

Carbondale, CO

Erika Tokarz

Castle Rock, CO

Erin Haggard

Colorado Springs, CO

Erin Murphy

Denver, CO

Erin Weaver


Fred Kridler, CSCS, NASM-CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Personal Training, Weight loss, Coaching
Denver, CO

Garett Irons

Specialization: Weight loss, Muscle Gain, Performance
littleton , CO

Geoff Brittain

Denver, CO

George Nassraway III

Specialization: Strength Training, Continued Rehabilitation, Functional Movement
Englewood, CO

Gigi Good

Specialization: Plant-Based Nutrition, MMA Fighters
Centennial, CO

Ginny Turner

Crested Butte, CO

Greta E. Anderson

Specialization: Sport Performance, Body Building & Show Prep, Cross Country Skiing, Sport Psychology, Coaching Strategy Consultations
Steamboat Springs, CO

Gwen Dannenbaum

Littleton, CO

Heather Blackmon, USAT, USATF,NASM CPT, PN1

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Healthy & Sustainable Nutrition
Highlands Ranch, CO

Heather Culley, Pn1

Crested Butte, CO

Heather Ozaeta

Specialization: lifestyle change
Grand Junction, CO

Hondo Anderson

Specialization: exercising with chronic diseases, weight loss, exercising to maintain independence
Fort Collins, CO

Isabel Wiche, ACSM-CPT, PN1

Specialization: American College of Sport Medicine: Personal Trainer. Nutrition Coach Pn1/ Strength & Functional Training/ Sport(Tennis)/ Weight Loss & Fitness.
Parker, CO

Jacalyn Rauch

Specialization: Yoga, Plant-based Nutrition
Northglenn, CO

Jamie White, TPI, ACE-CPT, Pn1

Arvada, CO

Jasmine Carlson

Specialization: Endurance athletes, women
Pueblo, CO

Jason A Praetorius

Boulder, CO

Jason Williams

Specialization: Nutrition for weight loss, sports performance, Realistic nutrition strategies for everyday people, Sustainable nutrition for busy people
Denver, CO

Jeff Pauley

Specialization: Entry level exercise prescription with an emphasis on post rehab
Englewood , CO

Jeffrey A. Wilson RN, BSN, Pn1

Specialization: Sport Nutrition
Grand Junction, CO

Jenna Leveille

Specialization: Weight Loss
Highlands Ranch, CO

Jennifer Duran

Westminster, CO

Jennifer L Andrews

Aurora, CO

Jennifer M Nolan

Specialization: Oncology Nutrition Therapy, Sports Nutrition, Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coach
Crested Butte, CO

Jennifer Sharp

Specialization: Cycling nutrition
Boulder, CO

Jeremy Weber

Specialization: Weight loss
Thornton, CO

Jessica Carlson

Delta, CO

Jessie Golden

Denver, CO

Joel Castro, CSCS

Specialization: Muscle Mass for Men, Overall Wellness/Lifestyle Change
Colorado Springs, CO

Joel Duchesne

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Building, Sport Performance, Functional Movement
Centennial, CO

Joletta Belton

Specialization: Chronic pain and injury recovery
Fraser, CO

Jonathan Marshall Pope

Specialization: Performance Nutrition and Training
Wheat Ridge, CO

Joseph Esler

Specialization: Powerlifting, bodybuilding, sports performance
Boulder, CO

Josh Hemann

Specialization: Sports Performance, Body Transformation
Littleton, CO

Justin Batchelder

Specialization: Weight loss, community nutrition
Lakewood, CO

Kaila June

Specialization: Lifestyle fitness coaching
Broomfield, CO

Kaitlyn Hope Monnette

Denver, CO

Kate Schulte

Specialization: mid life health improvements, running and triathlon focus
Fort Collins, CO

Katelyn Starry

Specialization: Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition

Katie Prendergast, CPT

Specialization: Strength training and sports performance
Denver, CO

Katy Dunn

Specialization: Weight Loss for Women
Brighton, CO

Kayla Nuss

Specialization: Weight loss, endurance athletes, body positivity
Fort Collins, CO

Kelly D Vos

Colorado Springs, CO

Kelly L Carroll

Specialization: Group fitness, nutrition, boxing, athlete training
Wellington, CO

Kelly Lamoreaux

Specialization: Pre-postnatal
Denver, CO

Kiley Draper B.S., CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Fitness and Nutrition for Pre/Post natal women, professionals, and busy parents.
Colorado Springs, CO

Kris Barrow

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Lifestyle Change
Aurora, CO

Kristi Campanella

Specialization: sport nutrition; running coach; orthopedic and sports medicine physical therapist
Frederick, CO

Kristin L. Sanders

Specialization: CrossFit Athletes, Meal Prep, Lean Muscle Gain, Healthy Living
Littleton , CO

Kylie Larson

Arvada, CO

Laura Allem

Specialization: "Health Coach"
Pine, CO

Laura Loomis

Loveland, CO

Laura M Rubin, NASM - CPT, PES, CES, Pn1

Specialization: "Female Strength Training", "Female Health and Wellness", "Equestrian Performance Training"
Parker, CO

Lauren Bach, Pn1

Denver, CO

Lauren L Williams

Specialization: Pharmacist - Diabetes, Heart Disease, Drug/Nutrition/Chronic health interactions
Evans, CO

LeAnn Bauer CPT

Lakewood, CO

Lena B.-Koschmann

Specialization: CrossFit athlete nutrition
Denver, CO

Lisa Virgil

Specialization: weight loss
Colorado Springs, CO

Lukas N. Corbitt

Specialization: Personal Training, Small Group Training, Conditioning, Nutrition Counseling, Fat Loss, Muscle Mass Gain, Sports Performance,
Evergreen, CO

Lynsey Pulliam

Glenwood Springs, CO

Marc McDougal

Specialization: Ketogenic diets
Denver, CO

Marcelino Martinez

Fort Collins, CO

Marcus Trusty

Specialization: Sports Performance, Tactical Strength and Conditioning
Buena Vista, CO

Mark Lang, PT, LMT, CPT

Specialization: Physical Therapy, Injury Prevention, Nutrition
Parker, CO

Mark V. Bosick

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching
Centennial, CO

Mary J Coluccy

Montrose, CO

Matt Dustin, CSCS

Specialization: Physique transformation, weight loss, bodybuilding, photoshoot prep
Colorado Springs, CO

Matt Overman

Denver, CO

McCayla Martin

Littleton, CO

Megan Amanda Hebbe

Specialization: Endurance sports, pregnancy nutrition and exercise
Boulder, CO

Melissa Caiyem

Specialization: Leaky Gut, Gut Health, Candida, Weight Loss, Menopause, Auto-immune issues
Colorado Springs, CO

Melissa Healy

Specialization: Health and Wellness coaching
Manitou springs, CO


Specialization: Corrective Exercise, Strength, Weight Loss

Michael Schofield CSCS, LMT, CES

Specialization: Sports Performance and Nutrition, Manual Therapy
Parker, CO

Michelle Ann Keely

Specialization: Fitness and Nutrition Coach, Fat Loss, Weight Management, CrossFit, Optimal Nutrition, Paleo & Zone
Aurora, CO

Michelle Stout

Specialization: Weight loss, aging population, general fitness, CrossFit, nutrition
Fort Collins, CO

Mike Nix

Specialization: Body Transformation and physique contest preparation
Aurora, CO

Missy Hughes

Boulder, CO

Monica L O'Connor

Wheat Ridge, CO

Morgan D Griffin

Specialization: Weight Loss, Sports Performance, Track and Field Events, Bikini Competitions, Muscle Gains
Colorado Springs, CO

Natalie Baumchen, M.Ed.

Specialization: Postpartum, Female Weight Loss
Denver, CO

Natalie Bennett

Specialization: weight loss and living a balanced life
Denver, CO

Niccole Ruby Hendrickson

Specialization: sports performance, functional training, & Bridal Fitness
Denver , CO

Patty Hall

Specialization: Senior Fitness Specialist
Collbran, CO

Paul Buono

Specialization: General Health, Performance, Weight Loss
Denver, CO

Phyllis Guy

Specialization: Mind Body Nutrition
Arvada, CO

Rebecca Tully

Denver, CO

Richard Bell

Specialization: Sports enhancement and weight lose coaching for weekend warriors, and high school and college athletes.
evergreen, CO

Robyn Spurr

Specialization: Weight Loss, Women's Health
Highlands Ranch, CO

Roth Cosner

Parker, CO

Ruth Homan, BA

Telluride, CO

Ryan M Kautz M.ed CSCS PN1

Specialization: Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning
Denver, CO

Samantha Theobald

Specialization: Fat loss
Colorado Springs, CO

Sandra Fallon

Specialization: Yoga, meditation, areas of interest: clients with gastrointestinal problems
Steamboat Springs, CO

Sandra Stratton-Rusch

Specialization: Menopausal Nutrition Issues
Littleton , CO

Sandra Stratton-Rusch

Specialization: Menopausal & post menopausal
Littleton , CO

Sandra Strebel

Colorado Springs, CO

Sara Johnson

Denver, CO, CO

Sara Mains

Parker, CO

Sarah Awe

Fort Collins, CO

Sarah J Durkee

Denver, CO

Sarah Josey, Clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist

Specialization: Fertility, Pregnancy, Postpartum, Food intolerances/allergy, Chronic Health Issues, Special diets
Fort Collins, CO

Sarah Venable

Specialization: Women's nutrition
Denver, CO

Scott Wrigley

Specialization: Endurance Training, Mass Gain, Fat Loss, Sports Specific Training
Fort Collins, CO

Seth Richmond

Specialization: Calesthenics
Denver, CO

Shalisa Pouw

Westminster, CO

Shannon Hatzell

Grand Junction, CO

Shari Wagner

Denver, CO

Shari Wagner

Specialization: RKC Kettlebells, TRX Training, Body Weight Training
Denver, CO

Sharon Smith

Specialization: Muscle building and body recomposition for the over 40 client
Highlands Ranch, CO

Shaun Cook

Specialization: Body composition/weight management, powerlifting/strength sport, sports performance
Greenwood Village, CO

Stacy Bott

Franktown, CO

Stephanie Benson

Fort Collins, CO

Stephanie Botcherby

Specialization: People just starting their health journey
Colorado Springs, CO

Stephanie Rogers, Pn1

Highlands Ranch, CO

Steven Menegus

Specialization: Fat loss and athletic performance
Colorado Springs, CO

Sue Wise

Specialization: weight release using hypnosis and nutrition coaching
Morrison, CO

Tal Cohen

Specialization: Weight lose, Wellness Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, Personal training, age 40 and up
Longmont, CO

Tanya Mark, CSCS

Specialization: Obesity, Maturing Adults, Women, Pre and Post Natal
Denver, CO

Tara Applegate

Glenwood Springs, CO

Taylor Anne Simmons

Aurora, CO

Teri Farrell-Bage

Specialization: NASM: Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)
Loveland, CO

Thomas Sjolshagen

Thornton, CO

Tim Tracy

Superior , CO

Timothy Givan

Thornton, CO

TJ Jankowski

Specialization: Rugby Performance Nutrition, Rugby Strength and Conditioning, Training Like an Athlete to Look Good
Denver, CO

Toni Brenzikofer

Specialization: Triathletes, Runners, and Adolescent Nutrition
Arvada, CO

Tracy Lux

Specialization: Fat loss, positive body image, strength and HIIT
Arvada, CO

Tracy Van Thuyne

Specialization: Functional training and weight loss
Fort collins, CO

Travis Owen, MS, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Sport performance, movement, health/lifestyle, fat loss
Greeley, CO

Tyler Yoder

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Body Composition
Boulder, CO

Tyrone Smith

Specialization: Weight loss / weight gain / strength training
Aurora, CO

Victor adeniran

Specialization: Biomedical aging, weight management , performance advancements, body composition, nutrition and dietary consultations.
Denver, co , CO

Victoria Viola Hartcorn

Specialization: Fat loss
Littleton, CO

Victoria Winn

Specialization: Health, fitness and life coaching
ColoradoSprings, CO

Zachary Margolis

Specialization: Sports Performance
Greeley, CO


Adam Flyte

Milford, CT

Adam Kreger

Specialization: Sustainable habits coach helping busy men and women with fat loss and strength development
Hamden, CT

Alex Miner-Barron

Specialization: Athletes
Hartford, CT

Alexis Gaviria

Manchester, CT

Allison MacKenzie

Storrs-Mansfield, CT

Alyson Briggs

Specialization: Weight loss, Muscle gain
Lebanon, CT

Amanda Kulbitsky

Norwalk, CT

Amanda Stavinga

Specialization: Nutrition for the modern world & Lifestyle Improvement Coach
Stamford, CT

Antwan Harris

Specialization: "Contest Prep Nutrition", "Sports Performance Nutrition", & "Lifestyle Improvement Nutrition"
Hartford, CT

Bethany Kowaleski

Mystic, CT

Bonnie Strati

Greenwich, CT

Brianna Beckstrand

Enfield , CT

Brooke Rosenfeld, MS, RD, CDN, CPT, Pn1

Stamford, CT

Bryan Polsonetti, PharmD, CF-L2, USAW-L1

East Hampton, CT

Caitlin Vassello

Specialization: Fat loss, functional movement
Greenwich, CT

Carlos A. Reyes, BS, NASM, Pn1

Specialization: Strength training, body building, pre/post natal training, sports nutrition, weight management, and group fitness.
Mystic, CT

Carrie Goldkopf, B.S. Exercise Physiology, LMT, PT, PNL2

Specialization: weight loss, injury rehab
Stamford, CT

Casey Ouellette

Specialization: sports performance
Stamford, CT

Chris Borda

Terryville, CT

Christopher Tangredi

Armonk, CT

Daniel Anders

greenwich, CT

Dave Tyler

Specialization: executive coaching
Ridgefield, CT

David Jean-Bart

Specialization: Lifestyle Management
Greenwich, CT

David Plumey

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Supplementation, and Macros
Branford, CT

Debra Rydziel

Specialization: Weight loss, Strength & Conditioning
Bethel, CT

Derek Janko

Hamden, CT

Derik Romar Oslan

Specialization: Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, Physique Competitor, Male or Female
Manchester, CT

Deyquan Little

Specialization: General nutrition for daily activities, weight/fat loss and muscle gain.
Manchester , CT


Specialization: personal training, precision nutrition, essential oils
Windham, CT

Eric Claycomb

Specialization: Improving quality of life
Old Greenwich , CT

Erika Hurst

Specialization: Fat loss, strength gain, pre-and post partum.
Wallingford, CT

Eugenia "Gene" Aeschlimann

Simsbury, CT

Frank C. Machado

Specialization: Functional movement & stress management
Branford, CT

Gabriella Tamborello

Specialization: Competition Coaching
West Hartford, CT

Georgette Yacoub

Specialization: Nutrition for performance and aesthetics
Darien, CT

Ginny Romano

Specialization: Weight loss coaching, women's circuit training, kickboxing, TRX, boot camp
Fairfield, CT

Gloribel Pagan

norwalk, CT

Griffin Fehrs

Glastonbury, CT

Heidi Shepherd

Specialization: Healthy Lifestyle functional training
Guilford, CT

Jackie Balboni

Specialization: Weightloss, stength, mobility, accountability
South Windsor, CT

Jacob Paier

Specialization: Weight loss Nutrition
Hamden, CT

Jade L Harrell CSCS, CFSC2

Specialization: Golf and Post Injury Training
Trumbull, CT

Jason LaChance

Darien, CT

Jen O'Neil, PN1

Stratford, CT

Jessalyn Pito

Middletown, CT

Jessica Tracy

Brooklyn, CT

Jillian O'Neil

Specialization: Dietitian, Athletes, Women's Health, Family Health, Sports/Athletes
New York, CT

Joe Ferrara

Specialization: Triathlon and Travel
West Hartford, CT

Jonathan Mantel

Specialization: Exercise Nutrition, Fat Loss
Cromwell, CT

Jordan Fry, CPT

Specialization: Holistic In-home Training
New Hartford, CT

Joshua M. Takacs

Specialization: Athletic Training, Weight Loss Specific Training, Youth Training, Corrective Exercise
Stamford, CT

Joshua Ranciato

Specialization: weight loss, holistic approach, health coach, and muscle growth
West Haven, CT

Julia Holthaus

Specialization: Women's nutrition, pre- and post-natal nutrition
Milford, CT

Julie Wandzilak

Greenwich, CT

Karen Katchko

Stamford, CT

Karissa Giaquinto

trumbull, CT

Katherine Simmons

Specialization: Female athletes, mindfulness and meditation, functional movement
Salisbury, CT

Kathleen McMahon

Greenwich, CT

Kathryn Posillico

Specialization: weight loss nutrition, pregnancy nutrition, maintenance, sport specific nutrition
Stamford, CT

Katie Breault

Niantic, CT

Kelly D. DuBois

Norwalk, CT

Kimberly Knapp

Specialization: Weight loss, endurance nutrition
Old Saybrook , CT

Kristin N. Allard

Putnam, CT

Kristyna Templeton

Specialization: family nutrition, athletic performance, health and wellness coaching, weight loss
Branford, CT

Kyle Panek

Specialization: Golf Performance Training and Nutrition
Ridgefield, CT

Kyle Radune

Cromwell, CT

Leslie Stetter

Fairfield, CT

Lucas Serwinski

Specialization: Nutrition, cooking, meal planning and prep
Hamden, CT

Marianne Gannon

Specialization: Healthy Living
Danbury, CT

Matthew A. Osborne

Specialization: Health, Fitness, & Lifestyle Coaching
Stamford, CT

Megan Boyle

Specialization: Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Sports Performance, Weight Loss
Darien, CT

Meghan Crutchley

Specialization: fat loss and sculpting lean muscle
Stamford, CT

Meghan Doyle

Specialization: Weight loss for middle age population
Stamford, CT

Meghan Dunn

Manchester, CT

Michael Cunningham

Specialization: OCR, Fat Loss
West Hartford, CT

Michael Miraglia

Specialization: FRCms, EXOS Performance Specialist
Greenwich, CT

Michael Staropoli PT, DPT, OCS

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Westport, CT

Mike Christie

Specialization: Nutrition plans for busy moms
Cos Cob, CT

Mike Harris

Specialization: Athletic performance, fat loss
New Haven, CT

Monika Nowak, Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer

Specialization: Fat loss, Muscle gain, Behavioral change, Habit development, Youth counseling
Ridgefield, CT

Monique Beauchamp

Hamden, CT

Natasha Holmes

Specialization: Pre & Post Natal, Fat Loss, Corporate, Bridal, Strength Training, Core Training
Westport, CT

Nelson Alvarado

Specialization: Fat loss
Waterbury , CT

Nicholas Hoberman

Norwalk, CT

Nicole Clark Massie

Danbury, CT

Paul Tusch

Stamford, CT

Priscilla Pechmann, ACSM-CPT, FMS Professional Level 1, Pn1

Specialization: Women's Fitness and Nutrition
Cheshire, CT

Richard J. Mauro

Specialization: Exercise Physiologist; Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist; Certified Health & Fitness Specialist; General Strength Training; Fat Loss; Post-rehab injury training
Stamford, CT

Rob Teachman

Specialization: Weight loss and strength training
Enfield, CT

Ruben G. Morales, Jr. DPT, CSCS, CWcHP, Pn1

Tolland, CT

Ryan M L'Ecuyer

Norwalk, CT

Ryan McEachern

Specialization: Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, Youth Training, Self-Defense
Shelton, CT

Sean Mageau

Stamford, CT

Seth Spaner

Specialization: Weight Gain / Weight Loss Services
Somers, CT

Shala K. Grogan

Gales Ferry , CT

Shannon Briggs

Colchester, CT

Sharon Marr, NASM CPT

Specialization: Personal Training, Group Training, Nutritional Coaching
East Lyme, CT

Shawn Guiney

Specialization: Body Transformations, Muscle Mass, obstacle course training, mud run training
Lebanon, CT

Simone Morin, B.S., CSCS, USAW

Plantsville, CT

Stephen coreano

Specialization: fat loss and athletic training
seymour , CT

Stephen Stern

Specialization: Weight loss, athletic performance improvement.
Northford, CT

Steven Bazewicz

Specialization: Rehabilitation
Stamford , CT

Susan M. Labadia

Newington, CT

Terry O'Hara

Specialization: I love working with all ages, but specifically love training older clients ( over 40) and coaching people of all ages who would love some help with their eating habits. I love to help change body composition, more muscle, less fat!!!!
Guilford, CT, CT

Thomas L. Munck III

Specialization: Overall Lifestyle Nutritional Changes
North Haven, CT

thomas sienkowski

Specialization: strength and conditioning coach
beacon falls, CT

Tim Yuhas BS, CSCS, PES, FMS, XPS, Pn2

Niantic, CT

Tina Killoran

Monroe, CT

Tristan McLaren

Specialization: Sports Performance
Hartford, CT

Tyler Campbell

Specialization: Golf Performance Training
Ridgefield, CT

William DeLongis

Specialization: Mass Gain
West Hartford, CT

William Mackie

Middletown, CT


Amy E Osik

Specialization: Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching
Wilmington, DE

Aron McConnell, DPT, COMT, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Physical Therapy
Talleyville, DE

Charlene Zinnel

Seaford, DE

Craig Klasic

Specialization: CrossFit
Harbeson, DE

Evans Armantrading Jr.

Specialization: Weight Loss Nutrition, Metabolism
Dover, DE

Hunter Reed

Specialization: Post Partum fitness, Fat loss
Camden, DE

Janelle Bowman

Middletown, DE

Jenna Daisey Holden

Specialization: Moms, Families
Middletown, DE

Katrnia Clayton

Specialization: NASM Certified, Pre-natal certified, TRX Certified
Wilmington, DE

Lesslee Belmore

Specialization: Women over 45 and up
Milton, DE

Nicholas Rybinski

Newark, DE

Spencer Fry PN Level 1

Middletown, DE

District of Columbia

Abdul-Karim al-Jabbar

Specialization: Weight loss
Washington, DC

Ali Hochreiter, MPH, CSCS

Washington, DC

Alyssa Mouland

Washington, DC

Brian Dunlap

Washington, DC

Carmen Sturniolo

Specialization: Body composition, injury prevention, strength and conditioning, TRX
Washington, DC

Clementina R Russo

Specialization: General health and wellness, for all levels of fitness.

Craig P Bowman

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
Washington, DC

Gene Sun | NASM, USAW, PN1

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning, Fat Loss, Habit-based Lifestyle Change
Washington, DC

Jacqueline Owensby

Specialization: Rehabilitation, returning active individuals back to a healthy and active lifestyle.
Washington, DC

James Bathurst

Specialization: Strength, Gymnastics, Fat Loss
Washington, DC

Jenya Naletova

Specialization: Yoga, Nutrition
Washington DC, DC

Jerome J. Winston

Specialization: Rehabilitation, Mass Gain, Weight Loss, Performance, Mobility, Flexibility
Washington, DC

Karen Reiner

Washington, DC

Kathleen Bryant

Washington, DC

Keri Wiles Ohlheiser

Specialization: weight loss, sport specific athletes, pre & post natal, geriatrics, special populations
washington, DC

Kevin Mullins CSCS

Specialization: Body Recomp
Washington , DC

Kimber Rozier, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: sports performance, mass gain, weight loss
Washington, DC

Larry Carroll Jr.

Washington, DC

Mary Dolbashian

Washington, DC

Maurice D. Williams, MS, CSCS NASM Master Trainer

Specialization: General Nutrition, Weight Loss
Washington, DC

May Bend - NASM, Pn2, RTS

Specialization: Lifestyle Coach
Washington, DC

Michael Hull

Specialization: Sport and Performance Nutrition
Washington, DC

Michael P Kahn

Washington, DC

Mike Gallagher

Washington, DC

Naomi Marie Poe

Specialization: Improving Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle
Washington, DC

Rafal Tokicz

Specialization: All
Washington, D.C. , DC

Rob Stuart

Washington, DC

Teresa Harris

Specialization: fat loss, binge eating, overeating, eating psychology
Washington, DC

Tess Candell

Specialization: Bridal Fitness & Nutrition
Washington, DC

Tina Krupczak, MS, CNS, LDN

Washington DC, DC

Whitney Kling

Specialization: Weight management
Washington, DC


Brian Jensen

Specialization: Over the phone coaching, weight loss, habits based approach, nutrition and wellness education, healthy living, accountability, men and women


Aaron Nash

Specialization: Fat Loss
Fort Myers, FL

Alex Rivera

Specialization: precision nutrition, weight loss, mass gain, onnit academy foundations, sport specific training, injury rehab
miami beach, FL

Allison Joy Reveiz

Specialization: Empowering women to believe in themselves
Weston, FL

Alyssa Reardon

Specialization: whole-body integration, results-driven

Amy Bailey

Specialization: pregnancy nutrition
Saint Augustine, FL

Andres Castillo

Specialization: “Weight Loss and Management”
Miami, FL

Andrew Corbett

Miami, FL

Andy Farina

Specialization: Mental Grit, Emotional Resiliency, Life/Leadership Skills, Ultra-Endurance Running
Gainesville, FL

Anna Lou Hathaway

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Anthony Benedettini

Specialization: Cognitive performance specialist
New Port Richey, FL

Anthony Mendez

Specialization: weight loss, sports specific, circuit training, & corrective
Miami, FL

Anthony Pedraza

Specialization: Weight Loss, Athletic Perfromance
coral gables, FL

Arlen Guerrero

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning, Lifestyle Coach, Fat Loss
Aventura, FL

Asher A Boucher, CPA

Specialization: Crossfit
Neptune Beach, FL

Ashley A Kolozsvary

Mount Dora, FL

Audrey Frazier

Tallahassee, FL

Augusto Juarez

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning
Orlando, FL

B. Joann Andrews

Specialization: Supporting you to make the changes YOU want to see! Weight loss, weight training, performance goals, transformation
Fort Myers, FL

Barbara Berry

Specialization: Supporting men and women in moving through and beyond emotional and behavioral barriers to fitness and nutrition goals.
Gainesville , FL

Barbara Svenson

Port St.Lucie, FL

Betsy Foster, CSCS

Gainesville, FL

Betty Kasper, Certified Nutritional Counselor & Coach

Specialization: Sports nutrition, weight loss and maintenance, health management, macro/micro nutrient education
Tampa, FL

Billy Kinberger

Dade City , FL

Billy Riano

Specialization: 1 on 1, buddy and group training for everyday life, performance, weight loss, kettlebells
Miami Beach, FL

Brandice Lardner

Clearwater , FL

Brandon Samuels

Florida, FL

Brandon Zeeb

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Margate, FL

Brendon Williams

Specialization: Fat loss, Muscle gain, performance training and nutrition
Jupiter, FL

Brenna Kelly

Apopka, FL

Brian Betancourt M.S., ACSM EP-C, Pn1

Specialization: Weight loss, mass gain and health and wellness
Miami, FL

Bridgit A Norris

Specialization: Body Composition
Lighthouse Point, FL

Bron Weidner

Sarasota, FL

C. Douglas Tart, Jr. MAEd, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

Specialization: Specializing in those 40 and over
Lakeland, FL

Carla Sánchez-Anderson

Specialization: I work with women who want to lose 10 lbs in less than a month and find a connection between mind and body.
Parkland, FL

Carolina Romero

Specialization: Senior Fitness, Baby Boomer fitness, Transformations, Fat Loss
Delray Beach, FL

Chazwick Pinna

Miami, FL

Chris Russell

Specialization: CrossFit, MMA
Atlantic Beach, FL

Christen Butterfield

Gulf Breeze, FL

Christian Leighton

Specialization: Weight Loss, Body Transformation
Boca Raton, FL

Christian Scott Wonders, ACSM-CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Athletic and Sport Nutrition, Injury Prevention, Certifed RESET Specialist
Stuart, FL

Christina Kowalewski

Specialization: Weight loss nutrition and weight training, Pregnancy nutrition ( pre/during/post), prenatal weight training endurance training, weight
Delray beach , Fl , FL

Christine A. Castelli

Specialization: Healthy Living and Sports Nutrition, Training
Jupiter, FL

Christopher Pastrana

Specialization: Bootcamps, HIIT, performance, weight loss, muscle and strength gain

Cindy Crump

Specialization: Exercise and Nutrition Coaching for Fat Loss
Orlando, FL

Cindy Rivera

Specialization: Weight loss/management, chronic diseases, food allergies/sensitivities, sports nutrition
Tampa , FL

Clay Scott Ostberg

Pensacola, FL

Clementine Costantini

Specialization: Weight loss
winter garden, FL

Coach JT Thomas, PES, Pn1

Specialization: Functional Trianing & Speed and Agility Training
Maitland, FL

Collin Nunnally M.S., USAW, PES, Pn1

Specialization: Athletes
Jupiter, FL

Connie Borho

Specialization: Common-sense nutrition, pregnancy nutrition
Bradenton, FL

Conrad Dale Lively

Specialization: Group Fitness; Obstacle Course Training; Ninja Warrior
palmetto , FL

Courtney Shea Carney

Specialization: Crossfit, Lean Muscle Mass, Gains
Hollywood, FL

Dana Ann Billington

Specialization: Personal Training/Nutrition Coach
Naples, FL

Dana de Soto

Specialization: Athlete nutrition, Cheerleader and Gymnast Nutrition
Winter Park, FL

Dana Robin

Specialization: Women's Fat Loss, Pre/Post Natal Fitness
orlando, FL

Daniel Legault A.A, ACSM CPT, Tw2, Fms1

Specialization: weightloss, mass gain, sports specific training
Ormond Beach, FL

Darin Hovis, ATC, Titleist Performance Institute CGMP-3

Specialization: Sports Medicine, Performance and Nutrition for Golf
Naples, FL

Darwin Bodero

Specialization: Corrective exercise, weight loss, movement specialist
Bay harbor islands, FL

David Anthony

Specialization: Lifestyle improvement, injury rehabilitation,
Jupiter, FL

David Challice PTA, CSCS

Specialization: Lifestyle Nutrition
Palm Coast, FL

David Harmer

Specialization: BS-Exercise Science, CSCS
Miami, FL

David MacGillivray MSOM, BSPH, DOM

Specialization: Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, Sports Medicine/nutrition
Windermere, FL

Davina Friese

Specialization: Bootcamp Trainer
Melbourne, FL

Dawn Williams, BS, CSCS

Specialization: fat loss, sports performance, perimenopausal/ menopausal women
Yulee, FL

Delfina Bonilla-Lopez

Specialization: Recipe Development, Alternative Health Blogging, Sugar Addiction, Weight Loss, Hormone Balance, Self-Care, Yoga Tune Up®, Alignment Assessment, Restorative Movement + Exercise
Tampa, FL

Dena Landers

Specialization: Anti-aging
Tallahassee, FL

Denise Holloway, ARNP-BC

Specialization: Adult and Gerontological Health and Wellbeing
Orlando, FL

Dennis Yonce

Anthony, FL

Desiree Montanari Challice, PT, DPT, CSCS

Specialization: Lifestyle Nutrition
Palm Coast, FL

Dianne M Carlson, BSN, BS, Pn1

Lutz, FL

Dize Kandu

Specialization: Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching
Miami Beach, FL

Dominic Frazier B.S Exercise Science, PN1, ISSA CSCS

Specialization: weight loss, sports performance, lean muscle
Miramar , FL

Dusten Brunner, MS, EP-C, CSCS

Specialization: Exercise & Sport Science Company
Key West, FL

Edward C.A.S.H. Williams

Ocoee, FL

Edward Fajardo

Specialization: Fat Loss, Sports Nutrition, Muscle Building
Bradenton, FL

Elisabeth Priest

Lake Mary, FL

Elizabeth Treese, Pn1, SFG

Specialization: weight loss, pregnancy, athletic performance
Miami, FL

Elliott Dobbs

Specialization: Body Composition / Wellness Coach
Worldwide, FL

Emily Parsons

Orlando, FL

Eric Angelo Krause

Specialization: Sport Performance Coaching
Estero, FL

Eric Brown

Specialization: Rehabilitation, prevented injury, strength, conditioning, weight loss
Wilton Manors, FL

Eric Lamontagne

Miami, FL

Eric Redding

Jacksonville, FL

Eric Story

Miami Beach, FL

Erik Figueredo

Specialization: Performance (Strength and Power), Hypertrophy (Muscle Gain) and Fat Loss
Miami, FL

Estefania Fierro

Specialization: Athlete nutrition
Miami, FL

Evan Anthony Chelini

Specialization: Strength and movement Coach
Miramar Beach, FL

Evelyn Howe

Specialization: Health coaching
Tampa, FL

Faheem Mujahid

Specialization: Master Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist
Miami , FL

Flavia Melo

Deerfield Beach, FL

Flip Aguilera

Specialization: Mind/Body, Finances/Career, Relationship/Life Coaching
Miami Beach, FL

Frank Pettoruto

Specialization: Marathon and Half Marathon training, Agility, Speed, Strength gain and endurance
Aventura, FL

Frankie Telfort

Specialization: Rehabilitation and Performance
Miami, FL

Freddy M. Satizabal

Specialization: FMS Coach SFG instructor AF Master Instructor
Miami, FL


Specialization: Weight Loss Specialist, Healthy Cooking and Eating
Coconut Grove , FL

Garrett Mastronardi

Specialization: Nutrition journalism and vitality
Palm Harbor, FL

Gavin De Souza

Specialization: Body Transformation, Nutrition Coaching, Lifestyle Coaching, Behavior Coaching
Weston, FL

Genevieve Boyle

Specialization: Metabolic Recovery, strength and agility
Marathon, FL

Genevieve King

Specialization: Athlete Performance
South Tampa , FL

Georgeanne Schievink

Specialization: weight loss, wellness coach, strength training, eating for life
Jacksonville, FL

Gineth Mendez-Yibirin

Specialization: Weight Loss, Multisport-endurance training and nutrition
Coral Springs, FL

Giovanni Roselli

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Gregory McBride Jr

Specialization: Contest Prep and muscle building
tampa, FL

Gustavo Marinelli

Specialization: Performance, Injury prevention, Nutrition
Miami, FL

Haj Enjoji

Specialization: Good nutrition habits, Endurance athlete performance nutrition, Lifestyle nutritional consultant
Miami, FL

Hannah Richards

Specialization: Health and Fitness, Sports, CrossFit, WeightLifting
Sanford, FL

Holli Meredith

Alva, FL

Horice Pertee

Specialization: Performance and Nutrition
Palm Beach, FL

Ian Kadish

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Isaac Baime

Specialization: In-person/Online, Weight Loss, Strength and Conditioning, Health Coaching, Sports Specific, Muscle Activation Techniques, Current Physical Therapy Student
St Augustine, FL

Ivana Levin

Miami Beach , FL

Jackie Knox

Specialization: Weight loss, running, Pilates
Lake City, FL

James Cunha Balarezo

Tallahassee, FL

James Harwood

Specialization: Weight Loss, Sport-Specific Training and Nutrition
Tallahassee, FL

James M Barnum

Spring Hill, FL

James Turner

Specialization: Sports Performance, Body transformation, fat loss
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Janelle Famularo

Specialization: Lifestyle nutrition, weight loss, weight gain
Coral Springs , FL

Jason Ackerman

Specialization: CrossFit, Flexible Eating, Emotional Eating
Naples, FL

Jason Anthony

Specialization: "fat loss", "health improvement", "performance"
Gainesville, FL

Jason Anthony

Specialization: Body Composition Change, Health, Performance
Gainesville, FL

Jason Atkins-Tuffs

Gainesville, FL

Jason Jabour

Specialization: sport nutrition
Jupiter, FL

Jason Lee

Davie, FL

Javier Milian

Specialization: Sports Performance
Hialeah, FL

Jeff Higuera

Specialization: Performance Enhancement/Sports Performance
Maitland, FL

Jeffrey Luhman

Specialization: Fundamental Nutrition
Largo, FL

Jen Hayes

Bonita Springs, FL

Jen Messer

Specialization: Women's Fitness, Competition Prep, Weight loss, Body Transformation Coaching
Tampa, FL

Jennifer Hutson

st. petersburg, FL

Jennifer Landry

Jacksonville, FL

Jennifer Sanford

Navarre, FL

Jeremiah Kinney

Orlando, FL

Jeremy Berardi

Specialization: Military, Endurance Races, Muscle Gain, Fat Loss
Holiday, FL

Jeremy Partl

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Gainesville, FL

Jessica S. BenShay, AP

Specialization: Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
Fort Lauderdale and South Beach , FL

Joe Herr

Bradenton, FL

Johanna Butler

Specialization: endurance nutrition
Miami, FL

John M South

Specialization: Group Fitness, Motivational Mentoring
West Palm Beach, FL

Jordan Deveix, MS, RCEP

Specialization: Exercise prescription, weight loss, cardiovascular and metabolic improvements
Miami Beach, FL

Jorge Navarro

Specialization: Family Fitness / Childrens Fitness
Miami, FL

Jorge Vega CPT, Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

Specialization: Fitness and general nutrition
Pembroke Pines, FL

Jose Urbino, Pn1

Specialization: Kettlebells, TRX, Fat Loss, Mass and Muscle Gain, Circuit Training, Crossfit Training, FMS, Animal Flow
Miami, FL

Joseph Salpietro NASM CPT, SPARTAN SGX, USAW Sports Perfomance Coach, USAPL Club Coach, FitRanx Certified

Specialization: Body Transformation, Weight Loss, Performance Enhancement
Davie, FL

Joshua A. Evans, MS, CSCS

Specialization: Sport Performance, Weight Loss, Muscle Growth
Miami Beach, FL

Joshua Ahl

Wilton Manors , FL

Julie Roberts

Specialization: Life Coach and CNC
port orange, FL

Justin Feldman, B.Sc., EP-C, PN1

Specialization: Weight loss, Muscle Gain, Bodybuilding, Diet Clean Up
Plantation, FL

Karen Katzenbach

Specialization: Fat loss, Fitness, Mindset and Motivation, Lifestyle, Stress Reduction
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Kate Sitler

Specialization: Sports Nutrition

Katelyn Adamson

Specialization: Weight Loss, Healthy Living, Accountability, Personal Training, Running
Miami, FL

Kayla Seib

Specialization: Athlete nutrition
Tampa, FL

Kelley Joneson

Niceville, FL

Kelsey Huntoon

Specialization: Fat loss
Naples, FL

Kendra Stone

Pensacola, FL

Kerry Eve

Specialization: Exclusively train women 50 and over!
Palm Beach Gardens , FL

Kierstin Cifelli

Specialization: Overall Fitness and Wellness Nutrition + Contest Prep Coach
Saint Augustine, FL

Kimberly R Shawe

Largo , FL

Kristen Wyatt

Specialization: Functional Fitness for Aging Adults
Fort Walton Beach, FL

Kristin Gerkens

Specialization: Fitness
Naples, FL

Kristy Lee Wilson

Specialization: Fat Loss, Pregnancy Nutrition, Postpartum Nutrition, Nutrition for Busy Moms
St Augustine, FL

Kyle Nordwall

Delray Beach, FL

Laura McGowan

Specialization: Strength Training and Weight Loss
Sanibel, FL

Laura O'Leary

Specialization: Personal trainer, group fitness instructor, health coach and PN1
Ft Lauderdale, FL

Laurel Mobley

Tallahassee, FL

Lauren Morris

Oldsmar , FL

Lea Newman

Specialization: Health Transformation
Chiefland, FL

Lee Frye

Panama City , FL

Lee Smalley

Miami, FL

Leigh Brown

Specialization: weight loss, lean mass, women's nutrition
Deland, FL

Logan Byman

Bradenton, FL

Luis Buron

Specialization: Lifestyle Coaching, InBody Testing, Exercise Program Design
Miami Beach, FL

Luis Diaz

West Palm Beach, FL

Lynn Green B.Sc Pn1

Orlando, FL

Lynne C. Martin

Longwood, FL

Maggie McDonald

Specialization: Athlete nutrition, sports nutrition, exercise programing, and weight loss
Highland Village, FL

Margie Ellison

Orlando, FL

Margot Rutigliano Whatley

Specialization: Weight Loss, Lifestyle, Performance
Delray Beach, FL

Mariana Staccioli

Specialization: weight loss, bikini body, brazilian butt, gain mass

Mark Brennan

Specialization: professional strength, mobility, conditioning, overall health
Jupiter, FL

Matt Wismer

Specialization: Body Compostion improvement- Drop Body Fat/ Gain Muscle & Athletic Performance
Miami Beach Florida, FL

Max Braglia

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning Training, Nutrition Coaching, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain
Coconut Creek, FL

Megan Brubaker


Megan Drewes

Clermont, FL

Melissa Courtney

Brandon, FL

Melissa Kiel

Ormond Beach, FL

Micah West

Specialization: Traditional and Unconventional Training, Functional Training for Seniors
Naples, FL

Michael Inscho

Specialization: CSCS, USAW-L1SP, Training For Warriors
Atlantic Beach, FL

Michael Joseph Espinosa

Specialization: Weight-gain for increased performance and weight-loss
Gainesville, FL

Michael Mitchell

Specialization: Strength
Sunrise, FL

Michael S. DeLeo

Specialization: Fat loss
Fort Myers, FL

Michael Savage

Jacksonville, FL

Michael Wohltmann

St Augustine, FL

Mike Lee Kanarek

Specialization: Urban Survival Life Coach, Changing Lives One Warrior At A Time
Parkland, FL

Mike Williams

Specialization: Fat Loss
West Melbourne, FL

Miwa Fiore

Specialization: Women's Fitness and Weight-Loss

Nancy L. Westaway

Specialization: Licensed NLP Master Practitioner Certified Nutrition Coach Pn1 Community & Workplace Traumatologist Early Intervention Field Traumatologist Compassion Fatigue Resiliency & Recovery – Educator Certified QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Natalia vera betancur

Specialization: Women weight loss
Doral, FL

Nathaniel O. Wilkins

Specialization: Stretch, myofascia release and balance
Miami, FL

Nick Gagic

palm beach gardens, FL

Nick Penizotto

Specialization: Muscle gain, Weight Loss, Fitness Nutrition, Wellness
lake worth, FL

Nicole Hulley

Specialization: Pre/Post Natal, Strength & Conditioning, Weight Loss, Corrective Exercise, Sport-Specific Training, Musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, Cardio Programming, Functional Movement Screen
Miami, FL

Nicole Molin, MS, CSCS, PES, CES, Pn2

Specialization: Sports Performance / Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise
Delray Beach, FL

Nicole Race

Specialization: Fat loss, sports performance, improved health
St. Petersburg, FL

Nikki Giacara

Miami Beach, FL

Oscar Agramonte

Specialization: Functional Strength Training
Orlando, FL

Patricia Tremblay B.S. NSCA-CPT

Specialization: Functional Movement , Pre/Post Rehab Training, Nutrition and Published Fitness Writer
Edgewater, FL

Pavithra Karthik

Specialization: Weightloss post delivery
Plantation, FL

R. Brandon Smith

Specialization: Physical Therapist, Strength Coach, Nutrition Coach
Cooper City, FL

Rachel Dodrill

Specialization: Sport Nutrition/Macro Counting
Tallahassee, FL

Ralph Pillinger, PN1, V.02 Certified Distance Coach, Revo2lution Running, USATF Coach

Specialization: Running coach, marathon training, nutrition, sports nutrition, personal training
Pembroke Pines, FL

Ramon A. Torres, BS, ACSM EP-C, EIM2, Pn1

Specialization: Metabolic and Lifestyle Transformations
Kissimmee, FL

Rashida Marshall

Specialization: Lean Muscle Development, Competition Preparation, Group Exercise Instruction, Nutritional Counseling
Tallahassee, FL

Raul Santaella

Specialization: Endurance - Marathon / Triathlon
Doral, FL

Rebecca Davis, NASM-CES, NASM-CPT, RYT-200

Specialization: athletes, rehabilitation
Delray Beach, FL

Rebecca Terebeckij

Specialization: Exercise and Weight Loss Coaching
Riverview, FL

Rebekah Reidy Miller

Specialization: Weight Loss, Strength & Conditioning, Endurance Athletes
Pinellas Park, FL

Regina Faura

Specialization: Sport and Exercise Nutrition
Pensacola, FL

Renata Moleta

Miami, FL

Renee' Barnhill

Specialization: Lifestyle Wellness Coaching
Niceville , FL

Richard Davies

Specialization: Group fitness and nutrition
Coral Springs, FL

Rick Buehn

Specialization: Tactical conditioning, Sports strength and conditioning, Training & Performance, Sports nutrition, Performance Nutrition. M&F Ages 21-50
Gainesville, FL

Ronnie DePesa

Specialization: all populations
Miami, FL

Rosanna Chopp, BS, CSCS, CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Nutrition Coach
Fort Myers, FL

Rose S. Spector

Miami, FL

Rozlyn Ackerman

Specialization: weight loss; post-pregnancy; women’s health; nutrition for crossfitters; strength & conditioning
Naples, FL

Russell Peters

Specialization: CrossFit and Nutrition
Jacksonville Beach, FL

Ryan Degale

Specialization: Fat loss/Performance
Miami Beach, FL

Ryan Kriske, CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning, Weight Loss & Management
Coral Springs, FL

Ryan Miller

Jacksonville, FL

Ryan Thamm

Specialization: Soccer
Orlando, FL

Rykeeem Hunter

Specialization: LIfestyle Change, Strength Conditioning
Apopka Fl, FL

Sadie Finkel

Gainesville, FL

Sara Sisk

Specialization: Sports nutrition
Saint Petersburg , FL

Sara Viveiros

Specialization: Weightloss, Lifestyle Coaching
Weeki Wachee, FL

Sarah Llanos

Specialization: Weight loss, weight gain, eat to perform for adults and teens.
Land O' Lakes, FL


Specialization: Strength Training, Movement Assessment, Kettlebell Instruction, Olympic Weightlifting, Barbell Training, Program Design
Parkland, FL

Scott Moseley

Tampa, FL

Selene Teitelbaum

Specialization: Athlete Nutrition, Ketogenic Diet, Weight Loss
Hollywood, FL

Senada Flack

Specialization: Strength and conditioning, Weight management

Shaylee Edwards

Specialization: Holistic fitness and nutrition
Miami, FL

Shondelle Solomon

Specialization: Fat Loss, Strength and conditioning
Hollywood, FL

Stacie Lynn Dugan DPT, Pn1

Specialization: Physical Therapy, Women's Health and HIIT/Crossfit

Stacy Walker, D. C.

Clearwater, FL

Stephanie Larkin

Ft Walton Beach , FL

Stephen Krzeminski D.C., CSCS

Coral Springs, FL

Stephen Sajewski

Specialization: Weight Loss, Lean Muscle Mass Gain, Pregnancy Nutrition
Sarasota, FL

Steven Dorner

Specialization: Weight loss, Fitness, Golf
Doral, FL

Susan Robarts

Specialization: bikini bodybuilding
Merritt Island, FL

Susan Robarts, B.Sc., CPT-ACSM, Pn2

Specialization: Pre + Postnatal Nutrition, Fitness, and Wellness
Indialantic, FL

Suzanne Harmeier

Specialization: NASM CPT, Organic NON-GMO Supplements
Trenton, FL

Suzanne Harmeier

Specialization: Personal Trainer
Newberry, FL

Suzette Bravo

Weston, FL

Suzette Trainor

Specialization: Personal Training;CrossFit;Triathlons;running;nutritional coachingd
Venice, FL

Tara Carlough

Lakeland, FL

Tara Steinberg

Specialization: fitness for all abilities
West Palm Beach, FL

Tedovious Fletcher

Specialization: Corrective Exercise, Weight Loss, Sports Conditioning
St. Petersburg, FL

Thomas Taylor

Specialization: Health Coaching for High Performers/Leaders, Body Mass Reduction, Biology Optimization
Boca Raton, FL

Tim Geromini

Jupiter, FL

Tony Berardi

Miami, FL

Tony Young

Specialization: Masters clients, 40+
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Tracie L. Hammond

Specialization: Behavioral Nutrition Coaching leading to weight/fat loss
Tampa, FL

Vanessa Rodgers

Specialization: "Group Fitness", "Weight Loss/Management", "Sports Nutrition", "Aquaphysical Floatfit HIIT and Yoga Trainer", "Personal Trainer", "Primal Health Coach"
Clearwater, FL

Waldo Hechavarria

Specialization: B.S Exercise Physiology
Miami, FL

Wendela Jackson

Tampa, FL

Wendy Welch, MD

Specialization: Medical Professionals
Ormond Beach, FL

Will Boggs, MD

Specialization: Complicated health issues
Micanopy, FL

Will Shillito

Specialization: Runners, endurance athletes, golfers
Lakeland, FL

William Arvin

Specialization: Busy Professionals
Jacksonville, FL

William Boggs

Specialization: Personal Training. Nutrition. (Retired physician)
Micanopy, FL

William Glowacki B.S. ES Pn1

Specialization: athletes, fat-loss, performance, bodybuilding/bikini/fitness/physique
Tampa, FL

Yumi Lafortune

Niceville, FL

Zach Rocheleau

Specialization: Helping athletes of all ages to reach their goals through fitness and nutrition
Fernandina Beach, FL

Zachary D Bell, B.S., M.S.

Tampa, FL


Adam Singer

Specialization: Lose Fat, Gain Muscle, Feel Great; Athletic Performance
Athens, GA

Aida Rice

Alpharetta, GA

Alex Hofstadter

Specialization: Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, NCCA Accredited
Atlanta, GA

Alex Wilson

Canton, GA

Alicia Aponte

Atlanta, GA

Allison Culbertson

Brunswick, GA

Allyson Clifford

Cumming, GA

Amanda Steckman

Woodstock , GA

Amelia Livingston

Specialization: Cancer Exercise, Women's Fitness
McDonough, GA

Amia T Freeman

Specialization: Faith - based coaching
Austell , GA

Andrea M Bauer

Specialization: Weight loss
Peachtree City, GA

Andrew Griffiths

Specialization: Fitness and Nutrition that fits into Busy lives.
Duluth, GA

Anthony Daisy M.Ed., CSCS, Pn1.

Specialization: Physical Preparation Coach/Strength & Conditioning Coach, Physique Coach
Atlanta , GA

Ashley Crocker

Atlanta, GA

Ashley Sanders

Decatur, GA

Ashley Williford

Specialization: Weight Loss, Pregnancy Nutrition, Infant Nutrition, Lifestyle Changes, Mass Building
Kennesaw, GA

Ayse Gizem Sukola

Specialization: Mass Gain , Sports Nutrition
woodstock, GA

Betsy Pake

atlanta, GA

Bonnie Brooks

Specialization: Strength Training, Competition Prep, Weight Loss
Monroe, GA

Brian B Lang

Specialization: Keto Health Coaching
Calhoun, GA

Brian D Davis

Specialization: Male/Female Contest Prep, Physique Enhancement, Transformation Programs, Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Energy Balance
Marietta, GA

Brian Duffy

Specialization: Endurance Sports Nutrition
Johns Creek, GA

Caroline Creel

Peachtree City, GA

Carolyn Oppenheimer

Savannah, GA


Specialization: Family Nutrition
Marietta, GA

Chad Cook

Specialization: Long-Term Athlete Development
Alpharetta, GA

Chandra Jones

Woodstock, GA

Cherent Tesfaye

Specialization: Weight loss , Corrective excercise and Mass gain
Winder, GA

Cherese Aviles

Specialization: Strength&Conditioning
Lawrenceville , GA

Christina Yeager

Alpharetta, GA

Christine Ray

Moultrie, GA

Clifton Palmer

Specialization: Behavioral Change, Weight Loss, Hypertrophy, Athletic Enhancement and Conditioning
Acworth, GA

Cody Reece, MSN, RN, 500-RYT, C-IAYT, Pn1

Specialization: Performance Nutrition, Athletes, Weight Loss, Behavior Modification, Competitive Sports Nutrition
Atlanta, GA

Danielle Rosenthal B.Sc.

Specialization: Tennis Performance Training, Corrective Exercise, Older Adults, Weightloss
Sandy Springs, GA

David Tilly

Atlanta, GA

Deirdre daCruz

Specialization: Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle
Johns Creek, GA

Delaine Ross

Specialization: Fitness and Addiction Recovery
Atlanta, GA

Denisse Feliciano Fisher

Richmond Hill , GA

Emeka Akoh, M.Ed.

Athens, GA

Emma Hammond

Specialization: Fat Loss, Female, Strength Training, Women's Health, Behavior Change, Nutrition Troubleshooting
Savannah, GA

Erika Volk, CPT, PN1

Specialization: General Population, Fat Loss, Women's Health, PCOS
Peachtree City, GA

Erin Tankersley

Specialization: Athlete training; Fitness & Nutrition
Woodstock, GA

Greg Cooper

Milton, GA

Gregory Dale Hawthorne Jr

Specialization: Human Body Optimization (Performance and Therapy)
Warner Robins, GA

Gregory Dale Hawthorne Jr

Specialization: Injury Managment, Rehabillitation, Performance Optimization
Byron, GA

Heather Edwards

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Muscle Gain, Weight Loss
Alpharetta, GA

Hunter H Thornton

Cumming, GA

Jake Francis

Specialization: Fat loss, muscle gain, athletic performance
Marietta, GA

James Colson

Brunswick, GA

James Hamill

Sandy Springs , GA

James Moore

Specialization: CrossFit L-1, CrossFit Movement & Mobility Trainer, Pn1, U.S. Army Master Fitness
Conyers, GA, GA

Jared Myatt

Specialization: Sports Performance Nutrition
macon, GA

Jason Bacigalupo

Atlanta, GA

Jason Barry

Specialization: Weight Loss, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Digestion, Autoimmunity, Behavioral & Lifestyle Coaching, Corrective Exercise, Performance
Alpharetta, GA

Jason Paris CSCS

Specialization: strength training, sports performance, body composition
Atlanta, GA

Jayne Jeffreys

Specialization: Athletes. Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Crossfit. Nutrition Coaching for Weight loss, Weight gain, or Performance.
Dublin, GA

Jeff Holloway

Rome, GA

Jennifer Reuter, RN,BSN,PN1

Specialization: Health Coaching

Jennifer Reuter,BSN

Specialization: nutrition and exercise coaching for women,
Flowery Branch, GA

Jessica Bost

Specialization: Sports nutrition, weight loss, body composition
Evans, GA

Jessica R. Beardsell

Specialization: weight loss, personal training, nutrition
Peachtree City, GA

Jimmy Bloodworth

Moultrie, GA

Jodie Vee

Specialization: Habit Based Nutrition;
Marietta, GA

Joe Stacy

Atlanta , GA

John B Wynkoop

Columbus, GA

Johnnie L Perry Jr

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain for Men/Women age 29-55 who work in an office.
Atlanta, GA

Jonathan Davis

Atlanta , GA

Joseph Jones, M.Ed.

Athens, GA

Josh Bevars

Specialization: Lifestyle change, Olympic Iifting, and crossfit
Marietta, GA

Joshua Brown, M.Sc., CSCS

Cumming, GA

Joshua Williams

Specialization: Mass gain, Body Fat Loss, Lifestyle change
Lawrenceville, GA

Karen Harrison, NTP CFNS CFT

Specialization: Customized Nutrition and Exercise Coaching, Weight Management, Exercise Therapy (Post Rehab), Sport Nutrition and Team Training, Community Seminars
Dracula, GA

Katherine McMackin

Peachtree City, GA

Katie Woodall

Watkinsville, GA

Keith Veri

Specialization: small group and personal training
atlanta, GA

Kelley Bouchard

Specialization: Women's Health and Fitness
Savannah , GA

Kelly Rexroad Williams

Specialization: Competition Nutrition & Weight Loss
Buford, GA

Kevin Burnham

Specialization: Weight loss, improved health, busy adults.
Mableton, GA

Kevin Cardone

Roswell, GA

Krista Cortellini Bove

Specialization: sports nutrition, overall health, weight loss, competitive crossfit
Atlanta, GA

Kristen Kukkonen

Powder Springs, GA, GA

Krystin Weiss, NDTR, CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Specializing in women's health through fitness and nutrition.
Cumming, GA

Kurt Reinhard, M.Ed, CSCS

Milledgeville, GA

Kyle D. Holloman

Specialization: Weight Management, Sport Conditioning, Golf Conditioning,
Atlanta, GA

Lacy Norris

Acworth, GA

Lange House

Specialization: Balanced Lifestyle
Rome, GA

Laura Koller

Specialization: Over 40+
Sugar Hill, GA

Lauren Zeilenga

Specialization: Flexible dieting/macros
Watkinsville, GA

Leah Hinnefeld

Specialization: NASM-CPT, Virtual Fitness Training and Nutrition Coaching for The Athletic Rider
Canton, GA

Lisa Kiersky Schreiber

Decatur, GA

Lucas A. Hilt, DC, MS

Specialization: Chiropractic, Functional Nutrition, Sports Performance, Rehabilitation
Woodstock, GA

Lucas Johnston, BSc, CSCS

Atlanta, GA

Luisa Rivera

Brookhaven, GA

Mallie Hart

Tucker, GA

Marlo Blas

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Alpharetta , GA

Matt McDuffie

Woodstock, GA

Matthew Jordan

Specialization: Body Recomposition
Atlanta, GA

Meg Titshaw

Specialization: Personal Training
Bishop, GA

Mrs. Kelly Phelps, B.S., Exercise Science, Pn1

Savannah, GA


Specialization: holistic corrective movement, weight control
johns creek, GA

Nicolas Gruber

Roswell, GA

Nicole Spencer

Specialization: RKC Kettlebell Instructor, Functional Movement Specialist, Certified Yoga Instructor, ACE Personal Trainer
Brunswick, GA

Nicole Spizzirri

Specialization: Healthy Weight Coaching and Weight Loss Transformation
Atlanta, GA

Niki Sims

Specialization: Strength Coach, Certified Starting Strength Coach
Atlanta, GA

Oyah N Kheperu

Specialization: Weight Loss And Competition Prep
Atlanta, GA

Paul T. Mitchell lll

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning, Metabolic Training
Peachtree Corners, GA

Payden Montgomery

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching, Athletic Coaching and Nutrition, Weight Loss, Performance Nutrition
Peachtree City, GA

Peter Emrick

Cumming , GA

Peter Oluwafemi Ayoade

Specialization: Personal Training, Group Training, Nutrition Coaching, Grocery Store Tours, Meal Prep Coaching
Duluth, GA

Piper C. Harris

Specialization: Women's health and wellness
Canton, GA

Polly Barcol

Specialization: Freedom from food addiction
Valdosta, GA

Rachel L. Holden

Specialization: Body Composition and Sports Nutrition
Cumming, GA

Rebecca Shattuck

Richmond Hill , GA

Rebekah Barnette

Gainesville, GA

Rich Reneau

Atlanta, GA

Robbie Farlow

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Helping men in their 30s feel and look better than ever
Rome, GA

Ronnie Collins

Specialization: Fat Loss and Muscular Development
Milton, GA

Ross Aubrey

Specialization: Fat Loss, Mass Gain
Suwanee, GA

Rush Davenport

Dawsonville, GA

Ryan Gearheart

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
Athens, GA

Ryan McSwain

Roswell, GA

Ryan Sommer, BS

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Sports Performance, and Nutrition
Evans, GA

Sam Burkhalter

Specialization: Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, Weight Loss, Sports Performance
Johns Creek, GA

Sarah Williams

Specialization: Eating for performance, weight loss, muscle gain
Atlanta, GA

Savannah Ivy

Atlanta, GA

Scott Smith, MEd, CSCS, RSCC, PES, CES

Specialization: Sports Performance, Functional Movement
Milledgeville, GA

Shanrika Hardeman, PN1

Specialization: Mindset building, Weight loss
Atlanta, GA

Shantea Johnson, MS, MPH, CHES, PN1

Specialization: Health and Wellness Education & Weight Loss
Powder Springs, GA

Stephanie Skeba RD

Atlanta, GA

Stephanie Zoch, MS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, Pn1

Dallas, GA

Stephen Box

Specialization: Weight Loss
Suwanee, GA

Steven (Craig)Bryan

Specialization: older active population, middle age individuals, young athletes
Evans, GA

Tiffani Trobough

Cumming , GA

Todd J Ortowski

Specialization: Weight Loss
Bethlehem, GA

Ty Christopher Carzoli

Atlanta, GA

Vanessa W. Streeter

Fortson, GA

Vince DiLetto

Specialization: Athletic Performance

Will Smith, NASM CPT, Pn1

Conyers, GA

William Lee Preston III

Specialization: Healthy weightloss
Alpharetta, GA

"Julia Crosby", BS Exercise Science, CF-L1, Pn1.

Specialization: "Exercise Science", "Sports Nutrition", "Lean Muscle Mass Gain/Fat Loss", "Fat Loss", "Health & Wellness"
Roswell, GA


Allie Jo Dreadfulwater

Specialization: Movement training, outdoor training, functional training, one-on-one personal training
Honolulu, HI

Amy Kozelka, CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Weight loss, significant weight loss
Mililani, HI

Andrew Takata, MS, ATC, CSCS

Honolulu, HI

Cristina Solorio

Specialization: Novice athletes, Newbies to health and fitness, Clients rehabbing from injuries, boxing students
Kihei, HI

Dylan Gable, CPT, FRCms, Pn1

Hilo, HI

Esther Avant

Specialization: Weight Loss, Behavior Change, Lifestyle Coaching, Body Recomposition, Nutrition & Fitness Coach, Fat Loss
Kapolei, HI

Fran Patoskie

Honolulu, HI

Jono Blodgett

Specialization: Weight loss, sports nutrition
Kailua, HI

Karen M Haddock

Specialization: Women over 40
Honolulu, HI

Karen Orloski

Honolulu, HI, HI

Kari Nettel

Specialization: Nutrition Health Coach offering gentle group programs designed to kick start health goals and extended educational programs designed to enhance health and nutrition knowledge even further.
Honolulu, HI

Lana Myrnae Monestier

Kapolei, HI

Maureen Garry

Specialization: Female fat loss over 40
Waikoloa, HI

Mercedes Hardie

Kailua-Kona, HI

Nicole Toole

Haleiwa, HI

Patrick Riley McFall

Honolulu, HI

Rachel Lindsey

Honolulu, HI

Rachel Schreyer, MPH RD

Honolulu, HI

Ryan Pang

Honolulu, HI

Sharla A K Maney

Kailua Kona, HI

Stacey Ng

Specialization: Prehab, Rehab and Traumatic Brain Injury
Kapolei, HI


Alisha Smith

Specialization: Weight Loss, Food Addictions
Nampa, ID

Amy Wearne

Specialization: nutrition and lifestyle coaching
Dalton Gardens, ID

Angie Tuft cPT

Specialization: Pilates
Caldwell, ID

Brianne Huffman, ACSM CPT

Specialization: Weight loss, mass gain
Boise, ID

Celeste Anderson

Specialization: Women's Health & Body Transformation
Meridian, ID

Dayne Toney

Driggs, ID

Denise Groves

Specialization: Bariatric Fitness and Nutrition Coaching
Post Falls , ID

Eli Hickman, BS, CSCS

Lewisville, ID

Frank Morton Jr.

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning Training (1 on 1, small groups, and sports team trainings)
Post Falls, ID

Gretchen Houston

Specialization: Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching
Idaho Falls, ID

Hayley Earley

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Idaho Falls, ID

Heather Cooper

Boise, ID

Jenai Nicole Jasper

Boise, ID

Jenn Arnold

Specialization: Weight Loss; Obstacle Training; Ketogenic Diet; LCHF Diet
Boise, ID

Jennifer Marie Hardy

Hazelton, ID

Jennifer Saunders

Specialization: Change Psychology
Idaho Falls, ID

Jonathan Burnett

Specialization: Special needs and senior fitness
Post Falls, ID

Kasnya Berry

Specialization: Primal Food and Fitness for Fat Loss and Radiant Health
Boise, ID

Kenneth Markwardt, CSCS

Sandpoint, ID

Kerri Lynn Gennett

Post Falls, ID

Kerry Davis, MS

Specialization: Law enforcement
Boise, ID

Kimberly Carlson

Specialization: Nutrition & Fitness Coaching
Boise, ID

Laurie Smith

Boise, ID

Lisa Desilet, MS

Specialization: Nutrition programming for everyday athletes, Crossfit athletes, Olympic weightlifting, endurance athletes, etc.
Meridian, ID

Lori Tindall

Specialization: endurance athletes, weight loss, holistic wellness
Boise, ID

Maria Aragon de Gonzales, MBA, CF-L2, USAW, BirthFit, Pn1

Specialization: Women’s health through nutrition and fitness
Boise, ID

Melissa Martinez Rogers

Burley, ID

Melissa Ritter

Boise, ID

Melissa Ritter

Specialization: pregnancy nutrition; baby and kids nutrition, fat loss
Boise, ID

Melissa Wilfinger CPT

Specialization: weight loss
McCall, ID

Michelle Bronson

Specialization: Functional training
Spirit Lake, ID

Michelle Bronson

Dalton Gardens, ID

Missi Balisno

Specialization: menopausal weight gain, fat loss, general fitness and strength
Sandpoint, ID

Nannette Nelson

Specialization: Personal training, wellness coaching in a private studio
Boise, ID

Nichole Pasley

Specialization: Sports nutrition
Ammon, ID

Pamela Bryson DeMetro, CPT, PN1

Boise, ID

Quinn A. Andrews, MS

Specialization: Health/Wellness Education, Body Re-composition, Strength Development
Sandpoint, Idaho, ID

Rebecca M. Adams

Specialization: Weight loss, increase metabolism & energy
Boise, ID

Sarah Campbell

Specialization: Habit based weight loss, yoga therapy
Boise, ID

Sarah Swanson

Specialization: Weight loss and Endurance nutrition
Boise, ID

Shawna Davenport

Specialization: "mass gain", weight loss, overall health, women's health, bodybuilding, figure/physique competition
Meridian, ID

Tami Watson, B.Sc., NASM-CPT

Driggs, ID

Tosha Staffrd

Specialization: Bariatric Nutrition and Fitness
Post Falls, ID

Tyler Stagg

Sun Valley, ID

Yvonne Mortensen

Shelley, ID


Barbara Shapiro CPT-NASM, Cancer Exercise Specialist

Specialization: core training, balance, posture, martial arts, Functional Fitness
Glenview, IL

Aaron Reed

Specialization: Athletic Performance/Weight Loss/Speed & Agility
Schaumburg, IL

Aaron Vice

Specialization: Injury rehab, muscle gain, fat loss
Chicago, IL

Adam Nasadowski

Specialization: Lifestyle and nutritional coaching
Chicago, IL

Aida Moussalli MS Exercise Physiologist- ACSM Health Fitness Specialist

Specialization: Nutrition, Strength Training, Personal Shopping,Cooking, Diabetes & Specialty Diets
Edwardsville, IL

Alea Olson

Specialization: Weight management and sports nutrition
La Grange, IL

Alex Hoffman, MS, CSCS

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning, Weight Loss, Nutrition Coaching
Effingham, IL

Alex Hoffman, MS, CSCS, Pn2

Specialization: General Population Body Composition
Central Illinois , IL

Alex Novak

Specialization: Olympic Weightlifting, Strength Building, High-Intensity Training
Chicago, IL

Alex Stoller, Pn1

Chicago, IL

Alison Blaker

Specialization: Weight Loss
Chicago, IL

Allen Zielnik

Specialization: Weight loss and older adult nutrition
Streamwood, IL

Amanda Chesnut

Pesotum, IL

Amanda Gratzianna, B.S.

Specialization: Pre/Post Natal, Weight Loss
Highland Park, IL

Amanda Hansen

Specialization: Weight loss, Nutrition, Macronutrients
Bolingbrook, IL

Amanda McCartan, B.Sc, NSCA

Gurnee , IL

Amanda Pezzullo

Chicago, IL

Andrea L Pfeiffer

Specialization: Aging adults 40-90, weight loss, post menopausal, emphasis on functional fitness
Villa Park, IL

Andrea NaTay Drane

Chicago, IL

Andrew J. Leonard

Specialization: Weight loss, lean body mass gain, strength gain.
Chicago, IL

Andrew Morris

Washington, IL

Andrew Morton

Specialization: Weight loss, conditioning, metabolic training
Chicago, IL

Andrew Schlie

Hinsdale, IL

Andrew Sheaff

Chicago, IL

Anne Marie Knodel

Des Plaines, IL

Annette Zapp, MA, CSCS, TSAC-F

Specialization: Fitness and nutrition for tactical athletes and desk warriors
Montgomery, IL

Anthony La Barbera

Specialization: RESET Certified Specialist (Manual Therapy)
elmwood park, IL

April DeCarlo

Chicago, IL

Ariel Single

Specialization: Sports Competition Readiness
Chicago, IL

Art Roman

Lisle, IL


Specialization: Paleo, Low carb, Weight loss, Muscle gain
Washington, IL

Ashley Martens

Specialization: Healthy Eating for Every Day
Chicago, IL

Aubrey Keller

Specialization: Pregnancy Nutrition and Weight Loss
Glen Carbon, IL

Becky Johnson

Huntley, IL

Ben Ballinger

Specialization: Bikini/figure competition prep, fat loss for female ex athletes, muscle gain for hardgainers
Palos Hills, IL

Ben Schaufele

Elmhurst, IL

Ben Wellenbach

Libertyville, IL

Beni Menconi

Lisle, IL

Benjamin Siemer, BKin-EXSs., MFS

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, BootCamps, Extreme weightless (100+lb)
Effingham, IL

Beth Sroka

Specialization: Women's weight loss, lifestyle modification, wellness coaching for women with PCOS
Elmhurst, IL

Beverly Holcomb

Specialization: CPT, PES, CES, Metabolics, Cardio Coaching, Specialized Nutrition
Burr Ridge, IL

Bobbie Morgan

Specialization: Nutrition and fitness
Villa Grove, IL

Brad Leshinske M.S. C.S.C.S.

Specialization: Sports performance, weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, matainence
Lombard, IL

Bradley Forbes

Specialization: Lifestyle Coaching
Chicago, IL

Brian Donovan

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Mass, Lean Muscle, General Fitness
Chicago, IL

Brian Madaj

Roselle, IL

Brian Yureskes

Dunlap, IL

Brittany Adams

Specialization: Fat loss, mass gain, strength & conditioning, HIIT, circuit training
Chicago, IL

Brittany Knight

Specialization: Crossfit athletes, both new and experienced
Schaumburg, IL

Callista Lofton

Specialization: Fat-loss, pregnancy and post-partum nutrition and exercise, Senior/Disabled exercise
Great Lakes, IL

Cameron J. Mitchell, C.F.T.

Specialization: Bodybuilding and physique competition preperation
Chicago, IL

Candice Ludwig

Chicago, IL

Carol Kohley, CPT, Pn1

Specialization: bootcamps and group training
St Charles, IL

Caroline Juster

Specialization: Lifestyle coaching, weight loss, weight gain, Powerlifting
Chicago, IL

Carolyn Mueller, MS, RCEP, CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Special Populations; Post-Rehabilitation; Endurance Training; Weight loss
Chicago, IL

Cat Durkalski

Chicago, IL

Chad Bryant

Specialization: Senior Fitness, Balance, Group Ex (BodyCombat, CXWORX), Sports Performance, Fitness Competition Training
Danville, IL

Chase Schaap

Specialization: Fat Loss; Lean Muscle Gain; Strength Training
Chicago, IL

Cheryl De Guzman

Arlington Heights, IL

Chris Bockius MS, CSCS, Pn1, CSAC, FMS

Quincy, IL

Christa Carlson, NASM, Pn1

Chicago, IL

Christine Kuczek

Chicago, IL

Christine Rygielski

Specialization: Healthy fat loss and body composition change.
Arlington Heights , IL

Christopher M. Jakubiak

Specialization: weight loss/fat loss and strength training
chicago, IL

Christopher M. Warren

Champaign, IL

Christopher Sanders

Dunlap, IL

Christopher Todd Lowder

Specialization: Adult Fatloss for the Busy Professional
Bloomington, IL

Cindy Hui

Specialization: Flexibility and mobility, fat loss, strength and conditioning
Chicago, IL

Clare Finer NSCA CPT

Specialization: Menopause Nutrition
La Grange Park, IL



Cooper JT Garland, B.Sc., NASM-CPT, NASM-PES

Specialization: Weight Loss, Sports Performance
Orland Park, IL

Corey Waltz

Godfrey, IL

Dana B. Chicoine

Chicago, IL

Daniel Babiarz

Specialization: Building muscle, fat loss, macronutrient intake
Elk Grove Village, IL

Daniel Dodd, Ph.D

Specialization: Body Composition and Weight Management
Bloomington , IL

Daniel Lona

Specialization: Weight Loss, Strength Training, Kettlebell Training, Mobility
Chicago, IL

Daniel Noyce

Specialization: Corrective Exercise, Sport Specific, Nutritional Programming
Chicago, IL

Daniel Rodriguez

Cicero, IL

Darin Hulslander

Specialization: Weight Loss, Nutrition, Professional Athletics, Performance, Rehab
Chicago, IL

Darin Theobald

Specialization: Weight Loss
Morton, IL

David Howington

Specialization: Mass Gain, Nutrition for Athletes
Highland Park, IL

Deanne Hutchison

Villa Grove, IL

Donna Lakinger

Specialization: Middle-Older Aged Women, Baby Boomers, Seniors
Chicago, IL

Doug Biggs

Specialization: Weight loss, strength training, functional training, post-physical therapy rehab, off season athletic training, life coaching.
Lemont, IL, IL

Dr. Daryl Newman DN, FAFS, FMR, GPS, NASM-CPT, CSAC, Pn2

Specialization: Naprapathic, Injury Prevention, Golf Fitness, Sports Performance, Sports Nutrition
Northbrook, IL

Dusty Klaas

Batchtown, IL

Ed Kirkpatrick

Specialization: Golf performance fitness; Sports and weight loss nutrition; Online fitness and nutrition
Crystal Lake, IL

Eduardo A. Cantarero

Specialization: HIIT Training, Strength Training
Aurora, IL

Eduardo Orihuela

Specialization: In-home training, online training, remote training, distance coaching, strongfirst, gmbfitness
Chicago, IL

Elizabeth Pruett

Specialization: mind body spirit
Lake Forest, IL

Elizabeth Roche

Chicago , IL

Emily Gardner, CPT

Specialization: Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Weight Loss
Chicago, IL

Emily Jacobs

Vernon Hills, IL

Emily Oberg

Specialization: Triathlon nutrition
Villa Grove , IL

Emma Kuhns

naperville, IL

Emma Wellman

Chicago, IL

Eric Erickson, MS, PTA, CSCS, Pn1

Crest Hill, IL

Erica Mehring

Red Bud, IL

Francisco Rivas, CSCS, USAW

Specialization: Sport Performance, Weight Loss
Quincy, IL

Franco L. Mercado

Chicago, IL

Freddie Crenshaw

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain
Chicago, IL

Gabriel Salinas-Jones

Specialization: Athletics, Sports Performance, General Population
Addison, IL

Garrett Arndt




Gina Davis-Mireles

Matteson, IL

Grant Weaver

Specialization: Strength Training
chicago, IL

Greg Mattes

Plainfield, IL

Hayley Hollander

Specialization: Performance and youth training
Chicago , IL

Heather L. Rex

Specialization: Pilates, Body Work, Nutritional Coaching
Downers Grove, IL

Heather Refenes

Specialization: "Pre Intra & Post Pregnancy Nutrition" "Over 30% Body Fat for Over 5 Years" "Nutrition Fine Tuning"
Mount Prospect, IL

Helane Hurwith

Specialization: Weight Loss
Northbrook, IL

Hideko Szymanski,NASM-CPT, PN1, CF-L1

Libertyville, IL

Holly Harris

Specialization: Diabetes Coaching, Cholesterol Control, Physique, Figure, Bikini Coaching, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain
Quincy, IL

Howard Bowens III

Specialization: Movement Quality, Weight Loss, Athletic Performance
Buffalo Grove, IL

Isabelle Libmann

Specialization: Weight loss and management, pre- and post-rehab, pre- and post-natal
Evanston, IL

Jake Toney

Specialization: Body Transformation & Performance Nutrition Coaching for Business Owners & Executives, Performance Nutrition for Athletes, Optimized Meal Plan Development, Online Personal Training & Key Statistical Tracking of Critical Health and Fitness Perimeters
Central, IL

James F. Hall

Specialization: Young Athletic Performance
Urbana, IL

Janelle Dyce

Chicago, IL

Janice Spencer

Vernon Hills, IL

Jared Szpak

Naperville, IL

Jarred Stiles

Specialization: weight loss/gain
Chicago, IL

Jasmin Cotton

Specialization: Fat loss, weight loss, strength and conditioning, muscle gain.
chicago, IL

Jason Bauer

Specialization: Sport Nutrition, Travel Tips, Lifestyle Coaching
Naperville, IL

Jason Burns

Specialization: Sports Performance
Chicago, IL

Jason Runyon

Specialization: Post-therapy strengthening, injury prevention, athletic performance, weight loss, body composition change
Wheaton, IL

Jay Woith

Specialization: Physique Athletes & Contest Prep
Chicago, IL

Jeann Marie Showman

Specialization: Fitness Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Lifestyle Coaching
Waukegan, IL


Specialization: Weight Loss, muscle gain, athletic performance, Cross Fit.
Glenview, IL

Jeff McCoy

Specialization: Sports nutrition, fat loss
Vernon Hills, IL

Jeff Weber

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
Bradley, IL

Jenifer Zeno

Specialization: Weight Loss, Pilates, Fitness
Hinsdale, IL

Jenna Fox

Galesburg, IL

Jennifer Steigert

Specialization: Weight loss, lifestyle changes, nutrition coaching, general health & wellness strategies, holistic coaching
Willowbrook, IL

Jessica Canlas

Chicago, IL

Jessica Gallagher

Specialization: Pre/post-natal nutrition and fitness
Chicago, IL

Jessica Johnston

Tiskilwa , IL

Jill Albright

Specialization: weight loss for women and men, sports nutrition for women
Lockport, IL

Jill M Rodriguez

Specialization: Peri-menopause, menopause, hormone imbalance.
Chicago, IL

Jodi Lynn Fultz

Specialization: Personal Training, Nutritional Consulting, Children's Fitness,
Monticello, IL

Joe Distor

Chicago, IL

Joe Ghanem

Specialization: Performance nutrition,Strength training, soft tissue/recovery, Self Defense
mundelein, IL

Joe Hajek

Specialization: "Fat loss", "Bodybuilding", "Physique competition", "Bikini competitio
Elmwood Park, IL

Joe Orsini

Specialization: Balanced Nutrition, Weight Gain & Loss
Wilmette, IL

John Brooks

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Naperville, IL

John Cwiok

Specialization: Nutrition coaching, weight loss, macros, fitness
Algonquin, IL

John Eggan

Specialization: Mass Gain
Chicago , IL

John Hall

Specialization: post and rehab, sports specific, mobility, endurance, strength, corrective, and functional movement
Chicago, IL

Jon P. Purkey ATC, CPT, GT Provider, Pn1

Chicago, IL

Jordan Kunde-Wright

Specialization: Body transformation, Kettlebell, Kettlebell Sport
Carol Stream, IL

Jordan Webb

Specialization: General Nutrition Coaching
Chicago, IL

Jose Rodriguez B.S., CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Strength Training, Fatloss, High Intensity Interval Training
Chicago , IL

Josh Brackett

Specialization: Fat loss/Weight Cutting/Sports performance
Peioria, IL

Juliana Garcia Halloran

Specialization: fitness/bodybuilding competitors, pregnancy, sports athletes, general health/weight loss
Chicago, IL

julie pate

Specialization: Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness Coaching
Downers Grove, IL

Julie Tkaczuk

Channahon, IL

Justin Kegley

Specialization: Athletic Performance Training / Personal Training
Rockford, IL

Kara Schwind

Specialization: Weight Loss
Geneva, IL

Kathryn Powell

Specialization: "Strength" and "Fat loss"
Springfield, IL

Katie Schmidt

Specialization: Personal Trainer
Chicago, IL

Kayla Clawson

Matteson, IL


Specialization: Corrective Exercise

Kellie Greer

Godfrey, IL

Kelly Bails

Mahomet, IL

Kelly Mulock

Chicago, IL

Kelly Wilson

Specialization: mindset and lifestyle change with nutrition, family nutrition, online nutrition coaching

Kelsey Gabel

Chicago, IL

Kelsey Gibson

Indianapolis, IL

Kevin Emmet

Downers Grove, IL

Kevin Mathew Thomas

Libertyville, IL

Kevin Riordan

Chicago , IL


davis junction, IL

Kristen "Abby" Pagud

Specialization: weight loss, performance enhancement, pregnancy nutrition, food intolerances
Libertyville, IL

Kristie Hawkins

Chicago, IL

Kristie Hawkins

Chicago, IL

Kristin Myers

Specialization: Weight Loss, Weight Gain, General Nutrition
Peoria, IL

Kristin Reed, MSN, CHE, PN1

Specialization: Advanced sports performance; Informed medical decision making
Chicago, IL

Kristine Gaspari

Specialization: Weight Loss, Triathlon Training, Circuit Traning
Addison, IL

Kristy Kronas

Specialization: Weight loss, beginners
Willowbrook, IL

Kyle Apsey

Chicago, IL

Kyle Feuerbach

Specialization: Continuous Growth and Living the Dream
Chicago, IL

Kyle J Blust

Specialization: fat loss expert, body transformation expert
Chicago, IL

Kyle Kolb, CSCS, Pn1, USAW Level 1

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Weight Loss
Wheaton, IL

Laura Walsh-Eskilson

Specialization: Running, Strength Training, Weight Loss
Glen Ellyn, IL

Lauren Hyser

Specialization: Performance Nutrition, Focused Weight Loss, Athlete Nutrition
Belvidere, IL

Lauri Robinson

Specialization: Weight loss, Endurance Sports Nutrition for performance, Body composition changes,
Grayslake , IL

Laurie C. (Chrissy) Cook

Specialization: Weight loss, competition prep
Oak Lawn, IL

Layla Dendinger Blust

Chicago, IL

Lindsay Williams

Specialization: Healthy living
Wheaton, IL

Lisa M. Drake

Specialization: Everyday Strong offers nutrition coaching to everyday people who are tired of dieting and are ready to make life long changes through habit-based coaching.
Wheaton, IL

Lisa M. Noakes

Chicago, IL

Lisa Schumacher

Specialization: Helping busy moms learn how to incorporate fitness & nutrition into their everyday life
Oswego, IL

Liz Roman

Specialization: Women Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Auto Immune Disorders
Lisle , IL

Lori Thomson

Chicago, IL

MaKenzie Costley

Bloomington, IL

Mallory Rawlings

Lake Zurich, IL

Mark Pawson

Specialization: Weight Loss, Energy Boost, Lifestyle Rehab
Chicago, IL

Mark R. Henry

Specialization: Training athletes
South Elgin, IL

Mary Cox, CPT NASM

Specialization: Pre and Post Natal, Seniors, PNC Nutrition Coach
Evanston, IL

Mary Lou Lapso

Specialization: Transformation Challenges; Post menopausal women
Lisle, IL



Marzena Wadzynska

Specialization: sports nutrition, fitness nutrition, competition nutrition, natural health nutrition
Lincolnshire, IL

Mathew McQueen-Crawford

Specialization: Vegetarian and Vegan nutrition experience
Chicago, IL

Matt Bouback

Specialization: Performance, Nutrition, OCR
Byron, IL

Matt Cochrane NASM, Pn1

Chicago, IL

Matt Hongosh

Specialization: Fat Loss
Chicago, IL

Matthew Atsoff

Chicago, IL

Matthew Keven Johnson

Specialization: Strength Coach
Chicago, IL

Megan Mitchell

Specialization: Pre/Post Natal Corrective Exercise, Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
Chicago, IL

Melanie Unell

Specialization: Strength Training, Perinatal Fitness
Hinsdale, IL

Melissa diLeonardo

Specialization: Fitness, Weight Lifting, Yoga, Perinatal Fitness, Health Coaching, CrossFit, Weight-Loss, Weight Management
Chicago, IL

Melissa McClusky

Glen Ellyn, IL

MIchael A. Selvitella, DC, CCSP

Specialization: Health, Fitness, Chiropractic Consultant
Streamwood, IL

Michael Elder

Specialization: Weight Management, Strength & Conditioning, Functional Training, TRX, Nutrition
Chicago, IL

Michael McNally

Chicago, IL

Michael Moshenrose

Specialization: Muscle Activation Techniques, Resistance Training Specialist
Olney, IL

Michael Randall

Gilman, IL

Michael Robinson

Specialization: Performance Based Nutrition
Woodridge, IL

Michelle Stratton, MS, CSCS

Specialization: Endurance training and weight loss
Chicago, IL

Mitchell Bowers

Specialization: "Weight Loss", "High Intensity Fitness", "Muscle Gain"
Jerseyville, IL

Nancy Crowther

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Princeton, IL

Nancy T Hildebrandt

Libertyville, IL

Natalie Hudgens

Springfield, IL

Nicco Zenere

Specialization: Weight Loss
Evergreen Park, IL

Nick Rodriguez

Specialization: Kickboxing, Boxing, Kettlebells, TRX, Trigger Point, Bootcamp, Strength and Conditioning, and Weight Loss
Chicago, IL

Nick Strutzel

Specialization: Corrective exercise, nutrition, behavioral coaching, lifestyle change, muscle gain, fat loss
Chicago, IL

Nina Raff

Specialization: Effective Fitness, Balanced Nutrition, Weight loss, Behavioral/lifestyle changes
Glenview, IL

Olivia Allen

Specialization: Weight loss, Mass gain, Nutrition Coaching, Sport-Specific Training, Basketball Skills Training
Kildeer, IL

Pamela Barich, Pn, CPT, CES

Specialization: Weight Loss
Schaumburg, IL

Pamela J Davidson

Chicago, IL

Pamela Paul

Chicago, IL

Pamela Strand

Specialization: Health and Fitness for the slightly older body
Wheaton, IL

Patrick J. Celaya, CSCS

Specialization: Longevity and Vitality
Lombard, IL

Patrick Sheehan

Chicago, IL

Peggy Meier


Phil Kurth

Chicago, IL

Philip Paulsen

Evanston, IL

Philip Poe

Specialization: Weight Loss, Physique/bodybuilding, Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning
Chicago, IL

Rachel Hoover

Normal, IL

Rebekah Hopkins

Specialization: Womens Fitness
Camargo, IL

Ricky Cruz

Specialization: Weight loss
Hickory Hills, IL

Rita Polevoy

Specialization: Weight loss, weight management, post-natal fitness
Northbrook, IL

Ro Thompson

Specialization: TRX
Lake Forest, IL

Robert Bill Jr

Specialization: Weight Loss, Health and Longevity
Schaumburg, IL

Robert J. Kapustka

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning & Fat-Loss
Lombard, IL

Robert Morton

Lake Zurich, IL

Robin Bergstrom, NASM CPT, Pn2

Specialization: weight fighters, post pregnancy
lake villa, IL

Ron Israel

Specialization: Beginners 101, Mobility, High Intense Strength & Conditioning, Pre & Post Natal Certified.
Chicago, IL

Russell Hammer

Specialization: Strength training, Fat Loss, Sport Specific Training,
Carpentersville, IL

Ryan Allen

Algonquin, IL

Ryan Fairman

Specialization: Individualized Resistance Training
Chicago, IL

Ryan Lew

Specialization: Corrective Exercise/Weight Loss
Skokie , IL

Ryan Taylor, CSCS, PN1

Specialization: Building Foundational Strength and Weight loss
Chicago, IL

Ryan Thilgen, B.S., CSCS

Specialization: fat loss, muscle gain, healthy lifestyle for busy people
St. Charles, IL

Ryne Gioviano, M.S.Ed.

Specialization: Weight Loss
Aurora, IL

Sally Betscher

Decatur, IL

Sally Ganzer ACE CPT , Pn1

Brookfield, IL

Salma Shepherd


Samantha S Cravens

Chicago, IL

Sandy Smith, MBA ACC RYT-200

Specialization: Weight Loss for Women 50+
Deer Park, IL

Santiago Muratalla

Specialization: Athlete and Overall Nutrition coaching
cicero, IL

Sarah Albracht

Specialization: women's fitness, nutrition
Chatham, IL

Sarah Bright

Chicago, IL

Sarah Carusona

Specialization: weight loss or management
Chicago, IL

Sarah E Tomlinson

Mundelein, IL

Sarah Fischer-Reynolds

Specialization: Behavior Change
Downers Grove, IL

Scott Boeckh

Specialization: Strenght training, Body composition training, Nutrition coaching, Sports performance training.
Algonquin, IL

Scott Fonda, DC, DABCO

Westmont, IL

Scott Klasen

Specialization: In-home health, fitness, and nutrition coaching and consulting
Rolling Meadows, IL

Scott Kreger NASM-CPT, CES, GPTS, PES, PN1

Specialization: In Home Personal Training, Weight loss, HIIT Training, Functional Training, Corrective Exercise, Sports Performance Training, Group Personal Training, Strength Training, Integrated Training, Fitness Assessments, Nutrition
Crystal Lake, IL

Scott Seeley; B.Sc.; CPT-NCSF; FMS

Robinson, IL

Sean Michael Kemp

Crystal Lake, IL

Shebnem Ince

Specialization: Crossfitters, weightlifters, rowers. Elites and Amateurs.
Skokie, IL

Slyvon Blanco

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning, Body Recomposition, Fat Loss, Flexible Dieting
Wheeling, IL

Stephanie Turner

Specialization: Weight loss, sports nutrition
Chicago, IL

Steve Briggs

Palatine, IL

Steve Ferrah

Specialization: Mobility, stability, endurance, strength, performance, corrective exercise, mechanics, aesthetics, power, body composition, lifestyle enhancement
Chicago, IL

Susan Wade, M.S., C.S.C.S

Specialization: Endurance Athletes, weight loss, toning
Chicago, IL

Suzanne Hafiz

Specialization: "Lifestyle Coach", "Youth Athlete Nutrition", "Wellness Coach", "Nutrition Coach", "Men/Women Nutrition"
Lisle, IL

T.J. Allan Pharm.D, CSCS

Specialization: Male Health, Andropause, and Testosterone Optimization
Gillespie, IL

Taylor L. Sun, CNS

Specialization: Massage & Manual Therapy for Pain & Performance
Palatine, IL

Tera Glenn

Chicago, IL

Theresa Pettigrew, CSCS

Specialization: fat loss/strength training/mass gain
Arlington Heights, IL

Thomas John Treslo

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning Coach
Chicago, IL

Tish Gulick

Specialization: women
Villa Grove , IL

Todd Nief

Chicago, IL

Toni I Bauer

Naperville, IL

Traci Friel

Decatur, IL

Tracy Otto

Downers Grove, IL

Travis Akin CSCS, TSAC-F

Specialization: Fat Loss and Nutrition
Edwardsville, IL

Travis Smith, MS, CSCS,RSCC, PES

Chicago , IL

Trevor Warnke

Specialization: Strength Training, Youth Athlete Training, Habit Nutrition, Fat loss
Mundelein, IL

Tricia Dominguez

Specialization: Fat loss, Mass Gain, Performance Nutrition, Fueling for Crossfit
North Chicago Suburbs, IL

Valerie Wolfe

Specialization: Weight loss, Fat loss, Improved Muscle Definition
Naperville, IL

Vanessa Sobin, CPT-NPTI

Specialization: Sports Performance, Muscle Gain, Weight Loss, Rehabilitative Nutrition, Mud Run Nutrition, Pregnancy
Bloomington , IL

Vicki Stipp

Villa Grove, IL

Vincent Bown

Specialization: mass gain, weight loss programs for women who recently giving childbirth
Carbondale, IL

Vlad Klipinitser

Specialization: Weight loss, sports performance, general fitness.
Chicago, IL

William Butler, TFW1., Pn1

Specialization: Combat Athletes, Performance Nutrition, Powerlifting
Maywood, IL

William R Witte CPT, CES, PES, PN1

Specialization: Weight loss/gain, Corrective exercise, Sports performance exercise, Youth Training
chicago, IL

Yaa Boakye

Specialization: mass gain, weight loss and competition prep
Chicago, IL

Yadira Enriquez

Specialization: Family Nutrition
Hinsdale, IL

Zach Cooper

Lake Zurich, IL

Zachary A. Walters

Specialization: Personal Trainer/Consultant
Chicago, IL

Zachary Michael Trowbridge

Specialization: Body composition for busy professionals
Chicago, IL

Zachary Turner

Specialization: Body Composition Change
Normal, IL

Zachary White

Chicago, IL


Allison Werres, BS, MS, Pn1

Greenwood, IN

Amanda J. Brown MA RD CD CPT PN1

Specialization: Weight Loss
Greenwood, IN

Andrew J. Fry

Specialization: Fitness and Wellness
Bloomington, IN

Anthony Matt CPT, PN1

Specialization: Lifesyle Change, Weight Loss
Valparaiso, IN

Ashley C. Fleming

Bloomington, IN

Austin Current, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Muscle Growth, Fat Loss, Contest Prep
Boonville, IN

Beth Daugherty

Specialization: Health Coach
Lafayette, IN

Brittaney Fortwendel

Zionsville, IN

Cameron Wuerth

Specialization: Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning
Noblesville, IN

Carla J White

Specialization: fat loss, strength training, nutrition, lifestyle balance
Indianapolis, IN

Carlos M. Wood

Specialization: PN1 Nutrition way of Coaching using InBody 570 for Body Composition Assessments, Fitness Training ,and FMS Certified
Fishers, IN

Carol Slager

Specialization: Food sensitivities/allergies
Schererville, IN

Chelssie Urankar

Specialization: Real Food Nutrition, Sports Nutrition
Granger, IN

Chris Coburn

Specialization: "add lean muscle mass"
Indianapolis, IN

Christopher P Neubauer Coach

Specialization: Setting a nutritional foundation
South Bend, IN

Cindy Bednar

Specialization: Weight loss
Valparaiso, IN

Cynthia Marshall

Specialization: Pilates, Health Coaching, Fitness training, nutrition counseling
Camby, IN

Dan Clark

Specialization: Athletic Development
Portage, IN

Daniel McGuigan, B. Sc., Pn!

Specialization: Beginers looking to get ahold of their fitness and nutritional wellness
Waterloo, IN

Denver J Hudson

Terre Haute, IN

Donna Minnich

Specialization: Weight loss and personal training
Portland, IN

Dr. Stephanie Amspaugh

Specialization: Injury rehabilitation, post-injury performance training, physique coaching, body transformation
Warsaw, IN

Edward Villarruel

Specialization: medical nutrition
hobart, IN

Elisha M Hart, MSPA, PA-C, CFL1, Pn1

Franklin, IN

Erica N Pennington

Hammond, IN

Erin Long

Fort Wayne, IN

Gabrielle Putt

Specialization: Healthy eating, muscle building, weight loss
Fort Wayne , IN

Gary R. Olson, B.S., Pn1

Carmel, IN

Greg Eberhart

Evansville, IN

Gretchen Riddle, CHES, CHWC, NLC, Pn1

Specialization: Weight Loss
Evansville, IN

Ingram Davis

Fort Wayne , IN

Jae Chung

Indianapolis, IN

Jane Freeman

Bloomington, IN

Jared Peyer

Greenwood, IN

Jarrod Lovette

Specialization: Basketball nutrition, body transformation, movement screening, personal training
Warsaw, IN

Jason L. Clinton, MS, SPTA, Pn1, PES

Merrillville, IN

Jessica Bonikowske

Brownsburg, IN

John Bauer

New Castle, IN

Josh Greentree, M.A., CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: mass gain, fat loss, sport nutrition, strength and conditioning
Marion, IN

Julia Ladewski, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Athletic performance, strength and conditioning, powerlifting, physique competitors, general health and fitness
Highland, IN

Julia Myer

Specialization: Fat Loss, Mass Gain, Prenatal Nutrition
Indianapolis, IN

Kaci Lierman

Indianapolis, IN

Kathrine Hodges

Valparaiso, IN

Katie O. Kelly BS, RT(R), CFL1, ETPL2

Fishers, IN

KC Forthofer

Bloomington, IN

Kelly A. Fiorenza

Specialization: family and child nutrition, pregnancy, post baby body, body building, weight loss
Carmel, IN

Kelly Britton, MS OT, ACSM Ptrn

Warsaw, IN

Kelly McCal

Rochester, IN

Kelsey cox

Ashley, IN

Kim Wiesmann

Specialization: Fat Loss, Wellness Coaching
Indianapolis, IN

Kristin Nicola

Specialization: Beginners, Helping people who are starting their journey.
Bloomington, IN

Kyle Watson

Indianapolis, IN

Lance Goyke

Carmel, IN

Luke Strain

Specialization: Weight Loss
Valparaiso, IN

Madeleine Ruegg

Specialization: Whole Food Nutrition Coaching & Functional Fitness Training
Indianapolis , IN

Marcy Dowell-Pierson

Lafayette , IN

Marissa Cunningham

Specialization: Women - weight loss after childbirth, body composition change, muscle gain, bikini competition
Fishers, IN

Matt Crow

Specialization: Healthy living, Weight loss and Muscle Building, Sports nutrition, Performance and Bodybuilding nutrition
Indianapolis, IN

Matthew Maassel

Specialization: Weight Loss
Fort Wayne, IN

Matthew Steven Myers

Bloomington, IN

Michael Bauman, CES, Pn1, Pn2

Specialization: Weight loss, health, energy, vitality
Noblesville, IN

Michael Gelfgot

Specialization: Weight Loss
Batesville , IN

Michael Hart, MBA, CSCS, USAW2, Pn1

Franklin, IN

Mike Kassner

Fishers, IN

Mr. Matthew Serd

Specialization: General Population, Contest Prep, Sports Specific
Brownsburg, IN

Paulette Oderio

Specialization: 40+ men and women, business travelers (on the go)
Dayton, IN

Pete Gorka, MA, RSCC, CSCS, PNL1

Specialization: Elite Team Sport Performance
Rochester, IN

Philip Roberts

Specialization: Mass gain, building muscle, weight loss and maintenance.
Elkhart , IN

Renee Sullivan

Indianapolis, IN

Rich Rife

Specialization: Mountain Fitness and Nutrition
Greenwood, IN

Rich Rife

Specialization: Muscle Activation Techniques, Resistance Training Specialist, Loomis Digestive Health Specialist
Greenwood, IN

Sara Sciarrabba

Specialization: Weight Loss, Strength/Performance, Healthy Aging, Child Nutrition
Dyer, IN

Sarah Phillips

Specialization: Weight Loss, Pre- & Postnatal Nutrition, Corrective Exercise
Evansville, IN

Shae Simpson

Brownsburg, IN

Stacey L Stratman
Stephanie A. Amspaugh, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Specialization: Body transformation, orthopedic injuries, holistic nutrition, program design
Warsaw, IN

Steve Tuttle

Brownsburg, IN

Suzy Stout

Specialization: Pilates
Elkhart, IN

T. Renee McCord

Specialization: Weight loss, exercise compliance, strength training, diabetes prevention
Indianpolis, IN

Tanner Tevis

Specialization: Fat Loss
New Albany, IN

Tatum Perez

Specialization: Weight Management, Endurance Training & Race Nutrition
Noblesville, IN

Tim Schultz

Specialization: Youth Athletics, Sports Nutrition, Weight Loss
Hobart, IN

Todd Scheidt, CSCS, SFG

Specialization: Strength, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain / Hypertrophy
Indianapolis, IN

Tom Burns, CPT, SGX, Pn1

Indianapolis, IN

Tony Maloney B.S., ACSM EP-C, FMS, PN-1

Specialization: Movement and function, fat loss, strength training, lifestyle improvement
Fishers, IN

Valerie Nunn

Avon, IN

Victoria Carman

Sandpoint, IN

Will Mieding

Specialization: Weight loss and sports performance nutritional coaching
Lafayette, IN

Zach Farrel MS, CSCS,SCCC, USAW, Pn1

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
Sellersburg, IN

Zach Moore, MA, CSCS, USAW, Pn2

Bloomington, IN

Zachary Brian Pello

Specialization: Weight loss, muscle gain
Noblesville, IN

Zachary Moore

Specialization: Exercise programming; Nutrition coaching to improve health, body composition, and/or performance
Bloomington, IN

Zachary Pello

Specialization: Muscle gain and fatloss
Carmel, IN


Amber Dunlap

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Athletic Performance
Iowa City, IA

Amy Dix, CPT

Specialization: fat loss and health coaching: fitness programming
Urbandale, Iowa, IA

Angela Dashner

Council Bluffs, IA

Anthony DiFiglio

Iowa City , IA

Barry Westerkamp

Specialization: Fat Loss
Pella, IA

Brian Fischer

Specialization: Nutrition, training and recovery for health, fitness and performance
Cedar Rapids, IA

Brittni L Johnson

Massena, IA

Brooke Wilson

Greenfield, IA

Cody Tilk

Specialization: Mass Gain, Weight Loss, Sport Performance
Urbandale, IA

Cyndi Belz

Forest City , IA

Danie Hill

Specialization: General fitness, obstacle course racing
Fairfield, IA

Danielle Richardson

Specialization: General Nutrition and Sports Nutrition
Mitchellville , IA

David Olsen

Specialization: Health Coaching, USAT Level I Coach, Ironman University Coach
West Des Moines, IA

Dirk Timm

Des Moines, IA

Dr Jeff Burbank, DC PN 1 SBN

Specialization: Nutritional evaluation through blood work
Carroll, IA

Dusty Feldman

West Liberty, IA

Erica Ziel, B. Sc.

Specialization: pregnancy nutrition, weight loss
Ankeny, IA

Eugenie Friedrichs

Specialization: Weight Manegment
Charter Oak, IA

Gary Bowman DC

Specialization: Injury rehab/sports performance
Johnston , IA

Grace Herbold

Lawton, IA

Heather Osby

Specialization: Moms, Postpartum nutrition & fitness, Crossfitters
Urbandale, IA

Hollie Buchholz

Urbandale, IA

Jenny Leonard

Specialization: Lifestyle, Flexible Dieting, Competitor Nutrition
Norwalk, IA

Julie Starry

Specialization: Nurse Practitioner with focus on health and wellness
Clive, IA

Kara Swanson

Ankeny, IA

Katie Nolte

Thayer, IA

Kim Mosiman

Ames, IA

Kimber Haddox

Specialization: Functional and Medical Exercise Specialist
Dubuque , IA

Kimberly Dean

Specialization: Women in their 30s-50s who are busy taking care of children and parents along with work obligations
Lisbon, IA

Kimberly Vaicunas

Specialization: Yoga and Nutrition
Cedar Rapids, IA

Korey Van Wyk

Specialization: Sports nutrition, muscle gain, strength & conditioning
Orange City, IA

Lynelle Maro

Urbandale, IA

Mark Phillips

Specialization: Weight loss, Performance/Strength and Conditioning
Des Moines, IA

Matt Springer

Specialization: CrossFit, competitor online coaching
Fort Dodge, IA


Specialization: Weight loss
West Des Moines, IA

Megan Brittain

Specialization: Fat Loss Nutrition
Waukee, IA

Mel Stocker-CSCS and CPT-NSCA, PN-1

Specialization: sports nutrition, weight loss
Urbandale, IA

Merenciana D. Paulus

Des Moines, IA

Mike Dahlinghaus, PhD, CSCS, ACSM-EPC

Specialization: Weight Loss, Performance
Bettendorf , IA

Natalie Nease

Urbandale, IA

Neal DenHartog

Ames, IA

Nick Jarosh

Specialization: Boot Camp Owner
Ankeny, IA

Nicole Scott

Grimes, IA

Pete Crall, CSCS, Pn-2

Specialization: Integrative athletic preparation, Youth-Collegiate Strength and Conditioning, and Personalized coaching for all goals.
Indianola, IA

Pete Link

Ames, IA

Phil Gothard

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning Coach
Dubuque, IA

Ryan Martin

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Des Moines, IA

Ryan Radloff

Specialization: Athletes/Body Building
Urbandale, IA

Sarah Alborn

Waverly, IA

Shenae Rivers, CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Fitness nutrition, youth fitness, older populations
Waterloo, IA

Simeon Lang, NSCA-CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Athletic Performance and Fat Loss
Jefferson, IA

Stephanie Hoeper

North Liberty, IA

Sue Welch

Specialization: NASM certified in personal training and women's fitness. My clients tend to be women between the ages of 30 and 65, typically non athletic looking to be more active and lose weight. I work out of a private studio.
Council Bluffs, IA

Tina Wendel, GX NETA, RKC

Sumner, IA

Tommy Boone

Des Moines, IA

William Roden, CPT, PES, FMS, IYCA

Missouri Valley, IA

Taylor Yockey

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning Nutrition
Whiting, Iowa


Abbey B Snell, B.Sc., ACSM-CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Sports Nutrition & Weight Loss
Hutchinson, KS

Adam Hartley

Specialization: Weight loss, lean muscle gain, nutritional programming, fitness programs
Overland Park, KS

Amber Rich

Specialization: body transformation
Shawnee, KS

Amy Ehinger

Specialization: NPC Physique Competitions
Overland Park, KS

Andrea Major

Specialization: Weightloss, Personal Training, Boot Camp
Arkansas City, KS

Andrew Stimson

Prairie Village, KS

Anise Thomas

Overland Park, KS

Anthony Giordono

Overland Park, KS

Ashley Kennedy

Specialization: Bodybuilding, physique competitions, fat loss, general health improvements and disease preventatives.
El dorado , KS

Brad Drake CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Senior Fitness, Golf Fitness, TRX Qualified, Balance & Flexibilty Certified
Overland Park, KS

Brad Hawkinson

Specialization: Look Better, Perform Better, & Feel Better!
Overland Park, KS

Bree Ginden

Specialization: Personal training, nutrition, lifestyle changes.

Brendan Vermeire

Specialization: Holistic Health and Fitness
Lenexa, KS

Brianna Berner

Specialization: body recomposition
Overland Park, KS

Chad Derowitsch

Specialization: weight loss and performance
Overland Park, KS

Charles Cunningham

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Tactical Strength and Conditioning
Overland Park, KS

Charles McKee

Specialization: fat loss, strength training
Olathe, KS

Cheri James

Specialization: emotional eating, women's coaching
Wichita, KS

Craig Ross, CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Personal Training, Sports Conditioning
Overland Park, KS

Dane Sutherland

Overland Park, KS

Dave Wilkerson

Specialization: Weight loss, powerlifting, and/or general fitness
Wichita, KS

David Hayward

Specialization: weight loss, corrective exercise, sports performance, muscle gain
Overland Park , KS

Debbie A. Beam

Topeka, KS

Deidre M. Malcom

Specialization: NASM CPT and PN Nutrition Coach

Drew Hills

Olathe, KS

Eliza Hale

Lawrence, KS

Ellie Stewart

olathe, KS

Eric Pyles

Lenexa, KS

Heidi Matsakis

Specialization: sports performance, running, endurance sports
Lawrence, KS

Jack Wilson, MS, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning
Lawrence, KS

Jaclyn Weber, B. Ed., Pn2

Specialization: Moms and Athletes
Wichita, KS

Jake Linn

Specialization: One-on-One, Semi-Private, Advanced Functional Movement, Athletic Performance
Wichita, KS

Jennifer Guetterman


Joe Schmidt

Specialization: Weight loss management, sports performance, post-rehabilitation recovery, nutrition, muscle mass gain
Overland Park, KS

Joseph Briggs

Specialization: Weight Loss/Transformation
overland park, KS

Kaitlin Way

Specialization: Women's Strength - New Moms through Menopause
Olathe, KS

Kaitlyn Hollaway M.Ed.

Specialization: Weight loss, healthy eating, fitness
Haysville, KS

Kala Brower

Shawnee, KS

Kathy Draper, NASM-CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Transformation Makeover , Fat Loss
Wichita, KS

Kati L. Jones, ACSM-CPT, USAPL-CC, Pn1

Specialization: Weight loss and Strength training for women 25-40 years of age
Wichita, KS

Katie Boyer Newell

Specialization: Nutrition for Chronic Disease, Nutrition for Gluten Allergies, Balancing your Blood Sugar, Nutrition for Foodies
Shawnee, KS

Katie Kenton

Specialization: Mass Gain, Weight Loss
Olathe, KS

Keith Countess
Keith Countess

Lawrence , KS

Kim Bounsom

Lenexa, KS

Kory Robertson

Specialization: Functional Movement Fitness and Lifestyle Training
Overland Park, KS

Kyle Smith, MS, CSCS

Kansas City, KS

Lars Hanson, CSCS, Pn 1

Specialization: Sports Performance, Fitness, Nutrition
Olathe, KS, KS

Lawson Duncan

Specialization: Functional fitness for all ages, especially for adults!
Overland Park, KS

Lindsay Bohonik

Kansas City, KS

Lisa Blomquist

Specialization: weightlifting, Pilates, TRX
Lawrence, KS

Lugene Prior, CFT, ISSA

Specialization: Personal training, bootcamps, strength, weight loss, boxing
Wichita, KS

Madison Bennett, B.Sc., EP-C, Pn1

Overland Park, KS

Mandy Wray M.S.

Olathe, KS

Mariana Molinari Abadie

Lenexa, KS

Mary A Barren

Specialization: Weight Loss
Lenexa, KS

Matt Terry

Specialization: Weightloss, injury rehab, contest prep
Overland Park , KS

Matt Warner, MSc., CSCS, USAW, PN1

Specialization: Sports performance, fat loss, muscle gain
Manhattan, KS

Matthew Hoffman

Specialization: Weight Loss, Mass Gain, Corrective Exercise
Overland Park , KS

Matthew Troup

Overland Park, KS

Maureen Bryand

Specialization: Females 12 - 80 looking to feel Healthy, Happy & Whole
Wichita, KS

Melissa Goodwin

Overland Park, KS

Melissa Wright

Marysville, KS

Mindy Kissner Bell, Pn1, LSCSW, LCSW, CACII

Specialization: Health at every size, weight neutral health coaching
McDonald, KS

Molly Ellen Holderness

Manhattan, KS

Nicole Nance

Overland Park, KS

Nicole Wigfield

Specialization: Female Functional Fitness, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Lenexa, KS

Rachel Housby-Jones

Derby, KS

Richard Tober, Pn1

Derby, KS

Sara Sutherland, MBA, ACE-CPT, Pn2

Specialization: Pregnancy Nutrition, Sports Performance
Overland Park, KS

Shannon Welch

Specialization: Substantial weight loss (50+ pounds), online or in-person coaching, women only

Shawn Strickland

Specialization: Holistic Health, Lifestyle coaching
Wichita, KS

Stacey L Kramer

Seneca, KS

Stephanie Ball

Specialization: weight loss
Overland Park, KS

Stormy White

Lenexa, KS

Susan Doerr

Overland Park, KS

Terri Fox M.S. in Ed, Pn2

Specialization: Functional Aging, Personalized exercises per individual client
Olathe, KS

Trey Potter

Specialization: Lifestyle Fat Loss
Salina, KS

Tyler Looney, CSCS, CSCCa, USAW

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Mass Gain, Weight Loss
Overland Park, KS

Victor Adam

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Building, Life Coaching/Goal Setting
Overland Park, KS

Vince Brown

Specialization: Weight loss, general conditioning, strength & flexibility improvement, nutrition, self-confidence enhancement
Overland Park, KS


Adam Moyers

Paducah, KY

Amy Walden

Specialization: "weight loss", "pregnancy nutrition", "adolescent nutrition"
Shepherdsville, KY

Anne Bradley Merchant, CMES, CPT, Health Coach

Specialization: weight loss, mass gain
Lexington, KY

Barry Miles

Specialization: Naturopathy, NLP
Elizabethtown, KY

Bo Burkett

Specialization: Middle-Age Weight Loss
Mount Washington, KY

Carol M. Gensheimer

Specialization: Fitness and Nutrition
Georgetown, KY

Chad Abner IFBB Pro

Specialization: Body composition, contest preparation, weight loss, gaining muscle
Lexington , KY

Chris Witbrodt

Specialization: People ready to change. Mom's and Dad's looking to get regain vitality.
Covington, KY

cindy geer

Specialization: Working with young girls.
prospect, KY

Dale Benedict

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, General Nutrition, Functional Strength
Louisville, KY

Daryl Perry

Specialization: Helping new or returning exercisers adopt a healthy lifestyle they can stick with.
Union, KY

David M. Jett, Jr. (Mike)

Specialization: exercise physiology, body composition, fitness testing
Louisville, KY

David Wilton

Specialization: Sustainable Fat Loss and Strength Training
Lexington, KY

Elizabeth Disney

Specialization: Athlete Prepration
Louisville, KY

Eric Romanak

Specialization: Precision Alignment Yoga, Circular Strength Training, Tactical Fitness, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Paducah, KY

Gabriel Craft

Specialization: body transformation
Burlington, KY

Heather Engel

Louisville, KY

J.P. Moore

Specialization: Health/Weight Loss/Body Composition Coaching
Lexington, KY

Jack X. Taylor, CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Sustainable nutrition for weight loss or muscle gain and improved health
Lexington, KY

Jason Dierking

Louisville, KY

Jen Rizzo, Pn1

Ludlow, KY

Jessica Lynn Sharpenstein, M.S., C.W.C.

Specialization: Wellness Coaching, Exercise Physiology
Louisville, KY

Joe Daniels

Specialization: Competitive Kettlebell Lifting and Functional Training
Covington, KY

Joel Purdy

Specialization: Lifestyle Coaching
Hopkinsville, KY

Johnny Pasquale , CF-L1, Pn1

Specialization: Mass Gain, Performance, Fat Loss
Newport, KY

Jonathan E. Smith ACE - CPT

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
Lexington , KY

Jordan Means

Specialization: pregnancy nutrition, healthy lifestyle, family nutrition
Louisville, KY

Joseph Crouch, CPT, CES, PES, Pn1

Specialization: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Ignition Speed Coach, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
Augusta, KY

Joshua Reed, B.Sc., CPT

Falmouth, KY

Judith L Metcalf

Louisville, KY

Kelli Miller, MD

Specialization: Ob/Gyn
Louisville, KY

Kendra Leigh Marley

Specialization: Mass gain/bodybuilding, sports performance, strength & conditioning, lifestyle management, military
Fort Campbell , KY

Mandy Lipsett

Specialization: Personal Trainer
Lexington, KY

Micah Blue

Louisville ,Ky 40223, KY

Mike Wernert

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Endurance Sports, Healthy Lifestyle
Louisville, KY

Moira C Fauth

Specialization: Pn2, CFL1, USAW Sport Performance Coach, Lifestyle and Behavior Change, Sport Performance
Lousiville, KY

Nicholas Sorrell

Specialization: making fitness work for normal people like us.
Mount Washington, KY

Nicole Campbell

Specialization: Fat loss for women, strength for women
Lexington, KY

Pat Carlson

Specialization: Implementing permanent lifestyle change in weight management with individualized programs specializing in exercise,nutrition, and behavioral science.
Lexington, KY

Patrick Mahoney

Specialization: Weight loss, Muscle Gain, Competition Prep
louisville, KY

Philip E. Kaiser

Specialization: Sport nutrition and conditioning. General fitness and nutrition.
Brandenburg, KY

Pollyanna Stephens

Specialization: Busy moms, stress management, bilingual, budget friendly approach
Lexington, KY

Ryan Patrick BA, CSCS

Specialization: strength training, nutrition coaching, fat loss
Crescent Springs, KY

Shellie Wingate

Specialization: corporate wellness, chronic disease prevention
Frankfort, KY

Stephanie Wheeler

Specialization: CFL1, RYT 200 Hr
Louisville, KY

Treves A Janszen

Alexandria , KY


Alex Ziegler

Slidell, LA

Beau Hains, MS, CSCS, USAW-L1, Pn1

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning
Rayne, LA

Blake Aillet

Specialization: Group and Online Nutrition Coaching
Scott, LA

Blayr Drumm

Specialization: Athlete Nutrition
Prairieville, LA

Brian C. Adams

New Orleans, LA

Charles Anderson

Zachary, LA

Cindy Cavaretta

Mandeville, LA

Crystal Shimek

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching
Pineville, LA

Dave Mudek, MS, Pn1

Specialization: Endurance Sports Nutrition & Coaching
Fort Polk, LA

David M. Dugas

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain
Pierre Part, LA

DeAnna Chamblee

DeRidder, LA

EJ Ogenyi

Specialization: Simplified Healthy Living, Lasting Weight Loss, Pre and Postpartum Lifestyle
Metairie, LA

Gabe Chavis, NASM CPT

Specialization: Weight Loss, Athletic Performance
Church Point, LA

Greg Carrasquillo

Thibodaux, LA

Hailey Waters

Alexandria, LA

Jackson Frey

Thibodaux, LA

Jalena Tesanovich, Pn1, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Aging population
Shreveport, LA

James Mims Pn1, CF2, CF AdWl,Strm,Mob,Kid,Kb,Bb

Natchitoches, LA

Jarvis Wright

Specialization: Mass gain, Weight loss, Strength and Conditioning, Power Lifting, Bodybuilding
Moreauville, LA

Jaymie Rotts, Pn1

New Orleans, LA

Jennifer Maraist, ACSM CPT, PN1

Specialization: Weight Loss and Functional Movement
Harahan, LA

Jennifer Maraist, ACSM CPT, Pn1

Specialization: ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Tribe Team Training Coach
Harahan, LA

Jodie Haney

Zachary, LA

Joshua Bono, Pn1

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Bodybuilding, General Fitness
Slidell, LA

Julie April Smith

New Orleans, LA

Kara Kendrick
Kathleen Stella

Specialization: Special Populations , fitness
Wollowbrook, LA

Kristi G. Kron

Specialization: Corrective Exercise and Nutrition
Prairieville, LA

Kurt Hester Bs, CSCS, USAW, SAC, RKC1, Pn1

Specialization: Athlete Training
Ruston, LA

Leah Flynn, RRT, ACSM-RCEP, Pn1

Alexandria, LA

Lorraine Jenkins

Specialization: Middle aged women and men
Covington, LA

Luke Atchley


Maci Matherne

New Orleans, LA

Meghann Lawson

New Orleans, LA

Misty A Romain

Terrytown, LA

Sara Baronich

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Baton Rogue, LA

Sarah Merritt

New Orleans, LA

Scott A. Hargrove (Coach Kinetic) CSCS, USAW, HKC, ASFA, LMT #2303

Specialization: Improvement through movement (sports performance, Youth-geriatric fitness, kinesiotherapy)
Alexandria; Jena, LA

Shannon Dahlum

Monroe, LA

Steven Guadagni

Specialization: Baseball performance
Mandeville, LA

Tamikka Reed, Pn1

Baton Rouge, LA

tiffany gautreaux

Specialization: Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Digestion, Increase Strength, Lifestyle, Movement Specialist
lafayette, LA

Todd Leafman

Metairie, LA

Ty Barrett

Baton Rouge, LA


Candice Kiefer

Orrington, ME

Chele' Fuller NASM-CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Performance Nutrition
Augusta, ME

Debra Gunn

Specialization: Fat loss, strengthening and conditioning for 40+ population
Bangor , ME

Erin E. Melito

Specialization: Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness
Portland, ME

Geoffrey T. Edwards, NASM-CPT, CES, Pn1, Pn2

Specialization: Corrective Exercise & Posture Rehabilitation - Individualized Nutrition Coaching
Falmouth, ME

Hillary Bulmer

Specialization: Personal training/ semi private training
Damariscotta , ME

Isaac Wilkins

Specialization: "Body and Mind Transformation", "Strength and Performance Training"
Bangor, ME

Jameson Skillings

Specialization: Weight loss
Lisbon Falls, ME

Jessica Daly

Specialization: Semi-private training
Damariscotta, ME

Jill Rancourt

Augusta, ME

Katherine Daigle

Fort Kent, ME

Kevin DiDonato

Specialization: weight loss, boot camp, personal training, HIIT training, group training
Ellsworth, ME

Kristy Leconte

Specialization: Fitness Competitions, Pre/Postnatal, Pilates, Healthy Mindset
Portland, ME

Lindsay Smith, CSCS, Pn1

Portland, ME

Luke Robinson

Specialization: women's health and wellness
Auburn, ME

Luke Robinson

Specialization: Women's Nutrition (diet recovery, pre- and post-natal)
Auburn, ME

Matt Jones

Specialization: Golf Fitness, Flexibility, General Fitness
Portland, ME

Matt Wallace

Specialization: Body Transformation, Movement, Golf Fitness,
Minot, ME

Matthew Peaco

Specialization: Fat loss, Muscle Gain, General Health, Herbal Supplements, Herbal Medicine
Old Orchard Beach, ME

Michaela A. Gaffen-Stone. RN., BA,. Pn1.

Specialization: RN, BA, Pn1, ACE Health coach, ACE Medical Exercise Specialist, ACE Personal Trainer, Star 3 Spin Instructor, ViPR instructor, TRX instructor and BOSU instructor. Focus on holistic wellness - a place for nutrition, exercise, balance and mindfulness
Norway, ME

Patricia Budd, MFA, PN2

Specialization: Eating Well to Age Well
Portland, ME

Stacey E Snow

Brewer, ME

Stephanie Walsh, CPT, CNTP, CEPC

Specialization: Weight loss, food intolerance, sports nutrition
South Portland, ME


Ali Dietrich

Highland, MD

Alison Bukowski

Specialization: CrossFit Trainer, Olympic Lifting, Nurition
Bethesda, MD

Amy Drolet

Specialization: Weight/Fat Loss; NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Damascus, MD

Amy Wahl

Specialization: Fat loss
Severn, MD

Annie Bailey

Specialization: Weight Loss Women's nutrition and fitness Pregnancy and Postpartum fitness and nutrition
Pasadena , MD

Anthony Atwater

Specialization: Sports Specific, body building, weight loss, geriatrics
Capitol Heights, MD

Aubrey Babcock
Benjamin C. Zagami

Specialization: Strength and Endurance Training, Athletic and Metabolic Conditioning, Corrective Exercise, Weight Loss
Bethesda, MD

Beth Stewart

Specialization: Personal Trainer, TPI Golf Conditionion Specialist, Physical Therapy Transition Consultant
Severna Park, MD

Bobak Ghadery

Specialization: Weight Loss, Corrective Exercise, Sports Specific Training, Mass gain
Bethesda, MD

Branden Jones

Silver Spring, MD

Brent Steinmetz, RD, CSSD, CPT, Pn2

Specialization: Performance Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Health and Weight Loss
Rockville, MD


Specialization: CONDITIONING

Cassidy Burns

Specialization: Pregnancy Nutrition , athlete performance, overall body fitness.
Bethesda, MD

Chad W Smith, Pn1

Specialization: Strength Training, Metabolic Conditioning, Nutrition Coaching
Hagerstown, MD

Charlene R. Pistorio

Specialization: Weight Loss
Baltimore, MD

Chelsea Young

Columbia, MD

Christina Eastwood

Upperco, MD

Daina Behe

Specialization: sports nutrition, weight management, nutrition for specific conditions
Willards, MD

Dana Filatova, MS, CNS, LDN

Specialization: Holistic/functional nutrition, sports nutrition.
Rockville, MD

Daniel Rollins

Specialization: General population weight loss and habit change.
Columbia, MD

Danilo Piana

Baltimore, MD

Daria Shaw

Hunt Valley, MD

Dave Vargo

Timonium, MD

David Johnston

Specialization: Strength Training, Fat Loss, Hypertrophy, Corrective Strategy
Reisterstown, MD

Devon Bates

Columbia, MD

Dimitri Louis

Specialization: CrossFit, Nutrition
Mitchellville, MD

Eamon O'Liddy, B.S., CSCS

North Bethesda, MD

Elyse Buchbinder

Baltimore , MD

Georgeann (Annie)Hall

Specialization: Fat Loss over 35
Knoxville, MD

Gina M. Tomko

College Park, MD

Ginger Wanko

Specialization: Coaching Women: pre/post natal, peri/menopausal, injury rehab.
Catonsville, MD

Heike Yates

Specialization: Personal Trainer, Pilates coach, Weight Managment, Women's Health, Therapeutic Pilates
Silver Spring, MD

Italo Romano

North Potomac, MD

Jacki Szimanski

Specialization: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Senior Fitness Specialist, Balance & Strength Training, Weight Loss and Gluten-free Eating
Baltimore, MD

Jacob Alvarez

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Olympic Weightlifting, Life Style Coaching

Jamaal Dickerson

Specialization: Athletic Training, Weight Loss, 5k and 10ks
Timonium, MD

Jeff Simmons, BSc., ACSM-CEP

Specialization: Lean Mass Gain, Competitive Athletes, Fat Loss
Hyattsville, MD

Jennifer B. Noll

Specialization: Corrective exercise, rehab and recovery
Columbia, MD

Jennifer Hurt

Gaithersburg, MD

Jennifer Klotz

Gaithersburg , MD

Jerry Barnett

Specialization: Endurance Athletes
Lusby, MD

John McCloskey, CSCS, CPT, PN1

Specialization: Weight Loss for women ages 30-60
Salisbury, MD

John Morgan

Laurel, MD

Jon D. Gilmore

Specialization: Body Fat Loss
Finksburg or Berlin, MD

Jonathan Ford

Specialization: General Nutrition
Fallston, MD

Joni Stimpson

Specialization: functional training, kettlebell specialist
Fulton, MD

Joshua Ford

Specialization: Strength, performance, weight loss, weight gain, sports specific, general fitness
Odenton, MD

Joyce Kinsey, BSN, RN, NSCA-CPT

Arnold, MD

Joyce Sabin

Catonsville, MD

Justin Dean Miller

Specialization: Nasm Cpt, PN1
Frederick, MD

Kara O'Connor

Specialization: Weight loss
Nottingham , MD

Karen Skidmore

Specialization: Corrective Exercise
Mount Airy, MD

Kat Smith

Specialization: certified health coach
hagerstown, MD

Kate Grevey Blankenship

Specialization: Contest prep, pre/post natal, mass gain, weight loss, functional movement and performance
glen arm, MD

Katherine Scott, RD

White Plains, MD

Kayla Barnes CPT, FNS, Pn1

Specialization: stretching/mobility, corrective exercise, weight loss, increasing muscle mass
Middletown, MD

Kellyann Sykora

Specialization: Busy, middle aged, family oriented professionals
Mt Airy, MD

Kelsey Franklin

Specialization: Exercise Nutrition, Weight Loss Nutrition
Pikesville , MD

Kenny S Loza

Specialization: Nutrition
Gaithersburg, MD

Kevin Hentz

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Olympic Weightlifting, and Powerlifting
Bel Air, MD

Kim Farrell

Clarksville, MD

Kimberly Spivack, Ph.D

Specialization: NASM certified personal trainer, BS Kinesiology, Masters and PhD in Education
Bethesda, MD

Kirsten Poston

Baltimore, MD

Kyra Beljour

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Pregnancy, Weight loss
North East, MD

Leigh Tolbert

Specialization: Weight loss, behavioral & lifestyle change, fitness nutrition
Frederick, MD

Leigh Travers

Sandwich, MD

Lesa Smith

Street, MD

Lisa Stephenson

Specialization: Balanced Health Coaching
Gaithersburg, MD

Liz Corah

Specialization: Weight loss, pregnancy, food addiction, eating to live.
Gaithersburg, MD

Manwell Talbert

Upper Marlbro, MD

Mark Shields

Specialization: Fat Loss and Older Adults
Bowie, MD

Mary Perara

Odenton, MD

Matthew Bible

Specialization: Weight Loss, Corrective Exercise, Strength Training, High Intensity Interval Training, Aerobics, Building Lean Muscle, Fat Loss, Circuit Training, Endurance Training, Group Classes
Gaithersburg, MD

Megan Gucwa

Specialization: Clients who have functional limitations or are coming back from injury
Columbia , MD

Melissa Szurovy

Specialization: Kettlebells (SFG1) and pre-postnatal fitness & nutrition
Annapolis, MD

Michael Rosengart

Specialization: PreHab, Corrective Exercises, Functional Movement
Hagerstown, MD

Monique N. Moore

Specialization: Functional Strength, Women's Strength Training, Women 40+, Corrective Exercises
Silver Spring, MD

Mortez Sellers, NSCA CPT, USAW, FMS

Specialization: Fat Loss/Body Transformation, Sports Performance Training, Fitness & Conditioning
Hanover, MD

Nancy Accetta

Bethesda, MD

Pam Monacelli

Parkton, MD

Pamela Hohlbein

Eldersburg, MD


Sykesville, MD

Paul Kirkpatrick III, MS, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Sports Performance, Lean Muscle Gain, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Rehabilitation, Basketball Skill Development
Catonsville, MD

Pauline Middleton

Halethorpe, MD

Phyllis Shand

Sykesville, MD

Pierce Bennett Ogden

Specialization: Youth and Adolescent Athletic Development and Geriatric Health
Silver Spring, MD

Rachel Packer

Specialization: slow motion strength training
Olney, MD

Rachel Swartz-Hartje

Specialization: health education, nutrition, fat loss, personal training
New Market, MD

Rachel Swartz-Hartje

Specialization: personal training, health education, nutrition
New Market, MD

Rebecca Fishburne

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning for an active and whole life over an entire lifetime
Severna Park, MD

Rebecca Spain, CPT

Specialization: Diastisis, family nutrition
Columbia, MD

Richard Reiser

Specialization: Certified Physical Preparation Specialist, Personal Training
bel air, MD

Roger Whitman

Specialization: Strength and conditioning, performance, weight loss
Germantown, MD

Ron Adams

Specialization: Weight-loss Nutrition
Annapolis, MD

Ron McDonald Jr.

Specialization: Education, Safety, and Results
Hyattsville, MD

Ryan A. Spaulding, MS

Specialization: Metabolism
Gaithersburg, MD

Ryan Collins, C.S.C.S.

Specialization: Weight loss; Muscle gain
Abingdon, MD

Ryan Jankowitz

Specialization: kettlebell training
Silver Spring, MD

Ryan Schaftel

Specialization: Golf Fitness, Lean muscle gain, Weight loss
owings mills, MD


Specialization: I've worked w/ Triathalets, Runners, people dealing w/ differerent specialties, for example, Parkinson's, MS, Scolisosis, Mulitiple fusions in their back, Ruptured achilles, ACL, menisus tears, broken patellas, knee replacement, etc....
Silver Spring, MD

Saunvah Leigh Hamidi

Gaithersburg, MD

Scott Bojan

Specialization: Body composition
Kensington, MD

Shawn Tweedt, DO, FACS, Pn2

Olney, MD

Sherri Weinman

Towson, MD

Stacy Kirschbaum

Rockville, MD

Stephanie Burdette

Specialization: Sports Performance
Churchville, MD

Stephen Edwards

Specialization: Fat Loss and Attaining a Healthy Body Through Normalized Eating Patterns
Walkersville, MD

Steve Mwaura, NASM-CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Overall health and weight loss
Towson, MD

Taylor Chamberlain

Specialization: food intolerances (gluten, dairy), fat loss, lean muscle gain, inflammation in the body, lifestyle changes
Owings Mills , MD

Thomas B. Strong, Jr, B.Sc. CSCS

Specialization: Weight/Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Optimal Health, Sports Nutrition

Tia K Rodwell

Frederick, MD

Todd Bauer

Specialization: Weight Loss, Nutrition Coaching, Lifestyle Change Coach
Glen Arm, MD

Tommy Johnson, MS

Specialization: Athlete Performance, Baseball
Gaithersburg, MD

Truet Errol Purnell

Specialization: Weight/fat loss
Baltimore, MD

Valerie Williams

Specialization: Running, Disordered Eating
Upper Marlboro, MD

Vandell Ali

Specialization: Weight loss, functional training, physical conditioning for beginners.
Greenbelt, MD

William Davis

Specialization: Strength training
Silver spring , MD

Yvain S. Sullivan, Pn1

Specialization: Personal Training, Online Personal Training & Nutritional Coaching
Annapolis, MD


Adam Watkins

Specialization: Lean Out, Fat Loss, Mass Gain, Sports Nutrition
North Attleboro, MA

Alexandra M. Strong

Specialization: Corrective Exercise & Performance Enhancement Specialist
Burlington, MA

Alexandria Uding

Milford, MA

Amanda Perry

Specialization: Personal Training, Kettlebell Training, Women's Fitness, Women's Nutrition
Tyngsborough, MA

Amanda Perry

Specialization: Pregnancy Nutrition, Postnatal Nutrition, Fat Loss, Nutrition for Women

Amberly J Whitehead

Lowell, MA

Amy Cashore Mariani

Specialization: Weight loss, muscle gain, healthy lifestyle
Winchester, MA

Amy D Frailey

Acton, MA

Amy R Zaferacopoulos

Specialization: Sport Specific Training, Injury Rehab, Special Populations, General Health and Fitness, Adolescent and Teen Athletes,
Littleton, MA

Ana Tocco

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Weight training, Weight Loss, Weight Gain
Boston, MA, MA

Andrea D. Domingue, EdD

Northampton, MA

Andrew Cormier

Specialization: athlete nutrition, strength sport nutrition
East Longmeadow, MA

Andrew Ray, LAT, ATC

Boston, MA

Anne Lustwerk

Randolph, MA

Anne Roberts

Hadley, MA

Annie Shapiro CSCS

Specialization: Personal Training
Boston, MA

Anthony Passamonte, CSCS, Pn1, Spartan SGX

Specialization: Spartan SGX, OCR, Transformation and Athletic Performance
Marlborough, MA

Arianne d'Entremont

Specialization: Kitchen Clean Out
Winchester, MA

Artemis Scantalides

Specialization: Fat loss, building muscle
West Roxbury, MA

Barbara Kaplan

Specialization: Weight loss, fat loss, inch loss, muscle gain, athletic performance
Waltham, MA

Barbara Pagourgis

Specialization: Personal Training, Group Training, Nutrition Coach
Leominster, MA

Barbara St. Louis

Specialization: Fat Loss & Lifestyle Coaching for Women with a History of Yo Yo Dieting
Brockton, MA

Ben Smith

Bellingham, MA

Benjamin Burnap

Boston , MA

Bethany Barnes

Waltham, MA

Blake Leshnick

Specialization: Strength training and nutritional coaching
Medfield, MA

Blake Leshnick

Medfield, MA

Bob Kaplan, MS, MBA

Specialization: Sports Peformance, Fat Loss, Longevity
Wayland, MA

Bob Savin

Ashland, MA

Bobby Collins

fall river, MA

Brandon Kolar, BSc, NASM CPT, Pn2

Specialization: Strength, mobility, nutrition
Boston, MA

Brandon W Kolar

Specialization: Nutrition, strength and hypertrophy training, stability training, special populations
Boston, MA

Bridget Boles

Specialization: Dance
Boston, MA

Britney Rand MS, ATC

Ipswich, MA

Brooks Dyer

Specialization: Body transformation, lifestyle change, performance
Boston, MA

Caitlin Abusamra

Boston, MA

Carol Bouchard

Specialization: Weight loss, Strength and Conditioning
Blackstone, MA, MA

Carrie McKinley

Maynard, MA

Chelsey Staley

Specialization: Fat loss, Gaining lean muscle, Pre and Post Natal, and Sport Specific
Boston, MA

Cherie Monahan

Methuen, MA

Christine Galvin

Specialization: Strength, Weight Loss, Flexibility/Mobility, General Wellness
Brighton, MA

Christine Giorgetti

Specialization: weight loss, fat loss, beginners
Boston, MA

Christine Silvestri

Specialization: Women over 40
Upton, MA

Christopher (CJ) Moss

Specialization: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Westport, MA

Christopher Poirier-Kim

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Lifestyle Balance, Pregnancy Nutrition
Lowell, MA

Cinthia Roberge

Cambridge, MA

Clark Evans

Sherborn, MA

Clay Kelly

Specialization: Nutritional coaching, exercise advice, lifestyle management
Braintree, MA

Colin Walter

Everett, MA

Cory McCue, CSCS, Pn1


Courtney Garner

Kingston, MA

Crystal Pecora, Pn2

Specialization: Nutrition, Fitness, Lifestyle, & Fat Loss for Women Peri-Menopause, through Post Menopause. I'am also a certified Metabolic Effect Nutrition Consultant level 3
Woburn, MA

Curtis Andre Williams

Specialization: Hypertrophy, Weight loss, Core stability
Millis MA, MA

Daniel Cohen

Specialization: Injury Rehab, Pre Post natel , youth , geriatric, sports performance, Olympic lifting, Nutrtion, goal setting.
Newton, MA

Danielle Baker

Specialization: Busy Women
South Dartmouth, MA

Danielle DeAngelis

Rowley, MA

Danielle Rapkowicz

Pittsfield, MA

Danielle Resha

Specialization: CrossFit
Wakefield, MA

Dare Adesoji

Specialization: Weight loss, strength training
Chestnut hill , MA

David J. Piken, CSCS, FMS

Specialization: Behavior Change Coaching, Personal Training
Chestnut Hill, MA

David Piken

Specialization: Getting Started, Golf Fitness
Chestnut Hill, MA

Dawn D'Onofrio, MS, ATC, CSCS

Specialization: weight loss and gaining
Braintree, MA

Dean Adams

Specialization: Sport-Specific Training, Functional Training, Adult Training, Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning
Norwood, MA

Dennis Borg, MS, ATC, CSCS

Waltham, MA

Devan McConnell

Lowell, MA

Devin Gray

Specialization: Injury Post-Rehabilitation, Mass Gain
Franklin, MA

Donna Hernandez

Stoughton, MA

Donne Railsback

Specialization: Weight-loss
Boylston, MA

Elizabeth Fahey

Specialization: Special health concerns; those new to fitness; stressed out and overwhelmed individuals!
Haverhill, MA

Elizabeth W. Grimes

North Attleboro, MA

Emily A Mailloux

Boston, MA

Emily Mutschler, NASM-CPT

Westboro, MA

Eric Fredette

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Functional Training, Kettlebell LV 1, Pre Post Natal, Kettle Bell, ViPR, FMS LV1
Boston, MA

Eric Matta

Southbridge, MA

Erica DiLuzio

West Chatham, MA

Erin Jean

Peabody, MA

Erin Porter

Duxbury, MA

Eugenia Boakye

Specialization: Weight loss and nutrition
Southborough, MA

Eva Zygmuntowicz

Specialization: Circuit training, weight lifting, nutrition coaching
Douglas, MA

Evan Matthew LaBarre

Chelsea, MA

Felita Dortch

Specialization: weight loss, muscle gain & nutrution
Quincy, MA

Filipe Cotas

Specialization: Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Feel Good
Medway, MA

Georgia Bennett-Ramseur

Boston, MA

Geri Villalona

Specialization: contest preparation (bodybuilding, physique, figure, bikini), weight loss, fat loss
East Boston, MA

Gina Aguayo, PhD, Pn1

Billerica, MA

Gina Scuderi

Medford, MA

Greg Glassman LMT, CSCS, PN1

Specialization: Weight loss, Muscle gain, Performance Enhancement
Canton , MA

Gretchen D. Stenquist

Specialization: Health Coaching
Merrimac, MA

Hannah Butera

Cambridge, MA

Hannah J Williams

Cambridge, MA

Heidi Zwart

Specialization: Habit Change, Nutrition Coaching, Lifestyle Design, Life Coaching
Hanover, MA

Ideen Chelengar

Specialization: Functional Training, Athletic Performance, Body Composition, Productivity
Boston, MA

Jaclyn LeClair

Specialization: Fat loss, sport performance, health, coaching
Boston, MA

Jacquelyn Pezzolesi

Specialization: Dedicated to the 40+ year old exerciser
Jamaica Plain, MA

Jake Waters

Specialization: Post Rehabilitation and Strength/Conditioning
Westwood, MA

James Cerbie

Specialization: CSCS, USAW, Crossfit Level 1, Pn1
Berlin, MA

James Keevan

Specialization: In Home Personal Training
Canton, MA

James Suchy, Ph.D, NASM-CPT, CES, FMS, PN1

Wrentham, MA

Jane M Taylor MS, CSCS, USAW

Specialization: Sports Performance, Small Group, Private Training, Olympic Lifting
Cambridge, MA

Jane Soehl

Specialization: Lifestyle fitness and nutrition
Beverly, MA

Janelle Melanson

Reading , MA

Jared Hatz, CSCS, USAW

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Olympic Weightlifting, Sports Nutrition
Springfield, MA

Jason Conroy

Cambridge, MA

Jean Rateau

Brockton, MA

Jeffrey Lajoie

Specialization: Special Populations, Functional Training, Mobility, Overall Strength
Boston, MA

Jeffrey Quinn

Specialization: Performance and weight loss
Salem , MA

Jen Lee Mitchell

Specialization: Weight Training, Obstacle Course Training, Youth Fitness, General Fitness, Strength and Conditioning
Walpole, MA

Jennifer Clark

Specialization: Weight Loss, Behavior Change
Tyngsboro, MA

Jennifer Cook

Specialization: Personal trainer, Movement assessments to help improve quality of life, functional training and fat loss
Sturbridge and Auburn MA, MA

Jennifer Lee

Specialization: Sports Psychology
Winthrop, MA

Jennifer Rodrigues

Raynham, MA

Jeovanny J. Tovar

Specialization: Weight Lost Specialist / Competitive Athletes
Boston, MA

Jeremee Norman

Specialization: Injury Prevention and Recovery
Danvers, MA

Jessica Ward

Roxbury, MA

Jillian Zeller

Specialization: Nutrition for athletic performance
Boston , MA

Jimmy White

Specialization: Onboarding Specialist & Metabolic Technician
Westwood, MA

Jocelyn Martin

Specialization: women
Princeton, MA

Joe McGrath

Specialization: Nutrition, Strength Training, Boxing.
Burlington , MA

Joe Vitiello

Worcester, MA

John LeBlanc

Billerica, MA

John Murnane

Hingham, MA

Jonathan Carlozzi

Specialization: Endurance events, obstacle races, corrective exercise and rehabilitation
Boston, MA

Joseph Drain, CSCS

Specialization: Athlete Training, Adult Fitness Training, Sport-Specific Training
Norwood, MA

Joseph J. Aiello, MS, CSCS, PN1

Specialization: Weight Loss / Behavior Change / Professional Programming / Motivation
Boston, MA

Joseph Skrzek

Worcester, MA

Josh Mavilia, CSCS

Specialization: Muscle gain
Hanson, MA

Josh Morin, BS, CSCS, Pn1

Boston, MA

Joshua Fink

Arlington, MA


Specialization: Loging weight and not gaining it back again
Fitchburg, MA

Judy Gettner

Chestnut Hill, MA

Kait Taylor, Pn1

Lowell, MA

Kara Crow, NASM-CPT, CES

Specialization: Strength, weight loss
Boston, MA

Kate Hoerner

Specialization: Holistic health & fitness for females seeking confidence and sustainable change
West Newton, MA

Kathleen Geoghegan

Specialization: Weight loss, personal training, body positivity
Framingham, MA

Katie Morgis

Boston, MA

Kaylee Murphy

Specialization: Women Over 50
West Roxbury, MA

Kayleigh Nantel

Specialization: ACSM- CPT, Pre/Post Natal Certified, PN 1, Fat loss, Beginner plans, Advanced strength plans
Chestnut Hill, MA

Kenneth Whittier

Specialization: Fat Loss
Waltham , MA

Kerrie Gotell

Weymouth, MA

Kerry Kennedy

Specialization: Weight Loss, Athletic Performance
Boston, MA

Kerry Kilduff, Owner, CPT, Pn1

Woburn , MA

Kevin Murphy, CSCS

Mansfield, MA

Kevin O'Malley

Easton, MA

Kevon Plouffe, CSCS, LMT

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Rehabilitation, General Well-Being, Performance
Ayer, MA

Kim Ryan Raubenheimer

Specialization: Nutrition and Fitness Coaching, Education, Posture/Core/Pelvic strength
belmont, MA

Kimberly Anne Davidson, BS, ACSM EP-C, PNL1, PNL2

Specialization: Kim has been actively involved in the fitness industry since 1985 and is a respected national educator for NASM and AFAA. She holds many internationally recognized fitness certifications, including American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Exercise Physiologist; Spinning Star 3; Les Mills BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, BODYSTEP, and Born to Move; ACE; AFAA Personal Trainer; and is a TRX Qualified Suspension Trainer, TRX Qualified Functional Trainer, TRX Qualified Rip Trainer, and a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certified Nutrition/Health Coach. Kim has trained clients, taught classes, and presented educational programs throughout the United States and also in Europe.
Amherst, MA

Korey Rousseau

Specialization: Movement, nutrition, and body composition
Plymouth, MA

Kristen Allard

North Attleboro, MA

Kristen Homan

Salem, MA

Kristen Mercier

Specialization: General nutrition, women's health and cancer fitness support
Chestnut Hill , MA

Kristina Sadlo, CSCS

Brookline, MA

Kyle Hollander

Specialization: Weight loss, muscle gain, athlete programs
waltham, MA

Laura Hardy

Southampton, MA

Laura J. Jamerson

Specialization: "Women" "fat loss" "muscle gains"
Upton, MA

Laura Pezick

Boston, MA

Lauren Berg

Specialization: Mobility/Flexibility, Strength & Conditioning, Weight Loss/Maintenance
Amherst, MA

Lauren MacGillivray, MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, Pn1

Southbridge, MA

Lee David Skunes

Specialization: Energetics, Strength Training, Yoga and Nutrition
Dorchester, MA

Leo J. McCarthy

Worcester, MA

Leo Morton

Hudson, MA

Liliya Mayorova

Specialization: Bodybuilding competition preparation, weightlifting training, nutrition program
Framingham, MA

Lindsay Bergeron

Boston, MA

Lindsay T. Rentz

Specialization: Nutritional coaching, strength, yoga
Hingham, MA

Lindsey Callahan

Specialization: Fat loss, muscle gain
Boston, MA

Lindsey Corak

Specialization: Weightloss Management
Franklin, MA

Lisa Burns

Specialization: Aesthetics; Hypertrophy; Exercise and Nutrition programming designed to work with Women's hormones;
Boston , MA

Lisa Dahl

Specialization: Specializing in helping people to learn how to eat, move and feel better. Getting off the "DIET" Rollercoaster
Bolton, MA

Lisa DeMarco

Foxboro, MA

Lisa Glass

Specialization: NASM-CPT
Norton, MA

Lisa Maher

Wilmington , MA

Lisa Sawyer

Specialization: Personal & Group Training
Franklin, MA

Lisa Swanson

Specialization: Weight Loss, Men & Woman over 50, Fitness
North Andvoer, MA

LisaAnn Martin

Specialization: Women age 45+
Newton, MA

Liza Hsin

Specialization: ACSM Personal Trainer, sustainable weight loss and weight maintenance, women's fitness and wellness, exercise for beginners, lifestyle and behavior change, body positivity
Holden, MA

Mackenzie Collins NASM-CPT, PN1

Specialization: Personal Training, Group Training
East Longmeadow, MA

Marisa Barr, pn1

Specialization: Fat loss
Quincy, MA

Mark Jandreski

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, Pregnancy Nutrition
Melrose, MA

Mark Quiterio

Northampton, MA

Marlena Irizarry, TFW Level 1, Pn1, Pn2

Specialization: Healthy Lifestyle Balance Coaching, Sustainable Wellness, Nutrition for Women, Pregnancy Nutrition, Postnatal Nutrition, Athletic Performance, Post-Athletic-Career Nutrition, Disease Preventative Nutrition
Chelsea, MA

Marta Banuelos, BS, Pn1, NASM-CES, SFS, WFS, CPT, GPT

Specialization: Nutrition coaching for seniors and baby boomers. Senior Fitness Training, Corrective Exercise Training, Women\'s Fitness Training, Group and Individual Personal Training.
Boston, MA

Martine Martell

Specialization: Functional Training and Weight Loss
Newton/Boston, MA

Matthew Hersh

Specialization: Health business strategy consulting
Brookline, MA


Specialization: Weight Loss/Weight Management, Increase Muscle Mass, Athletic Sports Performance, Lifestyle Functional Movement
Tyngsboro, MA

Megan Beck, MS, ATC, CSCS, PES

Specialization: Injury Prevention, Injury Rehabilitation, Strength and Conditioning
Boston, MA

Meghan DeSalvo, B.S

Specialization: Weight loss, pre/post natal, small group training
Lowell, MA

Melinda Keegan, CPCC, Pn1

Specialization: Whole Life Coaching - 360 holistic approach for professionals, parents and women.
Wayland, MA

Michael Crandall

boston, MA

Michael Denton, CFSC, CSCS

Medford, MA

Michael D'Amico CPT LMT

Specialization: Powerlifting, Strength Athlete rehab, Strength and Conditioning, Fat loss, Mass Gain, Weight Classed Contest prep
Salem, MA

Michael Miele


Michael Peyron

Boston, MA

Michael R. Hoey

franklin, MA

Michael Urso

Specialization: Functional Strength, Sports Performance, Habit-based coaching
Mansfield, MA

Michelle Messana

Lenox, MA

Mike Howard

Specialization: longevity and quality of life aging
Worcester, MA

Mironda Meyer

Specialization: sport performance nutrition
Gloucester, MA

Naomi Rotstein

Specialization: Weight loss, fat loss, physique (bikini, model, figure) competitions, kettlebell training, high intensity circuits, strength training, women, empowerment through exercise
Boston, MA

Nathan Jon Wright

Specialization: Lifestyle Bodybuilding
South Grafton, MA

Nicholas T. Valvanis

Specialization: strength and conditioning, fat loss
westwood, MA

Nichole Guerrette

Specialization: Women/Mothers
Danvers, MA

Nick Kotwica

Boston, MA

Nick Nastasi, NSCA-CPT, LPTA, NC, Pn1

Specialization: weight loss, strength training
Stow, MA

Nicole Blasi

Dedham , MA

Nikky Klaas

Not Listed, MA

Paul Gozbekian

Specialization: Golf Performance
Newton, MA

Pavel Halauko

Specialization: mass gain,weight loss,weight training,diet & nutrition
brookline, MA

Peretz Scheinerman

Specialization: Weight Loss
Boston, MA

Rachel A Hatch

Specialization: General Health and Nutrition/ Obstacle Race Specialist
Bolton, MA

Ramsey Haddad

Specialization: Corrective Exercise, Strength/Flexibility Training, Swimming
Boston, MA

Rich Ruffing

Specialization: Fat loss, sports performance
Lexington, MA



Richard Pelosi, NSCA-CPT *D

Specialization: Eat right to improve performance by eating to gain muscle, fat loss strategies, hydration tips, pre and post work out meals, and an overview of performance supplements.
Boston, MA

Robb Martin

Specialization: Balanced and Vegetarian Nutrition
Wrentham, MA

Robert Bartle

Westport, MA

Robert Cabral, CPT, PN1

Dartmouth , MA

Robert Wood

North Reading, MA

Ronnie Smithers, CSCS

Specialization: Fitness Coaching, Strength and Conditioning, Cycling Coach, Endurance Athletes
Lynn, MA

Roseanne K Kamau

Specialization: Weight loss, Fat loss.
Lowell, MA

Roy E Miner Jr

Specialization: Weight Loss Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, PN1
Boxborough, MA

Ryan D Andrews

Arlington, MA

Ryan Healy

Marblehead, MA

Ryan Maciel

Boston, MA

Sam Bridgewater

Specialization: Weight loss and athletic performance
Weymouth, MA

Samantha Alessi, RDN, LDN, ATC, PN1

Waltham, MA

Samantha Simas

Boston, MA

Sarah Bates

Mattapoisett, MA

Sarah Cailler

Boston, MA

Sarah McIlduff, 2012 Olympian

Specialization: sports performance, pregnancy nutrition
Boston, MA

Sarah Mele

Specialization: corrective exercise specialist, nutrition
Dedham , MA

Scott Hansen

Specialization: Athletic performance, fat loss, strength training
Malden, MA

Scott Tighe

Specialization: Habit based nutrition, Overall health and well being nutrition advice
East Bridgewater, MA

Sean Degnan

Haverhill, MA

Sean Maher

South Hadley, MA

Sean Smith

Northborough, MA

Shalona K Connolly, MS, RDN, CSCS

Specialization: Wellness, Sports Performance
Amherst, MA

Shannon L Ferrick

Boston, MA

Shauna Goodwin

Specialization: Women between 30-50 looking to develop healthy life practices through nutrition and exercise.
Cambridge, MA

Stacey Cronin

Specialization: Athletic performance, strength training
Woburn, MA

Stacey Schaedler

Specialization: Sustainable Nutrition, Fat- Loss, Strength Training for Women
Stoneham , MA

Stav Hubsch

Specialization: Powerlifting, Strength, Training, Hypertrophy, Weight Loss, Mobility
Sudbury, MA

Stephen D Allison II

Specialization: Running, yoga, mobility and nutrition.
Dorchester, MA

Susan Cain Lucy

North Andover , MA

Susan Fishback

Specialization: Moms and families
Centerville , MA

Susan Hart

Specialization: Yoga
Boston, MA

Susan K. Phillip

Specialization: Fitness Training, Nutrition Coaching
Dorchester, MA

Suzanne Caruso Pn1

Specialization: Weight loss
Reading, MA

Tanya Sannicandro

Specialization: BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst), Behavior Modification
Hopedale, MA

Ted Fitopoulos

Brockton, MA

Theresa Racicot, CPT, 200RYT

Medford, MA

Tina DeMedeiros

Specialization: Competition (bikini/figure), Transformation for woman, Personal trainer, Physique specialist
Dartmouth, MA

Tracy Roth

Florence, MA

Vahid Sharifi

Specialization: Weight loss, corrective exercise
Brighton, MA

Vasilina Waldron

Specialization: Fat loss, mass gain, pregnancy nutrition, bodybuilding competition
Boston, MA

Vesela Checo

Malden, MA

Vincent Silano

Specialization: Nutritional education, nutritional coaching, Fat loss, muscle gain
Chicopee, MA

Vincenzo Calautti SCCC, CSCS, FRC

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Muscle Gain, Fat Loss
Boston, MA

Wendy McGannon

Southampton, MA


Aaron Stickel

Plymouth, MI

Abby Blonshine

Mason, MI

Adoreya Miller

Canton, MI

Alec Matthew Faber

Specialization: Personal Trainer
Owosso, MI

Alisha Lorincz R.D.N., Pn1

Specialization: Wellness Nutrition, Health Coaching, Gut Health and Food Intolerances
Belleville, MI

Alyssa Kelly, BS Nutrition, Psychology, Pn1

Specialization: Sustainable Living
Troy, MI

Amanda N Fisher

Grand Rapids, MI

Amanda Pieczynski

Specialization: Strength and Muscle/Performance Enhancement
Shelby Township, MI

Amy L. Blacklock

Northville, MI

Andrew Erickson

Specialization: Healthy Weight loss and weight gain
Grand Haven , MI

Andrew Phelka

Specialization: Strength Training, Nutrition Coaching, Corrective Exercise
Ann Arbor, MI

Angela Loudermilk

Specialization: Pilates Mat & Reformer L2 CCB
Dexter, MI

Angelena Riggs

Specialization: Balanced, healthy living
Shelby Township, MI

Anthony Balmaceda

Warren, MI

Anthony lounsbery

Specialization: Weight loss, muscular development, post re-hab
Lansing, MI

Anthony Medley

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning
Almont, MI

Ashlee Croskey

New Buffalo, MI

Austin Pohlen

Specialization: Weight Loss
East Lansing, MI

Boaz K. Cheboiywo, M.Sc., CSCS

Specialization: Rehabilitation and sports performance
Ypsilanti, MI

Brad Giglio, B.Sc., CF-L1

Specialization: Contest Prep
Traverse City, MI

Brandon Stratton

Specialization: Fat Loss
Grandville, MI

Brenda Rogers

Specialization: group training
Portland, MI

Brian Murray

Grand Rapids, MI

Brian Sipotz

Specialization: Sport performance and active lifestyle
Ann Arbor, MI

C. Michael Malesky

Specialization: Elite and Professional Athletes, Food Sensitivities, Nutrient Deficiencies
Metropolitan Detroit, MI

Candace Gregory, BA, CFL2, PN1

Mason, MI

Carleigh Williams

Specialization: Plant-Based Nutrition
Ann Arbor, MI

Caryn Wickens

Rochester, MI

Cassandra Shoneck

Specialization: Weightloss, muscle gain, feeling good again!
Rochester, MI

Chad Demchik

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Contest Prep, Personal training
Warren, MI

Charlie Skalsky

East Lansing, MI

Charlotte Press

Specialization: Fitness Nutrition, Recipe Creation
Birmingham, MI

Chris Windbigler

Edwardsburg, MI

Christine O'Driscoll

Specialization: gluten and dairy intolerance, special needs diets
Grand Rapids, MI

Cindy Lesneski

Grand Rapids, MI

Colin Fannon

Kalamazoo, MI

Craig G. VanNorman

Specialization: Boot Camp Coach, Personal Trainer, Turbulence Trainer
Lapeer, MI

Cynthia Sabin

Grand Haven, MI

Dallas Mitchell, BS, CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Transformation Specialist, Corrective Exercise, Weight Loss
Oak Park, MI

Daniel Wiseman

East Lansing, MI

David Kolton

Specialization: Weight Loss, Strength Training, USA Weightlifting, Corrective Exercise, Performance Enhancement, Nutrition Coaching
Rochester Hills, MI

David Modderman

Specialization: fat loss, lean muscle gain, circuit training, body transformation, nutrition coaching
Rockford, MI

David Myer

Specialization: Nutrition and Health Coaching; Weight Loss; Behavior Change; Personal Training
Howell, MI

Deana K Brownlow

Specialization: Strength training, weight and nutrition management, health and nutrition coaching
Ada, MI

Debra Katz

Specialization: women's health and wellness, pregnancy nutrition
West Bloomfield, MI

Deogracious Upakrwoth

kalamazoo, MI

Derek Rietman

Spring Lake, MI

Diane Post

Specialization: Weight Loss, Maintenance and Health and Vitality
Northville, MI

Dianne Strawser, CSCS, CSAS

Specialization: Sports Performance; Speed and Agility
Grand Rapids, MI

Drew D. Scacciaferro

Specialization: B.A.A, CSCS, CES, PES Pn1
Buckley, MI

Dylan Dunnington

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Flint, MI

Elizabeth Carpenter

Bronson, MI

Ellen Day B.S., Health Coach

Specialization: Certified Health Coach specializing in nutrition and life coaching
Grandville, MI

Elma Adanalic

Specialization: nutrition, weight loss/fat loss, fitness, natural remedies, health
Sterling Heights, MI

Eric Carter

Specialization: Weight loss, athletic performance, healthy lifestyle
Saint Clair Shores, MI

Franklin Bradley

ann arbor, MI

Greg Hill

Specialization: Weight Loss, Physique, Sports Performance
Lake Orion, MI

Gregory Roskovensky PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Specialization: Rehabilitation, Distance Coaching
Ann Arbor, MI

Hayley Berry

Specialization: Senior Group Exercise
Grand Haven, MI

Heath Schoshke

Specialization: Metabolism and Hormone Specialist
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Heather Hacker

Specialization: Wellness Coaching
Macomb, MI

Heidi Gerrard

Specialization: NASM - Personal Trainer with Behavior Change, Weight Loss, Corrective Exercise, and Fitness Nutrition specialty certifications. ACE- CPT , Youth Fitness and Weight management specialty certifications.
Canton, MI

hillary levin

Specialization: Paleo, autoimmune
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Jackie Byrne

Specialization: Pre- and Post-natal fitness
Troy, MI

Jacqueline Tighe, BSc., ACSM CPT

Schoolcraft, MI

Jamohn Martin

Specialization: weight loss and muscle gain
Grand Rapids, MI

Jasmine Lo

Troy, MI, MI

Jason Hoppe

Specialization: Helping People Live Life Well
Romeo , MI

Jeff Petack

Specialization: Sports nutrition, strength nutrition
Walled Lake, MI

Jeff Tirrell, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Strength Training, Rehab, and Performance
Fenton, MI

Jennifer Cooke

Pinckney, MI

Jennifer Schornak

Macomb, MI

Jeremy Kochis

Rochester Hills, MI

Jeremy Moser

Specialization: competition coaching
new boston, MI

Jesse Rubin

Ann Arbor, MI

Jessica Angebrandt, CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Women ages 25-65+
Belmont, MI

Jessica Rae Stewart

East Lansing, MI

Jill Janssen-Dilg

Beverly Hills, MI

Jimi Varner

Specialization: Training & Nutrition for Fat Loss
Novi, MI

Jody Bergeon

Escanaba, MI

Joe Currie

Specialization: Customized practical fitness and nutrition coaching
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Joe DeGain

Specialization: Fitness, Nutrition
Grand Blanc, MI

Joe Stankowski

Specialization: Fitness For People Who Hate Exercise, Corporate Wellness
Grand Rapids, MI

Joel Kuntzman

Bloomfield Hills, MI

John LeBlanc

Specialization: Weight Loss, sports nutrition
Shelby Twp. , MI

Jonathon Stonecipher

Specialization: Mass Gain, Gut Health, and Hormone Balance
Canton, MI

Jordan Gruppen

Berkley, MI, MI

Joseph Fava, CSCS

Specialization: Strength, Fitness & Lifestyle
Royal Oak, MI

Joseph S Currie

Specialization: Fitness, Performance and Nutrition Coaching
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Josh Daien

Specialization: Increasing Strength, Building Muscle, Functional Movement, Mobility
Commerce Charter Twp, MI

Joshua D. Kinney

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Corrective Exercise, Post Rehab, Special Populations, Powerlifting, Weight Loss, Body Transformation
Farmington Hills, MI

Julia Visser, MSHN, Pn1

Grand Rapids, MI

Julia Whitney

beverly hills, MI

Julian Burca

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Mass Gain, Weight Loss.
Rochester Hills, MI

Julie Hodgson

Royal Oak, MI

Justin M Grinnell CSCS, Pn1

East Lansing, MI

Justin Washburn

Ferndale, MI

Kaitlyn Longoria

Specialization: Women's Health and Pre and Postnatal Corrective Exercise
Lansing, MI

Kari Martin

Shelby Township, MI

Katharine Sullivan

Novi , MI

Katherine Rizzo

Shelby township, MI

Katie Fifer, NASM-CPT, FNS

Specialization: Fat Loss
Alto, MI

Katie Titus, PN1

Rochester Hills, MI

Kayleen Tisdall

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Sport Specific, Modeling, General population
Wixom, MI

Kimberly Bastian

Howell, MI

Kristen Kalakay

Specialization: Sport & Exercise Nutrition
Lapeer, MI

Kristen O'Maelmona, LMT, Pn1

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching and Massage
Mason, MI

Kristi Veltkamp, MS, RDN, CLT, Pn1

Specialization: Intuitive Eating, Sports Nutrition and Weight Loss, FODMAPs for IBS, LEAP Certification for Food Intolerances
Grand Rapids, MI

Kyle Jeffrey Bangen

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning Coach
Hancock, MI

Kym Matthews

Specialization: Running/Biking Athletes, Depression and Anxiety

Lauren Aday

Plymouth, MI

Leeanna Peter

Grand Haven, MI

Leesa Hansknecht, MA, CES, FNS

Specialization: Fitness Nutrition, Youth Nutrition, General Nutrition, Corrective Exercise, Life & Wellness Coaching
Wixom, MI

Lew Porchiazzo III

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
Ann Arbor, MI

Lindsay K. Bush

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Lindsey Duda

Specialization: Holistic, healing nutrition & herbs
Shelby Township, MI

Lisa Cenowa Luth

Shelby Township, MI

Lisa Manning

Trenton, MI

Louise Wallace

Farmington Hills, MI

Lynda Gronlund

Ann Arbor , MI

MaKenzie Branderhorst

Holland, MI

Mara Minasian

Farmington Hills, MI

Marc Pogorzelski

Specialization: Body composition, sports performance
Wixom, MI

Marcia D Grajewski

Grand Rapids, MI

Maria Solovyeva

Bloomfield Hilss , MI

Mary Ellen Turner

Troy, MI

Maryam Hasan

Sterling Heights, MI

Matt Cady

Canton, MI

Matthew J. Wilcox

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Matthew King

Specialization: Chronic pain, inflammation, auto-immunity, joint disfunction, body symetry
Oxford, MI, MI

Meghan Alicia Miller

Bloomfield Township, MI

Melissa Dow, NASM- CPT, Pn2

Specialization: "Corporate Wellness", "Nutrition Coaching", "Suspension and functional training specialist"
Traverse City, MI

Melissa Kwiatkowski

Specialization: NASE certification for athletes, SI Joint Dysfunction Certification
Clio, MI

Melissa Ray, CPT-ACSM

Interlochen, MI

Michael Apostle, CSCS

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning/ Weight Management
Norton Shores, MI

Michael Cieszkowski

Specialization: Weight Loss, Athletic Performance
Brighton, MI

Michael Danke

Specialization: Weight Loss, overall wellness management
Clinton Twp, MI

Michael G. Marks

Novi , MI

Michael L. Ward

Specialization: Weight Loss, Body Transformation, Sport Specific, Youth and Special Populations
Novi, MI

Michaela Robichaud

Ypsilanti, MI

Michelle Adams

Specialization: New Habits for Weight Loss
Clinton Township , MI

Michelle Pozan-Currie

Specialization: Women's Health and Nutrition
Rockford, MI

Natalie Abrhiem

Specialization: Competition prep, weight loss, performance enhancement, sports specific training, eating disorders
Clinton Township, MI

Noah Neuenfeldt

Grand Rapids, MI

Pamela Lynn Maher

Specialization: Weight Loss
Harrisville, MI

Pamela Smith Tzakis

Specialization: Corrective Exercise, Weight Management
Troy, MI

Patrice Dupuis

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Paul L Barr CPT, RYT-200

Specialization: Yoga therapy
Oxford, MI

Phil Loomis

Specialization: Youth Sports Nutrition and Athletic Development
Beverly Hills, MI

Reid Skory

Specialization: Weight Loss & Well Being
West Bloomfield Township, MI

Rhonda K. Jones, RN, BSN, MS

Specialization: Women's heath and fitness
Lansing, MI

Richard Ferrigan, PT, LMT, PN1

Specialization: Weight-loss, Body-building conditioning, Sports Specific Nutrition
Grayling, MI

Sara A. Barker

Midland, MI

Sarah Fuhrmann

Specialization: Menopause
Houghton, MI

Sarah Kreiner

Specialization: Fat Loss, Manageable healthy diet, Energy Increase
Ann Arbor, MI

Sean Conaty, MS, SCCC, CSCS, USAW, CISSN, Pn1

Ypsilanti, MI

Semma Burba

Specialization: Transformations, Exercise Nutrition
Okemos, MI

Shane Amber Foster

Saline, MI

Sharon Harig

Grand Rapids, MI

Shawn Miller

Specialization: Strength Training,Metabolic Conditioning ,Sports Training.
Commerce, MI

Stephanie Lopez Gilmore

Specialization: Women weight loss, lean muscle support, healthy food relationships, ages 20-40 yr old
Detroit, MI

Stephen Steinbacher

Specialization: Fitness + Nutrition consulting, movement/nutrition/health assessments, custom training programs
Battle Creek, MI

Steve Koski, MS, CISSN, PN1

Ann Arbor, MI

Tanisha N. Thomas

Shelby Township, MI

Tasha M. Staley

Specialization: Wellness
Owosso, MI

Taylor DeHaan

Novi, MI

Teri Haass

Brighton, MI

Tiffny Harmon

Specialization: Personalized Nutrition Coaching, Weight Loss, Strength Training, Meal Prep Education, Corporate Wellness
Grand Rapids, MI

Tinamarie Carr, LPTA, Pn1

Specialization: Weight loss
Brighton, MI

Tineile L. Heiler

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Weight Loss
Bloomfield Twp, MI

Tony Burdick

Specialization: "Fat Loss ", "Strength"
49512, MI

Tonya Rocho, CPT, IMS, Pn2

Battle Creek, MI

Tracey Olender

Specialization: Personalized Small- Group Training , Nutrition Coaching, New Moms
Brownstown, MI

Tracy L. Williams

Kalamzoo, MI

Trina Gamet

Howell, MI

Tyler Farrant

Specialization: General Nutiriton, Weight Loss
Commerce Township, MI

Tyler Muzljakovich

Warren, MI

Ula Kajtoch

Specialization: In-home personal training, yoga for beginners, wellness coach
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Wendy Leep Hammond

Specialization: post bariatric surgery nutrition and fitness, whole life approach to wellness
Grand Rapids, MI

Will Kim

Specialization: Sports performance, rehabilitation, functional strength training
Detroit, MI

William Michael Roy

Rochester, MI


Aaron Briggs

Specialization: Fat Loss
White Bear Lake, MN

Aaron Vanderwall, M.Ed., CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Sports performance, tactical performance
Plymouth, MN

Alex Barton

Specialization: Strength Training
Minneapolis, MN

Alexandra Briere

Bloomington , MN

Alexis Bloomstrand

Specialization: Weight loss and habit change coaching
St. Louis Park, MN

Alexis Rivera

Specialization: Muscle hypertrophy
Eden prairie, MN

Alye DeRoma

Plymouth, MN

Amanda Fisher

Arlington, MN

Amber Ellison Walker

Specialization: "Behavior Change", "Weight Loss"
Minneapolis, MN

Amy Armbrust

Chanhassen, MN

Amy Kirscht

Specialization: Weight loss, menopause, pre/post natal
Plymouth, MN

Andrew Akhaphong, RD, LD, Pn1, ACTION-CPT

Specialization: Geriatric Nutrition, Diabetes, Gastroenterology, HIV/AIDS, Oncoloy, Weight Management, Sports Nutrition
Minneapolis, MN

Andrew Linn

Arden Hills, MN

Andrew Long-Middleton

Saint Louis Park , MN

Andrew R.O. Eelkema

Specialization: Kettlebells, calisthenics, and physique competition
St. Louis Park, MN

Angela Khouth

Specialization: Healthy Habit Transformation and Food Consultant
Minneapolis , MN

Anthony Highstrom

Specialization: Weight Loss, Performance Enhancement
hopkins, MN

Arielle Sabatino

Specialization: Female Body Transformation, Lean Muscle Gain, Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance
Minneapolis, MN

Ashley Johnson

St. Paul, MN

Ben Harding

Specialization: Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Behavior Change, Weight Loss
Eden Prairie, MN

Ben Schermerhorn

Specialization: Special Populations , Strength and Body Fat Loss
Prior Lake, MN

Benjamin Eaves

Specialization: Athletic Performance & Recovery
Northfield, MN

Betsy Szymanski

Minneapolis, MN


Specialization: Weight Loss
Excelsior, MN

Brandon Gustafson

Specialization: Beginner Nutrition and Hybrid Athlete Performance
Woodbury, MN

Brian Jungwirth

Specialization: Fitness and Performance
Bloomington, MN



Brittany Duchene

Specialization: Weight Loss
Redwood Falls, MN

Brittany Lea Pace

Eden Prairie, MN

Brittney Knight

Plymouth, MN

Bryce Odegarden

Rochester, MN

Caitlin Buckvold

Specialization: Sports nutrition, weight loss
Burnsville, MN

Caroline Grones

Specialization: Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
Eden Prairie, MN

Casey Stenehjem BS, PN1, NASM CES, ACE CPT

Specialization: Corrective exercise, movement quality, youth, and body building
Saint Louis Park, MN

Cassie Gruber, MS, CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Fat loss, muscle gain, HIIT, plyometrics, body weight, pregnancy
Wayzata, MN

Cathi Williams

Specialization: corporate wellness, digestive discomforts, functional wellness
Maple Grove, MN

Ceili Irene Ternes

Specialization: Pilates, Weight Loss, Pregnancy/Post Partum
Big Lake, MN

Chris Arseneau, B.A.S. Exercise Science, Pn1

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Overall Wellness
Prior Lake, MN

Chris Giesking

Specialization: Body Fat Reduction & Sports Performance
Lakeville, MN

Christy Branham

Maple Grove, MN

Cory T. Flanigan

Minneapolis, MN

Dan Kenney

Specialization: Permanent Weight Loss
White Bear Township, MN

Danelle Nelson ACSM CPT, BS

Lakeville, MN

Danielle Pasquarette

Specialization: Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist, Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, Precision Nutrition 1 Certifcation
Plymouth, MN

Darryl Bushard

Specialization: Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach
Farmington, MN

David Galler

Specialization: Corrective Exercise and Nutrition Coaching
Farmington, MN

David Lang, MS, Pn1

Specialization: Individual Coaching and Corporate Wellness
Excelsior, MN

Dawn Burdette, CMES, CIC

Cottage Grove, MN

Deb Lyness

Specialization: Weight Loss, Healthy Lifestyle
Hastings, MN

Deb Preachuk, BRS, BPE, CF-L1, Pn1

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching for Weight Loss, Corrective Exercise for Chronic Muscle and Joint Pain Relief, Foundation Training, STOTT Pilates, Posture Alignment, Personal Training
Apple Valley, MN, MN

Deborah L Smith

Rogers, MN

Debra Kelly, MS, RD, CPT

Excelsior, MN

Debra Olson

Specialization: CPT and body composition specialist for fat loss and muscle gain
Minneapolis, MN

Derek Varin

Specialization: Sports Performance, Weight Loss
Hermatown, MN

Desiree Weins

Minnespolis, MN

Dina Cohen

Specialization: Habit- based nutrition, Nutrition for sports performance
Minnetonka, MN

Donavan Haugstad

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, and Sports Performance
Rosemount, MN

Douglas D Lerfald

Specialization: Weight Loss, Corrective Exercise
Eden Prairie, MN

Dustin Zroka

Prior Lake, MN

Emily Leif

Specialization: Strength Training
Eden Prairie, MN

Erik Krueger

Zumbrota, MN

Erin Brom

Specialization: Weight management, emotional eating, sports nutrition
Champlin, MN

Fares Saqfalhait

St. Louis PArk, MN

Giuliana Alcala Clanin, M.S. Pn1

Specialization: Weight Loss
Chanhassen, MN

Greg Kimbrough

Specialization: Sports Performance and Weight Management
Minneapolis, MN

Guy D Jones

Specialization: Running, Weight management, athletic performance
Richfield, MN

Hanna Grinaker

Specialization: Performance Nutrition
Chanhassen, MN, MN

Heather Owen, CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Contest prep coach, online coaching, in-person training
Cottage Grove, MN

Heather Teigen, MS, NASM-CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Healthy nutrition for kids, weight loss for busy parents, and figure/bikini competition nutrition coaching
Faribault, MN

Heidi Ivers

Specialization: Bodybuilding, sports nutrition, women's health, functional medicine
Bloomington, MN

Holly Janiszewski

Minneapolis, MN

James Hunter

Specialization: Bodybuilding, performance, fat loss
St paul, MN

James Kremmer

La Crescent, MN


Specialization: Women, weight loss, nutrition, personal training

Jane Hartwig, NSCA-CPT

St. Cloud, MN

Janelle Wade

Specialization: bodybuilding competition prep
Stillwater, MN

Jason neal

Specialization: Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle Change
Fridley, MN

Jason Sweetnam

Specialization: Body Composition Changes
Saint Paul, MN

Jen Flynn

Specialization: Fat loss, transformation from the inside out, meet you at the level you are at.
Jordan, MN , MN

Jenica Hayes, CPT, PN

Specialization: Weight loss
Chanhassen, MN

Jennifer Bergren

Specialization: Pilates/Personal Training
Maple Grove, MN

Jennifer Monsos

Specialization: ISSA Trainer, E-RYT-200- Yoga, RYS-200 Yoga, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach, Personal Chef
Wabasha, MN

Jennifer Nunes

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain
Bloomington, MN

Jenny Evans

Minneapolis, MN

Jerrod Tarman

Minnetonka, MN

Jerry Robertson

Specialization: Over 40 and ready
Woodbury, MN

Jesse Velasquez

Specialization: Males ages 40-55 maintain muscle and gaining strength. Also, weight loss coaching: from an obese/overweight client to a competitive bodybuilder
Minneapolis, MN

Jessica Thomas

Specialization: Weight loss, lean muscle,
Apple Valley, MN

Jill Jurgens

Specialization: nutrition coaching, personal training and corrective exercise
Maple Grove, MN

Jill M Terry
Jill Noble

Specialization: NASM Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, College Degrees in Athletic Training and Fitness
Hugo, MN

Jim Inglis

Specialization: "Personal Training","Sports Performance Training","Coaching","Weight Lifting"
Burnsville, MN

Jim Perry

Eden Prairie , MN

Jordan Rice, B.S., CSCS

Specialization: Weight Loss
Fridley, MN

Joshua Wayne Louis Hageman

Specialization: Athlete Performance and Weight Loss
Eden Prairie, MN

Julie Slowiak, PhD, BCBA, Pn1

Specialization: Workplace Health & Wellbeing; Program Evaluation; Individual & Group Coaching; Healthy Lifestyle Coaching; Health & Behavior Workshops
Duluth, MN

Justin Cookle

Minneapolis, MN

Justin Ellsworth; ACE, NASM

Specialization: Mass gain, Physique Comps., Weight Loss
Robbinsdale, MN

Justin Hesse

Red Wing, MN

Kaethe Boutelle

Specialization: 50+
Rochester, MN

Kara Short

Specialization: fat loss, long term behavior/habit change
Rochester, MN

Kari Colchin

Specialization: fat loss for women
Apple Valley, MN

Kari Gallagher

Specialization: General Fitness
Blaine, MN

Katherine Leis

Specialization: Runners, Equestrians
Delano, MN

Kathi Johnson

Minneapolis, MN

Katie Christianson

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Pre/Post Natal, Fitness Competitions
Minneapolis, MN

Katy S. Keeler

Chanhassen, MN

Kelsey Martin

Lakeville, MN

Kendra Salazar

Chaska, MN

Keri Anderson

Specialization: Body Composition Transformations and Healthy Lifestyle Management
Plymouth, MN

Kim Curran-Moore


Kirk Patrick McFarland

Specialization: Optimal Health, Body Transformation, Active Isolated Stretching
Eden Prairie, MN

Kristi Sherlock, M.S.

Specialization: Weight Loss and Time Efficient Workouts
Waconia, MN

Kristi Wiederholt

Specialization: Weight Loss
Lakeville, MN

Kristin Nicole Hogan

Specialization: Lifestyle and nutrition coach, hormone/detox/metabolic detoxification, certified yoga instructor, certified personal trainer, paleo based cooking, anyone who is looking to make a change!
Rosemount, MN

Kristine Becker, MS, ATC, CSCS, PN1

Specialization: Endurance Training, Injury Prevention and Recovery
Minneapolis, MN

Kurt Hartmann

Specialization: Movement improvement
Eden Prairie, MN

Kylene Holasek

Chanhassen, MN

Laura Jane Susla

White Bear Lake, MN

Laura Wasserman, NPTI CPT

Specialization: Habit-based nutrition coaching, 1:1 Personal Training, Pairs Training, Learn to Run Workshops, Boot Camps
Minneapolis, MN

Laurel Famigletti

Specialization: Fitness, moms, pregnancy, youth
Eden prairie, MN

Laurel Heggernes

Specialization: Functional movement and strength, weight loss
Saint Paul, MN

Laurie Hauser Vinyon

Specialization: Pilates rehab and Nutrition
North Oaks, MN

LeAnn M Klein

Specialization: Metabolism, weight loss, lean out
Oakdale, MN

Lee Richards

Specialization: physique competitons
Apple Valley, MN

Leichen Foster

Specialization: body composition, blood sugar management
Woodbury, MN

Lindsay Lindner

Specialization: Lifestyle Nutrition & Training, Athletic Performance Nutrition & Training, Competition Recovery Nutrition
Mound, MN

Lindsay Marie Ogden

Specialization: Weightloss | Performance
Minnetonka, MN

Lisa Burch

Specialization: Personal and corrective fitness training, weight loss and nutrition coaching, Pre contest prep and training.

Lisa Marie Teske

Shakopee, MN

Lonie J. Sauber

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning/Weightlifting/Cycling/Bodybuilding
Farmington, MN

Loran Novak


Lynnea Doublette, M.Sc.

Specialization: Health Coaching, Health Communications
Apple Valley, MN

Mandy Nelson

Willmar, MN

Marisa Leighton

Minnetonka, MN

Mark Mihalovic NSCA-CSCS, Precision Nutrition Level 1

Specialization: General Health and Wellness, Body Composition, Performance
Blaine, MN

Matthew Melvin Tennessen

Champlin, MN

Megan Schall

Minneapolis, MN

Melissa Jansen

Saint Cloud , MN

Merrick Morlan

Specialization: Chronic Conditions
Mound, MN

Michael Duffy

Specialization: Performance, Weight Loss, Martial Arts, Z-Health
Plymouth, MN

Michelle Berry, CPT, CES, RYT, Pn2

Specialization: Nutrition & Life Coaching, Yoga, Personal Training (weight loss, corrective exercise, pre and post natal)
Minnetonka, MN

Michelle Berry, CPT, RYT, Pn1

Specialization: Nutrition & Wellness Coaching, Yoga, Personal Training (weight loss, corrective exercise, pre and post natal)
Minnetonka, MN

Miguel Schultz

Specialization: Fat loss, body transformation
Coon Rapids, MN

Mollie Bower

Lakeville, MN

Olivia Lansing

Specialization: Muscle gain/ competition prep/weightloss
Chanhassen, MN

Preston Pettis

St. Paul, MN

Rachael Jean Wollersheim

Specialization: weight loss, post pregnancy,body transformation,nutrition and behavior coaching,figure competition
Eagan, MN

Rachael X Walsh

Specialization: Comprehensive Peak Pilates Certification & NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Minnetonka, MN

Rebecca J. Sparling

Lakeville, MN

Rebekah Mayer

Specialization: Run Coaching
Chanhassen, MN

Renee Hommerding

albany, MN

Renee Oxford

Specialization: Figure competitor, personal training, coaching
Cottage Grove, MN

Renee Wissbroecker

Delano, MN

Rhonda Garvis

Plymouth, MN

Rich Punzenberger

Specialization: Endurance & Triathlon Training
Burnsville, MN

Rich Rasmussen BS, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Sports performance, weight lost, bodybuilding
Foley, MN

Rochelle Christensen

Specialization: Personal training and endurance coaching
Bloomington, MN

Rosemary Parece, Psy.D.

Minneapolis, MN

Ryan Avery, OPEX CCP, CF-L3, Pn1, USAPL CC

Specialization: Custom Programs for Competitive Strength, Endurance and CrossFit Athletes
Saint Cloud, MN

Ryan Beeuwsaert

Specialization: Lean Mass Gain, Weight Loss, Lifestyle Change
Plymouth, MN

Ryan Kittelson

Specialization: Weight Loss
Cottage Grove, MN

Ryan V. Lehmann, BSN, Pn1

Specialization: Weight loss, sport specific, functional strength.
Saint Michael , MN

Sally Carey

Specialization: Weight Loss
Golden Valley, MN

Sally Rudebeck

Minneapolis, MN

Sam Novak

St. Cloud, MN

Sam Topping

Specialization: Fat Loss, Strength Training, Nutrition Coaching, Athletic Performance
Minneapolis, MN

Samantha Kelley, M.A.

Specialization: Holistic Lifestyle | Integrative Nutrition | Weight Loss
Minneapolis, MN

Sandra Nelson

Specialization: -Lifestyle Coach -Bikini/Figure Competition Prep
Duluth , MN

Sara Staloch

Specialization: Women's nutrition
Excelsior, MN

Sean Skahan

Specialization: Athletic Performance
saint paul, MN

Shannon M. Schleicher

Specialization: Weight loss, athlete specific nutrition
Chanhassen, MN

Shelly Erickson

Specialization: pregnancy, seniors adults, bodybuilding competition, Pilates
Eden Prairie, MN

Shelly Richards

Specialization: Weightloss, Physique Competitions
Lakeville, MN

Stacy Lindstrom

Minneapolis, MN

Stephanie Boatwright

Specialization: Women's Weight Loss, Strength Training
Bloomington, MN

Stephanie Peterson

Hayfield, MN

Steve Reishus

Alexandria, MN

Steven J. Scarfia

Eagan, MN

Steven R. Markusen B.Sc., MBA

Specialization: Cycling, Endurance and Adventure Sports
Minneapolis, MN

Steven Voss

Specialization: Nutrition for Endurance and Triathlon Training
Chanhassen, MN

Susan Zemke

Specialization: weight loss, meal planning, clean nutrition
Excelsior, MN

Tanner J Victorian

Specialization: Weigh loss, Improve strength, Overall Health
St. Louis Park, MN

Tessa Foss

Specialization: Weight Loss
Chanhassen, MN

Thaddeus Owen MSc, CFT, Pn1

Specialization: Longevity, biohacking, corporate, weight loss
Cottage Grove, MN

Tiffanee Kiecker

Specialization: Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Sports Performance Enhancement, Nutrition Coach
Elk River, MN

Tiffany Segal

Specialization: Weight Loss, Pregnancy Nutrition
Minneapolis, MN

Tina Kuharski

Maple Grove, MN

Tobias Jacob Kaplan

Specialization: Transformation Specialist, physique, Sport specific training
Woodbury, MN

Todd Wojchik, CSCS

Minneapolis, MN

Tom Nikkola

Minneapolis, MN

Traci Slane

Specialization: Strength training, powerlifting and group fitness
Apple Valley , MN

Travis Kamppinen

Saint Paul, MN

Trevor Wittwer, BA, CSCS

Specialization: fat loss, body transformation specialist
Redwood Falls, MN

Victoria Roberts

Specialization: Weight loss, Metabolic Testing, Nutrition Coaching
Lakeville, MN

Yolanda Womack

Specialization: Chronic dis-ease, Strength, Kettlebell, general well-being
Minneapolis, MN


Alice Archer Bishop

Specialization: Group Personal Training, Special populations, Seniors, Expectant Mothers, Endurance athletes, at-risk populations
Hattiesburg , MS

Anna Gaston

Hattiesburg , MS

Anna Kuzan

Specialization: sports nutrition
Oxford, MS

Ashley Keough

Specialization: Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, Youth Fitness, Spartan SGX, Weightloss
Biloxi , MS

Brittney Borbash PT, NASM WFS, TRX (STC FTC, GSTC) Surfset , Runfit Specialist

Specialization: Bootcamp, women of all fitness levels and stages of life, post-natal fitness, Group personal training, clean eating
Hattiesburg, MS

Denise Moulier

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Pregnancy, Weight Loss, Improve Body Composition
Ridgeland, MS

Jamie Page

Hattiesburg , MS

Jenifer Long, M.S., Pn1

Specialization: Weight Loss, Sport Performance
Southaven, MS

Katie Giust

Specialization: Performance Nutrition, Wellness Nutrition, Pregnancy Nutrition
Sumrall, MS

Kellar McAlister

hattiesburg, MS

Kristen Stanley

Waynesboro, MS

Kristina Jackson

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
Oxford, MS

Kurt Pollack

Specialization: College Students and Young Professionals
Oxford, MS

Michael Frierson

Hattiesburg, MS

SaJason Finley

Hattiesburg , MS

Tracy Stebbins, M.S. Exercise Physiologist

Specialization: Inspiring women of all ages to be their best selves
Starkville, MS


Alexandra Ellis

Specialization: Weight Loss, Holistic and Organic nutrition, Physique contest Preparation, Athletic performance
St. Louis, MO

Alicia Large

Specialization: Weight Loss
Lee's Summit, MO

Amanda Crowther

Kansas City, MO

Andrew Stevens

Specialization: Bodybuilding, Body Transformation, Muscle Gain, Weight loss
Eureka, MO

Angela Coleman ACSM CPT

Specialization: LMT, PNF, Thai massage, AOBT massage, PN1, NPC Judge, IFBB Pro
Weldon Spring , MO

April D Anderson

Kansas City, MO

Ashley Duckworth pn2

Specialization: Sports nutrition
Saint louis, MO

Austin Dietrich

O'Fallon, MO

Benjamin Stroud

St. Charles, MO

Bradley Steven Wilds

Ballwin, MO

Brandon Marchand

Specialization: Fatloss, Mass gain
Lake St. Louis, MO

Brianna Walters

Specialization: Functional Fitness for Senior Citizens, Crossfit L2
Kansas City, MO

Britni Martinelli

St.Louis , MO

Bryant Crites

Specialization: NASM- CPT, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, USAW L1-Sports Performance Coach, Pn1
Saint Louis, MO

Callie Streich

Independence , MO

Caroline Nichols

Columbia, MO

Charla Bova

St. Charles, MO

Chris Lukefahr

Rolla, MO

Christina Blankenship

Specialization: NASM CPT, Online coaching
Washington, MO


Specialization: Sport Performance, Fat Loss, Mobility
Wildwood, MO

Christopher Merker

Specialization: Mass gain, functional movement & nutrition
Chesterfield, MO

Christopher Sutton, Pn1

Specialization: Wellness/Fitness/Bodybuilding Nutrition & Supplementation, Personal Training
St. Louis, MO

Clint Schambach, CSCS

Ballwin, MO

Dalena Marie Bologna

Liberty, MO

Daniel Perryman

St. Louis, MO

Danielle Macher

Springfield, MO

David Bromberg

Kansas City, MO

Denton McNamee

Specialization: Weight Loss
Chesterfield, MO

Derek Dwerlkotte

Specialization: Mass Gain, Fat Loss, Improving Overall Nutrition, Weight Loss, Adding Weight, Zone Diet, Macro Counting

Derik A. Scott

Chesterfield, MO

Diane Wink

Specialization: Weight loss
Wildwood, MO

Dr. Aaron Henry, PT, DPT, CPT, ITPT, Pn1

Specialization: Rehabilitation, Concussion, Fitness, Sports
St. Louis, MO

Dr. Eric Shay

Specialization: Wellness, Lifestyle Change, Performance
Saint Louis, MO

Heather Hausman

Specialization: Food allergies
St. Joseph, MO

Jacob Buffa

Specialization: Speed and Strength Development for Athletes
Chesterfield, MO

James r Thomas

Joplin, MO

Jan Schmidt, M.S., ERYT, Pn1

Specialization: Peri/Post menopausal women, endurance athletes
Kansas City, MO

Jason Ashman

Specialization: Weight loss, sports nutrition
Kansas City, MO

Jason Cannon, MS, CSCS, PES, Pn1

Green Ridge, MO

Jason Rains

Lee's Summit, MO

Jeff Hoehn

Specialization: Muscle Building, Weight Loss, Sports Performance
Saint Louis, MO

Jeff Smith

columbia, MO

Jen McAlee

Specialization: Women's fitness and nutrition
O'fallon, MO

Jennifer Brennan

Lees Summit, MO

Jennifer Hummel

Specialization: Women's Weight-Loss Nutrition & Fitness. Pre & Postpartum Fitness. Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching.
Greenwood, MO

Jennifer Simpson

Springfield, MO

Jeremy Michael Partl

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Springfield, MO

Jessica Poat

Specialization: Resistance Training
St. Louis, MO

Jillian Colbert-Weiss B.Sc, ACE

Specialization: Softball Speed training, sports nutrition, weight loss, nutrition counseling
St Peters, MO

Joanie Hirsh

St. Louis, MO

Karen Polon

Specialization: Fitness for girls and women of all ages
Nevada, MO

Karen Stein

Specialization: Women, Seniors,
St. Charles, MO

Katie O'Dwyer-Osterhoff

Specialization: Women
Chesterfield, MO

Kellie Bone, Pn1

East Prairie, MO

Keri Bell

Specialization: Wellness Coaching
Lee's Summit, MO

Kristy Thomure

Ofallon , MO


Wildwood, MO

Lauren Scalise

Specialization: Weight Loss
St. Louis, MO

Lee Clark

Kansas City, MO

Leeny Hoffmann

Specialization: paleo nutrition; ketogenic diet
St. Louis, MO

Leslie Aguilar

Specialization: Yo-yo dieting
Valley Park, MO

Marie Burks

Republic, MO

Mary Bidinger

Saint Louis, MO

Maryssa Rehagen, Pn1

Jefferson City, MO

Megan Morgan

Kansas City, MO

Mica Dalton

Specialization: Weight Loss, Nutrition Coaching, Competition Prep and Crossfit Nutrition Programming
Joplin, MO

Michael Davis

Specialization: Weight-Loss
Kansas City, MO

Michelle Beauvais

Specialization: weight loss
Saint Louis, MO

Michelle H. Schmidt

Specialization: Nutrition and Wellness Coaching
Saint Charles, MO

Michelle L. Reeds

Specialization: Corrective Exercise, Weight Loss, Behavior modification skills, Hypertrophy and strength improvment,Trx certified, bikini competitor
O'Fallon, MO

Molly Doughty

Saint Robert, MO

Molly Wilson

Springfield , MO

Morgan Callender

Specialization: Weight loss, weight gain
O'fallon , MO

natali kummer

Specialization: 8 years of Paleo influence with Whole 30/clean eating background, Primal BluePrint Seminar, Crossfit Level 1 coach, Justin Thacker weight lifting seminar, Julien Pineau Strongfit seminar, and Occupational Therapist.
Ballwin, MO

Natosha Willhite-Haydock

Springfield, MO

Paige Johnson, B.S.

Kirksville, MO

Pamela Davenport

Specialization: sports performance/weight loss
Blue Springs, MO

Pamela Hernandez

Specialization: Female Fitness
Springfield, MO

Paul Whitter

Specialization: Aging adults...
Columbia, MO

Randal Postel

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning, Senior Fitness, Weight Management

Rebecca Alvarez

Country Club, MO

Rebecca Eschmann

Specialization: Strength Training, fat loss, nutrition coaching
St. Louis, MO

Reginald Miller

Hazelwood, MO

Renah Jones

St. Louis, MO

Robbie Garrison

Specialization: Strength Training, Sports Performance, Functional Movement, Physique Coaching, Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching
St. Louis, MO

Robyn Hurst

Specialization: all levels yoga, Yahweh Yoga (Faith Focused), Individualized Nutrition, Paddleboard,
Taneyville, MO

Ryan Johnson

Jackson, MO

Samuel D. Mitchell M.A. , CSCS, Pn1

Kansas City, MO

Samuel Johnson

O'Fallon, MO

Sara Moser

Specialization: Weight Loss, Personal Training, Mind Body Specialist
Kansas City, MO

Sarah Johnson

Imperial, MO

Sarah Rallo

Specialization: Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor
Lake Saint Louis, MO

Shauna Smith Yates

Springfield , MO

Sheila Juenger

Kansas City, MO

Stacey Flower

Eureka, MO

Stephen Haydock

Springfield, MO

Steven Mack

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
Columbia, MO

Steven Mack

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
Columbia, MO

Tara Dorey

Specialization: Weight Loss, transformation
Kearney, MO

Taylor Scott

Eureka, MO

Teresa Jellison

Specialization: Weight loss
St. Louis, MO

Teresa Johnson, CPT, HKC, PN1

Specialization: Kettlebell
Saint Louis, MO

Theotis James

St. Louis, MO

Thomas Conner

Specialization: Strength and Sports Nutrition
ballwin, MO

Trish Ladyman

Sturgeon, MO

Victor Kizer, MS, CSCS

Specialization: Tactical athletes, fat loss, human performance
Barnhart, MO

Virginia Green

Specialization: Weight loss, muscle gain, balanced nutrition
St. Louis, MO

Whitney Roberts

St Louis, MO

Whitney Unkefer

Liberty, MO


Annie E Barber

Bozeman, MT

Brandi Caldwell

Billings, MT

Briana Morrison

Specialization: Hormonal Balance, Weight Loss for Women
Billings, MT

Casey Jourdan

Billings, MT

Courtney Townley

Specialization: Women's Health
Missoula, MT

Daniel Lonwey

Kalispell, MT

Don Funke

Specialization: Midlife Transformations
Bozeman, MT

Emily Kipp

Missoula, MT

Holly Finnegan

Specialization: Weight loss, muscle mass, pregnancy
Great Falls, MT

James Love

Miles City, MT

Jenna Anderson

Kila, MT

John Sullivan

Specialization: Lifestyle Wellness and Sports Nutrition
Whitefish, MT

John Taylor

Specialization: Sports Performance, Strength & Conditioning, Speed & Agility, Nutrition
Missoula, MT

Josh Nordwick

Specialization: Online remote training, Gaining Mass, Corrective Exercise, Performance Training
Missoula, MT

Kellie Gardner

Billings , MT

Kelsi Plante

Missoula, MT

Kevin Erickson

Bozeman, MT

Kevin McAllister

Bozeman, MT

Lindsay Morinville

Specialization: NASM Personal Trainer, Women's Weight Loss, Health and Wellness
Missoula, MT

Liz Whalen

Specialization: Behavior Change and General Nutrition
Libby, MT

Michael Savasuk

Specialization: General Population life and balance, outdoor focused athletes, strength and conditioning, weight loss.
Missoula, MT

Neal Andrews

Specialization: Endurance Athlete Training, Weight Loss, Sports Performance, Mountain Sports Perfomance, Distance Running
Bozeman, MT

Nick Love

Specialization: CrossFit, Movement and Mobility, Nutrition
Miles City, MT

Rachel Gibb

Specialization: Older Adults
Whitefish, MT

Rebecca Douglas

Specialization: Fat Loss and Muscle gain
Billings, MT

Rob Coleman

Specialization: athletic performance
Huntley, MT

Samantha Aldinger, ACE-CPT, CF-L1, Pn1

Glendive, MT

Scott Doty

Sidney, MT

Shauna Hubbard, Pn2

Specialization: Habit-based nutrition coaching for weight loss and wellness.
Kalispell, MT

Stesha Gulick

Specialization: CrossFit Performance
Billings, MT


Aaron Bozarth

Specialization: Health and wellness, Youth and sport training, TPI, USAW, CSCS, strongman, powerlifting.
Columbus, NE

Allie Wilkins

Blair, NE

Amina Hogan

Omaha, NE

Angie Katzberg, RD, PN1

Juniata, NE

Beth Grove

Specialization: Weight loss, athletic performance
Omaha, NE

Brad Dienstbier MA., NSCA-CPT, PN2

Specialization: fat loss, injury rehab, MS, Down Syndrome
Omaha, NE

Brenda Herrod, MSN, APRN-BC

Specialization: Weight Management
Omaha, NE

Brian Pieper

Elkhorn, NE

Brooks Boyer

Specialization: General fitness, sports performance and mixed martial arts
Norfolk , NE

Chelsea Allgood

Specialization: Weightloss, muscle gain, macro counting, flexible dieting
Auburn, NE

Christi Knight

Papillion, NE

Georgia M. Osbon

Specialization: Losing weight
North Platte, Nebraska, NE

Heather S. Hall

Specialization: Online Health & Fitness Coaching
Roca, NE

Jackie Wesch

Fairbury, NE

Jeffrey Curtsinger

Specialization: Strength and Athletic Performance
Bennington, NE

Jen Blau

Specialization: Life Coach - Focus: Health/Wellness
south central , NE

Jen Shannon

Omaha, NE

John Dunn, Pn1

Omaha, NE

Joshua Gusse

Elkhorn, NE

Joshua N. Huggenberger

Specialization: Lean Mass and Physique, Intermittent Fasting
Omaha, NE

Laura L. Feldhacker

Omaha, NE

Lauryn Nyhoff

Specialization: Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Performance, Metabolic Coach
Omaha, NE

Lori Johnson, B.S.,CPT,PN1

Omaha, NE

Lyssa Witte

Lincoln, NE

Mark Snow

Specialization: Kettlebell Training, Functional Movement Screening, Nutrition Counseling
Omaha, NE

Megan M. Potts

Yutan, NE

Megan Wentz

Valley, NE

Nemanja Lazic

Specialization: Bodybuilding competition Nutrition, Weight loss
Omaha, NE

Roy Reichle

Specialization: Body Composition, Bootcamps, Rock Climbing training
Saint Helena, NE

Shelby L Snodgrass, Pn1, Pn2

Specialization: General Population weight loss, Disordered Eating, Healthy habits
Royal, NE

Stacie Widhelm

Specialization: Mindset coaching, fat loss, online programming
Hastings, NE

Stephanie Monthey

Holdrege, Ne, NE

Stephanie Nielsen

Omaha, NE

Todd Uhlir

Specialization: Weight Management and Sports Performance Specialist
Norfolk, NE

Trenton Clausen, MA, CSCS

Specialization: Nutrition and Sports Performance Coach
Omaha, NE

Trevor Upcraft

Specialization: Weight loss, mass gain
Gretna, NE


Marcus Watkins

Specialization: Training, Nutrition and Weightloss
Las Vegas, NV

Alex Beeding

Henderson, NV

Alexi Rae Irvine

Specialization: Performers, entertainers, Men and Women, Flexible Dieting
Las Vegas, NV


Carson City, NV

Amanda Barton

Specialization: Weight loss, muscle gain, pregnancy, corrective exercise
Henderson , NV

Andre Tate, B.Sc, CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Metabolic Specialist
Las Vegas, NV

Arvin Anderson

Las Vegas, NV

Brendon Campbell

Specialization: Weight loss for Adults 25-50 | Mass gain | High School Basketball Sports Nutrition
Las Vegas, NV

Carolyn E Barto

Las Vegas, NV

Chad Cole

Las Vegas, NV

Christine M Fuller

Specialization: Rehabilitation, Seniors, General Population
Las Vegas, NV

Danielle Thornhill

Specialization: Functional fitness Pre and Post-Natal fitness

Doug Sheppard, CPT

Las Vegas, NV

Emily Heim

Specialization: Holistic
Las Vegas, NV

Eric Fitzgerald

Specialization: Reverse dieting, intermittent fasting, athletic nutrition.
Las Vegas , NV

Erica Marie Sideri

Specialization: Weightloss, Mass Gain, Body Composition, Performance
Las Vegas, NV

Gary Oldham

Mesquite, NV

Greg Choat

Specialization: Sports Performance & General wellness
Las Vegas, NV

Heather Simpson

Specialization: Fat Loss, Hypertrophy, Strength, Bikini Competition Coach
North Las Vegas, NV

Hope Davis

Specialization: Women's Fitness and Nutrition/Youth Fitness and Nutrition
Sparks, NV

Ian Larios

Specialization: Weight Cuts, Performance Nutrition
Incline Village, NV

J.J. Tuflija

Specialization: Weight Lose all ages, Middle Age'd with injuries
Las Vegas, NV

Jaclyn Hedden, CF-L1, Pn1

Specialization: Crossfit both competitive and recreational
Las Vegas, NV

Jacquelyn Jaques

Specialization: Psychology of Weight loss
Las Vegas , NV

James R Shearer

Specialization: Clients new to fitness and nutrition coaching, functional & small group training, older populations
Reno, NV

Jeannine passas

Minden, NV

Joan Villanueva

Specialization: Transformation Specialist
Henderson, NV

Joaquin Ramirez

Specialization: Weight loss, Mass Gain
Reno, NV

Joe Metz, MS, ATC, CSCS

Specialization: Athletic Training/ Corrective Exercise
Reno, NV

John Juadines

Specialization: Whole Person Wellness
Las Vegas, NV

Joseph BenShimon

Specialization: Fat loss, Strength and Lean Muscle Gain, Improved Mobility and Movement, Aesthetics, Most/ Gen. Pop and Senior
Las Vegas, NV

Justin Blum cpt, cns

las vegas, NV

Justin Gordon

Specialization: Fat Loss
Las Vegas, NV

Kate Hukari

Specialization: Functional Personal Trainer, Group Fitness
Reno, NV

Kelcey Myers

Elko, NV

Krislyn Millar

Specialization: total health and wellness
Las Vegas , NV

Krissy Mae Cagney

Specialization: Performance and Body Recomp
Sparks, NV

Krystina Moschella

henderson, NV

Leo Lozano, MS, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Sport Performance Coach
Las Vegas, NV

Maribel Jaramillo

Specialization: Nutrition
Las Vegas, NV

Mark Lyndon Harris

Specialization: Results
Las Vegas , NV

Mark Martin

Las Vegas, NV

Melanie Redding

Specialization: Personal Training, Weight Loss Specialist
Reno, NV

Michael H. Owens, CSCS

Specialization: Metabolic Conditioning
Henderson, NV

Monica Cole

Specialization: CrossFit Training
Las Vegas, NV

Natalie Anne Gross

Specialization: Competition Prep
Las Vegas, NV

Ronald Jones

Specialization: Weight Loss, Accountability, Living a Healthy Lifestyle
Las Vegas, NV

Rose Chao

Reno, NV

Rudy Postigo

Las Vegas, NV

Sandra Lynn Scamman

Specialization: Fat Loss, Bikini & Figure Competition Preparation, Nutritional Guidance
Las Vegas , NV

Sandy Smith, CPT, Pn1

Specialization: weight-loss coaching, performance nutrition
Las Vegas, NV

Sean Patrick

Las Vegas, NV

Shanti Wolfe

Specialization: Thyroid, gut health, auto-immunity, insulin resistance, CVD and DM2 risk reduction
Reno, NV

Stan Sabev - NASM - CPT, PN1

Specialization: Fat loss, strength training
Las Vegas, NV

Stephanie Staub

Specialization: Health and Wellness Coach
Las Vegas, NV

Stephen Cooperstock

Specialization: Fat Loss with Muscle Mass Maintenance
Las Vegas, NV

Thea Berning

Specialization: weight loss and nutrition instruction
Reno, NV

Thom Manning, BS, MS, CSCS

Specialization: Marathon Training, Endurance Sport Training, Movement Quality, Mass Gain
Brooklyn, NV

Tien Nguyen

Las Vegas, NV

Ulysses Gomez

Specialization: Combat Sports Training and Sports Performance
Las Vegas , NV

Valeriy Simonenko

Specialization: Mass gain, weight loss, life style nutrition.
Las Vegas, NV

Vicky L Flanagan

Specialization: Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification
North Las Vegas, NV

William Wosik

Specialization: Fitness Coaching
Las Vegas, NV

Zoe Albright

Specialization: Functional nutrition, weight loss and behavior modification
Henderson, NV

New Hampshire

Brad Eaton

Specialization: Attaining your goals of health and fitness through a comprehensive health and lifestyle approach
Claremont, NH

Bradford Wise, CPT, Pn1

Goffstown, NH

Carolanne Caron

Specialization: Swimming
Merrimack, NH

Chris Pendleton, B.Sc., CSCS

Specialization: Fat Loss, Strength Training
Hudson, NH

Christine Sjolshagen

Specialization: Semi-Private & Small Group Personal Training; High Intensity Resistance Training, Olympic Lifting, Reprogramming core & pelvic floor muscles (Hypropresive Method)
Manchester, NH

Christine Sjolshagen

New England, NH

Cindy Kelly

Londonderry, NH

Dean Carlson

Specialization: Injury Prevention/Post-Rehab, Movement Assessment & Correction, Functional Aging
Concord, NH

Dean E. Carlson

Specialization: Group Personal Training, Weight Management Coaching, Injury Prevention Coaching
Epsom, NH

Debra A. Goodrum, RN, BSN

Specialization: Individualized Nutrition Counseling, Paleo/Primal Chef, Prepared Ancestral Food Chef, Functional Fitness
Lebanon, NH

Evan T. COok

Specialization: Fat Loss, Unconventional Training, Habit-Based Nutrition
Rochester, NH

George Kalantzis

Specialization: Muscle Gain, Fat Loss , Pain Management
Hooksett, NH

Jamie Gosselin

Newington, NH

Jim Chaput

Specialization: AMN Level 1, Neuro-skeletal and Homeostasis Practitioner
Chocorua, NH

Jody Waring

Specialization: Performance Nutrition,TRX, Functional Movement Screening Specialist, Injury Prevention, Sports Performance Training
Laconia, NH

Joy Somers

Specialization: Mass gain, weight loss, strength and conditioning
chester, NH

Kala Duncan

Specialization: Female nutrition and training for fat loss and muscle gain (beginners through physique competitors)
Derry, NH

Karin Chen

Specialization: Women's wellness, healthy weight loss, body image, psychology of eating
Amherst, NH

Kellie Largay

Specialization: Weight loss, sports performance, body recomp
Littleton, NH

Kelly J Rincan

Specialization: Personal Training - Weight Loss - Pre/Post Natal - Kettlebells
Hooksett, NH

Kerry L. Litka, M.S., CFSC

Nashua, NH

Krista Dimock, OTR/L, CES,pn1

Jackson, NH


Specialization: Weight loss and maintenance

Laura A. Dyer, H.C., Pn1

Grantham, NH

Lisa Cinelli

Specialization: Group/Personal Training & Lifestyle Coaching
Londonderry, NH

Liz Durant

Specialization: Women ages 40+; masters athletes;
Hopkinton, NH

Mary M. Grace

Specialization: Over 40 weight loss
Hudson, NH

Maureen Harris

Nashua, NH

Meghan E. Gould

Specialization: Plant-based nutrition for athletes, endurance nutrition
Hancock, NH

Michael Kamal

Derry NH, NH

Nadine Jennings

Specialization: Kitchen help; best nutritional food choices; food prep; nutritional cooking
Concord, NH

Nancy Carlson

Epsom, NH

Patricia Chaput

Specialization: allergen free diets; gluten & dairy free lifestyle; healthy habits for busy professionals, women & families
Chocorua, NH

Patty Amirault

Specialization: Nutriton and aging
Randolph, NH

Peter Jennings, CMST, PN1

Specialization: Living Younger, Systematic Inflammation Reduction, Over Active Immune System Balance, Proper Weight Management, Lifestyle Coaching
Manchester , NH

PJ Strebel

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, FMS, TPI, Precision Nutrition, MovNat, Youth Strength and Conditioning
Portsmouth, NH

Renee Porcelli

Nashua, NH

Russell Young

Hampstead, NH

Sandra Nuttall

Specialization: Nutrition/Fitness
Nashua, NH

Sophie LaChance

Portsmouth, NH

Susan Nierendorf

Specialization: Lifestyle and Behavioral Modification, Weight Management, General Nutrition
North Hampton, NH

Taz Frase

Specialization: Movement Quality, Hypertrophy, Weight Loss, Sports Performance
Barrington, NH

Thomas Loukola

Northwood, NH

Tiffany Nolan

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning Coach
Exeter, NH

Tina DeMember

Merimack, NH

Veronica Riley

Atkinson, NH

New Jersey

Adam Feit

Specialization: Athletes, Strength and Conditioning
Tinton Falls, NJ

Alan S. Johnson Jr., CPT, CEAS

Specialization: Weight Loss, Conditioning, Injuries
Parlin, NJ

Alexis Danclar

Specialization: Functional training
Jersey City, NJ

Alisha Uccardi

Specialization: "Private Consulting" , "New Exercisers", "Significant Weight Loss"
Hillsborough, NJ

Allison Dunham

Monmouth Junction, NJ

Allison Jackson

Mahwah, NJ

Alvin E. Armajo

Specialization: Health and Fitness, Weight Management, Sports Performance, Corrective Exercise, and Nutritional Coaching
Lawrenceville, NJ

Alyssa Grieco

Specialization: Gluten-free living, fat-loss,
Mahwah, NJ

Amelia Higgins

Specialization: Life-time experienced in Vegetarian diet, and Intermittant Fasting
Wayne, NJ

Andy Meghnagi FMS PN2

Specialization: All client needs.
Livingston, NJ

Angela M. Salveo

Specialization: Pre-Post Natal, CrossFit, Weightlifting
Red Bank, NJ

Angelo L. Todaro

Specialization: Athletic performance, general health & weight loss, weight cutting for weight dependent sports ( MMA, wrestling, etc...)
Montclair, NJ

Anthony Sarcone, PN, CF-L1

Specialization: Fitness and Sports Nutrition, Crossfit, Weight Loss, Sports Performance
Monmouth County, NJ

april james

Specialization: females and hormone balance
Titusville , NJ

Ari Sofer

Specialization: Weight loss, Post Rehabilitation, Athletic Conditioning, Functional Training
Englewood, NJ

Ari Suiskind

Specialization: Kids Fitness Trainer, Basketball Instructor & Trainer, and Personal Trainer
Teaneck, NJ

Ashley Boccardo

Specialization: Health & Wellness Educator
Forked River, NJ

Ashley Mak, PT, DPT, CSCS, FMS, PN 1, CF-L1

Specialization: Physical Therapy, Performance, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Sports Performance, Middle School Athlete, High School Athletes, NCAA Athletes
Hoboken, NJ

Barbara Sanchez, CPT, CES, LMT

Specialization: Vegetarian/Vegan Nutrition and General Weight Loss ...All Welcome!
Cresskill, NJ

Bobby Smith

Specialization: Sports Performance Coach
Tinton Falls, NJ

Brad Sims

Specialization: Obstacle race training, bodybuilding, core training

Brent Richard Gee Johnson

Pennsauken, NJ

Brian Robinson Jr., CSCS

Specialization: lifestyle nutrition
Bayonne, NJ

Brigita Roemer

Specialization: Individualized Strength & Conditioning; Biomechanical Correction; Behavior Change
Pennington, NJ , NJ

Brihana Martins

Specialization: Weight loss, Strength gain, Physique Competing
Union, NJ

Bryan Heller

Specialization: Nutrition for Wrestling
West Long Branch, NJ

Bryan Preston PTA, Pn1

Specialization: Fat Loss, Performance, Lifestyle
Marlton, NJ

Carol Ramondo, CPT, PN1

Red Bank, NJ, NJ

Chelsea L. VanGlahn

Point Pleasant, NJ

Cheryl Natusch

Specialization: Weight loss, power lifting, mass gain
Haddonfield , NJ

Cheryl Sacks

Specialization: "Pilates", "Movement Limitations", "Post-Rehab", "Correction Exercise", "Posture"
Manalapan, NJ

Chris Barlics
Chris Pickett

Specialization: Adults 40+
Oakland, NJ

Christian Filer PT, DPT, LAT, ATC, Pn1

Specialization: Sports Physical Therapist, Sports Prevention and Screening
Voorhees, NJ

Christine A. Piccirillo

Franklin Park , NJ

Christopher L. Bonner, M. Ed.

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching, CrossFit, Personal Training
Summit, NJ

Christopher McMahon

Verona, NJ

Christopher Wirth

Specialization: Nutrition, training, athletes
Neptune, NJ

Claudio Areche, CSCS, PN1

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Body Composition
Summit, NJ

Corey Winard

Specialization: Lean muscle gain, golf
Summit, NJ

Courtney Amburg, B.Sc, CSCS, USAW

Specialization: Weight loss, Muscle gain, Performance
Voorhees, NJ

Daniel Crawford

Specialization: Sports Training
Haddon Heights, NJ

Daniel Hennessey B.S. Pn2

Specialization: I help busy people find their path to health and lose weight. You don't need a gym or any fancy tools, just the internet and a willing, open mind that's ready for a new, exciting approach.
Edison, NJ

Daniel J Hitman, CSCS

Specialization: weightlifting, sports performance, running and jump mechanics, injury reduction, rehabilitation
Ocean, NJ

Daniel J. Seaman

Specialization: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
North Brunswick, NJ

Daniel Sawitsky A.S., NASM, IKFF CKT L2,

Specialization: Functional Training, Metabolic Conditioning, Strength and Conditioning
Jackson, NJ

Daniel Scozzari

Specialization: Body Sculpting, Fat loss, Conditioning
Pompton Lakes , NJ

Daniel Sullivan

Specialization: CrossFit, Athletic Populations, Post Physical Rehabilitation, Post Cardiac Rehabilitation, Corrective Exercise
Paramus, NJ

Danielle Rispoli

Manalapan, NJ

Daren Clancy

Specialization: Personal fitness training, nutritional coach
Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Darren Garland

Specialization: Fat Loss Transfromation, Sports Performance Preparation.
Mt Laurel, NJ

Daryl Duncan

Specialization: ACSM Master Trainer & Pn1 Coach
Bayonne , NJ

Dave Quevedo

Specialization: Fat Loss, Weight Management, Strength Training, Pregnancy Training, Sports Specific Training
Hoboken, NJ

David Gao

Glen Rock, NJ

David Manzalaoui

Specialization: Event Preparation, Sports Specific Training, Pre and Post Natal
Fort Lee, NJ

Denise Miccoli

Specialization: Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer and CrossFit Coach and Gym Owner. Certifications include NASM - Certified Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Youth Exercise Specialist, MMA Conditioning Specialist, Pn1, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. My focus is on helping people be the best version of themselves!
Mahwah, NJ

Dina Cardinale NASM-CPT CES PES, Pn1

Middletown, NJ

Don Michael Cramer

West Berlin, NJ


Specialization: Making a difference with better nutrition , personal training and improving your smile with my dentistry
Ramsey , NJ

Elizabeth D'Angelo

Specialization: Fitness, Weight Loss
Branchburg, NJ

Emily Wasserman

Glen Rock, NJ

Emily Wirt, NASM PT, Pn1

Hoboken, NJ

Eric Gregory Grogin

Specialization: Strength Training
Pompton Lakes, NJ

Eric J. Eisenhart

Specialization: Adult Athlete, Endurance Athlete, Lifestyle
Lebanon, NJ

Eric Reyelt

Specialization: Nutrition For Health, weight loss/Gain and Sport

Ernie Razzano

Specialization: General Fitness, Multiple Sclerosis, Military Preparedness, Older Adults, Youth
N. Hanover, NJ

Fred Schenck

Franklin Park, NJ

Freddy Sanchez, Elite Trainer, Nasm, CES, Npti, FMS 1 &2, CFSC, SFG1, PN1,

Clifton, NJ

Galo Guerrero CPT, PN L.2 Nutrition Coach

Ramsey, NJ

Gary Blackledge MS, CSCS, PN1, TPI 2

Florham Park, NJ

Gary T Ferruggia, Jr

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching
Plainsboro, NJ

Gary Vesper

Specialization: Adult Fitness and Weight Loss, Sport-Performance Training
Succasunna, NJ

George Duffy

Specialization: Weight Loss, Life Style
Cedar Grove, NJ

George Pino

Specialization: Animal Flow Bare Foot Specialist
Summit, NJ

Greg Conover

Southampton, NJ

Gregg Machacz

Specialization: Cycling
Madison, NJ

James Haggard

Maywood, NJ

Jamie Tosh

Specialization: NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Hardwick, NJ

Janine Romano

Specialization: Personal Training, Nutrition coaching,
Madison, NJ

Jared M. Coffey

Specialization: Sports specific, Beginner nutrition, Macronutrient counting
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Jason Carrell

Specialization: Fat Loss, Lean mass building
Long Branch, NJ

jayson wieder

Westfield, NJ

Jennifer Castro

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching, Weight Loss, Women's Health
North Bergen, NJ

Jennifer Glazer

Specialization: Exercise and nutrition for corporate workers
Princeton, NJ

Jennifer Hoehl, MS, Ep-C, CSCS, USAW, Pn1

Specialization: Fat loss, muscle gain, prenatal, postnatal, sport specific
Flemington, NJ

Jennifer L. Parker

Jersey City, NJ

Jennifer Paige Chapman

Manasquan, NJ

Jennifer Parker

NY Metro Area, NJ

Jessica Baratta

Specialization: Specialization in Competition Training and Prep
Wall Township, NJ

Jessica Cifelli, M.S.

Riverdale, NJ

Jessica K. Davidson

Deptford, NJ

Jhonnatan Ramirez

Specialization: Beginner Nutrition
Kearny, NJ

Joe Villegas

Specialization: Fat loss, Mass gain, Sports Nutrition, Healthy approaches to eating
Princeton, NJ

John Beddoe

Specialization: Endurance & Military Athletes, Crossfit, Olympic Lifting
Demarest, NJ

John M Stein Jr

Specialization: Weight loss, muscle gain
Hillsdale, NJ

Jomo Haywood

Specialization: Weight Loss, Strength Training
Berkekely Heights, NJ

Jon Rimmer

Middletown, NJ

Jonathan Gray

Manahawkin, NJ

Joseph Branda

Specialization: Fat Loss
Wyckoff, NJ

Joseph Brigley

Specialization: Body Recomposition, Fat Loss, High Intensity Interval Training, High Frequency Training
Tenafly, NJ, NJ

Joseph Nissim

Specialization: Weight Loss
Jersey City, NJ

Joseph P. Farese

Specialization: Behavior change , Muscle building, body re composition
Cranford , NJ

Joseph Ryan

Rutherford , NJ

Joseph Weissenburger

Specialization: Fatloss for men 45-65 years Old
Bernardsville, NJ

Judy Sanabria

Specialization: Corrective Exercise specialist Metabolic exercise Training
Wharton, NJ

Julie L. Gollnick, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Weight Loss, Strength & Conditioning
Toms River, NJ

Justin Marrone, BA, NASM-CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching, High-Intensity Interval Weight Training, Fat loss
Cedar Grove, NJ

Karen A Kurtz

Specialization: Russian Kettlebell Trainer and Certified Personal Trainer
New Jersey, NJ

Karen M. DiDomenico

Estell Manor, NJ


Specialization: Wellness lifestyle
New Jersey, NJ

Kate Avhimovich

Specialization: Fat loss, lean muscle gain, body sculpting, toning, stretching, nutrition coaching
Mahwah, NJ

Kate Marsh, MBA RD

Mount Laurel, NJ

Katherine DeLorenzo, DPT, SCS, CSCS, Pn1

Shark River Hills, NJ

Katherine Miceli

Hoboken, NJ

Kelly A. Wise, MAT CSCS Pn2

Specialization: Sports Performance
Lawrenceville, NJ

Kenneth McCullough MA, CPT Pn1

Beachwood, NJ

Kevin Ensenat BS., C.S.C.S., Pn1

Specialization: Sports Perfromance, PhysiqueTransformation, Injury Rehabilitation
Fairfield, NJ

Kim Christenson

Kenilworth, NJ

Kim Garrity

Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Krista Tobin

Specialization: Crossfit, Strongman, Flexible Dieting, Macros, Health and Wellness Coaching
Collingswood, NJ

Kristal Matthews

Toms River, NJ

Kristen Halleran, B.S., NASM-CPT, PN1

Red Bank, NJ

Kristen Trabona

Specialization: Health/Wellness
Saddle Brook, NJ

Kristi Clark Pn1

Specialization: weight loss
Blackwood, NJ

Kurt Gesteland

Asbury Park, NJ

Kyana Willoughby CPT,PN1

Specialization: Mass gain, Weight loss, Athletic performance
Union city, NJ

Lainie E. Messina

Specialization: Transformation, strength training, weight loss
Clark, NJ

Laura Lynch

Mahwah, NJ

Lauren Davidson, NSCA_CPT

Deptford, NJ

Leo Troso

Maplewood, NJ

Linda D. Cregar

Specialization: Total fitness, circuit training, seniors with emphasis on functional training and highly active training for the next level.
Sewell, NJ

Lindsay Arthur

Hoboken, NJ

Lisa Fleming

Specialization: Rehabilitation, Sports Performance, Weight Loss
Englewood, NJ

Lisa Salvini

Berlin, NJ

Lori Sternberg

Westfield , NJ

Lukasz D Iskra

Rochelle Park, NJ

Marc Rosamilia Bsc.

Specialization: Contest Prep for bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini competitor. Fat loss and general fitness.
Shrewsbury, NJ

Marc Tauriello

Specialization: Fat loss, contest/event prep, muscle gain
Nutley, NJ

Marisa Malts

Marlton, NJ

Mark Paczkowski

Specialization: Training, Weight loss, Nutrition
Linden, NJ

Markous Samaan

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Mass, Sports Performance
Hoboken, NJ

Martha Farag

Hackensack, NJ

Martha Saitta

Specialization: Weight Loss
Berkeley Heights, NJ

Mary Kate Feit

Specialization: sports performance, sports nutrition
Ocean, NJ

Mary Kate Feit

Specialization: Sports Performance
Tinton Falls, NJ

Matt Domney

Paramus, NJ

Matt Grasso PN1, CHEK Exercise and Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Dunellen , NJ

Matthew Percia

Cranford, NJ

Matty Goldman

Short Hills, NJ

Meaghan I Murphy

Specialization: USAW-L1, Swimming, Golf, Weight Loss, Performance
Paramus, NJ

Melissa Morrison, Pn1


Melonie Perino, Pn1

Specialization: Nutritional Guidance for Health & Fitness, General Health & Weight Loss, Athletic Performance, Strength & Conditioning
Hainesport, NJ

Michael Czech

Specialization: Sports Conditioning, Endurance Racing, General Weight Loss
Chatham, NJ

Michael Evangelis

Specialization: Physique transformation and contest prep
Columbia, NJ

Michael Paff

Specialization: Medical Exercise, TRX, Herbalife, Weight Loss
Westwood, NJ

Michael Piercy, MS, CSCS, Pn2

West Caldwell, NJ

Michael Riley

Specialization: :Weight loss, Building lesan muscle, Nutritional cooking, Strength and conditioning coach
Jersey City, NJ

Michael Wilson

Specialization: Fat Loss, Mass Gain, Overall Wellness, Performance
Cape May, NJ

Michaelangelo Gabat

Secaucus , NJ

Michelle McCabe, M.S., CPT, FST

Specialization: Nutrition for Fat Loss, Mass gain, and Pregnancy
Berkeley Heights , NJ

Mike Hanley

Specialization: Fat loss, muscle building, performance
Rio Grande, NJ

Mike Schappell, B.S., M.S., CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Online Coaching, Strength Training, Fat Loss
Pennsauken Township, NJ

Mitchell Figueroa

Specialization: Mass Gain, Conditioning
Westfield, NJ

Mykel Pollock

Atlantic City, NJ

Nicholas Ali CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Healthy mind and body
Basking Ridge, NJ

Nick Bardsley

Specialization: Weight Loss, Barbell Training, Conditioning, Nutrition
Jersey city, NJ

Nick Davalos B.S., PN1

Columbia, NJ

Nick Pahountis

Specialization: Functional Movement Training
Westfield, NJ

Nicole Nexon

Point Pleasant, NJ

Norma Saulino, PN1

Specialization: Executive Fitness, Life Stage Fitness, Kettlebell
Jersey City, NJ


Specialization: vertical jump training, mass gain, injury prevention, fat loss

Patrick Livesey Jr

Specialization: Sports Performance
Lincroft, NJ

Patrick Mullin

Specialization: Weight Loss, Strength Building, Nutrition Coaching, Goal Setting
Linwood, NJ

Paul Hafner

West Creek, NJ

Paul Maldonado

Specialization: Weight Loss, Mass Gain, Preventative Strategies
Bayonne, NJ

Peter V. Dell'Orto

Specialization: Men over 40, post-rehab strengthening
Wyckoff, NJ

Phillip Dan Richter

Specialization: sports performance, corrective exercise, youth fitness
millville, NJ

Racquel Yip

Specialization: beginners, women, crossfit athletes,
Pine HIll, NJ

Rafael Garcia Nasm -Cpt,CES , PES

Specialization: lose weight, mass gain , sport specific
Teaneck, NJ

Randy Frankel

Specialization: Flexible Nutrition, Fat Loss, NPC Contest Prep
freehold, NJ

Raquel Santos

Specialization: sports nutrition, competition prep, weight loss

Ray Garcia

Jersey City, NJ

Ricardo Martins

Specialization: Kettlebells, Cross Training, Nutrition, Fitness
East Rutherford, NJ

Rich Pohler

Specialization: Weight lose, Muscle Building, Performance
Deptford, NJ

Richard Forman Jr.

Specialization: Mass Building
Vineland, NJ

Rita Shushy Setrakian

Upper Saddle River, NJ

Rob Klein

Specialization: Weight Loss, TRX, Pre & Post Natal, Golf Conditioning
Fair Lawn, NJ

Rob Ortega

Burlington, NJ

Rob Vitiello, BA, Pn1

Specialization: Fat Loss
Cape May Court House, NJ

Robert Riccobono

Springfield, NJ

Ron Orbin

Logan Township, NJ

Russ Herman

Jefferson, NJ

Ryan Carsia

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Sport Performance
Pennington, NJ

Ryan Popek, CSCS

Specialization: Fat Loss
Cape May, NJ

Ryan Schwester TPI1, KB1

Specialization: Fat Loss, Golf Fitness, Mobility and Functionality
Madison, NJ

Sabrina Locantore

Boonton, NJ

sami fanik

Specialization: Weight loss, health management
Summit, NJ

Sandra J. Rattray (Sandy)

Bridgewater, NJ

Sarah Paretti

Mercerville, NJ

Sean Adasczik

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Strength Gain, Athletic Performance, Spartan Race Performance,
Colts Neck, NJ

Sergey Marin

Specialization: weight loss
jersey city, NJ

Shane Condron

Specialization: Weight loss, Life style change, Healthier Living, Mass Gain
Garwood, NJ

Smaggie Ng

Little Egg Harbor , NJ

Stacey Marino

Franklin Lakes, NJ

Stephanie Mayer

Specialization: Women's health, Injury prevention, physical therapy
Tinton Falls, NJ

Stephanie Scarpa

Marlton, NJ

Stephen Marino

Specialization: Fat loss
Tinton Falls, NJ

Steven Gaano, ACE-CPT, PN1

Specialization: Post-Rehab, Corrective Exercise
Deptford, NJ

Susan Walters, RN

Belmar, NJ

Teresa Heinz

Cape May, NJ

Theresa Caruso

Summit, NJ

Thomas J. Leonardis Jr.

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Trigger Point Therapy, Weight Loss, Mass Gain, Special Populations

Tim Laffey, MS, CSCS, FMS, Pn1

Specialization: Sports Performance, Performance Nutrition
Chatham, NJ

Tricia Jones

Specialization: Transformations, Women Specific Training, Fat Loss, Weight Loss, Lean Muscle Gain
Marlton, NJ

Valerie Mack

Summit, NJ

Venkat Reddy

Specialization: Endurance Training, Speed/Athlete Development, Functional Movement Screen Specialist
North Bergen, NJ

Vince Bellitti, B.Sc., Pn1

Specialization: Wellness and Nutrition Basics
North Arlington, NJ

Vincent Cagliostro, M.Ed, CSCS

Specialization: Sports Performance
Edison, NJ

Vinny Russo

Specialization: Weight loss, competition prep, healthy lifestyle
Kenilworth, NJ

Virginia Kusnir

Specialization: cooking lessons, overall healthy eating for the whole family, including children
Washington Twp, NJ

William A Dutan Chimbay

Specialization: personal training, boxing, special population, weight loss, nutrition
Ridgefield Park, NJ

New Mexico



Bob May

Specialization: Corrective Exercise and Golf Fitness
Rio Rancho, NM

Brandy Leigh Patton NASM-CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Fire Fighter/EMT Training
Albuquerque, NM

Brant Bermudez

Specialization: Sports performance
RIO Rancho, NM

Clarissa Gannon

Specialization: Fat loss, Lean gain, Reverse Diet
Rio Rancho, NM

Denice Baird, RN, Pn1

Cliff, NM

Elena Tercero

Santa Fe, NM

Gina Bauman

Albuquerque, NM

Holly D'Arcy, M.Ed.

Specialization: Pregnancy and Postpartum, Performance in CrossFit and Powerlifting
Clovis, NM

Jessica Gentry, HSSCC, YNS, YFS, Pn1, USAW1, SSSC

Specialization: Strength, Conditioning, Speed Coach, Sports Nutrition
Albuquerque, NM

John Trujillo PN1, NASM FNS , NASM CPT

Specialization: Weight Loss , Muscle gain ,Competition ,Modeling ,Photo shoot, lifestyle Change .
Santa fe , NM

Kathleen Stabler

Specialization: endurance athletes
Albuquerque, NM

Kelli Wilson Begay

Rio Rancho, NM

Keri Hatley Hutchins

Specialization: Macronutrient Coaching
Aztec, NM

Melissa Kennedy MD, Pn2

Specialization: Lifestyle medicine, cardiovascular health, nutritional support during and after cancer treatment, healthy habits for families.
Albuquerque, NM

Meryl Binder

Clovis, NM, NM

Nick Page

Specialization: Strength Coach
Albuquerque, NM

Patricia Murphy MS

Specialization: Weight loss and nutrition for mid-life women
Albuquerque, NM

Patrick Ryan II

Specialization: Awesomeness Based Coaching, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced weight training, Exercise and sports based nutrition, Sustainable nutrition counseling, TRX Full Body training
Albuquerque, NM

Rachel Canales

Rio Rancho, NM

Rebecca Grijalva, BS, CFT, Pn1

Albuquerque, NM

Ricky Esquibel

Specialization: Sports Performance & Weight Loss
Albuquerque, NM

Rosemary Smith

Albuquerque, NM

Shelby Lucero

Specialization: fat loss, gain lean mass, athletic performance
Albuquerque, NM

Tiffany Garcia

Specialization: Wellness Counseling and Coaching - Weightloss
Albuquerque, NM

Tory Boucher

Specialization: CrossFit and Elite Nutrition Coaching
Albuquerque, NM

Tracee Hayden

Specialization: NASM personal trainer, SFG II kettlebell instructor, Corrective exercise specialist
Albuquerque , NM

Vicente Alvarado

Specialization: Body Transformations, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Sports Performance
Albuquerque, NM

Yvette Wyskochil, NSCA-CPT, Pn2

Albuquerque, NM

New York

Aaron Newman

Specialization: Athletic Performance & Body Transformation
Dryden, NY

Abraham Gaviria

Specialization: Mass gain, weight loss and healthy lifestyle
New York City, NY

Adam Jug

Specialization: massage therapy, personal training, nutrition
new york, NY

Adam Duthie

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching, Strength and Conditioning, Cardiovascular Programming
Woodside, NY

Adam Jacobson

Specialization: Bodybuilding, Fat Loss for Mixed Martial Arts

Adam Werdenschlag

Specialization: Sports performance, getting back in shape, injury rehab, injury prevention
New York, NY

Adolphus Holden

Specialization: Senior Fitness and rehab, Weight management
New York, NY

Ahmed Afifi

Valley Stream , NY

Ajani J Burgess

Specialization: Strength gain, Aesthetics, Mobility
New York, NY

Alan Heskins

Specialization: Swimming performance, sports specific land conditioning work, nutrition, strength training, weight loss
Astoria, NY

Alecia Ramos

Selkirk, NY

Aleksandra Stacha-Fleming

Specialization: Weight loss, muscle gain, pregnancy, special populations, functional aging training
New York, NY

Alessandra Simeone, NSCA-CPT

Specialization: Strength training, women, athletes
New York, NY

Alex Silver-Fagan

Specialization: Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Nike Trainer
New York, NY

Alexa Mina

Rochester, NY

Alexander Gruezo M.Sc., CSCS

Specialization: Filipino Martial Arts, Self-Defense
New York, NY

Alexandra K. Ellis

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Pre-Post Natal, Circuit Training, Weightlifting
New York, NY

Alice Bertoni

Specialization: Healthy and sustainable nutrition
New York, NY

Alison Ghigiarelli


Alissa Marglin

South Salem, NY

Allison Berry

Specialization: Fat loss, muscle gain, maintenance, improved health, pregnancy nutrition
New York, NY

Allison Hassan

Specialization: Strength training, fat loss, swimming instruction
New York, NY

Alyssa Fenyn

Specialization: General Health and Wellness
Victor, NY

Amanda Clark, CSCS, SFG II

Specialization: Healthy lifestyle, weight loss
New York, NY

Amanda Lauren Maggiano

Specialization: Body Recomposition, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Bodybuilding, Strength
New York, NY

Amanda Wheeler

New York, NY

Amie Dupra

Specialization: Personal Training, Wellness programs, Health Coaching
Victor, NY

Amy Hirsch

Specialization: Hormones
Smithtown, NY

André J. Lundy

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning• Athletic Performance• Nutrition
Mamaroneck , NY

Andrea Mosher

Specialization: Mindful nutrition and purposeful movement
Rochester, NY

Andrew Morejon

Specialization: Vitality
New Rochelle, NY

Andy Fradelakis

Glen Cove, NY

Aneillo Iadevaia

Specialization: Fitness Manager
North Bellmore , NY

Angel Baez

Specialization: Fat Loss, E-Sports Fitness, Gaming
Bronx, NY

Angel-Ariel Casas, EP-C.

Specialization: Body Transformation Specialist
Bronx, NY, NY

Angela Leigh

Specialization: performance nutrition, female & young adult nutrition & emotional eating supoort
New york, NY

Angela Zak

Specialization: Weight Loss Specialist, Hormone Rebalance, Functional Movement Rehabilitation
New York, NY

Ann Kaufman

New York, NY

Anna Mariya Shostak

Specialization: Weight loss, muscle gain, pre-/postnatal
Astoria, NY

Anna Patterson

Bronx, NY

Anne Dobbertin, PN1,NSCA-CPT

Specialization: Sport Specific
Victor, NY

AnneMarie Spragins

Lancaster, NY

Annie Galovich, BS, CSCS, Pn1

New York, NY

Anthony J Lauto

Specialization: Injury Rehabilitation, Sport Specific Training
East Setauket, NY

Anthony Lenti

Specialization: Mass/muscle gain, weight loss, performance
New York , NY

Anthony Raccomandato, BS

East Islip, NY

Anthony Rosado

Specialization: Mass gain, weight loss, athletic performace
New Hyde Park, NY

Anthony Thompson

Specialization: weight loss, mass gain, post rehab
Jamaica, NY

Anthony Tomeo

Specialization: Athletic performance, injury prevention, fat loss/weight loss, body transformation
Hempstead , NY

Antonio Ponte, FRCms, PN1

Specialization: Weight Loss, mobility, athletic training, metabolic conditioning, powerlifting
New York, NY

Aron Briskin

Specialization: Fat Loss, Lean mass gain, Body recomposition, posture
New York, NY

Arsim Beqiraj

Riverdale, NY

Art Koharian, B.Sc. , CSCS, FMSc, USATF, Pn1

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
Flushing, NY

Aryn Giddens

Specialization: Mass gain
Queens Village, NY

Ashley Brownlee, CSCS

Long Beach, NY

Ashley Mader

Specialization: special populations, clinical conditions, weight loss, athletic performance
Astoria , NY

Barbara Holden

Specialization: Fitness Training and Nutrition Coaching for Seniors
New York, New York, NY

Barbara Vinciguerra, MS

Ardsley, NY

Ben Chan

Specialization: NASM CPT, CES, TRX, Kettlebells
Forest Hills, NY

Benjahmin Koenigsberg

Specialization: Vegan and Raw Vegan lifestyle
New York, NY

Benjamin M. Barnes

Specialization: Weight Lifting/Bodybuilding/Crossfit
Long Beach, NY

Beth Maxwell

New York, NY

Bethany Snodgrass, CSCS

Specialization: Corporate Wellness Program Design and Facilitating, Strength Training, Powerlifting, Kettlebell Training, Lifestyle Coaching, Pre & Post-Natal Nutrition and Training
Brooklyn, NY

Beverley Simpson

Specialization: pre/postnatal
New York City, NY

Bianca Perez

Specialization: Nutrition, Functional Movement, Fat Loss, Mobility
Astoria, NY

Bill Connor

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Executive Performance, Senior Health & Longevity

BIll Gadol

Specialization: olympic lifting, kettle bells, gymnastics, weight loss
New York, NY

Billy Felice

Specialization: Health and Fitness, Fat Lose
Mahopac, NY

Bob Wells

New York, NY

Bob Wells

Specialization: USA Track and Field; NASM-CPT, CES, PES; TRX; ViPR; Pre/Post Natal; Boxing; Power Plate
New York, NY

Boris Dugandzic

Specialization: Weight loss,sport specific training,muscle gain
New York, NY

Brandon Lu

Specialization: Powerlifting, Strength & Conditioning
New York, NY

Brandy Monge

Specialization: weight loss
AStoria, NY

Brenda Collado

Specialization: Weight loss
New York, NY

Brent Johnathan Carter

Specialization: BS Exercise and Sports Sciences, CSCS, Strength and Conditioning for Combat Athletes/ MMA
New York, NY

Brett Knopf

Specialization: Personal Trainer
Brooklyn, NY

Brian Cubero

Specialization: Performance Coach
Brooklyn, NY

Brian Danielson

New York, NY

Brian Devins, Pn1

Specialization: Bodybuilding, Bikini, Figure and physique competition preparation.
Utica, NY

Brian Phillips

Specialization: Performance Nutrition, Weight Gain + Weight Loss, Body Composition
West Point, NY

Brian Rahman

Uniondale, NY

Brian Roller, MPS, SCCC, CSCS, USAW, Pn1

Specialization: Sports Performance Development
Utica, NY

Brooke Hartle

Specialization: Nutrition and Sleep Health for Moms
La Fargeville, NY

Bruce Johnson

Pomona, NY

Bryan Morgan

Specialization: Functional Training & Precision Nutrition
Clay, NY

Bryan Schuman

New York, NY

Bryan Stegehuis

Specialization: CrossFit Trainer
Windsor, NY

Bryant H. Thomas, CSCS, USAW, XPS

Specialization: Mass gain, men's and women's physique, and sports specific
New York, NY

Caitlin Harrington

Specialization: Weight Loss, Personal Training
Queensbury, NY

Calin Preiss

Lakewood, NY

Carlo Mattia

Lynbrook, NY

Carlos A Jimenez

New York, NY

Carter Hays

Specialization: Obesity Nutrition and Fitness Coaching
Elmsford, NY

Casey Lamb

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Performance Enhacement
Webster, NY

Casey Stineford

Specialization: Fitness and Nutrition
Delmar, NY

Chan Lien

New York, NY

Charles A Vassallo

Specialization: Conditioning, Sports, Nutrition Balance, Practical Eats
Brooklyn, NY

Charles DeCitise Jr.

Troy, NY

Cheryl A. Christie

Specialization: Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist; CSCS; ATC
Deer Park, NY

Cheryl A. Christie

Specialization: NYS licensed Physical Therapist, orthopedic, sports & post surgical rehabilitation, CSCS, FMS & SFMA certified, SFG II, youth sports performance, AT, C
Deer Park, NY

Chris Baiata

Specialization: NSCA certified trainer, Body Composition, Gaining Strength and Size, Healthier Habits and improved overall health, Fat-loss
Selden, NY

Chris Chang

Specialization: Functional Strength Training
New York, NY

Chris Cooper

Massapequa Park, NY

Chris Finley, CPT, CES, Pn1

Specialization: Strength Training, Corrective Exercise, Muscle Gain, all welcome
Rochester, NY

Chris O'Donnell

Specialization: CrossFit
Webster, NY

Christian Fox

Specialization: Eating for Health, Fat Loss, Mass Gain, Eating for Performance
Brooklyn, NY

Christine Stathes, PT, DPT

Specialization: Health & Wellness
Hawthorne, NY

Christopher Abbott

Specialization: Kettlebell Training, Nutrition Coaching For The Real World
Saratoga Springs, NY

Christopher Akpobiyeri

Specialization: Functional Training, Athletic Sports Performance Training, Corrective Exercise, Strength Training, Weight Loss
New York, NY

Christopher Corcoran

Specialization: Mass Gain, Weight Loss, Athletic Nutrition
New York, NY

Christopher Galagarza

Specialization: Corrective exercise , Kettlebell level 1 , Pre & Post Natal , Strength & Conditioning
Greenvale, NY

Christopher Maltman

New York, NY

Christopher Ryan, CSCS, FMS

Specialization: Performance Nutrition and Weight Loss
Rochester, NY

Colby L. Mamigonian

Specialization: Sport Nutrition
Astoria, NY

Colin Murphy

Great Neck, NY

Conor Tansey

New York, NY

Corey Braunschweiger

Garden City, NY

Courtney Hall

Brooklyn, NY

Cynthia Dagenais

Specialization: Kettlebells, Bulgarian Bags, TRX, Functional Strength
New York, NY

Cynthia Swiech, CPT, Pn1

Eden, NY

Damen Lee Ellingson

Specialization: Movement, Mobility, Calisthenics, Functional Training
Brooklyn, NY

Dan Romand

Specialization: Weight Loss & Body Transformation
Albany, NY

Dani Miller

Specialization: NASM
New York, NY


Farmingville, NY

Daniel Buron

Specialization: Fat Loss, Habit Change, Stress Management, Post Injury Training, Mobility, Athletic Performance (Strength and Power)
New York, NY

Daniel M. Daly Jr

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning/Nutrition
New York, NY

Daniel Popielinski

New York, NY

Danielle Louis

Specialization: Complete Fitness and Nutrition
Yonkers, NY

Danielle Muehlenbein

New York, NY

Dariya Karelina

Specialization: "weight loss", "mass gain", "pregnancy", "pre natal", "post natal", "running"
New York, NY

Darlene E McCullough

Specialization: Weight Loss, Lifestyle Change Coaching
Brooklyn, NY

David A. Vogel C. S. C. S.

West Hempstead, NY

David Baldwin

Brooklyn, NY

David Garcia, NSCA-CPT, PnL1

Specialization: General Conditioning, Obstacle Course Conditioning, Weight Loss/Gain, Strength Training and Aerobic Conditioning
Ossining, NY

David Zabinski

Specialization: Physique athletes
New York, NY

Deanna M. DeSimone

Buffalo, NY

Deanna Penders

Rochester, NY

Debbie Goldberg Micca, RD

Specialization: weight loss
Kings Park, NY

Debra McFadden

Specialization: Work Out Nutrition
LaGrangeville, NY

Declan Foley

White Plains, NY

Denise Simien

Specialization: Martial Arts
New York, NY

Derek Dathe PTA, USAW-SPL1, Pn1

Specialization: Ice Hockey
Franklin Square, NY

Derrick Burgess

Rochester , NY

Diane H. Kottakis

Clarence Center, NY

Dominique Colarossi, B.A.

Specialization: Weight loss
Selden, NY

Donell Carter

Specialization: Bodyweight Training
Bronx, NY

Donna Rothar

Dix Hills, NY

Doreen Rucinski

Specialization: Exercise Physiologist, specializing in personal training, nutrition, and weight management
Smithtown, NY

Dorota Soto

New York, NY

Dr. Jamie L. Rockwin

Specialization: Eat to heal
Merrick, NY

Duncan Forbes, B. Sc, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
West Harrison, NY

Dwayne Brown, CSCS, CPT, Pn2

Specialization: Beginner fitness, injury rehab
Brooklyn, NY

Dwayne Gordon

Specialization: Movement Functionality
Hartsdale, NY

Dylan Coleman

Specialization: Powerlifting
New York, NY

Ed Napper
Edward Kelly

Specialization: Personal Training & Nutrition Counseling
Plattsburgh, NY

Edward A Gemdjian

Specialization: Sport and Lifestyle Specific Training, Strength and Conditioning, Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching
New York, NY

Edward Yuan

Specialization: Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Strength Training, Fat Loss, Nutrition
New york, NY

Edwin H. Wealth, M.A

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Lean Muscle Mass Development, Injury Prevention- Nasm CES, Performance Enhancement- Nasm- PES
Brooklyn , NY

Elaine Moen

Specialization: Weight loss, pre and post natal yoga/training, yoga, mobility, flexibility
brooklyn, NY

Elijah Capel

Specialization: Group Functional Fitness, Nutrition, Personal Training
Mahopac, NY

Elise Fugowski

Central Valley, NY

Elizabeth Bergmann, CPT, NKT, FMSC

Specialization: Client-driven fitness & nutrition
New York, NY

Elizabeth Crutchfield

Specialization: Home Personal Training
New York, NY

Elizabeth King

Specialization: Kitchen skills - learn how to cook and create flow in the kitchen

Elvin Garcia

Specialization: Fat loss, Lean Muscle Gain
Larchmont , NY

Emilian Sisu

Forest Hills, NY

Eric Bergmann, CSCS, NKT, FMSC

Specialization: Strength Coach & Trainer, Neurokinetic Therapy, Nutrition Coach
Lynbrook, NY

Erin Frawley

West Babylon, NY

Erin Lobozzo

Specialization: Functional Exercise, Nutrition Education
Williamsville, NY

Eugene Reynolds Jr.

Specialization: Pre/Post natal, injury rehab, chronic back pain, youth coaching
Long Island City, NY

Florian Roth

Specialization: Sports Performance - Former professional athelete, german speaking
New York, NY

Francisco Carreño-Galvez, PhD.

Specialization: Chronic Diseases, Precision Medicine, Age Management
Brooklyn, NY

Francisco J Gomez
Frank Delassio

Specialization: Pre and Post injury Specialists , CSCS coach
New York, Manhatten , NY

Frank Desiderio

Specialization: feeling better
Warwick, NY

Frank Duffy, CPT, Pn1, FRCms

Specialization: Strength Training, Corrective Exercise, Body Composition
Astoria, NY

Frank Welling DC CSCS

Warwick , NY

Gabrielle Wong

Specialization: Weight Loss, Flexibility, Mobility
New York, NY




Specialization: Fat loss and lifestyle transformations for busy professionals.
East Northport, NY

Gianna Masi

Specialization: Strength, fat loss, mass gains, weight cutting
New Rochelle, NY

Gina Duffy

Greenvale, NY

Gina Schiavone

Specialization: CPT
Lafayette, NY

Gisebell Antonetti

Specialization: Fat Loss
Staten Island, NY

Glenda Lapp

Specialization: Personal Training/Weight Loss and Muscle Gain/Bodybuilding and Competition Prep/Strength Training and Conditioning/Kettlebell 1 Certified/VIPR TRaining Certified/Toning and Firming
Astoria, NY

Glenny De La Cruz

Specialization: Strength and Mass Gain
Bronx, NY

Greg Luther

Specialization: Functional Strength & Movement
New York , NY

Gregory Plummer, NCSF, PN1

Specialization: Sports Performance, Loss,
New York, NY

Gregory S. Pyszczynski


Hans Eric Hageman

Specialization: Athletic performance, senior citizens
Pine Island, NY

Hayden-William Courtland, Ph.D., CSCS

Specialization: Mass gain, Weight loss
New York, NY

Hayley Bridgewater CPT, SFG1, FRCms, PN1

Specialization: Kettlebell Training, Strength Training, Endurance Training, OCR prep, Special populations: Dance/Gymnastics, Somatics
Astoria, NY

Heather Baltz

New York, NY

Heather Bickham

Specialization: Movement function, strength development, Kettlebell training
Astoria, NY

Heather L. Ellis

Scotia, NY

Heesun Kim

Specialization: Yoga, Kickboxing, Sustainable Weight Loss
New York, NY

Herbert Schmale

New York City, NY

Hildebrandt Gruezo, M.Sc.

New York, NY

Howard Hinds

Specialization: Weight loss, TRX, Kettle bell, Training for Warriors
Bronx, NY

Ian kim

Specialization: Fat Loss, Sport Specific, Post Natal, Performance Nutrition
Bayside, NY

Ian Macleod

Specialization: Functional Movement, Boxing, Weight Manipulation, Movement Quality
New York, NY

Ingrid Tarjan

Specialization: Fat loss, work with all ages, but especially helpful with over 35 population
New York, NY

Inkeri Urho-Young (Ink Young)

Olean, NY, NY

Isabella Piecha

New York City, NY

Ivan Rosado

Specialization: Muscle gain, Fat Loss, Martial Arts
New York, NY

Iwona Rhoads MA,NSCA-CPT

Specialization: Pre/post natal, strength and conditioning, functional training, pilates, functional movement specialist, suspension training, Russian Kettlebells, triathlon training.
Brooklyn , NY

Jaclyn Emerick

New York, NY

Jacob Zemer

Hartsdale , NY

Jacques Delaugère

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Kettle Bells, Vipr
New York , NY

Jaimee Reis, NASM, FMS, TRX, TABATA, PN1

Specialization: Functional Movement and Fitness Training, Prevention and Recovery
Rockville Centre, NY

James Huayamave

Specialization: Fat loss, general fitness, and muscle gain.
New York City, NY

James J. Rivera

Specialization: kettlebell, TRX, corrective exercise, weight loss, behavior change, senior fitness, integrated flexibility
Brooklyn, NY

James Oh, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: healthy lifestyle
Brooklyn, NY

Jamie E. Wolff

Specialization: M.A Counseling and Expressive Therapies; NASM-CPT, CES, FNS; Eating Disorders; Pre/Post Natal; Posture/Functional Movement
New York, NY

Jane Lee

Specialization: Women's nutrition, Nutrition for improved performance
Brooklyn, NY

Jaromir Szurlej M.Ed., CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Personal Training
Hartsdale, NY

Jason Bonn
Jason Bonn


Jason Harrell

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Sport Performance, Rehabilitation, Pre/Post Natal, Nutrition
Astoria, NY

Jason Harrell

Specialization: CPT, FRCms, SFG I, Pn1
Astoria, NY

Jason Hershkowitz

Specialization: Nutrition
Bay Shore, Suffolk County, Long Island, NY

Jason Jenkins

Specialization: strength, movement quality, nutrition coaching and golf performance
New York, NY

Jason Kapnick

Specialization: Kettlebells, Powerlifting, Movement, FMS, Muscle Gain, Strength,
New York, NY

Jay J Lee

Specialization: Loaded Movement Training, Animal Flow, Health/Wellness Coaching
Brooklyn, NY

Jay Verna

Rochester, NY

Jeannie Lee

Specialization: Recovery, Performance Nutrition
New York, NY

Jeb Stuart Johnston

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Strength
Brooklyn, NY

Jeffrey Benesch

Queens, NY

Jen Annunziato

Specialization: TPI, Animal Flow, Kettlebells, ViPR
New York, NY

Jen Shamro

Brooklyn, NY

Jena VanElslander

Specialization: Lifestyle Maximization
New York, NY

Jenifer Stanek

Specialization: Personal Training/Nutrition Programming
West Seneca, NY

Jenna DeRosa

Specialization: General nutrition, family meal planning
Point Lookout, NY

Jenna Withowski

Mahopac, NY

Jennifer Carlson

Specialization: Bodybuilding, strength and conditioning
Brooklyn, NY

Jennifer Michelle McCombs

New York, NY

Jennifer Moreno

Specialization: Weight Loss, Weight Management, Meal Prepping, Planning and Recipes
Orchard Park, NY

Jennifer Santiago

Specialization: Boxing, Kickboxing, Strength Training, Pre/post Natal, all Functional training
Brooklyn, NY

Jennifer Taveras

Specialization: Strength and conditioning, pre and post natal, mobility and movement, olympic lifting
Brooklyn, NY

Jennifer Yim

New York, NY

Jeremia Ranck

Specialization: Weight loss, Powerlifting, Performance.
Elmira, NY

Jeremy Armendinger

Specialization: Personal Training
East Aurora, NY

Jesse Dufresne

Specialization: Body composition, Muscle Gain, Fat Loss
Long Island City, NY

Jesse E Ben-Haim

Specialization: Strength Training for Fat Loss
Nassau County, NY

Jesse McMeekin

Specialization: Behavior change, weight loss, muscle gain
Westchester County, NY

Jessica Botte

Specialization: Implementing Healthy Habits & Facilitating Behavior Change, Female Fitness - Improving Body Composition and Increasing Strength, Corporate Wellness Consulting, Speaking & Writing. Certifications - NASM CPT & Behavior Change Specialization, PN Level 1, Pre/Post Natal Certified, Kettlebell Athletics (Level 1), Onnit Academy Foundations

Jessica Bowen

New York, NY

Jessica Fieler

Specialization: M.S., RD
New York, NY

Jessica Fisher

Katonah , NY

Jessica M. Fox

Brooklyn, NY

Jessika Ramie

New Windsor, NY

Jim Gazzale

Specialization: Endurance nutrition
Troy, NY

Jodi Canfield, PhD, CSCS

Specialization: Life coach

Jodi Klass

Specialization: helping middle age women achieve their best selves.
Smithtown, NY

Joe Burt

Specialization: "Fat Loss", "Movement Education", "Posture Correction", "Strength Training"
New York, NY

Joe Feldman

Specialization: Weight Gain, Weight Loss

Joel Lynch

Specialization: Fat Loss, Mass Gain, Vitality
New York, NY

John Calarco

Specialization: Athletic Performance
Harrison, NY

John F. Cavanagh

Specialization: Personal Training, Resistance Training, Weight loss, Nutrition coaching
New York, NY

John F. O'Connor, M.A., PN Level 2

Specialization: Weight loss-Body change fitness programming. Ultrasound body composition evaluation. 20 + years experience: Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, White Plains, NY//Healthy Women Fit Center, Mamaroneck, NY//Move, Balance Health and Fitness, Elmsford, NY.
Valhalla, NY

John Laznovsky

Ronkonkoma, NY

John Spadaccini

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
Nanuet, NY

Johnny Briones Jr.

Specialization: Weight Loss, Mass gain, Kettlebells, Barbells, TRX, Animal Flow, Boxing,
New York, NY, NY

Jon Girard

Buffalo, NY

Jon M J Cooper

Specialization: Weight Loss, Core Strength, Flexibility, Muscle Building, Toning, Nutrition Coaching
New York, NY

Jonathan Delgado

Elmhurst, NY

Jonathan Keltai, M.S., M.A., CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Resistance training, weight loss, nutrition coaching
New York, NY

Jonathan Newman


Jonathan Ziders NASM, Pn1

Lancaster, NY

Jonny Pietrunti

Specialization: Fat Loss, Sustainable Nutrition, Mass/Strength Gain
Brooklyn, NY

Jordan James

Specialization: Body Builder,Weight loss,Perfomance enhancement
Tarrytown, NY

Jorge Berrios

Specialization: Functional Training, Pre-post Natal, Strength and Conditioning, Kickboxing
New York, NY

Jose L. Bravo

Specialization: Functional Nutrition
Great Neck, NY

Joseph LaVacca

New York, NY

Joseph Tirado

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Functional Training, Fat Loss, Athletic Performance
New York, NY

Josette Lindsey-Padulo

Specialization: Nutrition
Rochester, NY

Josh Brown

New York, NY

Josh Coquat MS, CPT-PES, Pn1

Specialization: Strength / Weight Loss / Muscle Gain
New York, NY

Joy Weiser

Plainview, NY

Judith A. Torel, MS, USAT, Pn1

Specialization: Triathlete/Runner Coaching, Menopause and Weight Loss, Men 45+ Weight Loss, Food Coaching, Design of Exercise Programs, Yoga
Albany, NY

Julia Chan

Specialization: Detox and cleanse coaching, clean eating programming
New York, NY

Julia Falamas

Specialization: competition weight cuts, mass gaining, performance nutrition
New York, NY

Julie Tsai

Specialization: pregnancy nutrition, senior health
Albany, NY



Justin Feldman, PT, DPT

Poughkeepsie, NY

Justin Johnson

Specialization: Kettlebell Training/Nutrition

Justin Pascual

Syracuse, NY

Justo Bernechea

Specialization: Boxing, Russian Kettlebell Training, Suspension Training, Special Populations. Certifications: ACSM-HFS, RKC II, FMS, USA Boxing Coach, Pre-Post Natal
New York, NY

Kaitlin P. Dolan

Scarsdale, NY

Katherine Best, NASM CPT

New York, NY, NY

Katie Fanok

Specialization: Personal Training, Small Group Training, Flexibility Training, Studio Fitness Classes
Elmsford, NY

Katie McGrath

Oakdale, NY

Katie Welch, B.S., CTNC

Specialization: Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching
Rochester, NY

Katrina Cook

Specialization: weight loss, sports performance, muscle gain, health/wellness
Scarsdale, NY

Kayte Natter

Specialization: Pre/Post Natal, Weight-loss
New York, NY

Keith fields

Specialization: Performance Enhancement, Fat Loss , Bodyweight Training
Mamaroneck, NY

Kelli Coleman

Specialization: Nutrition Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist
Merrick, NY

Kelly Cosentino

Specialization: strength coach, weight loss
New York, NY

Kelly Covert

Specialization: Whole Body Health Coaching, Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition, Triathlon
Baldwinsville, NY

Kelly Napier

Peekskill, NY

Kelvin Gary

Specialization: Functional Training and sports performance
New York, NY

Ken Berger

Specialization: fat loss, muscle gain, functional movement
Whitestone, NY

Ken Craig

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning
Binghamton, NY, NY

Ken Yu

New York, NY

Kenneth Lee

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Movement, WNBF/ IFPA Natural Professional Bodybuilder, body transformation, Powerlifting, Strongman
New York, NY

Kenneth Lippe, CSCS

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Athletic Performance

Kenny U. Grant

Specialization: Total Fitness Education
New York, NY

Kerry Young

Brooklyn, NY

Kevin Adair

Larchmont, NY

Kevin Adair, CSCS

Specialization: Health, Nutrition & Fitness Coaching
Larchmont, NY

Khaled Zeidan

Specialization: Muay Thai and boxing
New York, NY

Kim A. Bennett

Mahopac, NY

Kimber Domke

Specialization: Weight Loss & Pilates
New York , NY

Kimberly Brehm

East Moriches, NY

Kimberly Hartfield

Specialization: High Intensity Interval Training, Pre and Post Natal
Middle village, NY

Koby Stern

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning, Military Training, Olympic Lifting, TRX, Kettlebell, ViPR
Brooklyn, NY

Kristi Freitag

Specialization: performance nutrition, lifestyle nutrition
Albany, NY

Kristin G. Axberg

Brooklyn , NY

Kristin White, CPT, CFSC, PN1

Cortland, NY

Kristina Ferraro

Staten Island, NY

Kristine Loock, DPT, NASM-CPT, PN1

Specialization: Fat Loss, Competition Prep, Muscle Gain
Congers, NY

Kristopher Brathwaite

Specialization: Weight Loss, Corrective Exercise, Pre/Post Natal
Cambria Heights, NY

Kyle Andersen

Specialization: Muscle Gain
Syosset, NY

Lamaar Evans

Specialization: Weight loss, bodybuilding, kettlebells, kickboxing, and overall functional training
New York , NY

Lamarr Norwood

Specialization: 35 and over Fitness & Nutrition
New York/Jersey City, NY

Lauren Davis

Schoharie, NY

Lauren DiVenere, B.Sc., NASM, Pn1

Specialization: Fat loss, Lean muscle mass gain, muscle endurance, sport specific
Orangeburg, NY

Lauren Johan

Specialization: "pre-post natal nutrition" "nutrition for weight loss" "nutrition for fertility" "women's nutrition"
Brooklyn and Downtown Manhattan, NY

Lawrence Lee

Catskill, NY

Leighton Brillo-Sonnino

Specialization: Crossfit Performance
New York, NY

Lequan Emmanuel Hunter

Specialization: Lean Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, Enhanced Athletic Performance
Brooklyn, NY

Leslie Tucker

New York, NY

Lillian Rowlatt, BScH

Specialization: Individualized nutrition and training programs
New York, NY

Lily Clark

New York, NY

Lisa Marie Kocsis

Specialization: Personalized nutrition coaching to coincide with various personal training modalities.
Brooklyn, NY

Lisa Moore

Specialization: Females
Mahopac, NY

Lisa Pavarini

Briarcliff Manor, NY

Lisa VanBemmelen

Specialization: "Weight loss through habit mastery"
New York, NY

Liz Cash

Specialization: Fat Loss, Autoimmunity, Hypothyroid

Liz Szakacs

Specialization: Massage Therapy, Corrective Exercise, Meditation, Outdoor Fitness
Camillus, NY

Lori McAllister

Albany, NY

Louis Gordon

Rochester, NY

Luis Guerrero

Specialization: Fat Loss, Mass Gain, Pre-Post Natal
New York , NY

Lynn Pesce Vita

Specialization: Corrective Exercise, Kettlebell
New York, NY

Mahmoud said

Specialization: sports nutrition
long island city , NY


Specialization: Athletes
East Meadow, NY

Marc Agnello

Specialization: Sports Performance, weekend warriors and body re-composition
Alfred, NY

Marc Giordano PTA, NASM-CPT

Specialization: MMA, Strength and Conditioning, Sports Nutrition Consulting
New Hartford, NY

Marco Cafaro

Specialization: Male Body Fat Loss. Mass Gain
Plainview, NY

Marfred Suazo CPT, CSCS "fonzthetrainer"

Specialization: Transformation specialist, weight loss, muscle gain, competition prep, photo shoot ready
Yonkers, NY, NY

Maria Garcia

Specialization: Body Recomposition, Strength and Conditioning, Corrective Exercise, Pre/Post-Natal, Bikini Bodybuilding Coaching
New York, NY

Maria Schweitzer

Specialization: Exercise nutrition, FRC-Mobility Specialist, Clinical Athlete Weight Lifting Coach, NSCA-CPT
Commack , NY

Mariano Cardona

Specialization: creating specific and individualized programs, improve postural integrity, functional motor unit recruitment, health, body composition, and work performance through nutritional counceling, and assisting those who desire to make certain lifestyle related changes
Rego Park, Queens, NY

Maribel Torres

Kingston, NY

Marisa Lope-Perez

Manhattan, New York, NY

Maritza Arroyo LMT, CPT

Specialization: Weight loss, Muscle mass building, Strength and Flexibility training
New York, NY

Mark Moynahan

Specialization: Fat loss, strength and conditioning, lean mass gain
New York, NY

Mark Sabesan

Specialization: Strength and conditioning, port-rehab, adolescent nutrition
Franklin Square, NY

Martin Wojtas

Jackson Heights, NY

Marybeth Weiss

New York, NY

Matt Shackles

Woodbury, NY

Matthew Crawley

Specialization: Sports nutrition, mass gain, body recomposition
Kenmore , NY

Matthew Flaherty

New York, NY

Matthew Gines, MS, PN1

Specialization: Nutrition and Lifestyle Plans
Newburgh, NY

Matthew J Shackles

Great Neck, NY

Matthew James Davison

Specialization: If You Are Going To Do Something, Do It Right.
New York City, NY

Matthew Stehr

Specialization: Fat loss, performance optimization
Watertown, NY

Matthew Tennie

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Performance Enhancement
massapequa, NY

Meg Julian

Specialization: Women, brides, Obstacle Course Racers
Ithaca, NY

Meghan M Ryan

Specialization: Eating Psychology, running coaching, movement improvement fitness and strength
New York, NY

Melissa Curtis

Specialization: macro tracking, performance nutrition, weight loss, pregnancy nutrition
Rochester, NY

Melissa Pappas

Valley Stream, NY

Meng-Ting Chiang

Specialization: Native Mandarin Speaker, Weight loss, Special Population, (Rheumatoid) Arthritis
New York, NY

Meredith Parker, CPT, TPI Fitness Professional

Specialization: Recovering from disordered eating, athletic performance nutrition
New York, NY

Micah Bookman

Specialization: Marathon training
New York, NY

Michael Castiglione

Specialization: Fitness

Michael Caulo

Specialization: "Martial Arts" "Lifestyle" "Sports Nutrition" "Fitness Nutrition" "Athletic Training" "Fat Loss" "Muscle Gain" "Online Coaching"
Huntington Station, NY

Michael DeLalio

Specialization: Certified Functional Strength Coach.
East Hampton, NY

Michael Doehla


Michael Hofman

Specialization: Weight loss, Strength training, Functional movement for older populations, sport specific training
manhattan, NY

Michael K. Meleounis

Brooklyn, NY

Michael Klashman

Specialization: fitness, weight loss, healthy lifestyle and aging
New York, NY

Michael Mannino PN 1

Astoira , NY

Michael Monti, NASM-CPT

Specialization: Mass Gain, Kettlebell, and Bodyweight Training for fat loss.
Staten Island, NY

Michael Morgillo

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Strength Training, Olympic Lifting, Kettlebells, TRX
New York, NY

Michael Niebuhr CSCS

Specialization: fat loss
Port Jefferson Station, NY

Michael Ortega

Specialization: Exercise Nutrition
Ontario, NY

Michael Richards CSCS

Specialization: Mass gain, fat loss for average joe/jane's and strength athletes
New York, NY

Michael Rogdakis

Massapequa, NY

Michael Ryan BA, CSCS, CES, Pn2

Specialization: Certified Health and Wellness Coach
New York, NY

Michael Thomas Maziekas

Specialization: Sport Specificity
Greenvale, NY

Michelle Chong

Specialization: Strength training, Fat loss, Bodybuilding, Dance, Mobility, Nutritional Guidance
New York, NY

Mike Clancy

New York, NY

Mike Grutka

Specialization: Corrective Exercise, Athletic Training
Guilderland, NY


Specialization: posture correction, weight loss
Brooklyn, NY

Miller E. Caton, Jr, BFA, NASM-CPT, Pn1

New York, NY

Mina Ibrahim

Specialization: Strongman training, Weight loss, Conditioning
New York, NY

Nancy Ferraris

Specialization: natural foods chef, culinary and nutrition education
Manhasset, NY

Nathan Weiser

Specialization: Lean Muscle Gains, Fat Loss, Behavioral Nutrition Lifestyle Guidelines
Brooklyn, NY

Neal A. Snyder

Specialization: Health Detective
Astoria, NY

Neal J. Roher, J.D., Pn1

Garden City, NY

Nic Rockwell

Specialization: Corrective Exercise, Senior/Youth Specialist, Kettlebell, dotFIT Supplements, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
Brooklyn, NY

Nicholas Bendixen

Specialization: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Corrective Exercise Specialist & Performance Enhancement Specialist
North Tonawanda, NY

Nicholas Cerone, BS CES, CSCS

Specialization: Physique alteration, strength and conditioning
Brewster , NY

Nicholas Lopez, NSCA-cpt, Pn1

Specialization: Strength, Body Composition, and Performance
Long Island City, NY

Nicholas Marcotti

Specialization: Weight loss, muscle gain, sports specific, event preparation, injury prevention, bodybuilding
Brooklyn, NY

Nichole Kieltyka ATC, CSCS, Pn1

Westchester County , NY

Nick Abazi

Tarrytown, NY, NY

Nicole Knudson

Specialization: Fitness & Food Training!
Long Island City, NY

Nicole M. Spinner-Weiss, MS

Specialization: Weight Loss, Eating Psychology, Improving Overall Health
Westhampton Beach, NY

Oliver Williams

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle Buliding, Speed Development, Powerlifting
Central Islip, NY

Olivier Lucenay

Specialization: Loss Weight & Gain Weight
New York city, NY

Onix Mata Pn2

Specialization: Injury Rehab Nutrition, Lactose Intolerant Nutrition, Sports Nutrition
Glendale , NY

Oraine Barrett

Specialization: Kettlebell certified, pre and post natal certified, NASM certifited, Core and total body conditioning, TRX, Sand Bags
bronx , NY

Orest Ludwig, CSCS

Specialization: Spinal alignment, Body awareness, Mobility, Health
Brooklyn, NY

Oscar Flores

Specialization: Mobility, Movement Reconditioning and Nutrition/Preventative Healthcare Strategies
New York, NY

Otis Collier jr

brooklyn, NY

Pat Stillitano

New York , NY

Patrice Chimento

Specialization: Women
sterling forest, NY

Patricia Amidon

Arkport, NY

patrick cullen

Specialization: fat loss
new york, NY

Paul DePippo

Specialization: Physical Preparation and Adult Fitness
Mamaroneck , NY

Paul Kostas, NSCA_CPT

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning, Weight Loss, Mass Gain
Brooklyn , NY

Paul W Park

Oakland Gardens, NY

Pete Cataldo

Specialization: Fat loss for busy parents and entrepreneurs, Stress/Anxiety/Productivity management
Brooklyn, NY

Race Bottini, CSCS

Specialization: Body Composition, Sport Performance, Functional Movement, Nutrition
New York, NY

Rachel Mariotti

Specialization: Strength and conditioning, building lean muscle, sport specific training
New York, NY

Rachel Sunley, MPH, CPT

Specialization: Holistic Fitness & Nutrition Programs for Brides, Bridesmaids, New Wives and More.
Depew, NY

Racquel Greenidge

Mount Vernon, NY

Ramel Murphy

Specialization: "body weight training" "sports nutrition for athletes"
New York, NY

Raymond Peralta

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Sports Nutrition, Exercise Rehab
New York, NY

Rebecca L. Heiberg

Specialization: Weight loss, nutrition, strength training, sport specific training.
Long island, NY

rebecca monahemi

Specialization: Weightloss
great neck, NY

Regina Israelian

Islip, NY

Rhen StChristopher

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, bodyweight training, Strong First KettleBell L1 Instructor
New York, NY

Rhiannon Filer

Specialization: Sports Performance, Lean Muscle Gain, Fat loss
Buffalo, NY

Rich DeStasio

new rochelle, NY

Rob "Too Strong" Sulaver

New York, NY

Robert Blair

Specialization: Fat loss, Muscle gain, Seinor fitness
Long Beach, NY

Robert Corapi

Specialization: weight loss
Baldwin, NY

Robert Dickinson DPT, CPT

Vestal, NY

Roberta MacIvor

Specialization: strength training, nutrition, yoga
New York, NY

Roberta Peets, DC, MS

Mount Sinai, NY

Roberto Ricciardella

Valhalla, NY

Rolf Krauss

Specialization: Goal Achievement
Hopewell Junction, NY

Romina Kostich

Specialization: Functional strength training and conditioning
East Elmhurst, NY

Ron Latorre

East Islip, NY

Ron Vasquez

Specialization: CSPS, NCSF, Clubbell Yoga, Strong First Bodyweight, Pre & Post Nadal Certified, Animal Flow Coach, Kettlebell Athletics II, DVRT Coach
New York, NY

Ron Vasquez B.S., CPPS, Pn2

Specialization: Certified Physical Preparation Specialist, Pre-Post Natal, Movement & Mobility
New York, NY

Ronnie Allen

Specialization: Israeli Krav Maga Instructor, Strength and Conditioning, Agility and Mobility
New York, NY

Rosie Cohn

Cross River, NY

Ross Twanmoh, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: USAW, Kettlebells, Animal Flow
Brooklyn, NY

Ross Youmans

New York, NY

Rua Gilna

Specialization: Photo shoot/contest prep leanness
New York, NY

Ruben Belliard

New York, NY

Ruben Etienne

Specialization: Fat loss, Body fat reduction, Mass gain
New York, NY

Russell C Harleston Jr

Specialization: Nutrition for performance & competition
Liverpool, NY

Ryan Carmody, CSCS

Specialization: Athletics, weight loss, mass gain
Montgomery, NY

Ryan Neal Green

Specialization: Private coaching, lifestyle change, habit change
Brooklyn, NY

Ryan Obernesser

Specialization: Sports Performance, Adult Functional Training, Take Back Your Life
Utica, NY

Ryan Parr

Specialization: Strength Gain
Sauquoit, NY

Sahmura Gonzalez

New York , NY

Sam Kavarsky MS,CSCS,SCCC,PN2

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning: Performance Nutrition
Los Angeles, NY

Samantha Abravanel

Specialization: Holistic Health, Nutrition Education
Islip, NY

Samantha Rothberg

Specialization: Strength/Power, Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Gain

Samuel Ansman

Specialization: Strength training, weight loss, athletics
New York, NY

Schamgar D Cenat

Specialization: Strength and conditioning
Queens Village, NY

Scott Hanson

Specialization: NSCA CPT, NPTI Master Trainer, SFG2,SFL,SFB, Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist, CKFMS
New York , NY

Scott Schratwieser B.A., CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Body Transformation, Remote Online Coaching, Weight Loss, Sports Performance, Behavioral Change
Copiague, NY

Sean Cronin

Specialization: CrossFit, Strength, Metabolic Conditioning
New York, NY

Sergio Merino

Specialization: Fat Loss, Athletic Performance, Muscle Gain
Buffalo, NY

Seth VanDerVeer, CSCS

Specialization: Muscle gain, Fat loss, Sports nutrition and performance
Cohoes, NY

Shane Healy

Specialization: CrossFit Lvl 2, Weightlifting, Nutrition
Albany, New York, NY

Shani Mojica

Specialization: Weight loss
Bellerose, NY

Shannon Van Riper, RN, NASM CPT, PN1

New York, NY

Shany Dagan

Specialization: Personal Training &a Nutrition Guide
Long Island City , NY

Simone Tchouke

Specialization: weight loss, Healthy Pregnancy, Lean Muscle Mass
New York, NY

Stephanie J. Pinto

Orangegurg, NY

Stephanie Spangler

New York, NY

Steve Ponton

Specialization: Kettlebells, Functional Movement Screen, Original Strength
Ithaca, NY

Susan Hitchcock

Specialization: PowerPlate Level I and II certified
Brewster, NY

Susan Nelson

Specialization: Senior fitness, Post rehaf
Sag Harbor, NY

Suzanne Marie McCloskey

New York, NY

Sydney Davino

Specialization: Lifestyle change
West Babylon, NY

Sylvie Leftwick, CPT, NASM CES

New York, New York, NY

Tabitha Sierra

Newburgh, NY

Tajah Lanclos

Briarwood, NY

Tamara Pridgett

Specialization: Pregnancy nutrition, Pre/Postnatal training
New York, NY

Tamara Stojkov

Specialization: strength and conditioning, functional movement, weight loss, toning
New York, NY

Tammer Farid

Woodside, NY

Tanya Vlakancic-Dajcic

New York, NY

Tara Allen

Specialization: women's health
Farmingdale, NY

Tarik Grant

Specialization: mass gain and weight loss
Bronx, NY

Tatiana Mekhryakova

Specialization: Strength training, weight management, conditioning, pre/postnatal training, nutrition advise
New York, NY

Taylor A. Spearnak

New York, NY

Teddy Sanchez Jr, NCSF,Kettlebell lvl 1&2

Specialization: bodybuilding,powerlifting,kettlebells,strength and conditioning.
manhattan, NY

Terry B Cayea, BSc, CPT

Specialization: nutrition and exercise for all members of the family
Jamesville, NY

Thomas Ardito

Brooklyn, NY

Thomas DeMartino B.Sc.

Specialization: Performance Nutrition
West Babylon, NY

Thomas Heath

New York, NY

Thomas J. Flanagan

Saugerties, NY

Thomas James Fasulo Jr.

Specialization: Nutrition/fitness consultant
Brooklyn, NY

Thomas O'Neill

Mamaroneck, NY

Thomas P McCafferty

Staten Island, NY

Tiana Gonzalez

Specialization: Competition Preparation, CrossFit Athletes and General Lifestyle clients
White Plains, NY

Tim Barrett, CSCS

Specialization: Athletes and non-athletes alike
New York, NY

Tim Haft

Specialization: becoming vegan, plant-based nutrition, bodyweight training, rope jumping
New York, NY

Timothy Kim

New York, NY

Timothy Lambert, CSCS

Buffalo, NY

Tina Palermo, Pn1

Specialization: Sport and Fitness Nutrition
Blooming Grove, NY

TJ Lopez

Specialization: Sports Performance, Functional Training, Nutrition Coaching
Syosset, NY

Todd G. Carberry, CSCS

Specialization: "Fat Loss", "Mass Gain", "Sports Nutrition"
East Hampton, NY

Tom Ram

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain
New York City, NY

Tracey Roach

Specialization: Weight loss, muscle gains
Ozone Park, NY

Tracy Lovgren

Bay Shore, NY

Troy Bacot

New York, NY

Tzvi Smith

Specialization: Weight Loss
Monsey, NY

Valerie M. Anatriello

Queensbury, NY

Victor Lonchuk, MSc

Specialization: Soccer Specific Strength and Conditioning, Injury Prevention.
Sunnyside, NY

Victor Reyes

Specialization: Weights loss, sports performance
Brooklyn, NY

Victoria M. Barclay

Specialization: Weight loss, hormonal difficulties, Losing pregnancy weight, breaking plateaus, Exercise Nutrition
Williamson, NY

Victoria Santin

New York, NY

Vince Juron

Specialization: Busy working professionals, young athletes
New York, NY

Warner King Washington II

Brooklyn, NY

Winnie Abramson

Specialization: Body recomposition; permanent habit change; nutrition for strength athletes
New Paltz, NY

Winston N Broderick Jr

Brooklyn, NY

Yagnesh C Jani

Specialization: weight loss, performance enhancement, mixed martial arts, muscle gain, weight gain, lifestyle change
Palisades, NY

Yensy Calderón Montenegro

Irvington, NY

Yeufre Perez

Specialization: Muscle gain, fat loss
Bronx, NY

Yvonne Mo

Brooklyn, NY

Zack Zeller

Specialization: Peak fat loss performance
Oceanside, NY

North Carolina

Ajay Bains

Specialization: General Fitness, Functional Fitness
Cary, NC

Alejandra Valdes, PT, Pn1

Charlotte, NC

Alexandria Cassella

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Athletic Training, Powerlifting, Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition
Apex, NC

Alice Watson

Charlotte, NC

Alison Bittner, Pn1

Specialization: Fat loss coaching and functional fitness training for mid-life adults and baby boomers
Cary, NC

Amanda Richardson, PhD MS CIHC CHWC

Specialization: Nutrition for Busy Moms & Stressed Out Workers
Durham, NC

Ana Patricia Bernal

Specialization: Women or Men age 30+ who want to incorporate good nutrition into their life style.
Greensboro, NC

Andrew Crossley, M.Ed

Specialization: Sport Nutrition, athletic performance
High Point , NC

Ashley Alandt, CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Exercise Nutrition
Morrisville, NC

Ashley Marie Smith

Jacksonville, NC

Ashley Totten

Durham, NC

Ben Martin

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, General Nutrition
Charlotte, NC

Bill Burniston

Specialization: Athletic Enhancement and Weight Management
Apex, NC

Brandon Evan Woolley

Specialization: Weight Loss, Healthy Eating, Body Compositional Changes, Lean Mass Gain
Raleigh, NC

Brian Bender, PhD

Specialization: Data-Driven Personalization
Raleigh, NC

Brian Collins

charlotte, NC

Brian Compton

Huntersville, NC

Bryndan "Be" Moore

Specialization: Fat Loss, Athletic Performance, Team menu selection, Off Season and In Season diet, Game week and game day nutrition. Corporate Seminars.
Cary, NC

Buck Buhler, M.S. Exercise Science

Matthews, NC, NC

Buster Miscusi

Specialization: Health/longevity, performance athletics
Jacksonville, NC

Catherine Delaney

Specialization: Weight loss, sports nutrition, pregnancy
Raleigh, NC

Catherine Yaeger

Davidson, NC

Chad Ramsey

Specialization: Nutrition and fitness for people who don't want to have to obsess over nutrition and fitness.
Winston-Salem, NC

Chris McNamara

Specialization: Performance Nutrition
West End, NC

Chris Weezorak

Specialization: Functional Fitness, Weight Loss and Nutritional Guidance
Charlotte, NC

Christina Egan

Specialization: Working with mature people, helping people continue their injury recovery
Midland, NC

Claire Thomson

Specialization: Kettlebells, powerlifting
Charlotte, NC

Cristina Powell

Wilmington, NC

David Lampungh Kounlamith

Kannapolis, NC

David Loman

Specialization: Body Transformations & Athletes
Charlotte, NC

David M. Rynecki M.S.,B.S.,CPT,CES,FNS,CSS,Pn1

Specialization: weight loss, rehabilitation, contest prep.
Knightdale, NC

Donna Kislow

Huntersville, NC

Dulcy Purcell

Specialization: Women's health and fitness
New Bern, NC

Elizabeth Davis

Specialization: Fat loss exercise & nutrition, Well-being exercise & nutrition, Healthy lifestyle habits.
Winston Salem, NC

Emily D Crable

Specialization: Functional Movement Patterns, Flexibility, Athletic training for all ages.
Havelock, NC

Emily Little

Specialization: Online coaching, women, crossfit
Fayetteville , NC

Ernest Miller

Raleigh, NC

Evan Schmitt

Charlotte, NC

Frank Muntis

Specialization: Sports Nutrition and Body Composition Change
Cary, NC

Gareth Ross

Specialization: Post-therapy, Golf Fitness, Sports Performance, Tactical Athlete Training
Waxhaw, NC

Gary Storr

Specialization: Training & Nutritional Guidance in the Everyday Lifestyle

Geoff Graue

Specialization: functional training,kettlebells,trx
Charlotte, NC

Geoffrey P. Steinbacher, MS, ATC, CSCS

Fayetteville, NC

Greg Cox

Specialization: Fat Loss
Fleetwood, NC

Greg Gonzalez

Specialization: Personal Training
Greensboro, NC

Greg Gonzalez

Specialization: Weight Loss, Bodybuilding, Nutrition
Greensboro, NC

Gregory Martinez-Bey

Specialization: Metabolic Technician, Personal Trainer, Onboarding Specialist
Wake Forest, NC

Jacqueline Owensby, MS

Specialization: weight loss, athletic preformance
Asheville, NC

Jamal Baptiste

Specialization: Corrective Exercise, Neuromuscular Technique, Performance Enhancement
Charlotte, NC

James Sorey

Specialization: Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Fitness and Nutrition Coaching powered by ProCoach, Strength and Conditioning
Charlotte, NC

James Stewart

Raleigh, NC

Jane Hanisch

Charlotte, NC

Jay Jay Clark Sr.

Specialization: Nutrition Over 40
Creedmoor, NC

Jazmin Simpson

Specialization: Sports nutrition and fat loss
Concord, NC

Jennifer Martinez

Specialization: Fat loss, Fitness, Yoga
Southern Pines, NC

Jennifer Palumbo

Charlotte, NC

Jess McKay

Morehead City, NC

Jessica Pinkerton

Specialization: performance nutrition, mass gain, weight loss
Concord, NC

Jim Poindexter

Specialization: TRX Certification and Certified Functional Aging Specialist
Fuquay Varina, NC


Clemmons, NC

Joel Schlieman

Specialization: CrossFit, MMA, Gracie Jiu Jitsu
Raleigh, NC

Joelle Pfohl

Specialization: Helping people to reach their nutritional goals.
Carolina Beach, NC

John Lytton

Specialization: Movement Therapy, Massage/Manual Therapy
Charlotte, NC

John Marshall

Specialization: Corrective Exercise, Weight Gain/Loss
Spindale, NC

John-Mark Magee

Raleigh, NC

Joni Porter

raleigh, NC

Jorge L. Colon nieves

Specialization: Fat loss, strength training & improving body composition thru proper nutrition.
Camden, NC

Joseph Hannant

Pembroke, NC

Joseph Parker

Durham, NC

Joseph Rouse MS, PN2

Specialization: Rocking it out with busy professionals from 25-45 through strength training. Developing youth into awesome adults through movement and sport coaching.
Hampstead, NC

Josh Neubauer

Specialization: Our goal at NeuStrength is to provide you with a fun path to achieving your health and fitness goals.
Wilmington, NC

Josh Soper, BS, CSCS

Specialization: Corrective exercise, performance, post rehab exercise, fat loss, and general fitness
Cornelius, NC

Joshua Boone

Specialization: Physical wellness for the digital nomad, globetrotter, and constant traveler.
Concord, NC

Joshua Lail

Valdese, NC

Julie Law

Specialization: Fellows of Applied Functional Science, Certified Massage Therapy, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Bootcamp
Whispering Pines, NC

Kasey Orvidas

Specialization: online coaching
Raleigh, NC

Katie O'Connell

Davidson, NC

Keith C. Queen

Specialization: Strongman
Raleigh, NC

Kelly Cap, FAFS, LMBT, ACE

Specialization: Weight loss, Healthy Living, Performance
Whispering Pines, NC

Kelly Richards

Specialization: Pilates, Personal Training, TRX Suspension Training, Small Group Training, Large Group Classes
Asheville, NC

Kenda Mullert, MSEd, CHES

Specialization: post-pregnancy, hormones, all women's health
Black Mountain, NC

Kerrie Peterson, PharmD, Pn1

Winterville, NC

Kyrie Weant

Concord, NC

Lara hall

Specialization: Weight Loss
Charlotte, NC

Laura Coleman CPT, AFAA, TRX 2

Charlotte, NC

Laura Rollins

Clyde, NC

Leigh Watts

Indian Trail, NC

Leighanne Gerstbrein

Specialization: Weight loss
Cary, NC

Leslie Jean Frampton

Specialization: Lifestyle Disease Prevention and Reduction
Cary , NC

Levi Ramirez

Specialization: Weight loss, healthy living, and performance training for women and children.
Jacksonville, NC

Lindsay Wright

Specialization: Group fitness, pre/postnatal fitness
Franklin, NC

Lindsey Rose Marie Stroker

Specialization: Trainer, Olympic style Weightlifter, Lifestyle/Diet Coach, Strength and Functional Training, Corrective Exercise
Charlotte, NC

Lisa Black

Pinnacle, NC

Lisa Finocchio

Fayetteville, NC

Mandy Midgett

Specialization: Triathlon, Running, Crossfit Endurance, Sports Nutrition
Aberdeen, NC

Markeen Foy

Specialization: "weightloss" "Mass gain"
Hampstead, NC

Martin Hubner

Specialization: Weight Management, Neurological Function (Stroke, Chiari, & Parkinsons), Strength Training
Blowing Rock, NC

Martin Michaelson

Specialization: Weight Loss, Endurance Training, Rehab, Sports Nutrition
Charlotte, NC

Matt Hickmann

Raleigh, NC

Matthew Bergeron

Specialization: Olympic Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Sports Performance
Charlotte, NC

Megan Griffith, B. Sc

North Wilkesboro, NC

Michael Anders

Specialization: fat loss, food cravings, disordered eating behaviors, Injury rehab, functional training
Charlotte, NC

Michael Bolick

Kannapolis, NC

Michael Rapson

Specialization: Foundational Exercise, Fat loss, Strength gain, Skill Devolopment, Behavioral Change
Garner, NC

Michelle Corso

Specialization: home workouts, post partum
Charlotte, NC

Michelle Henry

Specialization: kettlebell training, bodyweight training, strength training, primal movements, fat loss, nutrition counseling
Hampstead, NC

Michelle Mudge

Huntersville, NC

Nadja Tapkas

Specialization: triathlon coaching, injury prevention, sports nutrition
Waxhaw, NC

Naomi Katz

Zionville, NC

Natalia Worthington

Specialization: I have experienced first-hand all the pitfalls of fad diets and all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The journey to the place where I am now would have been a lot easier if I had a knowledgeable and motivational coach by my side. I want to be just that for others now. I want to provide a safe environment for my clients to consider change, and help shape the path in order to reach their goals.
Charlotte, NC

Nathan Andreu

Davidson, NC

Nick Burgess

Specialization: General nutrition recommendations.
Gastonia, NC

Nicole Schultz

Asheville, NC, NC

Niki J Torres

Raleigh, NC

Nils C Andersen

Charlotte, NC

Pam S Fox

Specialization: Personal Training, Small Group Training, Fitness for Everyday Living, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain
Statesville, NC

Patricia McKinley

Specialization: weight loss & maintenance
Wake Forest, NC

Paula Shaw, Pn1

Specialization: weight loss for busy Moms
Goldsboro, NC

Pauline Juhle PT, MPT, OCS, CSCS

Specialization: Running performance, pre and post-rehabilitation, functional movement, sports performance
Morehead City, NC

Peter Friesen D.PT., OCS, SCS, AT(L), CAT(c), CSCS, PES, M.T.(L)

Specialization: High Performance Athletes
Knightdale, NC

Rachel K. Hanzak, MSc, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Weight loss, Equestrians, Runners
Cedar Grove, NC

Rebecca Buja

Specialization: Nutrition for fat loss, athletic performance, muscle gain, & adolescents
Jacksonville, NC

Richard A. Lehman, LMT, CSCS

Specialization: Licensed Massage Therapists, Active Release Techniques, KinesioTaping
Pineville , NC

Richard J. Silva

Concord, NC

Rob Arthur

Specialization: Fat Loss, General Health Management
Raleigh, NC

Robyn Gest, NASM cPT, Nike Golf NG360 Performance Specialist, IYCA Youth Performance Specialist

Specialization: weight loss, sport performance, pre and postnatal nutrition
Greensboro, NC

Ryan Flannery

Specialization: Body Transformation
cary, NC

Ryan Martindale, NSCA- CPT, PN1

Specialization: Weight & Fat Loss, Mass Gain, Athletic Performance, and most importantly Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle!
Kannapolis, NC

Sam Miller, B.S., M.B.A., CPT, PN1

Specialization: Body Re-composition, Adult Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Physique Athletes, Strength Athletes, Youth Athletes
Raleigh, NC

Samantha Rowland

Specialization: gluten free, vegetarian
Huntersville, NC

Sean Gerhardt Messenger

Cary, NC

Sharon Crook

Monroe, NC

Stephanie A. Fulton

Mooresville, NC

Stephanie Funderburk

Specialization: Weight Loss, Sport Performance
Cary, NC

Stephanie Pittman, CPT, PN1

Specialization: Weight Loss
Elon, NC

Susan M Conley

Specialization: autoimmune diseases
Cornelius, NC

Suzanne York

Clemmons, NC

Tara Johnston

Specialization: Transformation, fat loss and general health and wellness
Matthews, NC

Tayler Harris

Specialization: Weightlifting, Weight Class Athletes, Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, Improved Performance
Charlotte, NC

Teesa McKinley

Raleigh, NC

Tiffany Ovbey, MS

Specialization: Health and Lifestyle Coaching
Cornelius , NC

Tolga Keskiner

Charlotte, NC

Tony Carter

Specialization: "Overall Fitness" "Personal Training" "Group Training" "Performance Training" "Health Coaching"
Burlington, NC

Trisha Eason

Apex, NC

Willie Danzer

Fayetteville, NC

Zac Breedlove


Zach Connell

Specialization: Orthopedic rehab, strength & conditioning, body composition transformation
Raleigh, NC

Zachary Marzo

Specialization: Competition Prep
Huntersville, NC

North Dakota

Heather Dressler

Specialization: Personal & group training.
Dickinson , ND

Heather Ward, NASM CPT, WLS,FNS, PN1

Specialization: weight loss
Minot , ND

Joe Ketterling

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching, Fat Loss, Sports Performance, Online and In-person Training
Fargo, ND

Mariah Hintz

Lincoln, ND

Sara Dufner

Specialization: Weight Loss and Athletic Nutrition
Minot, ND

Thea Jorgensen

Specialization: Tactical Training
Bismarck, ND

Veronica Schmitz

Williston, ND


Aaron Slusher

Cincinnati, OH

Alex Hicks

Specialization: Weight loss, Endurance Sports, High School Athletes, Fitness Over 40, Kettlebell Training, TRX, In-Home Training
Shaker Heights, OH

Alex Mann, M.Ed

Specialization: Weight loss, athletic performance, general fitness, nutrition coaching
Beachwood, OH

Alex Wollschleger

Specialization: Athletics
Concord , OH

Ali Gendron


Alina Wencel, MSHS, PA-C

Mayfield Heights, OH

Allison Hively

Chagrin Falls, OH

Amanda Groth
Amy Phillips

Mason, OH

Amy Raber

Specialization: Weight Loss, Training Women, Bootcamp
Freeport, OH

Ashley Piechuta

Specialization: Rehab, Pregnancy, Extreme Weight Loss
Uniontown, OH

Brandon Larson

Specialization: Long Term Fat Loss
Columbus, OH

Bree V. Taylor, Pn1, NASM CPT

Specialization: Fat Loss, Social Support
Hilliard, OH

Brian Rayburn, BS Biology, NASM FNS, PN1

Specialization: Weight Loss, Performance Nutrition
Dayton, OH

Brian Unk

Lewis Center, OH

Brigham Van Etten

Specialization: Body Composition Improvement, Athletic Performance, Training while Pregnant, Personal Training
Avon , OH

Cathy D Nordyke

Columbus, OH

Chad Johnson

Sylvania, OH

Chaquita Miller

Specialization: Plant-Based Nutrition, Vegan/Vegetarian, Nutritional Psychology
Sagamore Hills, OH

Cheryl M Adkins

Carlisle, OH

Colleen Proctor

New Albany, OH

Danielle Buchanan, MS, CSCS, CPT, CES

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Body Building, Bikini Competitions, Figure Competitions
Columbus, OH

Darlene Taylor

Cincinnati, OH

David W. Morgan

Specialization: Strength/Conditioning/Nurtition Coaching for a healthy and or a competitive lifestyle- Let me be your guide.
North Royalton, OH

Dee Josey

Specialization: Type II Diabetes
Copley, OH

Dominic C. Matteo

Concord Twp, OH

Dominic Thacker-Mann, MD

Specialization: Weight loss
Dayton, OH

Dustin Watkins

Copley, OH

Elicia Scanlon

Dublin, OH

Ellen Ratliff, MS, RD, LD

Specialization: Medical Nutrition Therapy
Columbus, OH

Erin Egelhoff

West Chester, OH

Erin O'Connor

Specialization: Fitness for women & older adults
Shaker Heights, OH

Erin Ross

Specialization: weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain, workouts, nutrition, general health
Mason, OH

Erin Sweeney

Specialization: Competitive Athlete, Everyday hard working Mom's
Marysville, OH

Greg Baughman

Dublin, OH

Greyson Loweecy , Master Trainer

Specialization: Post workout nutrition
Saint clairsville , OH

Hawken Lewis

Specialization: Building Muscle, Leaning Down, Maintaining Mass
Washington Court House, OH

Heather Krause

Specialization: athletic performance, diet programs, lifting programs, body transformation
Columbus, OH

Holley Mathews

Specialization: Pregnancy nutrition, weight loss, meal planning
Cincinnati, OH

Jack Nemecek

Specialization: Weight Management
Beachwood, OH

Jack Santora EP, CSCS, Pn1

Columbus, OH

James Riggs

Specialization: Weight Loss, Weight Gain, NFL Combine Prep, Youth Fitness, Fitness Coaching, Nutrition Coaching
Cincinnati, OH

Jane eibel ,PTI, PN1

akron, OH

Jane H Easly, MEd, CSCS, PN1

Specialization: Exercise Physiologist, kettlebell Coach, yoga teacher
Chagrin Falls, OH

Janel Sack

Jefferson, OH

Jason Eckerle, MS, ATC, Pn1

Specialization: Functional Movement Training, Post-Injury Nutrition
Hamilton, OH

Jason Leenaarts

Specialization: Weight Loss/Nutritional Counseling
Stow, OH

Jenna Burke

Specialization: Plant Based
Columbus, OH

Jennifer Crum

Concord, OH

Jerade Parks

Specialization: Rehabilitation, Reconditioning, Sports Performance, Regeneration
Solon, OH

Jesse Francis

Columbus, OH

Jessica Feran, pn1

Tallmadge, OH

Jessica Gronas CPT

Marysville, OH

Joe Nieto

Specialization: Weightloss
Columbia Station, OH

John D. Bibby

West Chester, OH

John Prokop

Madison , OH

Jordan James

Specialization: Fat loss, youth fitness, athletic improvement, lifestyle management
Groveport, OH

Jorden Edinger

Huron, OH

Jose Duran

Specialization: Lifestyle motivation, body fat reduction
Columbus, OH

Joyce Byler-Reese

Specialization: Physical and Health Education M.A., ACSM CPT
Canton, OH

Justin Dallyn Roethlingshoefer

Specialization: Hockey Performance

Kaitlin Smith Haring

Blue Ash, OH

Kathryne Michelle August

Specialization: Pilates, Detox, Group Coaching
Mason, OH

Katlyn Rocazella Skaggs

Columbus, OH

Kelly Giordano

Dublin, OH

Ken Ospelt CPT, Pn2

Specialization: Fat Loss, Strength Training
Avon Lake, OH

Kerstin Barnette

Westerville, OH

Kim Russell

Specialization: Vegan, Plant-Based
Columbus, OH

Kimberly Banks

Specialization: Lean Gains
Cleveland, OH

Lauren Javier BS, NSPA, FMSII, Pn2

Specialization: weight loss/fat loss, hypertrophy (muscle gain), body composition, psychology, lifestyle change
Reynoldsburg, OH

Layne Spicher McCaw

Cincinnati, OH

Leeanne Fitzgerald

Dublin, OH

Lisa Pricher

Dublin, OH

Login Black

Specialization: Bodybuilding/physique competitors
Ashland, OH

Mallory Hartzler

Specialization: Functional Nutrition
Cincinnati, OH

Maria Inman

Yellow Springs, OH

Mark Kelly

Specialization: Helping you practice strategic habits that get you amazing results without taking over your life!
Strongsville, OH

Mary K Burovac

Cleveland, OH

Matthew Kasee

Specialization: MS, CSCS, PES, CPT, USAW
Cincinnati, OH

Matthias Breon

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain
Mayfield Heights, OH

Michael Elkins

Specialization: Sports performance
Columbus, OH

Michael Nwankwo Jr.

Specialization: Mass Gain, Performance
Cincinnati, OH

Michelle Rick, B.S.

Beavercreek , OH

Mike Savakinas

Fairborn, OH

Mitch Lyons

Dayton , OH

Natalie D Barry

Delaware , OH

Natalie Sabin, BS, CYT, PN1

Specialization: Nutrition and lifestyle mentor for busy moms
Avon Lake, OH

Nate Miracle, B.Sc.

Specialization: Fat Loss, Strength Training, Muscle Gain, Nutrition Coaching
Beachwood, OH

Nathan A. Stone

Specialization: ACSM-CPT
Zanesville, OH

Nick Haught

Specialization: Strength, Muscle Gain, Fat Loss
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Nick Krantz

Specialization: Youth Training, Adult Training, Athlete Training, Youth nutrition, Adult Nutrition, Athlete Nutrition
Mentor, OH

Patricia Ratliff, D.Sc.

Bucyrus, OH

Pete Kamoutsis

Specialization: Bodyweight calisthenics and kettlebell training
Amherst, OH

Phil Holbrook

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle building
Dublin, OH

PJ Mooney

Brecksville , OH

Quentin Eberhardt

Columbus, OH

Rachelle Lynn Miller

Greentown, OH

Rebecca Parnell


Renee E. Mason MD

Specialization: Obstetrics and gynecology
Sylvania, OH

Rich James

Specialization: Bodybuilding, Fitness, Pregnancy, healthy life nutrition
Columbus, OH

Richard Koch

Specialization: Military, Police, Firefighters, EMS

Rick Rick III

Specialization: Adult Endurance Athletes, Middle School and High School Athletes
Hilliard, OH

Ryan Faehnle

Cincinnati, OH

Sam Cooper

Specialization: Weight Loss, Mass Gain
Pickerington, OH

Sarah Giesman

Specialization: Weight Loss, Performance Nutrition
Powell, OH

Sarah J. Williamson

Specialization: B.S. Kinesiology, Crossfit Leve 1
Columbus, OH

Scott Crabiel

Specialization: Permanent Behavior Change, Body Transformation
Stow, OH

Seth Goodwin, CSCS

Specialization: Sports Performance, Strength and Conditioning, Body Transformation
Loveland, OH

Sharon Shivak

N. Royalton, OH

Shawn Gerber

Specialization: Endurance Sports, Sports Nutrition
Massillon, OH

Sha'Da Taylor

Specialization: General Fitness, Fat Loss, Strength, Women's Fitness, Group Fitness, Pilates
Lorain, OH

Sommer Derrickson

Cincinnati, OH

Spencer Ferst

Beavercreek, OH

Staci D. Russell

Specialization: Teaching real-world clean eating habits based on Zone principles
North Olmsted, OH

Stacy Hobson

Springfield, OH

Stasi Trout

Specialization: middle age women
Hilliard, OH

Stasi Trout

Hilliard, OH

Stephanie Bauman

Specialization: Busy working women who want to lose weight and tone up
Belpre, OH

Stephanie Born

Toledo, OH

Stephanie Hinders

Powell, OH

Stephanie Hinders

Specialization: ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer ; Female-Specific Personal Trainer - helping women realize their worth and power.
Powell and Dublin, OH

Steve Slocum

Specialization: Powerlifting, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Nutrition
Broadview Heights, OH

Steven Omar Penland, CSCS

Specialization: Sports Specific Training and Nutrition, Weight Loss, Overall Health and Wellness
Columbus, OH

Susan Harrison

Dayton, OH

Susan Harrison

Dayton, OH

Tamara Leonard, M.Ed., Ed.S.

Specialization: Wellness Coaching; Nutrition for Martial Arts/Grappling sports; Mind-Body Connection Coaching
Parma, OH

Theresa Secor

Specialization: small group personal training, nutrition
Madison, OH

Timothy Cavender

Specialization: Weight loss
South Euclid, OH

Tina Durkin

Dayton, OH

Trevor Ging

Shadyside, OH

Tricia Hovorka NASM CPT, CES, Pn2

Specialization: Functional Training, Corrective Exercise, Yoga
Salem, Ohio, OH

Troy Matthews

Columbus, OH

Victoria Musa

Madison, OH

Zachary Byler, MS, CSCS

Specialization: Relative maximal strength training, athletic performance, and postural restoration.
Warren, OH


Amanda Tobac

Specialization: Sports Performance Coach, and Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
Akron, OK

Angel Aston, CPT, CTNC, Pn1

Specialization: personal training, functional exercise, real food, complete nutrition, weight management, whole-body wellness
Oklahoma City, OK

Brandon Winters, MS

Chickasha, OK

Brooke Peel

Edmond, OK

Cherietta L. Swar, CPT, FNS, Pn1

Specialization: Renewed energy
Tulsa, OK

Chris Howard

Specialization: Physique Transformation, weight loss, hypertrophy, Contest Prep
Guthrie, OK

Christopher McNeil

Specialization: Weight Loss Management, Mass Gains, and Sports Performance
Tulsa, OK

Cynthia Hanks

Bixby, OK

Daniel West, C.P.T

Specialization: Performance Training
Bartlesville, OK

Danielle Gregory

Edmond, OK

Dennis Berry

Specialization: Pn1, CrossFit Level 4 Coach (CF-L4), USAW adv, CSCS
Bartlesville, OK

Eric Gross

Specialization: weight/fat loss, performance enhancement
Tulsa, OK

Eric T. Gross
Exa von Alt

Specialization: I empower women with the knowledge and skills to get strong and live their best lives!
Stillwater, OK

Jeanne Douthit

Broken Arrow, OK

Joshua C. Funderburk

Tulsa, OK

Kaleigh M. West


Kenna Loyd

Tulsa, OK

Kristine Siegenthaler OTR/L, MS, CHT, CLT

Okmulgee, OK

Marla Kountoupis

Bartlesville, OK

Melinda Pritchard

Sapulpa, OK

Michael Ashton PT, ATC, CSCS

Oklahoma City, OK

Michael Wickware

Specialization: MMA Lead Trainer
Woodward, OK

Pamela L. Wilson, D.O.

Specialization: Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
Norman, OK

Ryan Vivar

Oklahoma City, OK

Sarah Sweeney

Oklahoma City, OK

Sean Garner

Specialization: Athletes, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain
Tulsa, OK

Shannon T Berry

Bartlesville, OK

Sherry Smith-Summers

Specialization: Physique/Bodybuilding Contest Preparation, Firefighter Candidate Physical (CPAT) Preparation

Shonda Spencer

Edmond, OK

Stacy L. Beal

Tryon, OK

Stephanie Flynn

Specialization: Women's Fitness
Tulsa, OK

Stephanie Grant, CTNC

Specialization: Inflammation, Weight Loss, Autoimmune, Thyroid
Sapulpa, OK

Thomas Bowen

Specialization: Spinal Heath, Athletic Performance
Tulsa, OK

Tommy McCaslin

Specialization: Boot Camp
Moore, OK

Tricia Cadenhead

Tulsa, OK


Aaron Tandem

Specialization: Strength, Endurance
Bend, OR

Alisa Fairbanks

Specialization: Personal training
Portland, OR

Allison Lambert

Specialization: Nutrition coaching, weight loss, online training, postpartum training, strength training for fat loss
Portland, OR


Specialization: Women's Health
Portland, OR

Alyssa Marzolf

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Sport Performance, Fat Loss, General Health
Gresham, OR

Amanda Marie Harry

Specialization: Weight loss, sports performance and nutrition
Portland, OR

Andrea Rosenbaum

Tualatin, OR

Andy Casqueiro

Specialization: Sports Performance, general fitness
Wilsonville, OR

Ann Prokenpek

Specialization: Special Needs Nutrition (Injury Rehabilitation, Senior Fitness, Menopausal Nutrition)
Eugene, OR

Anne Linton

Specialization: Endurance Sports-Cycling/Triathlon/Running, Masters Athletes,Women
Bend, OR

Arika Howell

Specialization: Sport Specific Nutrition
Salem, OR

Baron Rapozo

Portland, OR

Beki Berrey, Pn1

Specialization: Fat Loss
Halsey, OR

Beth Trimark-Connor, PT, CSCS

Specialization: Fat loss, autoimmune conditions, runners
Portland , OR

Brandon Bennett

Specialization: Weight loss, Muscle gain, corrective exercise, women's fitness, senior fitness, youth fitness, CFSC,
salem, OR

Bret Hamilton

Specialization: Bodyweight training ninja
Wilsonville, OR

Brian McCormick, ACSM-PT, pN1

Portland, OR

Brittany Winfrey

Specialization: Enurance Event Training, PreNatal and Postpartum, Fat Loss
Corvallis, OR

Caitlyn Low

Specialization: Plant Based Nutrition, Pregnancy Nutrition, Sports Nutrition
Portland, OR

Cathy Gertsch

Hermiston, OR

Christy Johnson

Portland, OR

Colt Raymond

Specialization: I work specifically with people over the age of 40.
Eugene , OR

Daniel Lauth

Hillsboro, OR

Darrell Pratt

McMinnville, OR

Devin Jones

Specialization: Obese Adults, and CrossFit Athletes
Dallas, OR

Estelle Olivares

Specialization: Health consultant, Herbalist, Dance Instructor
Astoria, OR

Gary Gonzalez

Specialization: Movement, Weightloss, Nutrition
Eugene, OR

Gayla Goodwin, B.Sc.

Specialization: Plant-based nutrition
Tigard, OR

Hayley Allen

Tigard, OR

Isaac Struyck

Specialization: fat loss for actively dating middle aged men and women
Grants Pass, OR

Ivan Arellano

Beaverton, OR

Jaime Dixon

Specialization: Life Habit Changing Nutrition
Salem, OR

Jake Maslin

Specialization: CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Nutrition
Hillsboro, OR

Jamie Cunningham

Newberg, OR

Jamie Cunningham

Newberg, OR

Janelle Miranda

Salem, OR

Jason Buhay

Tualatin, OR

Jay Snider

Specialization: Personal training, injury prevention, nutrition coaching
Eugene, OR

Jeff Spitzer

clackamas, OR

Jennifer Lockwood

Specialization: Outdoor Fitness Training, Ski Conditioning, Sports Conditioning, Women's Fitness, Goal Setting & Execution
Mount Hood, OR

Jennifer Thomas

Coos Bay, OR

Jerry L Mullins

Dallas, OR

Jessi Christensen

Specialization: Lifestyle and health coaching, womens nutrition, womens strength and conditioning
Eugene, OR

Jessica Beauchemin

Bend, OR

Jessica Christensen

Specialization: Lifestyle and health coaching, womens nutrition, womens strength and conditioning
Eugene, OR

Joana Guevara-Cruz

Salem, OR

Joni M. Neilson

Portland, OR

Jordon Hice

Specialization: Post-rehab, Performance, Body Composition/Weight Loss
Portland , OR

Joseph Suppes

Specialization: Sports Performance, Post-rehabilitation, Nutrition for Life, Gait Mechanics for Walking and Running
Hillsboro, OR

Josh Sabraw

Specialization: Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Feel Good.
Portland, OR

Julie Hamilton

Portland, OR

Karin Guertin, RYT, PTA, Pn1, MSW

Specialization: Gentle Yoga, Nutrition, and Fitness Coaching for Women Over 40.
Hood River, OR

Keith Beutler, BS Exercise Science & Sport Studies

Specialization: Metabolic Training
Bend, OR

Keli Simlesa, CPT, CHC

Specialization: Women's Health, Weight-loss Management
Portland , OR

Kimberly Ann Hopper

Oregon City, OR

Kristine Adamich

Portland, OR

Latha N. Reddy MS, PA, Pn1

Portland, OR

Lisa Rhoades

Specialization: Post-menopause
Durham, OR

Lynsi Daoust

Specialization: Pre/post pregnancy women, corrective exercise, strengthening movement patterns for more efficient daily living
Bend, OR


Specialization: Health and Wellness, Fat Loss, Muscle gain, Competition Prep (bodybuilding, figure, bikini),
Keizer, OR

Maren Nelson, DNP, NP-C

Salem, OR

Maria Kerr

Newberg, OR

Mariah Hurty

Specialization: Weight loss and/or health improvements.
McMinnville , OR

Megan Patricia Dahlman, CSCS

Specialization: Personal Training, Sports Conditioning, Health Coaching
Aurora, OR

Megan Walsh

Cottage Grove, OR

Meghan Barrington

Specialization: Muscle gain, fat loss, injury prevention and wellness
The Dalles, OR

Mehul Parekh

Specialization: Mass Gain, Fat Loss, Building Strength
Portland, OR

Michael Sotos, CSCS

Specialization: Natural movement
Ashland, OR

Nathan Coldham CPT, CFL1, CSCS

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning
Portland, OR

Nathan Dodge, CSCS

Lebanon, OR

Nicole McGraw

Milwaukie, OR

nicole wilder

Specialization: Pregnancy Nutrition, Post Natal Fitness, Women Nutrition
Salem, OR

Nigel Kirby

Ashland, OR

Olivia Pennelle

Specialization: Addiction Recovery Wellness
Portland, OR

Ravikant Dewangan

Specialization: CrossFit L2 Trainer, PN1
Beaverton, OR

Rene Benavidez

Specialization: Bodyweight Training, Kettlebells, Fat Loss
Portland, OR

Renée Kragerud

Specialization: Elimination diet, gut health, anti-inflammatory
Portland, OR

Rusty Brassine

Specialization: Climbing fitness, physique competition preparation, mass gains, fat loss
Independence, OR

Ryan De Vos

Specialization: Muscle hypertrophy, weight loss, habits, nutrition, flexible dieting,
Salem , OR

Ryan Hofer

Specialization: Natural Movement
Beaverton, OR

Samantha M Foster

Specialization: Weight loss of men and women ages 2
Salem, OR

Sara Engum

Specialization: Mindful Strength Training
Bend, OR

Scott Garrett CSCS, Pn1

Albany, OR

Shane Alan Rider

Specialization: Nutrition Basics, Nutrition for Athletes
Independence, OR

Shannon Austin

Portland and Corvallis, OR

Shannon Segerstrom

Bend, OR

Susan Marie Bartholdi

Specialization: personal training, nutrition coaching
Portland, OR

Susan Milln

Specialization: OCR Training, Corporate Fitness and Health Programs
Portland, OR

Susan Peterson

Salem, OR

Tamara Gregorini

Specialization: Personal fitness health trainer, yoga instructor, boot camp instructors
Portland , OR

Tim Garcia Eshelman

Specialization: Rehabilitation, Strength Training, Functional Training, Performance Training
Beaverton, OR

Tim M. Saur

Hood River, OR

Timothy Shaver

Specialization: Performance,strength wellness,nutition
Boring, OR

Todd Rinder

Specialization: Injury Recovery, Sports Performance, Functional Movement
Beaverton, OR

Trey Garcia, PN1

Specialization: Sport Nutrition, General Health/Fitness
Portland, OR

Vicki Bernstein MS PN1

Specialization: Gerontology/Healthy Aging, Pilates, Gyrotonic
Portland, OR

Vince Kinney

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Weight Loss
Tigard, OR

Will Smith

Specialization: Sports Performance Nutrition
Bend, OR

William Hatcher

Specialization: Athletic training
Portland, OR

Zoe Roman York

Eugene, OR


Alex Trinca, MKin, CSCS

Specialization: sports nutrition, hockey, athletics
Pittsburgh, PA

Alexander Wallace

Delmont, PA


Specialization: Fat Loss, Mass Gain, Healthy Lifestyle, Sustainable Healthy Habits

Allie Grantz

Specialization: Fat loss, mass gain, athletic performance, pregnancy, special populations
Pen Argyl, PA

Allison Fahrenbach

Lancaster, PA

Amanda Renninger

Specialization: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, PN Certified Nutrition Coach
Central Pennsylvania, PA

Amanda Sage

Specialization: personal training, weight loss, nutrition coaching, corrective exercise
North Huntingdon, PA

Amber Oyler

Warren, PA

Amy Ellsworth

New Holland, PA

Andrea Kalan

Bryn Mawr, PA

Andrew S. Zomberg

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning/Weight Loss
Philadelphia, PA

Andrew Teixeira

Specialization: Mass gain/Fat loss
Erie, PA

Angela Oprendek

Specialization: Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, Senior/Older Adult Fitness
Chalfont, PA

Anne Van Thuyne

Newtown, PA

Annie Loew

Specialization: Post Partum Moms
Palmyra, PA

Anthony Byers

Specialization: Functional Training
Philadelphia, PA

Anthony Campbell

Huntingdon Valley, PA

Antoinette Williams-Forrest, ACE-PT, Pn1

Specialization: Healthy living (body, mind and spirit) for adults 50 and older
Lansdowne, PA

Arianna Bodden

Specialization: mass gain, lean out, and competitors
Berlin, PA

Ashley Notte, PharmD

Wexford, PA

Barb Mazon

Erie, PA

Blaine Price

Specialization: "Muscle Gain", "Athletic Performance", "Fat Loss"
Chester, PA

Blair Baxter

Specialization: Fat Loss
Ambler, PA

Brian McMahon

Washington, PA

Bruce Kelly, MS, CSCS,CFSC

Specialization: Training athletes, sports nutrition, Injury rehab, post surgery rehab, general nutrition
Media, PA

Caitlin Kirchoff, NSCA-CPT

Specialization: Female Athletes
Lancaster, PA

Candice Murphy CPT CFSC PN1

Scranton , PA

Carolyn Grider

Specialization: Personal training, group fitness
Cranberry Township, PA

Cathleen McDougall

Chadds Ford, PA

Catina Culshaw

Birdsboro, PA

Charlene Henry

Kennett Square, PA

Chris Allan

Specialization: Mass gain, Fat Loss, Weight Loss
Glenside, PA

Chris Heskett, CSCS

Specialization: Fat Loss, Bodybuilding, Back Pain, Special Populations
West Chester, PA

Chris Kimple

Specialization: Athletic Development
Gettysburg, PA


Specialization: Injury prevention, combining physical therapy and fitness
Ardmore, PA

Chris Nicole

Specialization: Bikini Competitors
Bensalem, PA

Christine Heyser

Specialization: Cooking and meal prep
Gettysburg, PA

Chuck Gross, Pn1, ACE-PT

Specialization: Fat loss
Pittsburgh, PA


University Park, PA

Colleen Corcoran

Specialization: Personal training, group fitness, health and wellness
Pittsburgh, PA

Collin McGee, CSCS, CFSC, FMS Level 1, Pn1

West Reading, PA

Courtney Kirkwood

Wexford, PA

Crystal Woods

Philadelphia, PA

Dan Lehman

State College, PA

Dan Liburd

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Pittsburgh, PA

Dan Prenatt, CSCS, EP-C, USAW-L1SP, Pn1

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning, Athletic Performance, Sports & General Nutrition, & Weight Loss
Meadville, PA

Dave Bopp

Specialization: Functional Movement, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Nutrition Programming, Pre and Post Natal, Kettlebell Training, Kickboxing
Philadelphia, PA

Dawn C. Pepper, CSCS, Pn1

Granville Summit, PA

Debbie Baumstein

Specialization: Fitness and Fat loss over 40
Wayne, PA

Denise McNaB


Dennis S Giacomucci

Specialization: Personal Training
Pennsylvania, PA

Donald P. Sullivan

Specialization: sports nutrition, general nutrition
Camp Hill, PA

Dr. Aimee Costello

Specialization: anti-inflammatory; chronic pain
Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. Susan Mattes Bostian

Specialization: Hormone Health, Biometric Scanning, Low Level Light Therapy
Nazareth, PA

Elias David Roman Jr.

Specialization: Athletic Performance
Macungie, PA

Elise A. Miller

Specialization: body transformation
Havertown, PA

Elizabeth Holmes

Specialization: Weight Loss
Pittsburgh, PA

Emily Kulakowski

Pittsburgh, PA

Emily Ramsey

Biglerville, PA

Emily Schaeffer

Douglassville, PA

Eric McCandless

Harmony, PA

Felipe Polanco, CSCS

Specialization: Olympic Weightlifting, Strength and Conditioning, CrossFit,
Warrington , PA

Gabriel T. Bacco MS CSCS Pn1

Specialization: Sports Performance & Athletics
Allison Park, PA

Gabriel Thomas Bacco

Specialization: Training Athletes
Bridgeville, PA

George Courides, MS, CSCS, USAW

Collegeville, PA

Gianna Pellicane

Philadelphia, PA

Gina Amberson

Wexford, PA

Heather L. Makar

Specialization: Fat loss, biohacking, longevity
Aliquippa, PA

Heather Reynolds

Doylestown, PA

Hidi Horikoshi

Danville, PA

Hilary Greenberg, EdD

Trucksville, PA

Jack Digwood

Specialization: Fitness after 40
Wilkes Barre, PA

Jaime Trakofler

Specialization: menopause; mid-life hormonal imbalance
Collegeville, PA

Jamie M Harshman, CPT, M.Sc., MBA

Specialization: Weight loss, disordered eating
Pittsburgh, PA

Janelle Pica

Specialization: kettlebell training, calisthenic training
Pittsburgh, PA

Jeffrey Martinez, PA-C,PN1

Schuylkill Haven , PA

Jennifer Buchanan

Hershey, PA

Jennifer Cooper

Philadelphia, PA

Jennifer Cooper

Specialization: Distance-Based Fitness,Nutrition, & Lifestyle Coaching for Women
Philadelphia, PA

Jennifer DiMascio

Specialization: Personal Trainer, Athletic Training
Blue Bell, PA

Jennifer Kramer

Specialization: Hormones, Nutrition, Stress Management, Personal Training
York, PA

jennifer tepsic

Specialization: female fat loss
pittsburgh, PA

Jennifer Washburn

Bethlehem, PA

Jessica L. Schleis

Specialization: exercise nutrition
Pittsburgh, PA

Joanne Goldstein

Specialization: High Intensity Interval Training
Huntingdon Valley, PA

Jocelyn Bernhardt, BS, CSCS, PN1

New Castle, PA

Joe Sammartino CPT,CNS

Specialization: "Physique & athletic nutrition"
Drexel Hill, PA

Joel Chiarizio

Pittsburgh, PA

John F. Stone Jr.

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Mobilty, Nutrition, Supplementation, Physique Coaching, Bodybuilding Coaching,Orthotics
Northampton, PA

John Goldthorp

Specialization: Running coach, movement specialist, strength coach
Philadelphia, PA

John Shackleton

Villanova , PA

Joleen Bingham

Specialization: Sports Nutrition and Weight Loss
Harrisburg, PA

Joshua Bushkie

Robesonia, PA

Judy Weisseg

Cranberry Township, PA

Julie Gerbino

Easton, PA

Julie R. Boyd, CPA, Pn1

Specialization: Whole Food Nutrition
Palmyra, PA


Specialization: Corrective Exercise, Sports performance
Kennett Square, PA

Justin McClintock

Philadelphia, PA

Kathrine Bright

Specialization: Women's Nutrition and Fitness (all stages of Life)
Malvern, PA

Katie Franken

Specialization: General nutrition and transformation
Camp Hill, PA

Keith DeNinno

Glenshaw, PA

Keith Kawtoski, B.S.

Specialization: Weight Loss, Sports Performance
Bellwood, PA

Kelsey Kiel

Specialization: Performance Nutrition
Philadelphia, PA

Keri Heickert, EdD, ATC, PES, Pn1

Specialization: weight loss, body fat loss, lifestyle overhaul, over wellness
Bridgeport, PA

Kerry King-Rahn

Specialization: Senior fitness, post-rehab, in-home training/coaching
Effort, PA

Kevin Fulton

Specialization: Fat Loss and Mass Gain Nutrition
Springdale , PA

Kevin Goff

Specialization: Performance Nutrition
Hallstead, PA

kevin kreider

Specialization: Intermittent Fasting for professional models, actors, and anyone who wants the look and confidence of one
Philadelphia, PA

Kevin L. Gibson CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Get lean and fit, tailored to your individual lifestyle.
Harrisburg, PA

Kim Schlag

Specialization: Fat-loss, body recomposition, nutrition coaching
Phoenixville, PA

Kimberly Boal, MSN, NSCA-CPT

Meadville, PA

Kristin Hughes

Philadelphia, PA

Kristin Tiffany

Wyalusing, PA

Kylie Gamelier

Specialization: CrossFit, athletes, endurance athletes, anyone who wants to become more confident in their body and reach their goals!
Pittsburgh, PA

Laura Thomas

Specialization: Wellness and nutrition for women and young adults
Cranberry Township, PA

Lea Peterson

Specialization: Nutrition and exercise, weight loss, weight management
Bethlehem, PA

Levi Bloom

Specialization: Endurance Sports
State College, PA

Lisa Duncan

Oxford, PA

Lisa Yerk

Pennsburg, PA

Lorie Terwilliger, NSCA-CPT

Lansdale, PA

Maria S Allshouse, CFT, SFN, LSWC, PN1

Specialization: Weight loss and Weight Management
Bridgeville, PA

Marie Flickinger, Pn1

Palmyra, PA

Marie Porcano

Specialization: Health & Wellness
East Stroudsburg, PA

Mark Greenwood, PT, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Lifestyle Transformation, Injury Rehabilitation, Sports Performance
Havertown, PA

Marla Pachler

King of Prussia, PA


Specialization: Sports Performance, Weight Gain/Loss
Loretto, PA

Matthew Rehrig

Specialization: Fat Loss
Exton, PA

Melissa Ciamaichela

Specialization: Weight loss, Strength Training, TRX, Corrective Exercise
Perkiomenville , PA

Michael McLaughlin

Bryn Mawr, PA

Mike Buscaglia

Newtown Square, PA

Mike Millner

Specialization: Sport performance, fat loss, muscle gain, reverse dieting, flexible dieting
Ambler, PA

Mike Rothwell CSCS

Newtown, PA

Misty Sockman

Harrisburg , PA

Morgan Fereck

Specialization: Weight Loss
Duryea, PA

Natasha Tukeva

Penndel, PA

Nathan Apland

North Strabane Township, PA

Nick Deacon

Philadelphia, PA

Nicole Cascio Hagen, MSc Pn2

Specialization: fat loss, athletic performance, disordered eating
Lancaster, PA

Nicole Marie Becker

Erie, PA

Noah Maxwell

Specialization: Mass Gain, Athletic recovery
Wynnewood, PA

Pamela Kady Gurtis

Specialization: weight loss, women, healthy living and well-being
Kingston, PA

Patrick Hoffman Rufo CSCS*D, NSCA-CPT*D, TSAC-F*D

Specialization: "Rowing", "Kettlebells", "Clubbells", "FMS", "DISC", "Myers-Briggs", "Process Communcation Model"
Oaks, PA

Phillip Nash

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Weightless & Management
Lansdale, PA

Rebecca Harvey

Huntingdon Valley, PA

Rebecca Kahn

Specialization: Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga and Pilates Specialty. I help women feel better in their bodies with realistic, do-able, movement and habit change.
Chalfont, PA

Rene Cammarata

Specialization: Sport and exercise nutrition
Bryn Mawr, PA

Renee S. Hollander, Pn1, CPT, PES,CES

Specialization: Women's Health and Yoga
Phoenixville, PA

Rick Martin

Specialization: Running coach
Hummelstown, PA

Robert Matias, NSCA-CPT, HSSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Youth Athletic Development
Lebanon, PA

Rose Santucci, MA,PN1

Specialization: Disordered Eating, Pregnancy Nutrition, Pediatric nutrition, Sports performance nutrition
Plymouth Meeting, PA

Ryan Neff, B.SC., CSCS, PN1

Specialization: Strength Training, Nutrition, Fat Loss
Allentown, PA

Samantha J. Gormley, DSc

Aliquippa, PA

Samantha Menichini

Dallas, PA

Sandy Wilson, CPT, Pn1

Muncy, PA

Sarah J. Reed, Empowerment Coach

Specialization: I work with executives and entrepreneurs to cultivate a personal culture of health and wellness.
Mercersburg, PA

Saujanya Shetty

Ardmore, PA

Stacia Irwin

Specialization: Senior fitness, Nutrition coaching, Women's weight loss training
Elizabethtown, PA

Stephen Aicher

Levittown, PA

Stephen Donnelly

Specialization: Fitness and Nutrition for Teachers
Pittsburgh, PA

Steve Banh

Specialization: Athletic Development, Student Athletes K-12, Kettlebells
Brownstown, PA

Steve Troutman

Specialization: Physique enhancement, body positivity, growth mindset development
Pottstown, PA

Steve Wakefoose

West Chester, PA

Susan L. Frack

nazareth, PA

Tara A. Becker

Specialization: Personal Training (Land and Aquatics), Group Fitness
East Earl, PA

Taylor williams

Specialization: Meal prep and advice for athletes
harleysville, PA

Theodore Snow B.Sc., CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Performance Nutrition, Weight Loss
Easton, PA

Tiffany Allred

Specialization: Corrective exercise, Posture, and Functional training
Freemansburg, PA

Tracey Primeau

Pittsburgh, PA

Tracey Weaver

Specialization: Weight loss & Overall Health & Wellness
Mars, PA

Vidya Dewangan

Specialization: Weight Loss/Gain, Pregnancy Nutrition, Muscle Gain
Collegeville , PA

Wayne Wolfe

Hollidaysburg, PA

Wes Tritt CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Sports Performance, Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, weight loss, mass gain
Pittsburgh, PA

Will Eagles

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
New Britain, PA

William Borde-Perry MD

Specialization: Weight loss, fitness, medical consultation
Easton, PA

Rhode Island

Amanda Perry

West Warwick, RI

Brady O'Donnell

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Performance Nutrition
Smithfield, RI

Carla Silva, MS PT, CHWC, PN1

Specialization: Functional Movement focusing on helping clients rebuild mental and physical durability and resilience after injury, Holistic and Lifestyle coaching
Warren , RI

Christine Rosi

Coventry, RI

Dan Crawley

East Greenwich, RI

Daniel Marshall, CSCS

Kingston, RI

Daniela Malkasian

Specialization: Weight loss/transformation, strength training/powerlifting
North Kingstown, RI

David Cardenas

Specialization: athlete nutrition, fat loss, muscle gain
Pawtucket, RI

Dr. Mark Mulak DC, CCSP, CSCS

Specialization: Sports Medicine

Dylan T. Elderkin, CSCS

Specialization: Olympic Lifts / Kettlebells
East Greenwich , RI

Erica Oliveira

Greenville, RI

Jackie Murrant

Pawtucket, RI

John DiMuccio

Cumberland, RI

John Miller

Cumberland, RI

Joseph R Peters

Specialization: Utilize Functional Laboratory Testing Results to find the root cause of the most common health complaints.
Coventry, RI

Judah Boulet

Smithfield, RI

Julia Girman, MS, CSCS, FMS

Specialization: Exercise and Nutrition for Balanced Healthy Living and Sports Performance
Narragansett, RI

Kelli Doorley

Charlestown, RI

Kerri N. Grace

Pawtucket, RI

Kristin Rugg Dovbniak

Specialization: Women's Health, Pre-and Post-Natal Nutrition
Middletown, RI

Michael Preneta DC, MS, NSCA-CPT

North Kingstown, RI

Michelle L. LaSata, MBA, CPT

Pascoag, RI

Nicole R

Specialization: Womens Fitness, Children Fitness, Back Fitness, Sports Fitness, Pregnancy.
cranston, RI

Pamela Carthew

North Kingstown, RI

Rebecca J. Hopkins, CPT, PN1

Specialization: Athletes (mainly baseball and softball players), general population
Cranston, RI

Romina F Marinaro

Specialization: NASM Corrective Exercise/TRX/NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Ryan Baxter, BA, MS, PMHNP-BC

Specialization: Psychiatry, weight loss therapy/coaching, medication management
East Greenwich, RI

Shane Sauer

Specialization: Neuro- Fitness & Rehabilitative Training
East Greenwich , RI

Stacie A. Zamperini

Specialization: Fit minds and bodies, bringing the importance of yoga into exercise and fitness
Wakefield, RI

Tyler Mello

Specialization: Functional strength training/ Weight loss/ Corrective exercise
Johnston, RI

South Carolina

Aarika Woods

Spartanburg, SC

Alexandra Bladek

Specialization: Sport and Performance Consulting
Fort Mill, SC

Beau Bibb, M.S.S.

Specialization: Fat Loss, Athletic Performance, and Muscle Gain
Seneca, SC

Brandon Simpson

Specialization: Mass Gain, Strength Training
Greenville, SC

Brett Bracken

Specialization: Kettlebell, Barbell, Bodyweight, Old Time Strongman, Highland Games, and Throwing
Charleston , SC

Brittany Barry

Pawleys Island, SC

Carol Graham

Mount Pleasant, SC

Chase Nance

Mount Pleasant, SC

Cher Milovich

conway, SC

Christina Messer

Specialization: women's fat loss
s, SC

Corbin Loubert, MBL, CSCS, Pn1, USAW

Charleston, SC

Cyndie Johnson

Specialization: Menopause and Perimenopause, Older Active Adults
Myrtle Beach, SC

Diane Betz

Specialization: Muscle Progression and Modification
Irmo, SC

Elise Matthews

Specialization: general nutrition for busy human beings
Columbia, SC

Emily Krall

Greenville, SC

Eva Simcox Pn1, CF-L1 Trainer

Ridgeland, SC

Hannah Karras Dunbar B.S., ACE Personal Trainer, Pn1

Specialization: Weight Loss, Youth Athletic Performance, Strength Training
Charleston, SC

Heather Black

Specialization: Nutrition for the athlete, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, family, mom, bikini competitors, CrossFit, weight loss, muscle gain, maintenance, massing, cutting, and everything in between!
Mount Pleasant, SC

Heather Bowling

Lexington, SC

Heather kobus

columbia, SC

Jared Anderson

Specialization: Weightloss, Athletes, Advanced Fitness Goals, Behavior Setting,
Piedmont, SC

Jason Brahm

Bluffton, SC

Jennifer Dean

Specialization: Weight Loss
Rock Hill, SC

Jessica Fruth

north charleston, SC

Jordan Maslanik

Specialization: Sports performance, Golf fitness, Quarterback training, Nutrition, Weight loss
Charleston, SC

Justin Keith, MS, ATC

Greer, SC

Justin Leonard

Specialization: Weight Loss, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist
Charleston, SC

Justin Meister

Specialization: Corrective exercise, nutrition, hypertrophy, stretching, injury prevention
Hilton Head, SC

Karen Naegel

Specialization: Womens fitness for agess 35 and older...cutting body fat and increasing overall wellness.
Spartanburg/Greenville, SC

Kate Wheeler

Specialization: Injury Rehab, Triathlon & Endurance Events, Gluten/Dairy Free
Fort Mill, SC

Kathleen Cromwell

Specialization: olympic weight lifting nutrition
Sumter, SC

Keith Williams NSCA-CPT, PN1, TPI 2, FMS2 TFW2

Specialization: Functional Movement, Weight/Fat Loss, Golf Fitness, Sport Performance, Nutritional Coaching, Physical Therapy
Greenville, SC

Kimberly Rose Rochester

Specialization: Stability, mobility, and functional movement

Kyle Radaker, M.S.

Specialization: Metabolic Efficiency
Mt Pleasant, SC

Lara Heath

Specialization: Fat Loss, Mass Gain, Sport Specific Nutrition, and General Overall Health Nutrition
chapin, SC

Larry Holliday

Specialization: Fitness and wellness
Central, SC

Laury J True

Chesnee, SC

Lisa Elmore

Lyman, SC

Lisa Hancock Knox

Pendleton, SC

Luke Beasley

Specialization: Speed and agility, Fat loss, Strength, mobility
Lexington, SC

Maleah Phipps

Greenville, SC

MaryAnn Mease

Specialization: Nutrition, weight loss, flexibility and strength training, mindful, optimal lifestyle
Sumter, SC

Melissa Adrian

Specialization: online training, weight loss, women's health
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Patrick Flynn

Specialization: Weight loss, muscle gain, health and wellness.
North Myrtle Beach, SC

Rachel Cantore

Specialization: Personal training, nutrition coaching, online coach, meal plans, programs, fitness classes, fat loss, weight loss, physique, metabolic problems, hormone imbalance, sports performance, sports nutrition, food sensitivities and intolerance, general health and wellness
Bluffton, SC

Ricca Callis, M.S.

Beaufort, SC

Ross Philbeck

Aiken, SC

Shannon Phelps

Specialization: Women's Nutrition
North Charleston, SC

Sheila McDevett

Specialization: Triathlon coaching and Functional Fitness
Lexington, SC

Stephanie Collins

Specialization: Lifestyle health and wellness, Transitioning (home to college, college to post graduation, collegiate sports to post graduation
Johns Island, SC

Tc Thrasher

Specialization: Weight loss, Muscle gain, Sports Performance, Mobility and Flexibility Specialist.
Murrells Inlet, SC

Tim Good

Specialization: Children and Beginner Level Adults
Taylors, SC, SC

Travis Kreuzberger

Specialization: exercise nutrition and remote programming
West Union, SC

Trina J. Hill, MBA, CPT, PNL1

Specialization: Sports and Body Composition Nutrition
Blythewood, SC

South Dakota

Abby Keyes

Watertown, SD

Abby Keyes

Specialization: RKC Kettlebell Instructor, FMS
Watertown, SD

Alex Guillien

Madison, SD

Audra Johnson Janke BS, ACSM EP-C, CHWC, Pn1

Sioux Falls, SD

Austin Luecke

Specialization: general health and wellness, weight loss, athletic performance
Brookings, SD

Camilla Kuhl

Lead, SD

Cherie Lynne Sussner

Specialization: Endurance Training
Sioux Falls, SD

Cheryl Schriever

Sioux Falls, SD

Irina Rose

Specialization: Fat loss, Mass gain, Increase strength, Pregnancy nutrition
Rapid city, SD

Isaac Jorgensen

Specialization: Functional Movement & Weightloss
Brookings, SD

Kelli Keyes, CK-FMS, SFG II, Pn2

Specialization: kettlebell certified
Spearfish, SD

Monte White

Specialization: Nutritional advice/shopping help/supplement advice/help with weight loss or muscle gains
Sioux Falls, SD

Paul Keizer

Sioux Falls, SD

Peggie Larsen

Pierre, SD

Russell Patrick Price

Specialization: Diabetes Prevention
Rapid City, SD


Aaron Hines M.S. Exercise Physiology

Specialization: One on One Training, Group Fitness, Sports Specific, Weight Loss, Pre and Post-Orthopedic Injury or Surgery, Health and Nutrition Coaching
Brentwood, TN

Adam Dunn

Specialization: Helping men 25-55 get athletic and healthy
Nashville, TN

Alex Maclin

Specialization: Weight loss, Gaining muscle, nutrition for strength athletes
Cordova, TN

Alex Seen

Specialization: 50 +

Amanda Chambers

Chattanooga, TN

Amber Reeves

Hixson TN, TN

Andrea Mulhollen

Specialization: Personal training; athletic training; corrective exercise;

Andrea Pharis

memphis , TN

Andy Frisch

Specialization: Weight loss, lifestyle coaching
Lebanon, TN

Andy Van Grinsven

Specialization: Strength, mobility, habit change with busy professionals

Angela DiBrito

Specialization: Customized Paleo Lifestyle
Hendersonville, TN

Angela McCord

Puryear, TN

Anita Royka

Nashville, TN

Ann Thornton

Specialization: Strength Training and Fat Loss
Old Hickory , TN

Anna Marie Jackson

Specialization: Sports Performance and Weight Loss
Murfreesboro, TN

Bobby West

Specialization: Injury recovery/prevention; mobility; longevity
Nashville, TN

Caroline Cantrell

Smithville, TN

Carolyn Rudin

Nashville, TN

Carolyn Teixeira

Nashville, TN

Charles David McGee

Specialization: Holistic Health / Functional Movement Screen 1 Certified
Memphis, TN

Chelsea Anderson, MS, C-EP

Antioch, TN

Christopher N Sorter

Hermitage, TN

Colette Fields

Specialization: Healthy Life Style
Atoka, TN

Corey Church

Knoxville, TN

Cory White

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Group Training
Madisonville, TN

Courtney Middleton

Nashville, TN

Dale Williams, MS, CSCS, PN1

Specialization: Performance Nutrition, Pregnancy Nutrition, Weight Loss, Mass Gain
Clarksville / Nashville, TN

Daniel Manning

Specialization: Weight Loss, Transformation, Lean muscle mass deelopment
Memphis Tn, TN

Daria Jamison

Pigeon Forge, TN

David Corrigan

Specialization: Martial Arts Way of Life
Oak Ridge, TN

David Whitley

Specialization: Kettlebells, Steel Bending, Barbell
Nashville, TN

Dawn Thelen

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Family Nutrition, Couples, Personal Training, HIIT, Weight Training
Hixson, TN

Donovan Manley

Hermitage, TN

Dr. Ryan Kennedy

Specialization: Endocrinology
Bristol, TN

Dusty Holden

Specialization: Performance Nutrition
Knoxville, TN

Eric Beavers

Dunlap, TN

Eric Griffith

Chattanooga, TN

Erika Young

Specialization: Female fat loss and hormones, Pre & Post Natal Fitness, Endurance Sport Coaching

Erin Pauling

Specialization: Life coaching, nutrition coaching
Nashville, TN

Felicia Ruiz Simpson, MA

Piney Flats, TN

Fred Mindach

Murfreesboro, TN

Gary Berglund

Specialization: Holistic Wellness
Collierville, TN

George K. Hearn

Specialization: Physical Therapist/Functional Aging Specialist/post-rehab
Nashville, TN

Grant Girsky

Memphis, TN, TN

Heather Troupe

Knoxville, TN

Jameson Randle Corye Jennings

Specialization: Functional strength and conditioning
Cleveland, TN

Jason Hartman

Specialization: Performance Training
Clarksville, TN

Jessica Martinez

Murfreesboro, TN

Joel Paavola CSCS, LMT

Specialization: weight loss, body composition, performance
nashville, TN

John Faltus, DPT, MS, SCS, ATC, CSCS

Memphis, TN

John Kennedy

Nashville, TN

Joseph Brown

Johnson City, TN

Josh Holland

Chattanooga, TN

Joshua Smith

Nashville, TN

Joshua White

Old Hickory, TN

Julian Hayes II, M.S., CSSC, Pn1

Mount Juliet, TN

Julie Wilcoxson

Specialization: Weight Loss, Conditioning, Nutrition
Murfreesboro, TN

Karin Johnson

Specialization: Senior fitness
Bartlett, TN

Kasper C. Axtell

Specialization: Mass Gain, Weight Loss
Brentwood, TN

Kathern Miller

Specialization: Fat Loss, Mass Gain, NASM Certified PT
Nashville, TN

Katie Dotson

Specialization: Real-Life Health and Wellness, Athletic Performance and Nutrition
Knoxville, TN

Keith M. Stafford

Specialization: Weight Loss Transformation Expert
Nashville, TN

Kelly Jo Graves, NASM-CPT

Specialization: Fat Loss, Weight Loss, Running Nutrition
Memphis, TN

Kelvin Bennett Jr

Specialization: Sports Performance and Fitness, Weight Loss
Clarksville , TN

Ken Smith

Specialization: Multiple Sclerosis
Lascassas, TN

Kenton Boutwell

Nashville, TN

Keven Burdorf B.Sc., ACE CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Corporate Fitness and Wellness
Knoxville, TN

Kevin Patterson

Specialization: BJJ/Grappling Competition Prep
Nashville, TN

Kevin Tobias

White House, TN

Kristen Hunsucker

Memphis, TN

Kurt Lockhart

Specialization: Testing and Tracking, Sports Nutrition
Nashville, TN

Kyle Price

Cookeville, TN

Lacee Strickland

Nashville, TN

Lana Moore

Specialization: Weight-loss, bodybuilding, physical therapy
Memphis, TN

Larry Berry

Cleveland, TN

Laura Wand

Specialization: Athletic Nutrition,
Collierville , TN

Laurel B. Sakson

Specialization: Long-term weight loss for busy people
Chattanooga, TN

Loren Bevier

Cane Ridge, TN

Manzurakhon Talipova, Esq.

Specialization: "Weight loss," "competition preparation," "Crossfit," "weight gain," "Olympic lifting"
Chattanooga, TN

Marie F Smith

Nashville, TN

Mark Fox CPT

Specialization: Specializing in; Functional Training, Senior Fitness
Memphis, TN

Marty Vaughn

Nashville , TN

Mary Katherine Anderson

Specialization: General fitness, endurance athletes
Knoxville, TN

Megan Marcum

Nashville, TN

Melanie Pruett

Nashville, TN

Mia Diaz Kostic

Specialization: Master Educator
Franklin, TN


Specialization: Performance
Chattanooga , TN

Misty Adfield

Old Hickory, TN

Mitch Kahn

Specialization: Habit-based Fat Loss Coach and Personal Trainer
Spring Hill, TN

Olivia Dykes

Nashville, TN

Patricia Smith

Chattanooga, TN

Paul Corsaro

Specialization: Strength Training, Kettlebell Training, Rock Climbing Physical Preparation
Chattanooga, TN

Phillip Harris

Specialization: Functional Fitness. Nutrition Coaching.
Cottontown, TN

Rachel Brimer

Signal Mountain, TN

Robin Miller

Specialization: Beginner to advanced endurance athletes
Maryville, TN

Robin S. Large

Chattanooga, TN

Ryan R Cotton

Nashville , TN

Ryan Stemper

Specialization: CrossFit, weight loss, sports performance
Nashville, TN

Scott Michael Quick

Specialization: Exercising and resting metabolism, fat/weight loss, and Competition prep
Cordova, TN

Scott Quick

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Recomposition, Nutrition Counseling, Emotional Eating
Cordova, TN

Shelly Todd

Specialization: Weight Management; Performance
Murfreesboro, TN

Stephanie Kennedy

Nashville, TN

Stephen Halvorson

Specialization: Baby Boomers and Seniors
Chattanooga, TN

Steven D. Dean CPT, CES, PN1

Specialization: Corrective Exercise, Post Rehab, Weight loss, Gain Lean Muscle
Knoxville, TN

Steven Morris

Specialization: Private One on One Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching and Education, General Fitness, Weight-loss, Endurance Training, Resistance Training, Leadership Development/Military Prep
Franklin, TN

Tash Weddle

Nashville, TN

Wendi Weber B.S Nutrition UofM

Memphis, TN

Zac Cupples

Specialization: physical therapy, strength and conditioning, athletic performance, fat loss
Memphis, TN

Zachary Anderson

Collierville, TN


Tyler Dickey

Specialization: Personal Training/Nutrition Coaching
Dallas, TX

A'Tondra (Tony) Vinchealle Gilstrap, B.Sc., CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Metabolism Based Meal Planning, Body Shaping for Women, Weight Loss, Post Pregnancy
Houston, TX

Aaron Buzzanga

Specialization: Certified Trainer and Pn1
Houston, TX

Aaron Wedel PN1

Specialization: General Health and Wellness
Weatherford, TX

Abbe Ball

Specialization: Powerlifting, bodybuilding, fat loss, muscle gain.
Humble, TX

Adam Farrell M.S. CSCS

Corpus Christi, TX

Adam Membrey

Specialization: Nutrition in the Educational Workplace
Austin, TX

Adam Middlesworth

Specialization: Busy Professionals/Executives
Dallas, TX

Adam Napper

Specialization: For 15 years, I've helped the people of Allen get back in shape with reasonable exercise and sensible nutrition.
Allen, TX

Adenilson Clementino

Specialization: Body fat loss
Plano, TX

Alan Cooksey

El Paso, TX

Alejandra Antelo

Specialization: Health & Wellness, Personal Trainer
Houston, TX

Alexander Black

Houston, TX

Alexander Black

Specialization: Middle-Age and Older Fitness
Houston, TX

Alexander Ikhimokpa

Specialization: Mass-gain, Competition Prep, fat loss, performance nutrition
Houston , TX

Alexander Slack

Houston, TX

Alexandra Nance

Houston, TX

Allison Knoth

Specialization: Healthy eating habits, craving control, nutrition education, meal planning, weight loss
Spring, TX

Allison Summersett, RN, MSN, CI-CPT, Pn1

Dallas, TX

Allison Wojtowecz

Specialization: Bodybuilding, weight loss, lifestyle change, wellness, strength training
Austin, TX

Alyassia Chanelle Taylor Ruiz

Specialization: Women's weight loss, Metabolic training, Fat Loss, Nutrition Coaching
Round Rock, TX

Amanda Bartley

McKinney, TX

Amanda Colon

Specialization: weight loss, body composition changes, athletes
Plano, TX

Amanda Kocher RD.LD

Cypress, TX

Amber Callahan

Specialization: Yoga, kettlebells, circuit training
Sugar Land, TX

Amber H. Simon

Specialization: Intro to Nutrition, Weight Loss, Muscle/Mass Gain
Dallas, TX

Amber Passini

Specialization: Fat loss, competition prep, muscle gain, sustainability
Canyon , TX

Amy Catherine Carroll

Austin, TX

Amy Cattaneo

Specialization: Weight Loss
Allen, TX

Amy Hadsell

Mesquite, TX

Amy Kirk

Frisco, TX

Amy Pickron

New Braunfels, TX

Amy Schmidt

New Braunfels, TX

Amy Tindall

Specialization: Women's health
San Antonio, TX

Andrew Chaddick

Specialization: Endurance Sports Performance
Houston, TX

Andy Tijerina

Specialization: Weight loss, post pregnancy weight loss, chronic disease, health optimization
Rosenberg, TX

Anthony Pierre

Specialization: Strength, Conditioning, Weight loss
San Antonio, TX

Ariel K Buffum

Specialization: Weight loss, Corrective Exercise, Injury Rehabilitation, Pilates
Pearland, TX

Arthur Hernandez

Specialization: fat loss, lean and tone
Dallas, TX

Ashley Allen

Specialization: weight loss, nutrition through the lifespan
Garland , TX

Ashley Mort

Specialization: track & field
Dallas, TX

Audrey Gladys Nimmo

Austin, TX

Austin Lobitz

Specialization: Weight Loss, Mass Gain, Athletic Performance
San Antonio, TX

Becky Williams

Specialization: women's fat loss, strength, and mindset
Austin, TX

Belena Enright

Specialization: Weight loss, Chronic Pain, Auto-immune, Food Allergy & Sensitivity, Recipe & Cooking Support, Health & Wellness Through Small Progressive Food & Lifestyle Changes
Weatherford, TX

Ben Gibbs

Dallas, TX

Ben Gonzalez

Specialization: Performance and Aesthetic Nutrition
Katy, TX

Ben Jocz

Houston , TX

Ben Wells

Austin, TX

Benjamin Ferrero

McKinney, TX

Beth Harlin

Specialization: Pharmacist
Fort Worth, TX

Bill Bowe, B. Sc., CSCS

Quincy, TX

Bobby Muniz

Specialization: Burning fat, building muscle, and feeling good!
Harlingen, TX

Brad Jellis

Specialization: Hockey Strength, Conditioning & Nutrition
Frisco, TX

Brad Overstreet

Willis, TX

Brady Robbins

Dallas, TX

Brandon Head

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Weight Loss, Mass Gain
Grapevine, TX

Brandon K Cole

Houston, TX

Brandon K Cole

Specialization: Nutrition, Corrective Exercise, Sports Performance
Houston, TX

Brenda Marquez

San Antonio, TX

Brendan M. Sills

Specialization: Sports Nutition, Fat Loss, Seasonal Eating, Intermittent Fasting
San Antonio, TX

Bria Jordan

Abilene, TX

Brian Bell

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching, Corrective Exercise, Resistance/Strength Training
Houston, TX

Brian Bell

Specialization: Sports performance, Bodybuilding, Weight loss, Elderly, Youth
Houston, TX

Brian Morse

Specialization: Body shaping/Functional Fitness/Nutrition Specialist
Coppell, TX

Britnee Crawford

Marshall, TX

Britni Hammond

Specialization: Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching, Runners, Young Working Professionals
Plano, TX

Brittney Richard

Specialization: basic nutrition
Crosby, TX

Brooke Thompson

Texas, TX

Bruce Cooper

McKinney, TX

Bryan Watson

Specialization: Event Training, Fat Loss, General Physical Preparedness
Addison, TX

Caleb stennis

Specialization: Sports Performance, mass gain,weight loss
Fort Worth, TX

Candice Gaines, M.S.

Plano, TX

Carine Hecox

Specialization: Weight Loss
Richmond, TX

Carissa Nickel

Specialization: Weight Loss + Transformation
Arlington , TX

Carly Elise Schafer

Dallas, TX

Carly Fink

Specialization: Biomechanics and Proper Movement Patterns, Nutrition Coach Pn1
Austin, TX

Carol Anglin

Specialization: Weight loss and corrective excersice
Frisco, TX

Carol Jacoby

Katy, TX

Carol Jacoby


Carol Schepel

Specialization: weight loss
Flower Mound, TX

Caroline Bailey

Specialization: Strength + Conditioning
Fort Worth, TX

Carrie Pugh Auster


Casey Kelley

Fort Worth, TX

Cassie Taylor

Specialization: Behavioral change techniques, Anti-inflammation nutrition, Chronic Fatigue and Hormonal Imbalances
Houston, TX

Catherine Murray

Fort Worth, TX

Charlie Hegstad

Specialization: Sports nutrition; bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit.
Austin, TX

Charmi Ramchandani

Specialization: Women's fitness and nutrition 30-50 years
Plano, TX

Chase Riley, XPS, Pn1

Specialization: Athletes, Corporate
Dallas, TX

Chelsie Fedell

Waxahachie, TX

Cherie Troxell

Houston , TX

Cheryl LaDue

Specialization: indivdual & group coaching; individual & group nutrition education classes
Highland Village, TX

Chester Okeke Pn1

Specialization: burning fat gaining lean muscle mass
Dallas, TX

Chloe Harper

Flower Mound, TX

Chris Bishop

Needville, TX

Chris MacDonald

San Antonio, TX

Chris Tucker

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Weight Loss, Mass Gains,
Houston, TX

Christina (Christi) Holcomb

Specialization: Health and Wellness Coach
Sugar Land, TX

Christina Montoya

Laguna Niguel, TX

Christine Padderud

Lantana, TX

Christopher Clarke

Specialization: Fat loss, body recomposition
Plano, TX

Christopher Thresher, B. Sn, CPT, Pn1

Irving, TX

Christy Martinez

Specialization: Senior Fitness
Spring Branch, TX

Cindy Peters, B.S., L1., PN1

Specialization: Nutrition & Health Coaching, Body Type based meal planning, Sports Performance, Body Fat Loss, Weight loss, Lean Muscle, Women's Weight loss post pregnancy.
Houston, TX

Claire Weinheimer

Specialization: weight loss, muscle gain, post injury,
Austin, TX

Clara L. Garza, RN, BSN

Midland, TX

Claudia Alicia Piña

San Antonio, TX

Claudia P Ramirez, MS, CSCS

Specialization: golf specific training, mobility and corrective exercise
San Antonio, TX

Cleia Dodson

Specialization: Body sculpting and weight loss.
Richmond Tx, TX

Clint Bennett, B.Sc., NASM

Specialization: Muscle gain, fat loss
The Woodlands, TX

Clint Konkle

Dallas, TX

Coach Mike Lara

Specialization: Balanced Nutritional Health and Performance Training
Arlington, TX

Cody Allen Bascom

Specialization: Performance
Katy, TX

Colin Van Ert

Specialization: Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Holistic Health, Sports Performance
Austin, TX

Cory Rebmann, Pn1

Specialization: Powerlifting
Kyle, TX

Cristina Schooler

Specialization: Behavior Coaching, Female Hormonal Issues, Addiction Behavior
Austin , TX

Dan Suedbeck

Specialization: Weight Loss, Elimination Dieting
Livingston, TX

Daniel Chavez, B.Sc., CSCS

El Paso, TX

Daniel Crisler

Specialization: Weight loss, weight gain, performance nutrition,
Dallas, TX

Daniel Gonzalez, DC, CFMP, FDN, FCN

Specialization: Functional Medicine Physician & Fitness & Nutrition Coach
Austin, TX

Danielle Perkins

Specialization: Mass Gain and functional Training
Houston , TX

Danny Blacker

Specialization: Work/Life Balance; Weight Loss; Nutrition made easy
Richmond, TX

Dave Trevino

Specialization: Athletic Performance
Dallas, TX

David D. Archer

Specialization: Competition Prep Specialist
Austin, TX

David Elder

Justin, TX

David McGarry

Specialization: Fitness for busy moms and dads over the age of 40
Frisco, TX

David Schulze

Austin, TX

Dawn Gibson

Wimberley, TX

DeAnna Rochon

El Paso, TX

Deanna Schober

Specialization: Postpartum nutrition, breastfeeding nutrition
Plano, TX

Debbie Roman

Specialization: "Weight Loss" "Athletic Performance" "CrossFit Nutrition"
Katy, TX

Debbie West

Arlington, TX

Debra Z. Hammett

Lewisville, TX

Delpha BlackHawk

Fort Worth, TX

Deni Carruth

Specialization: Lifestyle nutrition
North Richland Hills, TX

Denise M Powers

Specialization: Fat loss, muscle gain
Spring, TX

Denise Schumann

Bulverde, TX

Derek Mendoza MS, RSCC, PN2, FMS, USAW1

Specialization: Strength and conditioning, fat loss, athlete nutrition
Dallas, TX

Derek Stanley, CSCS

Specialization: fat loss, powerlifting, strength
Mckinney, TX


Specialization: Weight loss/ body sculpting

Dominic R. Diaz

Amarillo, TX

Donald Campbell

Specialization: Endurance Sports
Allen, TX

Donna Carman

Specialization: Weight Loss, Nutrition Coaching, Health Coaching, Personal Training
Euless, TX

Douglas Olson

Specialization: Performance Enhancement and Weight Loss
Pearland, TX

Dr. Aaron Stares, PT, DPT, CSCS

San Antonio, TX

Dr. Brittaney Cook

Specialization: Sports rehabilitation & clinical nutritionist
Austin, TX

Dr. Victor Peña-Araujo, MRCS

Specialization: Science-based, personal health coaching, lifestyle wellness.
Austin, TX

Dre Williams

Dallas, TX

Drew Addison Thurmond

Specialization: Fat Loss
Katy, TX

Drew Little

Specialization: Performance Nutrition
McKinney, TX

Drew Nitsche

Specialization: Metabolic Specialist
Austin, TX

Drew Thurmond

Katy, TX

Edwin McQuiston

Specialization: Contest Prep, Muscle Gain, Body Recomposition
San Antonio, TX

Edwin Santiago

San antonio, TX

Elias Aguirre, PES, CES, GPTS, NSCA-CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Personal Training, Special Populations, Youth Fitness and Sports Performance, Military Tactical Strength and Conditioning, Corrective Exercise, Functional Training, and Exercise Nutrition.
Wichita Falls, TX

Elisa Greene

Bandera, TX

Elizabeth Sherman

Specialization: I help women with improving their eating and exercise habits, and managing their stress and sleep, so that they can build more meaningful relationships and be happier in life.
Austin, TX

Elliott W. Crawford, NASM-CPT, CES, Pn1

Specialization: Fat loss, Muscle gain, Corrective Exercise, Exercise Nutrition
Killeen, TX

Emily Armstrong

Specialization: Special needs
Plano, TX

Emma B Powell

Specialization: NASM-CPT, Corrective Exercise, Performance Enhancement; IASTM Technique (Soft Tissue Therapy), The BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise
Houston, TX

Emma Glass

Dallas, TX

Eric Rivera

Amarillo, TX

Eric Whitman

Specialization: Physique, Transformation
Flower Mound, TX

Erica Calvery

Houston, TX

Erika Amaya

Specialization: Women in the 30's have recently had babies
Dallas , TX

Erin Alwon

Specialization: Personal Training, Nutrition and Food Allergies
The Woodlands, TX

Erin Laverone, MS, CPT, CAFS, XPS, Pn2

Specialization: Lifestyle Coaching; Nutrition Coaching; On-Site & Online Private, Semi-Private, & Small Group Training; Weight Loss Coaching; Older Adult Training; Sedentary Populations
Austin, TX

Erin Montayne

Specialization: Weight Loss and Sport Performance
Plano, TX

Evan Jones

McKinney, TX

Felipe Gutierrez

Specialization: Strength Training, Personal Training, Group Training, Multi-Dimensional Movement Skills, Mobility, High Intensity Training, Energy Systems, Athletic Performance, Body Composition, Interval Training, Nutrition
Dallas, TX

Filipe F Bezerra

Houston , TX

Gabriel J. Wigington

Specialization: chronic fatigue, stress coping, brain health, grocery/food prep education "Functional Medicine Lab Analysis/Assessment"
Plano, TX

Garet Beyer

Specialization: B.S. Nutrition - Nutritional Sciences, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Metabolic Technician, Nutrition Coach, Weight Loss Specialist
Austin, TX

Gavin Adamson

Specialization: Weight loss, muscle development
San Antonio, TX

Gentri Armstrong

Amarillo, TX

George Welsh

austin , TX

Greg Hazzard

Lewisville, TX



Gregory Michael Carr

Fort Worth, TX

Hakeem A Akbar II

Specialization: Nutritional Counseling, HIIT Training, flexibility, healthy cooking, motivational speaking, strength gains, improved VO2 Max, agility & speed training
Houston, TX

Heather Carvey

Specialization: detox, healthy lifestyle, weight loss, confidence, stress reduction, nutrition
Amarillo, TX

Heather Lynn Darby

Specialization: Plant-Based Nutrition, Fitness for people who sit all day at work.
Richardson, TX

Heidi Dehnel

Specialization: Long-term fat loss for women, Female nutrition, post pregnancy, mom fitness, strength training for women
Horizon City, TX

Hillary C. Pettit

Specialization: Crossfit, Nutrition
Fredericksburg, TX

Holly Renee Legare

Specialization: Fitness & Nutrition Coaching, Yoga
Houston, TX

Howard B. Wilmer

Specialization: Fat Loss, body transformation
San Antonio, TX

Hubert Chavana NASM, CPT, PN1

houston, TX

Ida S. Hardy

Specialization: Women over 40
Bandera and Hondo, TX

Ingo G. Logé

Waxahatchie, TX

Isaac Rejino

Specialization: Behavioral Change, Nutrition for Longevity
san antonio, TX

Isis Hargrave

Fort Worth, TX

Jacqi Williams

Specialization: Female Fat Loss, Strength
Cibolo, TX

Jai Lynn Cadenhead

Specialization: Sports performance, body recomposition, plant-based and specialty diets, holistic wellness
North Richland Hills, TX

Jaime Creson

Specialization: women's nutrition; intermittent fasting
The Woodlands, TX

James Ezzell CSCS, CSAS, FMS, PN-1


James Scott, CSCS

Specialization: Pro Athlete Performance
Rosenberg, TX

James Smith

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Body Building, Strength and Conditioning
Carrollton, TX

jamie r. kelly

richardson, TX

Jan-Michael E. Jenkins, RKC, PN 1

Specialization: Fat loss and lean muscle gain
Sugar Land, TX


Mansfield, TX

Jared Gould

Waco, TX

Jared Vinoverski

Specialization: Strength training, fat loss, muscle gain, athletic performance
Houston, TX

Jarret Jones

Midland , TX

Jarrod Brock

Specialization: Movement Enhancement, Golf Game Enhancement
The Colony, TX

Jarrod Brock

Specialization: Biomechanics, Corrective Movement
Dallas, TX

Jasmine John

Specialization: Flexible Dieting, Vegetarian & Vegan Options, Personal Training
Dallas, TX

Jason Dupree

Specialization: Gymnastic Strength Training (for adults), Sports Nutrition
Pflugerville, TX

Jason Powell

Austin, TX

Jason Skinner

Lufkin, TX

Jeffrey T. Paluseo

Corpus Christi, TX

Jen Muhlheim

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, Holistic, Physique, Special Diets/Allergies
Austin, TX

Jen Shaw

Specialization: pre-natal, post-partum, women's only
Austin, TX

Jennifer Dobson

Wylie, TX

Jennifer Hutchinson, MS, RD, LD

Specialization: Blood work interpretation, weight loss, running nutrition
Humble, TX

Jeremiah Chapman

Specialization: Sports Performance, Team Sports, Large Groups
Allen, TX

Jeremy S. Robinson

Specialization: Corrective Exercise, Weight Loss, Gut Repair, Diabetes, Beginner Fitness, Performance
Austin , TX

Jessica Bitterly

Specialization: Endurance running, fat loss, sports nutrition
Baytown, TX

Jessica Smith

Quitman, TX

Jo Dawn Brown

Cibolo, TX

Joanne Blackerby

Specialization: women's fitness, lifestyle transformation, family fitness
Austin, TX

Jodie A Fontenot CPT, Pn1, Pilates Instructor

Specialization: Weightloss, Muscle gain, weight maintenance, endurance, core strength etc
Houston, TX

John Eidam


John Robert Morua, Cpt,Ces,Pn1

Specialization: Performance for endurance athletes, mass gain, corrective exercise
Houston, TX

Johnny Barrera

Specialization: Weight loss, Weight Gain, Contest Prep, Sports Performance
Tyler, TX

Jon Michael Mcdowell

Specialization: Weight loss, Track & field coaching, sports performance
Dallas, TX

Jonathan Acosta

San Antonio, TX

Jonathan Antignani

Specialization: Sports nutrition, weight loss, contest prep, sports nutrition
Plano , TX

Jonathan Puga

Specialization: Weight loss, sports nutrition
San Antonio, TX

Jonathon Shelton, B.S.

Specialization: Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Human Performance
Waco, TX

Jordan Whitehead

Bryan, TX

Jorge Negrete

Specialization: TRX Training, Functional Movement
Dallas, TX

Jose Luis Barron, DPs, Hth, Pn1

Specialization: Nutrition for weight loss
El Paso, TX

Josh Morrow

Specialization: Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning
Texas, TX

Juliana English

New Braunfels, TX

Julie Diane Hinojosa

McAllen, TX

Julie Elizabeth Olschwanger

Midland, TX

Julie Hinojosa, FDN-P, PN1

Specialization: Women's Health
McAllen, TX

Julie Melissa Hamilton

Specialization: Fitness Manager, EFTI Area Coordinator, Master Instructor, Tier 3+ Personal Trainer, BS in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
Dallas, TX

Justin Mayers

Specialization: Strenght and Conditioning, Weight Loss, Overall Fitness
Austin, TX

Karen Jones

The Woodlands, TX

Karen Pierce

Specialization: CrossFit (all levels), I'm a Cancer Survivor
Austin, TX

Karina Brooks

Specialization: Bilingual nutritional advise (English/Spanish)
Katy, TX

Karolyn Veselka, CPT, Pn2

Houston, TX

Kate Mackintosh

Fredericksburg, TX

Katelyn Cooper

Alvarado, TX

Katherine Edgecumbe, CPT, Pn1

Austin, TX

Katherine Sheverova

Specialization: Weight loss, Health
Austin, TX

Kathi Henion

Dallas, TX

Kathryn Brumley, NSCA-CPT, KB Level 1, Pre/Post Natal

Dallas, TX

Kathryn Stelly

Specialization: Athletic Performance
Houston, TX

Katie Lee

Specialization: Lifestyle, weight loss
Austin, TX

Katie Lochridge

Harker Heights, TX

Kaye Stain, Nasm CPT

Specialization: Nutrition/Health Coaching, Clean Eating
Grand Prairie, TX

Keith Minikus

Specialization: "mass gain" "weight-loss" "sports performance"
Austin, TX

Kelly Anglin

Specialization: ACE Orthopedic Speciality, TRX
Boerne, TX

Kelsey Flanagan

Specialization: Clean Eating
New Braunfels, TX

Kesley Tweed

Specialization: Strength, physique, body confidence, life coaching
Houston, TX

Key Young

Specialization: Golf Nutrition, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain
Dallas, TX

Khari Long, CSCS

Specialization: Strength and conditioning, High intensity interval Training, and Movement Specialists
Cyrpress, TX

Kimberly Lundstrom

Specialization: Stress reduction, personal help with nutrition, meal planning, lifestyle programs individualized to a person’s goals and needs.
Tyler, TX

Kris A. Pina

Specialization: Behavioral coaching, nutrition guidance and intuitive eating support to help clients stop dieting & start living - free from obsession with food, weight and body image issues.
Austin, TX

Kris Stokes

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Building, Pregnancy, General Health & Wellness
Amarillo, TX

Kristi Hargrove

Specialization: Health and Wellness through customized Nutrition
Pflugerville, TX

Kristina Ledbetter

Specialization: fitness competition, nutrition maintenance, body composition
San Antonio, TX

Krystle Yakshe, Ph.D.

Specialization: Weight loss, pregnancy nutrition, postpartum nutrition, healthy living
Bryan, TX

Kyle Duarte

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Weight loss, Olympic Weightlifting, Rugby
Dallas, TX

Kyle Shirey

Austin, TX

LaFrance Rhone

Richmond, TX

Larry Maloney

Specialization: Powerlifting, plyometrics, competitors, adventure races, parkour, Olympic lifting
Austin, TX

Lateef Johnson

Specialization: Movement
Austin, TX

Laura Lombard

San Antonio, TX

Laura Wall

Specialization: Women, Older Adults, Menopause/Hormones
San Angelo, TX

Lauren Delaney

Austin, TX

Lauren Lawrence--NSCA-CPT, Pn1

Fort Worth, TX

Lauren Miller

Fort Worth, TX

Lea Gambino-Blum

Dallas, TX

Lea Genders

Fort Worth, TX

Leah Bahrencu

Specialization: Women's nutrition, child nutrition
Austin, TX

Lee Webber

Specialization: Endurance Sports, Weight loss, Explosive Sports
Arlington, TX

Leigh Montgomery

Spring Branch, TX

Leland J Hammonds II

Specialization: Fat Loss
San Antonio, TX

Lila Almond

Bulverde, TX

Linda Boomer

Specialization: Athlete nutrition
North Richland Hills, TX

Lindsey Lidiak, Pn1

Arlington, TX

Lindsey Snyder


Lisa Ferrara

Specialization: Athletes, working professionals, moms
Missouri City, TX

Lonnie Sutton

Specialization: Corrective Exercise and Postural Restoration
Dallas, TX

Lorena Torres-Ronda

Specialization: Sport Performance
San Antonio, TX

Louis Truett, B.Sc., CSCS

Spicewood, TX

Mahsa Shakeri

Specialization: Mass Gain, Weight-loss, Overall-fitness, Pre and post pregnancy
Houston, TX

Malissa M. Dunnings - MBA, Pn1, FNS

Specialization: DEXA scan, body composition, fat loss, eating psychology, accountability, fitness technology
Houston, TX

Marc Manly

Specialization: Movement Specialist, Golf Performance Specialist, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Applied Functional Science
Pflugerville, TX

Marc Zalmanoff, B.S.

Specialization: Strength Training, Small Group Personal Training, Bootcamp, FUN!
Carrollton, TX

Marcia Neuman, M.A., CPT

Specialization: Health and wellness guidance through functional movement training and nutrition coaching.
League City, TX

Mareesha Davis

Specialization: Weight loss, Overall Health & Fitness, Improved Body Composition - Gain lean muscle; Lose body fat
Humble, TX

Margaret Murray

fort worth, TX

Matt Reinhart

Specialization: Performance athletes
Katy, TX

Matt Shadeed

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning/Athletic Performance
Waco, TX

Matthew Luna, B.S.

Specialization: Sports nutrition
San Antonio, TX

Matthew Plemons, CF-L1, USAW, NCFS

Specialization: CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics
Cedar Park, TX

Megan Di Stefano-Hill, DC, MS, CHC, Pn1

Specialization: Clean Eating, Eat for your Type, Nutrition Education, Eating for Two, Gut Health, Diabetes
San Antonio, TX

Megan K. Fitch

Specialization: CrossFit, Triathlon, Swimming, Running, Endurance
Austin, TX

Melanie Daly

Specialization: weight loss, weight training, competition preparation
Georgetown, TX

Melanie Reyes

Specialization: Weight loss, Endurance, Health
Austin, TX

Melissa Acosta

Specialization: Weight loss, Aging, General Health, Fitness, Lean Muscle
Fate, TX

Melody Allen, LPC-S, Pn1

Specialization: Biosignature Modulation, Fat Loss
Sugarland, TX

Melody Garza MS, RDN, CISSN, Pn1

Specialization: Pregnancy, Autoimmunity, Thyroid Disorders

Mendy Douglas

Specialization: Fat loss, Motivation
Kingwood, TX

Michael A. Alonzo

Wichita Falls, TX

Michael Ahunamba

Specialization: Fat loss, mass gain,
houston, TX

Michael Bland

Specialization: I work with clients from all walks of life. From jr High and High schools athletes, fat pace business people that has a hectic schedule to new and just stay home moms wanted to get life back. With 20+ years experience I am always looking for the new Challenges! cal or email me and let me help you with Life!
Austin, TX

Michael Forrest

Specialization: Obstacle Course Racing
Fort Worth, TX

Michael Peres

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
Kingsville, TX

Michaela Ortega

Austin, TX

Michelle McIlvoy

San Antonio, TX

Mike Vaughn

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, General Nutrition
Spring, TX

Millicent Grace Vickers

Specialization: Weight Loss
Dallas, TX

Mitchell Deskis

Specialization: Strength/Conditioning/Mass Gain/Fat Loss
Pantego, TX

Nancy Leeds Gribble

Specialization: Women over 40, Weight Loss
Spring, TX

Natalie M. Westerberg

Austin, TX

Natalie Senenfelder

Fort worth, TX

Natarra Allen

Specialization: Pre/Post Natal, TRX, Body Building, Lean mass building, Fat loss break down, Kettle Bell, Nutrition Planning
Dallas, TX

Nathan Miller

Specialization: Nutrition for MMA
San Antonio, TX

Neely R. Hogan, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: In-Home Personal Fitness Training, Nutrition & Wellness Coaching, Consulting, Weight loss, Sports Nutrition and Fitness, Corporate Wellness, Group Fitness
San Antonio, TX

Nicholas christian

Specialization: Physique training, volleyball performance, nutrition
Fort worth, TX

Nichole Bair

Specialization: Women's Transformations, Lifestyle Change, Weight Loss, Toning, Becoming Your Greatest Potential
Corpus Christi, TX

Nick Fernandez

Specialization: Fat Loss, Weight Gain, Kettlebells, Lifestyle Intervention/Psychology Endurance/Running Sports (Cross Country, Track, Marathon, Triathlon, Spartan/Warrior/Mud Races)
Lewisville, TX

Nick Redmond, B.Sc., CPPS, Pn1

Arlington, TX

Nicolas Fajardo

Specialization: Mass Gain and Sports Performance
Plano, TX

Nikki Lumpkin

Houston, TX

Nikole Flores

San Antonio, TX

Olga Ramos

Specialization: permanent weight loss for female clients
Hutto, TX

Orion Kester

Specialization: Boot camp, weight loss nutrition
Kingwood, TX

Pam Owens, M.A.

Specialization: Golf fitness, Mobility specialist, Weight management, Event presentations
Houston, TX

Patrick Mercer

Austin, TX

Paul Yost

Specialization: "Sports Preparation", "Fat Loss", "Functional Strength"
Houston, TX

Peter B. Hoffman

Specialization: Food Habit Reformation, Golf Fitness
Dallas, TX

Preston Bryan

Specialization: Movement, Nutrition, and Regeneration
Dallas, TX

Rachel Grosz, B.Sc, NASM, Pn1

Austin, TX

Rachel Sims Baker

Specialization: Kettlebell training, maximal strength training, CrossFit, metabolic training
Austin, TX

Raj Arya

Specialization: Weight loss, MMA conditioning
Austin, TX

Ramona Ramjit-Munoz, ACSM CPT, Pn1, WBFF PRO

Specialization: Women going through fitness & wellness struggles, who are READY to take the leap of faith in trusting a "HEALTHY & SUSTAINABLE" process
Liberty Hill, TX

Rebecca A E Hawn

Corpus Christi, TX

Reem Khashou

Austin, TX

Reuben Garcia

Specialization: Competition Prep, Weightloss, Muscle Building, Sports Performance
Justin, TX

Rhonda Moore

Specialization: geriatric fitness, senior wellness
Seabrook , TX

Rhonda Suarez

Specialization: Lifestyle fitness & nutrition coach
Diboll, TX

Richard Arthur

Specialization: Corrective Exercise Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist, Weight Loss Consultant
Corpus Christi, TX

Richard Dragon

Specialization: Physique & Figure Training Specialist
Bedford, TX

Rob Exline

Specialization: Weight Loss, Performance
Houston, TX


Corpus Christi, TX

Robert Zschau

Dallas, TX

Rocky Galindo, NASM-CPT, Pn1, AFSA-CPT, TRX Level 1

Specialization: Body Transformation, Sports Performance
Round Rock, TX

Ronald Honore' Jr NASM-CPT,CES,PES,Pn1

Specialization: Core, Functional, Performance
Houston, TX

Ryan Barbosa, Pn1. CPT. CES. PES. KBC. BCS.

Specialization: Wellness and Therapy
Dallas , TX

Ryan Moore SFG, SFB, Pn1

Specialization: Kettlebell Strength training and Bodyweight training
Corpus Christi, TX

Ryan White M.Ed, CSCS, RSCC

Specialization: Mass Gain, Weight Loss
Pflugerville, TX

Samantha Friedel

Specialization: Pre/Post Natal Nutrition & Fitness, Endurance Running (5k-Ultra distance), Women's Nutrition & Fitness, Weight Loss, 1 on 1 coaching
Dallas, TX

Samantha Springer, M.S., CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Lifestyle Behavioral Development
Dallas, TX

Sandi Abreo

Specialization: Metabolic Specialist, Personal Trainer ,Pn1
Plano, TX

Sandra Moreland

Hutto, TX

Sarah Cook

League City, TX

Scott Michael Whitten

Specialization: Endurance Sports and Tennis Performance.
Dallas, TX

Sean Cashman

Houston, TX

Sean Weigner

houston, TX

Sergio Cantu

Specialization: NASM Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coaching, Crossfit Trainer, Kettlebell instruction
Dallas (Oak Cliff), TX

Shamira West, NASM-CPT, PN1

Specialization: Weightloss, Plant Based nutrition, PCOS, muscle gain, pregnancy,
Grand Prairie, TX

Shane O'Connor

Specialization: weight loss, muscle mass, performance training, sports specific training, bariatric clients
Cypress, TX

Shannon McMillan

Houston, TX

Shanon Colbath

Dallas , TX

Shaun Robbins B.S., CSCS*D, USAW-1, TPI-F2

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning Coach/Nutrition Coach
Dallas, TX

Shawna Frank

Aubrey, TX

Shayla Ryder

Flower Mound, TX

Shayna C. Dyson, MS, LPC, Pn1

Specialization: Weight Loss, Athletic Performance, General Wellness
New Braunfels, TX

Shazia Akbar

Specialization: fat loss
The Colony, TX

shelby l jones

Specialization: Athletic performance, body comp
san antonio, TX

Shelly O'Brien

Specialization: Sports Nutrition & Triathlon, Multisport, Fitness Lifestyle Integration, Weight Loss
San Antonio, TX

Simon 'Wallaby' Toozoff NC

Specialization: Triathletes, Endurance Athletes, Ultra Endurance Competitors
San Antonio, TX

Sinead McCourt

Flower Mound, TX

Staci Hankins

Fort Worth, TX

Stanton Ward

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning, Wellness Coaching, Nutrition
Dallas, TX

Stanton Ward, B.Sc., ACSM EP-C, SFG II

Specialization: Lifestyle Coaching, Movement & Strength Training
Dallas, TX

Stefanie Moore

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
Midland, TX

Stephanie Chabora

Specialization: CrossFit Nutrition Coaching
Corpus Christi, TX

Stephanie Hayes

Specialization: Fat loss, muscle gains and overall health
Frisco , TX

Stephanie Thibodeaux

Katy, TX

Susan Davis

Katy, TX

Susan Magee

Specialization: All aspects of personal training, Pilates certified instructor , fitness center owner for 13 years. 22 certifications and Sports Psychology degree.
Houston, TX

Susan Norris

Houston, TX

Susanne Ross

Austin, TX

Svetlana Groshans

Specialization: Weight loss, health education, lean cut
Dallas, TX

Sylvester Stemley

Specialization: Master trainer: NASM CES, NASM PES, IMG Ignite 360
Mansfield , TX

Tabbetha Lopez, RD LD

Specialization: Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer
Houston, TX

Taber Black

Abernathy , TX

Talisha Dunbar

Specialization: weight loss, muscle gain
San Antonio , TX

Tanya M Peale

Specialization: Physique Competition

Tara Penawell

Austin, TX

Tawny M. Cannata

Frisco, TX

Taylor Howze

Specialization: Body transformation
Arlington, TX

Ted Lavarias

McKinney, TX

Teresa Triche, M.Ed

Specialization: Personal Trainer, Aquatic rehab, & Nutrition
Cypress, TX

Terri Davis

Allen, TX

Tidjani "TJ" Camara MS, CSCS, PN1

Specialization: Functional Training, Functional Aging, Nutrition Coaching

Tiffany Tracy

Specialization: Weight Management, Sports Nutrition, Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Titleist Performance Golf Fitness Professional
Houston, TX

Tim Skwiat, MEd, CSCS

Specialization: Behavior Change, Body Composition, Sports Nutrition, Supplements
Austin, TX

Tim Skwiat, MEd, CSCS, Pn2

Specialization: Behavior change, body composition, sports nutrition and performance
Austin, TX

Tina L. Roy

Specialization: Helping Women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and above feel strong and empowered.
Rosenberg, TX

TJ Torres

Dallas, TX

Tom Trevino

Specialization: fat loss, strength training, general health and wellness, functional training, stretching and mobility, lifestyle enhancement
San Antonio, TX

Tori Culotta

Fort Worth, TX

Tracy Robert

Specialization: Pregnancy Nutrition, Senior Nutrition, Post cancer Nutrition, Student Athletes,
frisco, TX

Travis Burkybile

Specialization: Flexibility/Mobility, fat loss, performance and strength development
Dallas, TX

tressa story

Specialization: triathlon,sports nutrition,bodybuilding,& general fitness+
victoria, TX

Trey Eckerman

Specialization: In Home Personal Training/Nutrition Coaching
Fulshear, TX

Trey Morris


Trish Fortune

Dallas, TX

Trista Eason

Specialization: Mature female nutrition and physical fitness.
Wichita Falls, TX

Troy L. Johnson

Specialization: Fitness Nutrition
Paris , TX

Valeria Negrete

Specialization: Weight loss, Mass Gain, Healthy lifestyle
Houston, TX

Valerie Batcho

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Lifestyle Coaching, Women's Weight Loss, Pre-Postnatal Nutrition
El Paso, TX

Virginia "Ruthi" Elliott

Specialization: Weightloss and Body Composition change
Allen, TX

Vivian Whitman

Specialization: Body sculpting, increase energy and endurance
Katy , TX

Wayne Ceaser

Specialization: Diebetic , oberseite, Leaning , Mass Gain
houston, TX

Wesley Martin

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Body Composition
Arlington, TX

Whitney Grubbs

Specialization: Strength Training
Argyle, TX

Yaravi Hernandez

Specialization: FitLife on-the-go
San Antonio , TX

Yumi M. Warner

Dallas, TX

Zack Wilkinson

Specialization: Performance, weight loss, cross training,
San Antonio , TX


Aaron L. Shepard Pn1

Specialization: General nutrition, bodybuilding , Contest prep
Tooele, UT

Alaina Wood

Vineyard, UT

Andi Petty

Specialization: CrossFit, Paleo
North Salt Lake, UT

Andrea Reynolds

Specialization: Injury rehab nutrition, aging populations, youth fitness and nutrition
Sandy, UT


Specialization: Wholistic Health and Wellness Mentor, Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, Injury Prevention and Recovery, Bodybuilding, Energy Work
Garland, UT

Angie Ross

Heber City, UT

Ann George pn1, CPT Lifetime Fitness

Specialization: Weight Loss
Alpine, UT

Atim Effiong

Specialization: Women's health, fat loss
Murray, UT

Austin Carter

Payson, UT

Becca Hutton

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
Orem, UT

Ben Deppe

Specialization: Weight loss, sport performance, injury prevention, general health promotion
Saratoga Springs, UT

Bethany Crawford

Specialization: Fat Loss & Women's Health
Sa, UT

Blake Robinson CSCS

Specialization: Functional Strength Training & Nutritional Coaching
Salt Lake City , UT

Blaynie Harris

Orem, UT

Brandon Leavitt

Specialization: weight loss, sports performance, muscle gain
Smithfield, UT

Brenda Brailsford

Pleasant Grove, UT

Brianne Clark

Grantsville, UT

Brook S. Baker

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Sports Nutriiton, Exercise Therapy, Senior Fitness, Youth Fitness, Post Pregnancy, Weight Loss
West Jordan, UT

Calvin Buhler

Salt Lake City, UT

Casey Ruff

Specialization: Healthy Lifestyle Management
South Jordan, UT

Celisa L. Robertson, NASM CPT PES, Pn1

Specialization: Strength, weight loss, endurance,
Provo, UT

Chris Williams


David Johns

Specialization: Weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain, medical conditions, blood sugar balance
Draper, UT

David McMullan

Specialization: Keto
Eagle Mountain, UT

Derek Goronson

Specialization: Cycling, Triathlon
Herriman, UT

Donna Salas

Stansbury Park, UT

Heather Fowler, LCMHC

Specialization: Licensed mental health therapist incorporating nutrition counseling to improve wellbeing

Heather Turner, ISSA, PN1

Richfield , UT

Hector James Rodas

South Jordan, UT

Heidi Campo

Specialization: Weight Loss, Sports Specific (Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strongman, MMA, Wrestling), Longevity, Wellness
Murray, UT

Heidi Pestana

Provo, UT

Jacob Carluccio

Specialization: Athletes
Lehi, UT

Jake Kocherhans

Specialization: Body Building, Physique, Mass Gain
Centerville, UT



Jason Schwartz

Specialization: Body Transformation
Salt Lake City, UT

Jed Merrill

Specialization: Optimize Executive and Employee Health and Productivity Through Nutrition
Park City, UT

Jeff Later

Specialization: Fit Lifestyle, contest prep, post pregnancy, fat loss, muscle gain
South Jordan, UT

Jenn Haycock

South Joran, UT

Jenny Butler

Specialization: Mom life
Lehi, UT

Jenny Franson

American Fork, UT

Jon Chase, BS, CSCS, Pn2, CF-L1, FMS, MMACC

Provo, UT

Jonas R Machado

Specialization: Performance, Body Composition, Health Coaching

Joshua Nelson

Specialization: weight loss, mass gain, pregnancy nutrition, mama/boxing nutrition
Salt Lake City, UT

Kaitlyn Gourley

Specialization: Fat Loss, Building Muscle, Eating w/Allergies (Celiac Specialist)
Lehi, UT

Kate Bush

Specialization: Specialty: NASM-certified personal trainer and sport nutritionist for women over 50. A private studio with a focus on core, balance & strength using TRX, Vipr & kettle bells.
Kamas, UT

Kate Bush

Specialization: Personal trainer and sport nutritionist for women between the ages of 40 and 80. A private studio with a focus on core, balance & strength using TRX, Vipr & kettle bells.
Kamas, UT

Katherine Allan Rea

Cedar Hills, UT

Kathy LaMarr

Specialization: Women over 40
Centerville, UT

Katriel-Maria Berbert

Orem, UT

Kim Schuenman

Specialization: Weight loss, mass gain.
Roy, UT

Kimberly Reynolds

Orem, UT

Kjell Crowe

Spanish Fork, UT

Kortney Terry

Roosevelt, UT

Kristen J Znutas

Specialization: Weight loss, mass gain
Riverton, UT

Kristoffer Rockwell Koerper

Specialization: Performance Nutrition, Weight Loss, Mass Gain, General Wellness.
Pleasant Grove , UT

Lindsey Mathews

Specialization: Body transformation
South Jordan, UT



Madison Begley

Draper, UT

Marcia Gertge

St. George, UT

Marylynn Burrows, CIHC

Specialization: weight loss
Holladay, UT

Matt Carlin

Specialization: Clarity of muddy nutritional waters, sports nutrition
Murray, UT

McKensey Ciaramella

Specialization: CrossFit, Pregnancy, Female, Family
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Megan Flanagan

Specialization: Sports nutrition, intuitive eating
Logan, UT


Specialization: Self love, weight loss, psychology, women
Pleasant Grove, UT

Michael Anthony Ginnetti

Specialization: Weight Loss Coaching
Eagle Mountain, UT


Specialization: High Altitude Endurance - Professional Athletes- Cancer Out Events - Research and Develoment

Michael Heath Greer

Specialization: Nutrition, Olympic Weightlifting, Strongman, Powerlifting, Running, and CrossFitt
Layton, UT

Mike Guastella

West Jordan, UT

Mindy Gleason

Orem , UT

Natalie Sargent

Specialization: Wellness Coaching, Chronic Disease Management
Salt Lake City , UT

Nick Munford

West Haven, UT

Pam Balls

Specialization: Personal trainer
West Jordan, UT

Paul Schmidt, D.O.

Specialization: Weight loss
Logan, UT

Rachel Poelzl

Specialization: Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA), Crossfit Level-1
Perry, UT

Rhett Frei

St. George, UT

Ryan Johnson

Specialization: Simple habits. Healthier people. Stronger communities.
Monroe, UT

Sara Cobb

Specialization: Endurance; muscle tone; weight loss
Layton, UT

Seth Berbert BS, CSCS, CCFT, PN-1

Specialization: Mass gain, Weight loss
Orem, UT

Seth Bigelow, B.Sc., CSCS

Specialization: Health and fitness for busy parents and families
West Valley City, UT

Shawn Webb, PT

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Weight Management
Eagle Mountain, UT

Shelley Cucinotta

Specialization: Women's weight loss, competition prep and post competition nutrition
Sandy, UT

Talon Gadd

Specialization: Meal Prep and Meal Timing
Richfield, UT

Tanner Stone

Specialization: Weightloss
Sandy, UT

Taylar Ngo

Roy, UT

Tyson Henrie

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Provo, UT

Valerie Bullock

Specialization: Weight Loss
Sandy, UT

Vanna McCain

Specialization: Weightloss, muscle gain, performance, pregnancy nutrition
Herriman, UT

Wendy Gragg

Aurora, UT

william castillo

Specialization: Metabolic Resistance Training, Personal Training, agility and speed training,Sports Massage,Orthopedic Massage,
Vineyard - Utah, UT


Allison Breen

Quechee, VT

Amy Lewis

Specialization: Weight loss and nutrition for women over 40
Killington, VT

Amy McClure

Specialization: Women specific weight loss
Lyndonville, VT

Beth Roberts

Killington, VT

Carrie Bunnell, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

Saint Johnsbury, VT

Dustin Berry

Essex Junction, VT

Eric Covey

Specialization: Fat Loss, Body Recomposition, Mass Gain, Lifestyle Modification
Winooski, VT

Eric G. Corey

Specialization: Athlete Performance, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation, Sports Conditioning, Biomechanics, Fat Loss, Lean Mass Gain,
South Burlington, VT

Heather Moore

Saint Albans, VT

James Mahl

South Burlington, VT

Janet Hughes

Essex Jct, VT

Kim Engelhardt

Specialization: Weight Loss Coach, Metabolic Coach, Nutrition Coach and NASM Certfied Personal Trainer
San Antonio, VT

Lia Taylor

Specialization: Body composition transformation, figure/bodybuilding competition prep, lifestyle nutrition.
Manchester Center, VT

Lindsay Warren

Saint Johnsbury, VT

Margaret P Rodgers

Winooski, VT

Matthew Vosburgh

Specialization: Functional Training
South Burlington, VT

Nakeeya Deas

South Burlington, VT

Nicole Tatro, MSPT, PBP, AI, INHC, PN1

Specialization: Physical Therapist, Sports Rehab and Performance Enhancement
St. Albans, VT

Sara Couture, NASM-CPT

Proctor, VT

Sara Hartson, B.S.

Specialization: Women's Health
Montpelier, VT

Sarah Larmie

Randolph, VT

Ted Andrews

Burlington, VT


Alexander Argueta

Arlington, VA

Ali Derr

Specialization: Weight loss, macronutrient specific
Alexandria, VA

Alison P. Hoffman, M.S., B.S., CPT, PN1, PN2

Leesburg, VA

Alison P. Hoffman, M.S., B.S., CPT, Pn1, Pn2

Leesburg, VA

Amanda Ruhl

Lynchburg, VA

Andrea Johnson

Leesburg, VA

Andrea Seward

Alexandria, VA

Angela Caprigno

Specialization: Personal Training, Nutrition, and Triathlon Training
Bristow, VA

Angela Rabena

Ashburn, VA

Annie Powell

Specialization: Physical and Mental Health connection
Sterling, VA

Aric Lee

Specialization: Gymnastic Strength Training
Alexandria, VA

Aric Lee

Specialization: Adult Gymnastic Strength Training, Rehabilitation, Fat-loss
Arlington, VA

Arne Hostvedt

Specialization: "Weight Loss""Weight Gain""Body Recomposition"
Falls Church, VA

Ashleigh Hubbard

Specialization: Athlete Nutrition
Appomattox, VA

Ashley Maseda

Suffolk, VA

Aubrey Mester-Webb

Specialization: Weight Loss, Powerlifting, Women Post-Menopause, Women with PCOS, General Health and Fitness
Virginia Beach, VA

Ben Lengel

Newport News, VA

Brandi Eggleton

Ashburn, VA

Brian J. Sweeney

Specialization: Strength Conditioning, Sports Nutrition, Sports Performance, Lifestyle Engineering
Manassas, VA

Brian Kim

McLean, VA

Brian Sweeney

Specialization: Weight loss, performance protocols, healthy lifestyle
Manassas, VA

Carl Marquis

Specialization: Being awesome
Fairfax, VA

Carly Villarreal

Roanoke, VA

Catherine Ashton

Specialization: Nutrition for performance athletes and weight loss
Reston, VA

Chele Brandon

Glen Allen, VA

Chelsie Adams

Specialization: Strength training, bodybuilding, weight loss, circuit training, Bootcamp, Hypertrophy, HITT
Reston, VA

Chris Morris

Specialization: health coaching, nutrition coaching, habit modification, personal training
Big Island, VA

Christine Cassar

Specialization: running, women, sports performance, healthy weight, healthy living
Fairfax, VA

Christine P. Fitzpatrick

Specialization: NSCA-CSCS trainer
Manakin, Va, VA

Christopher D Knight

Falls Church, VA

Christopher James Corey

Arlington, VA

Christopher Merritt, B.S. Kinesiology, Pn1

Dulles, VA

Claire Magenheimer

Specialization: Meal Prep
Sterling, VA

Cody Anderson, MPH, CHES, NCSA-CPT, Pn1

Christiansburg, VA

Courtney Cornwall

Specialization: weight loss, body composition
Leesburg, VA

Courtney Trowbridge

Herndon, VA

Curtis Lee Whaley

Specialization: athletes
Portsmouth, VA

Dana Anne Hutchins

Specialization: Holistic Detective, Nutrition Jedi, Corrective Exercise, Peak Performance
Glen Allen & Worldwide, VA

Danielle Kearns

Specialization: Crossfit, Athletes, Performance
Newport News, VA

Daphne Gillie, Corporate Wellness Program Director

Specialization: Corporate Wellness
Mclean, VA

David H. Younkins, M.S., CES

Specialization: Weight loss, Corrective Exercise/Post Rehab, Health Coaching
Richmond, VA

David Hellman

Specialization: Weight Loss, Integrative Health
Alexandria, VA

David Jo

Springfield , VA

Dawn H. Gilbert

Manassas, VA

Debbie Dust, MHA, ACSM-cPT, Pn1

Specialization: Endurance Sports Performance, Sports Performance, General Wellness and Life Coaching
Richmond, VA

Deborah L. Hatch

Specialization: Real plans for real people in real life
Alexandria, VA

Derick Deal

Specialization: Diet-agnostic nutrition, nutrition consulting, high performance coaching.
Falls Church, VA

Derick Oliveros

Specialization: Body Transformation m
Richmond, VA

Devon Grassi

Specialization: Fat Loss, Lean Tissue Gain, General Nutritional Guidance
Fairfax, VA

Don Bahneman MS, CSCS, CISSN, Pn1, FMS, RKC II

Specialization: Body Transformation, Post-Rehab, Performance Training
Arlington, VA

Douglas C. Vasiliadis

Specialization: Fitness, Performance Enhancement, Weight Loss
McLean, VA

Dr. David Glazer

Specialization: Weight Loss, Exercise & Sports Performance, Pregnancy
Harrisonburg, VA

Dr. Joel Martin

Specialization: Sports Performance, Weight Loss, Getting Back in Shape
Bristow, VA

Eliza Moody


Elizabeth C. Williams

Roanoke, VA

Elizabeth Venegas

Specialization: Crossfit, athletes, mass gain, fat loss
Springfield, VA

Emily Soape

Virginia Beach, VA

Eric Potter

Specialization: Vitamins
Portsmouth, VA

Ezra Karageorge

Specialization: Weight management,Muscle gain,Fat loss,Strength,Mobility,Functional Movement

Gina Ferrence

Fredericksburg, VA

Gina Goff

Specialization: Functional Training, Strength Training, Weight Management, Core Stabilization, One-on-one training, and Nutrition
Quantico, VA

Gwenn Reynoso

Specialization: Corrective exercise, weight loss
New Orleans, VA

Hanna Wardlaw

Springfield, VA

Jahan Shiekhy

Specialization: Fat loss, Weight loss, Functional Movement Screen
Arlington, VA

James Crawford

Sterling, VA

James Knockett

Specialization: Building muscle mass
Sterling, VA

Jared Canfield

Richmond, VA

Jeannie Landis

Specialization: lifestyle optimization
Virginia Beach, VA, VA

Jenn Stofferahn

Specialization: Strength training, strength sports, neo- and post-natal, muscle development and body fat reduction
McLean, VA

Jennifer Gerasimas

Specialization: Weight loss, corrective exercise, race/event preparation, pre and post-partum, kettlebells, improving endurance, health coaching
Vienna, VA

Jeremy Anderson

Charlottesville, VA

Jeremy Fink

Specialization: General Wellness
Reston, VA

Joanna Harris, CSCS

Woodbridge, VA

Joe Jervey

Specialization: Rehab, biomechanics, sport specific training, movement therapy
Sterling, VA

Joey Guth

Virginia Beach, VA

Justin Bradley

Specialization: Performance Enhancement, Fat Loss/Toning, Lean Muscle/Strength Gain
Alexandria, VA

Kadie Madison

Specialization: Flexibility and strength training
Front Royal, VA

Kara Bonetti Beutel

Woodbridge, VA

Kara Silva

Richmond, VA

Karen L. Hansen

McLean, VA

Karen Messer

Specialization: Weight Loss
Ashburn, VA

Kate Alie, MS, RDN, Pn1

Richmond, VA

Kate Frick

Blacksburg, VA

Kate Fylstra

Norfolk, VA

Kate Green

Specialization: Macronutrient Diets
Lynchburg, VA

Kathleen Evey Walters

Specialization: Nutrition for busy executives and busy moms
Arlington, VA

Kayla Ferrell

Winchester, VA

Kelli G. Robinson

Specialization: Fitness and Nutrition Coaching, Healthy Meal Planning and Preparation, Small Group Training
Warrenton, VA

Kelly Chance

Specialization: Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Mass, Pregnancy Nutrition
Warrenton, VA

Kelly Six, CF-L1, Pn1

Roanoke, VA

Kelsey Robarts

Specialization: Sports and fitness nutrition, pre- and postpartum nutrition, health nutrition.
Virginia Beach, VA

Kenneth Warlick, Ph.D

Specialization: Nutritional coaching, individualization, body building, fat loss, the aging athlete, goal setting, consistency.
Fairfax, VA

Kim Holloway

Newport News, VA

Kimberly R Glass, RN, ISSA PT

Ashland, VA

Kimberly Ryan

Springfield, VA

Kirstie Lee Pomaranski

Specialization: Corrective Exercise Specialist
Alexandria, VA

Kirstin M. Schmidt

Specialization: Athlete Nutrition
Alexandria, VA

Kurtis Tobias

Lynchburg, VA

Kyle Estep

Specialization: Crossfit, Athletes
Fredericksburg, VA

Kyle Robertson

Specialization: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Personal Training, Fat Loss, Weight Gain, Olympic Lifting Coach
virginia beach, VA

Laura J. Pilchuk

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Competition Cuts, CrossFit L-2 Trainer, Strongman Certified, USAW L1
Sterling, VA

Lauren Hopkins

Alexandria, VA

Lauren Peters

Woodbridge, VA

Leigh A Hoyt

Specialization: Confidence, posture, core, Pre/Post natal
Vienna, VA

Leslie Graboyes

Fincastle, VA

Linda Warner

Winchester, VA

Lisa A. Quinn

Alexandria, VA

Lisa Frye

Palmyra, VA

Lisa Gaskin, MAJ/Army Ret, RN/BSN, MS ExSci '17, CPT, CISSN, Pn1, CSAC, PPPT

Specialization: Strength Training & Conditioning, Speed/Agility, Prenatal/Pregnancy/Postparum, Transformation, Stage/Show Preparation, Sports Nutrition, College Preparation for HS Athletes
Woodbridge, VA

Lisa Hillstrom

Warrenton, VA

Lisa Pulley, B.S., CPT, CES, Pn1

Specialization: Hypertrophy training
Fairfax, VA

Lisa Zawacki, NASM CPT, Pn1

Specialization: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Group Personal Training Specialist, Fitness Nutrition
Alexandria, VA

Lori Harpring

Centreville, VA

Lori Thompson-Popper

Ashburn, VA

Lyndsey Mercier Smith

Falls Church, VA

Lynn Witten, SFG

Specialization: gentle strength training
Suffolk, VA

Lynne M. Stevenson

Leesburg, VA

Maggie D. Tincher

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching, Fat Loss, Mass Gain
Herndon, VA

Marc A Aarons

Alexandria, VA

Marc Genberg

Specialization: Cycling
Falls Church, VA

Maria S. Pellini

Specialization: Fitness and Wellness
Sterling, VA

Maria Smith

Stafford, VA

Mark A Reinke

Specialization: Fat loss and performance nutrition
Richmond, VA

Martin Thompson

Vienna, VA

Matthew J Augustine

Specialization: Lean Body Mass Gains, and Body Fat Loss for current and aspiring bodybuilders
Centerville, VA

Matthew R. Lewis

Specialization: Weight loss, health management, Muscle hypertrophy, blood pressure and blood sugar control

Matthew Rackiewicz

Vienna, VA

Matthew Slachetka

Specialization: Sports Performance
WIlliamsburg, VA

Max Berkheimer

McLean, VA

Melanie Rowland

Specialization: Bio Chemistry, Food Science, CrossFit level 2, Yoga Instructor, 200RYT
Alexandria, VA

Melissa Kwaiser-DeKalita, ATC

Specialization: Nutrition for Gymnasts, Nutrition for Athletes
McLean, VA

Michael (Mike) Wrey, MS, CSCS

Specialization: Fitness and Performance Training, Fitness Biz Consulting
Herndon, VA

Michael Link

Specialization: General fitness, weight loss, senior fitness
Winchester , VA

Michele Douglas

Specialization: Functional strength training, nutrition coaching, habit change, mobility work,
Purcellville, VA

Michelle N. Guerrero

Specialization: Nutrition, Weight Loss
Alexandria, VA

Mike Metheny

Leesburg, VA

Morgan Foster

Specialization: Sports Performance
Charlottesville, VA

Mylene Thomas

Ashburn, VA

Nandini Arora

Specialization: Weight loss, preserving bone density,muscle gainz for vegetarians

Natasha Frisk

Specialization: womens and childerens fitness and nutritional wellness
Warrenton, VA

Nathaniel Ryan Hogge

newport news, VA

Nellie Friesen, RN

Specialization: Macro Counting, Pre/Postnatal Nutrition
Fairfax, VA

Nicholas Jackson, PharmD

Norton, VA

Noelle M. Holmes

Specialization: Common sense fitness and nutrition for everyday people.
Vienna, VA

Owen O'Hara

Specialization: Fat Loss, Strength/Muscle Gain, Physique Enhancement
Alexandria, VA

Pete Hurgronje

Specialization: Tactical Athlete, Lacrosse Players
Woodbridge, VA

Ramzi Dridi

Falls Church, VA

Rebecca Lehnert

Charlottesville, VA

Rebecca Machtemes

Specialization: Fat loss, Busy moms, older population
Centreville, VA

Richard A. Cordle

Richmond, VA

Robin A. Hammond, MPH, CPT, GEI

Specialization: Personal Training, Small Group Training, Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness and Nutrition
Portsmouth, VA

Robin Ellenberger

Portsmouth, VA

Robyn Sadowski

Specialization: People who are 20-50 lbs overweight
Chesterfield, VA

Ron Nigel Yorrick Jr., CPT, Pn2

Specialization: nutrition for transformation, fat loss, executive coaching
Centreville, VA

Roy Hessner

Specialization: CrossFit performance nutrition
Fredericksburg, VA

Russell Moore

Manassas , VA

Samantha Bowman

Specialization: Body Fat analysis, weightloss, weightlifting for women
Lorton , VA

Samantha Trainum

Arlington, VA

Sara Silvestro, CPT, PN1

Specialization: Certified Personal Trainer through NASM
Virginia Beach, VA

Sarah Dormon

Specialization: weight loss, strength and conditioning
Midlothian, VA

Sarah R. Mills

Specialization: Performance Nutrition, Small and Large Group Nutrition Programs
Herndon, VA

Scott Blank

Specialization: CPT, HKC, TRX
Glen Allen, VA

Sean Leach

Ashburn, VA

Shane Zuiker, CSCS, Pn1, FMS, NASM-CPT

Specialization: Post-Rehabilitation, Movement Quality
Centreville, VA

Shaun Hutchinson, MBA, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, Pn1

Arlingtion, VA

Shea Whitney Grannell

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Fitness Plans, Pre-pregnancy-pregnancy-postpartum support,Health support, Athletic Nutrition support
lynchburg, VA

Sherri Mitchell

Haymarket, VA

Sibyl Smith

Specialization: Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching & Graphic Design
Hampton Roads, VA

Simone Nicole Woody, NASM CPT, Pn1

Suffolk, VA

Siri L. Sitton, MS, CPT, PN1

Boyce, VA

Somers Stephenson

Specialization: Behavioral change coaching
Forest, VA

Sophie DeHenzel

Specialization: In Home Personal Training + Nutrition Coaching
Ashburn, VA

Spencer Nadolsky DO

Specialization: Obesity and Family Medicine
Olney, VA

Stephanie A. Segretto

Specialization: special diets, overall wellness
Ashburn, VA

Stephanie Miller Mendes

Specialization: Perimenapausal & Postmenapausal Weight Maintenace/Loss

Stephanie R Peterson

Alexandria, VA

Stephanie Seeley-Wickliffe

Specialization: Pregnancy Nutrition (pre, during, & post pregnancy); Weight Loss; Strength Gains; Eating Disorder Recovery
Burke, VA

Stephanie Watkins, NASM-CPT, CES, Pn1

Specialization: General Population Health and Fitness, Athletic Performance, Pre/Post Pregnancy
Fairfax, VA

Stephen Burgett

Specialization: Body Composition Improvement (Fat Loss/Muscle Gain) , Sports Performance Nutrition,
Arlington, VA

Steve Fullerton

Specialization: Low Carb Diets and SuperSlow Resistance Training

Steven Glamcevski, MS, CSCS, USAW, FMS Level 2, Pn1

Alexandria, VA

Tabitha Roach

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain
Leesburg , VA

Tara Lee

Warrenton, VA

Thavy Mills

Ashburn, VA

Tiffany L. Samuelson

Norfolk, VA

Tina Milillo

Specialization: Weight loss, Healthy & Functional Lifestyles
Virginia Beach, VA

Tom Oates

Arlington, VA

Toni L. Couture, ACSM CPT

Vienna, VA

Tyler Davies

Lynchburg, VA

Tyrone McCray

Specialization: Performance Enhancement, weight manipulation, body sculpting
Lynchburg , VA

Whitney Churchill

Chesapeake, VA

Whitney Lockwood

Specialization: Sport Performance, Competition Prep
Virginia Beach, VA

Zach Justice, NASM, Pn1

Specialization: Sports Performance & Nutrition
Alexandria, VA

Zachary Hackerson

Specialization: Fat loss, strength training, powerlifting, athletic performance


Aaron Dixon

Specialization: Kettlebell, Strength, Fat Loss, Clinical Wt. Management, Sport Specific, Martial Arts

Aimee Livingston

Specialization: Fat Loss, Strength Training, Pregnancy Fitness
Liberty Lake, WA

Alex Cain, NASM - CPT, CES, PES; FMS; PN1

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning for Athletes and General Population
Kirkland, WA

Alex Keough M.A., M.S., SCCC, CSCS

Specialization: Sports Performance Training
Seattle, WA

Alexis Zibolis, PFT, PN1

Specialization: Weight Loss and Bodybuilding Competition Coaching
Bellevue, WA

Alissa Manno

Kelso, WA

Ally Baker

Kennewick, WA

Alyssa Jackson

Bellingham, WA

Amanda Brown

Spokane Valley, WA

Amber Roberson

Specialization: Bikini competitors, bodybuilding, amateur boxing, pregnant women, post-pregnancy weight loss
Seattle, WA

Amy Gorey

Specialization: Teaching moms to restore energy
Bellevue, WA

Amy L. Locati

Specialization: Nutrition Coach, Crossfit Trainer/Owner, Macro Counting, fat loss, muscle gain, mindset, nutritional behavior/habit changes, competition prep.
Walla Walla, WA

Amy N McClimans

Specialization: Nutrition Coach, Crossfit Trainer/Owner
Seattle , WA

Andrea Roscoe

Specialization: Weight/Fat loss, Muscle gain, Nutritional programming, Group training, & Workout programming
Sammamish, WA, WA

Angela Bulanda

Specialization: Individual Design Programming

Anne Knodel, LMP

Port Orchard , WA

Anne Rene Parsons, RN, BSN

Specialization: Chronic Helth Conditions and Obesity
Spokane, WA

Annelise DiGiacomo, ACSM EP-C, Pn1

Issaquah, WA

Annette Williams

Specialization: Weight loss, cycling nutrition & conditioning
Kenmore, WA

Anthony Micheles

Specialization: Body Recomposition
Silverdale , WA

Ashley Nard

Bonney Lake, WA

Ben Matlak, MS, CSCS, FMS

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle/Strength Gain, Post-Pregnancy
Bellevue, WA

Benjamin James

Specialization: Being Awesome!
Port Angeles, WA

Bennie Crocker, Pn1

Specialization: Post Partnum Nutrition, Weight Loss, 1-on-1 Personal Training
Spokane Valley, WA

Blaine Davidson

Specialization: Actualize Sports & Fitness is North Central Washington's Premier Performance Enhancement Training, Nutrition Coaching & Mental Achievement Coaching Center

Bonnie M. King

Specialization: Holistic nutrition; fighting diseases
Port Orchard, WA

Braden Hamilton

Lacey, WA

Brandi Ohlsen

Specialization: Corrective exercise, Small Group Training, Pilates, Nutrition, and Improved Sports Performance
Kirkland, WA

Brandon Wicks

Specialization: CrossFit Performance, Strongman Performance, Mass Gain, Losing fat while gaining strength.
Seattle, WA

Brandy Seal

Specialization: Lifestyle and Habits of sound nutrition
Bellevue, WA


Specialization: Athletic Performance

Brian Mather, DC

Spokane, WA

Brianne Pugh

Specialization: Female nutrition, fat loss, fertility nutrition, pregnancy nutrition, postpartum nutrition, infant and childhood nutrition
Bellingham, WA

Brittani Harris

Spokane , WA

Brittney Crist

Specialization: Exercise Prescription, Sports Nutrition, Lifestyle Management, Weight Loss, Gaining Muscle Mass, Core Strength
Seattle, WA

Brittney Reed

Richland, WA

Carlye Parascand

Specialization: Endurance Athletic Performance, Pregnancy Nutrition, Family Meal Planning
Tumwater, WA

Chavela Trumble

Specialization: Chronic Pain Management
Tacoma, WA

Cheryl Guthrie

Arlington, WA

Christa Kollman

Specialization: Personal training, group classes, nutrition coaching
Tacoma, WA

Christopher Todd Burgess

Steilacoom, WA

Cody Novak

Specialization: Endurance, lean muscle gain, metabolic efficiency
Kirkland, WA

Cody "Boom Boom" McBroom

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching, Body Transformations, Online Coaching, Physique and Performance Training
Seattle, WA

Colin Remillard

Specialization: Golf fitness
Auburn, WA

Courtenay Schurman, MS, CSCS

Specialization: Holistic whole-person, Post-PT, mountaineering conditioning, women in transition, over-45
Seattle, WA

Craig O'Hanlon

Specialization: Weight & BF Reduction, Ayurvedic Specialist, Certified Chef, Life Skills Coaching
Tacoma, WA

Crystal K Peterson

Colbert, WA

Dan Lao

Specialization: CrossFit, Sports Conditioning
Redmond, WA

Dana Gigler

Vancouver, WA

Daniel Carleton

Tacoma, WA

Danielle Hawkins

Specialization: CrossFit Level 1 trainer, CrossFit Strongman Trainer, CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer, Personal Trainer, Athlete
Spanaway, WA

Deborah Voss CPT, Pn1

Specialization: General fitness, wellness and athletic coaching
Kirkland, WA

DeOnte Jackson-Durden, NSCA-CPT

Specialization: Weight loss, muscle gain, performance
Renton, WA

Derek Barber

Specialization: holistic fitness and nutrition coaching
Vancouver, WA

Derek Decater, CSCS

Issaquah, WA

Derek Romano

Specialization: Golf Performance/Low back issues/weight loss
Camas, WA

Desiree Holt-Adams

Mercer Island, WA

Diana M. Patterson

Specialization: Lifestyle Health and Nutrition Coaching
Bellevue, WA

Drahoslav Milkovic PnL1

Specialization: Nutrition, Health Coach
Bellevue , WA

Elizabeth Johnson

Issaquah, WA

Emily Brand Haas

Specialization: Women's fitness, nutrition, and mindset
Kirkland, WA

Emily Stonecipher

Specialization: roller derby athletes

Eric Dagg

Seattle , WA

Eric Wylie

Specialization: Body Transformations, Women over 50, Fat Loss
Lakewood, WA

Eva Mercer

Specialization: Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach
Seattle, WA

Garrett Rolsma, BS, CSCS, USAW

Specialization: Sports Performance, Mass Gain, Weight Loss, Competition Prep.
Kirkland, WA

Geoff Lecovin, MS., DC., ND., L.Ac., CSCS., CISSN

Specialization: Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Wellness and Performance Enhancement
Kirkland, WA

Glory Green

Puyallup, WA

Gregory Svoboda

Specialization: Weight Loss. General Fitness.
Seattle, WA

Helle Ildhuso

Specialization: Weight Loss
Wenatchee, WA

Hillary Berg

Specialization: Weight Loss, Post Rehab training , Back pain, Endurance Training
Spokane, WA

Holly Boyce

Specialization: Cancer Survivors, New to Fitness, Kids/Family Fitness, Women's Bootcamps
Richland, WA

Jack Russell

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, and Kinesiology
Seattle, WA

Jackie Ellis

Bellingham, WA

Jacob Glass

Specialization: Weight Loss, Mass Gain, Competition Preparation
Oak Harbor, WA

James Hein

Specialization: Level-4 PICP Strength and Performance Coach, Bio-Signature Level 2 Practitioner, Weight Loss
Seattle, WA

James Y Itokazu

Specialization: Sports and Martial Arts
Seattle, WA

Jason Cobb

Sammamish, WA

Jason McWalter, CSCS

Specialization: Sports Performance
Seattle, WA

Jenalyn Bush

Specialization: food services, prenatal and postpartum health, game day nutrition and coaching
Bellingham, WA

Jenn Danner

Kirkland, WA

Jennifer Flagel

Specialization: Accountability
Renton, WA

Jennifer Sala

Issaquah, WA

Jennifer Waak

Seattle, WA

Jeremy Fry

Seattle, WA

Jeremy Sackett

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching, Weight loss, Fat loss, Health and Wellness, Strength Training
Bellevue, WA

Jesse T Henderson IV

Specialization: recovery, athlete specific
Spokane, WA

Jessica Keith

Specialization: Classical Pilates Instruction and nutrition
Snoqualmie, WA

Jessica Renon

Shoreline, WA

Joanna Pool

Specialization: weight loss, positive outlook
Seattle, WA

Joanna Pool

Specialization: weightloss
Seattle, WA

John Charles Armerding, CSCS

Specialization: Athletic performance and injury prevention
Vancouver, WA

Jon Chacon

Everett, WA

Jordan Shadle

Specialization: Athletic strength and performance
Puyallup, WA

Josh Martensen

Specialization: Functional Training, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Injury Prevention, Injury Rehab
Bellevue, WA

Joy Fodge

Specialization: Nutrition for injury and rehabilitation
Snohomish , WA

Julie Francis

Specialization: family nutrition coaching, young athlete sport nutrition coaching
Gig Harbor, WA

Kalina Hartliep, CPT, Pn1

University Place, WA

Karen Gach

Specialization: weightloss, performance, behavior-change
Redmond, WA

Karl Humble

Specialization: Healthy Eating & Behavior Change
Seattle, WA

Kasey Wilcox, B.S., Pn1

Walla Walla, WA

Kate L. Burton

Bothell, WA

Katherine Leonard

Specialization: Senior health and fitness
Woodinville, WA

Kathy Tassielli

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sport & Exercise Nutritionist
Snoqualmie, Washington, WA

Katie Mather

Specialization: Weight Loss
Bellevue, WA, WA

Katie Moriarty

Specialization: Function Fitness, Bodybuilding, Fat Loss
Tacoma, WA

Katy Murray

Specialization: Weight loss, Muscle Gain
Chehalis, WA

Kerri Baker

Specialization: Women over 30, Female Hormones, Post Fitness competition weight management, Body Image, Digestive Disturbances
Redmond, WA

Kevin Weatherill

Specialization: Weight loss, Strategic Lifestyle Development Skills
Bellingham, WA

Kimberly Paige McMartin

Specialization: Cognitive-behavioral approach to healthy lifestyle
North Bend, WA

Kirsten McCormick, CSCS, RYT, PN1

Seattle, WA

KS Shabazz, CPT, PN1

Seattle, WA

Kyle Sammons

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Sports Performance Nutrition
Seattle, WA

Leigh Ann Wolfe

Seattle, WA

Leon Aldrich

Tacoma, WA

Leslie Snyder

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching, Athlete Nutrition, Vegan/Vegetarian Nutrition, Corporate Wellness, Personal Training, Health Coaching, Medical Exercise Specialist
Walla Walla, WA

Lisa Magnuson

Newcastle, WA

Lucy G Liang

Specialization: Fat loss, strength gain, stress management
Seattle, WA

Mac Brooks CSCS

Specialization: Movement Coach, Baseball, Speed, Weight loss, Performance
Renton, WA

Mackennon Klink

Seattle, WA

Mallory N Long

Specialization: Online nutritional coaching focusing on tracking macros
Chehalis, WA

Marco P. Candido

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning

Maria Dalzot, M.S., R.D.N.

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Bellingham, WA

Marissa Lyons

Tacoma, WA

Mary Hable

Specialization: sustainable awesome health
Seattle, WA

Matthew Haverly




Meagan Lindquist

Seattle, WA

Meghan Ramos

Seattle, WA

Melissa Rourke

Fircrest, WA

Micah Faas

Specialization: Weight loss, sport-specific nutrition
Bellevue, WA

Michael Beck

Specialization: Sports Conditioning, Sports Nutrition, & Athletic Development
Kennewick, WA

Michael James Frank, MS, MBA, DTR, CSCS, CES, PES, Pn2

Specialization: corrective exercise, performance enhancement, nutrition
Auburn, WA

Michelle Ohlson

Specialization: Triathlon/Endurance athletes, pregnancy, weight loss
Kirkland, WA

Michelle Reed CPT, PN2

Specialization: General wellbeing, stress recovery, athletic performance, pregnancy
Vashon, WA

Mike MacKenzie, MS, CSCS, SFG II, FMS, Pn2

Bremerton, WA

Miles Sanchez

Specialization: Fat loss and lean mass
Federal Way , WA

Mirielle Reyes

Specialization: Weight Loss, Athlete Nutrition
Richland, WA

Natalie George

Specialization: weight loss, fat loss, gaining muscle
Bainbridge Island, WA

Ned Cross

Stanwood, WA

Nicholas John Nakis

Specialization: Personal Training, CrossFit, Yoga, Nutrition Coaching
Mount Vernon, WA

Nicholas Koller

Specialization: Fat loss
Seattle , WA

Nick Miller

Specialization: Elite and Professional athletes, Special Operations soldiers, Emergency and Law enforcement personnel, CrossFit athletes, Power Sport athletes, Power lifting, Olympic/Weight lifting and Physique
Fall city , WA

Nicole Picknell

Specialization: Holistic health coaching/athletic performance/meal planning/show prep/healing nutrition/supplement recommendation/blood panel analysis
Lynnwood and Mountlake Terrace Area /Seattle Area, WA

Nicole Picknell

Specialization: Nutiritonal therapy/meal plans. athletic performance meal plans/Clean eating, body building and figure diets
lynnwood, WA

Nikki Strong RD, Pn2

Specialization: Post Natal Nutrition
Spokane , WA

Paul Stoermer

Specialization: Personal Fitness Training
University Place, WA

Paula Stiles DPT, OCS

Specialization: wellness, injury rehabilitation/prevention, fueling for endurance sports
Liberty Lake, WA

Peter Clark

Spokane, WA

Rachel Carey DeBusk

Specialization: coaching lifestyle change, running, triathlons, nutrition
Seattle, WA

Rasun Hargrett, Bach Ex Sci

Specialization: Functional Fitness, Wellness
seattle, WA

Raymond K Louie

Specialization: corrective exercise/functional movement
Seattle, WA

Rebecca Brown

Sammamish, WA

Rebekah Rogers

Specialization: Sports and Exercise Nutrition
Seabeck , WA

Renae McCloud

Bainbridge Island, WA

Renee' Wathen

Specialization: Auto Immune Nutrition/disorders
Sammamish, WA

Rick Fernandez

Renton, WA

Robin Pelton

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Silverdale, WA

Ronda Giust

Specialization: Corrective Exercise Specialist
Bothell, WA

Roxy Turner

Specialization: Weight Loss, Corrective Exercise
Seattle, WA

Samantha Conzatti

Specialization: Delivering a basic nutritional foundation with flexible dieting for athletes of all ages and abilities and macronutrient counting for specific goals.
Chehalis , WA

Sandi Silagi

Specialization: Be your everyday athlete at every age.
Vashon Island, WA

Scott Murphy

Kennewick, WA

Shasonta Delmage

Specialization: Women 35+, Beginners, Renewed Interest, Functional Fitness and Nutrition
Bellingham, WA

Shauna Laura Treseder

Specialization: Motherhood fitness
Vancouver , WA

Shirley Chung

University Place, WA

Siri Gese

Puyallup, WA

Stephanie Gray, BSN, Pn1, CES

Wenatchee, WA

Steven Hicks, CSCS

Specialization: Weight Loss. Athletic Performance. General Health and Wellness
Seattle, WA

Steven Thibert

Specialization: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Exercise Nutrition
Auburn, WA

Tammi Flynn, MS, RD, CSCS, PN1

Specialization: Sports nutrition, weight loss
Wenatchee, WA

Tanner McAuliffe

Specialization: Weight loss, corrective exercise, strength training
Seattle, WA

Taylor Kiser

puyallup, WA

Tiffany Nation

Specialization: Clinical pharmacy and medication management, CrossFit coach, nutrition expertise
Walla Walla, WA

Timothy Moore

Specialization: Performance
Seattle, WA

Tina Schumacher

Specialization: Women's body fat loss
Ferndale , WA

Tonia Boze

Bellingham , WA

Travis Adena

Bainbridge Island, WA

Wesley Edge

Specialization: Kettlebell/Barbell Instruction
Vancouver, WA

William Brookreson

Specialization: Athletic performance and nutrition coaching for sport
Tumwater, WA

Willow Newborn

Vancouver , WA

West Virginia

Bobby Jarvis

Specialization: Physical Preparation, Athletic Performance
Martinsburg, WV

Christopher Armel, MS CSCS Pn1

Specialization: Sports Performance, Sports Nutrition, Weight lifting, Weight loss, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
Martinsburg, WV

Jeremy Dosier

Specialization: Fat loss
Scott Depot, WV

McKenzie D. Correll

Specialization: Weight management, gut-healing, stress related eating
Martinsburg, WV

Michele Blake

Specialization: tired women
Huntington, WV


Aaron Zamzow

Specialization: Firefighter Fitness, Rescue Fitness, Fire-ground Fitness
Madison, WI

Alan M. Harris

Milwaukee, WI

Alex Rosencutter

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Wauwatosa, WI

Alexander Cushman, B.S.

Specialization: Endurance performance

Alicia Valleskey

Specialization: Running Strong, Pre/Post-Natal, Optimal Lifestyle
Lake Geneva, WI

Alison Westphal

Glendale, WI

Amanda Hopkins, M.A., M.Ed., CSCS

Eau Claire, WI

Ambrose WB

Specialization: Behavior Modification
Milwaukee, WI

Becky Feucht

Specialization: Certified Personal Trainer
West Bend, WI

Bob Womcik

Specialization: Multi sport, and elderly lifestyle change.
Eldorado, WI

Brandon Berna

Glendale, WI

Brandon Rogers

Milwaukee, WI

Breanna McKenny

Specialization: Kickboxing fitness
Appleton, WI

Brenda Mundt

West Bend, WI

Brent Hurlbert, CSCS

Specialization: Functional fitness, weight loss, resistance training, pregnancy
Fitchburg, WI

Brooke Weiss, Pn1

Eau Claire, WI

Chris Aiello

Specialization: Personal Training, Massage Therapy, CrossFit, Weight Loss, Performance
Milwaukee, WI

Claire Bush

Specialization: Plant-based nutrition, vegetarian, vegan, transitioning to plant-based lifestyle
Sussex, WI

Colleen Baughn, OTR, CES, Pn1

Specialization: Nutrition and lifestyle coaching for chronic disease management
Milwaukee, WI

Courtney Ford

Green Bay, WI

Dan Wiktorek

Specialization: Strength Coach specializing in training athletes of all levels, with an emphasis in basketball and volleyball (Level 3 PICP National Coach) Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist
Brookfield, WI

Dan Zwirlein

Big Bend, WI

Daniel A. Schaefer II

Specialization: Athletic Performance
Madison, WI

Dawn Jesko

Oak Creek , WI

Derek Beyer

Specialization: I specialize in corrective exercise, pain relief, functional movement strength training, core strengthening, flexibility training, balance training and of course habit-based nutrition coaching for the general population.
Marshall, WI

Derek Fredrichs

Specialization: Physique Transformation
Port Washington, WI

Derek Lahti

Appleton, WI

Dustin Chronister

Lake Tomahawk , WI

Elizabeth Wergin, DPT

Specialization: Physical Therapy, Kids Strength
Manitowoc, WI

Emily O'Connor

La Crosse, WI

Eric Lord

Middleton, WI

Ginny Haupt, ACE, TRX Certified

Mequon, WI

Greg Smith

Specialization: 1 on 1 training, small group training, nutrition
Fitchburg, WI

Heather Anderson, Pn1

Specialization: Whole Health Nutrition, Fitness nutrition, beginning your health journey coaching
DeForest, WI

Heather J. LaFond

Specialization: Weight-loss, Muscle Gain, Weight-Maintenance, Ketogenic Lifestyle, Bio-Hacking
Manitowoc, WI

Heather Trevarthen

Green Bay, WI

Isaac Wirtz

Specialization: Lean Mass Building, Athletic performance, Injury recovery
Madison, WI

Jacob Frias

Specialization: Overall Health and Wellness
Port Washington, WI

Janet Heiner

Specialization: Holistic
Waupaca, WI

Jason Nevin

Specialization: Sports Performance
Verona, WI

Jesse Wiesner, B.S. Kinesiology, CSCS, CrossFit Level 1, USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coachm NSCA-CPT

Specialization: Helping you reach your goals!
Eau Claire, WI

Jo Chern

Specialization: Medical Exercise & Orthopedic Exercise
Monona, WI

John Moder

Superior, WI

Jon Hubbard

West Allis, WI

Jon Hubbard, B.S., CF-L1, Pn2


Joni Shavlik

Specialization: Weight loss, Pilates, Joint Health
Manitowoc, WI

Jordan Rudolph

Specialization: Fat loss, Movement, Golf Performance
La Crosse, WI

Jordan "Jai" Hyler

Specialization: Fat loss, lean muscle gain, general health and wellness, obese population, athletes
De Forest, WI

Josh Conlon, MS, CSCS, CES, Pn1

Specialization: Integrated approach with seamless communication between physical therapy and strength training
Fox Point, WI

Josh Thiermann

Specialization: Wellness
Stoughton, WI

Joshua Stanisch, NASM CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Weight Loss, Powerlifting, Strongman
Milwaukee, WI

Justin Seely

Specialization: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain
Oconomowoc, WI

Karen Berenson

Specialization: NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
Milwaukee, WI

Karen Bluhm

Specialization: Mid Life Nutrition; Women and Hormones
Delavan, WI

Kathryn Howard CPT

Specialization: Body/Mindset Transformation
Kenosha, WI

Kellen Milad

Specialization: Natural movement, lifestyle-based health integration
Milwaukee, WI, WI

Kelly Ramirez

Racine, WI

Ken Wozniak

Specialization: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Certified Kettlebell Trainer, Weight Loss, Herbalife Nutrition Coach and Group Fitness
Waukesha, WI

Kortney Karnok

Specialization: Diet-binge cycle / Intuitive Eating
Beloit, WI

Kristen Ekiss M.Ed

Specialization: Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, Certified Health Educator, Corrective Exercise, Mobility, Trigger Point Master Trainer, TRX, Functional Movement Systems, Military, Law Enforcement, Faith-Based Coaching
Waukesha, WI

Lisa Buechner, ACE, ISSA & PN2 Certified

Specialization: Individualized & Group Strength Training, Empowering Women to Feel Comfortable & Appreciate their Strength in the Weight Room, Lifestyle Changes Through Daily Habit Modifications,
Oregon, WI

Liza Margelofsky

Specialization: GFI, PES, Fitness Center Director
Bonduel, WI

Liza Margelofsky, GFI, PES

Bonduel, WI

Lori Laufenberg

Platteville, WI

Lucas W. Boyer

Specialization: NASM CPT, Crossfit L1/Gymnastics/Mobility, ACSM EIM 1
River Falls, WI

Luke Briggs

Specialization: mass gain, fat loss
Madison, WI

Maria Griffin

Specialization: Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Wellness Coach, Senior Fitness, Nutrition Coach,
Fort Atkinson, WI

Melissa Green, MS

Eleva, WI

Melissa Johnson

Baldwin, WI

Mike Thorin

Fond du Lac, WI

Natalie Rehn

Madison, WI

Nichole Sherman

Osceola, WI

Nicole Goodno Pn1

Specialization: Flexible Dieting | Health & Wellness On-line Fitness Coach | Bodybuilding | Youth Sports | General Nutrition Coaching | Healthy Habits Educator | Group Fitness | Beginners | P90x, Insanity & Piyo Certified Live Instructor
Franklin, WI

Noel Brue

Brookfield , WI

Olivia Houben, CPT, Pn1

Madison, WI

Patricia Fasciotti DPT, MSPT, CSCS, STC, RYT

Specialization: Weight loss for women/moms >35, nutrition for the healing process
Brookfield, WI

Paul Saevre

Madison, WI


Specialization: Weight Loss, Gaining Lean Muscle, Sport Specific Strength Training, Olympic Lifting
Hudson, WI

Rachel Lubarsky

Waukesha, WI

Renee Zernicke

Specialization: Sports Performance, Body Composition
Madison, WI

RJ Beam

Specialization: Weight loss. Employee wellness for Police, Fire, EMS and dispatchers.
Greenville, WI

Ryan A. Carow

Appleton, WI

Ryan Arthur Carow

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Fat-Loss, Strength
Little Chute, WI

Ryan Bloor

Specialization: Weight Loss Through Lifestyle Change Tactics
Waukesha, WI

Ryan Dart

Green Bay, WI

Ryan Toshner

Specialization: Nutrition & private/group training services for sport, pre/post-natal, & weight-management
Brookfield, WI

Sam Goldner

Milwaukee, WI

Sam Wallace

Specialization: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Lifestyle, Mind-body Connection
Milwaukee, WI

Sandy Wiedmeyer

Specialization: Physique Competition Prep Services
Bristol, WI

Sarah Norton

Madison, WI

Sarah Robers

Kenosha, WI

Sheri Gaber, CPT, CAFS

Specialization: Introducing women to benefits of weight training.
Rhinelander, WI

Stacey Schulz

Evansville, WI

Susan Noel

Fort Atkinson, WI

Taylor McQuillin

Specialization: Strength & muscle building as well as athletic conditioning and fat loss
west allis, WI

Taylor Thomley

Specialization: Behavior Change Coaching
Eau Claire, WI

Tukker Gierach

Specialization: Weight loss, weight gain, post college healthy habits
Menasha, WI

Wendy Stroik

Specialization: Personal training, nutrition coaching and counseling, weight lifting form and technique, creating goal based workout programs, health coaching, body fat analysis, life balance counseling, behavior change facilitation.
Wausau, WI

William Freidig, Pn1; CFSC; NASM-PES

Specialization: Industrial Health & Wellness
Madison, WI


Abby Pollock, B.ASc.

Specialization: Transformation
Cheyenne, WY

Allison Lenz

Jackson, WY

Dr. Erin M. Nitschke, NSCA-CPT, ACE Health Coach & Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Pn1

Sheridan, WY

Heather Herr

Gillette, WY

Jesseca Cross

Specialization: New and Elite Athlete Nutritional Detoxification and Enhanced Sport Performance
Powell, WY

Kassie Lesco

Specialization: CrossFit, Performance Nutrition
Casper , WY

Lisa Williams

Specialization: Personal and group fitness; nutrition
Lusk, WY

Melissa Lovett

Cheyenne, WY

Natalya Colvin

Specialization: Fat Loss nutrition,
Rock Springs, WY

Rachel Gunn Carr

Specialization: Gym owner and Head Coach, M.Ed. Health Promotion and Wellness Management, B.A. Human Development, CF-L2, CF Gymnastics, CF Football, CF Weightlifting, USAW Advanced Sports Performance Coach
Laramie, WY

Sarah Remacle

Specialization: Master Trainer, Master Educator, Program Design, Sedentary to Athlete Training
Riverton, WY



Sylvia Carl, NSCA-CPT, CYT, Pn1

Specialization: Owner of Ananda Health and Wellness Center, specializing in trauma informed yoga, injuries, yoga for stiffer bodies, weight loss.
Lander, WY

Terrence Johnson




Aaron Bold

Specialization: Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, Sports Specific Performance, General Health
Edmonton, AB

Adam Craig

Specialization: Athletic Training & Nutrition
Brooks, AB

Alan Richter BScKin, MScPT

Edmonton, AB

Alejandro cena

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning
Calgary , AB

Alex Derkach

Specialization: Weight loss specialist
Calgary, AB

Alex Graham

Medicine Hat, AB

Alex Whamond

Specialization: Strength, conditioning and Nutrition
Calgary, AB

Alexia Bell, ACSM CPT

Specialization: Sports specific training
Calgary , AB

Alicia Thistlethwaite, BKin, CSEP-CEP, Pn1

Calgary, AB

Allan Hussey

Specialization: Weight Loss
Calgary, AB

Alyssia DeWolfe

Specialization: fat loss, athletic/sport nutrition, pregnancy nutrition
Medicine Hat, AB

Amanda Yaggey

Edmonton, AB

Amber Allen

Specialization: Obstacle Course Racing
Calgary, AB

Ana Sotelo

Edmonton, AB

Andrew Barnes

Specialization: nutrition, performance and weight loss
Calgary, AB

Andrew Greenidge

Stony Plain, AB

Angela McKiernan

Specialization: Personal Training, Indoor Cycling, Pilates
Three Hills, AB

Anna Nefedova, MSc, CPT

Specialization: Fat loss, Injury prevention and recovery, Stress and pain management
Fort McMurray, AB

Anne Garrido


Annette Milbers

Specialization: nutrition Coach, weight loss, sports performance
Calgary, AB

Ashlee McIlvena

Calgary, AB

Ashleigh McLerie

Calgary, AB

Ashley Comeau

Specialization: Weight loss
Edmonton, AB

Ashley Martin

Specialization: Pregnancy/Prenatal /Postnatal/Breastfeeding Nutrition
Calgary, AB

Ashley Stasiewich

Edmonton, AB

Barrett Donovan BKin, PICP Level 3, Biosignature Practitioner Level 2

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Athletic Development
Calgary, AB

Bill Tillapaugh

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Calgary, AB

Bill Tillapaugh

Specialization: Nutrition Consulating and Individual Program Design
Calgary, AB

Blake Towsley

Medicine Hat, AB

Bonnie Lang

Specialization: lifestyle/habit change, fat loss, motivation
Calgary, AB

Brandon Schulmeister

Red Deer, AB

Brandy Schroeder

Specialization: IIFYM, Flexible dieting, Reverse dieting, transformations, disordered eating
Leduc, AB

Brendan Hill

Specialization: Fine tuning dietary habits to maintain a lean and sustainable body
Edmonton, AB

Brenden Barton BA, BSc, Rkin, CSCS

Specialization: Orthopedic and Chronicn Disease Rehabilitation and Prevention
Cold Lake, AB

Brian Peterson

Specialization: Weight Loss
Hythe, AB

Brittany White

Specialization: High Performance Athletes
Edmonton, AB

Brittney Patterson

fox creek, AB

Brooke Larsh

Specialization: plant based diets, crossfit, health optimization
Calgary, AB

Camila Colazo

Specialization: Weight loss, Muscle gain, Powerlifters, Lifestyle chanes
Edmonton, AB

Carla Rand

Specialization: Weight Loss Exercise and Nutrition
Yellowhead County, AB

Carolyn Box

Specialization: Strength and body re composition
Edmonton, AB

Caylee Vogel

Specialization: Exercise, sport specific, and weight loss nutrition
Lethbridge, AB

Chad Lewis

Canmore, AB

Charmayne Lewis

Calgary , AB

Chelsea Schroeder

Specialization: Women's health, strength training, corrective exercise and pre and postnatal exercise
Spruce Grove, AB

Chemaine Linnie

Specialization: Long term weight loss, addressing underlying health issues, brain health optimization. Thyroid support specialist.
Airdrie, AB

Cheryl Ritzen

Specialization: Weight Loss & Muscle Building
Lethbridge , AB

Chris Fansher

Calgary, AB

Christina Ollivier

Calgary, AB

Christine Filewich

Edmonton, AB

Christine Goode

Calgary, AB

Christopher Campbell

Specialization: Fat loss, Mass gain, and Sports Performance
Calgary, AB

Christy Van Vliet

Specialization: Women, including prenatal and postpartum
Edmonton, AB

Claude Baker (Jr.), BSc.Kin, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Power production, Strength gain, fat loss, flexibility/mobility
St. Albert, AB

Claudia Marshall

Specialization: Weight Loss, Energy and Performance, Pregnancy and Kids Nutrition.
Calgary , AB

Clayton Nielsen

Specialization: weight loss, work life balance, building stronger humans
Red Deer, AB

Clyde Hoddinott

Specialization: Muscle gain, Body transformation
Calgary, AB

Cody Pringle

Specialization: Lifestyle Fitness for women
Spruce Grove, AB

Colby Jenkins

Specialization: Nutrition Coach
Pincher Creek, AB

Colby Sutton

Calgary, AB

Connie Phillips

Devon, AB

Coralee Peters

Specialization: Women 40+, Menopause (plus peri & post menopause)
Calgary, AB

Corey Turnbull

Jasper, AB

Cory Harbidge

Specialization: Weight loss
Cochrane, AB

Cory Martin

Specialization: Standard weight training, Mass Gaining, Competition Prep
Lethbridge, AB

Dani Jaques

Edmonton , AB

Danielle Martin

St.Paul, AB

Danielle McKee


Danielle Radvak

Pincher Creek, AB

Darcey Garrington

Leduc , AB

Dawn A. Byford

Specialization: Certified Holistic Nutritional Practitioner; Plant-based professional cook
Banff, AB

Dayton Foster

Calgary , AB

Debora Sousa

Specialization: Nutrition, Fitness & Mindset coaching
Calgary, AB

Densa Chan

Specialization: Weight Loss, Bodybuilding, Competition Prep Coach, Post Rehab, Life Coach
Calgary, AB

Dionne Boutcher

Specialization: "family nutrition", "pre/post pregnancy", "older adult", "menopause", "athlete"
Grande Prairie, AB

Don Feser

Sherwood Park, AB

Donna Schellenberg, CSEP-CPT

Specialization: healthy lifestyle, weight loss, wellness
Lloydminster, AB

Dr Les Davidson

Specialization: Metabolic syndrome, PCOS,
Calgary, AB

Dustin J. Blackmore

Specialization: Corrective Exercise
Lethbridge, AB

Elaine Greene

Specialization: Women's weight loss, personal training and nutrition coaching
Calgary, AB

Elaine Huba

Specialization: Strength Development & High Intensity Training
Calgary, AB

Eldridge Abat

Specialization: Weight Loss, Physique Contest Prep
Calgary, AB

Elizabeth Potter

Lethbridge, AB

Emily Stearns

Specialization: Personal Training
Okotoks , AB

Eric Michael

Specialization: Nutrition for a better quality of life!
Calgary , AB

Erik Hogan BSc (Kin)

Specialization: Competitive Swimming Recovery Nutrition
Calgary, AB

Erin N. Kathan

Edmonton, AB

Erin Ray

Beaverlodge, AB

Ethan Allan Rabby

Specialization: Mass gain
St.albert, AB

Ethan Wollmann

Edmonton, AB

Frankie Monhay

Specialization: Weight Loss, Beginners, Mobility, Life Coaching
Calgary, AB

Gail Funk

Canmore, AB

Garen Drummond

Specialization: Mass gain, weight loss
Airdrie, AB

Garrett Genge

Edmonton, AB

Gayle Ellis

Specialization: fitness life and nutritional coaching
Calgary, AB

Genevieve Hofman

Specialization: weight loss, competition prep
Lethbridge, AB

Gillian Hagg

Calgary, AB

Gino Suarez

Calgary, AB

Gisele Purdy

Calgary, AB

Graham Doody

Specialization: CrossFit and Endurance Athletes
Edmonton, AB

Greg Thaczuk

Specialization: Weight loss, performance nutrition
Canmore, AB

Hannah Ruth Sarah-Joy Hayes

Specialization: Weight Loss/Muscle Gain
Edmonton, AB

Heather Croke, PN1

Specialization: healthy lifestyle, fitness nutrition

Heidi Jackson

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Lethbridge , AB

Ian G Bennett

Specialization: Student-Athletes, sport of fitness, athletic performance
Lethbridge, AB

Isabelle Hache

Calgary, AB

Jacey Harris

Pincher Creek, AB

James Gaida

Specialization: Maximizing Health, Fat Loss & Muscle Gain
Calgary, AB

James Phillips

Calgary, AB

Jamie Burke

Lacombe, AB

Jamie Leavitt

Specialization: Body Recomposition, Muscle Gain, Fat loss, Beginner level contest prep
Calgary, AB

Jane Beckett

Carstairs, AB

Janelle cherniwchan

Specialization: Group Training
Edmonton, AB

Janis Isaman

Calgary, AB

Jenn Kloberdanz

Specialization: Functional Diagnostic Nutrition-Practitioner and Performance Nutrition
Grande Prairie , AB

Jennifer Anderson, C.H.N.C.

Specialization: Holistic nutrition, weight management
Calgary, AB

Jennifer Godin, RNC, Pn1

Specialization: Hormone Balancing, Whole Food Nutrition, Mind Body Soul Balance
Grande Prairie, AB

Jess Boehres

Specialization: Fat loss, Habit change
Calgary/Chestermere , AB

Jesse Earley

Specialization: Athlete Development
Edmonton, AB

Jessica Kwasny

Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Jessica Letourneau

Edmonton, AB

Jessica Seguin

Calgary , AB

Jessica Van Raay

Calgary, AB

Jill Jordan, FAFS

Devon, AB

Joanna Campbell

Specialization: Fitness Competitions and Balanced Family Nutrition
Calgary, AB

Joel Bojeczko

Edmonton, AB

Joel C Scheelar

Specialization: Bodybuilding, lean mass, strength training
Red Deer, AB

Joel Porayko

Specialization: Olympic Weightlifting, Sport Performance
Rocky View County, AB

Jonathan McLernon

Specialization: Fat Loss Transformation
Red Deer, AB

Josh Stryde

Specialization: Weight loss, Obstacle Course Racing
Calgary, AB

Justin Frederick

Specialization: Athletic development, functional strength
Edmonton, AB

Justin L Breau

Specialization: Nutrition, Fitness, Fat Loss, Competition Prep
Beaumont, AB

Kailey Parkin

Airdrie, AB

Kala Myer

Specialization: Weight Loss, Lifestyle Change
Medicine Hat, AB

Karen Kondor, B.Ed., CF-L1 Trainer, Pn1

Edmonton, AB

Karl MacPhee

Specialization: Beginners, Lifestyle Change, Keeping Fitness and Nutrition Fun
Edmonton , AB

Karolina Sekulic

Specialization: performance nutrition, weight management
Edmonton, AB

Karyna Hochachka

St Albert, AB

Kasia Bradford, CPC, CFSC, Pn1

Specialization: Sports nutrition, Kids' nutrition, Health through nutrition and excercise
St. Albert, AB

Kathleen Sprysak

Edmonton, AB

Kayla Bailey

Specialization: Weight loss and Muscle Gain fitness and nutrition
calgary, AB

Keith Fayant

Calgary, AB

Kelsey Kerr

Camrose, AB

Kendra Sayers

Airdrie , AB

Kerri Lawton

Specialization: Fascial stretch therapist
Medicine Hat, AB

Kevin Kwan

Specialization: Fat Loss, Overall Wellness, Performance
Calgary, AB

Kevin Kwan

Specialization: Performance Nutrition, Adrenal Fatigue, Digestion Support
Calgary, AB

Kevin McDonald

Calgary, AB

Kim Winsor

Calgary, AB

Kimberly Detmold

Calgary, AB

Krista Haggerty

Sherwood Park, AB

Kristian Leach

Specialization: Weight Loss, Injury Rehab
Calgary, AB

Kristina Hanley, B.Kin., CAT(C).

Calgary, AB

Kurt Witmer

Specialization: Chronic Pain Rehab
Calgary, AB

Lana G. Crowe

Specialization: Personal Training, Yoga, Nutrition
Lethbridge, AB

Landon Poburan

Edmonton, AB

Lannie Reid

Whitecourt , AB

Laura Mahe

Calgary, AB

Laura Poburan, BPE, CSEP-CEP

Edmonton, AB

Lauren Fuchs

New Brigden, AB

Lauren Pryor

Specialization: Nutrition for Performance. Sports performance. Work Performance. Life Performance. Mom Performance.
Calgary, AB

Lena Le Huray

Specialization: eating psychology, stress, weight gain, binge eating, exercise nutrition, digestion
Calgary, AB

Les Davidson BPE, DC, CCOS

Calgary, AB

Lesley Binning, MEd, ACSM CES, NASM CES, AR3, Pn2

Sherwood Park/Edmonton, AB

Leslie Proudfoot

Beaverlodge, AB

Linda MacKinnon PFT Pn1

Drayton Valley, AB

Lindsay Makichuk

Calgary, AB

Lindsay Murdoch

Calgary, AB

Lindsee Mugford

Grande Cache, AB

Lisa Mahoney

Edmonton, AB

Lisa Wall, PTS, Pn1

Specialization: Weight loss
Calgary, AB

Lori Goerzen, B.A.

Calgary, AB

Lynne Loiselle

Specialization: General sports and health nutrition. Personal training.
Calgary, AB

Lynne Ryan BSc. FDN. Pn2

Specialization: Lean Eating and Weight Loss, Nutrigenomics,
Calgary, AB

Madison Bischoff

Calgary, AB

Marcella Fortini Cameron

Specialization: Nutritional coach , Strength and conditioning coach , Certified PT and Fitness trainer, RYT 200
Calgary, AB

Marco de Leon

Calgary, AB

Marissa Martin

Specialization: Women's Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching, Fat Loss and Muscle Building
Red Deer, AB


Specialization: Injury Prevention, Re-Hab, Strenght, Fat Loss, Mind & Body Movement

Mary-Kay Knaus

Calgary, AB

Matt Wiber

Specialization: Mass gain, Fat loss for sport, sports nutrition

Matthew Wild

Calgary, AB

Megan Chernesky

Specialization: Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
Calgary, AB

Meghan A. Hauk, Pn1

Edmonton, AB

Melissa DeVries

Airdrie , AB

Melissa Moore

Calgary, AB

Melissa Shevchenko

Fort McMurray , AB

Michael Bersier

Specialization: Weight management, Beginner athlete Performance and Nutrition
Calgary, AB

Michael d'Entremont - PN1, CPT.

Specialization: Weight loss, Physique transformation.
Edmonton, AB

Michael Harnett

Specialization: Nutrition
Calgary, AB

Michael Schmutz

Specialization: Health & Fitness for Single Dads
Stettler, AB

Michele Merrell

Calgary, AB

Michelle Darke

Specialization: injury rehab, strength, and postural correction
Calgary, AB

Michelle Moen

Specialization: Female Hormone Imbalance (PCOS, Endometriosis, PMS, etc.)
Edmonton, AB

Michelle Whidden

Specialization: Women's fitness
Calgary, AB

Mik Rutschmann, B.Sc.

Specialization: Strength and weight loss
Calgary, AB

Mike Kesthely

Specialization: Performance, Health, Longevity
Lethbridge, AB

Mike Schwartz, B.A P. Sci & MGSO, C.H.E.K. HLC 1, CFP-PTS

Specialization: Canadian Music Industry Professionals, Musicians, Athletes, High Performance, Lifestyle, Mindset, Nutrition, Movement
Calgary , AB

Mitchell Murphy

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning Coach, Crossfit, Olympic Lifting
Calgary, AB

Morgan Ruby Chaulk

St. Albert, AB

Nancy Campbell, BKin, CSEP-CEP, MES, CSCS

Specialization: Complete lifestyle coaching
Priddis, AB

Naomi Sachs

Specialization: Holistic Nutrition
Edmonton, AB


Calgary, AB

Nicholas Fortune

Specialization: Fat loss, contest prep, weight gain
Calgary , AB

Nicole Henderson

Specialization: Personal training, nutrition, spin, yoga, prenatal & postnatal
Calgary, AB

Nikki Dalby

Specialization: "everyday healthy eating", "fuelling your fitness"
Calgary, AB

Omar Amer, BPE CSCS PN1

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, General Lifts, Special Lifts
Edmonton, AB

Paige Commet

Specialization: Weight Loss, General Health
Grande Prairie, AB

Pam Ruhland

Calgary, AB

Pamela Graham

Specialization: Healthy Lifestyle, Weight loss

Patti Robinson

Sexsmith, AB

Paula Szaroz

Specialization: Performance
Pincher Creek , AB

Rae-Lynne Goss

Calgary , AB

Rebecca Garland, BKin, CSCS, CPCC

Specialization: Weight Loss, Re-Claiming Vitality After Cancer, Body Image/Confidence, Your Great Story Coaching
Calgary, AB

Rebecca Thompson

Spruce Grove, AB

Regan Hesjedal

Calgary, AB

Renada Crawshaw

Specialization: fat loss, fitness competition, strength gain
Calgary, AB

Renae Hemsing


Rhonda Danyluk

Whitecourt, AB

Richard Gibney, BPE, CSCS

Specialization: Sports Performance
Calgary, AB

Robbie Cote

Specialization: Mass gain, Weight loss, Learn to eat healthy, Physique comp prep, Body building comp weight cut,
Slave Lake, AB

Robin George

Morinville , AB

Robyn Edwards

Specialization: Holistic health and nutrition
Edomton, AB

Robyn Stewart

Lethbridge, AB

Roger Jarett Allard

Calgary, AB

Ronnie Po Man Shiu

Calgary, AB

Sabreena Braich

Calgary, AB

Samantha Braithwaite, CSEP CPT

Grande Prairie, AB

Samuel Hall

Specialization: Strength training, Powerlifting, Grappling and Wrestling Conditioning, Weight Loss, Fat Loss
Calgary, AB

Scott Bisbee

Specialization: Personal Trainer
Brooks, AB

Scott Lahey, B.Kin., CSCS, TPI, FMS2, Pn1

Calgary, AB

Scott McDonald

Edmonton, AB

Sean Gott CSCS

Cochrane, AB

Sean Guevremont

Specialization: sports performance, body composition
Calgary, AB

Sean Guevremont, NSCA-CPT

Specialization: Sports Performance, Lifestyle
Calgary, AB

Sean Sheehan

Specialization: Strength and Weight Loss
Calgary , AB

Shane Kokas, CSEP-CPT, Pn1

Specialization: weight loss, mindset
Edmonton, AB

Shannon Horricks

Sherwood Park, AB

Shawn Dietrich BPE, CSEP-CEP, CSCS, CKA, Pn1

Specialization: Rehabilitation Exercise
Calgary, AB

Sherry Hazelaar

Specialization: Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach
Lethbridge, AB

Sherry Nelson

St. Albert, AB

Sherry Smilar

Specialization: Menopause weight loss, pregnancy/ post partem, women's weight loss
Calgary, AB

Stephanie Lochmueller

Specialization: Strength Training, Fascial Stretch Therapy
Calgary, AB

Stephanie McKay

Edmonton, AB

Suzanne Brownfield

Lethbridge, AB

Sydney Guevremont, MA

Specialization: Weight loss, body composition, performance
Calgary, AB

Tammy Dick PT, Pn1

Specialization: Health and Wellness as a whole, for 35 plus
Lacombe, AB

Tannis Soderquist

Specialization: Weight loss
Spruce Grove, AB

Tanya Green

Calgary, AB

Tanya Nichol

Okotoks, AB

Taylor Chartrand

Okotoks, AB

Taylor Sosick

Lethbridge, AB

Tessa Gray-Burnett, Bkin,CSCS

Calgary, AB

Thomas Regier, B.Sc., CSEP-CPT, CF-L1

Camrose, AB

Tianna Rusnak

Edmonton, AB

TJ Fast

Calgary, AB

Tracy Holmes

Specialization: weight loss, over health and wellness, increase muscle mass
St Albert , AB

Tracy Normandeau

Specialization: CSEP-CPT, NASM-CES, fitness competition certification
Calgary, AB

Travis Odland

Edmonton, AB

Tricia Kawahara

Calgary, AB

Troy R. A. Kinash, BKin, CSEP-CPT, Pn1

Edmonton, AB

Valentina Maria Esteban

Whitecourt, AB

Vicki Stride

Specialization: 6 & 12 Week Transformational Fitness & Health Challenges, LWT Leadership Coaching
Okotoks, AB

Viktoria Jones

Specialization: women's health, holistic nutrition, weight loss
St Albert, AB

Wayne Johnson

Specialization: Pregnancy training & nutrition, Seniors' Training, People with Disabilities
Chestermere, AB

Ysabella Smith

Specialization: Muscle mass and strength gain, fat loss, improvement in cardiovascular fitness
Calgary, AB

British Columbia

Alex Hitchcock

Victoria, BC

Alexander Trikeriotis Mullan

Specialization: Bodybuilding. Let's get lean. Let's get large.
Courtenay, BC

Alexandra Sosnkowski

Revelstoke, BC

Alexandra Williams PhD, CSCS, CFL1, PN2

Specialization: Nutrition and lifestyle coaching, strength and conditioning, CrossFit, physiology
Vancouver, BC

Alison Ludovici

Specialization: Female strength and conditioning, weight loss, bikini and figure competition prep
Langley, BC

Allison Siemens

Specialization: female fat loss, lifestyle modifications
Parksville, BC

Amanda Jones, MKin, CSCS, Pn1

Burnaby, BC

Amanda Schmitt

Specialization: body transformation, lifestyle coaching, fat loss
Surrey , BC

Amy Wangler

Enderby, BC

Andrea Hayes

Specialization: Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching (Weight Loss and Sport-Specific)
Victoria, BC

Andrea Hayes, BSc, MBA, CSEP-CPT, Pn2

Victoria, BC

Andrea Kruger

Specialization: Athletic and Exercise Therapy
Victoria, BC

Andrew Heming, MS, CSCS

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Fat Loss & Muscle Gain
Langley, BC

Andy Mason

Specialization: Fat Loss, Strength Training for beginners
Nanaimo, BC

Annie Tasaka

Specialization: Performance nutrition
North-Vancouver, BC

Ashley Cross

Specialization: Athletic Therapy, Personal Training
Campbell River , BC

Bailey Dagneau

Kamloops, BC

Ben Borg

Specialization: Body Composition and Performance
Vancouver, BC

Ben Dillon

Vancouver, BC

Bev McCallum

Specialization: Mid Adults pre type 2 diabetes
Dawson Creek, BC

Bobbie L. Moore

Fort St. John, BC

Brad Kahn MSc., CSCS, CEP, Pn1

Specialization: "Endurance Sport Performance" "triathlon" "Golf performance" "Fat loss"
Tsawwasen, BC

Brad Smeeton

Specialization: General Nutrition
Nanaimo, BC

Brandon Kenny

Specialization: Glute strengthening
Langley, BC

Brandon Santo, BSc, CSCS

Specialization: Athletics, fat loss, mass gain
Vancouver, BC

Brenda Peltzer

Duncan , BC

Brendan Takata

Vancouver, BC

Brennan Williams

Burnaby, BC

Brent A Hayter

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning and Lifestyle Nutrition Coaching
Summerland, BC

Brian Truong

Surrey, BC

Brianna Thielmann

Burnaby, BC

Brooke Sullivan

Specialization: Remote Health/Fitness/Lifestyle Coach
victoria, BC

Caitlyn Harbottle

Fort St. John, BC

Candice Jamieson

Richmond, BC

Carla McCallum

Specialization: Weight loss, injury prevention, athletic training
Vancouver, BC

Carmen Marolla

Vancouver, BC

Carson Laferriere

Specialization: "Muscle gain," "fat loss"
Vernon, BC

Catharine Adams

Specialization: Balance. Inspiration. Training. Excellence.
Heffley Creek, BC

Catherine von Ende, BA, PBD Ed, MSci

Richmond, BC

Chelsea Fredheim

Vancouver, BC

Cheryl Woodhouse

Specialization: Women over 30 with metabolic damage (PCOS, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome) who have been told by their physician to lose weight in order to help symptoms, and want more support, guidance, and advice to reach a healthy body weight sustainably and permanently.
Chilliwack, BC

Chrissy Duncan

Specialization: I take Moms who are bumpy, lumpy and boxy and transform them into strong, slender and foxy by using their superpowers to conquer their kryptonite! Aka food habits
Port Moody, BC

Christen Kwan

North Vancouver, BC

Christina D'aoust

Trail, BC

Christine Hall

Surrey, BC

Cole Hergott

Specialization: Athletic performance and nutrition
Langley, BC

Corey Robb

Campbell River, BC

Dai Manuel

Specialization: "Customized fitness, nutrition and lifestyle programs" "whole life coaching with specialization in fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching'
Vancouver, BC

Dale Cathcart

Vancouver, BC

Dallas Nemec

Vancouver, BC

Dan Ferrato

Specialization: Fat loss, Muscle gain, Lifestyle management
Coquitlam, BC

Daniel Gordon

Specialization: Lifestyle Coaching, Strength Training
Langley, BC

Darren Little

Specialization: weightloss, gaining lean muscle mass, pregnancy nutrition, physique contest nutrition and prep.
Coquitlam, BC

David Ewart

North Vancouver, BC

David Packer

Specialization: Weight gain, Martial Arts performance nutrition
Vancouver, BC

Dhiraj Khatri

Specialization: Weight loss , Strength conditioning
surrey, BC

Diana Villarreal, C.N.H.C, PN L1

Specialization: Weight loss
Vancouver, BC

Doree Blake B.Ed, M.A., Pn1

Specialization: Fitness for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People
Errington, BC

Dr. Marie-Ève Gagné

Specialization: hormones balancing, adrenal fatigue, weight loss resistance
Victoria, BC

Duncan Comany

Specialization: strength and conditioning
Surrey , BC

Dylan Campanaro

Specialization: Rehabilitation, athletic performance, muscle activation and imbalances.
Port Coquitlam , BC

Edward Pimley

Specialization: Body Transformations
vacnouver, BC

Elaine K. Smith, CHNC

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Weight Loss
Fort St. John, BC

Erin Boogemans

Richmond , BC

Fatima Leite

Specialization: Weight Loss, Fitness Competition Prep, Pre & Post Natal
Vancouver, BC

Faye Armstrong

Specialization: Fat loss, sports nutrition
Vernon, BC

Garth Van Gaalen

Specialization: Healthy lifestyle and athletic populations
Abbotsford, BC

Gerrimae Sepkowski

Specialization: Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach
Powell River, BC

Gloria Meier

Specialization: personal training, group training and nutrition programs, pilates, bootcamps
Peachland, BC

Gordon Palmer

Kelowna, BC

Greg Elliott

Vancouver, BC

Greg Howe, B.A., C.S.C.S.

Nanaimo, BC

Greig Taylor, DC, CSCS

Specialization: Weight loss for runners, Endurance nutrition
Kamloops, BC

Gurpriya Randhawa B.A. , BEd ,PG Ad-Com

Specialization: fat loss,supplementation,pregnancy nutrition
Abbotsford, BC

Hailee Down

burnaby, BC

Hayley Wilson

Specialization: Prenatal and Postnatal Nutrition
Invermere, BC

Heather Cameron

Victoria, BC

Heather Carson

Kelowna, BC

Heather Ramsbottom

Burnaby , BC

Henry James Kreisel

Specialization: Body Compositional Re-structuring/Kickboxing
Victoria, BC

Ian Robertson

Vancouver, BC

Irene Jay

Specialization: Weight Loss, Balanced Nutrition, Lifestyle
Vancouver, BC

Irene Thompson

Sparwood, BC

James Krause

Kamloops, BC

Jamin Crego

Kelowna, BC

Jana Steingass, BA, MSc, CEC

Specialization: life coaching, nutrition coaching, habit changes, exercise nutrition, nutrition for muscle gain
Victoria, BC

Jarred Lowson, CSCS

Specialization: Fat loss, sports specific training, injury rehabilitation
North Vancouver, BC

Jaylee Thomas Nickel

Vancouver, BC

Jean Uy

Specialization: Weight loss, competition training, Women over 40
Burnaby, BC

Jennifer Moore

North Vancouver, BC

Jesi Rae Kosa

Specialization: Sports Performance, Weight loss, General Health, Bride to be
Duncan, BC

Jessica Marie Forse

Specialization: Fat loss, lean muscle gain, pre and post natal, youth, strength training, powerlifting, functional training
Langley , BC

Jill Arnold MA MA RCC CHT

Specialization: emotional eating, weight management
Surrey, BC

Jillian Yendrys

Langford BC, BC

Jo Hunter

Coquitlam, BC

Joel McCain

Specialization: Powerlifting, Strength and Conditioning, Athletic Preparation
Maple Ridge, BC

Johann Windt

Langley, BC

Jon Mills

Specialization: Lifelong behavioral changes.
Vancouver, BC

Josh Saunders

Specialization: fat loss, functional training, mobility
Langley, BC

Joshua Doornenbal

Specialization: Youth & Athletes
Langley, BC

Julie Clarke

Specialization: Female strength training, fat loss, pre and post natal
Surrey, BC

Julie Iverson

Specialization: Women over 40, beginners, people with health and motivation challenges
Vancouver, BC

Kaila Minion

Victoria, BC

Kait Cavers

Victoria, BC

Kal Attalaoui

Vancouver, BC

Kate Orchard

Vernon, BC

Kathleen Neilson, CNC, RNHP

Specialization: prenatal and postnatal fitness and nutrition, lactation, youth wellness
Duncan, BC

Katie Lauren Zielke

North Vancouver , BC

Katja Kiiskila

Victoria, BC

Katrina Smith, BscN

Specialization: Sports and Performance Nutrition
Vancouver, BC

Kelli West, MSc. Kin, ACSM CEP

Surrey, BC

Kelly Mostat

Richmond, BC

Kelsey Spann

Specialization: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Mobility, Post Injury and Nutrition
Burnaby/ Vancouver, BC

Kenrick Whitney

Surrey, BC

Kile Kolkman

Specialization: Personal trainer
Vancouver, BC

Kimberly Portnoy

Vancouver, BC

Krista Boulding

Specialization: Kettlebell Training, Holistic Nutrition
Campbell River, BC

Kristine Michaud

Specialization: General Nutrition, Healthy Eating, Recipes, Sport Specific Nutrition, Fat Loss
Fort Langley, BC

Lacey L. Elliott

Specialization: Figure/Bikini competitions, weight loss (over come life hurdles)
Vancouver, BC

Lanny Taschuk

Specialization: FMS2, TacFit Level 1 Field Instructor, Bodybuilding, Mass gain, Body Composition
Vancouver, BC

Larissa de Jesus Vicente, NSCA-CPT

Specialization: Weight loss, increase in daily life activities performance
Victoria, BC

Leo Falzon

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning
Victoria, BC

Leslie Reilly BA, MSW (RCSW)

Richmond, BC

Lise Dallien MacMillan

Specialization: Weight loss, general conditioning, lifestyle health and wellness coaching, post rehab training
Kelowna, BC

Lucas Bugg

Qualicum Beach, BC

Lucia Arreaga

Specialization: Pre/Post Natal, Pre/Post Menopause
North Vancouver, BC

Lucy Amelia Randle

Specialization: Crossfit Coaching, cooking and recipe invention
Squamish, BC

Lylas Leona Poulton

Specialization: Body and lifestyle TRANSFORMATIONS & Competition stage preparation (Bikini, Fitness, Figure)
Whistler, BC

Lyle Van Niekerk

Kamloops, BC

Lynn Kingston

Fort St. John, BC

Madisson Anderson

Merritt, BC

Marcelo Castro

Specialization: mass gain, weight loss
Vancouver, BC

Marco Ferreira

Specialization: Fat Loss and Body Transformations.
Whistler, BC

Marisa Moody

Vancouver, BC

Mark Posten

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Burnaby, BC

Marla Meneghin

Specialization: Natural Sport Nutrition, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Biotherapeutic Drainage, Rubimed (PSE) Therapist
Surrey, BC

Mary Ann Middleton

Specialization: Paleo, Whole30, sugar-free, accountability coaching, healthy lifestyle coaching
Surrey, BC

Matt Somerset

Specialization: Fat Loss
Lumby, BC

Matthew Taylor

Specialization: Strength training, functional training, powerlifting, post rehab training
Vancouver , BC

Meagan Steeves

Specialization: Weight loss, beginner nutrition, sport and exercise nutrition, pre/intra/post workout nutrition
Nanaimo, BC

Megan Stack

Specialization: Athletes, Functional Training, Conditioning, General Population
Victoria, BC

Megan Witham-Carroll, BKin

Vancouver, BC

Melissa Corrigan

Specialization: Weight loss, bikini bodybuilding
Vancouver, BC

Michael Danis

Specialization: Body Recompostion-Health-Strength
Kelowna , BC

Michelle Bourgeois

Specialization: Injury rehab, fat loss, older adult, small group and private personal training
North Saanich, BC

Michelle Boyd

Specialization: Building healthy everyday habits lasting a lifetime
Courtenay, BC

Michelle Cook

Abbotsford, BC

Michelle McIntosh

Specialization: Eating Psychology, General Nutrition, Body Image, Weight Loss
Vancouver, BC

Michelle Roots

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Overall general health through balance of exercise and nutrition
Surrey, BC

Milan Fraszczak

Specialization: Nutrition for an Every day Athlete - Nutrition for Life
Gibsons, BC

Min-ju Chiang

Richmond, BC

Mitch Kenward

Specialization: Weight loss, Muscle gain, Contest prep
Kelowna, BC

Monica Candy

Specialization: Body Composition Changes - Mass gain and Fat Loss
North Vancouver, BC

Natan Cheifetz BASc MEng

Specialization: Functional strength training, Kettlebell training
Vancouver, BC

Nicole Joakimides

Specialization: Personal trainer, Nutritionist, Sports Nutrition Specialist
Kelowna, BC

Nicole Nordli

Specialization: Psychology of Eating
Nanaimo, BC

Patrick C. Minassian

Coquitlam, BC

Paul McKinney

Victoria, BC

Paul Wadsworth

Specialization: Body Transformations, Mindset coaching, Overall well-being
Vancouver, BC

Paulo Branco

Specialization: Fat Loss,Mass gain, Habit forming, Functional Fitness Athletes
Prince George, BC

Pilar Bradshaw

Richmond, BC

Rafal Matuszewski

Specialization: Weight loss
Langley, BC

Razique Mahroua

Specialization: Coaching, nutrition
Victoria, BC

Rhonda Hart, BA Pn1

Specialization: Busy moms, especially women who are 40+
Victoria, BC

Rob Moal

Vancouver , BC

Roberta J Gizen BHK, CPT, PN1

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning, Private Training, Nutrition Coaching
Kelowna, BC

Roland Fisher

Vancouver, BC

Ross Taylor

Maple Ridge, BC

Ruth Clemens

Surrey, BC

Ruthie Unaegbu

Specialization: online coaching, fat loss, muscle gain, contest prep, education, accountability, registered clinical counsellor (RCC)
Port Coquitlam, BC

Sam Mowat

coldstream, BC

Sam Wilkinson

Specialization: fun fitness for busy people
Sooke, BC

Sandy Letkeman

Specialization: Personal Training, Weight Loss, Health Coaching, Nutrition Coaching
Chilliwack, BC

Sarah Kaufman

Specialization: Martial Arts (MMA) and Fitness Athletes
Victoria, BC

Sarah Madeley

Kelowna, BC

Sean Janzer

Victoria, BC

Shannon Moens

Surrey, BC

Shannon Pyke, B.Sc.

Specialization: Microbiology
Vancouver , BC

Shannyn Creekmore, PTS, Pn1

Specialization: Nutritional Coaching and Personal Training
Parksville, BC

Shelley Cook

Specialization: Athletic, physique and lifestyle coaching.
Summerland, BC

Shu-Wei (Jonathan) Chang, CSCS

Specialization: Body transformation
Surrey, BC

Siobhan McManus

Specialization: Endurance Athletes, Triathlon, Running
kelowna, BC

Sonja Cermak

Specialization: Healthy lifestyle balance
Vancouver, BC

Sophie Michelle Manfredi

Specialization: TRX Suspension Training, TRX Rip Training, Personal Training, Weight Loss
Richmond, BC

Stacey Wagner

Specialization: Personal training, body image coaching, prenatal/postpartum
Maple Ridge , BC

Susan Speers

Specialization: Weight Management
Delta, BC

Tammy Huguet

Specialization: Lifestyle Management
Surrey, BC

Tara Sales

Specialization: Strength, weight loss,pre and postnatal
Kamloops, BC

Taryn Haggerstone, BKine

Specialization: Performance Nutrition for Strength & CrossFit Athletes
Vancouver, BC

Teresa G.Maurer

Specialization: wieght loss and menopause
Oliver, BC

Teri-Lynn Nelson

Vancouver, BC

Terri Neuber

Langley, BC

Terry Stevens

Nanaimo, BC

Toby Ng, B.Kin, CSCS, NCCP 3

Specialization: Badminton
Richmond, BC

Tracey Janes-Jacob

Specialization: Health & Life Management Coaching - Sports / Life Performance Nutrition for all ages
Fort Langley, BC

Tracy Gibbons

Specialization: permanent fat loss, pre and postnatal fitness and nutrition, lifestyle coaching, mobile services
Surrey, BC

Travis Hawton, BHK, Pn1, ACE

Specialization: Fat loss,
Vancouver, BC

Tyler VR Buck

Ladysmith, BC

Tyrel Locke

Specialization: Strength, weight loss
Salmon Arm , BC

Tyrel Sider

Specialization: Rehabilitation and Athletics
New Westminster, BC

Virginia Clough, RD

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Improved Metabolism, Increased Health & Wellbeing
Vancouver, BC

William Coty Hardy

Specialization: Fat Loss
Fort Nelson, BC

William Poustchi

Specialization: Fitness/bodybuilding show prep, kettlebells, nutrition, powerlifting
North Vancouver, BC

William Robert Andrew Victor Sutherland

Victoria, BC

Yi-Ting Bernice Ko

Langley, BC

District of Columbia

Clarissa Stewart

Specialization: Powerlifting/performance and strength
Winnipeg, DC


Aaron Maier

Steinbach, MB

Alexandra Daniliunas

Specialization: Rehab
Oakville, MB

Angela Bergmann

Specialization: beginner home workouts, kettlebells, postpartum fitness
Winnipeg, MB

Angela Pringle, B.A (Kin), CSEP-CPT, YYT, FRC, Pn1

Specialization: Personal Trainer
Winnipeg, MB

Anna Luangkhot, B.A. Kin, B. Ed

Specialization: CrossFit, olympic weightlifting, youth programs, education
Winnipeg, MB

April Klippenstein

Specialization: muscle building, fat loss, body re-comp, physique competitors
Winnipeg, MB

April Klippenstein, MFC, Canfit Pro , Pn1

Specialization: Fat loss, muscles gain
Winnipeg, MB

Ashton Girouard

Specialization: Weight Loss
Winnipeg, MB

Brendan Sonnichsen

Specialization: Health & Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, CrossFit (since 2004)
Winnipeg, MB

Brent Lohmer

Specialization: Fat Loss for Busy Execs
Winnipeg, MB

Brittany Devloo

Specialization: weight loss, precontest prepatation, pregnancy and fitness, athletic conditioning.
Somerset, MB

Caddie Crampton

Specialization: Women's fitness and nutrition
Carman, MB

Cheliza Krause

Specialization: Weight loss
Winnipeg, MB

Cheliza Krause

Specialization: Weight Loss
Winnipeg, MB

Christopher Notley

Winnipeg, MB

Claire Walsh

Winnipeg, MB

Cody Wieler

Specialization: Fat loss, muscle gain
Brandon, MB

Craig Gawryluk

Winnipeg, MB

Crystal Stott

Niverville, MB

E.J. Mina, B.Sc.

Specialization: Functional Movment
Winnipeg, MB

Eric Wolff, B.Kin

Winnipeg, MB

Evan Kehler, B.A., Pn1

Specialization: Lean mass gain, fat loss, sport nutrition
Winkler, MB

Frances Scribe, B.A. CPT

Specialization: Fat Loss; Sports Nutrition
Selkirk, MB

Garry Blackburn

Specialization: Weight Loss
Winnipeg, MB

Gilbert Magne, BMR(PT)

Winnipeg, MB

Gord MacInnes

Winnipeg, MB

Greg thom

Specialization: ketogenic
winnipeg, MB

Heidi Derstine DeFehr

Winnipeg, MB

Jared Sweity, PTS, Pn1

Specialization: Muscle Gain, Post-rehabilitation, Weight Loss.
Winnipeg, MB

Jayce Van Alstyne

Specialization: Strength & conditioning
Winnipeg , MB

Jeff Andres

NIverville, MB

Johnny Fukumoto

Specialization: Fat Loss, OCR (Obstacle Course Training), KB Training, Active Aging
Winnipeg, MB

Justin Paul Liwanag, CF-L1, CF Gymnastics

Winnipeg, MB

Kathlyn Hossack, CAT(C), BSc.

Specialization: General health, weight loss, injury rehab, athletic performance
Winnipeg, MB

Kurtis Fox

Winkler, MB

Laurie Kraus

Winnipeg, MB

Megan Rae Ursel

Altona, MB

Michael Reid, B.HE, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning Coach
Winnipeg, MB

Michelle Hiebert

Niverville, MB

Olivia Lee, B.Kin

Winnipeg, MB

Paul Bissonnette, B. Kin, CEP, CSCS, FMSC, Pn1

Specialization: Performance Training
Winnipeg, MB

Paul Matthew Keefe

Winnipeg, MB

Paul Matthew Keefe

Winnipeg, MB

Russell J Luce

Brandon, MB

Slawomir Litwin

Ile Des Chenes, MB

Stuart Klassen, CSEP-CEP

Specialization: Hung up on Happiness
Winnipeg, MB

Susan Stevenson

Camp Morton , RM of Gimli, Manitoba, MB

Vaughn P White, DC

Specialization: Wellness
Winnipeg , MB

Xiaoyun Zhang, PICP.,FST

Specialization: Fat lost, Strength and Performance, Hypertrophy
Winnipeg, MB

New Brunswick

Barry short

Saint John, NB

Cheryl Moore

Specialization: HIIT Training , Boxing
Quispamsis, NB

Chris Willett

Specialization: Kettlebell Training, Crossfit Level 1
Oak Point, Kings County, NB

Cullen Fraser

Specialization: Strength, Mobility
Moncton, NB

Dr. Matt Forgie BSc, DC, CSCS

Specialization: Performance and Weight Loss
Rothesay, NB

Jack McAnespy

Specialization: Weight loss, metabolic syndrome Management, ketogenic dieting, fasting
Moncton, NB

Jennie Tilley

Quispamsis, NB

Jessica Belyea

Specialization: Weight loss
Fredericton, NB

Jonathan Ross

Saint John, NB

Kevin Wood, BKin, BEd, CF-L3

Moncton, NB

Lori Robinson

Specialization: Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Nutritional Counselor, Natural Nutrition-Clinical Practitioner
Fredericton, NB

Mellissa Mclaughlin

Woodstock, NB

Richard St Pierre

Specialization: Personal Training - Lifestyle Management
Fredericton, NB

Sean Barker, CPT, PN2

Specialization: 30-Minute Group Workouts for Busy People
Quispamsis, NB

Sheldon Drover

Dieppe, NB

Tina Cote

Specialization: Weight loss, body composition for fitness competition
Drummond , NB

Newfoundland and Labrador

Andrew Pratt

St. John's, NL

Chris Murphy

St. John's, NL

Dane Woodland

St. John's, NL

David M. Cloutier

Specialization: Muscle Gain, Weight Loss
Calgary, NL

Felicia Newell, RD, BScAHN, MScAHN(c)

Specialization: Fat loss, muscle gain, digestive wellness, food allergies & intolerances, chronic disease management
St. John's, NL

Gavin Osmond

Specialization: Strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, group training, nutritional guidance
Paradise, NL

Heather Bailey

Specialization: CrossFit, 30-50 year old females
Newfoundland , NL

Heidi Tucker

Deer Lake, NL

James Gardiner

Specialization: Online Personal Trainer
Goulds, NL

Jill Nash

Specialization: Show prep, fat loss, body recomposition, competitive powerlifters, etc.
Mount Pearl, NL

Joy Wang

Specialization: Fascia Stretch Therapist
St. John's, NL

Maria Rendell

Specialization: Weight loss for women 30+
Mount Pearl, NL

Matthew Glynn, B. Kin, NLKA CK, Pn1

Specialization: Weight loss
Mount Pearl, NL

Sarah Kelly

Gander, NL

Trudy Hickey, Pn1

Mount Pearl, NL

Tyler Kearney

Mt. Pearl , NL

Val Nefedov

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle Development, BioPrint analysis, stress management.
Fort McMurray, NL

Vicky Taylor-Hood

Specialization: powerlifters, women 35+
St. John's, NL

Yifei Xu

Specialization: Mass gain, weight loss.
St John's, NL

Northwest Territories

Ivan Gloeden

Yellowknife, NT

Saskia van Mourik, B Kin

Fort Smith, NT

Nova Scotia

Alexandra Watters

Specialization: Contest prep for figure and bikini, weight loss, fat loss and toning
Halifax , NS

Alexi Pianosi

Halifax, NS

Alison Ross

Middleton, NS

Augie Westhaver

Halifax, NS

Benjamin Schnare, CSCS

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning, Exercise and sport nutrition
Sydney, NS

Bret LeBlanc

Halifax, NS

Cailin Scollard

Bedford, NS

Charity Kaizer

Up HPlains, NS

Chris Cameron

New glasgow, NS

Dave Francis

Specialization: Fitness Kickboxing, Nutrition
Halifax, NS

Dennis Pace

Specialization: General fitness, nutritional coach, online training.
Dartmouth, NS

Devon Greene

Specialization: Beginners, weight loss
New Glasgow, NS

Dominic Matti

Specialization: fat loss, muscle gain, fitness contest prep
halifax, NS

Eddie Briffett

Halifax, NS

Glenna Kelln

Fall River, NS

Jad Crnogorac

dartmouth, NS


Amherst, NS

Jareth Warwick

Cape Breton, NS

Jason Ward

Halifax, NS

Jeff Snow

Specialization: Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Athletic Performance
Halifax, NS

Jennifer Cook

Specialization: Sport and exercise nutrition, weight loss
Halifax , NS

Jonathan Ells, BSc, PTS, Pn1

Halifax, NS

Joshua Muise

Lunenburg , NS

Katalin Latorovszki

Specialization: Healthy living and Fitness
Waverley, NS

Kathryn MacKinnon

Specialization: Women Willing to Wake Up, First Time Athletes, Ironman triathlon, Ultrarunning
In and Around Halifax, NS

Keltie O'Connor

Specialization: Weight loss, sports performance, & muscle gain
Halifax, NS

Kimberley Ann Kraushar

Specialization: Mind Body Instructor/Educator/International Presenter
Dartmouth, NS

Kristen Zendran

Halifax, NS

Mathew Benvie

Specialization: Fat Loss
Halifax, NS

Melody Mac Quin RN

Bedford, NS

Michael Devane

Dartmouth, NS

Michael Manderville, BKin, NSCA-CPT

Halifax, NS

Nathan Fleming

Specialization: All facets of personal training, transformation and contest prep coaching.
New Glasgow, NS

Nikita Ross

Specialization: Lifestyle Change
Elmsdale, NS

Rene Cormier, CSCS

Halifax, NS

Rhonda Coupland-Lombardo

Guysborough, NS

Sarah Newburn

Stillwater Lake , NS

Scott McIntyre

Sydney River, NS

Shane Lynch

Specialization: Weightlifting, CrossFit, General Nutrition
Bedford, NS

Shannon Read

Specialization: Recreational Endurance Athletes , Older Adults
Canning, NS

Shauna Forsyth, MSc, CSCS

Specialization: Sports Performance, Personal Training, Injury Reconditioning
Windsor, NS

Spencer Boyd

Specialization: Weightloss
Halifax, NS

Steve Olsen, CSCS

Specialization: Personal training, youth strength and conditioning
Bedford, NS

Tim Kaizer

Specialization: crossfit and weightlifting
Sackville, NS

Victoria Shupe, B.Sc.Kin, CSEP-CPT

Halifax, NS


A. Paul Dawdy

Specialization: Fat loss
London, ON

Aaron Harris

London, ON

Aaron Tanason

Toronto, ON

Adam Blackadder

Brampton, ON

Adam Lloyd

Specialization: Life Management / Nutrition Coaching and Athletic Performance
Stoney Creek, ON

Adam Snook, RMT

Specialization: Lifestyle
Guelph, ON

Adnaan Esmailjee

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Mobility, Weight loss
Mississauga, ON

Adrian Brochu

Specialization: Body Transformation, weight loss, muscle gain, body composition and athletic performance
Ottawa, ON

Adrian Fournier, PN1, NASM-CPT, NASM-FNS

Specialization: Fitness Nutrition, Program Design, Hypertrophy Training, Fat Loss
Toronto , ON

Adrienne Davis

Specialization: "Fat loss", "Women", "Moms", "Beginner/Intermediate",
Toronto, ON

Aida Cyganek

Specialization: Women
Oakville , ON

Aimee Young

Fergus, ON

Alaina Hardie

Specialization: Jiu-Jitsu
Toronto, ON

Alejandro Fleury

Specialization: Mobility
Oakville, ON

Alena Luciani, MSc., CSCS

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition
Oakville, ON

Alex Cohn

Markham , ON

Alexander C. Nghiem

Specialization: Movement, Rehabilitation, Strength
Toronto, ON

Alexander Peter Fiset

Specialization: Fat-Loss
Oakville, ON

Alexandra Woyce

Specialization: Personal Training, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Women's Health, Pre/Post Natal, Strength and Conditioning, Yoga, Life Coaching
London, ON

Alexandru Palivan

Specialization: Fat Loss
Toronto, ON

Alexis Schure, R.Kin, HBSc, CSEP-CPT

Specialization: Weight loss, wellness, rehabilitation, aging populations
Ancaster, ON

Ali Wygant

Guelph, ON

Alicia Bell

Specialization: Weight Loss, Competition Prep, Athletes
Toronto, ON

Alicia Macpherson

Specialization: Female nutrition - weight loss
North York, ON

Alison Aulph

Specialization: Surviving middle age.
London, ON

Alison Scott

Specialization: Athletic Training and Sport Nutrition
Kitchener , ON

Alyssa Smith

Specialization: Powerlifting, Strength & Conditioning, Weight Loss
Ottawa, ON

Amanda Baird

Specialization: Physique Transformation
Newcastle, ON

Amanda Downs

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning Expert. Fascial Stretch Therapist. Professional Lifestyle Coach.
Pickering, ON

Amanda Formolo

Sault Ste Marie, ON

Amanda Gazzola

Specialization: Weight Loss, Beauty and Self-Confidence
Guelph, ON

Amanda Haddad, Pn1

Ottawa, ON

Amanda Shulman

Toronto, ON

Amelia Foran

Toronto, ON

Amy Schoon

Guelph, ON

Andre David

Specialization: Athletic Performance, Fat loss, Muscle gain, Conditioning, Yoga, and Nutrition
Thornhill, ON

Andrea Scodeller

Toronto, ON

Andrée Bissonnette, B.Sc., CSCS, CFST, Pn1

Specialization: Fascial Stretch Therapy/Stretching, Postural Restoration, Strengthening, Corrective Movement, Body Composition Changes, Sports Performance
Oakville, ON

Andrew Cleary

Specialization: Athletes, Mass Gain, Weight Loss, Sport Specific, Muscle Gain
Toronto, ON

Andrew Corchis

Specialization: Sport Nutrition and Training, Hockey Training
Tecumseh, ON

Andrew Friesen

Specialization: Golf Performance Fitness
Windsor, ON

Andrew Hanoun

Specialization: Mass Gain, Fat Loss, Performance Coaching, Optimizing Health
Oakville, ON

Andrew Harris BA, CNP, CSCS

Specialization: Sport nutrition, Weight loss
Mississauga, ON

Andrew Martin

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Georgetown, ON

Andy Paquette

Specialization: Hockey Training and Consulting
Tecumseh, ON

Angela Di Rito, PN1, RHN

Specialization: Sports nutrition, holistic nutrition
Mississauga, ON

Angela Hauck

Specialization: Fat Loss, Fitness Competition Prep, Pre and Post Natal Nutrition
Kitchener, ON

Angela Richard

Toronto , ON

Anne Carty

Toronto, ON

Annie Rozenberg

Specialization: Weight training, Weight loss, Bootcamps
Burlington, ON

Anthony Ciccone

Specialization: Fascial stretch therapist, Weight loss specialist.
London, ON

Anthony Elliott

Specialization: Specialize in Fitness Kickboxing and Weight Loss Nutrition
Brampton, ON

Anthony Pietrobono Pn1

Specialization: Physique Competitors
Newmarket, ON

Ashley Kelly

Toronto, ON

Audrey Buchanan

Specialization: Weightloss, Time Management, Food Preparation
Petawawa, ON

Austin Hunt

Kitchener, ON

Ayesha A. Shah, PN

Mississsauga, ON

Ayesha Sehra

Specialization: Fat loss, increased lean muscle mass, competition/photoshoot prep, customized workout programs, customized nutrition programs
Mississauga, ON

Bailey Wilfong

Specialization: Pregnancy, weight loss, general health, fitness
London, ON

Barry Vincent Jr.

Specialization: Personal Training/Sports Performance
Binbrook, ON

Becky Osterhout

Specialization: Physique Transformations
Guelph, ON

Ben Leber

Specialization: Chronic conditions, weight loss, fitness, general health and well being
Ottawa, ON

Benjamin Robinson

Specialization: Certified Personal Trainer
Kingston, ON

Bethanie Matthews

Gananoque, ON

Blair Wilson

Specialization: Strength training
Toronto, ON

Bo Parsons

Specialization: Corrective Exercise and Posture
London, ON

Bob Vandersluis

Specialization: Athletic Development
Chatham, ON

Brad Martin

Specialization: Weight loss over 40
Windsor, ON


Specialization: Habit forming Nutrition

Brandt DeLuca

Specialization: Weight loss for Moms/Dads and wokring class professionals
Niagara On The Lake, ON

Brenda Anderson

Barrie, ON

Brenda E. Strybosch, BPR

Specialization: Elite Personal Trainer (ISSA), Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Poliquin BioSignature Modulation practitioner, Contest Prep
Cambridge , ON

Brendan Smith

Ottawa, ON

Brett Storr, CPTN - CPT

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Sport
Sarnia , ON

Brian Anderson

Specialization: ProCoach, Senior Active Adults
Toronto, ON

Brian Daly

Specialization: Muscle building, Fat loss
Toronto, ON

Brian Kotoka

Specialization: Women, Fat Loss, Healthy Lifestyle Change
Toronto, ON

Brian M. Lopez, BA (Hons)

Specialization: weight loss, performance coaching, strength build
Milton, ON

Brien Chamney

Specialization: Fascial Stretch Therapy, Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Performance
Oakville, ON

Brittany Byrd

Specialization: Women's Fat Loss (Total Body Transformation)
Kingston, ON

Brooke Amaral

London, ON

Brooke Borg

London, ON

Bruce R.J. Walker

Specialization: Improving work performance through exercise and nutrition
Toronto, ON

Burke Cleland

Specialization: Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching
Ottawa, ON

C. Reed Cleland, B.Sc. Kin (Honours)

Erin, ON

Calum Shaw

Specialization: Weight loss, Hypertrophy and strength
Toronto, ON

Candice Rose

Specialization: Nutrition and workout programs for beginners
Toronto, ON

Carla Nanka-Bruce R.Kin, BPHE, CSCS

Specialization: Fascial Stretch Therapy, Post-Rehab
Toronto, ON

Carole Blackburn

Ottawa, ON

Carolina Belmares

Barrie, ON

Carolina Belmares

Specialization: Sports nutrition, body transformation
Barrie, ON

Caroline Tascon

Specialization: Fitness, nutrition, bodybuilding, diet, weight loss, fat loss, transformation
Mississauga, ON

Carolyn Karwat, PTS

Specialization: weight loss, pregnancy
Scarborough, ON

Carrie Misener

Specialization: Physique transformations; Coaching physique competitors; Posing Coach
Caledonia, ON

Cassandra Belle Galardo

Oakville, ON

Cassandra Cope, MA, CSEP-CPT

Specialization: mental skills coach, nutrition coaching for all ages, personal trainer
Hamilton, ON

Catherine McIntyre

Specialization: women who continue to struggle with making permanent changes to achieve long term health.
Belleville, ON

Catherine Mills

Specialization: new to exercise, injury or rehab, older adults and anyone in between
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Ceara Higgins

Specialization: Pregnancy nutrition
Toronto, ON

Charlaine Leveille

Specialization: Competition prep nutrition and weight loss and maintnance
Callander, ON

Charlene Dash

Toronto, ON

Charles Cook

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning / Nutritional Counselling
Toronto, ON

Chelsey Merkt

Goderich, ON

Chen Gao, Bsc, Pn1

Specialization: Weight loss and management, healthy habits changes,
Markham, ON

Chris Brown

Specialization: In-home Personal Training to support people living life on their terms!
Toronto, ON

Chris Craig

Specialization: Lean Mass and Healthy Lifestyle
Peterborough, ON

Chris Gee

Specialization: Mass Gain, Fat Loss, Strength & Conditioning, Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, Kickboxing
London, ON

Chris Volkert

Specialization: Baby Boomer Nutrition
Ottawa, ON

Chrissy Kelly, BHK

Specialization: Holistic Health, Yoga, Strength Training
Windsor, ON

Christian Askari

Specialization: Fat Loss & Hypertrophy, Increasing Strength & Mobility
North York, ON

Christina Relke

Aurora, ON

Christopher Symons

London, ON

Chrystal Wilson

Specialization: Transformations
London, ON

Cindy Pole

Strathroy, ON

Claudio Perfetti

Specialization: Holistic & Catholic Inspired Nutrition
Thornhill, ON

Cody Aspeck

Specialization: Mass gain, weight loss
ottawa, ON

Colin Grosskurth

Specialization: Coaching to achieve sustainable low body fat percentage
Toronto, ON

Colin Leighton, BHSc

Specialization: Mass Gain, Weight Loss and Management, Pregnancy Nutrition, Personal Training
ajax, ON

Connor McGillivray

Specialization: Performance and Conditioning, Nutrition Counseling, Functional Training, Athletics Training.
Hamilton, ON

Corie Marcus

Specialization: Flexible Diet Coach
Windsor, ON

Craig Elliott, B.A.

Belleville, ON

Craig Laffin, PTS, Pn1

Guelph, ON

Crystal Brisson, B.A., PN2

Specialization: Women Empowerment
Kapuskasing, ON

Dain Wallis

Specialization: Athletes, Body Composition, Strength, Strongman, Weight cuts
Toronto, ON

Dale Andrew

Port Perry, ON

Dan Caron

Specialization: Boxing/K-1 Kickboxing/ Kettlebell/ Strength & Conditioning
Toronto, ON

Dan Sammit

Oakville, ON

Dan Walinga

Specialization: Body composition changes. Strength and muscle gain. Weight loss.
Georgetown, ON

Danford Gomes

Specialization: Performance Nutrition
Toronto, ON

Daniel F Hiscock

Specialization: Bodybuilding, Fatloss/lean tissue gain, rehab of injuries
Kingston, ON

Daniel J Schultz

Specialization: General Population Group Training
Kitchener, ON

Daniel Kwan

Specialization: weight loss
Markham, ON

Daniel Schultz

Specialization: Adult General Fitness & Fat Loss
Kitchener, ON

Dara Bergeron, B.A.

Specialization: prenatal fitness, postnatal fitness, women's fitness, prenatal nutrition, postnatal nutrition, breastfeeding nutrition, family nutrition
Toronto, ON

Darrel Mancini

Specialization: Weight loss and post rehab exercise programs
Toronto, ON

Darren Stehle

Specialization: Injury Rehab, Facilitated Stretching, Olympic Lifting, Strength & Conditioning, Healthy Weight-Loss, Meal Planning, Cooking Instruction, Online Wellness Coaching
Toronto (and online), ON

Darryl Dash

Toronto, ON

David Earle

Specialization: Olympic Weightlifting
London, ON

David Filice

Ancaster, ON

David Mitola, Pn1

Specialization: Fitness/Nutrition/Lifestyle Coaching, Sustainable Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Gain
Stoney Creek, ON

David Nguyen

Specialization: Calisthenics, Mobility, Flexibility, Movement, Powerlifting Nutrition, Muscle Gains, Fat Loss, Athletic Performance
Cambridge, ON

David Rudnick

Thornhill, ON

David Sampson

Toronto, ON

David Sampson

Toronto, ON

David Scott-McDowell, MExSci, CSCS

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning
Burlington, ON

Deaglan Davidson

Specialization: "Muscle Gain" "Fat Loss" "Nutrition" "Mobility" "Fascial Stretch" "Mental Strength" "Physical Strength"
Mississauga, ON

Deirdre Derby

Whitby, ON

Derek Shore

Ottawa, ON

Dev Chengkalath

Vaughan, ON

Dhavna Ramessur

Ottawa, ON

Dimitri Giankoulas

Specialization: Body-Type Specific Personal Training
Vaughan, ON

Dominic Rocheford

Specialization: Definition
Toronto / Mississauga, ON

Doug Wilson

Elora, ON

Douglas Rosa

Specialization: Personal Training
Toronto, ON

Dr Dave Abbott, DC

Specialization: Health
Brampton, ON

Dr. Amanda E Moore

Specialization: Chiropractor, FMS
Ajax, ON

Dr. Brandon VanTorre

Specialization: Nutrition fundamentals / Sport nutrition
St. Thomas, ON

Dr. David W. Harper B.Sc., D.C., F.R.C.C.S.S.

Specialization: Brain-based Wellness, sports rehab, Functional Medicine, Applied Kinesiology, Computerized Sports Chiropractic Specialist
Mississauga, ON

Dr. Laura Chesher, DC, BPHE, BSc

Cobourg, ON

Dr. Michael Torreiter, ND

Specialization: Endurance Sports
Waterloo, ON

Dr. Misa Kawasaki, ND

Specialization: Naturopathic Doctor & CrossFitter; Weight Loss, Exercise Recovery & Rehab, Stress Management, Immune Health
Richmond Hill, ON

Dr. Stacey Clarke-Francis D.C.,M.A.,B.A.

Specialization: Chiropractic, Nutrition, Pediatrics and Pregnancy
Peterborough, ON

Dr.Michelle Crispe

Specialization: Lean Tissue Building and Fat loss
Toronto, ON

Drasko Raicevic

Specialization: Weight loss, toning and lifestyle change
Mississauga, ON

Dylan Dacosta

Specialization: Hypertrophy, Lifestyle Management and Weight Loss
Toronto, ON

Eddie Franjic

Specialization: Certified Personal Trainer. BA Kinesiology. Certified Precision Nutritionist, PICP Level 2, FMS Level 2, Poliquin Biosignature Practicioner.
Woodbridge, ON

Eileen MacRae

Specialization: Coaching female clients at any stage in their journey
Niagara Falls, ON

Ekaterina Solovieva

Specialization: obstacle racing, extreme endurance, CrossFit
King City, ON

Elaine Roswell

Specialization: personal trainer, general health & fitness
London, ON

Elaine Roswell

London, ON

Elana Muttart

Toronto, ON

Elizabeth Czartowski

Scarborough, ON

Elizabeth Holmes

Specialization: Plant-based Nutrition
Welland, ON

Elle Louise Rochefort BSc, RMT, Pn1

Specialization: Lifestyle coaching, Rehabilitation, OCR
Toronto, ON

Emily Aziz

Specialization: Weight and fat loss
Oakville, ON

Emily Gray

Specialization: Weight Loss, General Health
Scarborough, ON

Emily Kategiannis, SSW, Pn1

London , ON

Emily Read, RN, MSc, CPT (CSEP)

Specialization: work-life balance, shift work, stress management
London, ON

Emmanuela Pintus

Specialization: Weight loss, Body Sculpting
Windsor, ON, ON

Eric Haslam

Specialization: Therapeutic Exercise/Stretching, Nutrition Strategy, Strength Training
St. Catharines, ON

Eric John Passa

Specialization: Holistic Nutrition
Windsor, ON

Eric St-Onge, B.Sc. (Hon) CSCS, DC

Specialization: Chiropractor, Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Oakville, ON

Erin Bailey-Boyes

Bracebridge, ON

Erin Farr

Welland, ON

Erin Gauthier

Specialization: Holistic nutrition, fat loss
Toronto, ON

Erin Weiss-Trainor

Toronto, ON

Erina Charette

Toronto, ON

Eryn Jagosky

Specialization: Weight Loss, Beginner's Nutrition Literacy, Mass Gain
Huntsville, ON

Evan MacDonald

Stoney Creek, ON

Fatima Lee Garsi

Specialization: Weapons, Fighting, Kettlebells
Toronto, ON

Frances Manias

Specialization: Comprehensive Physique Competition Preparation, Powerlifting Coaching and Education
Dundas, ON

Francis Nitsch

Specialization: fat loss, muscle gain, health and wellness
Toronto, ON

Gael A. Bishop

Specialization: Body Transformation, Weight Loss

Gavin Buehler

Collingwood, ON

Gavin Wyatt, B.Sc.Kin.

Specialization: "Fat loss", "Mass gain", "Lifestyle change"
Ancaster, ON

Genine Adams

Mount albert, ON

Geoff Girvitz

Specialization: Strength training; post-rehab; longevity
Toronto, ON

Geoff Schomogyi

Milton, ON

Geoff Smith, PGA of Canada, CTP, TPI CGI CGFI

Specialization: Golf, Strength and Conditioning
Mississauga, ON

Gilberto Antonino Mesina

Specialization: Flexible Dieting
Toronto, ON

Gillian Thomas

Specialization: Online Nutrition Coaching
Toronto, ON

Glen Burgess

Specialization: Weight loss, Mass gain
Brampton, ON

Gord Walker

Specialization: Competition/ General Diet
London, ON

Greg Segui

Specialization: Performance Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning, Youth Nutrition and Athletics
Dunnville, ON

Guy Dufour

Specialization: Training Older Adults, Strength & Conditioning, Crossfit
Toronto, ON

Ha Thanh Ngoc Nguyen

Toronto, ON

Hadeer Younis

Specialization: mass/muscle gain, weight loss, maintaining weight, living healthy
Windsor, ON

Haley Gordon-Martin

Specialization: Pregnancy Nutrition and Fitness
Toronto, ON

Hannah Doan

Nepean, ON

Hany Biskaly

Nepean, ON

Hart Giesbrecht

St. Catharines, ON

Hawk IV

London, ON

Hayden Snider, Dipl Fitness and Health, Bkin Candidate

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Training for Hypertrophy
Thorold, ON

Heather Winegard

Caledonia, ON

Heidi Jaaskelainen

Specialization: Personal Training, Nutrition Consultant, Life Coach, Yoga Instructor
Guelph, ON

Hema Murty, PhD

Ottawa, ON

Henry Hernandez

London, ON

Holly McConnell, B.A (Hons), CPT, Pn1

Specialization: Transformation Coach
Guelph, ON

Irene Estermann

Specialization: Lifestyle and Weight loss Coaching, Personal Training and Small group training
Toronto, ON

Irene Pace, BSc, RD

Kitchener, ON


Ottawa, ON

Ivan Miskiv

Specialization: Movement & Lifestyle Coach; CSCS
Toronto, ON

Jacob Robinson

Barrie, ON

Jacob Saunders

Specialization: Assessment, Program Design
Orangeville, ON

Jae Park

Specialization: Private Personal Training, Online Personal Training, Improving General Fitness Muscle and Strength Gain, Nutrition and Meal Plans, Weight Loss, Bootcamp
Toronto, ON

Jake Lewis

Stoney Creek, ON

Jake Mackenzie

Specialization: Boxing/ Muay Thai Training
Bowmanville, ON

James Ayers

Specialization: Improving day to day life, weight loss/fitness goals
Colborne, ON

James Beltrame

Specialization: Training Professional & Mobility Specialist
Hamilton, ON

James Matthews

Specialization: Wellness and lifestyle change
Kitchener, ON

James Wardrop, B.Sc.Kin., Pn1

Toronto, ON

James West

Specialization: Womens Weight Loss And Personal Training
Alliston, ON

Jamie Nudelman

Specialization: Focus, Productivity & Energy
North York, ON

Jamie Whalen

Specialization: Weight Loss, Functional Training
Brechin, ON

Jane Petroni

Specialization: Women and men at the beginning of their fitness journey.
Porcupine, ON

Janet Omstead

Specialization: Small group & private training; program consulting
Toronto, ON

Janet Omstead

Specialization: Active aging
Toronto, ON

Janet Salazar

Specialization: fat loss - last 10 pounds, CrossFit, Ms.Figure, Flexible Dieting
Ottawa, ON

Janet Westerhout

Clinton, ON

Janice Greer

Aurora, ON

Janice Morgan

Hamilton, ON

Jared Lyons

Specialization: Body Composition Change, Strength Gain
Fergus, ON

Jasmin Parmar

Toronto, ON

Jasmine Perks

Specialization: Lifestyle, Contest Prep, Behavioral Change
toronto, ON

Jason Bell

Specialization: Holistic Nutrition
Woodstock , ON

Jason Ingham

Specialization: Powerlifting, Sport Performance, Body Recomposition
Ottawa, ON

Jason Rhodes, B.A, B.Ed, CF-L2, Pn1

Specialization: Weight Loss, Sports Performance
Stoney Creek, ON

Jason Simpkins

Specialization: Nutrition and fitness coaching
Owen Sound, ON

Jason Wiatt

Port Colborne, ON

Jean LaFleur

Specialization: Athletic Therapy: injury assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation, athletic development and conditioning, Personal Training, Small Group Training, Online Nutrition Coaching, Public Speaker/Educator on various health topics.
Ancaster, ON

Jeff McAleer, CSCS

Etobicoke, ON

Jeffrey Brown

Specialization: Weight loss, muscle gain, sport performance, holistic health
Orleans, ON

Jen Durcok

Russell, ON

Jen Schwartzenhauer

Specialization: Nutrition coaching for beginners
Belle River, ON

Jenna-Rae Mitchell

Specialization: Fat Loss, Optimal Athletic Performance, Pre and Post Natal Nutrition, Overall Wellbeing
Oakville, ON

Jennifer A. King

Specialization: Hot Yoga and cycle training
Burlington , ON

Jennifer Averink

Burlington, ON

Jennifer Broxterman, MSc, RD | Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist

Specialization: "healthy eating", "weight loss", "sports nutrition", "plant-powered eating", "vegan", "vegetarian", "digestive health", "IBS", "GERD", "Crohn’s disease", "ulcerative colitis", "celiac disease", "low-FODMAP", "gluten-free", "eating disorder recovery", "anorexia", "bulimia", "binge eating disorder", "food addiction", "EDNOS", "orthorexia", "exercise addiction", "re-establishing a positive relationship with food, exercise, and body image", "women's health", "pregnancy", "breastfeeding", "iron deficiency", "PCOS", "personalized nutrition"
London, ON

Jennifer Wasylenko

London, ON

Jeremiah Sammy

Specialization: Pre-post natal, muscle gain, strength gain, fat loss, shredding, mobility, injuries, sport specific training, meal plan/diet, increase energy
Toronto, ON

Jeremy Fernandes

North York , ON

Jeremy Marshall Fernandes

Toronto, ON

Jessica Gerrie, R. Kin, B.Ed

Kitchener, ON

Jessica Sally

Sault Sainte Marie, ON

Jessica Tetlaw

Specialization: Tactical athletes
Petawawa, ON

Jessie Lawson

Hamilton, ON

Jim Reeves

Specialization: High Performance Sports, Athletic Therapy
Mississauga, ON

Joann Roy

Nepean, ON

Joanna Saraiva

Specialization: 'Back to basics nutrition for every-BODY'
London, ON

Jocelynne Flor Aguilar

Toronto, ON

Jocie Espinoza

Toronto, ON

Jodi Feltham

Pickering, ON

Joel Garton

Specialization: Personal Training, Sports Performance Training, Semi-Private Training, Nutrition Coaching
Burlington, ON

Joelle Karam

Toronto, ON

Joey Ho

Specialization: Weightlifting, Strength Coaching, Weight Management
Thornhill, ON

John Egli

Specialization: Adult Healthy Aging
Kanata, ON

JOhn Krzyszkowski

Mississauga, ON

Jon Schwaiger

Ancaster, ON

Jonathan Mango

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle/Performance Retention, Body Composition Manipulation Specialist, Muscle/Strength Building
Mississsauga, ON

Jordan Bent

Specialization: Athletic Performance
Cornwall, ON

Jordan Foley

Specialization: Nutrition for Athletic Performance
Guelph, ON

Jordan Leigh Pagnello

Pickering , ON

Josh Ford

Guelph, ON

Joshua Kahn, B.Sc, Pn1

Specialization: Physical health, nutrition, aquatics, special populations, rehab therapy
Toronto, ON

Joshua Wang

Markham, ON

Joyanne Cooper

Specialization: Nutrition for fat loss and athletic performance
Sharon, ON

Joyce Vording

Elora,, ON

Judi Sawyer

Specialization: personal trainer
Port Hope, ON

Julie Piper-Roche

Toronto, ON

Justin Rae

Mount Forest, ON

Justin Vince B.A., OCT, CSCS, Pn1

Specialization: Weight Loss, Mass Gain, Athlete Performance
Mississauga, ON

Justin White

St.Catharines, ON

Jynelle Bourne

Specialization: Personal Training , Strength and conditioning
Cambridge, ON

kahla bellan

petawawa, ON

Kali Bolstad

Toronto, ON

Kara Stewart-Agostino, B.A.(Hons.)

Specialization: Prenatal & Postnatal Nutrition
Toronto, ON


London, ON

Karen Kelly

Specialization: Weight loss
conestogo, ON

Karen L Backway, MD, PhD

Specialization: Women over 40
Kitchener, ON

Karen Pilote

Specialization: Specializing in health, fat-loss and lifestyle strategies for fitness-minded women Over 40 headed towards an active, healthy retirement.
Fort Erie, ON

Karen Silva

Specialization: weight loss and strenght training,fitness competitors
brampton, ON

Kashif O. Walker

Specialization: Athletic Profarmance, Weight Loss, Mass Gain
Brampton, ON

Kassidy Watts

Specialization: Bodybuilding, Postural correction
Whitby, ON

Kat Gorrie

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning, Weight Loss, Postural Correction, Functional Movement Patterns, Active Living
Toronto, ON

Kate Lein, R.Kin

London, ON

Kate Sage

Specialization: Powerlifting
Toronto, ON

Kate Stewart

Toronto, ON

Katerina Kallinikos

Toronto, ON

Katharine "KC" Dixon

Specialization: Pre and post-natal fitness, weight loss, mobility, healthy aging
Sarnia, ON

Kathleen Donnelly

Toronto , ON

Kathryn (Kayte) Armstrong

Specialization: Manual therapy
Barrie, ON

Kathryn LePage

Specialization: Muscle gain and weight loss
Ottawa, ON

Katy Cook

Specialization: Metabolic rebuild & lean mass gain
Waterloo , ON

Kaylee Swiergosz

Toronto, ON

Kelda Card

Toronto, ON

Kelly Erais

Specialization: Personal Training and Wellness, Body Transformation, Small Group Fitness
Brampton, ON

Kelly Hammond

Specialization: Health and Wellness Coaching, Weight Loss, Eating for Energy, Goal Manifesting
Huntsville, ON

Kelly Martens

Camlachie, ON

Kendra Johnsen

Specialization: Fat loss, Performance, Recovery
Pembroke, ON

Kerri Brown, M.H.K., CSEP-CPT, Pn2

Specialization: Lifestyle Changes and Weight Loss
Elmira, ON

Kevin Morrison

Specialization: Crossfit
Toronto, ON

Kevin Serre

Petawawa, ON

Kevin Yan, M.Sc, Pn1

Specialization: Mass Building for Stubborn Ectomorphs
Guelph, ON

Kia Khadem

Toronto, ON

Kim Jory, B.A. Psyc

St.Catharines, ON

Kim Thompson

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching, family health and nutrition support, emotional struggles and relationship with food, personal training, registered clinical counsellor - MSW RSW
Oakville, ON

Kimberley Boudreau

Hamilton, ON

Kimberly Letros

Etobicoke, ON

Kirk Boquila

Specialization: Muscle Development, Functional Movement, Fat Loss, Powerlifting
Mississauga, ON

Kirsten Dunne

Brampton, ON

Kirsten McIntosh

Specialization: Pre/post natal, extreme weight loss, endurance/marathon events
Toronto, ON

Klaud Petrulis

Specialization: Weight loss, corrective exercise, core strengthening, functional strength and fitness
Toronto, ON

Krista Marchand PN1

Specialization: Fat Loss
Kanata, ON

Kristin Buchanan

Belleville, ON

Kristine Rafanan

Milton, ON

Kristy Zimmermann

Specialization: Strength, Movement, Fat loss, Lean mass gain
Toronto, ON

Krystyna Hubbard, PTS

Mississauga , ON

Kyle Byron

Specialization: Body Transformation, Health, Performance
Toronto , ON

Kyle Byron

Specialization: Body Transformation, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Injury Rehab, Sports Performance
Toronto, ON

Kyle Castles

Toronto, ON

Kyle Laframboise, NFLA-CPT

Specialization: Mass Gain, Weight loss & Performance for Men
LaSalle, ON

Kyle Paraggua

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Youth Athletic Development, Olympic Weightlifting
Mississauga, ON

Lacey Houston

Waterloo, ON

Laura Amber Wood

Specialization: Fat Loss For Women
Peterborough, ON

Laura Bandurchin

Bowmanville, ON

Laura Jackson

Specialization: fat loss, lean muscle gain, competition prep
Toronto , ON

Laura Miller RN, BScN, BHSc, Pn1

Specialization: fat loss, muscle gain, prenatal nutrition, physique competition coaching
Clinton, ON

Laura Tober; BaKin, CSCS, Pn1, AEMCA, FST1, OLY1

Specialization: Weight loss, Pregnancy training, Sports specific training
Fonthill, ON

Laura Wombwell

Specialization: Strongfirst Kettlebell Level 2, Roller Derby
Guelph, ON

Léa Lindsay

Ottawa, ON

Leanne Fernandes

Newcastle, ON

Leni Strineka

Specialization: Personal Training, Bootcamp, Shape training
Mississauga, ON

Liam Dunda

Specialization: Sports performance nutrition
Grimsby, ON

Lily Davis

Specialization: Physical Fitness and Nutrition for Healthy Sex
Guelph, ON

Lindsay Atkinson

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching, Personal Training, Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist, Older Adult Fitness Specialist
Etobicoke, ON

Lindsay Larue

Specialization: Prenatal/Postnatal nutrition and recovery
Ottawa, ON

Lindsey Cousineau

Toronto , ON

Lisa Austin

Specialization: In-home training, nutrition coaching, bodyweight training, SrFit certified
London, ON

Lisa Hammill

Specialization: weight loss, sport specific training, strength and conditioning, pre and postnatal
Cambridge, ON

Lisa Hoba

Ottawa, ON

Lisa Jones

London, ON

Lisa Pitel-Killah

Ottawa, ON

Lisa Torkos

Kitchener, ON

Lisanne Thomas

Oakville, ON

Lonie Murdock

Toronto, ON

Lori Larocque

Specialization: Weight loss, active living, muscle gain, physique artist, health and wellness coach,
Timmins, ON

Lorilynn McCorrister

Toronto, ON

Lucie Martin

Specialization: Military Members and their family members, DND employees
Petawawa, ON

Luke Buttery

Burlington, ON

Luke Durward

Vaughan, ON

Luke Pedersen

Specialization: Performance and Injury Prevention, Tactical Strength and Conditioning
Toronto, ON

Lyndsay Benning

Cambridge, ON

Lyndsey Desjardins, M.Sc., B.H.Sc., B.A. Kin., CSCS

Specialization: Sports Performance, Injury Rehabilitation, Body Transformation
Red Lake, ON

Lyndsey N. Desjardins, M.Sc., CSCS, CK

Specialization: High Performance Training, Sports Medicine, Body Transformation
Red Lake, ON

Lynne Labelle-Hickey BSc., Pn1

Specialization: Athletic Nutrition, Weight Loss, Children nutrition
Sudbury, ON

Lynne Taylor

Brampton, ON

Maciej Ornoch

Specialization: High Performance Nutrition
Toronto, ON

Madelaine Garcia

Specialization: Health & Beauty Coaching, Competition Preparation
Ottawa, ON

Maja Vojnovic

Specialization: Body Composition, Performance
Toronto, ON

Majed Rawashdeh

Specialization: Personal Trainer & Rehabilitation Therapist
London, ON

Marc Gaudette

Tecumseh, ON

Margaret Jamieson

Specialization: Personal
Zephyr, ON

Margaret Leslie Rafferty

Specialization: Pre/Post natal fitness and nutrition
Ottawa , ON

Maria Galati-Frohlich

Specialization: Weight Loss Specialist, NASM, Personal Trainer, NASM, Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM
Mississauga, ON

Maria Pashuk, B.Sc., PN1

Ottawa, ON

Maria Smith

Niagara Falls, ON

Maria "Mia" Nikolajev, BSc Kin, BSc-H Psych, CPT, CSCS, pN1

Specialization: women's empowerment, athletic conditioning, strength training/powerlifting, swimming, pre/post pregnancy, rehab conditioning
Toronto, ON

Marion Knaus

Specialization: Older adult fitness
Barrie, ON

Marissa McMullan, M.Sc.

Specialization: General fitness, weight loss, muscle gain, athletic performance
St. Catharines, ON

Mark Darrin Breedon

Ottawa, ON

Mark Fan

Specialization: paleo-oriented diets, practicing martial artist
Toronto, ON

Mark Filice

Ancaster, ON

Mark Lewis


Mark McQuade, B.Ed, BPEC, Pn2

Specialization: Fat loss, strength and hypertrophy training
Cambridge, ON

Mark Oleynik

Specialization: Mass gain, fat loss
Windsor, ON

Mark Stovel

Collingwood, ON

Mark Van Dompseler

Peterborough, ON

Marlene DiFruscio

St. Davids, ON

Marta Fowler

Specialization: Personal Trainer
Ancaster, ON

Marvin A Nixon

Toronto, ON

Mary Shaw

Specialization: Strength Training, Endurance Training
Waterloo, ON

Masha Yaitskov

Specialization: Weight loss
Richmond Hill, ON

Matt Ahing

London, ON

Matthew Lewis Gallant

Specialization: Plant Based Nutrition & Sports Nutrition
Mississauga, ON

Matthew mckeow

Specialization: Well being and functional training
Toronto , ON

Maureen Adams

Mississauga, ON

Mauro Orrico

Specialization: The art and science of achieving your goal
Vaughan, ON

Meaghan Sutter

Specialization: Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching
Ottawa, ON

Megan Mackrory

Specialization: Pre & Post Natal, Weight loss, Behavioural Nutrition, Mobility & Stretching, Mindfulness
Toronto, ON

Megan Milne

Specialization: Personal training, running, kickboxing, mobility, FST, nutrition
Georgetown, ON

Megan Nagy

Specialization: Sports Nutrition
Toronto, ON

Meghan Oja-Muszynski

Specialization: Wellness Coach, Nutritionist, Group Exercise
Caledon, ON

Melanie Barnshaw

Toronto, ON

Melika Hope

Toronto, ON

Melissa Boufounos

Specialization: Obstacle Course Racing, Endurance Athletes
Toronto, ON

melissa braks

Specialization: bodybuilding, weight loss, healthy living
ottawa, ON

Melissa Popovic

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning; Kickboxing; Rehabilitation
Brampton, ON

Melissa Staddon, M.A.

Ottawa, ON

Melissa Traynor

Toronto, ON

Melissa Wormington

Goderich, ON

Michael Ballesteros

Specialization: Sports Performance, Powerlifting
Woodbridge, ON

Michael Bellissimo

Toronto , ON

Michael Bryers

Specialization: Holistic lifestyle coaching
Brampton, ON

Michael Romano

Scarborough, ON

Michelle Brooks

Specialization: Women's fitness & nutrition, Prenatal fitness & nutrition, Postpartum fitness & nutrition
Bracebridge, ON

Michelle Findlay

Thornbury, ON

Michelle Gasparotto

Specialization: Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner, Registered Orthomolecular Healthcare Practitioner
Whitby, ON

Michelle MacKay

Specialization: Weight Loss
Brights Grove, ON

Michelle T Tavares

Guelph, ON

Michelle Vodrazka

Specialization: Exercise and Nutrition Coaching, Body Transformations
Orleans, ON

Michelle Westgarth

Specialization: older athlete training, Women's Nutrition
London, ON

Michelle Yolande Boutin

Toronto, ON

Mieka Bourada

Specialization: Weight loss, Building muscle and strength
Ottawa , ON

Mike Dickinson

Specialization: Corrective Excercise/rehab/pre-hab. Competitive Powerlifting
Guelph, ON

Mike Myers

Belleville, ON

Mikhail (Misha) Goltsman

Specialization: Nutrition, Physiology, Pathophysiology, Theory Concepts, Biology, Chemistry
Vaughan, ON

Milad Emadi

Specialization: --------------------- Milad Emadi Canada's Personal Trainer Of The Year 2010 Functional Training Specialist Precision Nutrition Injury and Rehabilitation Specialist Elite Personal Trainer 15 Crestway Drive, Ottawa, ON K2J 6T4 P. 613-515-2663 ---------------------
Ottawa, ON

Miles Suing, CSCS

Kitchener, ON

Milli Fox

Specialization: Female Strength & Weight loss
Ajax, ON

Mimie Louie, Pn1 Certified

Specialization: FITNESS FOR WOMEN: Fit over 40, fitness and nutrition coaching, strength training, weight loss, eating well, habit-based coaching
Toronto, ON

Mindy Gulas, R.Kin, CSEP-CEP, Pn1

Specialization: womens weight loss, habit changing, obstacle course training
Brantford, ON

Mira Jovanovic

Specialization: Injury rehab , Fascial stretch therapy, Behavioural changes , Personal training
Windsor , ON

Miranda Wiley, CPT, Pn1

Cambridge, ON

Mirjana Jovanovic

Specialization: Personal Trainer
Windsor, ON

Mo Hakim

Specialization: Weight loss
Ottawa, ON

Molly Hurford

Specialization: endurance sports, triathlon, cycling, running
Collingwood, ON

Monique Shapiro

Specialization: Certified Personal Trainer (Canfitpro), Certified TRX Instructor, Specializing in Women 40+
Vaughan, ON

Moranne McDonnell

Pickering, ON

Nadia Moussa

Specialization: Body Transformations , Figure-Fitness-Bikini Competition Preparation
Petawawa, ON

Nadine Alisa Cooke

Toronto, ON

Nadine VandenHeuvel

Specialization: Fat Loss
Goderich, ON

Natalya Kuznetsova

Specialization: Fitness Manager, Personal Trainer
London, ON

Natasha Ostopovich

Sydenham , ON

Natcha Maithai

Specialization: hormone balancing for women who lift
Toronto, ON

Nathan Carter

Specialization: Fat loss
Mississauga, ON

Nathania Harrison

Specialization: Group and personalized nutrition and training programs
Toronto, ON

Nicholas Izzi

Mississauga, ON

Nick legate

Lindsay, ON

Nicki Mundell

Specialization: Passionate about living nutritionally balanced and mindfully aware.
Kingston, ON

Nico Alfieri

Specialization: X
Hamilton, ON

Nicole Cormier

Oakville, ON

Nicole Dinn, MSc, RKin

Specialization: Olympic weightlifting, performance nutrition, strength and conditioning
Toronto, ON

Nicole Emmonds

Barrie, ON

Nicole Storey RHN

London , ON

Nikki McKnight

Specialization: Weight loss, Transformations, Life Coaching, Fascial Stretch Therapy
Toronto, ON

Nikki Reynolds

Whitby, ON

Nikolinka Todorova

Specialization: Competition Preparation, Diabetes Type1, Muscle Gain, Fat Loss
North York, ON

Noah Schwartz

Specialization: Lifestyle Change, Long Term Peak Performance, Sports Nutrition
Toronto, ON

Oren Rosen

Specialization: Weight Loss, Athletic Performance
Richmond Hill, ON

Oscar Cano, B.Ed, M.B.A.

Specialization: Strength Coach/Fat Loss
Copper Cliff, ON

Paige Doherty

Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Competition, weight loss
toronto, ON

Pamela Roy-Rocca, BKin

Barrie, ON

Paolo D'Arsie

Ottawa, ON

Patrick MacIntyre

Specialization: Weight loss
Corbeil, ON

Patrick Parent

Specialization: Lifestyle Management
Hamilton, ON

Paul Ethier

Specialization: Sport Training
Oshawa, ON

Paul Harrison

Specialization: Weight loss, muscle gain, athletic performance, health and wellness
Whitby, ON

Paul Valiulis

Specialization: Body transformation, sports performance, education
Toronto, ON

Paul Vilchez

Specialization: High performance, Olympic Weightlifting
Hamilton, ON

Peter Assentoft

Specialization: Functional Training, Weight loss, Overweight, Motivation, Goal setting, Movement, Crossfit, Training For Warriors
Toronto, ON

Peter Glassford

Specialization: sport nutrition, endurance nutrition, attaining race weight, 'paleo' nutrition
Collingwood, ON

Peter Rybar

Hamilton, ON

PK Mills

Specialization: athletic performance
Oakville, ON

Predrag "Pedja" Stojnic

Specialization: Bodybuilding/Figure/Physique transformation, Nutrition coaching, Postural correction, Injury rehabilitation
Ottawa, ON

Priscilla Gebrayel

Specialization: Meal Plans
Windsor, ON

Randy Blanchard

Toronto, ON

ray benest pn1

Specialization: fitness kickboxing ,strength training ,
London, ON

Raya Kelly

Specialization: Fat loss
Toronto, ON

Raymond N. Gonzalez

Specialization: athletic performance/ injury prevention/ weight loss Nasm-Pes, Canfitpro, Degree in exercise science,
Markham, ON

Rebecca Jerrard

Brighton, ON

Rebel Kelly

Specialization: lean muscle mass, fat loss, strength,
Toronto, ON

Renee Meunier

Specialization: Coach, Weight loss, active living, Competition Preperation
Ottawa, ON

Renee Mullin

ajax, ON

Renee Primeau

Specialization: Healthy lifestyle changes, fat loss, mass gain, weight gain
London , ON

Riaz Aziz

Specialization: Injury Rehab & Cancer Recovery

Richard Boothby

Branchton, ON

Richard L. Radford

Red Lake, ON

Rick Elnor

Sarnia, ON

Rick Hunter

London, ON

Rick Hunter, M.Ed.


Ridwan Mao

Oshawa, ON

RJ Kayser

Specialization: Strongman; Nutrition for Strength and Competition
Kingston, ON

Rob Nayyar

Specialization: Body composition and athletic performance
grimsby, ON

Rob Richards

Specialization: 40 + Fitness and Nutrition
London, ON

Rob Spehar

Specialization: Weight Loss
Ancaster, ON

Robert Miranda

Specialization: Weight loss
Bradford, ON

Robert Spagnola

Specialization: Weight Loss, Exercise Nutrition
Toronto, ON

Robyn Shaw

Specialization: CrossFit Performance
Toronto, ON

Robyn Smith, HBK

Specialization: Plant-Based Nutrition
Toronto, ON

Ron George

Specialization: Weight loss, muscle gain
London, ON

Roxy Rowe

Specialization: Mass Gain, Weight Loss, Competition Prep
Toronto, ON

Ruchi Chopra

Woodbridge, ON

Russell McLean

Specialization: Body Transformations
Thunder Bay, ON

Ryan Lambert

Kanata, ON

Ryan Lyn

Specialization: Gaining lean mass and reducing body fat
Milton, ON

Ryan Spicer

Newmarket, ON

Sally Seabrook, B.A., M.S(c)

Barrie, ON

Sam Gardner

Kitchener, ON

Sam Walls

Specialization: Athletic and Tactical Physical Preparation, Injury Prevention, Corrective Exercises, Performance Assessments, Energy System Development, Sports Nutrition.
Ottawa, ON

Samantha Pitre

Specialization: Fitness Nutrition Coaching
Kincardine, ON

Sammy Montiel

Mississauga, ON

Sandi Danilowitz

Toronto, ON

Sandy Nicolaou

Concord, ON

Sara Leger

Specialization: Crossfit, post pregnancy, female over 40 muscle building
Lancaster, ON

Sarah Belmore, Registered Kinesiologist, BA.Kin, Certified Exercise Physiologist (CSEP)

Winchester, ON

Sarah Cousins

London, ON

Sarah Degelman

Rockwood, ON

Sarah Grant

Etobicoke , ON

Sarah Kauffman

RR2 Inverary, ON

Sarah King

Specialization: Strength training, fat loss, sport conditioning/training
London, ON

Scott Goldie

Specialization: Nutrition Coaching
Waterloo, ON

Scott Stanger - MSc, CAT(C), CSCS

Specialization: Weight loss
Richmond Hill, ON

Sean David McCrorie

Specialization: Student
Burlington, ON

Sean McCrorie

Burlington, ON

Shannon Houston-McMillan

Toronto, ON

Shannon Uppington, NCSA-CPT

Specialization: General weight loss
Orangeville, ON

Shari Marsh

Douro Dummer, ON

Sharon Moorhead PN1 Certified

Kingston, ON

Shawn Charlebois

Specialization: Strength & Conditioning
Barrie, ON

Shawn Davidson

Specialization: Lean Muscle Mass
Toronto, ON

Shawn Lillis

Orleans, ON

Shawna Marroccoli

Specialization: TRX & Bootcamp Team Training, Working with Women at all levels
Milton, ON

Shelby Clancy

Chepstow, ON

Shelby Stover

Specialization: Strength Coach & Certified Pole Dance Instructor
London, ON

Shelley Baba, BSc, PTS

Richmond Hill, ON

Sheryl Gill

Specialization: nutrition newbies
Oakville, ON



Siawash Ahmadi

Specialization: Everyday Fitness
Hamilton, ON

Simon C. Rivard

Pain Court, ON

Simon Paige

Specialization: Fascial Stretch therapist, Kick boxing, Strength training
Brampton, ON

Simran Singh

Ottawa, ON

Sohil Farahmand

Specialization: Weight loss
Mississauga, ON

Sonya Romanowski R.Kin, CSCS, osteopath (current study), PN1

Specialization: Sports nutrition, fitness training, weight loss, structural repair
Niagara Falls, ON

Sophia Byfield

Specialization: Personal Training, Weight Loss
Toronto, ON

Sophie Byfield

Specialization: Personal Training, Weight Loss, Body Transformation
Mississauga, ON

Spencer Barlow

Specialization: Weight loss, Strength & Conditioning
Hamilton, ON

Stacey Hamilton

Waterloo, ON

Stacey Majaury

Kitchener, ON

Stefan Sklepowicz BSc. HK

Specialization: Injury Rehabilitation, Holistic Health
Guelph, ON

Stefanie Atkinson

Specialization: Bodybuilding Competitions
Guelph, ON

Stefanie Bender

New Hamburg, ON

Stéphane Bernadel

Ottawa, ON

Stephanie Bouwman

Guelph, ON

Stephanie Samples, RMT, PN1

Guelph, ON

Stephen Bada

Specialization: Personal Trainer, Personal Training, Strength Training and Conditioning, Fat Loss/ Body Transformation, Sports Specific Training & Sports Nutrition, Core Stabilization and Enhancement, Flexibility, Women's Fitness, Menopausal Women's Fitness, Men's Fitnes
Toronto, ON

Steve Duperre

Specialization: Sport Nutrition, Weight Loss, Bodybuilding / Figure, Contest Preparation, Body Fat Testing
Ottawa, ON

Steve Duperré

Specialization: Sport nutrition, weight loss, bodybuilding/figure, contest preparation, body fat measurement
Ottawa, ON

Steve Forst

Specialization: Holistic Nutrition & Strength Coach
Toronto, ON

Steven Upton

Specialization: Transformations, Diabetes, Pre and post natal
Brantford , ON

Sue Wammes

Specialization: wellness coach, personal fitness trainer, yoga instructor
Chatham-Kent, ON

Susan Blezard

Specialization: Pre and postnatal fitness and nutrition
Guelph, ON

Susan Sztricsko

Specialization: weightloss and women over 50
Dundas, ON

Suzanne Sutherland

Specialization: fat loss, strength training, photo shoot prep, fitness over 50
Guelph ON, ON

Sylvia Loureiro

Specialization: Injury rehab, life coaching
Kitchener, ON

Tallon Martin

Mississauga, ON

Tamara Greenwald

Specialization: *Registered Masters of Social Work: focus on anxiety, depression, eating disorders & grief. *Certified Personal Trainer: weight loss, mobility, pre & post natal fitness, strength building (work at goodlife fitness). *Nutrition: Pn1 certified, weight loss.
North York, ON

Tammy Coles

Specialization: Fat Loss
Hamilton, ON

Tanya Koutchina

Toronto, ON

Tanya Morrison, BA, ACE Personal Trainer, PN1

Specialization: fat loss, weight loss, family health, fitness & lifestyle management
Bobcaygeon, ON

Tara Green

Specialization: Weight Loss, Yoga, Women
London, ON

Taryn Kukle

Concord, ON

Tasha Phair

Chatham, ON

Tawnya Glandon

ottawa, ON

Taylor Pilkington

Specialization: Strength and Sport Conditioning
North Bay, ON

Taylor VanMoerkerke

Brantford, ON

Teresa Stern

Waterloo, ON

terry christensen

ottawa, ON

Terry Ford

Specialization: 50+ Fitness, Restorative Exercise & Nutrition
Waterloo, ON

Tessa Finelli

Mississauga, ON

Theresa Borg

Oakville, ON

Thomas Daniel Kiriakou JR

Markham, ON

Thomas Webber, B.Sc., CPT., PN1.

Specialization: Physician Assistant, ISSA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, PN1 Certified Nutritional Coaching
Barrie, ON

Tiffany Chung

Markham, ON

Tim Enfield

Toronto , ON

Timothy Bourque

Specialization: Weight loss and Mass Gain
ottawa, ON

Tina Morrison

Specialization: Weight Loss, Nutrition, Circuit Training, BootCamps, In Home Training, Online Training
Harriston, ON

Todd Coulombe

Vineland, ON

Tony D'Assisi

Specialization: Injury rehab, pregnancy workouts, weight loss, new to fitness, Vasper technology, metabolic training, HIIT, bodyweight workout coaching
Toronto, ON

Tony Nguyen

Kitchener, ON

Tracy Scott

Washago, ON

Trevor Hall

Specialization: Athletic performance, weight loss, diabetes
Mississauga, ON

Trevor St. Agathe

Toronto, ON

Tricia Cammaart

Roblin, ON

Ty Woolner

Specialization: Strength Training, Muscle gain, Weight loss, Fascial Stretch Therapy
Toronto, ON

Tyler D Morrow

Shelburne, ON

Tyler Dogan

Specialization: Body Composition , Performance, Weight Loss
London, ON

Tyler Kropf

Waterloo, ON

Tyler-Rose Zidenberg

Thornhill, ON

Tyrone HIll

Specialization: Fighting
whitby, ON

Tyson Montgomery

Specialization: Fat Loss, health
Kingston, ON

Vanessa Vella

Specialization: Life Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, Yoga and Meditation, Self-Care, Sustained Behaviour Change
London, ON

Vaughn Maye

Specialization: CSEP (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology) Mohawk College Diploma (Anatomy Physiology Health Wellness and Fitness) Twist Gold (Sport Conditioning) BA Nutrition Science. working on my CSCS. 35 years of training and former Body Building Champion.
Hamilton, ON

Veronica Travis

Specialization: Body Transformation
Shelburne, ON

Veronica Wong, PT, CSCS

Hamilton, ON

Wade Collins

Goderich, ON

Walter Chan, Pn1

Specialization: SGT KEN Bootcamp Instructor L1, TRX Certified, Fitness Kickboxing Canada Instructor L1, CORE FX L1
Pickering, ON

Walter Young

Specialization: Mass Gain, Fat Loss, Movement
Toronto, ON

Wayne Bridge

Specialization: weight loss body transformations
LaSalle, ON

Wendy A. Morley, RHN

Specialization: Nutrition for sports-related concussion
Richmond Hill, ON

Will Haywood

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Sports/Exercise Nutrition,
Toronto, ON

William Huynh

Toronto, ON

Winston Tran

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Rehabilitation
Mississauga, ON

Yahor Adamovich

Specialization: fat loss nutrition
Stratford, ON

Ysanne Tyson

Specialization: Transformation, Contest Prep, Re-composition, Weight Loss, Mass Gain
Mississauga, ON

Zachary Weese

Kingston, ON

Zack Fernandez

Oakville , ON


Akhil Dawda

Specialization: Fat Loss, Muscle gain, FRC mS - Mobility Specialist, Nutrition Coaching, Postural Reprogramming
Scarborough, OR

Hana Carrier

Specialization: Weight Loss
Fonthill, OR

Jonathan Vlahogiannakos

Specialization: strength training, muscle gain, fat loss
Toronto, OR

Laura Childs

Specialization: Weight Loss
Delhi, OR

Lisa Steel, RN

Toronto, OR

Margaret Madden

Peterborough, OR