Video: Why “eat less, move more” is incredibly hard To make fitness and nutrition progress, you may need to focus on sleep, stress management, and recovery.


In this video, we meet Robin: She’s smart, high-functioning, and awesome. She also struggles to sustain basic nutrition and fitness habits. She’s heard “just eat less and move more” many times. But no matter how hard she tries, she just can’t seem to follow it. To find out why, we take a deeper—and insightful—look into Robin’s life, and find some clues about what actually might help her move forward. If you—or one of your clients—struggles to maintain healthy habits, you’ll want to watch this.

What do we know about sleep and stress management?

Just so you know… the information in the video above is based on the expert insights packed into our new Level 1 Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery Coaching Certification. 

Here at PN, we’ve been helping clients with sleep, stress, and recovery (“SSR”) for over a decade. The unparalleled experience we’ve gained coaching over 100,000 clients is the very reason we teach the basics of stress management and sleep coaching in our Level 1 Nutrition Coaching Certification.

But over the past couple years, clients’ needs around SSR have only increased. That’s why our team of in-house PhDs and behavior change experts collaborated with the world’s top minds in sleep, stress management and recovery, launching a new certification to help coaches meet clients where they are—and start making health and fitness progress again.

The PN Level 1 Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery Coaching Certification opens Fall 2022. Join the waitlist to reserve your spot.