Halloween: Even the trickiest holiday can offer healthy treats


If you’re trying to get in shape and eat right, Halloween might seem like the last place to look for inspiration. But PN’s Kate Kline proves that even the trickiest holiday can offer treats if you’re open to taking small steps toward change.

It all started on a Saturday afternoon in the park. My 5-year-old cousin Will and I were chillin’ – kicking the soccer ball and blowing bubbles. Then I asked him about Halloween.

“Will, what are you going to be this year?”

He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. “I dunno. What can I be?”

“You can be anything you want to be, Will!” I exclaimed. I was excited just thinking about what his response might be.

He lit up. Eyes real big with a huge smile on his face. He could be anything he wanted to be!  “What are you going to be?”

For a minute, I had no idea what to say.  Honestly, I was stumped.

I hadn’t even thought of a costume.

But then my own words to Will came back to me again: “You can be anything you want to be.”

And it hit me.

It’s not about the costumes.

Children in halloween costumes

You can be anything you want to be.

Once I got home from the park that day, I reflected on this statement for a while.

I was overcome by a rather twisted mixture of excitement (thinking about all the awesome stuff I’d love to do) and discomfort (thinking about all the reasons why I could never do those things, or the time wasn’t right for them.)

Normally, like most people, I’d avoid that discomfort. Shove it down. Try to forget about it.

Halloween’s for kids, right? Don’t we grown-ups give up on magical self-transformation after a while? Settle for less? Pack away our superhero costumes forever?

Thinking about what I could be missing, or how weird it might be to change, was darn uncomfortable.

But inspired by the twinkle in my cousin’s eye that day, I actually went into the discomfort this time.

I told the critic inside my head to shut up. And I took out a pen and paper, made a “bucket list.”

Over the course of the next ten months, I actually followed up with a series of small, concrete and do-able “next actions.”

The results:

  • I took some awesome trips (for the first time in 11 years).
  • I learned how to dance.
  • I sought out social networking opportunities and met a lot of great people.
  • I went on new adventures, like rock climbing and sailing.
  • I took on some new, exciting roles at work.
  • I volunteered more in my community.
  • I went on some gorgeous hikes all around the Southwest.
  • I took cooking classes and learned how to become a decent chef.

The list of adventures goes on.

Truly grasping and living this message led to one of the most fulfilling years of my life.

I did a lot of incredible stuff I’d been wanting to do, thinking about doing, and talking about doing – but never actually followed through on. Because it was just never the “right” time for it. (Sound familiar?)

But this isn’t about me. It’s about the message: You can be anything you want to be. Don’t wait.

Transformation is a team effort

Here’s a change secret: I didn’t do this all on my own. I had help.

Transformation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Coaching and social support are crucial.

A guide — such as a coach — can help you translate your vague “I kinda wanna…” into an action plan and clear, manageable next steps.

Social support can offer you mentorship, and “transformation buddies” — people going through the same changes at the same time.

A broader “tribe” — such as the PN community — can make you feel part of a bigger group of people all striving to better their bodies and lives.

What do you want to do?

If you’re reading this, you might be considering changing your food and nutrition habits. Perhaps even something bigger — like a new career in nutrition. A physical adventure. Fixing that injury that’s been nagging at you for years. Or having a healthy pregnancy.

Maybe you’re not quite ready to make the Big Leap into our coaching or certification programs yet. That’s OK.

For now, just think about the possibilities. What could happen if you opened up and truly embraced transformation in your daily life?

  • What are your dreams?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What stuff do you say, “I wish I could…” or “I want to….”
  • What makes you go “weeeee!!”?

Dream.  With the spirit of Halloween upon us, I double dare you.

And then – here’s the kicker – follow up on it. TODAY.

Commit to taking one small step towards making one of your dreams a reality. A teeny tiny task that you can do right now. (For example, try one of our free 5-day mini-courses.)

This is the fundamental principle behind PN’s coaching programs – and it’s one that each of us at PN tries to put into practice every day.

Always wanted to do a triathlon? Join a local triathlon group – call for information today.

Want to start your own business? Reach out to a friend who’s done it before for advice.  Or sign up for a course from a successful entrepreneur and business coach like Eben Pagan.

Always wanted to learn how to line dance? Find the closest country bar, stop worrying about looking stupid, and go for it. You’ll learn. Yeehaw.

Dream of taking a trip to Australia but don’t have the funds?  Start a special “vacation” account and put a small sum of money in it each month – whatever your budget will allow. Just as an example, last year, by making my own green tea instead of buying it every day, I saved $100 a month. Over the course of the year, that’s $1200 towards vacations.  Not too shabby.

Want to eat better and get in awesome shape?  Commit to changing one habit the next two weeks.
You get the idea.

Look for opportunities. For possibilities. For small steps you can take to make things you want to happen, happen.

Life’s far too short and far too amazing not to do the stuff we love. It’s easy to say “nah, the timing isn’t good now” or “that would be awesome but I could never do that” or… “I just don’t know where to start”.

But in actuality, if you wait for the “perfect” time, or wait to become an “expert”, you’ll wait forever.

“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning” – Gloria Steinem

So, yea, I don’t eat much Halloween candy nowadays. But that’s okay. I prefer “healthy” treats like: dreaming, experiencing, and exploring anyway.

Eat, move, and live… better.©

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