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How not to fail: Secrets from PN Coaching

Here's a stat for you: self-directed training and nutrition programs fail a staggering 98% of the time.

You may be part of that 98%, having tried something and failed before. If not, you definitely know someone who is.

Yet people ALSO get in shape successfully all the time!

They're a small percentage. But when you actually count them up, it's A LOT of people, thousands and thousands of them.

They're losing fat, building muscle, and living stronger, more confident lives.

What are they doing differently?

In today's video, I'll share with you the difference between those who make it, and those who don't.

Can the way you think about your program actually determine your success? You bet it can. In today's lesson, you'll find out how.

Remember, 98% of self-directed programs fail, because people try to do too much at once.

But there is a better way: you do less, you do it longer, and you get lasting results that aren't possible any other way. It's that simple.

You can make this complicated and most likely fail. Or you can make it simple and succeed. It's your decision.

But there's no in between.

What's your strategy?

If you want to try it our way, I've attached a PDF showing you exactly how to get started.

It's called “Strategic habits for long-term success," and you can find it over in the sidebar on the right.

I strongly recommend you give it a read, and more importantly, give it a try.

Brief note: If you think the method I described is too simplistic, you're not alone. I once had a client write a pretty critical review of our PN Coaching program.

He had struggled being overweight for much of his adult life, and felt we were holding back key information. He felt we should have given him more work to do, right from the beginning.

But a year later he had won our $10,000 grand prize and had lost 70 pounds in the process. Doing it his way got him sick and overweight. Doing it our way got him 10 grand richer and in the best shape of his life.

To really work, a program has to be simple. Problem is, human beings tend to do the exact opposite — we over-analyze things and make them hard.

However, simple isn't enough. It also has to be strategic.

Put those two together: simple (i.e. doable) + strategic (i.e. well-thought out with a high probability of working out) = success.

Coaching and mentorship

That's why it's so essential not to do this alone.

Having someone you can turn to — someone who has done what you want to do and can help simplify and strategize — is perhaps the most important thing you can do for yourself.

If you want our help, we'd be happy to help you; that's what our coaching program is here for.

But who you get the help from is less important than just getting some help in the first place. Could be a friend, a co-worker, a trainer at the gym — if they've gotten in great shape and have maintained that, they can help you.

Most important thing? Your willingness to put your ego aside, make things simple and ask for help.

That, in my experience, is what separates those who make it from those who don't.

Want some help from a world class coach?

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